Retreat of Serapis Bey


"And He said: 'Do not cast your pearls before swine.' Pearls of love.
Pearls of love, blessed hearts. But He also said: 'Love one another as I have loved you.'
But He never counseled to love the seed of the wicked; therefore
do not radiate love omni-directionally, indiscriminately, without the realization
that the true love of Christ is not universally received in this world."
—Serapis Bey, April 19, 1981

"Thirty-three centuries ago, one Ikhnaton beheld the sun as the focal point for God’s consciousness and adored the light radiating forth from the great sun disc. The pharaoh of Egypt described the universe as a giant egg, a great cell of being in which he conceived the nucleus as the source of that creative force which he acknowledged as the life energy of God.

"Long before Jesus came to grace the earth with the flame of the Christ, Ikhnaton proclaimed himself a son of God and affirmed the presence of that God within his heart. Not only was Ikhnaton among the first of the monotheists to come to the fore in the history of the Fertile Crescent following the sinking of Atlantis, but he was also among the first of the joint-heirs with Christ to proclaim himself in the identity of the Flaming One, which he acknowledged as sonship."

"Beloved ones, I stand now in Manhattan. I stand in the center of the obelisk brought long ago from Egypt. I stand in the center of that pillar. I radiate energies to the obelisks of Atlantis at that point in London and in Egypt and wherever upon earth this sacred form is manifest, and I send forth a light of white fire. These electrodes of energy will release on a time cycle certain energies of the Mother —of the Shakti of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and of the Mother light within you."

Lord Shiva

" . . . discover yourself somewhere else—the point of Light. Then nothing, nothing can hold you back! Though you may yet carry that pack of karma on your back awaiting the cycles of its transmutation, beloved ones, you are free! You know the I AM is in you and with you and not alone above you. You act in the name of God, on behalf of God, as God, for you are God!

"This awareness, then, can be yours preceding the full balancing of your karma. Hasten the day, I say! Meditate as you are taught. Remind yourself of the flame of Luxor. Paint a picture of it with your own hand. Put it above your bed where you will see it once a day, just as a reminder to think of me and my own as we stand on the points of that geometric star-formation surrounding that mighty central focus. Beloved ones, there are manifold stars interconnected in a divinely geometric pattern. And thus, those with greater and lesser Light may stand closer or farther from the central flame on the points of these interpenetrating stars.

"Beloved ones, all who are invited to attend the ritual of an individual ascension in the Light are invited because they are ready to participate in the experience, which adds unto each one something more of the measure of the ascended one. Think of any one here in your midst. Would it not be a great joy to gather round at Luxor as this disciple or chela, this brother or sister you have known for so many years, should stand in the center of that flame? It is the unspeakable joy. It is worth the striving, worth pressing through, pushing on, knowing the Goal is before you."

Serapis Bey
October 28, 1984

Cheops Pyramid, Luxor

"Precious ones, we deny not the science of the Great Pyramid. But the Great Pyramid is your very life, it is but the outer symbol of the great temple of your being and the resurrection flame that even now is kindled and does burn as the threefold light upon the altar of your heart.

"Do not mistake, then, material objects for your salvation; for one day you will be called upon by me, by the Lord Christ within you, by that Jesus who I AM, to stand alone robed in white without assistance from any other source save that light that burns upon the altar of your heart. And by that light and that light alone you, too, will prove the victory of life over death and hell."

"Thus we forge the capstone of the Pyramid. And from that capstone and from that meditation in the heart of God, in the heart of the resurrection flame, in the heart of the Pyramid, and in the heart of the all-seeing eye, we let down our light, we let down our ladder, we let down our line of force and the children of the light may climb to the highest mountain of internal Being.

"Realize that it is an ancient saga. Realize this moment and understand that in the turning of cycles indeed our beloved Portia is the instrument—through one and all—of the light of justice. I said, the light of justice!"

Saint Germain

" . . . the acknowledgment 'How precious are thy feet, o LORD! I would anoint by the purity of my heart's devotion the wisdom of thy Word.' Thus upon the foundation of wisdom do men stand. And some stand not so tall at all for their wisdom is not founded on the Rock.

"Feet firmly planted upon the wisdom of Christ, I bid you—Go forward! Follow in His footsteps.

" . . . Thus we step into the Spiral of Love—and love's ray expressed as charity, compassion, chastening, purest love and the Holy Spirit as the highest manifestation of love which is the dissolution by love's purest, wisest judgment of all that is anti-love.

"Thus we press through the first and the second spheres of the causal body {white sphere and yellow sphere} and enter the pink sphere of this Unfolding Rose! And thus the circle of petals of this spherical chamber move from the most delicate pink of sensitivity to the heart of the babe newly born, the throbbing of the bird in spring, sensitiviy to the whispering of the sun, the delicate breezes, the burden of heart upon the loved one. Delicate shades of pink and golden-pink glow-ray enfolding within move then to the more intense manifestations of the ruby light and the ruby ray which as the laser beam must go forth in defense of love!

"Blessed hearts, unless love had the built-in Self-defense of its own Self-preservation, the fallen ones would long ago have swallowed it up. But it was not to be; and it could not be; and it cannot. For you see the ruby ray itself is the essential, I say essential, element of love whereby all anti-love as hatred is turned in upon itself and self-consumed.

"Therefore by the right hand of Serapis I send the ruby ray as radiating Light, as the corona of this sphere of our causal body—even the causal body of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood! Enter into our love and realize the protection of love as the ruby ray siddhi {power} that goeth forth. Siddhi! Thus fearlessness-flame is born out of the ruby ray.

" . . . There is a room at Luxor where this inscription is seen above the door: love is perfected in love. It is the name of a course as a path that is set. Those who knock upon this door are bidden to enter if they are determined to realize the fullness of love as the discipline of Self—for perfect givingness/perfect receivingness out of the rhythm of the cycles of life. Those who are not prepared are sent first to the violet-flame rooms, there to tarry for a year or a century until all hatred be consumed. We are aware of the dangers of Self-hatred unto those who would present themselves before the ruby ray masters. Therefore lessons in psychology must be studied.

" . . . A number of conferences ago I was with this Messenger as she flew from Colorado Springs to Santa Barbara for a class at the Motherhouse. As she flew over that city she sent into it the most intense wave of love from her heart which was from my heart also. And the love descended over the entire city. Within a matter of moments—to her utter consternation—there was sent back to her heart the most intense hatred—the rejection of the love of Christ, the rejection of the coming of the One Sent before that one had even touched the ground.

"Thus she learned a lesson on the path of life. And He said: 'Do not cast your pearls before swine.' Pearls of love. Pearls of love, blessed hearts. But He also said: 'Love one another as I have loved you.' But He never counseled to love the seed of the wicked; therefore do not radiate love omni-directionally, indiscriminately, without the realization that the true love of Christ is not universally received in this world.

"Now I release the ruby ray for all who would have it from my heart—for the melting down of hardness of heart, for the melting down of barriers and shells behind which you have hidden because you yourselves have felt that same rejection. This is their desire to stop you from loving purely, wholly, freely, fully!

" . . . Thus El Morya has taught: Guard the heart! And I would say: Guard the sendings of the heart! Guard the love of the heart! Guard the magnet of the heart! Many of your problems of human habit will melt away when the creative fires of love of the Holy Spirit flow forth from you abundantly and without reserve.

" . . . And in your giving be the healing of all life. Thus I welcome you to Luxor for advanced training in the steps of the Master's walk with His disciples.

[Intonation through the Messenger]

"It is done from the heart of Helios and Vesta and the heart of Luxor—the Spiral of Love is released.
I seal you in the magnanimous heart of Lanello for the reinforcement of your will and your wise dominion in being the fullness of God's love."

Serapis Bey
April 19, 1981

The Sphinx, Luxor

"Ikhnaton knew God by the impulse of the soul, even as his soul, adorned in the veil of innocence, was the bride of his Spirit prepared for the alchemical union, for the merger of the pearl of the lower self with the crystal of the Higher Self. And so the alchemical marriage which the priest (the Christ Self) officiating at the altar of the heart is prepared to perform—that is, the wedding of the soul to Spirit—will take place in the tabernacle of being in the hour of the ascension. But along life’s way there is indeed opportunity for the precelebration of the ritual of the return."

The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt
The monument was built by the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu of the Fourth Dynasty
around the year 2560 BC to serve as a tomb when he dies.*
755 ft. per side at the base (13 acres), originally 481 ft. high

*Great Pyramid of King Khufu at Gizeh, Egypt, built in the third or fourth millennium, B.C.

El Morya
September 22, 1968

"It is a great pyramid, having many stones. In fact, the pyramid of Egypt, beloved, is the size you should visualize as the structure of your own mastery in Matter.

"Ask yourself this question: How many stones may I leave out or remove and still retain the structure? As in any building, some may be taken. People may come and take souvenirs from your house of light. But if you omit the precepts and the instructions, you will find that we may not build the next level with you."

Lord Maitreya
December 31, 1985

"May you build carefully, stone upon stone, the pyramid of your life. This was the teaching [of the adepts] of the Great Pyramid [that was outpictured in] the many pyramids that we built in various civilizations of Atlantis. The four sides, being the four lower bodies that must converge at the point of the All-Seeing Eye, must synthesize as one vessel, even the chalice of the Holy Grail."

Phylos the Tibetan

Messenger's Benediction:

I seal you in the Light of Almighty God and his living Presence within you and I commend you now to keep this love in your heart, to go quietly to your place of rest and ask to be taken to the retreat of Luxor, the Ascension Temple of Serapis Bey, where the Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise also serves with her twin flame, Amen Bey. May you be received there and instructed in the path of your life and what you shall accomplish because you love God's will and his wisdom and his promises more than your very life.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, it is finished.


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