Soul Travel

The Royal Teton Retreat
Cathedral Group, Wyoming

24-Hour Service with the Great White Brotherhood
through Soul Travel and Work out of the Body

Become the Master!
A Teacher and a Teaching
for Those Who Diligently Invoke the Violet Flame

I welcome you to my class at the Grand Teton. I call you to be my students. It is for a pragmatic reason. God has need of you, the world has need of you.

I would make you experts in going forth out of the body during sleep to perform works of valor and service. You may find yourselves serving with the Chohans of the Rays, then graduating to be among the legions of one or more of the Seven Archangels.

Blessed ones, those of you who are in embodiment and moving toward your ascension can do much good, for you may teach souls in their finer bodies who have misconceptions concerning the true Divine Doctrine and the true Divine Science. They may receive this teaching from you as brother or sister in the corridors of the Royal Teton Retreat after the classes that are taught by the Chohans or even by the Messengers [have adjourned]. Thus, beloved, you may comfort and console, share mighty truths that will filter through when the soul returns to the body and [that will] assist that soul in overcoming the prejudices of the intellectual mind.

[We,] the members of the Great White Brotherhood, are working together to use many ways and means that are at our disposal to contact the souls who are receptive, who could be receptive, who can be brought onto the Path. May you pray fervently for these souls while you are in the physical body and may you work earnestly with them when out of the body.

There is a certain adeptship and a certain self-mastery that must be gained [by you] in this course, and I am the teacher assigned by the Darjeeling, Indian and Royal Teton Councils of the Great White Brotherhood to perform a service [of helping you achieve that goal]. I have had a great deal of success with souls who have applied themselves earnestly. And you would be amazed, beloved, how the services that you [will be able to] perform, [when you shall have successfully passed your tests,] can increase your opportunity to balance karma. Thus twenty-four hours a day you may be balancing karma by rendering service to life.

I have the attainment from Atlantis of having been a scientist, beloved, and I have employed the methods of precipitation for ten thousand years and more. I seek to show you how to bring into manifestation the Light from realms above. I seek to show you many things whereby you may better organize yourselves, make better use of time and energy, and have greater access to the consciousness of your I AM Presence.

I come with my twin flame <1> in this hour, beloved, for we work together in this service. We worked with the students of the I AM when Godfre and Lotus <2> were serving this nation. We continue to work with all students who will diligently invoke the violet flame.

It is a prerequisite, beloved, for that flame does clear you on a daily basis of those things that would otherwise prevent you from entering certain chambers of the Royal Teton Retreat. Those who do use the violet flame accelerate in their studies more quickly and advance, whereas those who do not have knowledge of it or do not use it are found in lower grades of classes, for they have not yet purified themselves.

Many consider themselves a part of the New Age yet they have not truly accepted Saint Germain and Portia, the twin flames who are hierarchs of this age. And therefore, though they are advanced in their thoughts and their perceptions, they have not advanced themselves in the purification of the auric field.

We can enter the aura of those [of you] whose auras are purified, and by making ourselves one with you [we] may multiply your works and your activities. You can come into congruency with the aura of an Ascended Master long before you have the full God-mastery of your soul. Thus, beloved, the violet flame is a gift of God for many purposes, and one of these purposes is to establish a point of transition between the place where you are now and the place you desire to be, which is the next level, or gradation, of the vibration of Light.

Thus, when your violet flame goes before you and precedes your coming to our retreat, we are always aware of it. You can be a thousand miles away or on the other side of the earth; yet, beloved, when your aura of violet flame precedes you, angels are alert, elementals gather to welcome you as that soul who does bring the most valuable gift of all that can then be shared with those lifestreams who come also of goodwill but are not connected to any teaching concerning the violet flame.

When you desire to step up the steps of the spiral staircase leading you home [from the seat-of-the-soul chakra] to the heart of your Holy Christ Self in the antechamber of your heart, then, beloved, you understand how important it is; for the violet flame takes you there, [after it first] cleanses you and prepares you [for the climb, facilitating your fusion with your Holy Christ Self]. The violet flame in your aura is seen by many souls who come to the retreat and [thus] they desire it [also].

Some of those in the outer octaves who have looked upon the aura of the Messenger with their psychic senses have been astounded at the tremendous manifestation of the violet flame. But those [among them] who have not been servants of the Light, many of whom come out of the East, have not been converted to get that violet flame for themselves. And in their hardened intellects and their spiritual pride, they have questioned the necessity for decrees; for they have not received that science of decreeing from the Divine Mother, although they profess to worship that Mother and do indeed recite her mantras.

Blessed ones, those of almost every segment of society and every religious conviction or none have some impediment or block to the essential elements of this path. We therefore determine, and I have been called to give you this message this night, that [inasmuch as] we desire [it, we shall] show you how to be the example[yes,] the example and the manifestation of the Light whereby seeing is believing. For those souls who have rejected the techniques and the Path and even the doctrine of the Ascended Masters must finally come to their senses and recognize that what is is, what is true is true and what they see clearly [in the auras of the chelas of the Ascended Masters] must be the results of right effort and a right science and a right religion applied.

Therefore, beloved, there is no greater teacher than the very best example, and we desire you to be that very best example. At the level of the soul, all souls on the planet read the aura of one another but this is not brought to the attention of the outer awareness. The emphasis upon intellectual development to the disregard and neglect of the soul and the heart and the spiritual senses surely has brought the pall upon civilization that you see in the very streets of this city and throughout the world.

These things need not be, beloved, and while there is yet time and opportunity I, Leto, make myself available to you. I have appeared to the Messenger in recent months with my commitment to come when she calls. So I make that commitment to all of you [to come when you call], as long as you submit your call to the will of God, as long as you remember that when you invoke a Guru, whether an Ascended Master or an Ascended Lady Master, you must be ready to take the answer to your call as God gives it through us. You must be waiting for that answer and know that the will of God is good and good for you and [that it] will lead you into all prosperity and righteousness.

Thus, when you think your prayers are not answered, be still and know that I, Leto, have heard and have answered. And the call has compelled the answer, but you have not been willing to recognize the answer as it has come to you because you expected an entirely different answer to come to your life.

Blessed ones, you have all played with blocks and built many types of buildings with your blocks as you were children playing on the floor. One thing you learned and that was that one block goes on top of the next and unless all are in place you cannot build your towers. Therefore each step of the Path must be seen as one of the building blocks. Lay the foundation of your pyramid well and know that that foundation must be solid if the superstructure is to endure and not crumble or topple.

Therefore the answer to prayer always gives you the next step, the key to the next block that must be put in position in your life. Were we to answer your ultimate prayer before the foundation was laid, you would come to naught and you would discover that it was an unwise gift and then perhaps in your anger [you] would demand of us as to why we had given you something when you were not ready to receive it.

Therefore search your souls to understand why things do not come into your life that you think ought to be there and look at first things first and seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, the right use of his law, and all these other things will be added unto you. <3> See that there are not missing links in your perception or in your actions or in your deeds or in your education or in your work or your service.

It is wise to take the three most serious flaws that you can identify in yourself and work on them and discover what blessings and Light may come to you if you will give up certain habits and conditions that you may have long thought were harmless but are not harmless at all. [Recognizing these] may be the very key to your understanding what is preventing you from attaining greater spiritual progress.

I am practical, I am pragmatic, and you will see that those qualities of [usefulness and effectiveness that are] mine are reflected in your Messenger when you seek lofty answers and yet receive the most down-to-earth and proper correction or message. Understand that I am not the only practical one in the universe. God is practical. Alpha and Omega are very much practical and that also means down-to-earth.

Someone queried the Messenger, “How can Mother Mary know about your new book?” And this individual was even raised in Catholicism. “Why,” the Messenger exclaimed, “of course Mother Mary knows about my new book. She knows everything, everything in the whole wide world!” This is the childlike understanding that God is in every Ascended Master and saint and holy one, and the omniscience of the Mind of God is there. And therefore, Mother Mary already knows all of the problems and burdens of that individual who has wondered how Mother Mary could comment on a book by the Messenger.

We are wholly God-identified beings, beloved, certainly not discarnates, certainly not spirits that “mutter and peep.” <4> We are in the Mind of God. We are in that Mind fully and totally and can access any information about anyone anywhere in cosmos. This is our service. This is why there is the necessity [for mortals such as you to congregate] among immortals [such as we].

Therefore you can count on us to bring to your projects (when you include us as a part of your “Master Mind alliance” <5>) the most specific information that you need in order to complete the project at hand, whatever type of project it may be that you are working onso long as it is consistent with the laws of God and with the will of the Cosmic Christ. We are there to help you increase in all ways. Therefore let all the ingredients be there.

When you as children were allowed to bake and cook and learn [the culinary arts] from your mothers and in school, did you not find out that if you left out the leaven, the yeast and the baking powder, the dough would not be leavened and the cake would not rise? Did you not understand that improper measuring and incorrect ingredients would not bring the prize at the bake show?

Blessed ones, the same is true with spiritual alchemy. These things are not so metaphysical. They are very much involved [in the application of the science of precipitation in all octaves]. Even as you have chemical elements in this octave, so there are counterparts [in other octaves], <6> and the science of a cosmos is vast.

As you contemplate the slides of the focuses of high spiritual places on the planet, <7> do you not see the alchemy that has gone into the formation of the mountains, of the lakes, of the earth itself and the crust of the earth and the interior? Elohim did create by the exact science of Matter to bring about this [manifest] form that is called planet earth for your habitation and home.

Truly you are fearfully and wonderfully made. <8> As science discovers the elements that make up the body and those things that bring about healing and those things that bring about disease, is it not a study [of causes and effects] at microscopic levels, is it not a study of chemistry? All this Elohim have planned that you might have physical vehicles to move in the physical octave.

If there is such precision in the handiwork of God, then I tell you there must be exactness in your own handiwork. Do not depart from the sense of science when you enter the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is all science, the science that embraces a cosmos, both in the mathematics and in the principles of physics.

So realize, beloved, that precipitation is based upon exactness. Exactitude is the call of the hour, the sharpening of the mind. You can have all things from God from the Great Central Sun if you will crack the formula. You will never crack it without love and without forgiveness and without the joy of the Lord in doing a service that will render benefits to life rather than glory to your human ego. You can rest assured that when you truly serve to set life free, beloved, God will give you many means to accomplish that end.

You have heard that Saint Germain has cut off the dispensation of further scientific releases to this planet until the people will cease using them to create war and the engines of war and cease selling or smuggling or giving away those secrets to an enemy that has vowed to destroy this nation under God. <9> Thus, beloved, there is coming upon this earth a time when there shall not be so great an abundance of invention for the very fact that invention by the science of God through Saint Germain must be entrusted [only] to those servant sons and daughters who will see to it that such things are not used for destructive purposes–destructive to human life and to the mind and the soul and the heart.

Consider the field of genetic engineering, beloved. It went wild and was rampant on Atlantis. Thus Atlantis was destroyed for the very process of genetically engineering crossbreeds between human and animal life. These things are happening today as scientists in their laboratories are again finding ways and means to create the so-called perfect human or animal robot to do their bidding. Blessed hearts, there is a crossing of the line where God says, “Thus far and no farther!” It has happened before. It will happen again.

And therefore let me bring to the Karmic Board fruits from among you and all servants of the Light who hear my dictation, fruits that show a diligent effort to apply the laws and science of God and the true doctrine of God to projects and to those [endeavors] that will bring about healing and the betterment of the race. Thus let it be, beloved.

May you pray diligently [for the protection of your alchemical work] no matter what your field of service. For the opposition to the Truth, to the true knowledge of healing, to the true knowledge of diet, to the true use of genetics, et cetera, is denied [by the forces of Darkness]. And when those forces are challenged by the Lightbearer who decrees for the true healing methods to come forth, I tell you, all of hell breaks loose; and the attack upon that individual who will raise his head to challenge material science is, and has been, ferocious. And many individuals have been persecuted unto martyrdom because of their efforts to bring about the freedom of the people from those diseases that are rampant, yet for which cures have already been discovered and are being withheld.

This is why it is important to meet in your groups to exercise the power of the judgment of the Son of God and of the Ruby Ray angels and of Mother Mary, the judgment of those who hold their iron grip on the field of health and healing and wholeness and many other branches of science, beloved, and therefore do not allow those inventions to come forth for the saving of energy [and] for the dispersing of the pollution of the planet.

All of the inventions of Atlantis, beloved, are the inheritance of the people of this nation, for the United States of America is Atlantis come again. And yet we cannot continue to accelerate their release for the abuses of those sciences in man’s inhumanity to man.

Take the matter of the pollution of the environment and the pollution of your lungs and of your hearts and even of your souls. These problems can be solved. And yet to guarantee sane and healthful life to the people is [neither the] desire [nor] the priority of the powers that be or of the fallen angels, who are concerned about their own well-being but are not concerned about the masses of the people [though they make pretenses], the people in whom there is truly the flame of God.

Therefore, beloved, I come to you and I have the sternness in my heart in this hour, even the fierceness, of the Great Mother Kali out of the East. And that fierceness should tell you that I am here to defend you against all enemies of your life, your liberty, your happiness, your freedom of religion, your freedom of speech and your freedom to exercise that science which can bring about a universal spirit of harmony and actually usher in, when joined to true religion, the age of Aquarius as a golden age instead of as a dark age.

I ask you to understand as never before that each one of you is an instrument in the process of turning this world around and bringing in that golden age. Comparatively few individuals upon this planet will accept and hear the word spoken through this Messenger. Yet all those who have heard, and some who after hearing have departed and not returned, hold promise to be links in the chain of being whereby that burden of the karma delivered by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse can be transmuted and those [negative] momentums turned around.

Blessed ones, you are a key, you are an absolute key to that balancing of the Light upon earth, to increasing the Light whereby the Light swallows up the Darkness itself. Do not think that you are no one, that you are worthless, that you are a miserable sinner. Do not think that you do not count. Every decree that you utter is taken up by angels and multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand <10> so that you can act for a million lifestreams upon the planet each time you make your calls.

This is reality, beloved, this is divine reality and this is physical reality and it can [and does] happen!

A few saints in past ages have made the difference and you can make the difference [today]. The only problem is that you do not consider yourself worthy of sainthood. I say you are fully worthy because God is in you! And when you deprecate yourself and when you disparage yourself, [making yourself] feel worthless, you are denying the God that is in you. And I say, shame on you for taking that posture! For God has given to you a great grace and a great ability, and therefore let gratitude and praise abound! And may you take this science of the Word as an empowerment, truly the empowerment, as great as that of any adept that might come to you from the Eastern chambers.

This very science of the Word itself that is yours by the gift of Saint Germain is an initiation transferred directly and personally to you by the Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius. You should appreciate what it means to have Saint Germain sponsor an entire lifewave to receive the violet flame. It is indeed a cosmic initiation. It must not be taken for granted. It is the elixir of life. It is the universal solvent. It is the key to your victory.

I, Leto, have spoken to you. May my alertness and my presence among you make you realize that I am with you always and [I am] very much concerned that all [that is God’s will for you] be fulfilled in your lives, especially those things that are on your hearts in this moment.

My beloved, I bring greetings to you from many souls of Light who are your brothers and sisters, evolutions of Venus and Mercury and from beyond this system who are gathering at the Royal Teton Retreat because they expect to meet you there. Will you take, then, the Ashram Rituals and take the Notes from Morya’s heart, <11> pursue them and see how quickly you can develop the facility of this “soul travel” and this work out of the body at night? [“Yes!”]

Think of how freely it is given, beloved. You have not had to enter in to a long trek to the Himalayas or an arduous journey fraught with danger in order to meet the Master. The Master has come to you! [17-second applause] Now you may become the master [of yourself] and you may come to many others who need you, who need you, who need you in this hour, beloved!

I am Leto, your teacher of Light and your sister on the Path. I, too, am a representative of the Divine Mother, and I bid you adieu.


This dictation was delivered at the conclusion of the Sunday, October 28, 1990 seminar at the Roosevelt Hotel. It is Event VI of a series of lectures and dictations given by the Messenger in New York the weekend of October 26-28. Event V is the Messenger’s lecture “On Dealing with Death, Discarnates and Malevolent Spirits, with Commentary on the Movie Ghost.” It is not published in the Pearls of Wisdom but is available along with Event VI on videocassette (2-1/2 hr., GP907) and audiocassette (3 hr., A90040). Events V and VI may also be purchased individually on separate cassettes.

1. Lady Master Leto’s twin flame is the Ascended Master Alexander Gaylord. The Magic Presence recounts how Alexander Gaylord, while yet in embodiment and working for the Brotherhood, went on missions with Leto, who had ascended more than three hundred years earlier. (See Godfre Ray King, The Magic Presence, 5th ed. [Chicago: Saint Germain Press, 1982], pp. 187-214.)

2. Godfre and Lotus. The Ascended Master Godfre and his divine complement, Lotus, were mbodied as Guy and Edna Ballard, Saint Germain’s Messengers through whom he founded the I AM Activity in the early 1930s.

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7. In a presentation entitled “World Service through El Morya’s Ashram,” which preceded this dictation, Erin Prophet Reed presented slides on sacred places and retreats of the Masters. The slides provide a spectacular eye view of the focuses to be visualized when you give the Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work (in Ashram Notes by El Morya). Focuses include: the Washington Monument, the Grand Teton, Victoria Mountain, the Taj Mahal, Varanasi on the Ganges, the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, Mount Kailas and Lake Manasarowar.

This event is available on a special 30-minute videocassette. Also included on the cassette, following Erin’s presentation, is a slide meditation of the sacred places and retreats of the Masters with “Evening Star” from Tannhauser by Richard Wagner as background music. Next is a slide meditation of the art of Nicholas Roerich with the “Raga Jhinjhoti” as background music. The Messenger is recommending that all who give the Ashram rituals of beloved El Morya obtain a copy of this videocassette to heighten your visualizations and to focus on your soul’s destination for world service each night.

The items on this cassette are also included on the videocassettes of Events IV, V, and VI but they have been conveniently packaged on this single cassette so that you may have the meditations on one tape.

8. Ps. 139:14.

9. The Lords of Karma have told Saint Germain, “No more scientific dispensations until the protection is raised up.” (See Archangel Michael, January 3, 1988, in 1988 PoW, Book I, p. 90.) This is not to say, however, that mankind will not continue to discover and invent but that there will not be the dispensations of sponsorship from the Ascended Masters as there have been in the past. See also Cuzco, December 31, 1988, and Archangel Jophiel and Christine, March 26, 1989, in 1989 PoW, pp. 13-14, 246-47.

10. On July 1, 1961, Lord Maitreya announced the dispensation: “From this day henceforward, every decree that you utter shall be increased by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand!” (1984 PoW, Book I, p. 63)

11. El Morya, Ashram Notes and Ashram Rituals booklet. The six Ashram rituals are: The Unison Ritual; Great Central Sun Ritual: O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World; Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God’s Holy Will; Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification; Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work; and Sacred Ritual for Oneness. These are recorded on two audiocassettes (total time, 2 hr.; A90028). See also 1990 PoW, pp. 431-39.

Published Dictations by Lady Master Leto
and the Ascended Master Alexander Gaylord
Delivered through the Messengers
Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet


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