The Solidarity Madonna of Czestochowa


Elizabeth C. Prophet
during 'The Harvest' lecture

"Posterity—you will never know how much it has cost my generation
to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."
—John Quincy Adams
"I am not a diplomat . . . even less an intellectual. I am an uncouth man,
a worker . . . and I am a man with a goal to reach."
—Lech Walesa, Solidarity leader

". . . we have been behind the Poles from the very beginning. Keepers of the Flame of Polish extraction speaking Polish have gone to Poland with our rosaries.

"Our rosary tapes have been played over the loud-speaker in the Gdansk Shipyard.

"We have made many wonderful, personal contacts. Our heart flames have gone there. People have sent us gifts.

"I would like to hold up for you . . . a picture of the Madonna that was hammered out of a piece of copper that was material in the Gdansk Shipyard during the Solidarity uprising or better let's call it a revolution.

"It was made there and . . . the person who made it gave it to our Keeper of the Flame, Eva Tame, who went to Poland, to send to me.

"The little message on the back says a prayer to the Blessed Mother that this now the work of the hands of the people there, is going across the sea to a far-away land and that she might care for them as they have given this gift to us.

In gratitude for the rosaries and the charts of the Presence that were distributed by the hundreds in the Gdansk Shipyard, I also have a World War II medal, the most prized possession of a Polish individual, a man who wanted to give the most precious thing to him to me in the name of the Blessed Mother.

The Solidarity Madonna

"Here is the Madonna, fashioned in the Gdansk Shipyard and sent to us—the Madonna and Child. And the prayer that was written in Polish and translated says:

'Beloved Mother Mary, keep us always in your protective embrace although we are giving you away, our dearest Mother, to a far-off land across the ocean.'

"The letter accompanying it says that it is

'an amateur engraving of the Czestochowa Black Madonna, made during the September [1980] strikes in the Gdansk shipyard. There were only a few copies made by and for those who participated in the historical strike. The metal used was the remains of that used for building ships.'

"Isn't that a treasure of treasures?

"It's exciting to be Polish!

"I AM the guard of the victory of freedom and Light in Poland!"

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
The Harvest, October 12, 1981
audio B8176

The Madonna
fashioned in the Gdansk Shipyard
during the 1980 Solidarity revolution

". . . And so we know that we are tied very deeply to hearts of light in Poland.

"Portia came to me last year, and the greatest intensity of her heart and my heart was that we should not experience another Hungary, another Czechoslovakia, that the Russian troops should not enter Poland.

"That personally and collectively—we could not bear the slaughter of our brothers and sisters, the lightbearers of Poland.

"Beloved Portia showed me how we, at inner levels on the etheric plane—going in our etheric bodies, combining forces with the saints robed in white on the etheric plane—could line up our bodies by the millions on the borders of Poland, especially the Polish-Soviet border, and there present such an army of Light that the forces would not dare to penetrate or come through.

"And so night after night and day after day you, who serve with Archangel Michael's legions, have actually laid your bodies of Light as the protection of Poland."


Madonna of Czestochowa
the original

"I tell you, when all the world fails and all the Nephilim governments of the West will not come to the aid of the people, what have we left to give as a block to the Soviet tanks but our own bodies of Light?

"And these bodies of Light are given in the name of the Hungarians and the Czechoslovakians who placed their physical bodies before Soviet tanks [in 1968] rather than live to see their countries taken over.

"We feel the same about every country in Eastern Europe, and we are determined to keep on keeping on.

"I for one know the blazing Light of the Hosts of the Lord has actually blinded the eyes of the Soviets.

"And long before this day they would have entered, had it not been for the reinforcement of Sanat Kumara and his legions of Light.



The Solidarity Madonna

"You can make the call when you go to sleep at night—to be taken by Archangel Michael in your finer body to participate in this great wall of light.

"It is the true version of which the Berlin Wall is a perversion of what the wall is intended to be used for—to keep out the Soviets and not to lock in the free people."

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
The Harvest, October 12, 1981
audio B8176

" . . . cause great walls of cosmic light to be builded around the constructive nations of the Earth, around their homes, their governments, their armies and all of their constructive endeavors
—communication, transportation, hospitalization and all things connected with the welfare of mankind.

"I ask and I urge that these walls of light be constantly fed daily by the student body of this activity (through prayer, decree and constancy to the light). And I ask that these walls of light be called forth continually and maintained until this peril shall have passed from the Earth.

" . . . Truly when men play with this type of fire someone is very apt to get burned. And I hope that the mankind of Earth shall have learned a lesson—that if this peril be mitigated and pass from the Earth they will then build a God-society where freedom can stand and where the bulwarks of freedom will be so strengthened.

" . . . If this is done I am sure that an age of culture and enlightenment shall come to this Earth such as has never before been known.

"And then in that golden age we of the ascended master octave will be able to step forth and reveal to mankind all the hidden laws of nature and science which shall make of this Earth not a place of drudgery but a place where peace shall reign and be felt tangibly, even as I am projecting peace into this room this day."

Saint Germain
October 4, 1961

"In the midst of darkness the holy light of freedom is born. The candle shines out, and each day there is reborn within the heart of men the understanding of the value of freedom. Freedom is a light and hope to the world! Freedom is the courage that men gather from their own Divine Presence and the flame that blazes within their hearts.

"We come then this day to those who are friends of old and those who we hope are newly made friends to carry the torch of freedom in the heart of the world. The kindling of the flame of freedom in the beginning is today a torch that has been passed to your hearts and to your handsa torch
of action and of courage, a torch of understanding and a torch of reason, a torch that is never satisfied until it has pushed back the darkness and wielded those majestic thoughts of God within the fortress of the mind and heart that re-create, even in the midst of darkness, the memory of light.

"Many have died, beloved ones, for the cause of freedom; but we particularly in the name of Saint Germain wish to ask you today to stand and live for freedom. [Audience rises.] The sentiments we seek to evoke within your hearts are the sentiments of infinite purpose welded momentarily to finite purpose until that purpose can also fulfill the infinite purposes of God. Those who kneel in subservience may fail to apprehend the purposes of the Godhead, but those who kneel with the desire to be able to unify their heart with the heart of God will understand the meaning of sacrifice and of love.

"We have sought to evoke courage as never before in the hearts not only of the students of the light themselves, but of those individuals who abide yet in darkness even when they proclaim that they are followers of the light. There is a need for man to understand the differences between people, that whereas God made of one blood all nations to dwell upon the face of the earth, mankind, by the misuse of free will, has sought his own aims without understanding universal purpose. Won’t you please be seated.

" . . . I come then this night to bring to you a fountain of truth, to implant within you a new hope, to create within you a new spirit and a new faith that God in this age will through you bring forth and work hope anew, a tribute bright and filled with light to cherish both every day and every night. O beloved ones, let your hearts be lifted up! Let your spirits be lifted up! Let all things be lifted up! Let the world glow again with the fires of freedom! And let Saint Germain’s name be glorified within you, even as it is done.

" . . . As I stand here upon this platform with beloved Lotus by my side, I say to you, the tribute we bring of the light for America, as a brilliant light in the world community to help show the way to all, is today established anew. For each day, man can be raised to a higher plateau, a realm where progress is accepted as it is expected. I say to you, may the same victory that came to me come also to you and to the world. For out of this sense, out of this sense of beginningness, will come forth the proper end of the cycle; and all things shall be cleansed, rising as the phoenix of old into the air, out of the ashes of the present realm of chaos and confusion."

February 22, 1972

" . . . Your harvest must be by the action of the harvest sun. What is the harvest sun but the exact frequency of the light, the very light of Virgo becoming the light of Libra. Where the earth merges with the air, there is the appearance of the harvest sun. Let it be in your heart as a gathering sun. We expect, then, that you shall establish each morning with the dawn the focal point of the harvest sun, rich and golden and roseate—a sun that is warm and mellow, a sun center that is the most powerful magnet ever known for the souls of light to come Home."

July 3, 1976

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