For the Love of My Guru

Ma lecturing about the Polish Solidarity in 1982
with the Solidarity Madonna

In 1985 I was invited by beloved Mother to come from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I was then residing, to the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana and work for one year in the editorial office under her sponsorship and supervision. As a student from Poland, without authorization to work in the USA, beloved Mother offered me a position among her editorial team as her personal guest.

Working in the so-called "Mother's Editorial" was always a demanding task—not only because of the seriousness of dealing with the Word, but also because the two hierarchs of this department have always been El Morya and Mother herself—blue ray, if not navy-blue, was everywhere around this department, which—among others—translated into long, demanding work hours, ever-present energy of super attuned consciousness and finest attention to detail.

It was not new to me to write and edit, but this time I felt I was indeed on the front lines of El Morya's team. After a few months, with many tests and initiations piling up in my life, I felt I was at the end of the rope, working long hours six, if not sometimes seven days a week at my desk in front of a computer. I wished for a release, dreamt of doing something else, as much as I deeply loved every moment of this unique editorial training experience and indeed, wanted to show myself approved by the first ray master and by the beloved Guru, Mother herself.

So I went on, while making silent calls for a reprieve, if any.

One day Mother sent me a note asking, if I would like to consider editing and producing a small Polish cookery book and preparing a Polish meal for the community. I could barely believe my eyes! Cooking, baking and serving meals has always been my favorite service to my family and to all international friends—both while I lived in Poland and later on, while serving abroad. We, the Polish women, are especially fond of cooking for and feeding our loved ones, while offering choice menus at social occasions.

What a privilege and indeed fun lay ahead of me! So every week for two months, I was sent to the Ranch Kitchen one day out of the seven, to work with the wonderful staff there, while producing a word-processed Polish cookery book, featuring ascended masters' style examples of world famous Polish national cuisine. It was fun beyond fun! In a few weeks, after deliberations with the kitchen hierarchy, we produced a lovely Polish entree and a dessert.

The meal was served on a Sunday and started with a spiritual service, conducted by me, an ordained minister of Church Universal and Triumphant. The service consisted of calls and decrees directed towards the Polish issues and Polish membership of the Summit Lighthouse, as well as outreach in and outside Poland. Mother made calls on these subjects.

As exotic as the Polish meal might have seemed to the Ameriacan staff members and invited guests, it was such a joy for me to be able to cook and most lovingly serve it, while taking a mental break and resting, before returning to the full editorial work load and schedule. The entree was a traditional Polish dish, called 'bigos' [hunting stew, Polish], whose unique recipe was immortalized two centuries ago—in verse—in the Polish classical literature. Here it is:

"Though late, five cooks were gathered from the neighbors;
The chef would organize their labors.
And so he was, with snow-while apron girt,
Had donned a night-cap and tucked up his shirt.

"He wiped and put his glasses on, and took
From out his bosom and unwrapped a book.

"Twas called "The Perfect Cook" and had receipts
For all the old uniquely Polish feats.

"The bigos is being cooked. No words can tell
The wonder of its color, taste and smell.
Here words and rhymes are jingling sounds, whose sense
No city stomach really comprehends.
For Polish food and song you ought
To have good health and country life and sport.

"But bigos even without such sauce is good,
Of vegetables curiously brewed.
The basis of it is sliced sauerkraut,
Which, as they say, just walks into the mouth;
Enclosed within a cauldron, its moist breast
Lies on the choicest meat in slices pressed.
There it is parboiled till the heat draws out
The living juices from the cauldron's spout,
And all the air is fragrant with the smell.

"Twas ready now. With thrice repeated yell
The huntsmen armed with spoons attacked the stew.
The copper roared and forth the vapour flew.
The bigos disappeared like camphor oil;
Only the pots were left to seethe and boil
Like craters of extinct volcanoes still."

Pan Tadeusz, Adam Mickiewicz
translated by Kenneth R. MacKenzie

What has never been understood by me till now is the fact, that so many folks on staff considered working in the kitchen as a kind of discipline, if not the severest of punishments by the Guru and the masters those days. I actually did have a few of the staff members ask me then, what I could have done wrong, to be punished by having to work in the kitchen while serving full-time in the editorial department!

For us, Poles, who love and are deeply devoted to Mother Mary, our beloved Queen of Poland, kitchen is the best place to be, to work in and to enjoy Mother Mary's Light. It is the Mother flame and energy which we, the Poles, have always loved and respected so much.

If this is punishment—then I want more . . .

"I extinguish distance twixt here and the hearts of the Polish people. Time is not. And we are suspended. I AM for the reunion of your hearts with this tribe of the seed of Sanat Kumara. At inner levels you embrace in each twenty-four-hour period . . .

"These are your members! They sacrifice for you personally. They know your faces. They believe in America. They are Keepers of the Flame."

  Mother Mary
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