Mother Mary's Rosary
for the Aquarian Age

Mother Mary
by Ascended Lady Master Ruth Hawkins

"Beloved ones, let it not be again then that we must come
to remind you of the daily giving of the rosary. These are not mere words;
these are energies upon which the very salvation of the United States of America,
this hemisphere and this planet rest."—Mother Mary, March 22, 1978

"Prove me now herewith that the entire Soviet establishment will not endure when a nation, Mother Russia, returns to the devotion of the Blessed Virgin . . . It is the Mother flame in the earth consecrated in all of your chakras which will beat down the entire juxtaposition of nuclear war and all those things that now challenge you so greatly."
Mother Mary
December 24, 1983

"Mother Mary said . . . , 'Consider, blessed ones, that the keeping of the rosary, the consecration of Russia and the wearing of the mantle of our light enables us to pass through you tremendous light waves from the God Star Sirius, from the very heart chakras of the Four and Twenty Elders for the holding of the balance of the earth.'

"The Four and Twenty Elders are twelve sets of twin flames who are spoken of several times in the Book of Revelation. They form part of the Court of the Sacred Fire in the judgment, the final judgment. And so when we give the rosary we are opening our heart to the release to the earth of the judgment of God, of Jesus Christ and of the balancing action of the Twenty-Four Elders."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
July 22, 1978

"Let balance be remembered. For though you may not accomplish so many physical things, you shall begin to pluck the antahkarana you build each day by the rosaries and by the Ashram rituals. And when you pluck [its strings] and your heart itself is as a fine-tuned stringed instrument, you will know that your prayers have reached millions because of the momentum of the daily use of the rosary.

" . . . Thus, beloved, it is perfectly in order for you to bring those [song and rosary] tapes to areas of pilgrimages around the world and to sell them, necessarily, to cover your expenses. It is perfectly in order to see where you can give [them away], where you can place them [in religious stores], where you can sell them so that there is a net of light of antahkarana of my Heart through your hearts. For your hearts are converging with your Christ Self and tying in to many devotees upon earth whose profound devotion to my Heart has caused them to accelerate on the Path. I desire to see you also attain that acceleration. Measure for measure as you give, I give of myself [to you and to millions whom I can reach through your heart when you regularly give the rosary]."

Mother Mary
August 22, 1992

"Blessed ones, may I tell you, then, the scientific explanation of the prayer of the rosary and all decrees. Blessed ones, it is a building up of light in the body temple, that you yourselves might deflect, as one Mystical Body of God, the oncoming Darkness.

"If a few men in a house in Japan could emerge whole after a nuclear holocaust, will you not, then, place your faith in the Divine Mother, in my intercession and in Almighty God first and foremost and always? Will you not understand that daily you need to be buoyed up in this spiritual light and flame, not as impracticality but so that you will not enter the pitfall of depending upon a survival shelter or food storage to carry you through a period of world travail—travailing even as the Divine Mother is yet determined to give birth to her Manchild."

Mother Mary

"And when you give the Hail Mary, even then the violet flame is released. For Mother Mary has determined in counsel with us, with the Darjeeling Council, that in response to the Hail Mary
said by those of the new age there shall be accordingly a release from her heart of her own full-gathered momentum of the violet flame from her own causal body of Light. And this is the desire of Raphael. This is the desire of Mother Mary. And this shall be the emanation forthcoming, therefore, of their retreat over Portugal, beloved. Let it continue. Let grace flow.

"Let the violet flame, therefore, be understood as that which every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being is beaming forth in this hour. Let the violet flame decrees go forth! Let the violet flame songs go forth! Let all who know of the violet flame give it as a gift from my heart to every stranger they meet.

"O beloved ones of Light, there is sufficient violet flame in the new little book that is put forth. So use it. So give it. So teach the violet flame. So it is the hope. And so tell all the nations and tell all the people that the violet flame is their hope for the mitigation of those things that must take place in the eventuality of cycles changing and the New Day dawning on planet earth."

Saint Germain

"I extend my mantle to all who take up the challenge of Alpha and remember me in the rosary. May you find in your busy day, beloved, time for the Child's Rosary given for the babies and children and youth, given for the overturning of legalized abortion, given for the overturning of child abuse, pornography, molestation and the abuse of the child in the classrooms of the schools of this nation and the world.

"May you find in your busy day, beloved, time of the Child's Rosary. For by that quarter of an hour
I may bring to you a heart full of remedies from Mother Nature for all your needs, your emptiness and those things which repetitively come upon you.

" . . . When the mind becomes enfeebled as a matrix, when it does not pulsate with the action of the Second Ray, then you can understand that by the very disintegratedness of the molecules and electrons there does take place a consciousness of dependence, depression, old age and death. Minds enfeebled without an activating light of the white sphere and the yellow sphere
are indeed prey to World Communism and to socialism.

"Understand the plight of this evolution and therefore understand the cure. There is not the interdependency within the heart and its chamber, within the threefold flame. There is not, then, a fulcrum in the heart and a balance of the base and the crown chakras.

"The individual does note that he is not sufficient unto himself or unto his God. Those things that he desires he cannot acquire, for he does not have the light of Alpha and Omega in his temple. Therefore, beloved, the creature takes on the animal instinct, the self-preservation at any cost.

"And therefore, looking upon those who have amalgamated power among the fallen angels or upon those who have accumulated light among the sons of God, these ones who are empty (for in them the light has gone out) cry out, 'Injustice!' and they demand to be fed and clothed and tended, educated, entertained, given birth to and buried by the State or other organizations of charity.

"Socialism then Communism becomes the answer for those who do not have the integrating principle of Life, those who once had it and then lost it for want of a continuing affirmation of God. Beware, then, lest the mental body or the carnal mind or even the animal mind and its instincts replace the creative Mind of God within you.

"Thus, we, Raphael and I, do expect, beloved, your response to beloved Alpha and Omega,
first to have that diamond mind sharp and then at the point of the diamond to begin a spherical awareness within the inner brain. For there between the pineal and the pituitary glands there is
an action of Alpha and Omega. And by the very spin of that light there is aborning within you the potential to give birth to the Christ Mind and to receive the activation of the crown chakra.

"Therefore, go forth, O knights, go forth with sword in hand. Slay, then, the beasts of lethargy
that oppress the mind and prevent the Mind of God from entering in.

"Blessed ones, be alert and awake and alive! Be intense and intensely motivated and focused.
Do not be weary in placing your attention consciously upon Alpha and Omega.

"There is too much sleepfulness while you are awake! For you have been trained by a socialist system even while yet living in a land of freedom. You wait for someone to come along and tell you what to do, to think for you, to be creative for you; you have a sense that something outside of yourself holds the key to your destiny. Beloved, this is a most dangerous doctrine.

"Beware, then, the false hierarchy of Antichrist composed of the fallen angels who departed from the Second Ray and Jophiel's band.

" . . . Blessed hearts, socialism will cause humanity to behave in a rote fashion, unable to go beyond that rote performance, thus degrading this evolution down the scale to the level of primates and beneath, as they were prior to the coming of Sanat Kumara. The beast has already extended its tentacles into the free world. And those who have been a part of its system, even to the very least, already own less of themselves than they did in the day of their birth.

"Blessed hearts, it is deadly to entrust any portion of thy life to another. Thus, a fierce independence and self-reliance must be engendered within your children. Do not coddle them too much. Do not seek to provide the excessive emotional support, thereby displacing and replacing the development of their own strong emotions founded upon the joy of building the temple of man. Fear not to let the child experience pain or suffering in small increments. Do not be a shield against that which life has dictated for the evolutions of earth whose karma is to work out this very problem of being, the internalization of God self-mastery."

Mother Mary
and Archangel Raphael
July 5, 1987

"Thus, as your day is, so shall your strength be if you will but remember to connect with my heart in the rosary. I know, beloved, many things call your attention. But the fifteen-minute rosary is a transfusion of my Body and Blood, which is also that of Alpha and Omega.

"My great desire is that you might be strengthened. That you might be strengthened, beloved, is the reason for my coming.

" . . . Let your lips repeat the Lord’s Prayer, and in the giving of it open, open the door of the heart that ten thousand-times-ten thousand angels might pass through you for your healing and for the healing of nations

" . . . Give, then, casting thy bread upon the waters, being assured thereby that it shall return to thee by a wave of light so multiplied, that abundance shall surround thee, even as a rosary of pearls may be used by you to count your blessings and your Hail Marys."

Mother Mary
October 31, 1987

"I extend to you, then, access by the rosary—by the rosary—to my causal body, to the attainment on those fourteen stations which I have gained throughout my long spiritual history. I give you, therefore, the opportunity to receive that power and attainment which God has given me as my great Teacher and as I am his servant. This I transmit to you that it might become close to the physical world and the physical problem through your own physical body and heart.

"I propose, therefore, beginning now and continuing on until there shall be a very obvious turning of the tide of World Communism, the giving of the rosary and the calling forth of this divine momentum. I have added the forces of my angels and those of Raphael’s bands to the armies of The Faithful and True and of Maitreya and Sanat Kumara and Archangel Michael to wage war at inner levels with these unseen forces, principalities and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

"The very root and core of the Serpent’s philosophy and lie of World Communism is what must be defeated, not persons and more persons—not more bloodshed. Remove the cause and core of the Lie and it shall come to pass that there shall be war no more. And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruninghooks.

"Beloved ones, the multiplication of life in the earth and the abundant life that ought to belong to the people has been taken by systems, philosophies, and those who have had their self-interests more than the interests of nations and people at heart.

"I turn your attention, then, to the adoration of the Divine Mother, to the immense power of that Mother whom I represent as one instrument—and there are many, not the least of whom are yourselves. I turn your attention, then, to the rosary as never before. For it is the single prayer
that does draw down the universal power Omega—Omega fire, Omega light. The power of the Mother moving with the forces of the Trinity is the missing dimension in the victory of Armageddon.

"Thus, let Liberty—the Goddess of Liberty—the Goddess of Mercy, the Goddess of Justice, and the Goddess of Truth, as individual beings of Light who ensoul an office and are not seeing themselves as superior (or as literal gods or goddesses, as in mythology) but who hold and keep the flame for humanity of cosmic Truth, Justice, Mercy, Freedom—let all of these in numberless numbers be seen by yourselves and invoked by you as emissaries of the universal Mother, the eternal Presence that is the balance and polarity of the universal Father.

"As Above, so below—in Spirit and in Matter—let the forces of freedom be implemented by you who are on the stage of life, you whose decisions will make all the difference in the future of planet Earth. I come to remind you that God is in you and because he is in you all things are possible. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

"Commeasurement is El Morya’s key—the vision of the hosts of the Lord encamped upon the hillsides of the world. Surely, we as a people united in God must not accept defeat or the inevitability of the watering down of world freedom as a compromise that must be taken for the sake of peace. The only compromise that will ever be accepted by the fallen angels wherever they embody, in whatever system, is the absolute slavery of the children of the Light.

" . . . I will be with you daily in the rosary. And I charge you to speak your problem, your need, your concern, whether small or great, to me. And I promise you, I will be there to offer the highest resolution acceptable according to the Great Law of God, including the laws you have set in motion in your life.

"Beloved ones, exchange your belief in the law of mortality for the conviction of your heart in the law of immortality, and you shall be free!

"I AM your eternal Mother, loving your soul until the hour of your victory."

Mother Mary

In her dictation “The Gift of a Mother’s Heart: The Mystery of the Fifteenth Rosary,” given March 19, 1980, at the conclusion of Summit University Winter Quarter, Mother Mary said that

". . . the Fourteenth Rosary and all of the rosaries preceding it are preparatory initiations for the putting into the flame of the unbalanced karma, the misqualified energies of life, the unwanted substances, and all that is unreal. These rosaries are sacred keys to the initiations of Christhood whereby you, very presently and with haste, may balance fifty-one percent of your karma and remain in life the presence, lo, the living presence of your own blessed Christ Self . . .

"The mystery of the Fifteenth Rosary is the mystery of the surrender of that Christ that you become. It is not an automatic surrender, for some disciples may fulfill the fourteen stations and become that Christ and yet desire to possess that Christ, to be that Christ, to enjoy that Christhood and with it to yet pursue some of the private paths which indeed may increase attainment but may not increase the path of Christhood for others.

"Thus you see that when all other surrenders are in the valleys behind you and you stand on the mount of that transfiguration and you stand in the glory of Easter morn, you recognize that from the mount of transfiguration unto the mount of the Holy of Holies of the Resurrected Self there is
a unique path to be walked. It is the surrender of that Christhood that you have attained."

See Mother Mary, 1980 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, no. 27, pp. 165-69; Mother Mary, April 17, 1981, “The Offering of the Rose of Sharon: The Hour of the Mother’s Crucifixion with Maitreya Attended by the Avatars Lord Jesus and Lord Gautama,” 1981 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, no. 17, pp. 203-8; and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “The Mutuality of Self-Transcendence in Mercy’s Flame,” Kuan Yin Opens the Door to the Golden Age, Book One (1982 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 25, Introduction), pp. 40-43.


"Thus, beloved, it is perfectly in order for you to bring those [song and rosary] tapes to areas of pilgrimages around the world and to sell them, necessarily, to cover your expenses. It is perfectly in order to see where you can give [them away], where you can place them [in religious stores], where you can sell them so that there is a net of light of antahkarana of my Heart through your hearts. For your hearts are converging with your Christ Self and tying in to many devotees upon earth whose profound devotion to my Heart has caused them to accelerate on the Path. I desire to see you also attain that acceleration. Measure for measure as you give, I give of myself [to you and to millions whom I can reach through your heart when you regularly give the rosary].

"Let there then be the turning to my Heart in this hour. For I would have you know, beloved ones, that although the Roman Church has chosen to designate my ascension as the 'assumption' into heaven, I announce to you in this hour that I did indeed make the 'physical' ascension.

"Know this to be true and therefore follow in the wake of my garment. Nestle your little footprints in my own and walk closely behind me that you might be carried up in the garments of my ascension flame and you might also aspire to this event in your lifenot that it is an absolute necessity, but by your call to the resurrection flame and your balancing of the yin and yang forces in your four lower bodies, this may indeed come to you.

"Do not seek it out of pride. Do not seek it for any other reason except to fulfill the Law of Love. There is a path to the physical ascension, as Enoch has told you, as Rex and Nada and Bob and Pearl have explained. So it is true that some have taken that ascension and therefore marked a mighty cross of white fire in the earth that others might achieve the same."

Mother Mary

"Now we come to clear the way for the coming of Archangel Michael and his legions of blue flame! Some upon earth have formed the Blue Army for the protection of the Mother and her children. They have sensed the vibration of the blue-flame angels in their midst, and their devotion is unto the Hail Mary as the great instrument to defeat World Communism in the battle of Armageddon.

"Commendable indeed are the works of souls uplifted unto the vibration of the Virgin Mary, whose purity of heart has enabled them to see the extraordinary protection afforded by the science of the spoken Word in the giving of the adoration to the blessed Mother of Christ. Truly, entire legions of fallen ones, bent on the destruction of Christianity and the governments and economies of free nations, have been turned back by the blinding light invoked and sustained through the ritual of the Hail Mary.

" . . . Let the new-age rosary of Mother Mary be accorded the place of honor in the homes of lightbearers that they would give to the Blessed Virgin herself. And let the Child’s Rosary, a gift from Mother Mary to her children this Christmas, be both a devotional offering and the means of the edification of the little children in the sacred scriptures of the apostles of Christ.

"Let the little children and all advancing in the decades of Life’s opportunity daily blend their voices nation by nation, chorusing with the angels of God who cry with one breath, 'Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!' and themselves gather here and there to celebrate the Hail Mary as the adoration to Life as Mother, as God, as the soul suspended in the womb of time and space."

Archangel Gabriel
December 17, 1978

"If you could see what the Messenger sees, I assure you that you would make this calling, this election a daily priority in your lives: to offer the calls to the violet flame and the rosary to Saint Michael the Archangel and to Mother Mary. Recognize, beloved, that it will take millions who will invoke the violet flame to transmute world karma.

"Thus, we who have waited long can wait no longer for the Church to receive a teaching, to send it forth and to use it! O beloved, the power has been in their hands and many years ago they could have taken the mystery of the Chart of the I AM Presence and placed it upon every altar. I tell you, beloved, we have wept at inner levels. And the cause for the tears on the statues of Mother Mary are for the sorrow in her heart that the release of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain has not turned the world around and prepared the way for the entering in of a golden age."

Therese of Lisieux

"I come, therefore, on a singular mission from our Father, once again as the handmaid of Helios and Vesta. And the Father has said to me: 'Go, beloved. Go, beloved Mary. For I place in thy Hand the rod of authority for the utter annihilation of world atheism known as World Communism and solidified in a political and economic conspiracy against my own. Go, beloved Mother! Go, beloved Mary! For in thy Hand is my Power to overturn that system complete.'

"Thus, I am here. I am here in the physical octave in the name of Saint Germain, my beloved Raphael. And the blessed ones Jesus and Magda have said, 'Our dearest Mother, we will not send you alone. We will stand to your right and to your left as the bodhisattvas of the Buddhic light within thy heart. We will come, we will be there, and we will teach thine own the mystery of thy word and thy presence and thy womb. We will teach at all levels. We will permeate the planetary body with thy presence! We will form the nucleus, by our twin flames, of the circle of light of the universal Camelot, the universal One, for the healing of earth, the purging of earth!'

" . . . Beloved ones, the force of the rosary when spoken at dawn is a sealing of the planet in walls and walls of Light—and They Shall Not Pass! They Shall Not Penetrate! and the little ones shall know the Day of the Sun. May the implementation be the sign of the wise, the joyous, and those whose hope transcends an age of cynicism, defeatism, and all of the sordid that has ever come forth out of the pits of Death and Hell in the name of world socialism.

"I raise my Right Hand, therefore, in the release of the Judgment of the Cosmic Virgin, the cosmic force of Omega passed through your hearts, delivered by angels:

"You! fallen angels, reprobate ones. You! who have gone forth from our Father’s kingdom, you who have slain Woman and then her offspring. You! who have challenged the living Word and crucified my Son:

"I AM the Presence of the Mother Universal. I drive back by the lightning of the Sun this day, and the full force of the Sun behind the sun, all which you have ever sent forth as that hatred, and hatred multiplied, of the universal Word and your envy and your lust and your revenge.

"Be! it upon you in this hour in the full force of the clap and the thunder of the Cosmic Virgin who does rescue her own and raise on high the Universal Manchild that He may live in the hearts of all.



"I AM in the heart of the saint and the child and the supplicant—the votive. I AM the indivisible Word, the Shakti, the force of the creative Power. I release it to devour all! of your works, all! of your planetary schemes. Their matrix is collapsed in this instant.

"By! the Power of the universal Mother-force, by! the Power of the Great Central Sun, I AM the rainbow rays of God, I AM the Light streaming forth, touching every race and nation, touching with the Light of the crown of the Cosmic Virgin every child of God, every son and daughter.

"Those who lay on the battlefield of Life because of you!—they are raised up! You are judged and bound! for the shedding of the blood of man, woman, child, and beast. Thus, you and your warfare, rolled! up therefore, is collapsed—the scroll thereof in the etheric plane, the mental belt, the astral. And by the Decree of the Word of the Holy Spirit in the Father and the Son manifest
in the disciples of the living Word worldwide, your civilizations and schemes and forces and darkness and armies shall crumble!

"And my angels are the living Shield. Tempt them not! For to tempt them is to invite the wrath of the universal Kali.

"I AM Mary the Mother. I come for the vindication of all sons and daughters of God.

"By the Mother Flame does the Judgment go forth! Take heed, then, ye fallen ones! For the Judgment has descended in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, but the era of the implementation of the Judgment of the Woman and her legions of Light is come. And this is the sign and the trembling in the cup of the Judgment in the physical octave such as not been seen before.

"You think by the same subtleties of temptation you will cause my own to forget the rosary. Well, I tell you, they have not forgot the Judgment Call of my Son. They have not forgot! And by its very repetition, the cycles have turned. You! have come to naught. Your! darkness does not prevail.

"And therefore, the Mother steps through the veil. And the Mother of the World is come in the flesh, in the blood of Her own children. You cannot defeat Her, for She is everywhere universally, even in those whom you think are your own slaves—those of my heart of Mother Russia and China and Poland and Czechoslovakia and Hungary and Nicaragua.

"You think they serve your cause. Look again—for they, too, are the fiery saints! And they will turn and rend you, and your armies shall be decimated and your ranks shall be no more. They shall be divided and they—they shall desert the slaughter of my own, their own.

"In other words, you! have no Power! For the Power you have used is the Power of the Universal Mother. It is withdrawn from you this day. And no stimulus of Hell or Death itself or of the dead/wounded shall be to you any longer the staying of the Hand [Judgment of Mother Mary] by their life-force, which you have drunk as their blood, against the Day of Reckoning and the Day of the Judgment.

"There is no time or space allowed any longer for that karma-dodging. The act and the reaction of all Cosmos to that act are one and the same. In the very hour of thy infamy and blasphemy, you! thou fallen ones out of the pit, shall know the descent of the Word of the Woman.

"Thus, out of the mouth of babes and children and youth, of heads whitened with years and eyes ready to close in this octave, the Word shall yet go forth. And the single word spoken—'They shall not pass! In the name of the Cosmic Virgin, It is done!'—shall be enough. And the Right hand shall be unto you all! of your Death and Hell that you have ever besmirched Cosmos with.

"I AM Mary, and the hour of the Woman clothed with the Sun is come. Know, then, O devotees of the Mother, that truly thou art in the Mother, thou art the Mother and the issue of her womb. By myself, my handmaid, and know truly the victory and God-Mastery of the Feminine Ray through the God nad Goddess Meru."

Mother Mary
August 26, 1984

"I therefore commend you now to the giving of my rosaries, for through those rosaries I can multiply, many million times over, the light released to you. It is an exalting experience and accelerating. For some it is a luxury, a luxury that you never quite find time to engage in.

"Blessed hearts, even if you allow the rosaries to play while you sleep, it is better than not giving them at all. But wonders upon wonders could come through you and to you in this community, including the swelling of the ranks of the Church, if you would keep the perpetual novena of one person, at least, giving my rosary each hour continuously.

"Let us see, then, and prove what the Divine Mother through me can do for you, what Omega can do, remembering always that it is the sacred fire, the fourth ray of the Divine Mother whereby the sacred fire of the Kundalini is raised up and you are restored to wholeness, twin flames are made one—body, soul, mind and spirit, all made one. Let harmony be a power that overcomes all discord in you. Let the power of God-harmony be the sign by which you conquer this day and always . . . "

Mother Mary
POW Vol. 47 No. 32
August 8, 2004

Holding the immaculate concept means to hold the perfect image of the Christ for another soul or for oneself or for an organization or activity, even for a nation or a planet. This is the immaculate image that we hold in our mind and heart even as our Holy Christ Self holds it for us.

The masters and their messengers have also made it clear that holding the immaculate concept does not mean that one becomes a doormat to another's wrongful actions or that one does not correct a wrong or take action in the physical plane. It does not mean that we ignore another's activity that is detrimental to himself or others or allow that one to step on us or behave inappropriately.

We take action as needed, give correction as warranted but we continue to uphold the immaculate concept and see in our mind's eye that one acting in the highest good for their soul. This is what the masters do for us and this is what we can do for one another.

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