Mark L. Prophet
Ascended Master Lanello

The Messenger by Nicholas Roerich

"Be thou incapable of change in that which is right, and men will rely upon thee.
Establish unto thyself principles of action, and see that thou ever act
according to them. First know that thy principles are just,
and then be thou inflexible in the path of them."—Akhenaton (c. B.C. 1375)
II, x, 7. Along with an unusual clarity and simplicity of spiritual cognition
he was endowed with an unusual complexity of the whole being.
In himself Origen atoned for the tempest of the early days of Christianity.
Being an apologist of knowledge he was indignant at the decline of knowledge
among the priesthood.—Leaves of Morya's Garden, Illumination (1925)
"Mighty footprints in the sands of life has our Messenger left, and all
who are wise will seek them out and place their feet in that unmistakable,
clearly marked pathway which he has shown."—El Morya, March 11, 1973

"Something wonderful is going to happen! . . . This happens to be
a Great White Brotherhood mantram . . . What God is interested in
is us having the consciousness of great expectations. Expect much
and you receive much."—Mark L. Prophet
"Write often to me and to the Lords of Karma. Ask for dispensations
when you need them, and do not be surprised when you receive them."
—Lanello, October 6, 1995
This [Summit Lighthouse] is like the confraternity of the brothers and sisters
of Islam or of Judaism or of this or that Masonic order, the Knights Templar, and so on."
—Lanello, July 5, 1992
"Angels initiate you in each of your chakras tens of thousands of times
in the course of your lifetimes. For after all, beloved, you are seeking
the highest prize—the gift of eternal life, the gift of bonding
to your Holy Christ Self, the gift of Godhood."—Lanello, August 8, 1993
“I am in the Father and the Father in Me.”—John 14:10
"May you not grumble."—Lanello, March 3,1991
"Some people treat life as a smorgasbord."—Mark Prophet

The Ball Is in Your Court for the Victory—
Step Forth from Your Heart

"We are interested in you learning the ritual of Victory, defeating the forces of fallen ones who have plotted, I tell you, more than a million years for this hour when they think they shall have the victory. And we shall see what Keepers of the Flame will make of their challenge, of their denial of the Light of the Great White Brotherhood.

"Beloved ones, the ball is in your court for the Victory in this hour. Make the most of it. For the world awaits your stepping forth from the secret chambers of the heart to the housetops, to the mountains through the systems of communication with the Word for which they have been waiting.

"I say, therefore, let the entire momentum of anti-God, antireligion, anti-the-culture-of-the-Mother-on-earth go down before the legions of Light encamped on the horizons of the world.

"Thus, legions of Uriel march with the dawn. Legions of Michael, Gabriel, Jophiel, Chamuel, legions of Raphael, Zadkiel, Uzziel all march in the earth for the binding of the fallen ones who have denied God in the little children, in the sons and daughters, in the holy Church.

"Therefore, we affirm from the heart of hearts of Gautama Buddha and confirm the fall of tyrants and all enemies of the Light: Stand fast, beloved, and see the salvation of your God!

"Let all study this my message and apply it immediately. For the Light awaits the proper channels. And when the proper channels are established, the Light! Light! Light! will have her perfect work in thee, in this hall, in this university, in this Church Universal and Triumphant forevermore."

February 26, 1986

"Blessed ones, no matter how much we teach or you teach, individuals must learn some things by experience. We condemn no one for this necessity, for every ascended master has gone through the harrowing experience of learning outside of the mystery school what he simply could not understand within it. This is the nature of evolution on planet Earth.

" . . . We desire that all of our disciples should learn by our example and especially by our mistakes. But some have chosen, rather than to learn and receive the blessing, to condemn instead, not realizing that a lesson learned is also a point of attainment even if the test may not have been passed. For, precious hearts, the great learning curve is always in the setback experienced by having taken the wrong road.

"Thus may it be to you that you will mount as eagles and accomplish even a far greater mastery than we have had. May you exceed the masters ascended in your own path, but may you do so with all humility and not neglecting the first steps."

August 7, 1983

"When you call upon a saint, you are perhaps calling upon only one incarnation of that lifestream, who is now an Ascended Master. Take, for example, Mark Prophet. Mark was embodied as Saint Bonaventure, but he was also embodied as Saint Mark, the author of the Gospel of Mark, and as Ikhnaton, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Bodhidharma. So, beloved, when you appeal to the spheres of the Causal Body of a particular saint, you receive the blessing and benediction of that Ascended Master's attainment and calling in that particular incarnation.

"When you seek the wisdom of the Zen Masters, you call upon Bodhidharma. When you call to the Ascended Master Bodhidharma, you are focusing on Mark's incarnation as Bodhidharma and you are applying to access the great wisdom stored in the Second Ray band of his Causal Body and his momentum of service on the yellow ray.

"When you seek to write poetry, you call upon Longfellow. When you seek sainthood, you call upon Saint Bonaventure. When you seek direct communion with the one God, you call upon Ikhnaton. When you desire to know the mysteries taught by Christ, you call upon Saint Mark, et cetera, et cetera.

"So know this, beloved. Some saints whom you thought to be different lifestreams are all one; others are indeed identified one by one as separate individuals. And if you will call upon the entire Causal Body of an Ascended Master, such as Lanello, you will benefit from the attainment of that one's entire lifestream, lifetime after lifetime.

The Style of the Zen Masters

"We the members of the Darjeeling Council think it is time you understood the fierceness that could come forth from a Mark Prophet and likewise from his twin flame. That fierceness, that directness and that intensity, beloved, characterize the style of the Zen Masters. Their demeanor is the mark of their training in the East and their centeredness in the five secret rays. It is also a sign of the release of fohat through their chakras.

"And therefore, the sacred fire goes forth from their throat chakras and is amplified by the First Ray momentum of the Messengers. It goes forth from the Divine Father as Alpha and from the Divine Mother as Omega, and it is released to your Messengers so they may have the energy that is necessary in order to give you our correction.

"Those of you who bore lasting resentment over spankings from your parents or correction from your teachers and were not respectful or humble before your elders may have a difficult time in dealing with our disciplines, meted out not only by the Messengers but by any Ascended Master. Beloved ones, I counsel you therefore to seek the great humility of nonbeing and enter thereby into Being, having divested yourselves of the accoutrements of the human ego."

El Morya
October 8, 1994

"Yes, beloved, it is wonderful to be with you. It is wonderful to be with you again and again. Make room for me in your office. Even a tiny picture of me will signal that I am welcome there.

"My preference, beloved, of a photograph is that which is before you. It is the one of myself on the Sermons for a Sabbath Evening album. This particular portrait, beloved, I had taken in the full knowledge that I would be taking my leave of this world in the victory of the ascension. In this you will find my Electronic Presence of Divine Love, for it was with the great desire to present to you a photo of my passionate love for your souls that I had this photograph taken. Thus I know that you will know me through that presence, through that look and through that heart.

"I can do, oh, so much more for you, for I have that dispensation, being the co-founder with beloved El Morya of The Summit Lighthouse. Being now a co-Guru with him and serving under him, I can do so much, beloved.

"Don’t forget to call to me, for Lanello is my name."


Mark L. Prophet

"Yes, beloved ones, and how did he (Mark Prophet) rise up? By not being coddled and spoiled but by coming into the realities of the depression and the loss at age nine of his own father by death and therefore having to make his way as an individual, as a sole provider for his mother, moving on then and taking his position in the United States Army Air Corps and standing for the victory of Saint Germain in America."

Elohim Purity and Astrea
April 9,1993

" . . . Make room for me in your office. Even a tiny picture of me will signal that I am welcome there.

"My preference, beloved, of a photograph is that which is before you. It is the one of myself on the Sermons for a Sabbath Evening album. This particular portrait, beloved, I had taken in the full knowledge that I would be taking my leave of this world in the victory of the ascension. In this you will find my Electronic Presence of Divine Love, for it was with the great desire to present to you a photo of my passionate love for your souls that I had this photograph taken. Thus I know that you will know me through that presence, through that look and through that heart."


"Beloved of my heart, I would deliver a word to you. And my word concerns your own fulfillment of the fiery coil.

"I am in the universe of light. And you are in the universe where there appears to be light and darkness. Let us consider, then, how we will walk together in this plane of consciousness, aware of the inner universe and yet in the perspective that all is not well, all is not whole within this—this place to which we have been assigned.

"I AM your own Lanello. I come with endearment. I come with a very special love for this soil, this continent [Europe], the great art and beauty, the profound understanding that has come forth —and with a remembrance of many friendships, not the least of which your own.

"I, therefore, desire to place upon you the awareness that my mantle is available. It hangs upon a hanger—may it not be for long—in your closet. May it not remain there. May you take it down and wear it, not only on special occasions but as a daily garment.

"I would fasten my heart to your own. And I promise that I will be there when you speak my name and direct my flame into every condition."

Mark Prophet on the Red Sea

"Upon the occasion of the ascension of our messenger Mark L. Prophet, I say to each and every one of you that when a son of God returns to the heart of God through the ritual of the ascension,
by the law of cycles he must also return to the field of battle and to the world whence he came and over which he achieved the victory—there to bring glad tidings of the light of victory to all who walked with him on the homeward path.

"Jesus' promise to his disciples who would believe upon him was the accomplishment of greater works 'because I go unto my father.' Understand the law and be satisfied thereby. The light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world is the light that he must expand through the flame within the heart in order to achieve that glorious reunion of the soul with the Spirit that is known as the marriage of the Lamb.

"I say then to you, one and all—those who grieve the loss of a dear friend and teacher and those of you who are able to rejoice in his glorious attainment—that because he has gone to the Father, he can add the momentum of his causal body to your own, that you also might do those greater works which were promised to the disciples of Jesus. Each time a son or a daughter of God ascends, those who are ready to receive it are blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit, the descent of the Paraclete. And the communion cup of hierarchy is shared once again with the children of God who yet dwell in the valley of becoming.

"The parting words of the avatar to those who gather round to receive the mantle of his victory must always be 'It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send Him unto you.' Simultaneously, as the flame that is man rises to become one with the Flame that is God, there is showered upon those who understand the Law and who pursue its spirit, the contents of the cup of the Holy Grail. The Comforter is the essence of Life, of the Holy Spirit, that fulfills the prayer of Jesus 'Father, make them one even as we are one.'

"I exhort you, O chelas of the will of God, to realize that the door to heaven stands wide open because your Messenger and mine has opened it, not only for himself, but for you and for all mankind. If he had but given the last energies of his life to the teaching and to the publication thereof, aye, that would have been enough to open the door; but by earning his victory through dauntless service and unquenchable love for God and man, he paved the pathway before you that you too might ascend into the very Presence of God.

" . . . The wind bloweth where it listeth,
And thou hearest the sound thereof,
But canst not tell whence it cometh
And whither it goeth:
So is every one that is born of the Spirit.
To be born of the Spirit
Is to be borne of the Spirit.
And so is every Ascended Being,
The company of saints,
The hosts that are camped
Upon the hillsides of the world.

"Among them standing tall,
Clothed in robe of white
And sash of brilliant sapphire blue,
Is the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood
Who proclaims to you still
The message of the Sacred Word,
The oft-repeated sound of harmonies,
Mantras, invocations spoken by angels
That come tumbling down the corridor
That echoes with a fateful sound,
' I AM free, I AM free,
I AM free forevermore!
We are one, we are one,
We are one forevermore!
There is no death, no parting, no sorrow,
But all-oneness, all-oneness,
And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.'

"The crystal cord has risen
To carry a heart of fire
Back to its Source
While the blessed elementals,
Oromasis and Diana
Have taken that noble form
And returned it to the Eternal Bourn.
From Light to Light, from glory unto glory—
This is the word—
Not dust to dust!
For the Son of man shall come again
With healing in his wings
To raise each heart and to impart
The comfort from on high
“I will not leave you comfortless:
I will come to you.
Yet a little while,
And the world seeth me no more;
But ye see me:
Because I live, ye shall live also.”

"The promise of the ages is fulfilled.
The promise that God willed,
The promise of man to God
And God to man,
Is the covenant instilled
In every heart and mind,
The stain of centuries to bind
And to unleash the lightning
Of creativity sublime.

"The brothers and sisters of the Diamond Heart and the entire Darjeeling Council assembled salute you in the Spirit of the ascension flame. We beckon you onward, and we offer it to you, a cup of Light in his name.

"May I introduce to you then the Ascended Master Lanello, to whom you may now call and whom you may address, knowing well that the friend whose hand you shook, whose smile greeted you once, will greet you again in the eternal embrace of Love’s victory won.

I AM your Mentor on the Path,

El Morya

El Morya
March 11, 1973

"I have been the recipient of the light of far-off worlds. It is the least and the most humble offering of myself to give to you the wrapping of that robe of light around you. May it be a toga, a sari, a cape invincible! May it be whatever is the requirement of the hour.

"I bear a sword that glistens in my hand! Extraordinarily, it is in my left hand today. For in my right, I bear the Book of the Law. And I consider it even more powerful to change the course of history than the sword itself, save it be the sword of the spoken Word.

"Take the book to heart and let it become the rock and the foundation of the turning of cycles. Even so is the wisdom of the great tome of God a mighty comfort on your Path.

"May you know the Law—and, in knowing it, speak with authority. May you meditate upon our spoken Word and the written Word until, so saturated with the crystal flow of convergent streams of higher worlds, you go forth endued with the dewdrop of Life, the nectar of the Buddha, and the single drop of the sacred blood of Christ.

"Essence! Essence it is, as you distill the perfume of lily of the valley and therefore breathe in even the auric emanation of the holy Mary.

"So understand how there is the compressing, in the white fire core of thy Life, of all that is the distillation of the Word of the Great White Brotherhood. Let it be animated by the flame of the heart! Let those who have not the Light depart, else bow before it and cease! their interlocutions based on the exceptionings—that is, the taking exception to the rule, the law, the Word, the love itself.

"When love is given and is not understood but only analyzed, it cannot be partaken of.

"Let the lovers of God appear! Let them draw near to my heart. For I have understood the distillation of the rose.

"To which part may one point and say, 'Ah! from this comes the essence'? Where is the perfume of the heart of God? Truly, it is beyond the form. Truly, there is a transcending spiral whereby you pass through the form to the Sun behind the sun. And then doth the true matrix appear.

"By your own peace, I enter your world. By your psychic disturbance, ego entanglement, I am repelled—even as the mountain climber rappels from the rock and moves toward it again.

"We are swinging on the rope of time and space. Let us swing together instead of against one another! Let us not miss one another’s cycles. Let us sweep through cosmic cycles on the same wavelength.

"This length of rope can carry us to farthest star. Consider the length, an infinite length, and then realize how the formula of Life can swing you through the stars—these stars the causal bodies of ascended masters, elfs and fairies, undines swimming in the cosmic sea."


"If you would desire to know of an example of one who has walked the earth fused in the heart of the I AM Presence, a guileless one of honor and love for all, one meek and humble who could know pain and be subject to his own human foibles, mistakes—if you would desire to understand the profile of one fused to the Presence before the hour of parting, I direct your hearts to the man they called Mark Prophet.

"You can know him better in his voice, which modulated with the voice of the Presence. Never have you heard a voice so close to your I AM Presence as the voice of Mark. Upon the decibels of sound you could traverse that voice to the heart of your own Beloved. Contrast it to the shrill sounds and voices strident of the earth and you will have a comparison."

El Morya

The Hearts of El Morya and Lanello,
Where Would We Be Without Them?

"Remember that the heart that has truly loved never forgets. I have loved you long before you found my footprints in the sands, whether in this life or in previous lifetimes. I have loved you because we are part of a mandala. We came from Venus together. We were trained on Mercury. We were trained on the God Star. Yes, some or all of you who were part of our bands were trained on various planets.

"And, yes, we have served our beloved Akbar, our beloved El Morya, long and lovingly.

"Just imagine for a moment, beloved ones, this universe without El Morya. It would be as though someone had pulled the chain on the light and all of a sudden the light had gone out and we would say, 'Where is Morya?'

"So, I ask you now, prompted by that little exercise, brief though it was, to recognize your beloved El Morya and to thank him for his call to me, and through me to you, to be a part of his Summit Lighthouse.

"What a heavenly sponsor! Had Morya not called me, I would not have had the opportunity to be trained as a Messenger. I would not have found Elizabeth. Ask yourselves: Would you have found one another or received the sponsorship to bear the wondrous souls that have been brought to your families, had Morya not called us, one and all?

"O blessed ones, think what the consequences would be of the absence of one hierarch, El Morya, in our midst. And then imagine what the absence of so many Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings in our midst would be like; for each one has played a unique yet integral role in the forming of this Community, in the forming of the Great White Brotherhood. Think of it, beloved!"

August 8, 1993

Beloved Mark

“My little ones, my great ones, my children, my souls aborning in the womb, it is my desire that you accept me as being “physically” present [with you]. I am so near to you. If you will only incline your ear, you will hear me speaking to you through your Holy Christ Self with correct discretion and judgment and direction.

“You will also know me through my Beloved. And therefore hear my words through her and do not miss them. When you are closed to some levels of communication, for you do not want your worlds disturbed, you will avoid me and her and you will lose a lesson that could liberate you in a day from something you may [otherwise] carry for a decade.

“We are very much with you, beloved, and we have been with you for many, many centuries. We have come again and again together, and the bonding of us all [to one another] can be compared to the bonding of us all to the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Christ Self.

“We desire to take you to the hour when 51 percent of your karma is balanced and beyond it. We desire to take you to the place where you will not lose what you have gained, where you will not fall back because of false teachers, where you will not be fooled by those momentums of your own electronic belt nor by the dweller-on-the-threshold itself in its final manifestation of the subtlety of Serpent.

“You are bonded to each one of us, beloved. You can strengthen this bonding. You can take on the yoke of Light. And you can also take on the yoke of our karma that is world karma itself.

“Know indeed what strengths and opportunities I have to bestow upon you from my Causal Body."


"Thus know that I did receive that initiation under Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. And the record of the immersion of my body in the very Body and Blood of my Lord has been with me and I have never been without it these long centuries. Thus, even in future lifetimes unto the present, the very fire and the glow of his Presence would take me up into other realms.

"And from those realms, while I was yet in physical embodiment as your Messenger, I did deliver to you the vibrations of eternity and of the Infinite One. I recall a particular dictation, beloved, where I spoke out of Ein Sof, the unknowable, inconceivable God. This blessing was accorded to me in my final incarnation. Yes, I could deliver to you Ein Sof—who became to me the knowable and conceivable God—because I had been initiated by Jesus.

"I speak to you, then, and I urge you to seek the deep mysteries of God through your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through my overshadowing Presence and through the instrument of my Beloved. Yes, seek the deep mysteries of God and seek to receive knowledge directly, spoken in this octave through the office of the Messenger. And in order to be certain that you will never lose either the blessing or the anointing or the mysteries themselves, you must seal them in your heart. For these very mysteries will become an intensity of light and sacred fire that illumines your temple. And, once again, we see that the mysteries are locked in the symbols of the ten sefirot."


Lanello would like me to call to your attention some verses of scripture that include an allusion to him. This passage is from chapter 14 of the Book of Mark:

"Rise up, let us go. Lo, he that betrayeth me is at hand."

And immediately, while he yet spake, cometh Judas, one of the twelve, and with him a great multitude with swords and staves, from the chief priests and the scribes and the elders.

And he that betrayed him had given them a token, saying, "Whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is he. Take him and lead him away safely."

And as soon as he was come, he goeth straightway to him, and saith, "Master, master," and kissed him.

And they laid their hands on him and took him.

And one of them that stood by drew a sword and smote a servant of the high priest and cut off his ear.

And Jesus answered and said unto them, "Are ye come out, as against a thief, with swords and with staves to take me?

"I was daily with you in the temple teaching, and ye took me not: but the scriptures must be fulfilled."

And they all forsook him and fled.

And there followed him a certain young man, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body;
and the young men laid hold on him:

And he left the linen cloth and fled from them naked.

- Mark 14:42-52

The story behind this is that Jesus was initiating Mark as a young man in the Garden of Gethsemane when Judas led the authorities to him. And so the young man fled, and the linen cloth that was cast about his naked body dropped from him.

I have taught you in the past that a letter of the second-century Church Father Clement of Alexandria reveals that Mark wrote a secret Gospel. It would have been just like Mark to do that! It was discovered in 1958 at Mar Saba, a Greek Orthodox monastery in the Judean desert. I will read to you from Clement's letter as translated by Morton Smith.

[As for] Mark, then, during Peter's stay in Rome he wrote [an account of] the Lord's doings, not, however, declaring all [of them], nor yet hinting at the secret [ones], but selecting those he thought most useful for increasing the faith of those who were being instructed. But when Peter died as a martyr, Mark came over to Alexandria, bringing both his own notes and those of Peter, from which he transferred to his former book the things suitable to whatever makes for progress toward knowledge [gnosis].

[Thus] he composed a more spiritual Gospel for the use of those who were being perfected. Nevertheless, he yet did not divulge the things not to be uttered, nor did he write down the hierophantic teaching of the Lord, but to the stories already written he added yet others and, moreover, brought in certain sayings of which he knew the interpretation would, as a mystagogue, lead the hearers into the innermost sanctuary of that truth hidden by seven [veils]. [A mystagogue is one who initiates another into a mystery cult.]

Thus, in sum, he prearranged matters, neither grudgingly nor incautiously, in my opinion, and, dying, he left his composition to the church in Alexandria, where it even yet is most carefully guarded, being read only to those who are being initiated into the great mysteries.

Clement goes on to say that this secret Gospel contained material that was omitted from the Book of Mark, chapter 10. This material is a variant of the Lazarus story, which in the New Testament is found only in the Book of John. Clement writes:

For example, after "And they were in the road going up to Jerusalem," and what follows, until "After three days he shall arise," [the secret Gospel] brings the following [material] word for word:

"And they come into Bethany, and a certain woman, whose brother had died, was there. And, coming, she prostrated herself before Jesus and says to him, 'Son of David, have mercy on me.'

But the disciples rebuked her. And Jesus, being angered, went off with her into the garden where the tomb was, and straightway a great cry was heard from the tomb. And going near Jesus rolled away the stone from the door of the tomb. And straightway, going in where the youth was, he stretched forth his hand and raised him, seizing his hand. But the youth, looking upon him, loved him and began to beseech him that he might be with him.

And going out of the tomb they came into the house of the youth, for he was rich. And after six days Jesus told him what to do and in the evening the youth comes to him, wearing a linen cloth over [his] naked [body]. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the kingdom of God. And thence, arising, he returned to the other side of the Jordan.


To Be the Father, You Must Be the Son, the Christ

"We stand to anchor here the mission of the Father and the Son that you might realize what is the import of the celebration of Father, even as [you realize what] it is for Mother. There is none that can call themselves Father or Mother save by the appearance of the Son. The Son is the emanation of the Light. And one day that Son, in the fullness of that emanation, comes to the dawn of realization that he too must rise—rise by the mighty spiral and the crystal cord to bear also the mantle of the Father.

"It is to this dwelling of the Father in the Son and the Father and the Son in the devotee that I would call you as a holy purpose [to be pursued and realized throughout your life]. You who have received the anointing of the Light of Christ, you who understand the embodiment of the Word, you have much to expand from your own causal body of this Light, this Word, this Son, this Christ anointed. But in the very process of being the Son of God can you not also follow the mystical path, best understood by John the Beloved, of realizing the Father Principle within the Son?"

June 21, 1981

Mark L. Prophet says in his introduction to Ashram Rituals, “The sponsoring Master of the Ashram, the Ascended Master Morya El, will endeavor to gradually unfold in the mind and heart of each student the tested and proven methods of meditation and the tremendous power of invocation to God when correctly used. Through each student’s God Presence the master will assist in bringing to him—and through him to the world—the benefits and glory of Light’s radiation from the heavenly gates now ajar.

“As the students of the Ashram engage in such activities as the Master shall direct, they will note gentle changes that bring peace into their personal lives as well as into the lives of all who are touched by their reaching out. Our calls for Light will not go unheeded. They will enable the
Light-evolutions of our earth to finally send forth the beautiful beams of pure Light and Love as God intended them to do….

“You can render your world service by participating in mediation periods that are observed simultaneously by our members. Dictated by El Morya and sponsored from on high, these rituals will increase the Good radiating through you to our sweet earth.

“It is to this opportunity that we who serve in the Ashram call you. We invite you to take part in rendering a service to life that will free by love countless millions of our brothers and sisters who endlessly tread the wheel of karma. So often these ‘know not what they do,’ but live blindly, without hope, as if cast into a pit of despair.

“If you join in these rituals, you will tune in with singleness of purpose to the great radiations of the Ascended Masters and those of our brothers and sisters on every continent.”
El Morya, Ashram Rituals
dictated to Mark L. Prophet
1952-58, pp 6-8.

" . . . It is written, 'Do you know how to strive?' Many answers come forth from chelas who hear the word of Maitreya, 'Do you know how to strive?' Many answers are given, but perfect striving must come. For if you receive the command, 'Excelsior!' and know not how to excel unto the excellence of a Christ, then of what use be the command? Therefore, let the striving ones learn the meaning of their own path. It matters not that you meet and conquer this or that foe on the way.

"For I tell you, it is easier to conquer the foe than it is to be found in righteousness in the hour of the coming of Maitreya for the meeting of thy soul on the Path. Contemplate this, for it is hard enough, as heaven and earth know, to bind the foe."

May 17, 1981

"It has been noted that I am among the ascended masters, as is Lanello, who are closest to the physical octave. I have not ceased to appear to heads of state, to commanders in battle regarding matters of intelligence absolutely of necessity to their awareness and to their victory.

" . . . You are all players, playing a mighty part in our effort. I welcome you, then, to Lanello's retreat on the Rhine. For we shall hold intense meetings throughout this conference and provide you at inner levels with the intelligence you must have to chart your personal lives and course and to make calls that the course of this nation and many nations shall be for victory, for freedom, for the free-enterprise system, for a solid foundation in God Self-government and a solid foundation in the spiritual path."

October 6, 1993

Mark Prophet was embodied as Ikhnaton:

"Thirty-three centuries ago one Ikhnaton* beheld the sun as the focalpoint for God's consciousness and adored the light radiating forth from the great sun disc. The Pharaoh of Egypt described the universe as a giant egg, a great cell of Being in which he conceived the nucleus as the source of that creative force which he acknowledged as the life energy of God.

"Long before Jesus came to grace the Earth with the flame of the Christ, Ikhnaton proclaimed himself a son of God and affirmed the Presence of that God within his heart. Not only was Ikhnaton among the first of the monotheists to come to the fore in the history of the Fertile Crescent following the sinking of Atlantis, but he was also among the first of the joint-heirs with Christ to proclaim himself in the identity of the Flaming One, which he acknowledged as sonship.

"Perceiving God in nature and in every form of life, Ikhnaton was of the lineage of the ancient priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek which included in its descent Enoch, Elijah, Zarathustra, John the Baptist, Jesus and many others. These priests of the sacred fire were one and all filled with the Holy Spirit--and the fire of the I AM THAT I AM--which prepares the way for the coming of the Sun King and the Sun Queen.

"Ikhnaton was among the first of the great prophets of the Middle East to acknowledge that God was a part of all that He had created, to affirm the great mystery of the Word Incarnate. In truth he proclaimed the integration of the spirals of Spirit with the cycles of Mater. Indeed he understood the light as the flow of energy, of love and truth and law in and out of material form and consciousness as the very flow of God Himself--God the Spirit who dwelt in the Sun behind the sun and in the mystical center of the Cosmic Egg.

"All of these revelations, which went against the mainstream of current religious thought and practice, including his development of culture and the arts in the realism of a living flame--these came to the fore in Ikhnaton because of the purity of his heart and mind and soul, the clarity of the crystal stream of water of life flowing through his chakras, and above all through his deep devotion to the Mother-flame whom he honored in his consort, the beautiful Queen Nefertiti, and in their seven daughters outpicturing the seven rays of the Christ consciousness in the Mother-flame.

"We bow then before the flame of one who was true to his Real Self, who was indeed living truth, and who left a mark of truth upon the sands of time. And we call to your attention that the measure of this man or of any man who would be the Christ is the measure of purity and of the flow of purity in being and consciousness."

* Ikhnaton: I acknowledge the at-one-ness of God. Ikhnaton (Amenhotep IV) was Pharaoh of Egypt c. 1375-1358 B.C. Ikhnaton introduced a revolutionary monotheism based on the worship of the one God, whom he called Aton. He represented Aton in the symbol of a sun disc or orb with diverging rays, each of which ended in a hand bestowing blessings upon all life.

Djwal Kul
December 1, 1974

Mark Prophet was embodied as Aesop, author of educational fables:.

The Father and His Sons

A FATHER had a family of sons who were perpetually quarreling among themselves. When he failed to heal their disputes by his exhortations, he determined to give them a practical illustration of the evils of disunion; and for this purpose he one day told them to bring him a bundle of sticks. When they had done so, he placed the faggot into the hands of each of them in succession, and ordered them to break it in pieces. They tried with all their strength, and were not able to do it.

He next opened the faggot, took the sticks separately, one by one, and again put them into his sons' hands, upon which they broke them easily. He then addressed them in these words:

"My sons, if you are of one mind and unite to assist each other, you will be as this faggot, uninjured by all the attempts of your enemies; but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as these sticks."

The Crow and the Pitcher

A Crow, half-dead with thirst, came upon a Pitcher which had once been full of water; butwhen the Crow put its beak into the mouth of the Pitcher he found that only very little water was left in it, and that he could not reach far enough down to get at it. He tried and he tried, but at last had to give up in despair.

Then a thought came to him, and he took a pebble and dropped it into the Pitcher. Then he took another pebble and dropped it into the Pitcher. Then he took another pebble and dropped that into the Pitcher. Then he took another pebble and dropped that into the Pitcher. Then he took another pebble and dropped that into the Pitcher. Then he took another pebble and dropped that into the Pitcher.

At last, at last, he saw the water mount up near him, and after casting in a few more pebbles he was able to quench his thirst and save his life. Little by little does the trick.

The Two Frogs

TWO FROGS were neighbors. One inhabited a deep pond far removed from public view; the other lived in a gully containing little water and traversed by a country road. The frog that lived in the pond warned his friend to change his residence and entreated him to come and live with him, saying that he would enjoy greater safety from danger and more abundant food. The other refused, saying that he felt it so very hard to leave a place to which he had become accustomed. A few days afterwards a heavy wagon passed through the gully and crushed him to death under its wheels.

"A willful man will have his way to his own hurt."—Aesop


"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."—Aesop

"I know a certain gospel which is called “The Gospel according to Thomas” and a “Gospel according to Matthias,” and many others have we read—lest we should in any way be considered ignorant because of those who imagine they possess some knowledge if they are acquainted with these. Nevertheless, among all these we have approved solely what the church has recognized, which is that only four gospels should be accepted."—Origen

"Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal."Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"I heard the bells on Christmas Day, Their old, familiar carols play, And wild and sweet, The words repeat, Of peace on earth, good-will to men!"Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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