Beloved El Morya - November 28, 1996

"I Need You!"
Thanksgiving Day Address 1996

Beloved ones, I have heard the words of our Lord and I come from Darjeeling to be present with you in a most powerful manifestation.

Inasmuch as you have accepted me as your Guru, I take the liberty of focusing a point of acceleration within your four lower bodies. Beloved, you cannot undo this point without exerting extreme effort. And-just in case you are wondering-you are fully capable of holding onto and sustaining this coil of energy, this point of light, if you will it so.

This is a step-up in evolution for all souls who will fully and finally cast into the sacred fire their ancient momentums of criticism, condemnation and judgment, gossip and all manner of human nonsense.

Over the years I have pleaded with you. Yes, I have pleaded with you. I have cajoled you. I have given you of the very substance of my heart. Now I say: There is no room for dalliance when the future of a planet and her evolutions is at stake. You don't have any time to waste.

Fulfill your mission here or elsewhere. But do not forget that this is the place. Maitreya's Mystery School is your soul's launching pad (as the Messenger calls it), from which you will one day soar to the Sun of your Mighty I AM Presence. Yes, beloved, your ascent to God will be your point of victory.

Go out and resolve your karma if you must. Go out and learn what you must learn. But know that I, Morya, may not be here forever and a day, nor can any other Ascended Master promise you that. For cycles turn, and this is the meaning of "the shutting of the gate" and "the opening of the gate."

Some of you remember the sound of the iron gate shutting. Those who do not remember ask, "What gate?" I say, it is the gate to the kingdom.

Now, if for a moment you will put yourself in a neutral state of consciousness, I will allow you to hear how many times the gate to the kingdom was closed to you before you could enter in -- before your karma merited your passing through the gate to the heaven-world. And for want of merit you were left outside the gate to balance your karma before you would be given another opportunity-perhaps five hundred or a thousand years hence-to enter in through the strait gate, <1> never to look back.

I have asked you, my chelas, to hold steady the tremendous blue-ray decree momentum that you have stored in your four lower bodies as well as in your Causal Body. And you have done so. For this great gift that you have laid upon the altar of my heart, year in, year out, I am profoundly grateful.

The above notwithstanding, my beloved chelas, the Great Law states that there is nothing more that I can do for you than you can do and are already doing for yourselves. What you can do for yourselves is what you have been doing for many years and that is to give your blue-flame decrees daily, entwining them with your violet-flame decrees. And if you will consecrate your decrees to me, I will multiply them by the gifts and graces of God that you have already placed on the high altar of our beloved Church.

I am always ready to help chelas who help themselves-so long as they pay as they go. For at this stage of the game, as you can well understand, I cannot take upon myself the karmic indebtedness of my chelas. Nor is there any need for me to do so, because they have studied and applied the teachings of the Ascended Masters for many years and thus they are fully equipped to transmute their own karma through loving service to all life and the application of the science of the spoken Word to the glory of their Mighty I AM Presence.

Know my fire! Know my determination! Know my profound concern for the people of earth and for what is taking place in this very moment and for what may shortly come to pass. And so, if there be hope of escape from darkness as the long night of mankind's misqualified energy descends, it will come through the seasoned chelas who have been on the path of the First Ray for centuries. For it is they who understand the science of mantra, give their all-important violet-flame decrees for the salvation of the planet and are therefore empowered by the Word to call daily for the protection of the lightbearers and innocent children.

I, Morya, tell you that I touch bases with heads of state in every nation-with the wise, with the spiritual elite and with the humble of heart. And I tell you, they do not have the answers that you have as you are seated in this sanctuary.

They do not know where to turn or how to go about solving the simplest problems of life that have become so complex! And others who are in positions of power are more concerned with defending their turf than with providing real honest-to-goodness solutions to the political and economic challenges of the day.

I AM Morya. And I confide in you that these days are the toughest times I have known in my entire existence as an Arhat, as an Adept and as an Ascended Master. Yes, these are the times that try even the souls of the Ascended Masters!

For God's sake, don't go to sleep on me! Now is the time for you to wake up with the Buddha and to wake up with the Atman who lives within you and to thereby recognize that I need your every effort as you help me to transform millions of souls by the alchemy of the sacred fire-lest they be lost! For the effort that you put out allows me to care for millions who otherwise might meet a disastrous end.

You have heard it before but I say it again: We the Ascended Masters are not taking on new chelas. But we do continue to work with chelas of long standing who are our faithful servants, who have supported us and the mission of the Darjeeling Council every step of the way.

These noble hearts have applied our principles and teachings and in the process have molded themselves in the image and likeness of their Holy Christ Self. They are the chelas we work with. For, beloved, they do not take from our service but enhance it by being sensitive to our needs without our having to tell them to do this or to do that. And when they see our need, they supply it freely and lovingly.

When the Messenger tells you that I need her, she speaks the truth. And her determination to help me and to put all else aside in order to do so is a great support to me at this difficult juncture in my service to the Great White Brotherhood. I also ask you to help me even as the Darjeeling Council asks for your help.

Beloved, understand how few there are on earth today who are truly ready to meet the challenges of world karma. Likewise, remind yourselves of how few there are who are willing to set aside three years to help Saint Germain and the Great White Brotherhood mitigate the effects of that karma. <2>

Half a year has transpired since Saint Germain asked you to give him three and a half years. So now we are down to three years. Three short years, beloved! Please make them count for me and for the hierarchy. For if we do not succeed in that time frame, neither will you! And the Ascended Masters and the lineage in which the Messengers come will not succeed! If this comes to pass, then I say, this will be the terrible day of the Lord <3> that we have feared.

And therefore, beloved, we are determined that these things which could shortly come to pass shall not come to pass! And we shall work ourselves to the bone, as they say, to see to it that they shall not come to pass. And our top representatives shall be there, as many of our staff are there, night and day, working to make this Community what it should be: the foremost Aquarian age community in the world, bar none!

If I were to invite you to come to Darjeeling-and I do invite you to come in your finer bodies, escorted by Archangel Michael-I would seat you in the second and third rows around the Darjeeling Council table and you would immediately see how focused and intense is our work on behalf of the lightbearers of the world and humanity at large.

The intensity of our work, beloved, will not let up for years to come. And representatives of the nations, the saints and the Ascended Masters are in attendance at my retreat and they are glued to their seats. They stay and stay and stay, beloved, because they know what horrendous consequences could come upon the earth if the people of light do not wake up in time.

Therefore I say to you, Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up and put first things first! What must be first in your life is your determination to wholeheartedly embrace the path of chelaship under the Messengers and me. You will not advance without submitting to chelaship! And I will not give you of my fiery substance nor will any other Ascended Master give you of his fiery substance if you do not tackle your human creation.
One way or another, it must be done.

Either you break the momentum of your human consciousness or it will break you and you will find yourselves returning to planet earth again and again. I will not tell you when the Ascended Masters will retire for a time from their involvement with earth's evolutions. But I tell you this: You would be wise to take your ascension during the dispensation of our remaining centuries of service on earth.

Beloved, I have much to say. But I am come chiefly to deliver in you a fire that will devour your human selfishness, your human indulgence and your human nonsense! These three enemies cause me to place my hands over my ears and cry, Halt! Halt! I will hear none of this foolish chatter! Get on with the saving of a world if you intend to one day be an Ascended Master.

On this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, I bid you watch the film Peter and Paul, which recounts the journeys and the martyrdom of these apostles. May you be enfired to move with the Holy Spirit as they did so that in your day you may bring the teachings of the Ascended Masters not only to Christians but also to those of every religious persuasion. Therefore, I say, right the axis of the mission to bring to the world the true teachings of Jesus Christ, most importantly, the twin pillars of reincarnation and karma.

I am your friend. You are my friend. And I tell you candidly, beloved chelas around the world who are tuned in, I need you. The Darjeeling Council needs you. Now let us be up and doing. And let us become missionaries of the Everlasting Gospel <4> while there is time. Moreover, let us not be counted among

the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, [who] hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? <5>

Make your move now, beloved. For you may never have another chance to fulfill your God-appointed round.

I AM Morya. The love of my heart for you is intense, enfiring, and as great as great are the sun and the stars themselves.

I AM Morya.

Fight for your victory!

Fight for your victory!

Fight for your victory over self!

This dictation was delivered on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1996. (1) Matt. 7:13, 14; Luke 13:23, 24. (2) Set aside three years. See Saint Germain, April 7, 1996 (audiocassette B96056P), and July 4, 1996 (audiocassette B96148P). See also Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, April 6, 1996 (audiocassette B96053P). The price of each cassette is $7.50 plus $2.75 postage and handling. (3) Joel 2:28-32. (4) Rev. 14:6. (5) Rev. 6:15-17.

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