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"Inner attainment is not a badge or a visible sign. Nor is it noted by intellectual prowess or emotional bubbling over. It is not easy to tell, one chela to the next, who has the inner light, who has seen his star.

" . . . What I tell you is this: Hearts among you have attainment, other hearts do not. The Law is impartial, plays no favorites; and a Community of the Holy Spirit is made up of individuals responsible unto God. A Community is also a brotherhood and a sisterhood of chelas supporting one another, upholding one another. But this is only until the child may stand on his own two feet. One dare not take the habit of leaning on another's decree momentum or any other momentum, beloved.

" . . . Yes, it is possible to offend the Spirit, but not by the human foibles and mistakes that so many line up according to rules. The Law may overlook much, even when all others point the finger at an individual. But I will tell you what the Law will never overlook.

"It will never overlook the withholding of love from thy brother. It will never overlook an impure heart. The impure heart will not enter in. It will not overlook the Liar and the lie. It will not overlook those who see a brother's need—who see him toiling in the day and the night and then walk away to their own pleasure and conceit.

"The Law will not overlook one who separates himself from a path that is clearly outlined. The Law will not overlook one who elevates himself in spiritual pride and soon falls prey to the psychic. The Law will never overlook one who does not receive any of these little ones as the Christ in arm.

"There are sins that can be brushed aside by the hand of God, and then there are sins that are not forgiven. Some have always wondered, "What is this sin against the Holy Ghost that is not forgiven until it is forsaken, and in some cases never?"

"Beloved hearts, it is the violation of the flame of Life in any form—failure to feed my sheep when they are hungry and naked and in need, failure to be sensitive to world pain and world need, taking instead the Teaching exclusively unto one's private life and development."

El Morya

"Precious souls of flame, you have the friendship of the hierarchies of light. To have a friend at court, at the Court of the Sacred Fire, is greater by far than to have the popularity of the world and the mass consciousness. I say, Laugh at the consciousness and the mockery of popularity—here today and gone tomorrow.

"Mankind is on a treadmill of pleasing the human consciousness. Well, I tell you, I for one know that you can never please the human consciousness, so you might as well cease your struggle and have the consciousness of victory over every aspect of the human. Merge with the God flame and, as Morya says, "Let the chips fall where they may."

"Let the human consciousness become a little disturbed, a little heated in the presence of the flaming ones. Let some have their reactions; they also have their karma and their accountability. It is time, then, that you took your stand for the light and ceased your concern over the opinions and the pining of family, relatives and friends who are pining for you to come home."

Mighty Victory

"When you walk the path of self-mastery, you must have the precision of an artist, the timing of a piano concerto. You must have within you the sense of the flow of spirals of the great antahkarana of Life and the intricate weavings of the mind of God. You must become one with the mathematics of cosmos.

" . . . This is the path which Christ walked. He cast out fear as the demons, as the palsied one. He cast out fear of death and want. He cast it out in every form and lived to prove the Law of Excellence and of Love.

"You must fulfill the life of the Piscean conqueror ere you can fulfill your divine plan in Aquarius. And the majority among you will not be allowed to take your ascension until you have fulfilled your divine plan in Aquarius, and the fulfillment of the divine plan is a necessary requirement of your ascension.

" . . . God is not an unwise investor of energy. He does not place in your hand that which you have proven yourself incapable of defending, else God himself would be bankrupt. And therefore, the testing, therefore the Path, therefore initiation.

"Do not listen unto those who tell you that the moment they came upon the path of the ascended masters, this and that calamity befell them. Do not listen to their complaints. Do not listen to their justification and their self-pity.

" . . . So then, when you enter the Path, it is not the unreal path of euphoria, of dancing merrily in the fields of daisies. It is the Path where for every virtue you invoke, you must first cast out the counterfeit vice and then be found worthy to receive and contain that virtue—not a virtue that is won by human effort, but a virtue that is the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit, virtue that comes by reason of the magnetization of the God flame.

" . . . Do you know what courage is? Do you know what long-suffering is? Do you know what it is to hold out against the fallen ones and to stand, to stand trial before the tribunal of the world and to let cosmic justice vanquish all lies against your soul?

"If you do not know it now, you will know it one day; for this, too, is the path of initiation. And every Christed one who has gone before you who has faced the condemnation of the world and withstood the liar and his lie has had restored to him the all-power in heaven and in earth that was given to Jesus the Christ. You can overcome because God is in you—not because you have any element sufficient unto itself, but only because God is in you and because you choose in this hour to liberate the energy of God!

"Hearts of freedom, I need not tell you of the dire conditions of Terra. You can see. You know what is coming upon this land and upon the world. You are not blind.

"But this I would tell you: The mastery of the cycles of personal and planetary karma is a question of timing, ultimate timing. And the question of the timing is the question of the choosing. When you delay your choice to be a conqueror, to cast out fear, you delay the action of the Law in yourself and in all mankind. And you lose ground for yourself and for Terra, and it cannot be regained."


"Beloved ones, heaven—heaven personified in many exalted beings illustrious as the stars—has conspired in this hour to create opportunity for the advanced souls in and out of embodiment to enter new levels of conscious cooperation.

"Rather than give and give again that support to lifestreams who have made quite a mess of things in the outer world, heaven places its bet on the most advanced ones, trusting that a veritable lodestone of power might indeed produce in the earth a magnet, an interior force, a point of stabilization, that the filings, as the souls of Light across the earth, shall not be able to resist so great a magnitude of the force of the Mother in ye all and in the earth and thus [these filings-i.e., pieces of iron representing souls of Light] shall be drawn to their own [Magnet of the] Higher Consciousness through your presence, your face, your life, your sweet footprints, and ever your gentleness and adoring love toward the stranger at thy gate.

"Take heed, for I warn. Entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Be the servant of each one who would enter at the gate, or the healer, and let wisdom direct the course of dealing with all difficult circumstances. Give the soul—give to us, the ascended masters, and give to your cohorts of Light, the unascended masters—the opportunity to demagnetize those burdened by their entities and the bag and baggage of the world.

" . . . Do you think that we need this temple built? Nay, thou needest it! Beloved ones, the need is in the process. The need is in the exercise of the emerald sphere. Why, if the chelas of El Morya and the devotees of Buddha had the outer awareness of such an opportunity, there would be lines waiting to be accepted to serve here."

Serapis Bey
October 28, 1984


Z miloscia i pokora, w Chrystusie,



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