The Great White Brotherhood
in the Music of the Polish Nation
Fryderyk Chopin

" . . . all worlds are formed of sound, consist of sound,
and the meshing of sounds provides the stairway to and through the stars."
—Gautama Buddha, January 1, 1982

"In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force
is more potent than love?"—Igor Stravinsky

"It's the beauty of music . . . They can't take it away from you . . . It's hope."
—Andy DuFraine, The Shawshank's Redemption

"The decisive importance of education in poetry and music: rhythm and harmony
sink deep into the recesses of the soul and take the strongest hold there.
And when reason comes, he (the student) will greet her as a friend
with whom his education has made him long familiar."—Plato

"We become a certain quality in our characters on account of music."—Aristotle
"Music is at the center of education, both for giving passions their due
and for preparing the soul for the unhampered use of reason."—Allan Bloom

" . . . the great musicians have actually tapped the causal bodies of the saints
and the lightbearers to bring forth the 'music of the spheres.'
And the 'spheres' . . . are the spheres of the causal bodies of ascended beings
and of unascended souls of light.

"And so in the great symphonies and piano concertos the little children often hear music
which they heard when their souls were cradled in their causal bodies of light."
—Paul the Venetian, July 3, 1977

FRYDERYK CHOPIN was sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood to bring in the music of the spheres representing the flame of the age of Pisces—[from the birth of Jesus to approximately 2000 A.D.]

Behind a dazzling virtuoso and an inspired composer lay another Chopin—a highly patriotic Pole. Chopin forged a spiritual link with his country and its people. His national identity asserts itself not only in the pieces based on the Polish dance forms (polonaises and mazurkas) but also in the use of colorful elements from Polish folk music.

Schumann, who understood Chopin's music, said: "This is a cannon hidden under flowers; if the Northern autocrat [the Russian tsar] knew what an enemy threatens him even in the most simple melodies of the mazurkas—he would damn this music." Incidentally, soon after Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939, the German Nazi occupants prohibited to play Chopin . . .

Melodies of Chopin, grown right out of the Polish indomitable spirit, conquered the whole world, found their way under the roofs of all music lovers and became favorite selections of concert programs. The disarmed Polish nation fought with them and used them to promote worldwide interest in its country and to gain hearts for the Polish cause.

Chopin's music continues to be—and will be forever—one of the most outstanding creations of human genius and a bloodless but potent weapon of Polonism, requesting justice for its own and other nations. As one Polish poet, Cyprian Norwid, said: it contains "all Poland to the top—in the perfection of its fate—taken within the rainbow of enchantment."

Fryderyk Chopin's Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra in E Minor, Op. 11, consisting of:
I. Allegro Maestoso, II. Romance: Larghetto, III. Rondo: Vivace, is a meditation on the Temple of the Heart.

Fryderyk Chopin's Etude in A Minor 'Winter Wind,' Op. 25, No.11, is a meditation on the Thousand Petaled Lotus.

Fryderyk Chopin's Etude in G-flat Major 'Black Keys,' Op. 10, No. 5, is a meditation on the Five Secret Rays.

"Let the teaching, then, concerning the misuse of music be spread abroad. Let the appreciation of the great works of those classic composers who were sent by the Lords of Karma to manifest the inner pattern of the music of the inner spheres be taught to the children, be taught to the adults. Let them be saturated with the inner harmony of the soul and thereby have the discriminating faculty of the Christ mind. Beloved ones, the Lords of Karma anticipated the age when the fallen ones would emerge by the voodoo rhythm from the very pit of the astral plane. And therefore, centuries upon centuries before this hour of crisis upon Terra when mankind would be destined to meet the dweller on the threshold, the Lords of Karma have sent forth the great composers to show the people of light what is the proper mode and rhythm and expression of harmony.

"Beloved ones, in golden-age societies—in the etheric culture—those who give forth music are required to have a certain attainment on the path of self-mastery. They are required to be under a guru and to have balanced the energy of love. Those who give forth the music in these cultures and civilizations, which I tell you exist on many planets and systems of worlds, are honored for their level of attainment. And it is absolutely not permitted that those who engage in astral or psychic activities be allowed to put forth the sound, the energy of rhythm, or a voice on behalf of the people. Those who sing and those who play musical instruments become the harmony of an entire planetary body. Upon their chakras and within their temples, the cosmic chords of the Elohim vibrate. And it is understood that sound as a wavelength, as an energy, penetrates the sphere, the habitation, the planet, even if it is not heard by its inhabitants.

"And thus, beloved ones, it is unthinkable that the fallen ones should ever have the freedom to pollute the mainstream of consciousness as upon earth. The airways, the television, the radio, and the entire media of communication have been turned over to those rhythms which come forth from death, from the fallen ones, and from the archdeceivers.

"Beloved ones, there is nothing, and I say nothing whatsoever that is constructive in any form of jazz. And I say this unequivocally. And if you desire to have Shiva in your midst, you will hear the truth straight from that focus of the sacred fire which I AM. And if you would hear the truth and if you would be the truth and if you would be ready for the touch of Shiva and for the initiation, you must understand that those who have come into our meetings challenging the messenger on this point of the law are themselves invaded by the very unclean spirits who are the spirit of this form of music.

"I will not let go of this subject because so many of the students of the light have taken it lightly and have not heeded the word of the Mother. And therefore they have not resisted the immense magnetism of these fallen ones who are pulling down, by their spiral of their rhythm, an entire civilization. Beloved ones, we have seen this destruction in various systems of worlds. It is not new. It is the same old devil-beat of Mara and the hordes of night.

"Blessed and beloved ones, I release the scourge of sacred fire to cleanse the earth of demons. Shall I then stand for that infamy that those whose temples have been cleansed again and again by the Elohim will then allow what they consider to be a harmless pastime, a harmless then allowing of that energy to be the background noise in their homes, in their businesses? Beloved ones, it is an encroachment of your free will."

Lord Shiva

"Now I place myself in the center of the earth. I place myself there, as it were, physically. And I shall meditate with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray in that center, and we shall establish a balance by sound and its vibration to neutralize the dissonance of sound bombarding the earth and the minds and the marrow of the bones of the people. Yes, I speak of what is called music, the sound and the dissonant sounds of hell to which the youth and their bodies have adapted, and many have adapted.

"The misuse of sound is dangerous and has been used by forces of Darkness to inaugurate cataclysm. This you know. As I tell you this and as you see our service in the center of the earth, you can know that we would come for this service only because there is a necessity. In other rooms in this very place and in places throughout the city, the rock music burns on, consuming the soul’s sensitivities, neutralizing the action of the chakras and the soul’s ability to make contact with God.

"Thus it is, beloved. Make your heart a place of refuge for the youth of the world by establishing there the divine harmony and connecting yourself to the music of the spheres. The music of the spheres is the music of the Causal Body of every son and daughter of God. This is the music that purifies and heals, that balances and restores wholeness and displaces the insanity that is caused by the syncopated beat of rock music.

"Yes, the sick in their numbers increase and the insane in their numbers increase. The world cannot survive in the sanity of God and the Mind of God and also drink of the cup of the fallen ones.

"Thus, my offering to you is the sealing of your chakras and the mending of your garments, the many layers of your garments, by the action of violet flame angels. Give them the call and the dynamic decree and they can work a mighty work in your day."

Omri Tas

"If you would know the power of music whereby the soul follows sound to the heart of being, then study this form of music, the Indian raga, which you have just heard. For it does bring you into the encounter with the cosmic teacher. It does bring you into a polarity of the plus and the minus—you, the minus, negative, feminine polarity; the teacher, the plus, positive, masculine polarity. When you are in polarity, beloved, with such music, you enter into a compartment of being that truly is the heart and the goal of meditation."

July 3, 1993

"Sound, therefore, is a funnel for the higher light to be channeled into the lowest levels of being. Sound will remove and erase—in fact it will totally erase, beloved—the records that the fallen angels have deposited in the subconscious levels of your being. Thus, when you get the idea to make the call for these insidious implants to be excised from your being, act upon it, for when you act upon it, it is done! And it is done because you have made the call for it to be done in keeping with the will of God. Get this one idea in your head—that it is done when you make the call, and you need not worry or wonder about it.

"I say again: It is done when you make the call!"

Saint Germain
July 4, 1994


Braterstwo zlecilo Chopinowi
zadanie skomponowania
muzyki sfer niebieskich

(Chopin Commissioned by
the Brotherhood to Bring Forth
the Music of the Spheres)

Saint Germain
Mark L. Prophet, 22 lutego 1970
Copyright © 1970
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.
Rece stworzone
wedlug radialnego wzoru
sekretnych promieni

(Hands Molded
After the Radial Pattern
of the Secret Rays)
Mighty Cosmos
E.C. Prophet, 11 listopada 1973
Copyright © 1973
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.
Sciezka ma dokladnosc rytmu
fortepianowego koncertu

(The Path Has the Timing
of a Piano Concerto)

E.C. Prophet, 28 grudnia 1975
Anaheim, California
Copyright © 1975
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Kosmiczne interwaly inicjacji
na pianinie kosmosu

(Cosmic Intervals of Initiations
on a Piano of the Cosmos)

Great Divine Director
E.C. Prophet, 4 lipca 1976
Washington, D.C.
Copyright © 1976
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Rytm walca
(The Rhythm
of the Waltz)

Lady Master Venus
E.C. Prophet, 15 maja 1977
Pasadena, California
Copyright © 1977
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Cudowny czlowiek Europy
wirtuoz pianista

(Miracle Man of Europe,
Piano Virtuoso)

Saint Germain
E.C. Prophet, 4 lipca 1977
Washington, D.C.
Copyright © 1977
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.
Poprzez harmonie
zachowamy wolnosc

(By Harmony We Will
Preserve Freedom)

Mighty Victory
E.C. Prophet, 3 lipca 1979
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1979
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Piec sekretnych promieni
—czarne nuty
na gamie pianina

(Five Secret RaysBlack Notes
on the Piano Scale)

E.C. Prophet, 26 lutego 1981
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1981
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Punkty pieciu sekretnych
promieni w tobie

(Points of the Five
Secret Rays Within You)

Serapis Bey
E.C. Prophet, 19 kwietnia 1981
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1981
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Pierwsze dzwieki
na pianinie

(The First Notes
on the Piano)

Paul the Venetian
Chohan of the Third Ray
E.C. Prophet, 27 sierpnia 1982
The Inner Retreat
Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
Copyright © 1982
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Wirtuoz lub koncertowy
pianista na sciezce

(Virtuoso or a Concert Pianist
on the Path)

Sanat Kumara
E.C. Prophet, 1 stycznia 1983
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1983
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Gra na fortepianie roznorakich
umiejetnosci w sluzbie Bogu

(Playing a Grand Piano of Skills
in Many Areas of Service to God)

E.C. Prophet, 25 pazdziernika 1984
Royal Teton Ranch North
near Livingston, Montana
Copyright © 1984
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Muzyka, ktora leczy
(Music Which Heals)

E.C. Prophet, 10 pazdziernika 1992
Atlanta, Georgia
Copyright © 1992
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.
Muzyka jest w stanie pobudzic
ludzi do walki o wolnosc

(Music Can Galvanize a People
to Fight for Freedom)

Lady Master Nada Rayborn
E.C. Prophet, 14 kwietnia 1995
Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
Copyright © 1995
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

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