Beloved Saint Germain - February 17, 1980

The Economic Survival of the Nations

My Noble Hearts,

Many years ago I called my minutemen and women in the service of the Great I AM to the upholding of the cosmic honor flame in the heart of America-that promised land unto the chosen ones who are of the I AM Race.

What is the I AM Race? It is an evolution of lightbearers who have not lost the memory of their God consciousness nor of the person of the Ancient of Days. Though some of these have gone astray of the path of initiation under Sanat Kumara, yet one and all retain the inner memory of the individualization of the Godhead identified to Moses in Horeb as Jehovah, the God of Israel, the self-proclaimed I AM WHO I AM. <1> This teaching and this dispensation are for the quickening of the soul's memory of the I AM Presence in those men and women who are called upon to hold the balance of the age.

There are other lifewaves and evolutions upon earth who do not retain the memory of the individualized God flame for various reasons. Upon earth today there are entire evolutions who rebelled against God so long ago that they have spent literally aeons adapting soul and psyche as well as the vehicles of consciousness to the anti-God made in the image and likeness of the originators of the Great Rebellion. This anti-God is the synthetic self, the psychotronic, psychotic self, if you will, which assumes the proportions of the dragon and the beast <2>and is called the human ego.

Their God is the human god, their philosophy is humanism, their emphasis is on human relationships devoid of the Christ. Thus the soul's interaction with the living God, the blessed I AM Presence, is replaced by the substitute self. Not only neglect but many layers of volcanic ash, hardened, calcified, have separated these lifewaves from the origin of the Word. The periodic eruptions of the anti-Self, amassing greater control over the human consciousness, only widen the gulf and harden the heart against interaction with the blessed Mediator.

This way of life is so engrained in so many upon earth that for all intents and purposes they can no longer be considered a part of the I AM Race, though they too had their beginning in God. These individuals now feel threatened in the presence of the devotees of the Shekinah glory, for the glory of the Lord that flows freely through the heart and mind and soul of the true lovers of God's freedom is indeed something to contend with when the proposition of life as human existence consists of nothing more than the mere dragon of the anti-Guru and the mere beast of the anti-chela.

You wonder why I speak thus? Well, my beloved, it is because millions cry out to God in these days of planetary upheaval. The devout seek answers to the searing questions of an enigmatic existence. But these answers are not so simple. And if they were, the simplehearted would have long ago resolved the equations of life and death, war and peace, disease, poverty, famine, and self-annihilation.

Thus while some proclaim the simple truths of Christ as the answer, millions are slaughtered through the relentless march of World Communism while others, most especially the precious youth of the world, are brainwashed by a scientific humanism to center their lives in the synthetic self in place of the real God Self, I AM. And the death of the soul is more final than the death of the body.

We submit that it is the understanding of the simple truths as well as of the miracles of Christ that will provide the key. And when men think they have understanding and have it not, when they think they have the Holy Spirit and entertain instead the discarnates of yesteryear, how can the solutions of the ages be applied to the current crisis in the economy?

I join the chohans of the rays in addressing you on matters of immediate concern to the Great White Brotherhood. Once again I call minutemen and women of the hour who will recognize that it is not enough to know the law of the I AM Presence or to have an acquaintance with the ascended masters and their teachings. Indeed I call to you who count your life's devotion to me and the sacred cause to be engaged in the implementation of the Word, hour by hour.

Minutemen and women of Saint Germain, I call to you to consider that the state of the economy of the United States of America is so acute as to jeopardize the divine plan of freedom not only for this nation but for every nation in the world.

Few among the religious of the world have come to grips with the reality that every avatar has come not to condemn but to enhance the consciousness of the abundant life. <3> Life that is abundant is life which engages in the free flow of light between the nucleus of the Atom of Being, the Great I AM, and the soul who elects by free will to serve on the periphery of the Great Atom of Selfhood.

The abundant life is the standard of the personal Christ and his Christ consciousness, which mediates between the white fire core and the one who chooses to be the open door of that light midst earth and her evolutions. Members of all religious bodies ought to realize that the platform of the soul's evolution from lifetime to lifetime is most surely threatened by the strategies of the fallen ones who manipulate the law of supply and demand and the economics of the nations.

If the religious leaders of the world in every faith would recognize their responsibility to ensoul the Christ light and to teach this meditation upon the indwelling Person of the Word, they and their members midst the body of believers could hold the balance for the ebb and flow of the spiritual/material tides of light, energy, supply, and God consciousness made manifest as the daily necessities of life.

So many have never perceived the real mission of the avatars of East and West to unite the children of the light under the Tree of Life, the blessed I AM Presence, whose fruit is for the nourishment of souls as well a s the initiation of the Christ consciousness and whose leaves are for the healing of the economies of the nations. <4>

I AM Saint Germain and I summon the stalwart to consider the critical condition of inflation in America today side by side with the manipulation of the free market and the community of the Holy Spirit.

Many who express their opinions in economics today are no more qualified to run the economy than the run-of-the-mill religionists are to analyze and preach the mysteries of the sacred scriptures of East and West. With a few courses in Keynesian economics and Marxist socialism, mere amateurs approach the subject of the nations' money systems, a balanced budget, taxation, and the financial burdens of a federal bureaucracy as though they were experts in the science of supply.

Inasmuch as the real laws of economics and the God-solutions to the international economy are not to be found in the most elite schools of the day nor in the minds of the experts (if they were, we should have no problems of such immense proportions), it behooves the children of the light to systematically study the disease of inflation and to invoke the God-solution and the God-science to this cancer of the economy before the very life-force of the free peoples of the earth is devoured by its tentacles.

May I suggest that, to begin with, honest and responsible leadership by noble hearts be seen as the necessary fulcrum. A part of the problem as we see it is that those who are in the position to pull the purse strings of America are often those with a vested self-interest who lack the spherical vision of a very complex problem whose solution would be forthcoming out of a profound understanding of the simple truths and basic principles which are the foundation of the law of the abundant life and of the sacred labor.

The system of political parties and frequent elections, though designed to preserve democracy in a republican, representative, form of government, makes severe demands upon those seeking office. In order to be elected, they must secure the popular vote. Inasmuch as the control of inflation and the cutting back of government spending must affect vast segments of the people adversely, it is never a popular cause for politicians to preach the real cure for inflation, which is the sacrifice of immediate gain, inordinate profits, and even the life of leisure for the long-term gain of prosperity and the sound management of the nation's government and business based upon the realities of the money supply and the resources at hand. Thus those seeking election are unwilling to place before an uneducated populace the gravity of the issue or the consequences upon all of the people of the real solutions.

This generation of Americans and their prosperity is built upon the credit system. The increase of the money supply has created an unreal concept of the abundant life. While some have become millionaires through inflation, others have been robbed of the fruits of their sacred labor. Thus the synthetic self has built its synthetic economic system, and the illusion of a materialism without God and of mechanization without the presence of the Holy Spirit has produced a wholly unreal consciousness of the abundant life.

The surfeiting of the people in consumer products bought with unsound money unbacked by a gold standard has produced a profound insecurity in the American people, a subconscious resistance to take the responsibilities of living and working together in the cosmic honor flame to produce the abundant life that is the only true foundation for a golden-age civilization. Though it is unnatural to the children of the light to expect something for nothing, to expect others to pay their way and to indulge in surfeiting in nonessentials, this has become the mark not only of Western civilization but also of those in the Communist bloc nations and in the underdeveloped countries.

Materialism is a disease which is as debilitating to the human spirit as is that of Communism. Both of these products of the minds of the manipulators have affected millions of lightbearers, and their acceptance of the philosophy of the Serpent has left them in a euphoric nightmare. Their psychic peace, the product of their psychological separation from the I AM Presence, has left them nonthreatened in an era when all around them, permeating the economic crisis of the decade, are the most threatening conditions to the human spirit which have ever existed in modern history.

Those who sleep on in their nonthreatened state of unawareness are the greatest enemies of the people and of the outcome of the destiny of the United States. These perpetuators of the false peace who preach their "all is well" doctrine while applying a few Band-Aids to the gaping wounds of the nation's economy are the false pastors who must be replaced in this urgent hour of world need by true shepherds <5>who will have a humility to apply themselves first to God and God's laws and then to a new science of economics that is neither Marxist nor Keynesian but rather Christic in its orientation.

Inasmuch as all laws of economics proceed out of the sacred labor of the heart, the head, and the hand of the people themselves through their interaction with the Holy Spirit and their integration with the personal God of Israel, I am summoning as my disciples in the field of economics the fishermen, the farmers, the workingmen and women of America, the laborers-those who are the pillars of a great society that can yet be realized if they will put their hands to the plow of the Great Plowman and have respect for the Ox who treadeth out the corn <6>even as He bears the burden of the karma of the world economy.

Let those who are still tethered to the reality of the sweat of the brow and the work of the hands, those whose minds have not been taken over by intellectual theories that have no relevance to the heart or to the practicalities of life come forward then and begin anew an in-depth probe of the history and the law of cycles which have governed the economic policies and the consequent rise and fall of nations. Meanwhile, let those who have made certain philosophies of economics their religion and their proponents their gods be deprogrammed from the synthetic self with its synthetic systems that have never worked and never will work, except to destroy those who espouse them.

Let us proceed from the empirical method. Let us disallow what has not worked and let us allow what does work. Communism is the dream of the fallen ones who would escape the consequences of their karma and of their neglect to integrate with the source of all life and abundance. It is not viable because it is inconsistent with cosmic law which operates independently of men's theories or their mockeries of divine justice.

The manipulation of the free market and the free governments of nations through monopoly capitalism or corporate socialism will not work. It destroys individual creativity and snuffs out the fires of hope that ever rest in the heart of the individual as the desire to be self-sustaining in God. What will work? Well, I say, that remains for you to discover. But I will tell you this-it begins with the fundamental principle: Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap <7>; and its corollary: Whatsoever a man soweth not, that shall he not reap.

There are too many people in every walk of life who still want something for nothing and they are willing to espouse any economic philosophy that will deliver to them immediate pleasures and material prosperity. These are not noble hearts but they whose names go down in history as the ignoble and as the destroyers of the abundant life of the soul.

Let the government and the people learn to live within their means, and let the real value of goods and services be based upon the theory and the altogether practical application of the law of the sacred labor* performed to the glory of God who is resident within his humanity.

Let the value of life rest upon a gold standard that comes from the golden rule, which is the principle of the divine economy-do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This golden rule is applied to the gold of the heart, the golden wisdom that serves the needs of the community through love-applied love that becomes compassion, charity, and the sharing of the joys of the abundant life with those who entertain the impoverished sense.

If you ask me why the economy of America is in such a disastrous state, I will tell you that it is because not enough people care for God or for one another. They see solutions only in terms of more money and more government control and the regulation of life. But without heart or attunement with the threefold flame of Life that is the spark of each one's divinity, the light of God does not flow to meet the needs of the people.

This week you have received my Valentine of old-"A Call to Hearts of Gold." Included in it is my mantra for the healing of the economies of the nations, "I AM the Light of the Heart." It takes many hearts to make one great heart of light that becomes the heart of a nation-just as it takes many drops of rain to form the mighty river of life and many souls serving as one to manifest the body of God on earth.

Therefore I enlist the sweet and simple souls who have adored my purple fiery heart for centuries while the exclusive ones have excluded themselves from my circle, for the path of simplicity of the heart has been an affront to their worldly wisdom. Let these children of my heart now rally as minutemen and women of the flame of freedom and take my mantra of the heart as a perpetual mantra that flows through the mind even as it flows through the arteries of commerce, business, banking, and that Federal Reserve system which is the "non-reserve" of the nation's money system.

You have heard of the perpetual prayer of the pilgrim of God. You have heard of the Indian gurus who recommend to their chelas the recitation of a single mantra hundreds of times a day as they go about their normal activities. "Pray without ceasing" <8>is the answer that I give to those who cry out for deliverance from the oppressive weight of the top-heavy economy.

Take this mantra then, my noble of heart, and alternate it with that old-time favorite to Helios and Vesta, to the sun center of the flow of the abundant life, and let us see what we can still do to stave off impending destruction.

There are some economists in America who have seen the dangers for years. They wonder why the collapse has not already occurred. I will tell you, my beloved. A little violet flame goes a long, long way. Legions of light multiply your calls to the violet flame hour by hour and apply the sacred alchemy of the law of transmutation to the problems of the economy.

Angels of the seventh ray and "experts" in the application of the law of Christhood to the day-to-day problems of economics are working diligently at inner levels to heal the wounds in the body politic of the nations. Thus we repeat that it is in the influx of the sacred fire in an accelerated and rolling momentum of the violet flame invoked by Keepers of the Flame, as well as in specific calls for the economy, that the answer is given.

Contrary to all of the powerful opinions of the worldly, it is in fact the light of the devotees of the ascended master teachings as well as the light of the pure prayers of all children of God that today holds together the inter­national economy. We seek to translate this light into a practical and effective plan for a new economic foundation to be implemented in the United States and in the nations of the earth.

This calls for a massive education of the people, the overturning of the most cherished systems because they are not of God, and a banding together of those who see through the seed of the serpents who have gone forth to destroy the souls of the people through the destruction of their economic base.

Let the faculty and students of Summit University gather at Camelot and the Ashram, as well as in our teaching centers and homes of light, to begin to tackle these most pressing problems. Minutemen and women of the light, let us place the magnifying glass of the mind of God upon all financial affairs. Let there be an exposure of the truth and of error. Let the people be educated so that they might follow the candidates who have the courage to tell the truth as to what is the necessary course of action and what will be the disastrous consequences of neglect.

And to those who would hear me discourse on more pleasing subjects of esotericism I say, Come off of your meditation pads and get out of your ivory towers! There will be little to discuss if you fail to apply your hearts to the problems of the world distribution of oil, wheat, food, technology, and gold.

I AM Saint Germain. And to all I say, Wake up! The hour is late and the future of Camelot hangs in the balance of the economic survival of the nations.

Yours for the alchemy of the sacred labor and for the binding of the manipulators of the abundant life on earth,

Saint Germain

I AM the Light of the Heart
I AM the light of the heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury
Of the mind of Christ.
I AM projecting my love
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.
I AM the power of Infinite Love,
Amplifying Itself
Until It is victorious,
World without end!

The New Day
by Vesta

Helios and Vesta!
Helios and Vesta!
Helios and Vesta!
Let the Light flow into my being!
Let the Light expand in the center of my heart!
Let the Light expand in the center of the earth
And let the earth be transformed into the New Day!

Messenger's note: Be sure that Saint Germain's mantra "I AM the Light of the Heart" is in your decree books and that you give it every day!

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