Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood

She Who Leads by Nicholas Roerich
" . . . only a karma-free being could have this quantity of mankind’s karma
pass through and still retain the physical heart and physical body."—Saint Germain

"There is one thing you can't do in life, Elizabeth.
It is make people to like you."—Mark L. Prophet

"The Mother is the eternal servant of the Father. She is the lifegiver unto the whole of creation and every creature. She is the Most Beloved, the archetype of the original Chela."

Paul the Venetian
January 20, 1980

"Were it not for this Messenger clothed upon with the mantle of Lord Gautama, you would not receive direct instruction and initiation. And it would be [more] arduous for you to make your
way to the etheric retreats without the sponsorship of that mantle holding the balance for you.

"When the Messenger did come before the Lords of Karma to receive the assignment of this life, she was given the opportunity of two paths: the one, to become a Guru in the Himalayas with a small band of disciples, unknown to the world and therefore far from the reaches of the arrows and slings of outrageous fortune, far from the attack of the fallen ones, the attack of the press and the agencies of government and the people who are angry against the Light; and the other, to come forward and be in the public eye and therefore be vulnerable to every level of opposition from all planes.

"She was shown how only a few disciples would benefit from her mission in the serenity of the Himalayan fastnesses. She was shown the many thousands of souls who would receive benefit, who would have the opportunity for the ascension and who could be sponsored through her mantle should she take the course that would place her, then, at the forefront of the battle and subject to all onslaughts coming out of Church and State.

"You can see the path that she has chosen. Therefore El Morya did state that more than 95 percent of those who have found this path and who are ascending to God would not have had this teaching had she not made this decision.

"Thus, [as a recompense for] your chelaship unto the Ascended Masters and unto the mantle of the Guru that is borne by the Messenger, remember to keep the flame of protection of the office and of the body and the mind and the heart and the service and the mission of the Messenger that you and millions of others may be liberated by the work of the Divine Mother through her and through you."

Buddha of the Ruby Ray

Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood
Elizabeth Clare Prophet

"Therefore I have great joy to announce to you that, by the edict of the Four and Twenty Elders and the Cosmic Council before whom I have pleaded the cause of America and this body of devotees, there has been completed at this harvest conference which you have dedicated to me the final balancing of the karma of your own messenger.

"And therefore, in the presence of that light of the one-hundred-percent balance of that karma, there is opportunity for the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood to anchor through the messenger untold momentums of light and victory and freedom even while she then is able to bear a more than ordinary measure of your own personal karma—which she is so delighted to do to see you accelerate on the Path that you, too, might attain your victory!

"Now, is this not a victory for the light, blessed hearts?

"Beloved ones, the messenger’s concern—expressed to me when I announced to her some months ago this opportunity and this great need of the hour—was what would be the divine
plan for the sustainment of the messenger in embodiment. And I said to her, with a twinkle in my eye: There is enough karma to go around! It is like fried potatoes—enough for everyone!

"And truly it is so. For this, then, signals the opportunity for each and every one of you to realize that the Guru incarnate is able to receive those portions of your karma that are particularly trying —even unto your victory over the dweller on the threshold of consciousness . . .

"And I can assure you that the messenger is first to acknowledge that it is truly and indeed the victory of all—of all chelas everywhere—that one might bear the light for all, and not in truth anyone’s attainment in the sense that anyone could suppose to attain by mere works to this attainment of light. But it is by grace—grace that is a holy offering of a gift from God. And therefore it is also opportunity to the messenger and to all of you who count yourselves chelas of the messengers and, through them, of all of us who are ascended . . .


Summit University in Session

"It is the flaming heart of the Mother embodied in the friend, the loved one, the ministering one that provides that help when the individual himself must give all of his strength and energy, all of his drive to the making of the mark at that precise moment. And therefore even Christ on the fourteen stations of the cross still had the balance of his mother holding the flame of watchfulness, of encouragement, of beauty and of the divine memory of the end that is known from the beginning."

Lady Master Nada
August 28,1982

"Thus there comes new responsibility. And there comes new opportunity. And therefore there is a sun and there are light rays and there is a fervor in this heart to bind you to Almighty God and to see you through unto the victorious hour of your ascension in the light.

"And therefore, fear not. For the messenger is firmly rooted in the Rock and in the very earth body and will not quit this planetary body until commanded to do so by the mighty I AM Presence. For, you see, this is the commission of Lanello spoken a number of years ago. It was a command to the staff of this organization to aim for that fifty-one percent and then to aim for one-hundred percent and to demonstrate the fullness and the completeness of the Light in this incarnation.

"Therefore we begin—that one may pass through the door. And one passing through the door
of the sheepfold, all then may pass through. And through this victory, beloved hearts, you can set your mark upon balancing one-hundred percent of your karma in this life.

"I tell you, all things are possible with God! And the messenger would be the first to tell you that this is indeed an extraordinary event—one not anticipated by her. But, beloved hearts, the very need of the hour bestows opportunity. And therefore you can see that when you recognize world need and give yourself to the path of service, wondrous miracles can come into your life. And more miracles can be wrought by you than even you dream of.

"For, blessed ones, this is only the beginning! This victory of the Brotherhood across America promises to be a bonfire promised by the fiery salamanders—and there is a cleanup coming through the sylphs, through the undines, and through the gnomes."

Saint Germain

"Blessed hearts, it is a shame to turn aside my mouthpiece. It is a shame to look at human idiosyncrasies or the pressures upon this instrument and to judge by some imagined divine standard that the Messenger does not measure up. Beloved hearts, early in her training—very early, in an hour when the burden of the bearing of world karma was too great for Mark Prophet to bear—this Messenger, by the age of twenty-three, was bearing the burden of half of the weight of planetary karma with Mark.

"We do not condemn for situations that may have occurred of burden to our Messengers in the attempt to bear this cross for you. Truly, what freedom of youth had been hers was gone in that moment when passing through Georgetown, driven by Mark, the first 10-percent weight came upon her body and she cried out and said to him, 'Mark, what has come upon me?' And so he did tell her, 'A percentage of the planetary weight.'

"Beloved hearts, when this does come upon an individual all other interests of life are surrendered—no more time for playing the piano, for painting paintings of art, for doing those things of a social nature. And even the simple joys of family must be set aside for the keeping of the flame upon the altar of humanity.

"It was with the passing of Mark that the full weight came upon the Messenger of that planetary karma as well as the initiation of the descent into Death and Hell and specifically the assignment to deal with those individuals who had plagued the house of Rakoczy and the entire Great White Brotherhood for centuries—personal enemies of mine and of yourselves who must be dealt with."

Saint Germain

Beloved Guru Ma

"What you have witnessed [in the life of the Messenger] is this, that by diligent application of the Law, by responsibility and faithfulness without flaw, there has come to pass with the obedience to the covenants of Light the balancing of that karma. Though by grace it is come, it could not come as an exception to the Law. There are no exceptions to the law of the ascension or the balancing of karma.

"Though many in heaven may plead as advocates before God the Father, your own soul, beloved heart, must give the testimony whereupon the final decision rests. We have given you this witness and the revelation of previous incarnations, of sublimation of misqualified energy in holy purpose by the Messenger so that you could trace her footsteps, so that you could be now devotee in holy order and [now] sponsor [of] a family—simple servants, kings and queens, priests and priestesses, wearing your robes, playing your roles, and realizing that in each of these sections of life, in each of these apportion­ments there has been karma balanced and of course some karma made.

"By studying, then, the dealings with all conditions common to planet earth and seeing how this Messenger has dealt with them, you can do the same. The story of this life as you know it, and as in some cases you do not, is the story of one who could overcome by knowledge, obedience, and love of the Law.

"This one is a part of the One that also lives in you. This is the proof. This is the Victory,
beloved hearts. This is the mighty action of the Law, which you also might prove. Take heart, then, and do not consider the weight as [being] so weighty as to obstruct the penetration of illumination’s ray, the piercing ray of the Mind of God within you to see what is to be balanced in this hour of your own cycles appearing.

"Welcome the angels with their vials, even the Chohans and the Archangels, the Holy Kumaras and Elohim! Welcome them, for, beloved hearts, when they come, each time they come with each [succeeding] cycle there [will] be less and less and less within the vial. And one day you will see, as the Messenger has seen, the angel of the Lord pouring out the vial and nothing pours out but purest Light, liquid Light, golden elixir of God. What rejoicing, then, that you have been willing to take this path [of karma yoga], to stay steadfast on this path [determined to balance 100 percent of your karma] until every vial of every servant-son is emptied and you yourself are ascending to the Sun!"

Serapis Bey

"It is most certainly the greatest thrill of my life and lifetime to be reunited with the souls of light of all ages, of all mystery schools, of all the periods that we have been through--the history of this planet, some of which we know and some of which we don't—for such a long, long time. And for many embodiments we suffered and served alone, and God has brought us together to be victorious together.

"I have very specific memories of all of this and therefore my gratitude is extremely profound. You yourselves may have the awakening to these memories and realize just how far you have walked, how many thousands of miles you have come, to be reunited with your brothers and sisters. And there is nothing more precious in the whole universe than love and the love we
have for one another. And one thing that the years add up to is many long friendships, many long loves, deepening loves, many experiences together, many experiences of bearing one another's burdens, of seeing one another through many difficult periods, of growing in wisdom and getting stronger and stronger, and seeing how the organization has reflected the individual strength of its members.

"So life has become extremely rich for me in knowing every one of you. Every one of you I cherish so dearly. And if I have any pain, it is that I cannot spend moments and hours speaking with you on an individual basis, because my heart is so much a part of each and every one of you. This is the meaning of community to me. I simply thank you with all of my heart for your presence and for your knowingness that sustains your presence here.

"I wanted to say to you that the example of chelas that are in the community--and that includes staff, those who live throughout this state and keepers of the flame throughout the world, you are all community—and the reason you have staying power in this organization is because you come to the levels of chelaship and you decide to put down the element of the human pride or the human ego and choose the light and the reality of your Christhood. Otherwise, you would not be here this evening. You would not be serving with the Brotherhood.

"And that divides the Light from the Darkness, the chela from the nonchela, and that is why the standards are high. That is why you've been picked over, and you're the best strawberries in the batch. These same tests many have decided are not for them, and they leave and they go their way. And that is what El Morya wants. That's what the masters want. They don't want any excess. They prune the rose bush every spring or fall, whenever it's supposed to be pruned. And they say, "We only want the best because our service is for the saving of a planet."

"So you are here because you will to be here. And I know who isn't here and I know where each one left off the path. It was that point of pride, that point of rebellion that they knew better.

"So I can't thank you enough, our beloved staff, my beloved family. It's simply a wonderful day to celebrate another half a century coming up."

Elizabeth C. Prophet, April 8, 1989
King Arthur's Court, Royal Teton Ranch

In 1973 Elizabeth C. Prophet led a small group
up Pike's Peak, Colorado Springs, CO
to anchor the flame of Mu for America

The mantle of the Guru

On July 2, 1977, Padma Sambhava bestowed the mantle of Guru upon the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. He said: "The Ascended Masters come as a living witness to proclaim in this hour that the Guru-chela relationship can now be sustained in this octave through the flame of the heart of the Mother."

On July 1, 1992, beloved Omega said: "Beloved ones, what we offer you today is a very direct and living contact to us through the Messenger and through the mantle of Guru that is upon her solidly and sealed . . . The Path and the relationship are open to you as long as you will maintain the single foundational quality, which is love."

On February 27, 1997, the Messenger explained: "I am always wearing the mantle of the
Guru. Wherever I go, it is present with me. Whether at the altar, at home, in a social setting, on an airplane or even when I am sleeping, I still wear the mantle. The mantle carries the weight of the Mighty I AM Presence. That is the meaning of the Guru. It is the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. The Ascended Masters use me to reach chelas, often in the most unlikely places. I reach them with whatever they need at that moment. Sometimes it's comforting love. Sometimes it's illumination. And sometimes it is the chastening fire . . .

"Under the Piscean dispensation, our Holy Christ Self mitigates the sacred fire. The mantle of the Guru stands in the place of the Holy Christ Self until the chela has attained union with the Christ. So the Guru is the instrument of the fire of the I AM Presence or the Ascended Master who disciplines the chela . . .

"God has given me a mantle so that I can reinforce your Holy Christ Self until you can sustain that contact. I can also reinforce your I AM Presence. Until you balance a certain amount of your karma, the way you maintain the contact with the Holy Christ Self and the I AM Presence is to call for that tie to be reinforced by the momentum of my lifestream and your call to the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters will assist you. But the reason the Ascended Masters have given me the mantle is because the mantle needs to be on someone in physical embodiment who is able to reach out and touch other people in physical embodiment."

" . . . I commend you to the keeping of the Diamond Heart of Mary and Morya that this Messenger through whom I speak may be with you all the days that she has called forth to extend her service upon this planet. For this Messenger has vowed not to take her leave of the planet until all Lightbearers destined to ascend under this dispensation have already ascended to heaven, and then and only then shall she be the last to enter that open portal and then it be shut. May it so come to pass, beloved, because you have realized the necessity of being the Diamond Heart in this octave."

Sanat Kumara
January 2, 1988

I AM the Witness

The Burning Flame of the Son of God in My Heart

I, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, do witness to the chelas and the world to the presence in my heart of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I witness to his Sacred Heart, one with my heart. I witness to his all-consuming love and mercy and grace upon my soul and the souls of all true Lightbearers, all true chelas of the will of God.

I witness to the sacred fire he has placed in my heart. It is a burning fire that kindles my soul, my chakras, all of my house. This fire I often feel as a physical fire. And whenever I give concentrated devotion, decrees and meditation to Jesus’ Heart within my heart and my heart in his, the burning fire increases until it becomes such an all-consuming passion, and compassion, that I must leave off from this ecstasy lest I be transported from the realm of daily practicalities.

In this Pearl, our beloved Omega speaks to us of our Home in the Great Central Sun. Our Divine Mother and Alpha have placed a replica of it on the etheric plane over the Heart of the Inner Retreat and it is available to us as we go to the secret chamber of the heart each day.

This is a permanent focus. Before you retire at night you can ask to be taken to the etheric Retreat of the Divine Mother at the Royal Teton Ranch and the Western Shamballa at the Heart of the Inner Retreat. And while you are there, you can be “at Home away from home” in the forcefield of our Home in the Great Central Sun that Alpha and Omega have established over the entire area of the conference site.

Please note that beloved Omega tells us on page 422 that “there is also the very present possibility for you to live in that holy aura, truly that universe of Light that is the secret chamber of the heart.” Now please reread page 422 of this Pearl.

In sealing my witness to you of the burning flame of the Son of God in my heart, I quote from How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali:

Concentration may also be attained by fixing the mind upon the Inner Light, which is beyond sorrow.

The ancient yogis believed that there was an actual center of spiritual consciousness, called “the lotus of the heart,” situated between the abdomen and the thorax, which could be revealed in deep meditation. They claimed that it had the form of a lotus and that it

shone with an inner light. It was said to be “beyond sorrow,” since those who saw it were filled with an extraordinary sense of peace and joy.

From the very earliest times, the masters of yoga emphasized the importance of meditating upon this lotus. “The supreme heaven shines in the lotus of the heart,” says the Kaivalya Upanishad. “Those who struggle and aspire may enter there. Retire into solitude. Seat yourself on a clean spot in an erect posture, with the head and neck in a straight line. Control all sense-organs. Bow down in devotion to your teacher. Then enter the lotus of the heart and meditate there on the presence of Brahman—the pure, the infinite, the blissful.”

And in the Chandogya Upanishad we read:

Within the city of Brahman, which is the body, there is the heart, and within the heart there is a little house. This house has the shape of a lotus, and within it dwells that which is to be sought after, inquired about, and realized.

What, then, is that which dwells within this little house, this lotus of the heart? What is it that must be sought after, inquired about, and realized?

Even so large as the universe outside is the universe within the lotus of the heart. Within it are heaven and earth, the sun, the moon, the lightning and all the stars. Whatever is in the macrocosm is in this microcosm also.

All things that exist, all beings and all desires, are in the city of Brahman; what, then, becomes of them when old age approaches and the body dissolves in death?

Though old age comes to the body, the lotus of the heart does not grow old. It does not die with the death of the body. The lotus of the heart, where Brahman resides in all his glory—that, and not the body, is the true city of Brahman. Brahman, dwelling therein, is untouched by any deed, ageless, deathless, free from grief, free from hunger and from thirst. His desires are right desires, and his desires are fulfilled.

And in the Mundaka Upanishad: “Within the lotus of the heart he dwells, where the nerves meet like the spokes of a wheel. Meditate upon him as OM, and you may easily cross the ocean of darkness. In the effulgent lotus of the heart dwells Brahman, passionless and indivisible. He is pure. He is the light of all lights. The knowers of Brahman attain him.”

This method of meditation is helpful, because it localizes our image of the spiritual consciousness toward which we are struggling. If the body is thought of as a busy and noisy city, then we can imagine that, in the middle of this city, there is a little shrine, and that, within this shrine, the Atman, our real nature, is present. No matter what is going on in the streets outside, we can always enter that shrine and worship. It is always open.

Or by meditating on the heart of an illumined soul, that is free from passion.

Let your mind dwell on some holy personality—a Buddha, a Christ, a Ramakrishna. Then concentrate upon his heart. Try to imagine how it must feel to be a great saint; pure and untroubled by sense-objects, a knower of Brahman. Try to feel that the saint’s heart has become your heart, within your own body. Here, again, the localization of the image will be found very helpful. Both Hindus and Christians practice this form of meditation—concentrating not only upon the heart but also, sometimes, upon the hands and the feet and the whole form [of a personality of the Godhead, i.e., an Ascended Master, or a saint].

Elizabeth C. Prophet
August 9, 1992
Translation for 140 languages by ALS

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