The Summit Lighthouse Mission Poland®
Worldwide Outreach
from Our Base in Montana

"The day when we bring that exposure to the world, we have to be able
to present a united front. It will be the very presence of the Holy Spirit
in our members that will be for the turning of worlds.

"The Poles, the Hungarians, the Italians, the Yugoslavs, the Africans, South Americans
—each in his own language. The real United Nations is going to be at the Inner Retreat.
That's why we need it."—Elizabeth C. Prophet, March 25, 1982

"I urge you to use satellite broadcasting and other facets of Saint Germain's technology
to contact souls of light worldwide. For truly the fields are ripe for the harvest."
—Lanello, February 26, 1997

"The earth will be secure, beloved, when the souls of Light who must be contacted
are contacted.”—Saint Germain, August 30, 1992

"I see as the one hope the whitefire core of the keepers of the flame who carry the Teaching
and go near and far to disseminate that Teaching, to talk and walk with mankind in the way
until they awake from their sleep and begin the path of enlightenment in Buddha."
—Serapis Bey, July 2, 1976

"I did give you my Mantle to accomplish goals—goals, then, of the dissemination
of the Teaching and the Word and all other endeavors to which you have been called."
—Alpha and Omega, July 3, 1988

"Who will come forward with what it takes to put these teachings through satellite
to all the stations in the world that broadcast the English language?
Who will do that?"—Goddess of Freedom

" . . . send the signal on satellite whereby people all over the world
may receive my teachings on enlightenment that I gave long ago
and that I am giving you again today through your Messengers."
—Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1994

"Let the rosaries go forth on the radio waves of the earth.
Let the rosaries recited by the child in all be given as the triumph, as the Divine Woman,
as the Woman clothed with the sun, as the victory of Omega and the Goddess of Liberty
and my own stepping-forth in this decade."—Mother Mary, December 24, 1980

"Let us now rally behind this cause and swiftly put out on sources of television
available to us these messages, these dictations, these facts and figures."—Helios

"Stand guard. Take thy watch! Listen for the inner sound. Look to the hills
and the mountains of God for the oncoming vision. Be the instrument of its speaking.
Take this information, combine it with the certain Word of prophecy.
Preach to the lightbearers! Raise them up! For they are a mighty people who know not
their own inner light or inner might. They are sweet people containing the tender mercies
of our God, though often misplaced."—Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, January 3, 1982

"Our strategy, then, and the only solution that the Darjeeling Council can offer—which comes
from the heart of Mother Mary, with the wisdom of Jesus and Kuthumi, who also serve here
in our deliberations—is to recommend that you isolate those issues that are most necessary
to the keeping of the peace and the freedoms, issues that concern all the people
and the fate of the nations.

" . . . you should of course decree for the will of God to be upon the hearts of the people
concerning these issues; but above all, you should seek to educate the people
and to influence public opinion by writing your letters to the editors, to your representatives,
and by appearing, if necessary, on television and radio programs.

" . . . and then you must keep on repeating the message as you demonstrate the workability
of the God-solution in the equation that you personally believe in and that may not be obvious
to the general public."El Morya

"Where are the Mercurians? Where are those who are the writers and the journalists,
those who can speak, those who can tell the world what is happening? Those who have come
and have kept the code of the God Mercury, they are the ones who can sound the alarm.
Let it be so, beloved, let it be so!"—Sanat Kumara, December 31, 1996

"And it is time and high time that you become more aggressive and intense,
not only in your search for the lightbearers but in taking your stand that this Teaching
does provide that which is truly necessary."—Lady Master Venus

" . . . it is the outreach and the presentation of the Teachings in every form
and in the media and by your heart-to-heart and person-to-person delivery of the Word
that must give the increase, that must bring about the swelling of the ranks,
that must spread abroad the true Christ consciousness that many may walk in.

" . . . Let the Word go forth from the archives of the lectures of the Messengers!
Let souls qualify themselves as good editors, good writers, good compilers of information,
whose work is sufficient and well done."—El Morya, August 11, 1991

" . . . I am the mother of media and of communication,
for communication is at the flow of the nexus of the figure eight
and it is by the mercy of the technology of the Mother that all of this
is the instrument in our hands."—Kwan Yin, October 6, 1977

"You are qualified and able to take the teachings already delivered
and to teach them to those who come [to sit at the feet of the Ascended Masters
and their own God Presence]. You are qualified to teach the scriptures.
You must do so."—Hilarion

669. Carry, o bird, the Teaching; and in thy flight deliver it into the hearth of those
who live in expectation of receiving it.—El Morya , Agni Yoga [1929]

"If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for a hundred years,
teach the people. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest.
When you teach the people, you will reap a hundred harvests."
—Kuan Chung [taoist, d. 645 B.C.]

"We are gratified for the translations and encourage you to accelerate and increase,
beloved hearts, for many but need the Word and therefore have already said,
'Here I am, Lord, send me!'"—Saint Germain, January 1, 1984

" . . . For there must be coordination among the movement,
and a committee of lightbearers working under the Elohim of the Fourth Ray,
to see to it that the Mother's organization on Earth makes the best use
of the natural resources of her sons and concentrates in those areas of greatest crisis."
—Elohim Purity and Astrea, January 2, 1982

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do
and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."—General George Patton

"There is the accelerated and untimely descent of karma. It is all around you!
Some have eyes to see it. Some say it is an act of God or an act of nature
or just a coincidence or something that happens every so many hundreds of years.
But, beloved ones, karma is falling like rain. Karma is descending and many people suffer.
And many who suffer because they have not learned how to follow the rules of God
are now ready for a catharsis. Yes, they are ready for that purgation which karma brings.

"They have knocked on every door. Many have come upon their knees, knocking
upon the doors of etheric retreats, asking to be admitted, for they are ready to learn
and to know the straight gate and the narrow way that leadeth to eternal Life.
We will teach them. We will send them back to you. May your homes and centers be opened!
May your hearts be opened!"—El Morya, The Greater Cause of Divine Love, pp. 9-10

"When you look at the list of countries who are yet free and you hear the call of the messenger for teaching centers, you realize that this requires expense and effort and initiation—and those who are prepared to go to places where life is not so sweet as it yet is in America, where conditions toward those who would express the religious freedom such as you bear are not so easy.

"Blessed ones, let us understand, then, that it is important to meet together and to consider once again, in the flame of the Goddess of Liberty, how we will approach the challenges upon earth.

"I welcome the many guests who have responded to the call that I sent forth from Holland to be with me and with Kuan Yin this fall. And therefore, the representatives from Europe and other nations are
numerous—both to Summit University and to this conference.

"Therefore, I would convoke here at Camelot our usual meeting of the so-called foreign students, who are certainly not foreign but very much a part of my heart and the heart of the dream of America.

"Let all who are present yet on the morrow, then, gather at Camelot. And let there be the consideration, by committee and together, of
what shall be done in terms of stumping for the world, nation by nation, and how best to raise those necessary funds and to prepare those plans whereby we can meet and we can be together next July fourth at the Inner Retreat.

"It is the dream of my heart! But I also understand those impediments which arise upon earth, most notably those of supply itself. I will count it a miracle of the hearts of the chelas of light if this can come to pass. And I can assure you that you will have my undying gratitude and my eternal assistance for the accomplishment of this feat.

"And therefore let us reason together, let us consider the mission, and let us not go away with an unclear concept of that which is to be done. Therefore let students of Summit University and students from the world around, as well as those staff members, take the day to decree, to give prayer, to offer energies to me and Portia, to the Karmic Board, to the Council of the Royal Teton and Darjeeling, to Alpha and Omega for this divine plan and the specific outpicturing of it. [highlighted by webmaster]

"I welcome you and I will be a part of your deliberations—even as I have deliberated with many of you when we together have decided the fate and the freedom of nations down through the centuries! It has always been the few, beloved hearts—it has always been the few with vision—who can see the handwriting on the wall and who understand that the individual in embodiment and on stage is the one who must make the decision to stand and still stand against all opposing forces."

Saint Germain
and Sanat Kumara

" . . . balance is constantly kept by the living Guru, by the Ascended Masters, [and] by the initiates who comprise the white fire core.

"Yes, there is indeed a white fire core of this Community worldwide and in this center. [highlighted by webmaster] We have not named them, but if the Messenger should place her attention upon it, we may be so disposed to name them. Yet, they shall not yet be revealed."

Alpha and Omega
July 3, 1988

" . . . Therefore, let there be teachers qualified, teaching students in these hills. Let classrooms appear, and that quickly. Let there be a transformation and a transition where all of our various centers that separate now our communicants might spring up here and provide departments of one Ascended Master University where you may bring the best of the nations and then perpetuate the culture and the learning!"
[highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . I've talked about . . . satellite television to the whole world, AM/FM radio and short-wave as far as it can reach from our base in Montana. It'll be a multimillion-dollar project and more. But it's a goal. And we're going to do it because we take accountability.

"I know that I must inform the people of this earth as to the conspiracy. And when we have satellite TV beamed in all the nations, you'll understand why the masters have brought here people from Germany and Sweden and Holland. People speaking every language can be on television speaking to their people the message of the conspiracy. [highlighted by webmaster]

"The day when we bring that exposure to the world, we have to be able to present a united front. It will be the very presence of the Holy Spirit in our members that will be for the turning of worlds.

"The Poles, the Hungarians, the Italians, the Yugoslavs, the Africans, South Americans—each in his own language. The real United Nations is going to be at the Inner Retreat. [highlighted by webmaster] That's why we need it.

"One of these days, the United Nations building in New York and its entire contents is not going to be there. Where will the people look to the voice of unity? They're going to look to the One.

"You need to contemplate this message of the One—the one causal body of us all, the one Godhead individed—individed but not divided."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
March 25, 1982

" . . . this is a time, beloved, when those who can deliver the message of the Ascended Masters, those who can speak before the public on any subject that is vital, whether to Church or State or to their own profession or life’s calling, must come to the fore and use their talents to spread abroad the word of the Mighty I AM Presence. [highlighted by webmaster]

"This is the hour, beloved, to develop excellence in the use of the spoken word. This you can definitely learn to do through the mantra of Manjushri, * but you must also take those courses that will sharpen the pen, sharpen the mind and the sword that divides the way between the Real and the Unreal.

" . . . I say, put at least 50 percent of your energy into prayer power on these things and another 50 percent into learning how to write and speak out against these conditions. And do not feel that you must join this or that organization that rejects those who are on the path of the Ascended Masters, but be free to speak out, beloved ones, wherever anyone will hear you, on all matters of conscience and legislation that are facing this nation." [highlighted by webmaster]

* Manjushri’s mantra Om Wagi Shori Mum (Hail to the Lord of Speech!) can be used to develop excellence in delivering the spoken word and to increase effectiveness in communication. Manjushri is known as the Lord of Speech and is revered as a master of eloquence.

Saint Germain

"To accelerate your inner spiritual God mastery I am come, for I am convinced beyond all shadow of a doubt that the ingredient whereby the world shall be magnetized to the Ascended Masters through you and it will be through you or not at all, for the world can not see us. But they surely do see you.

"I am convinced therefore that the necessary ingredient whereby you are able to convert many to the path of Light is the ingredient of love, of compassion, of kindness, of concern, and care, and consideration for each part of life. Love is what people are seeking for.

"Secondly, then, it is a certain level of self mastery whereby you have self-respect and those who see you also respect you because they recognize that you have your self-esteem, you have your self-worth and in that self-worth you can reach out with a magnanimous heart of your Lord Jesus. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . This openness and love and givenness, replacing naivete, supercilious, sympathetic animal magnetism, casting these aside, developing profound and deep love for everyone because above all you recognize that point of the seed of the Buddha, that point of the Atman, that presence emerging and you speak to the soul and you never mind what the outer self has expressed.

"This is another aspect of self-mastery beloved, human beings change everyday. The outer self has its moods, its ups and downs.

"And you will see that endurance, the continuous reinforcing the right, the good, the true, the beautiful and letting it pass those barbs which long ago would have caused you to feel challenged, making you feel you must defend your good name, having a good fight with someone to show who has the upper hand and all of those ins and outs.

"To be magnanimous to me is to set aside and ignore and put away any seeming faults of another. Be magnanimous, supply the support, the love and give recognition. Give recognition to the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of that one. Give recognition to the good and the accomplishments to the soul.

"Breathe a prayer for the balancing of that one's threefold flame and your own, and above all do not waste your time in repeating stories about this and that. What is that to thee, follow thou me? These are the words of Jesus Christ, they are the words of my son, they are your words. Follow them and bless life." [highlighted by webmaster]

Saint Germain
November 10, 1993

" . . . And I tell you, ask for strength. Let all those who serve with the Messenger in any part of the world and on this staff ask for the strength of ten thousand. Ask for the power to continue that you faint not but have the strength to disseminate the Word. Ask for the supply and you shall receive it when your hearts are pure.

"Ask for the Light. Ask for the means. Ask for all that you deserve, for you indeed deserve the power of Helios and Vesta and we stand ready to give it to you if you will only affirm your own self-worth. Open your chakras, raise your chalice of being, and truly receive the outpouring that is the solution to every problem that besets you and everything that crosses your path." [highlighted by webmaster]


"You must become, indeed, the greatest salesmen in the world. You must realize that you do have already the most salable item. It is the Teaching itself. The Messenger long ago realized this when torn and pulled and almost sawn asunder by those forces that determined to draw her into outer activities involving commerce and money. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Beloved ones, all of this is the lie that we have not provided you and this organization with sufficient material to create such an abundance, such a release of Light to the co-workers as for the building of the entire Inner Retreat.

"The gold mine is here. It does not have to be sought and found. There is no need for merchandising in the marts of the world. There is a need for intense practicality in the presentation and packaging of the most interesting information and subjects and lectures and sermons that are going forth on the planetary body at this time."

Gautama Buddha

"And inasmuch as all of you cannot read all of the Teachings or listen to all of the dictations, I suggest that you divide them up amongst yourselves so that when you take the staff as a whole and the larger Community as a whole there will be experts on certain years of Teachings, certain Masters and certain subjects, whereby the whole may be held in the heart one by one, some providing this portion, some another, and sharing it gladly with one another. [highlighted by webmaster]

"This Teaching must be a living and a vibrant teaching. It must be alive in your hearts and minds so that when you come together with your planning, beloved, you may also share the precious gems, many of which have not been found or looked into, many of which apply to the very current world scene. Even these seven dictations were for some time unnoticed [in the archives] and therefore heretofore you have celebrated the beginning of our organization on the eighth [of August] with the first Pearl of Wisdom.

" . . . You must absolutely know that I have put my life on the line for this activity. Why, beloved, I have given so much to this activity and to all of you that I could not even pull out if I wanted to.

"Now, this is a joke, beloved. And I wish you to understand that it is a joke. It is absolutely true! And the joke is on me. For you see, this does not mean that you have the Guru by the tail or that you are indispensable chelas. But it does mean that I have plighted my troth to you, and I am determined to stay until this entire matter is through. And I tell you that one way or another it shall be through!"

El Morya
August 7, 1990

"The need of the hour is for careful spokesmen who may study the issues and study them well, who may also study the art and the craft of setting forth for public consumption those articles, those chapters, those books that may give an understanding of the pros and cons of the issues, of what is burdening the planetary body and what is burdening the bodies of the people.

"Blessed ones, you may know many facts, but if you do not have the ability to deliver a message with the full empowerment of the Holy Spirit whereby people can be galvanized to a cause that is right—and I stress a cause that is right—if you are not able to do this, if you are not able to write and speak convincingly concerning the issues of your time, then you might as well be blind and mute!

"Do you understand, beloved? You must see a vision and you must be able to impart that vision.

" . . . Yes, Mercury's ones come with a flash and fire of the mind of Hermes, they come with the clear understanding of what is the Real and what is the Unreal. They see clearly what is happening. They who are the communicators see that some who mean well across the nations are not tutored, are not educated, are not able to speak before large assemblies or to write so that their writings will be read.

" . . . And therefore what is needed is a spiritual army of Lightbearers who recognize that they must study and burn the midnight oil and know the issues and be able to discuss them intelligently. This spiritual army must be able to break the bread of Life and show that there is really only one solution and that solution is universal cooperation among all people. [highlighted by webmaster]

"This army must work to eliminate ulterior motives of land use control, resource control and seek legitimate means to preserve the balance of nature so that people can prosper and earth can sustain all souls destined to be born and ascend here. For the sake of her divine plan, the resources of earth must be kept pure, they must be protected. Human life must be protected from the last plagues that are coming upon the body of the earth and the bodies of the people.

"You must therefore see yourselves in areas of specialization. One by one or in committee, you must take up one of the central issues of our time and you must become experts on that issue, even as the speakers who speak to you are experts. And then you must also wield the sword of the Spirit as experts as you give your dynamic decrees and make your calls for the setting free of this organization and the setting free of all people of goodwill to answer the call of elemental life and angels and all who suffer the burden of the karmic weight of the earth body and its pollution.

"Yes, beloved, you must be able to wield that sword of the Spirit and that science of the spoken Word in support of all others who move forward, who give their messages. For again and again the power politics and the politicians destroy the best hopes and the best plans for the rescuing of the earth body.

" . . . It is time, then, that you understood that it will not be enough to discuss the will of God in writing, in books, in talks, in conversations or in promises to do better. The will of God will be satisfactory as a standard and a measure of progress in the earth only if her people embody it, along with the indomitable spirit of victory!

" . . . And let those who are chelas of the will of God come to the fore and know that it is an hour when I call you as I have never called you before, for earth must be turned around and the decade moves on and therefore the time in which to do it is shortening.

" . . . Yes, let Truth go marching on! Let the will of God go marching on! And find in yourselves that ingenuity, that will to present to a world true and viable solutions for the very least to the greatest of public health problems, both on a planetary scale and within the family."

El Morya
June 29, 1993

"Will you not waste time? For you must do all that you can possibly do in a given day to bring the message of the ascended masters to every corner of the Earth, most of all in this nation itself which must be saved if it can be saved—and by 'this nation' I mean the people themselves.

"For the Earth may tremble and the nations dissolve and all things become liquid upon Earth but the souls of a people, of a mandala, a people of Saint Germain and Portia who have not risen to the two-thirds level of the pyramid, they must be saved in whatever octave [they are found]—to come again, to be born again, to live again, to atone for the sin of abortion, even the abortion of the divine plan of this nation under God [which is to manifest] through the heart of beloved Saint Germain.
[highlighted by webmaster]

"We desire to have material here of those who have the fire of an undivided loyalty to their I AM Presence—those who are undivided, beloved, and therefore can quickly carry a flame of healing and wholeness for others.

" . . . Blessed ones, it matters not if your single talent is the talent of the little juggler,* for juggling the problems of the world and the labors is something in itself! And if you are one who will keep the flame at the altar of this (King Arthur's) Court then so be it; for those who go forth will not make it on an empty court. The Court must be filled!

" . . . Do you have a spiritual crisis in your life? Love will heal it but not love for the human self or the human patterns—love for the Higher Self and the love that enables you to break away from that human consciousness though it may pain you, though it may wound you, though it may set you aside and you may swoon.

"So be willing to be delivered of every seed of Satan and force thereof for the very love of the Divine Mother.

" . . . Raise the world, beloved! Be not cowards and compromisers, not that I have ever seen you as such, but as the world goes there are many who are manifesting as role models—cowards and compromisers on every point of the Law and every truth until all civilization shall be leveled; for nothing shall stand without Principle as its undergirding."

* The juggler. According to one version of an ancient French legend handed down by oral tradition there once lived a monk whose single occupation was juggling. Since he had failed in all of his tasks in the bakery and the fields, the only gift he could bring to the altar was his talent of juggling. One day the abbot found him in the chapel juggling before the statue of the Blessed Virgin—an act which he considered to be sacrilegious. But all at once the statue began to move, and Mother Mary reached over and wiped the sweat from the juggler's brow.

Sanat Kumara
and Lady Venus
January 1,1991

" . . . Now, you know well that The Summit Lighthouse was founded upon the purpose of publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. This means that every one of you in this Community, no matter what your department or service, educational background or lack of it, is yet a part of my guild of the writers and speakers of the Word, those who sharpen the pen, as they sharpen the sword, to deliver the Word and the understanding. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . Let us all, one and all, come to understand that [in the lineage of my Mentors] each and every one of my chelas has [as of this date] the blessing and the backing of the great deliverers [who serve with] God Mercury, all those high souls of Light who came from Mercury, who gave me my training, which training I also gave to these Messengers.

"You can aspire, then, to walk in the ranks of the legions of Mercury with that mercury diamond-shining Mind of God, that Gemini Mind of God; and you can bring yourselves to a point of sharpening your pencils, sharpening your minds."

El Morya

" . . . This opportunity is a miracle of the age of communication, just as it is a precursor to your placing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters on satellite. [highlighted by webmaster] And since I have been so much a part of the scientific age, beloved, I am gratified that our chelas can directly profit by the groundwork I have laid and can multiply, by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand, the decree energy that will unite all chelas on planet earth with each other and eventually with all chelas in the etheric octave through their connection to the Hub—King Arthur’s Court."

Saint Germain
March 19, 1995

"Do not mistake the glassy-eyed, voracious and talkative ones who may be ever so forceful in their human personalities but are not lightbearers.
[highlighted by webmaster]

"They shine with a reflected light of your own aura and you mistake them for lightbearers. Look then for the shining ones who shine from within and are not merely the apple-polishers who polish the apple of self that it may shine in the light of your own countenance. There are those who come to the
light for they are drowning, they are sinking in the darkness and they feel the self-extinguishment of the final judgment. Therefore they too will come. And they are no part of this Community, for they are the ones who are filled with dead men's bones—even the discarnates, yet they would create their vortex in our midst. Judge righteous judgment and learn the discernment of the heart."

Saint Germain
July 31, 1981

" . . . And the great, great necessity of the hour is to bring to the physical attention of the lightbearers of earth the immediate availability of the Light through the science of the spoken Word.

"I can assure you that the change on earth by a cosmic alchemy, were tens of thousands to give the violet flame daily, would be so phenomenal not only would you wonder where the problems went but you would forget that you ever had any problems.

"So be a purveyor of the divine knowledge. So, with Melchizedek, Ecclesiastes, and the Lord Christ, with Enoch and Elijah, become a preacher of righteousness by example, by love, by speaking when the Holy Spirit speaks through you, by remaining silent when He does not." [highlighted by webmaster]

Mother Mary
December 9, 1984

"And though I could speak to you for many an hour on the realities of the Ashram and what it can mean to your acceleration on the path, I do request as chelas of the will of God you will accept my word that this is so. Accept that this bonding together of your souls with one another, with my heart and with all servants of God's will is a major key to your success and your God-victory." [highlighted by webmaster]

El Morya
July 8, 1990

" . . . I also prophesied that 'this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.'

"These days are upon us. Therefore let us have the courage to proclaim Saint Germain’s violet flame for world transmutation through the following kinds of materials:

"I ask you to create new wallet-size cards that you can give to friends and strangers alike in the course of your travels. It is for this reason that I ask you never to be without the wallet-size Chart of the I AM Presence. Then there are flyers, pamphlets, topical booklets, posters, video- and audiotapes of the teachings of Saint Germain as well as original music and songs dedicated to the Ascended Masters. The Church could also offer CDs, CD-ROMs, Web sites, radio and TV programs for promulgating Saint Germain’s violet flame and helping people everywhere to visualize it and to apply it in meeting the everyday challenges they have to deal with. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Use every means at your disposal to direct the violet flame for world transmutation! For as you engage your energies in the cause of Saint Germain by invoking his violet flame, you may see right before your very eyes a planetary mitigation that is truly stupendous!"

Jesus Christ

"Still this teaching has not made its way to the hearth and home of every single Lightbearer upon earth! We say, beloved, that this is our greatest concern.

" . . . see to it that every Lightbearer on earth has the opportunity to study our Teachings in this decade—and if not in this decade, then very early in the next century. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . The greater cause that lies before you is the maximizing of what you have, the multiplication of holy purpose and the fervor of the Holy Spirit in your heart that does make you desire, no matter what the price, no matter what the cost, to give to the many the Ascended Masters' cup of self knowledge and the knowledge of the Path itself."

El Morya
The Greater Cause
of Divine Love, pp. 6, 8

" . . . For succeeding generations if they are fired by illumination and the flame and desire to know truth may come to the fountain.

"Let us pray that the fountain be not dry, that they will find the living waters of truth because you have determined to leave behind footsteps upon the sands of life, waymarks of progress and books, lessons, dictations in printed form that will teach mankind the Way.
[highlighted by webmaster]

"Realize then that you are the missing link between the era of the Christ and the era of the golden age. And if you can weld together the mighty chain of the saints of all ages which has temporarily been broken by man's inattention to liberty and to cosmic precepts, you will be forging the chain of Being that will unlock for generations for all time to come the mighty precepts of Life which are the keys to their immortal victory.

"The entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood pours forth gratitude to those who have thus served in the holy cause this day, even as our hearts are filled with gratitude from your octave from the sons and daughters of Light who are receiving the powerful words in printed form that are released through this activity.

" . . . Beloved ones, without truth, without the key of this science there is much that mankind will lose. That they do not lose the precious heritage that we have to pass on is our desire. It is our gift."

January 8, 1967

"Well, beloved hearts, when you yourselves are duplicated on tape (as you already have been many times), it is not long before that Presence of yourself in West Germany, in Sweden, in places you have never been where these tapes are played—it is not long before the very Electronic Presence of yourself magnetizes the full Spirit of your being.

"And therefore, more and more as you grow, the flame of your heart endows the videotape [and/or audiotape] and pulls upon your I AM Presence. And this is the beginning of actual bilocation. First you bilocate at the etheric level, then the mental, then the astral. And finally, physically, you will be as Milarepa—here and there—and other saints who have appeared and been seen, as in the case of Padre Pio. [highlighted by webmaster]

"He was seen here and he was seen there, not always physical but very physical to the eye. He may have been seen kneeling in prayer from across the room. It may therefore be the etheric body that is seen, and by and by it is stronger and stronger until you, too, can say with Lanello before your ascension, 'Lo, I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!' "

Lady Master Nada
October 7, 1983

"Blessed hearts, time flies. As Morya is wont to say, tempus fugit. Yes, beloved, in that understanding know that you shall not forever be finite beings, you shall not forever be in this octave. But I say, leave those footprints. Leave them in the sands of earth and in the etheric octave. Leave them in your writings and in your speakings. Leave them as the apostle Paul did. [highlighted by webmaster] Leave them because you are become a mighty apostle of mine and of Jesus and of Kuthumi and of all the hosts of the Lord.

"Yes, beloved, take the high road, take the tough road. Toughen yourselves! Do your daily exercises. Do not let your bodies or your minds become flabby. Watch what you take in through the mouth and watch what comes out of the mouth. For by the power of the spoken Word, as you use it correctly and purely and do not violate it in any way, you will increase your stature as a Son of God, one with your own Holy Christ Self. And do this quickly, for cycles are accelerating."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1994

" . . . Understand, blessed hearts, there must be the sharpening of the sword, a study of the Word, research in all levels of awareness in this octave. There must be practice. There must be penetration of the issues. There must be organization and thoughtful planning when you determine to speak.

"As I told these representatives, though they knew not that it was I: You must do as well as the serpents—and outdo them! You must beat them at their game. If it is speech, communication, and going forth in government, you cannot refrain from coming under the rod of the law of expectancy to meet that level of expectancy within those norms and then by rapier thrust to transcend it and to deliver then more than that norm! And that more (being Thomas More as well) is the Holy Spirit! It is then that you will be heard in all the land.

"Therefore simply because it is the fallen ones who have established standards in communication, do not scoff or rebel against it. Learn their ways. Be in the world, but not of it.

"You will recall that I, as the Wonderman of Europe, wore the styles of the time. I was familiar with its literature and music but I exceeded their own levels of mastery—for, after all, I had some several hundred thousand years behind me.

"Beloved hearts, I could perform anything and all things as they could—but better. This is what I ask of you: not to bypass the standards and expectancies of your era but to recognize that you must speak the language of the people but speak it better—better, louder, clearer!" [highlighted by webmaster]

Saint Germain

" . . . As I raise my torch and I lift my lamp before the golden door, so rise, precious hearts, and raise your right hand. For in that hand I do place the torch of Liberty, the torch of illumination to the age! I pass that torch to you! And as infinity is one—one times one times one times infinity-so as I pass the torch, that torch is still one. Cherish it, O tender ones, precious hearts of mine. Cherish the torch! Honor illumination!

"And as your right hand holds the torch and blazes forth, so it shall also ignite the crown chakra of all mankind. Thus you go forth as lamplighters lighting the lamp of true Being, lighting the hearts of mankind. And all whom you contact will receive my direct blessing if you will but silently speak my name when you desire to anoint souls marching, souls merging, souls across the earth with the flame of cosmic illumination.

"I charge you not to forget to do this this year, for the torch must be passed directly. For you have heard of apostolic succession. You have heard of the authority of the pope and of the priests of the Church coming down from Peter and from Christ. So I say to you, I give you the authority to pass the torch of illumination; for it is my authority to give. And therefore, by the succession of the sons and daughters of Liberty, you are charged with the authority to be Liberty in action, to be myself in the world of form, to be the flame of Liberty wherever you are!" [highlighted by webmaster]

Goddess of Liberty
July 4, 1974

"Get on with the saving of a world if you intend to one day be an Ascended Master. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . Right the axis of the mission to bring to the world the true teachings of Jesus Christ, most importantly, the twin pillars of reincarnation and karma. And I tell you candidly, beloved chelas around the world. I need you. The Darjeeling Council needs you. Now. let us become missionaries of the Everlasting Gospel while there is time.

" . . . For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?
Make your move now, beloved. For you may never have another chance to fulfill your God-appointed round." [highlighted by webmaster]

El Morya
November 28, 1996

"What are our other options for reaching souls of light? There is satellite. There is network and cable TV. There is the radio talk-show format. There is the print medium. There is the Internet.
[highlighted by webmaster]

"Whatever format or formats you choose, do your research and take action when you are ready to meet the needs of those who respond. Make haste, for the seasons fly, the worlds are turning, and the forces of Evil are mounting.

"And if you think you have seen the end of Armageddon, I tell you, you have not! For the worst of Armageddon is yet to come. And if you think you have seen the end of cataclysm, I tell you, you have not! For the ultimate cataclysm is yet to come.

"Only divine intercession through the prayers and good works of the saints on earth can change this prophecy."

El Morya

" . . . You must . . . understand that when God gives an assignment to you, whether you think you are the lowly or the high and the mighty, it does not matter. When you are given an assignment by God and you have heard his voice and that voice has spoken to you, then you must put that project, that purpose first. [highlighted by webmaster] Then you must go about all the rest. If you do this in order, beloved, you will never shortchange your God, your mentor, your chohan, your Maha Chohan."

El Morya
June 30, 1997

" . . . When the hand of the Lord is upon you, my beloved, it is the grace of His Self-worth and His blessedness unto the worthy. The hand of the Lord now manifests in and through the many hands of the heavenly hosts extending to earth as helping hands to the end that our chosen servants might finish the mystery of God and establish the Holy Grail as the archetype of true Selfhood in the earth. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Now be of good cheer and be encouraged by the great courage of those who have gone before you. Claim the Mantle of the Apostle Paul who awaits your coming on the east gate (the air plane under Jesus Christ) of the City Foursquare where he is the Lamb who is worthy to open the book that is reserved for the initiates of the fifth ray. Serving with the Two Witnesses, these witness unto the truth in order that the original lie of Serpent and all liars which have proceeded after him might be swallowed up by the rod of Moses, by the judgment of the Son of God, by the sacred fire of the Holy Ghost and by the Light of the Woman Clothed with the Sun."

Sanat Kumara

" . . . for you never know where you might be that you might extend the cup of knowledge of Hierarchy to one who has been searching not for one but for many embodiments. [highlighted by webmaster]

"And so, precious hearts, I came to the conclusion that mankind would speak ill of me, would gossip about me, would revile me whether I was silent or whether I was outspoken. And thus I chose the path of outspokenness when I was guided to speak. And sometimes I spoke when not guided, desiring rather to make a mistake of extra effort than to have on my record a sin of omission."

March 17, 1974

" . . . this is the cause of our great rejoicing! And this is the cause whereby heaven may truly lean upon this student body. You see therefore that
there is a need for the light of your own Christ -discrimination to shine, for you yourself to rise into positions of responsibility and leadership [highlighted by webmaster] whereby through a gradual vestment of your lifestream with a limited authority that authority might be increased to greater and greater authority."

Mighty Victory
July 5, 1981

" . . . I speak of the lineage of the initiates of Mercury—those who have fashioned their skill by the sword and the pen, those who have acquainted themselves with the Mind of God and have claimed that Mind, who have come from a lineage that antedates myself. Truly there is a lineage of those who have been called Hermes, the name being the title of an office.

"Thus there is a descent of those whose craft has been to set forth in writing and in other forms of communication that which is real, that which is unreal, that which is necessary information to the body politic round the world that they might know and understand the way to go.

"Blessed ones, the descent to earth of these who are chelas par excellence under El Morya has been the cause of a great increase in communication at all levels. As you know, communication out of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood concerning the spiritual path and teaching, set squarely on the foundations of the law of God, is one thing.

"And the communication of human knowledge and world events precipitating day by day (called 'the news') is another. There is also the communication of history, parable and story, fiction and nonfiction, which teach lessons of character and heroism, lessons of human misery and human joy. [highlighted by webmaster]

"All who have effectively mastered the written and spoken word have been schooled in the great temples of Light that are under the guardianship of the great beings of Light who came from the planet Mercury and beyond. Know, then, beloved ones, that among you there are any number of lifestreams who have written effectively in the past, who have brought forth teachings from many fields based on their expertise in the craft and their mastery of certain categories of subject matter.

" . . . there are those whom I myself have trained under my mantle as God Mercury. We who bear the shield and the armour of the Sun must therefore go up and down the nations of the earth and call out those who have the original communication skills, who practiced those skills in ancient times and on ancient continents and are willing to once again take the lead in the dissemination of the truth and in exposing error.

"You must come forward! For the truth must be made known by willing hearts who see the power of the press, the power of public relations, the power of the power elite who mold public opinion and control the media as they deliberately distort the truth and destroy the reputations of individuals and organizations. If things continue as they are, not even Jesus Christ when he walks the earth as an Ascended Master in his Second Coming will be portrayed for who he is and what he stands for.

" . . . I shun to call it public relations, but that is the term that is used these days. What I am talking about is the need for you to speak to a world and demonstrate to a world, by many means and carefully planned measures, what is the profile of one who walks in the footprints of El Morya and Kuthumi and Serapis Bey and Saint Germain. For they are the true role models for all students in the mystery schools, both here at Maitreya's retreat and in the etheric octave. They embody the love, the courage and the discipleship that supply the pattern for all who descend through those schools on the seven rays.

"I come, therefore, pleading for those who will come out from among you and form a trade association, as it were, such as the ancient guilds of Europe, and work together under experts to polish their skills and transmit the word at every level.

" . . . Set forth the message! Set forth the platform for its delivery in your area of expertise!

" . . . Let the power of the spoken Word be not only the power of the dynamic decree. Let it be the power of Truth whereby the Truth does transmute error: Truth herself in the person of Pallas Athena, Truth in the person of your own Christ Self. Truth is a divine decree and it must be embodied and spoken with conviction.

" . . . May you hear the call from higher octaves of many who have gone before you. And may you answer in a very special way after you have communed with your God and come to the realization in your heart as to what is that mighty work of the Lord that is yours to accomplish before you allow the mantle of your calling in this life to drop from your shoulders and you move on into the octaves of Light. [highlighted by webmaster]

"I AM with you. I have been with you from the Beginning. I have been with you long thousands of years. I AM yet your friend. I AM yet Hermes and I live in the flaming center of Truth. And that flaming center, I declare, burns on the altar of your being from this time forth and even unto the fullness of your mission."

Hermes Trismegistus

" . . . Put yourself in contact with suffering people. Get action in your community . . .
It's very easy to get high on God and block out suffering people."
—The Living Flame of Love, Saint John of the Cross,
twelve-tape album by Elizabeth C. Prophet

"You are the Marys and the Marthas who establish the home of Bethany
in each teaching center, in every city wheresoever I would go
through my messenger and through the Mother whose time is come."
—Jesus Christ, April 19, 1981

"Therefore our love as our twin causal bodies becomes now a forcefield
in every true heart and devotee, in every teaching center and place of worship
where there is harmony, in every home where there is a room or a closet
set aside for the descent of light."—Jesus Christ, November 27, 1980

"Above all, secure your place, if possible, close to a Teaching Center,
for there is spiritual, as well as physical, strength in numbers."
—Jesus Christ, November 28, 1996

" . . . I must have my home in Bethany. I must have my place in the hearts of those
who are not dismayed when millions upon millions of Christians refuse to move forward
into this hour of the challenging of tyrants and to make the sacrifice
necessary to do so."—Jesus Christ, March 30, 1986

142. "I will grant you power to see and hear. The first essentials are purity of air
and clarity of spirit."—Leaves of Morya's Garden,The Call (1924)
"He who finds diamonds must grapple in mud and mire because diamonds
are not found as polished stones. They are made."—Henry Wilson

“How frequently I found during my own mission that by going up into the mountains to pray, getting away from the madding crowd, or curling up in one end of a ship, I was able to renew my strength and perform a greater ministry of service and healing. All who would follow in my footsteps must understand that unless they are able to contact the great Source of life and continually renew their strength, their mission will not be carried forth in the manner desired by God.

"You cannot, as you say, ‘burn the candle at both ends’ and expect it to last. Yet when it is needed, there is a limitless flow of divine strength that can be acquired as you learn to use the charging methods of divine prayer during the busiest time of the day.” [highlighted by webmaster]

Jesus Christ
“Prayer and Meditation” p. 9

" . . . When the tilling of the field was a harsh labor and when the timber of the forest was hewn to construct men's dwelling places, when the wheel and loom were used to weave the household clothing and the skins of animals were tanned for leather, town meetings were in vogue and men worked more closely in conjunction with one another. No speedy communication enlightened men as to disasters in the far-flung areas of the world. Local affairs took on more import and national affairs were often neglected, whereas international matters were considered by many to be in another world.

"When the Master Presence of Life enabled mankind in this age to bring forth science and invention for the freeing of men from drudgery through streamlined methods, assembly-line production, increased speed and comfort in transportation and communication, it was a service intended to free men that they might give full attention to the culture of the soul. Contrariwise, these developments seem to have brought about a greater soul neglect and the spread of many types of infectious human nonsense.

"The youth of the world are presently being afflicted by the demoniac possession of jungle entities which insidiously seep their way into the brain as they indulge (through what is called dancing) in the sinuous contortions of that blessed body which is intended to be the temple of God. Some of every age are dismayed at this activity, but the good people do little to expand our messages of truth while permitting a communal world to continually expand vicious error.

"I fling down my glove! Ladies and gentlemen, if this activity and that which it represents do not soon find the expeditious means of reaching mankind with the ascended masters' truth for the expansion of the Christ consciousness, that which shall karmically occur shall lie at the doorstep of every man!

"The nurturing of your own soul is serious business, but the world community also belongs to God. You live in a world of mechanical and cultural refinements while the true laws of Life expounded are in the covered-wagon stages. If you are spiritual pioneers who adore the truth, you will stand up now and be counted. The battle for Life is going on all around you. I commend you now to action!" [highlighted by webmaster]

Saint Germain
August 29, 1965

" . . . The cradle of the Heart—it is a large cradle. Many thousands can fit into this area. Will it not be magnificent when the anthems of all the nations and their flags will be sung and held here, when the great gathering of the devotees out of the East and of the Ancient of Days comes to pass.

"We have held the concept of the 'united kingdom.' We have held the concept of a 'united nations,' though not as the one has been formed. But this is the place where, coming out of each nation, the anointed ones may see the light. It is prophesied that people of all kindreds and tongues and the races of the earth shall come before the throne of the Lamb. [highlighted by webmaster]

"From our level, we also must say: Is not our God amazing? ['Yes.']

"And all these things that have been coming such a long, long time? And for you—to pluck the fruit from the tree ripened, a tree you have not planted yet from which you shall eat in joy.


" . . . I was with the messenger as she gave to Summit University some of the old teachings of Nicholas Roerich, who was inspired by me and El Morya to contemplate the museum of art and the Roerich Peace Pact. He worked with us for peace and understanding of the nations and also to preserve the art treasures of ancient Tibet and the works of his own hand inspired by us.

"Thus, as impractical as it may seem, the thought form for a museum of the treasures of the world's great spiritual art, as well as the pragmatic art of Western and Eastern civilization, is already in the ethers.

"Some of the objects that are in the collection of the Vicar of Christ in this organization, such as statues of Buddhas and delicate china of Czechoslovakia and so forth, that have been brought by devotees, are shrines in themselves, fully capable of carrying a flame. They ought not to be anywhere but in this museum of the Spirit where, as you pause before each focus, you contact a spirit of art, the causal body of masters of bygone years. And that meditation, which may become a decree spoken aloud before that particular object and display, serves for the training of the eye of children, for their education, and for their souls' drawing forth of the next step in the creation of art itself or science or whatever subject matter leads the soul to a new definition in the field of knowledge.

"Without the building blocks of past civilizations, how can the new be born? Earth is not a vacuum and we are not in its pristine state. Earth is old by comparison and, beloved hearts, the collective evolution and knowledge, the beauty, the learning ought not to be lost. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Why, beloved hearts, if it were left to the people of this state alone, very little of the world's heritage would be preserved here, except perhaps in those centers of learning where many have come from other parts. And therefore, you can see that there can develop in a people a certain satisfaction with their environment and a simple daily life devoid of an accelerating momentum.

"Thus, we are lovers of culture. And in all of our ancient monasteries we have sought to preserve that cultivation of light through the seven chakras and the five secret rays. Many souls will be born here who have built a mighty foundation already. They deserve to have access to, even in their younger years, those very things, traditions, and assemblies of knowledge which they themselves have builded. Thus, only if they can contact these things as school-children can they rise in the true genius of inventiveness and carry the age a step forward."

Saint Germain and Hilarion
August 29, 1982

" . . . And I proclaim to you a plan for this decade and for the fulfillment of this century. You have seen how representatives in government have squandered vast quantities of America's wealth around the Earth, favoring this and that government and nation only to the detriment of America. And you have seen how so much wealth given to the unworthy and the ungrateful has evoked in them only hatred and more hatred, only more resentment of the light of the Christ consciousness, and you have seen how those allocations of funds intended for the masses of the people have gone into the purses of those in the top echelons. And so you understand why I recommended non-intervention.

"Now we come to the time in history when Americans, the true members of the I AM race—and those true members may be dwelling anywhere on the planet in any nation, and those who are the true members of that race are those who carry the Christ light in dignity, in honor, who merit the title of sons and daughters of God—the members of that race are the sheep of the ascended masters, who know the voice of truth and follow that voice by the flame of obedience unto the death and unto the life —the death of the ego and the life of the divine Self.

"We see then how most attempts to appease the enemy with the dollar, to compromise standards, to feed the enemy from the granaries of America have failed to win the hearts of mankind for the flame of the Mother or for the flame of Freedom. We have seen from inner levels how that most attempts of the well-meaning, of the sincere, to reach out with funds, with help, with the Red Cross, with Care packages, with aid to underdeveloped nations and with the United States footing the bill of the entire United Nations—all of these attempts have brought little reward in terms of raising up lightbearers across the planet.

"Why is this so? Because, not knowing how to do better, Americans who feel the flame—the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power, and desire to expand the love that they feel for the Christ in mankind—have not known that to feed the outer self, the four lower bodies, and to fail to nourish the soul with truth is to ultimately fail entirely.

"And so we stand before you on this day at the dawn of the new year; and our observation is; there is yet mass ignorance, mass confusion, darkness and a great weight outside of the United States which, if not challenged in the name of the Christ, threatens to innundate her shores and to also overtake that nation great and holy and virtuous in the eyes of the ascended masters, as they have held the dream for America for many centuries.

"Therefore the answer comes, and it is this: to carry the teachings of the ascended masters, to make the pilgrimmage of the Mother flame an annual event at Christmastide, to go forth unto all nations, unto all kindreds and peoples and tongues to break the bread of the Word, and by the devotion of the flame in all to transform a living planet, to transform souls evolving. [highlighted by webmaster]

"As you pave the way for the light to descend, then you will see that the efforts of many governments and many peoples through many avenues will begin to succeed. And you will also see that in every nation upon Earth there are those Americans who belong to this peculiar race—the I AM people —who are not afraid to pronounce the I AM name, to have it stamped in their foreheads and in the palms of their hands, and to proclaim it to all.

"Thus, if you will make the call to me in the name of the Christ, I shall be there to raise up in every nation, in every city, that one soul who is the key to the unlocking of the heart chakra of that country. The ascended masters applaud your efforts and your determination to move against all odds to carry the light to South America."


" . . . Blessed ones, it is a shame that technology should be used to perpetuate and proliferate a civilization that is decadent and self-indulgent and closing in upon itself. Yes, beloved, it is an hour of
narcissism. It is an hour when individuals are in love with themselves. [Instead of practicing devotions to God,] they preen themselves and their bodies.

"And the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is awaiting those freedom fighters who will indeed champion the cause of freedom in every area of life, beginning with education and the education of the heart, beginning with those fundamentals of life whereby students and children may excel in certain levels and areas of attainment that have to do with the type of native intelligence that they have, God-given. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . O beloved, what an age, what a golden age of Aquarius this golden age can be! How it can be that golden cycle of the sun! And how few it will take to steer the course aright.

"I would to God I could empower those of you who know what to do and how to do it! But I may not do so. I may not disrupt the cycles of individual and planetary karma.

" . . . May you be so grateful for that point of Truth that expands the mind and heart that you will not rest until you transfer it to those who also seek that morsel of Light." [highlighted by webmaster]

Saint Germain
October 14, 1991

" . . . Now think upon your own devotion to Saint Germain and your dedication to the Cause. What is the single element lacking in your ability to change world conditions? Is it not power? Is it not power, beloved ones? And is it not power that the fallen ones seek and which they have amassed?—an anti-power, if you will, which they have garnered into their storehouses with which to manipulate the children of God.

" . . . If you, then, above all desiring, desire to free your brothers and sisters on the Path, you will come to the place where you are willing to pay the price for the gift of power to implement the plan. That price is your sweet surrender to your holy vow. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . God gave to us, as we fought the battle of worlds on Mercury, that energy, that power—only because we were willing to balance the threefold flame, to pursue wisdom and wisdom’s might, to intensify such love in every cell and in the flame of every cell, so that our auras were so saturated with love that there was no possibility for the misqualification of one erg of God’s power through any form of tyranny whatsoever.

"Beloved ones, you have not tasted of this power of which I speak for thousands upon thousands of years. And therefore, you do not have a direct appreciation of what happens to the human psyche in the presence of such power. It becomes a force—when uncontrolled by love/wisdom—of absolute tyranny, absolute evil, despotism over souls!"

El Morya

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of Lanello, are going to so concentrate our attention on publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters at a level that will meet the needs of the people that entire nations will not only be 'chewing' the Teachings, but digesting them.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of the Chohans of the Seven Rays, are going to so concentrate our attention on 'keeping the store,' the stock, and the sales force of our books and tapes on line to meet the demands of the people that we are going to accumulate a fortune to build our community and get our spiritual message and our educational methods out to the world.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of the Maha Chohan, are going to so refine and so package and sell our message that the whole world will demand it as an everyday necessity as the 'oil' of the Spirit for the gears of civilization.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of the Seven Archangels, are going to so concentrate our attention on manufacturing and distributing the 'vehicle' of the Teaching and the Teaching as the vehicle that we will become the avant-garde in the world’s religious and educational systems for the 2000-year dispensation of Aquarius and beyond.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of Saint Germain, are going to so concentrate our attention on the “block of wood” God gave us as raw material that we will carve out the image of our Christhood that will be uniquely recognizable to all.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of Saint Germain and the Four Hierarchs of the Elements, are going to so concentrate our attention on the discovery of the key to the mysteries of the I AM Presence that our Mighty I AM Presence will be compelled to deliver to us the secrets of our Father-Mother God for our victory over Death and Hell.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Freedom, the Goddess of Justice and Saint Germain, who have signed our names before the Lords of Karma to stand with El Morya until the fulfillment of this mission, are going to so concentrate our attention on our goal that the Ascended Masters’ Teachings will become a household word in our lifetime.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance who have plighted our troth with the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood, are going to so concentrate our attention on bringing in the 'Diamond Age' of the Ascended Masters’ Teachings that the world standard of consciousness will be permanently raised to the level of the Christ.

"Therefore, we send forth our fiat to the Outer rim of the cosmos that it might return to us the circle of a full yield of the riches of the Spirit and the abundance of the earth that we might leave our mark indelibly on the sands of the age.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance, one with the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, are going to so concentrate our attention on the mastery of the mind and the mental quadrant that the products of God’s Mind produced through our minds shall set the standards of mental, spiritual, and physical “flight” for all ages to come.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of the World Teachers—Jesus Christ and Kuthumi, are going to so concentrate our attention on applying the scientific Laws of the universe that the victory of the ascension of every lightbearer on earth will become a permanent possibility.

"Furthermore, we are going to so concentrate our attention on applying the science of violet flame transmutation to the lessening of drudgery that all servants of God can—if they will—attain the mastery of the physical body and the physical earth body.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of the chelas of El Morya, are going to so concentrate our attention on the excellence and efficiency of our chela 'ship' that we will cut a furrow on land and sea that leads all home victorious in the battle of Light over Darkness.

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of Sanat Kumara and his 144,000, are going to so concentrate our attention on the production of spiritual and educational teaching materials for the Lightbearers that we will defeat the entire false hierarchy arrayed against the hearts, souls, and minds of the youth of the world. [highlighted by webmaster]

"We, the Ascended Master Mind Alliance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Hierarchs of the Ruby Ray and his saints before the Throne and the Lamb, are going to so concentrate our attention on the dissemination of the Lost Teachings of Jesus that everyone on earth will know the path of personal Christhood and how to attain it and not one of his little ones shall be lost."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
'God-Controlled Attention'
April 12, 1992

" . . . The true representatives of the people in every race and nation are the anointed of God, i.e., 'the Christed ones' who have raised up the light of the Ancient of Days within their temples. These anointed have come to America's shores to fulfill a soul destiny, and they or their descendants must one day return in Spirit or in person to their point of origin to deliver the light of the Goddess of Liberty to their people and their nations.
[highlighted by webmaster]

"Without the freedoms we enjoy in America today, protected by law, secured by divine Right, there is, there can be, no individual path of soul-testing or initiation unto the soul's union with God. Without the freedom to create with God—the entering in to the Word and Work (the Alpha and Omega) of the Lord, there is no living Spirit of America and by definition there are no 'Americans.'"

Elizabeth C. Prophet: Wesak lecture
May 21, 1989

"And Helios came [to the July 1991 conference] with the express purpose of seeing
why there has not been greater general acceptance [of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters through these Messengers and this activity].

"His conclusion, which he has given to the Darjeeling and Indian Councils and at the Royal Teton Retreat, is that not enough preparatory work has been done by our shepherds and chelas in plowing the field of consciousness, in invoking the violet flame and making the calls again and again for the binding and setting aside of the carnal mind and the dweller-on-the-threshold [of the children of the Light and the sons and daughters of God].

"Your calls preparing the way [for souls of Light to come into this activity] could have made the difference in [the response of] some individuals, [turning their negative to a positive].” [highlighted by webmaster]

El Morya
August 11, 1991

" . . . You also must realize that 'two-by-two' may be yourself alone with God or the ascended masters side by side with you, as Jesus and Saint Germain have promised—yourself with your Christ or your Mighty I AM Presence. For you are never alone, and we seek not to limit your ministry but to give you the empowerment whereby you realize that out of the causal body there does descend the sphere of wholeness." [highlighted by webmaster]

El Morya
October 7, 1984

". . . I understand that there are many, many people in the world who would seek and find this teaching if they knew it existed somewhere.

"Since I am about to sponsor millions of souls for this activity and this path,
I must be certain that you who are here and who form the foundation of this community throughout the earth are true to me." [highlighted by webmaster]

El Morya
April 16, 1995

"Let them not have to make the trek here to discover the intricacies of the Law that you have mastered, some in ten and twenty years of service. But
go to them with simple yet profound truths, liberating truths that instantly, by your own empowerment from the Buddhas, cut free those who have been held and bound in the ignorance of a dead doctrine for centuries. [highlighted by webmaster]

"When you have the Holy Spirit and you seek that Spirit by the fire of the Ruby Ray, you become the instrument of transmitting that Spirit and unburdening life by the very comfort of your presence. Compassion is to give enlightenment.

" . . . Enlightenment is the greatest gift. For when you give enlightenment, you give the potential for total freedom. Therefore follow up on those souls to whom you give the enlightenment of Saint Germain's teaching. Follow up with prayers and calls that they be not led astray in the murky waters of the astral plane. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . Keep on keeping on, beloved. You are winning vast victories. Be not discouraged. Discouragement is the sharpest tool of the Devil. Banish it, know who you are, be one-pointed in your mission and let no remark or any accusation or anything at all perturb you in the least.

“What is that to thee? Follow your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

"I am with you unto your victory in the Ruby Ray octaves of Light. I salute you in the profoundest love of all divine beings who ensoul cosmos, who love you from the fount of the Divine Mother.

"Call to me the moment you need help. My legions are there instantaneously. They do not move in time and space but by shafts of light from the Infinite One."

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
January 1, 1994

"And therefore, hearts of gold—expand! reach out! preach the Word! and know that documents of liberty remain yet to be written and to be signed by your own selves and your own pens. For there are statements of independence from the fallen ones that must yet be carved out and that must be stated by way of giving to all an understanding and an illumination of what this country stands for and what is the purpose of that declaration of independence from the fallen angels, from the Watchers, and from the godless creation. [highlighted by webmaster]

"This is why we have dedicated a New World—a New World free from the infiltration of those who are anti-God. But those who have come here with the light of freedom burning in their breasts have not understood the threat of these tyrants, nor have they understood the seeds implanted in their own subconscious to cause them to sway with the fallen ones rather than to walk with straight spine and straight arrow, with the mighty standard of the original Christ-purity upon which this nation is founded."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1981

" . . . But I tell you, orthodoxy in every world religion and a priest-class who are not servants of the Light and not Sons of the Solitude do block the true revelation of the indwelling God. Therefore expand the paths of mysticism. Renew them, intensify them, review them so that you may understand how it is that a soul [journeying] in one of these [mystical] paths will more clearly understand union with God [through her religion].

" . . . Pass on true knowledge. Do not hide it under a bushel! There is no time to waste. Pass on the Teaching to those who are interested and pass by those who are not. You are looking for those eyes! You are looking for those chelas! You are looking for those souls! Go and find them. And keep on going until you know you have found one for, beloved, sometimes they are few and far between." [highlighted by webmaster]

July 2, 1992

" . . . Our strategy, then, and the only solution that the Darjeeling Council can offer—which comes from the heart of Mother Mary, with the wisdom of Jesus and Kuthumi, who also serve here in our deliberations—is to recommend that you isolate those issues that are most necessary to the keeping of the peace and the freedoms, issues that concern all the people and the fate of the nations.

" . . . whereupon you should of course decree for the will of God to be upon the hearts of the people concerning these issues; but above all, you should seek to educate the people and to influence public opinion by writing your letters to the editors, to your representatives.

" . . . and by appearing, if necessary, on television and radio programs; and then you must keep on repeating the message as you demonstrate the workability of the God-solution in the equation that you personally believe in and that may not be obvious to the general public. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . Thus, we come back to the communication of the Word and to the legions of Mercury and to the understanding that to communicate both by the spoken and the written word becomes one of the most valuable tools in the hand and the heart of the Keepers of the Flame. To be able to set forth the logic of an idea and a proposal, to buttress it with facts and research, to endow it with a flame and a spirit and a heart whose energy will quicken other hearts across the nations, this, of course, has been one of the mightiest means for change, and change for the better, that has worked in all of the history of mankind.

" . . . We are confident that the dissemination of accurate information and the education of the people concerning the social, political, and economic platforms that we have long espoused as well as those that we have exposed as counterproductive will bring about an awakening and a quickening, at least in those who are of the Light. Therefore we have not let down in our determination to assist you, to support you, to give you dispensations for stumping on secular issues and for bringing information of your own expertise to the attention of groups across the nations.

" . . . It is well for you to form councils. Just as we have a Darjeeling Council, so you may form your own councils—councils of freedom and clearinghouses for information, “think tanks,” as they say, or publishers of newsletters. In this manner you can come together and, working together, evolve the most practical and meaningful solutions to focusing public attention on the challenges to freedom, to peace, and to the enlightenment of the people.

" . . . I must tell you that the inception of the idea in the minds of lovers of freedom to have a world council representing the nations of the earth and providing a place for the meeting of minds and a dialogue for peace must surely come from the Great White Brotherhood. However, the United Nations was masterminded by the dark forces to preempt the founding of an organization of the spiritual elect and the representatives of the Great White Brotherhood to be selected from among those who have had inner training at the Darjeeling Council.

"The members of such an organization would represent their nations not by political maneuvering but through spiritual communion as the spiritual savants and moral leaders of the people and as those who have the highest loyalties to the cause of world freedom, peace, and enlightenment, to the Brotherhood and to the Lightbearers of every continent.

"I propose, therefore, that you lay the foundation for what might have been called a shadow cabinet but that is neither shadowed nor a cabinet, but an organization of friends of Saint Germain drafted upon the original and divine idea of nations united under the one God, the Mighty I AM Presence, through representatives who give allegiance to unity based on the original sovereignty of the sons and daughters of God. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . This body of Lightbearers—who may volunteer and also be selected—should serve as a counterpart to those ministering servants who tend the altar and the hearts and souls of the membership. Those who do represent their nations professionally or politically, who embody the concerns for their society’s education, trade, business, finance, politics, et cetera, who are also Keepers of the Flame ought to dedicate themselves to the purpose of forming this worldwide circle of Lightbearers who assume their posts as watchmen on the wall of world freedom.

"And they ought to consider themselves responsible and accountable for the affairs of state, in that the affairs of state and the economy and education as well as social needs are studied by them and are acted upon first deftly by the science of the spoken Word, with dynamic decrees, and then that they are not ignored when it comes to informing the people as to the facts and what must be done."

A Document from
the Darjeeling Council

" . . . Put the Teachings together in logical order so that many who are hungry will read your menus and say, 'I want this' and 'I want that.' [highlighted by webmaster]

"Let the people understand what it is that you have to offer: even the teachings of Padma Sambhava made plain for your time through the alchemy of Saint Germain. Let them not have to make the trek here [to Royal Teton Ranch] to discover the intricacies of the Law that you have mastered, some in ten and twenty years of service. But go to them with simple yet profound truths, liberating truths that instantly, by your own empowerment from the Buddhas, cut free those who have been held and bound in the ignorance of a dead doctrine for centuries.

" . . . Compassion is to give enlightenment. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . When you think of all states that you might be burdened by, is not the state of ignorance the most burdensome of all? Think of your plight when you know not the truth of being. Think of your plight when you know not the laws of the state or traffic laws. Think of your plight when you know not the simple rules of how to do this and that.

"Ignorance is surely the bane of all those who aspire to oneness with the Buddhas. And we come quickly to give wise dominion and an injection of Light to impel those who are satiated with their ignorance (and satisfied to be in that state) to suddenly awaken, truly to be the ones who are awake in the footsteps of Lord Gautama.

"Enlightenment is the greatest gift. For when you give enlightenment, you give the potential for total freedom. Therefore follow up on those souls to whom you give the enlightenment of Saint Germain's teaching. Follow up with prayers and calls that they be not led astray in the murky waters of the astral plane." [highlighted by webmaster]

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
January 1, 1994

" . . . I do not mind that you break the bread of Life with them and for them, for they cannot take the whole loaf. I do not mind when, filled with the Holy Spirit, you break down the Word I give to the simple understanding, to the level of the child. I rejoice in your ingenuity when you can create children's stories, like Aesop's fables, illustrating complex truths which may not be accepted in their naked reality; for many close the door when confronting the true teaching on the nature of Good and Evil, Armageddon, the Messengers, the incarnate Word. All of these things at once, beloved hearts, incite fear and trembling in those yet burdened by orthodoxy.

"And therefore, little by little, our book and our teaching is the strong meat of the Word. It is for apostles and disciples. These then will multiply the loaves and fishes and give to eat. And they will not eat all, for many basketsful will be left over. They will eat what they can assimilate and what they need in the moment. And wise are ye when ye perceive the need and supply it and nothing more, lest it overburden and even make sick the one to whom you speak.

" . . . Therefore the fasting from the world consciousness makes you more able to receive light and become light. And then you must protect that light and realize that you have increased the distance between yourself and the world.

" . . . I desire to instruct you beyond the written page. I desire your mastery of the written page to be such that I may come to you individually and also feed you directly from my own heart, through your own Christ Self and through this vessel who bears my word today, that you might receive that for which you are ready —understanding that heaven also feeds those who are the initiates at the top levels of the Brotherhood in embodiment.

" . . . The softening is the key, beloved heart, and the violet flame is that universal panacea that softens the whole world consciousness this day. This day, my beloved, therefore by the violet flame prepare the world for the ultimate reality: the reality of truth sharply delineated, almost stark in its reality, as the etched silhouette of Mount Everest against the piercing blue sky. One day all will be able to face the truth of their Christ Self but much teaching may be given before this." [highlighted by webmaster]

Archangel Gabriel
April 8, 1984

" . . . Exposure will intensify people's own awareness of their own selfishness and their own pursuit of the pleasure cult.

"Stand guard. Take thy watch! Listen for the inner sound. Look to the hills and the mountains of God for the oncoming vision. Be the instrument of its speaking. Take this information, combine it with the certain Word of prophecy. Preach to the lightbearers! Raise them up! For they are a mighty people who know not their own inner light or inner might. They are sweet people containing the tender mercies of our God, though often misplaced. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . Thus you can see the rationale: 'Inside the Community of the Holy Spirit we will have the pure Teachings of the ascended masters. But these (outside) do not have the pure Teachings of the ascended masters, but these (Teachings) do not work outside of our Community. And therefore we will have to have a little bit of abuse of human life for the betterment of all, a little bit of compromise here, a little bit of dishonor.'

" . . . Dear hearts, you cannot afford to be in that compromise of the Holy Spirit line! You cannot afford to take that stand—that when proposing solutions to the planetary body you leave off from the command of Lord Maitreya. You cannot eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gen. 2:29) and espouse a relative standard for one aspect of your life and an absolute standard for another. It has never worked! And all of these thousands of years should have proven to you who are the seed of Sanat Kumara that the compromise does not work."

Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia
January 3, 1982

"Now, blessed hearts, you cannot flaunt the Law and be offguard and even have a twinge of pride that you are somehow better than others, and then go and speak your own mind and piece and say 'It is the Judgment.' Great, great humility is required of those who are the instrument of the Word.

" . . . The forces of the world are gathering. The Christ is crucified in America. And America as a people and a nation know not that they are undergoing the Passion Week—and the enemy is within, within the very temple, and without. Both the Pharisees and the Caesars of Rome have decreed the destruction of this initiate.

" . . . Only if the people are informed as to the Son of man within them and their own path—how to find it, how to walk it, how to achieve it—can the nation as a whole rise victorious on resurrection morn.

" . . . Do you see how you were all born to be messengers of Shamballa to carry some portion of that Word—to live it, to internalize it, to be it as a pulsating light on earth? Remember the calling. Messengers of Maitreya, messengers of Shamballa, I pray you, learn the message well. Shortcut it not, pervert it not, misinterpret it not, but deliver it as the crystal-clear stream of your own I AM Presence flowing through you for the nourishing of life. The message is the cup of water which you give in the name of the Cosmic Christ."
[highlighted by webmaster]

Lord Maitreya
April 4, 1982

" . . . If you have a plan, a program, or a specific area of service where you desire to make your mark in the name of Lanello—organize your thoughts, put them concisely on paper [highlighted by webmaster] and send them to the Messenger. For there must be coordination among the movement, and a committee of lightbearers working under the Elohim of the Fourth Ray, to see to it that the Mother's organization on Earth makes the best use of the natural resources of her sons and concentrates in those areas of greatest crisis."


Elohim Purity and Astrea: January 2, 1982

" . . . Therefore study well how the message has been presented. And, of course, you cannot be illiterate politically. You must read certain periodicals regularly and know their bias, right or left, so that you may understand what is happening. Although the Messenger has set the pace for awareness of political events, not all have followed suit.

"And those who are our ministers, beloved, are those who must lead this activity in bringing the awareness of what is happening always in the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy, always with the eye on the Soviets and their Western supporters. For there is where all decrees must be directed, not merely on Saturday night but at every session. Not long invocations but very specific and incisive ones will give us the authority to act. If you do not know the danger, you cannot defeat it. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Take care, then, I say, when you deliver this message into a field saturated with the disinformation of the Soviet Union that you do not fall prey to the character assassination and the deathblows of a public and a media who are quick to denounce and ridicule those who stand for the cause of freedom. The deliberation of your hearts is necessary, so seek to do so in an organized manner and neglect not our call. Neglect not our call that has gone forth before and that we give again.

"The vow that I have taken is to serve with this earth until the true Lightbearers are free. The vow I propose to take, having accomplished this, is to stand with all others who have accepted the transfer of the flame of freedom from our best servants. The specifics of the vow must be, then, to defeat World Communism before it defeats the West and to defeat in the West those betrayers of the Word before the very foundations of Western civilization crumble for their presence in that foundation. To this end I will answer your calls, and that is where the revolution begins. [highlighted by webmaster]

"If you feed to the Messenger the facts and the information of what is happening on the earth and if she does make the call, I promise you that the causal bodies of all who take this vow will combine with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and mine to defeat the Adversary (wherever and through whomever he appears) and to turn the tide.

"In the meantime, all must act as though already engaged in a war that began at the conclusion of World War II. You are in a war this day. Let every penny that comes to your hands be used to prepare for personal physical survival for yourselves and your children. And let the organization as a whole plan, then, to have a sufficiency of food and protection to endure any type of attack. When this is accomplished, I tell you, you will be fearless and have a new freedom."

Saint Germain

" . . . Now we come to the era of the testing of this movement, even as this nation under God was testing and being tested to see whether it could long endure—thus in the midst of the Civil War Abraham Lincoln did carry that burden and was slain. In this hour many sons of Lincoln do carry the burden to see whether or not this nation as one nation shall endure. In this hour it is the spiritual continuity of the foundations laid (of America) that is being challenged.

" . . . Blessed ones, first and foremost, no matter what the Teaching must be spoken. It must be delivered up and down this nation!" [highlighted by webmaster]

Godfre and Lotus

" . . . Now decide, if you will, to join stump teams and to crisscross the United States and to stump the nations whenever and wherever Saint Germain is ready to send you, at home or abroad. Decide to do this and bring the power of the spoken Word, which begets the Word incarnate in you, to every soul of light that you meet.

"Go out, beloved. Go out now! For when will you go if you do not go now? Will there be a better time? Hardly. We don’t count on the future. We count on the now. For we are in control of the now, but the future reposes in God until we get there.

"Now, beloved, decide what you will do for Saint Germain. Command us, the Archangels. We will obey. Send us! [highlighted by webmaster]

"So now give your fiats to us and to all hosts of the Lord and command us! Whatever you would have us do that is lawful in the kingdom of heaven and on earth, we will do it for you now. So give those calls as never before, because every last one will be answered!"

Archangel Zadkiel
and Holy Amethyst
March 29, 1997

It Is Time to Saturate the World
with the Message of the Coming Revolution

"You have much work to do. I have recommended to the Messenger this day that staff members and Keepers of the Flame take the Stump message to all areas of this state. Let Montana be a proving ground for chelas who live here and in adjacent states. And let those who will come from around the world join you as they master the skill of stumping for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

"I want you to try on your boots. I want you to stand tall before people who mock your religion or make fun of your life-style as you walk the Path as dear followers of God. I want you to harness the sacred fire and the courage that the Messenger has shown in her travels around the world when challenged by blasphemous abuse.

"Let us pray the Father that he might forgive those who know not what they do and send his Archangels to bind those who do know what they do as they blaspheme not only the Messenger and all saints but Almighty God himself.

"Know this, beloved: You must go through your persecutions as initiates of the Ascended Masters. For we must know who among you are fit to represent us—today in Montana, tomorrow crisscrossing the USA, then traversing Central and South America and ultimately the world. [highlighted by webmaster]

"We desire to see polished teams, yes, teams who know the four Gospels and the writings of Paul, who can address any Christian on any subject of the New Testament. This is important, for the United States was founded by Christians and is chiefly a Christian nation. And then, as you literally become globe-trotters, you must know the fundamental principles not only of Christianity but also of the other major world religions, for you will be addressing audiences who are non-Christian.

"I speak to Keepers of the Flame around the world. It is time to saturate the world with the message of the Coming Revolution! It is time for you to recognize that the cosmic cycles are turning. Don’t miss your opportunity to win your stripes in the age of Pisces. Yes, win your stripes and wear them well! And do not rest on your laurels."

Jesus Christ

" . . . May you contemplate how you can best deliver the message that has been brought to you. May you begin to write the story of your own conviction, your own conversion, your own inner knowing of your I AM Presence, your own confirmation of this path by your own telling and intelling of that Word that you have heard resounding from the altar yet which also originates with your own Spirit of the I AM.

"May you come to understand how you came to know the truth of the mysteries of God. Contemplate step-by-step what was required for you and then you will understand what many souls need as points of transition and understanding and then a lessening of the intensity—a going within, a retreat perhaps, a coming to the ranch. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Yes, beloved, souls have need of the necessary food and light and contact with the stars and a great sense of Love and belonging to the Mystical Body of God, which is in truth in heaven and on earth. By compassion and the flame of Love, by identifying with individuals who are at a certain place on the Path, you may personally assemble those teachings that you know are pivotal as turning points in the way.

"This is surely the hour for the perfecting of the soul as my apostle. I call you to this, beloved, because it is the hour. It is a cosmic moment when this opportunity is come.

"I tell you, my beloved, that I would bring to you the understanding of the first resurrection. The power of that resurrection, beloved, is given to you by the Spirit of the Resurrection when you use the mantra of the resurrection written down by your beloved Mark."

Jesus Christ

"This experiment which I have sponsored has been my answer to Saint Germain's Stump to Europe and to the Messenger's call. For the effort of this team and the delivery of the Word night after night has made a deeper and deeper etch in the crystal of Matter and in the souls of Light.

"It is truly an example of what we have taught you—that when the Word is spoken it reaches all upon earth of a similar wave­length and vibration. It is never limited to the immediate audience. And though without the amplification of satellite or modern systems of communication, yet the earth body itself records the Word, which is why the Word must be incarnate in you.

"In the physical sense the Messenger cannot be everywhere. But in the divine sense Lanello is everywhere. And you must be his instrument. Thus, at anytime, wherever you may be in life, you may come upon a soul who has attended this conclave and therefore who has the inner awareness of all of the Teaching and the Law and the specific vision of the work of the angels as they implement the calls of your very divine decrees. [highlighted by webmaster]

"This dispensation has been made possible by many beings of Light. We have done all we could do for our part. Now we say, the particular call you may make is that these one hundred forty and four thousand and more be allowed to have the memory quickened in them of the inner planes' experience and especially that you might encounter them and give to them even a wallet-size Chart or some portion of the Teaching or a poster or anything that you might prepare that would be appropriate, that they might be drawn to that which is now a part of the immediate inner awareness—not something covered over that they knew twelve thousand years ago on Atlantis, but something they have had immediate association with."

Gautama Buddha and
Saint Germain


Electronic Audio-Village Online

Duchowa historia Solidarnosci 1
Duchowa historia Solidarnosci 2
(Polandthe Proletarian Paradise
It Is Exciting to Be Polish!)

E.C. Prophet, 24 sierpnia 1980
Camelot, USA, audio K8032
Copyright © 1980, The Summit Lighthouse, All rights reserved.

Meczennicy Jezusa w Polsce cz.1
Meczennicy Jezusa w Polsce cz.2
(Martyrs of Jesus in Poland
part 1 and part 2)

El Morya
E.C. Prophet, 24 grudnia 1981
Camelot, USA, audio K8163
Copyright © 1981, The Summit Lighthouse, All rights reserved.

Elohim Purity
niesie krzyz Polski

(Purity Bears
the Cross of Poland)

Elohim Purity
E.C. Prophet, 24 sierpnia 1980
Camelot, USA, audio K8033
Copyright © 1980, The Summit Lighthouse, All rights reserved.

Polska rewolucja

(It Is Exciting
to Be Polish!)

E.C. Prophet, 12 pazdziernika 1981
Camelot, USA, audio B8176
Copyright © 1981, The Summit Lighthouse, All rights reserved.

Nastepny krok—rozaniec
do Najswietszej Marii Panny
dla adepta w wieku Wodnika
(The Next Step)

Mother Mary
E.C. Prophet, 24 grudnia 1981
Camelot, USA, audio K8164
Copyright © 1981, The Summit Lighthouse, All rights reserved.

List z Polski
Do Boga wolnych gwiazd!
(A Letter from Poland
To God of Free Stars!)

E.C. Prophet, 24 grudnia 1981
Camelot, USA, audio K8163
Copyright © 1981, The Summit Lighthouse, All rights reserved.


Come and study teachings of the Ascended Masters with us here.

We will host you for three months. During this time you will receive in-depth instruction on cosmic law, on the Path of the Ascension and on the Science of the Spoken Word.

You will learn how to live as a chela—or a student of the Ascended Masters—how to conduct decree sessions and other weekly services and how to pass every test.

You will learn how to cook for a chela and how to live your life as a student of the Ascended Masters on the Path to Ascension in the Light.

You need to fulfill the following requirements before being considered as a candidate for residency and internship in the Summit Lighthouse Mission Poland Ashram and Chela House:

1. Be 18+ years old

2. Be fluent in English

3. Be able to pay your round trip to Mission Poland Ashram

4. Be able to cover personal expenses during your stay in Mission Poland Ashram

5. Be able to drive [optional]

6. Be ready for the greatest adventure in your whole life and your lives . . .

"Give Us Ten Thousand"

Decree focus:

Cutting Free the Polish Lightbearers whom the Masters want to attract to these Teachings and supporting those who will present the Teachings to others during all outreach events.

Give call together:

I draw a mighty solar ring around all chelas of the ascended masters who are working on all outreach events and all seekers of Truth worldwide.

In the name I AM THAT I AM, I call for the mantles of the Messengers Guru Ma and Lanello, Godfre and Lotus and all other Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood worlds without end, to be placed over me for my strength and my victory over all unrealities manifesting in my four lower bodies.

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, and Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, we call to all the ascended masters who sponsor the spreading of the Word, beloved Helios and Vesta, beloved Sanat Kumara and the hierarchy of the Ruby Ray, the Great Karmic Board, the seven mighty Elohim, the seven beloved Archangels, the seven beloved Chohans of the rays and the Maha Chohan, Jesus and Kuthumi, Mighty Victory, all those who have ascended from this activity, beloved El Morya, Lanello and Guru Ma, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life-fire, air, water, and earth!

Protect, guide, inspire and overshadow all aspects of The Summit Lighthouse outreach. Archangel Michael and your legions of Light come and stand where we stand on behalf of the Lightbearers of the world.

Bolts of blue lightning descend (3x)

Twelve beloved Archangels, send forth the light of the seven major rays and five secret rays of God into this earth to cut free lightbearers and financial resources that needed to expand this mighty work to multiply and grow our outreach efforts exponentially.

We call to the heart of Beloved El Morya for the Will of God to descend into all aspects of the planning and implementation of all outreach events in every city and nation throughout this earth. We call to beloved Hermes Trismegistus for the perfect flow of all communications. We ask for alliance of ascended master chelas and students, who, in harmony with the Cosmic Christ, will transform civilization and precipitate a new Golden Age of Aquarius.

May we be the spark of the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness that leavens the loaf in the body of God upon earth!

May we fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to cover the earth with the Lost Teachings of Jesus.

Beloved Maximus, multiply our calls by your dispensation of preaching of the Word, bringing forth the judgment of love, and resurrection of all life upon earth to its original God design.

Mighty Victory, send your legions to help us!

We thank you and accept it done in accordance with God's holy will. Om Amitabha Hrih!


"It is only when [the divine plan is] lowered for externalization that human exploitation sometimes occurs or the dominant impulse is for the human to 'place their hands on the ark' or to 'make God succeed' or some other equally foolish idea, for of course this is but human nonsense as God is all victory, He is success and it remains for man to accept His plan and carry it out!"—Mighty Victory

"Beloved hearts, we win some and we lose some and this is the name of the game."—Saint Germain

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