from the Heart of the Mother


Mother of the World
by Nicholas Roerich

"Thus the face of the Great Goddess is veiled that her children might not wither
from the penetration of the ruby ray. It is life-giving, invigorating, infilling.
It is the alchemy of the heart to every living cell of a cosmos."—Sanat Kumara

"Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict,
don't have knowledge."—Lao Tzu, the sixth-century Chinese poet

"The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse
from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down,
and break it in pieces."—Daniel 7:23

"As Saint Germain has said, in terms of cosmic time you have seconds
to save the earth and turn things around."—Archangel Chamuel, October 4, 1992

"Why does she wear the veil? It is because of the veiling of the mysteries of Life
and the need thereof. There is a need for the veiling of the mysteries.
There is a need for the veiling of her face, that the profane who have profaned
her name may not look upon her in their profanity."
—Gautama Buddha, November 8, 1981 November 8, 1981

"Safety on earth, then, is when you are sealed in the Light from above.
There is none other. Thus, the Mighty I AM Presence is your safety
when you invoke it. But that I AM Presence remains in the octave
native to its own vibration, Absolute Spirit, absent your call."—El Morya

"God would rather sink a continent to chastise one chela
than create a golden age in objection to the free will
of the individual."—Teachings of the Cosmic Christ

“We desire to see you in embodiment in twelve years and twenty-four
having weathered the testings and trials of a planet
in the throes of alchemical change . . . ”—Gautama Buddha, November 27, 1988

"The master states his prophecy and the chelas confirm the prophecy
—as Above so below. In fact this is our reason for being in embodiment:
to embody the Word of God, our sole reason for being."
—Elizabeth C. Prophet, October 10, 1983

"Work as if you were to live 100 Years,
Pray as if you were to die To-morrow."—Benjamin Franklin
(Poor Richard's Almanack, 1757) Reference: Franklin:
Writings, Lemay, ed., Library of America (1290)

"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries
. . . We must take the current when it serves or lose our ventures."
—William Shakespeare, 'Julius Caesar'

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia."—Charles Schultz

"The conditions in planet earth are not only serious; they are grave. Life is threatened. It could be extinguished by chemical substances, drugs, foreign materials that enter the bloodstream, whereupon life itself cannot kindle a flame . . . Our causal bodies can protect you in great measure, but your service is the key. Your use of the Spoken Word is the key. Your use of the empowerment of the sword of Archangel Michael is the key."


" . . . There is no prophet who ever knows any spirit of compromise. I will tell you why. The prophet of God embodies the Mighty I AM Presence. He is not the mediator. He is the one who embodies God as Law and Lawgiver. And so he walks the earth with a great intensity of fire, seeking to separate people from their relativities that suck them into the maya and glamour of the illusionary existence.

" . . . So this was true of the prophets of Israel. They had such an intensity of oneness with the Mighty I AM Presence and they delivered that intensity. That 'stuff' of the Mighty I AM Presence is the stuff that prophets are made of."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
July 1, 1992

" . . . When all the world has gone mad or asleep around you, beloved, you do not despair, you come into the awareness, truly the direct apprehension of your Godhood. You kindle a sun in a dying world! That is your mission! You kindle a sun and you adore Helios and Vesta, Alpha and Omega, the one true God manifest in all the beauty and glory of His Light emanations! You become a sun! You are the sun, and you will let no Darkness defeat it, put it out or cast a shadow."

Saint Germain
November 29,1987

"When you know that you can survive, when you have the mentality 'I will survive to serve my family and my people, come what may! By the grace of God and according to his will, I will live to fulfill my destiny!' you have a profound sense of peace. And this presence of peace conveys courage and strength and a can-do spirit to all people of peace throughout the world."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
October 23, 1989.

"These are difficult times due to the signs in the heavens and the astrological charts of individuals and nations. But you are above your astrology, and remember that. For if you are superstitious and if you bow before the negative portents of that astrology as though you were helpless before them, then I say, you will become puppets to the Fates instead of masters all.

The ascended hosts have told you, beloved, that we will apply our Causal Bodies to the victory of your astrology. And when you have difficult times and crisscrossings in your chart, remember that you must be tried, purified and made white. You must be able to summon the tremendous strength of your I AM Presence and Causal Body against all odds and recognize that God in you is always greater than anything—I say anything or anyone in the entire Matter cosmos!"

Saint Germain
July 4, 1994

"I, then, predict your future. For this day I have studied the record of the Book of Life for each and every lifestream who has come to this seminar and for all individuals who are called Keepers of the Flame worldwide. My prediction, then, given coming events, given your own karma, is that the only way out of the dilemma of the human equation is to act now. Hear me, beloved! I have never been more in earnest. I have cried unto the Lord for you. And God's emissaries have brought abundant Light and Teaching.

"Hear me, beloved! For even my plea is a measured one. For the Father has said to me, 'How many times will you plead for their own cause of eternal Life, my Son?' Therefore, the Law and the dispensation of karma does allow it, but not forever.

"Therefore, hear my cry to your soul! Hear my cry to pick yourself up, to wax hot in your devotion and fervor, to know the inner life, to desire to feel the flow of sacred fire in your being and to desire this until by your very imploring, as in the parable of the unjust judge so God does respond.

"For the soul that does trouble the Lord does truly receive her recompense. If your desiring is sincere and you implore God daily, I tell you, beloved, the Father will not withhold from you every test and initiation, every teaching and interior correction, every leading you require to the fount of knowledge, even Gnosis, even my own Lost Teachings.

"Beloved, hear, then, the Word of the Son of God and live! I AM your brother of Light. I come to you in such Reality with my angels in this hour. I come for your rescue. And I come for that rescue that you might in turn rescue others. It is time for you to be true shepherds and ministers, ministering unto the Word at the altar and ministering unto souls who have need of that Light."

Jesus Christ
November 1, 1987

"The goal is to be in advance of prophecy and in advance of astrology. What does that mean?

"It means that you need to decree for the transmutation of the negative astrological portents before they are about to land on your head! You need to get a running momentum on the' . . . (any challenging aspect) . . . 'before it precipitates out of the etheric, the mental and astral planes into the physical. By so doing, you can transmute a large percentage of the personal and planetary portents of negative karma that' . . . (any challenging aspect) . . . 'is dumping on the earth and her evolutions.

"By decreeing in advance, you literally turn the avalanche of karma back up the mountain. And what finally hits the physical octave is a small percentage of the sound and the fury of what might have been.

"Wise ones will do this. And this is why at the turning point of the new year I urge you to update your personal astrology by looking at how the transits' . . . (of any particular date) . . . 'impact your birth and progressed charts so that you know specifically what your personal challenges will be."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
July 4, 1993

"The Blessed Mother herself has told you, unless there be an ongoing conflagration of the violet flame by the dynamic decrees you offer daily for the transmutation of world karma, there will not be the setting aside of those prophecies that have gone forth from her heart through her many mouthpieces.

"Know that the violet flame is the key to avoiding the second choice for planet earth, which is not a golden age of Aquarius but a dark age where karma continues to fall, for the people have not received their divine intercessors."

February 28, 1993

“I tell you, conditions much worse than those you now have on planet earth have been turned around because the body of the remnant of the seed of the LORD have said, ‘We will stand fast. We will stand fast and we will see this job to the end!’”

Archangel Michael
June 26, 1993

"Blessed ones, it is not enough to prophesy a doomsday, as many extremists on the right have done with such emotion and fanaticism as to utterly turn off those who should be listening to dire forebodings of world karma. And these have been turned off by the very ones who should have engaged my flame. And I tell you, their fanaticism comes, beloved, from the fact that they love freedom. And the force does entangle them and cause them grave consequences of misuse of the Lighteven the Light [as portion of my attainment] that I once gave to them.

"The message of the spiritual teaching is fundamental. The books that have been published this fall [1986] must be devoured and underlined, for it is a platform of teaching.

"Beloved ones, it is an easy course set before you. You have, practically, only to take a book in hand and read it to new classes of students, even before you have studied it yourself. You can learn it with them. The teaching is plain. It needs no ad-libbing. It can be fed direct. You can gather with a circle of students and simply allow each in his turn to read from these books and then at the conclusion give decrees and have discussion or questions and answers.

"Thus, delay not. For with the coming into your hands, no later than by Lincoln's birthday, of my book Saint Germain On Prophecy you will desire to deliver a stronger message and a more fierce confrontation with the forces of Darkness lodged in the planet. You will get the picture of the urgency and the circle of prophecy that we have been sending forth since the early part of this decade.

"With the studying of this release, beloved, you will come into an hour of realization and of quickening, if you have not already done so, that will impel you to desire to deliver our message into the very political arena as you strive to avert the election to the office of the president of one who will lead this nation to war.

"Thus, I warn you in advance: If you yourself are not cleared of fanaticism, you will immediately be cast in the role of a Lyndon LaRouche or a right-wing fanatic. And then the world will cease to listen to you or me or the Messenger.

"Therefore study well how the message has been presented. And, of course, you cannot be illiterate politically. You must read certain periodicals regularly and know their bias, right or left, so that you may understand what is happening. Although the Messenger has set the pace for awareness of political events, not all have followed suit.

"And those who are our ministers, beloved, are those who must lead this activity in bringing the awareness of what is happening always in the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy, always with the eye on the Soviets and their Western supporters. For there is where all decrees must be directed, not merely on Saturday night but at every session. Not long invocations but very specific and incisive ones will give us the authority to act. If you do not know the danger, you cannot defeat it.

"Take care, then, I say, when you deliver this message into a field saturated with the disinformation of the Soviet Union that you do not fall prey to the character assassination and the deathblows of a public and a media who are quick to denounce and ridicule those who stand for the cause of freedom. The deliberation of your hearts is necessary, so seek to do so in an organized manner and neglect not our call. Neglect not our call that has gone forth before and that we give again.

"The vow that I have taken is to serve with this earth until the true Lightbearers are free. The vow I propose to take, having accomplished this, is to stand with all others who have accepted the transfer of the flame of freedom from our best servants. The specifics of the vow must be, then, to defeat World Communism before it defeats the West and to defeat in the West those betrayers of the Word before the very foundations of Western civilization crumble for their presence in that foundation. To this end I will answer your calls, and that is where the revolution begins.

"If you feed to the Messenger the facts and the information of what is happening on the earth and if she does make the call, I promise you that the causal bodies of all who take this vow will combine with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and mine to defeat the Adversary (wherever and through whomever he appears) and to turn the tide.

"In the meantime, all must act as though already engaged in a war that began at the conclusion of World War II. You are in a war this day. Let every penny that comes to your hands be used to prepare for personal physical survival for yourselves and your children. And let the organization as a whole plan, then, to have a sufficiency of food and protection to endure any type of attack. When this is accomplished, I tell you, you will be fearless and have a new freedom.

"In the meantime, the doubt and the fear somehow lurkswhat will we do if this happens on the morrow? Beloved, if you move swiftly and defeat the forces that oppose this Community, you will have your base and you will survive. But remember, the hour is very short.

" . . . The significance of the hour is that the Four Horsemen move on and intensify in their delivery of karma and that many will suffer. The significance of the hour is that the base must be prepared and continue to be prepared and that all of you who have responsibilities around the world must know that unless this place be prepared for and by yourselves it will be too late to get ready when the time comes.

"Let this, then, be your first priority. It is not necessary to move here but it is necessary to contribute financially. For, beloved ones, bomb shelters and food-storage barns that are necessary are very costly. Therefore, recognize that this is the greatest insurance policy you could take. There is no other guarantee but God and God in you who prepare."

Saint Germain

" . . . Work while ye have the Light, yet always be prepared. Look to the future with hope but never with confidence in converting the enemy. His jaw is set against the Lord. He will not receive the conversion of the Holy Spirit, for God simply does not desire to convert the enemy. Therefore be always watchful, for the enemy has not gone through a metamorphosis to somehow become the Lamb of God. It is not possible.

"Thus, prophecy has not changed. Cycles have not changed. But what you make of them and what your communion with God shall be will indeed determine the term of months or years allotted to you as a cycle to build the new heaven and the new earth, which I am certain you realize is entirely an inner building of the temple of God.

"Thus, you will have to learn to plan for infinity and to be prepared for the finite world. You must in your own heart sense the timings and the cycles and the limits to your manifestation upon earth. This you can achieve as well by your meditation on the rituals.

"Go to the heart of God to determine your fate. And have a heart for any fate! The future is an open door. You will not control it all, but you will send forth forces of Light that may do your bidding as you serve the Light.

"Blessed ones, I do not avoid telling you that you may go forward with your lives, nor do I avoid the subject of whether there shall be war and what shall become of the economy. But I will not cross the line to make definite prognostications. The astrology that you have heard bears consideration; for, as you know, it is a mathematical formula of karmic forces as they interplay through this solar system and beyond. Many things can be calculated and foreseen, but what is not foreseen is the intercession of the Great White Brotherhood and the intercession of the unascended chelas of the will of God.

"How you take what is given, how you lock your forces with this antahkarana of God, how you increase the resurrection fire, how you do all these things is the most determining factor of all. Not what I say, beloved, but what you say and do will determine the outcome of your life and of this Community. Hear it well and know it clearly! Be practical. This is your hour on earth. Use all sixty minutes of it to the highest good and gain for God, yourself and all Lightbearers.

"What I say in this hour, then, is that Opportunity is still at hand. Yet the enemy is fast winding about himself the coils of his own karma. And by and by he shall reap it and there shall not be any turning back of it. See, then, what the Light of God can do and know that only you are the doers in this hour.

"I remind you of the pay-as-you-go policy of the Brotherhood. What you give us in the decrees offered in my name through the tapes, we will multiply and send back to you. Give us the Light, the energy and the decree momentum. Increase your contact with the Brotherhood by the rituals, and you will see what Morya will do for each and every one of you. It is a pact we make with all who are true members by action of our Ashram.

"We will not fail you, beloved. Give us the Light. Give us the energy. Give us the will. Give us the faith and trust, and listen with the inner ear to obey our voice. Then you shall see in full, grand display what the brothers in white are capable of on behalf of true chelas.

"These are my thoughts in this hour, beloved. Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation, and watch the events of the world scene. No chela must ever be caught off guard when it comes to planetary events and cycles and his own personal life. You must be astute enough to anticipate the future by the signs of the times that you read and sense each and every day.

"Thus, I AM with you. Thus, my Presence remains over my Messenger that you might contact me at a more physical level. And I am truly grateful for her service and staying power as well as for her compassionate heart, even as I am grateful to you for your faithfulness and your striving and your devotion and your presence that continually makes possible the activities of this Church and the service of the Messenger.

"We of the Darjeeling Council salute you.

"We encourage you!

"And we say: Onward, chelas of the sacred fire!

"Courage! Courage! Courage!"

El Morya
July 8, 1990

"Everyone who has received the blessings of these dispensations, everyone who continues to read the handwriting on the wall of a prophecy that is unchanged must understand that for the saving of a planet the Church must survive, the outer Community must survive and you, one by one by one as the individualization of the God-flame, must survive. And that survival is a spiritual continuity of being whose fires you must bank daily, never taking for granted that the fire of Darjeeling will reach you in time [to save you] when you yourselves might be as unprepared."

El Morya
August 7, 1990

"Therefore, deliberations at the Royal Teton Retreat continue, beloved, and we express gratitude for the light released and the calls given. We, therefore, call to each and every one of you and those who are the creative sons and daughters of God to put your hearts together, to know and to understand how there might be executed a proliferation of the Word and of the Warning and of the Message that has gone forth.

"Let it be so, then, by the release (through the use of such supply as is available to you) of this message that comes from the heart of Saint Germain, that has been shouted from the housetops, delivered by the Messenger and by yourselves wherever you might be received. Let it go forth, then, for the people of the earth must have the warning as they had that warning in the days of Noah, and Noah did preach one hundred years."

Sanat Kumara
January 2, 1988

"We have been asked to define prophecy. Those who lack discrimination, torn between the desire to believe all things and plagued by honest doubt, yearn for clarification from heavenly places.

"Remember that all of the sacred books that have ever been written, all of the knowledge that is esteemed by the many religions of the world, regardless of the claims of men to the contrary, have come into manifestation through individuals who were embodied upon the planet. In other words, they have all come forth through man.

"There is and has always been a tendency on the part of mankind to judge the accuracy and quality of spiritual material by the lives of those through whom the material came. We have said that men should not spend as much time as they do in the examination by mortal mind's measures of the lives or persons of spiritual teachers. We have said that thirsty travelers ought not to spurn a cup of cold water simply because the tin cup in which it is delivered has an imperfection in it.

"If the world of individuals is old, every individual on earth is old in the sense that myriad experiences have created encrusted concepts which it is difficult for men to relinquish. And thus, as in olden times even to the present hour, men do examine the sources of information rather than the teachings. And it is, blessed ones, the teaching, after all, that is everything.

"That which bears the earmark of cosmic authenticity registers within the "chords" of the heart. But how shall this be manifest in those whose attunement with their own hearts is sadly lacking, where the brittleness of the mind can analyze only the worded structure of our releases?

"Where, then, is the sounding board for authenticity? Men should understand that they themselves need perfectionment as well as attunement with the higher powers if they are to register the genuine perfection which they profess to seek. You see, frequently seekers for light maintain a very unprofessional attitude in their examination of the various teachings they encounter. But after all, they lack experience in that which they seek. Therefore, there is almost a blind struggle that occurs in the world of individuals on the path toward the light."

Saint Germain

"You have wondered why the Ascended Masters have not spelled out their prophecies more specifically. It is for the same reason that these have been told in secret, in part, to these children. Beloved, we never give the fullness of the vision of what karma could bring until almost the very hour of it, because until that time we are kneeling before the throne of the Father begging intercession and dispensation.

"O beloved, realize, until the right hand of God descends, until the last grain of opportunity in the hourglass descends, there is opportunity, there is dispensation abundant (as has been read to you from our prior dictations) for the world to be raised up, for all to change in the twinkling of the eye.

"Thus, it is Elohim of Peace who plant their electrodes as a magnet—peace as the very defiance by Almighty God of war itself. It is the living flame of peace in your hearts and the hearts of all those who have been converted by my appearances that shall deflect war, even as a diamond heart does deflect it and send back to the enemy, by a mirrored image, the fullness of his malintent.

"Blessed ones, may I tell you, then, the scientific explanation of the prayer of the rosary and all decrees. Blessed ones, it is a building up of light in the body temple, that you yourselves might deflect, as one Mystical Body of God, the oncoming Darkness.

"If a few men in a house in Japan could emerge whole after a nuclear holocaust, will you not, then, place your faith in the Divine Mother, in my intercession and in Almighty God first and foremost and always? Will you not understand that daily you need to be buoyed up in this spiritual light and flame, not as impracticality but so that you will not enter the pitfall of depending upon a survival shelter or food storage to carry you through a period of world travail—travailing even as the Divine Mother is yet determined to give birth to her Manchild.

"Understand, beloved, that when we counsel the preparation, those who fear most, those who are the unbelieving, those who seek to save their flesh rush in. They will never be saved, then, by such preparations. These preparations must be the stem of the chalice of the Holy Grail which you uphold.

"I tell you, beloved, those who build such preparations in fear do not build on a solid foundation. I tell you their hearts will fail them for that very fear, for it becomes an internal magnet of fear, an internal point of vulnerability. And when the elements of the earth melt with the fervent heat of a divine alchemy, their karma upon them, beloved, will take them from the screen of life even if they have all of the physical necessities.

"Look through the walls! Look through time and space. Desire God and only God."

Mother Mary

"Blessed hearts, the Fatima message has not changed. You must understand this. Though I have dictated [on my] desire to turn it around and in some areas there has been a mitigation, what is the true cause of this prophecy continuing is that those to whom it has been given, those who have occupied the chair of Peter, these have chosen not to relate it to the heads of state of free nations. They have chosen not to call congresses of the faithful across all lines of religious belief to warn, to organize, to summon and to rally the forces of freedom worldwide from the beginning to defeat the ugly beast of World Communism.

"And thus it has grown and it has become a planetary dragon. Blessed ones, you must understand just how profound is my grief in this hour that there has not been one representing my Son in the Church of Rome who would rally the people to defend, even by paying with the price of their lives, the flame of freedom in their hearts and in the earth—not one who has dared to give his life without fear of the consequences since 1917 when I did foretell even the coming of the greater war which has passed as World War II. This, too, could have been averted . . .

"Therefore, beloved, it must be unmistakable in your awareness that the plan for Europe is no ordinary war. You may not think back on World War II and say to yourselves, 'I will stay and hold the balance and somehow survive' or 'I will get out at the last minute.'

"Blessed ones, if (and I say if, for nothing is final until it is physical), but if and when such a war should take place, it should be a blitzkrieg such as none has ever seen. And this lightning war should descend as chemical death, as biological/bacteriological death along with those forces of modern weapons and warfare. Understand, therefore, that should it take place the devastation would be almost instantaneous.

"This is a plot of the Soviet world so intense, so calculated, so planned, charted and visualized, so prepared for, that any of you who will call to me may be shown by myself directly or from our retreat the very image of these Soviet tanks moving across Europe en masse. Blessed ones, it is not hard to see. But those who do not see are those who will not see, for it is frightful indeed. It is like looking into hell itself, and even the saints have fainted and swooned when Jesus has showed them a portion of that hell.

"Therefore, beloved, you must understand the burden upon your Messenger, for the reaction to the messages that have been delivered through her are such that individuals take a very stiff point of consciousness, and when they hear such prophecies they decide that they can do nothing about it and they become almost immobilized by their fear. On the other hand, beloved, they take them lightly and become superficial and decide that with a certain amount of decrees they will avert the entire calamity and they simply go about their business waiting for the day when we will deliver a dictation saying that all is past and the victory is won and none of these things shall take place.

"Beloved ones, these two extremes are dangerous. You must realize that it is possible to deter all prophecy. You must realize that God the Father in his very Person and heart does reserve to that Person and heart the decision as to what to unleash and what not to unleash. Therefore, as it is not given the Son to know the hour and the day, so it is not given to the Messenger. Therefore you must understand that when the percentages are so high that an event will take place, it is no longer possible to make any other plans than those which are given to you to secure yourselves and to secure the bastions of liberty in our retreat.

"You need to understand that if there is an 8 percent chance that none of these things will come to pass and that 8 percent does actually become the reality, you must not think that you will turn and point the finger and say that your Messenger was incorrect and the prophecy was false. You must understand that prophecy is highly complex. There are beings who are Cosmic Beings at the level of Elohim who though they would do all in their power to stand between this planet and her karma are not able to do so. Therefore understand, beloved, that there must be a response in your own heart and soul once and for all.

"We cannot and will not long repeat our messages concerning this outcome. It is a burden to us and it is a burden to the Messenger and it does weary the ethers. Enough has been said. And Saint Germain has said this to me this very day, 'Beloved Mother Mary, go speak to them once more from the profoundness of your heart and, according to the will of the Father, so give to them one final word.'

"Therefore I come to you, beloved, to enable you to understand that when called by the Brotherhood and called by God, [you] must [have] a sense of reserve that there are many more reasons for that call than the obvious or that which may be being said."

Mother Mary

"Blessed ones of Light, there is much that I would speak to you about this day. I would speak to you about coming events upon the planet. I would tell you that in the Soviet Union and its fragmentation we find an instability even greater than before [its disintegration]. We find a malintent on the part of the military and many, many, many lifestreams throughout that vast expanse of territory who are yet fully tethered to the force of their own dweller-on-the-threshold and the force of Antichrist."

El Morya

"Blessed ones, the greatest calamity that could come to planet earth is this: that the nations of the earth would become so caught up in money and trade that they would lose all religion and live for the good life and for economic prosperity instead of for the prosperity of the soul.

"The world is becoming more materialistic every day, and yet souls of light who have risen from the world are becoming more spiritual every day. Their hearts are hungry. They yearn to be closer to God. And finally, with the inner ear and then the outer ear, they may hear from me. They may come to the Western Shamballa. They may come to the Shamballa of the East. And they may at last have access to me through contact with you and many angels of light."

Gautama Buddha

"Therefore, as we once again take up the prophecies of Nostradamus and consider what they shall bring upon this nation and the world, pay close attention to them. Ponder the prophecies, for Nostradamus has proven to be perhaps the most accurate prophet since the dispensation of the age of the prophets of Israel.

"It is vital that you study these prophecies so that you can see the handwriting on the wall and determine what must be done to arrest the spirals of negativity before they cascade from the etheric octave to the mental body and to the desire body and then precipitate in the physical.

"Many prophecies could come to pass. Reread the book Saint Germain On Prophecy so that you might be prepared to know what to look for and to beat the game of the fallen angels.

" . . . Some prophecy can be turned back and some prophecy will come to pass no matter what anyone does. Know the difference if you can, and try the spirits to see if they are of God. Go forth, then, to see that this civilization is saved before there is absolutely no opportunity for its salvation.

"We have spoken of conditions in the economy, conditions in the governments of the nations and around the world. Let us decree on these conditions this evening while we are yet about our service in this violet-flame marathon. Yes, it is important that you know how intense is the warfare of the spirit within and how intense are the moves that could be made by those who have been the enemies of freedom for aeons."

John the Beloved

" . . . Let all understand, therefore, that even as you work, as you rise from your beds, as you retire at night, so all the world is making choices. Be not dismayed or affrighted in the suddenness of turning of events. For, beloved ones, it has ever been thus. And therefore, all the more humble we become that without God we are nothing. Without him we cannot accomplish even the raising
of our right hand or our little finger.

"Oh, ‘tis sweet, ‘tis sweet to be in the presence of beloved Alpha! One of these days I will take you in my arms and bear you to him and present you as my very special children. One of these days we will take a journey together, but in this hour I bring back to you his message of love, even as I have brought to him your hearts’ fervor for the saving of earth.

"I would remind you, lest any fear, that all prophecy concerning light and darkness may fail. It may fail for a very good reason. For the people of God have made strides and accelerated; and therefore, the dark cloud has been dissolved and a new day of opportunity is born. On the other hand, prophecies of good may also fail because people take for granted [that] because a prophecy of good has been given, it will be fulfilled automatically. And therefore, they make little effort to make it happen themselves.

"And thus, you see how the brothers of our band are very short on prophecy in either direction, but choose rather to warn of the possibility of consequences if individuals do persist in the path of unreality, in multiplying maya, or in whiling away the hours when they could be forging a new civilization and castles of light for the descent, perhaps, of the Snow King and Queen.

"For these twin flames once ruled an ancient civilization, tropical in nature, that was where Greenland is today and covered a good part of the North Pole. Blessed ones, when the ages changed and the inversions took place, thus they were remembered for the end of their period as the Snow King and the Snow Queen.

" . . . We desire, therefore, to reinforce in your heart that whatever you may have interpreted as prediction of cataclysm, worldwide or specifically here or there, must not remain in your mind as something that has been stated with ultimate definition or finality by any of our bands but only as a reading of world karma and as a reading of the consequences of world karma.

"At any moment in the day or night, avatars descending from the heights of heaven may bring such illumination and the dispensation of the Holy Spirit be so great that souls of light respond and there is a turning such as has not even been contemplated by certain of the elementals and forces in nature who are so beset by world karma in this hour.

"Therefore, I, Gautama, I who understand so much how the vision of the elementals can affect world conditions, ask you to pray to Cyclopea for the divine image and the divine vision of the all-seeing eye of God, of the golden age and the City Foursquare and the Temple Beautiful to be given to every elemental.

"And if you will place upon your walls and in your homes pictures of majestic beauty and of light and scenes of paradise, you will find that elementals will gather to meditate upon these focuses of light and will go forth to outpicture peace and the purification of the elements—of the seas and the earth and the air. And with some cooperation of hearts of light, there will be a cleaning up of the environment and of pollution."

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha
on the Altar at the Inner Retreat
“How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously,
so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart,
I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine;
and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God
who judgeth her."Revelation 18:7-8

" . . . Your spiritual preparedness is a paramount necessity. The message of urgency that I bring is that as the weeks and months fly by, the Masters of heaven can give you less and less assurance that you will be spared the descending karma and the portents that are written in akasha and in the astrology of the century.

"The state of the defense of this nation is a major factor, beloved, for a segment of the prophecy and the karma delivered by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has to do with war. Whether that war be on this soil or another or on none at all will be determined by you. It is not being determined by the government. It is not being determined by NATO.

"So then, beloved, understand the equation. When the people of earth and the leadership of this nation do not have the vision, as they have not in the past, for they are surfeited in their sensuality and in the pride of their intellects, it is the people of God who must rally to save the nation and the planet.

"The state of the economy is equally urgent. We are concerned with world government, the world economy and the portents of world war. Then there are the diseases of the spirit. Then there is the disease of the soul. Then there is the disease carried by the leadership of the nations almost across the board.

" . . . We have not spoken to you in these terms for a number of years, but the time has come once again to consider what Saint Germain has told you regarding the need for preparedness, whether for war, famine or plague. Therefore, review his words and remember that preparedness is the key to survival, both a spiritual survival and a physical survival. For we look to you! We look to you to build the foundations of a new civilization should karma descend upon the nations without mitigation.

"Our call is intense, beloved. Yet have no fear, for in your hand is the gift of the sacred fire. Have no fear, for life is eternal in this world and in the world to come."

October 7, 1994

"And if you would tie yourself to that moving star of destiny above you, then you must do it quickly. For the stars of destiny move on. They are bright in the heavens in this moment, but there may come a period in the earth when the earth itself should go through the Dark Night of the Spirit when you will not see the star. You will see it only in the memory of God.

"Understand this principle and understand that there is indeed an urgency. There is a warning and things are brewing in the earth. And all that I can tell you of prophecy in this hour is that when things happen in the earth, from this day forward they will happen swiftly and suddenly. And all of your preparation will have had to have preceded those events, for there will be no time to prepare or to react but only to be."

Jesus Christ
December 25, 1990

" . . . Therefore know, beloved, that when the buildings fall all around you and the avalanches descend and the continents shake, you must stand fast in the very pillar of your God! And as I said in my former address, when the fourth woe descends it is time to get thee up into the mountain of God.

"I AM Alpha. Those who bear my Light are sealed, protected, nurtured, tutored. There is no ongoing dispensation for those who are not servants of Light. But unto those who become servants of Light there is the grace complete, necessary to their victory in this life or a succeeding life, where their karma does not allow [it in this one].

"This is the pledge of Alpha. Do not doubt it but take advantage of it. For I AM here. I AM Brahman. I AM the Atman. As Above, so below, I AM your Self."


"The goal is to be in advance of prophecy and in advance of astrology. What does that mean?

"It means that you need to decree for the transmutation of the negative astrological portents before they are about to land on your head! You need to get a running momentum on '. . . (any challenging aspect) . . . ' before it precipitates out of the etheric, the mental and astral planes into the physical. By so doing, you can transmute a large percentage of the personal and planetary portents of negative karma that . . . (any challenging aspect) . . . ' is dumping on the earth and her evolutions.'

"By decreeing in advance, you literally turn the avalanche of karma back up the mountain. And what finally hits the physical octave is a small percentage of the sound and the fury of what might have been.

"Wise ones will do this. And this is why at the turning point of the new year I urge you to update your personal astrology by looking at how the transits '. . . (of any particular date) . . . ' impact your birth and progressed charts so that you know specifically what your personal challenges will be."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
July 4, 1993

"Within your heart is written the prophecy of life; I bid you read it well. Make your decisions in life. Surrender to the will of the Lord who rules your temple and to none other. And go be the Buddha where Gautama has arced his flame of Shamballa in the Inner Retreat."

Maha Chohan
June 7, 1981

"'Whereas the Soviet Union has not halted its ongoing plan for a nuclear first strike, the Lightbearers of the world would do well to heed our earlier warnings and prepare. For the hour is fast approaching when nothing will be able to turn back that first strike.' Signed: El Morya Khan and the members of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood."

Elizabrth C. Prophet

"I tell you, it is a miracle that you are in the earth and that you are willing to give this decree [to Elohim Astrea, 144 times] with the fire and purity and vision with which you give it. I commend you, beloved. I commend you with my heart, for I am seeing things beginning to turn around.

"Some things have been turned around and some have not. What has not been turned around is the enmity of the hordes of war who yet inhabit the earth, who are rejects from other planetary chains who have come in their disguises over the centuries.

"They yet plot war. They lust after your souls and after the light of your souls. They lust after territory that they would gain. And above all, beloved, they would destroy America, for America is the place of victory. But always remember that they cannot deprive you of that victory—unless you allow them to.

"Understand this principle: if they can destroy America, there is no hope for the rest of the world. And therefore these fallen angels have come to destroy the youth and the coming generations."

Saint Germain
March 19, 1995

"Though it is written in the Book of Life, though it is prophesied, do not take the defeat of the enemy for granted. Remember that prophecy is not psychic prediction, but prophecy is an outline and a blueprint of the divine plan that will come to pass, that shall come to pass when hearts, noble indeed, come together and decree it so! By the life of action, by the action of your life, it shall come to pass.

"I, Saint Germain, decree it! And as you affirm it and confirm it, so it will be so. The best way to defeat the enemy is to dismember him—blow by blow."

Saint Germain

"Nothing is preordained. The handwriting on the wall, the visions of the psychics and the prophets and the seersall can be changed! And any degree of accuracy that has been ascribed to any of such as these can only be attributed to mankind’s own course on the treadmill of life that can be seen as the end from the beginning.

"There is nothing mystical or mystifying about the course of human events, for mankind have continued in their sameness. They have gone through the sine waves, but they have not transcended themselves or the old order. They have repeated over and over again, outpicturing those old records (that I trust God through you will transmute), and then the re-outpicturing of the past. Their bodies have become gray. Their brains have become gray. Their complexions have become gray! And they are the gray ones, no longer having the life essence sparkling in the temple of being.

"Therefore, you see, that which is read is that which has already been written. And according to what has been written, it can be predetermined what should take place according to the very accurate science of karmic law and its return in certain cycles and dispensations.

"According to the Law, in a certain sine wave, these events ought to come to pass because it is in direct opposition to the sowing of that very karma in cyclesa decade past, a quarter of a century, a century, five hundred years, a half a millennium, and so forth.

"So you understand that psychics and seers and prophets often contact the very formula of the Word that cannot be broken without the Mediator, without the Christ, without the person in physical embodiment who understands the alchemy of the age and the alchemy of worlds.

"Only you, sons of the Most High God, can change the world as alchemists of the sacred fire! You are on stage. It is your opportunity. Without you and your Christhood and your call and the spoken Word unto the violet flame, you must understand that nothing will change and what the psychics have seen may very well come to pass.

"I therefore call, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the multiplication of these loaves and fishes, these sons and daughters of God—that as each one represents a pillar of fire, students of light across the world might tie into that momentum, might receive our book The Science of the Spoken Word, and begin immediately to recite the mantras of the free."

Saint Germain
December 5, 1982

"They need look no further. They need not look to Menachem Begin or Sharon or anyone in any government who is leading the nations astray. They have found the culprit, they have found the enemy. And therefore, you see how easily they can be deceived and why Jesus prefaced his teaching, 'Be not deceived.' Their inordinate fear has made them unstable, seeking security in their misinter­pretation of the Word, as Peter said of the unlearned who are without the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit—they 'wrest the scriptures unto their own destruction.' (II Pet. 3:16)

"Without the Holy Spirit, without the dividing of the way of Light and darkness, we cannot know what is the vibration of Truth, what is the reality of Christ in us and with us.

"So, there are many false prophets and false teachers who are the Watchers come again, the scribes and Pharisees reincarnated. They come to bury the Light and to destroy the Spirit by the letter, by argument, by dissertations and discourses and dogma, proving why the teachings of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ delivered to us through his Holy Spirit are not so. But the proof of the teaching is the vibration. 'By their fruits ye shall know them.' It is the light of the Son of God registering in your heart that is the proof—even when it contradicts time-worn doctrine—for the Lord is the witness within you.

"I am not the proof of the teaching, you are not the proof of the teaching. We are the proof of the teaching when the Father and the Son make their abode with us. When that Holy Spirit, that Maha Chohan (Great Lord) moves through us, when we know the Word of God and know his Presence, we have the proof of the foundation of our individual life; and we can declare, 'Where I am, there is the sunlight (‘Son-light’) of God, there is the light of God in me.' And thus, we follow that Light. And we are not deceived.

" . . . Go Ye Not Therefore After Them!

"Now Jesus gives the second command: Go ye not therefore after them—the false teachers. Do not be deceived, do not follow the false teachers.

"Then he says: But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified; for these things must first come to pass, but the end is not by and by. Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. (Luke 21:9, 10) All this we are seeing.

"And great earthquakes shall be in divers places—this we are also seeing—and famines, and pestilences. This we see. We see famine around the world and pestilence in our own nation, as new diseases appearing, without understanding their cause or their cure. And fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. (Luke 21:11)

"'Great signs shall there be from heaven.' We can interpret the signs from heaven, from the teachings of the Magi, from the ascended masters and the saints and the angels. We see the signs of the ‘stars’ (i.e., angels) falling from ‘heaven’ (their citadels of world domination). (Isa. 14:12; Rev. 6:13; 8:10; 9:1; 12:4) And we see the sign of the fall of the Watchers from their lofty positions of power. We can even see signs in the skies of the continual appearing of flying saucers, and so this verse is subject to much consideration."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Amidst all of this, a reasonable percentage of our efforts should be put into completing existing individual and group fallout shelters, or building new ones for new residents, so that we have overall protection as a community against the uncertainties of the future.

"This can be done on a scale and with a perspective that does not become unbalanced or create a drain on personal resources. For example, providing a small but functional family-sized fallout shelter is one of the requirements of the building code in Switzerland when a new home is built. These precautions should not be out of proportion to the community. Glastonbury is a spiritual, not a survivalist, community. And, as your own vision statement says, a gateway to the Golden Age."

El Morya in Darshan
March 11, 1997

"Therefore let the contingency plans be made by every Keeper of the Flame who is worth his salt and his water and his food reserves, for this is a question of self-worth! Are you worth this life insurance policy?

" . . . Understand that we have founded this activity for you and for the victory of the Light within you that you collectively might be the torch that does ignite the age of Aquarius because you have determined to survive.

" . . . Therefore let it be said and let it be said with the full fierceness and finality of my being. Any and all who have heard me and who are initiates of the Great White Brotherhood who do not make a simple seven-month preparation shall bear the karma of the neglect of the warning directly from the heart of the Master of the Aquarian Age!"

Saint Germain
October 8, 1989.

"I am here in the earth to see this community, other spiritual communities of the light and all lightbearers of the planet be able to survive whatever may be coming on the agenda of Elohim and the agenda of the peoples of the world who have set up for themselves a horrendous karma in abortion, a horrendous karma of anger and all of the Martian energies that you have named.

"And so, beloved, I am close to this community. I wish to assure you and all who are in this Church and all who have left this Church that the building of these very strongholds—shelters, as you call them—is indeed the will of God, directed by God and directed by Saint Germain. This is a very necessary step to have taken place for this community. And it is important that it is now being completed with the systems necessary so that all is in readiness.

" . . . My determination when I speak to those of many nations and those of the United States is to come and awaken you. It is true that those who see before them an impending disaster yet also enter a season of denial—when it is too late and they are willing to awaken to the dire circumstances at hand, they will not be prepared. At least your eyes are opened. At least you are prepared. At least you have been warned.

"It has been now well over a decade that you have established your shelters. And so I say it is the best thing you have ever done aside from publishing the teachings abroad and receiving the dictations of the ascended masters. One day you will know why it is so. But today I reinforce the mantle of the messenger and I say to all who have said, 'The messenger was wrong; we wasted our money'—I, Padma Sambhava, say to you, you have not wasted your money. You have done what God has wanted you to do and that is to carry on the flame of civilization, come what may."

Padma Sambhava
June 30, 1996

"May you understand the Call and know that you need preparedness in a true mystery school of the Great White Brotherhood. That is why the Ascended Masters Maitreya, Gautama, Jesus have set aside the land in Montana, that you might study and know 'how to,' 'what to' and all that is essential so that you can have the tools to deal with the challenges of your cities, of your youth, your children and the question of abortion, which is so heavy a karma upon the nation."

Phylos the Tibetan
April 28, 1991

przezwyciezy ciemnosc

(Darkness Shall Be
Overcome by Light)

Mother Mary
E.C. Prophet, 16 lipca 1972
Copyright © 1972
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Uniwersalna i osobista
sprawiedliwosc i wolnosc

(Universal and Individual
Justice and Freedom)

E.C. Prophet, 7 lipca 1973
Colorado Springs, CO
Copyright © 1973
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Nie odmawiajcie nikomu
chleba i wina Komunii Swietej!

(Let none be denied
the Bread and the Wine
of the Sacred Communion!)

John the Revelator
E.C. Prophet, 4 maja 1975
Westwood, California
Copyright © 1975
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

na temat klamliwych nauk
czesc I

on False Teachings part I)

and the Brothers of the Golden Robe
E.C. Prophet, 4 stycznia 1976
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1976
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

na temat klamliwych nauk
czesc II

on False Teachings part II)

and the Brothers of the Golden Robe
E.C. Prophet, 11 stycznia 1976
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1976
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

na temat klamliwych nauk
czesc III

on False Teachings part III)

and the Brothers of the Golden Robe
E.C. Prophet, 18 stycznia 1976
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1976
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

na temat klamliwych nauk
czesc IV

on False Teachings part IV)

and the Brothers of the Golden Robe
E.C. Prophet, 25 stycznia 1976
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1976
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Prawo Boga
jest nadal niezmienne
(The Law of God
Is Still the Same)
audio B7746

Ascended Master Johannes
(Pope John XXIII)
E.C. Prophet, 3 lipca 1977
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1977
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Ambicja i duma;
o ofiarze Kaina i Abla

(Ambition and Pride
—About the Offering
of Cain and Abel)

Archangel Gabriel
E.C. Prophet, 24 grudnia 1978
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1978
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Jak mozesz
przepowiedziec przyszlosc?

(How Can You
Predict the Future?)

Lanto and Confucius
E.C. Prophet, 26 sierpnia 1982
Heart of the Inner Retreat
Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
Copyright © 1982
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Hitler: psychologia zla
(Hitler: Psychology of Evil)

Saint Germain
E.C. Prophet, 1 maja 1983
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1983
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Bog uznal wojne
za potrzebna

(God Has Necessitated
War Itself)

Mother Mary
E.C. Prophet, 15 maja 1983
Ascension Hill, Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1983
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.
Poswiec swe zycie prawdzie;
Mahariszi uczy auto-hipnoze

(Dedicate Your Life to Truth;
Auto-self-hypnosis Taught by Maharishi)
E.C. Prophet, 7 kwietnia 1985
Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
Copyright © 1985
Camelot, USA
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Stary porzadek przemija
(The Passing of the Old Order)

Saint Germain
E.C. Prophet, 17 listopada 1985
Penta Hotel, New York City
Copyright © 1985
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Zawile problemy
w Kosciele Katolickim

(Knotty Problems
in the Roman Catholic Church)

Mother Mary
E.C. Prophet, 21 kwietnia 1987
Downtown Dallas Hilton
Dallas, Texas
Copyright © 1987
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Apostol Piotr i zadania
dane mu przez Jezusa

(The Apostle Peter
and the Assignments
from Jesus)

Mother Mary
E.C. Prophet, 21 kwietnia 1987
Dallas Hilton, Dallas
Copyright © 1987
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Dlaczego przepowiednie
nie sa szczegolowe?

(Why the Prophecies
Are Not Specific?)

Mother Mary
E.C. Prophet, 11 maja 1987
Royal Teton Ranch
Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
Copyright © 1987
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Nadal pragne
uratowac swiat

(I Still Desire
to Save the World)

Mother Mary
E.C. Prophet, 1 marca 1988
Fatima, Portugal
Copyright © 1988
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Badzcie mymi
synami i corkami

(Be My Own
Sons and Daughters)

Mother Mary
E.C. Prophet, 11 pazdziernika 1988
Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
Copyright © 1988
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Badz przygotowany
i badz spokojny!

and Be at Peace!)

E.C. Prophet, 21 maja 1989
Sheraton Center Hotel
New York, NY
Copyright © 1989
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Transmutacja lub kataklizm I
Transmutacja lub kataklizm II
or Cataclysm)

John the Revelator
E.C. Prophet, 7 pazdziernika 1990
Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
audio B90020
Copyright © 1990
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

O dzisiejszym Kosciele
(On the Church Today)

E.C. Prophet, 26 kwietnia 1991
San Francisco, California
Copyright © 1991
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

'Gdy jestes mocny,
udawaj slabosc': Sun Tzu

('When Strong,
Feign Weakness'—Sun Tzu')

E.C. Prophet, 14 pazdziernika 1991
New Orleans Airport Hilton
Copyright © 1991
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Niesmierelnosc zdobywa sie
kropla po kropli

(Drop by Drop
Immortality Is Won)

E.C. Prophet, 1 marca 1992
Royal Teton Ranch
Copyright © 1992
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.


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