Madonna of Guadalupe*  

Our Lady of Guadalupe

"Let not your heart be disturbed. Do not fear sickness, nor any other anguish.

"Am I not here? Who is your Mother? Are you not under my protection?

"Am I not your health? Are you not happily within my fold? What else do you wish?

"Do not grieve nor be disturbed by anything."

(Words of Our Lady to Juan Diego)

" . . . Have you thought as to why the Blessed Virgin gave to the people of Mexico her image upon the tilma (a cloak) that has lasted, lo, these four hundred years? I tell you, beloved, it is because of the Nephilim who have hoarded the wealth, the education and the control of power throughout South America! They have given nothing to these poor and impoverished peoples!

"And therefore the Mother of God in the name of all who represent the image of Omega went forth to give a physical and tangible gift to this people. And though the Communists attempted to destroy that tilma at the very altar of the former basilica, yet the exploding of the bomb did not touch the glass though it bent the cross itself (the cross of brass) and threw it at a distance. *

"Realize that the protection of Almighty God through the Virgin Mary is a tangible presence. And that gift of that piece of cloth—materialized with paints that have not faded, with the miraculous figure of Juan Diego in the very eye of the Virgin—demonstrates the mission of the Divine Mother in you all, holding in her eye the immaculate concept of the child of God in devotion to her flame.

"It is the reassurance to all of the impoverished souls of this hemisphere that the Virgin Mary, the Divine Mother, is present and is continuing to nourish their souls and to sustain them in the hour of persecution of World Communism and of the power elite!

"They have nothing yet they have the Virgin Mary. They have the tilma at the altar. They have the promise that she is the Queen of Angels and that, at will, she may enter the physical octave and materialize herself or anything that is needed. By this faith they have endured this poverty, this persecution, lo, these hundreds of years!"

* On November 14, 1921 the tilma (the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe) was preserved from government persecutors. A bomb was hidden in flowers at the altar of the basilica where the image was enshrined, timed to explode during a High Mass. It shattered an altarpiece and twisted a heavy bronze cross. No one was injured however and the glass in front of the tilma did not crack.

Kwan Yin
December 11, 1981

" . . . What counts is your vision of the Mother. And this has somewhat to do with your own Selfhood. The only Mother you can really see is the Mother that you can be . . . Remember the principle of the teaching and the path of the Mother: Not alone in the goal but in the ritual of attaining the goal is the diamond forged, is the lesson appreciated, is the teacher loved!

"Did you know that I also pray the rosary daily and perpetually as my adoration unto the Omega Light and Her Person? Thus, there is a transfer when you say to me, 'Hail Mary, full of grace.' And the words are simultaneous. And I say, 'Hail Mother Ray, Omega Light and Person.'

" . . . I return to Poland where I keep the vigil . . . My image in Poland arcs with my image in Mexico City—and all other shrines that I have blessed increase the Mother flame in the earth."

Mother Mary
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"The secret rays promote an action of detail, the final sculpturing of the mind and consciousness in the perfect image of the Christ. The secret rays are like the refiner’s fire. They purge, they purify. When man has said of himself 'My work is finished,' I have sent forth the secret rays to show him that the detail was not finished. For in the conclusion of the spiral, the Law requires perfection.

"As Mary the Mother took the trouble to arrange the flowers, the precious roses, in the apron of Juan Diego, so the secret rays come into your being to arrange the floral offering of the soul, to see that all is in readiness that you might stand before the Court of the Sacred Fire and present yourself in the best Light, the best image which you can muster and which you have built as the giant pyramid through the ages, ages of incarnation."

Mighty Cosmos

* Guadalupe is a Castilian word of Arabic origin said to mean “river of light” or “river of love.” On December 9, 1531, Mother Mary appeared to Juan Diego, as the 57-year-old Indian was running over the hillsides to Mass. “Juanito” heard a woman calling him from the ruins on Tepeyac hill (former site of a temple to the Aztec Mother-goddess). There he saw the “noble lady” as a beautiful Mexican girl of about 14.

The Virgin returned to Tepeyac three times, instructing Juan Diego to tell the bishop of her desire to have a church built there on the hill. On December 12, as a sign to the prelate, Our Lady miraculously imprinted a life-size image of herself on Juan’s tilma (cloak). And to Juan’s uncle, she revealed her name as “Santa Maria de Guadalupe.”

Pallas Athena

Mother Mary of Guadeloupe  

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