Gautama Buddha - December 31, 1976

Release of the Thoughtform for the Year 1977:
A Golden Eagle from the God Star Sirius
Part II

This is the land, America. To us it is a miracle, ‘a miracle of life.’ It is that inner key to the fulfillment of all miracles and dreams and hopes of liberty. America–a miracle of the I AM Race. This is indeed the place where all shall return to the cause and core of dharma and the dhamma, the teaching, and the sangha. For here we will transfer Shamballa, here we will transfer that city of light one day. It will be the implementation now of a secondary forcefield, the Omega aspect of Shamballa, as the Alpha aspect remains positioned where it is, where it has always been in the Gobi Sea of light over the Gobi Desert.

And that motto of our retreat has never changed. It is Go Be. Go be! Indeed, you have heard the calls and therefore you have come to be Shamballa where you are. This is the mastery of space. Let it be. Let it be.

And now the angels of the Ancient of Days draw nigh. The angels of the Ancient of Days come forth. And the thoughtform for the year 1977 is upon us. Now there is the opening, the unwrapping of a very large box. The angels have brought and placed before the Buddha the gift of the Christ Mass. They kneel; they remove the wrappings and the ribbon. They remove the lid from the box and they place before me this thoughtform: A golden eagle from the God Star Sirius–the golden eagle that is the archetype of the deliverance of the sons and daughters of God that has ever been the symbol and the signet of Sirius and of the nations sponsored by the Four and Twenty Elders.

It is the golden eagle of America. It is the symbol of redemption. And so the gathering together of the eagles is the great gathering of those who are called and have been called of old for this hour of the victory.

And coming forth from the heart of this eagle is a diamond light. It is a diamond that is turning, and the light of the diamond within that heart is for the reflection of the light of cosmic spheres. Coming forth, then, out of that diamond is the very consciousness of the heart of God. In that heart is the flame of the Trinity that manifests.

Now is the return to honor, to the honor and the ritual of the Court of the Sacred Fire, after which the court of Camelot was molded. And so the mighty eagle that comes from Sirius, the golden focus of the return to the golden age and the age of the standard of gold, shall be in the heart of the earth and in the heart of the people. It shall be hovering without and within this sphere. As I am a thousand million Buddhas everywhere I am, so a thousand million golden eagles come as the multiplication of the gift by the Spirit of the living God descends now, even into your own heart’s chalice.

This is the gift of the thoughtform for the year 1977. It is that the Lord God has decided to place in the hearts of lightbearers that replica of the golden eagle that you might be walking, living emissaries of Sirius, that you might be serious in your calling, that you might bow to the Lords of Flame each day, Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Holy Kumaras and the Four and Twenty Elders and the four angels and the four beasts who are the forcefields of cosmic consciousness in the God Star.

God wills to live on earth, in earth this year in a very peculiar fashion through a very peculiar and precious people. And therefore, God places himself as a golden eagle. And so you see, when you walk the earth, should someone chance to notice that you are wearing a golden eagle in your heart, they will never suspect that it is God. And therefore, the merriment and the joy, the concealing within the eagle of the real and lively living flame of the Almighty One.

Do you not think that God has his joy–joy of being? And whilst you are in the way with man, will you not consider that if God can be the eagle in your heart, God can be yourself, all of you?

Now let us start to think as God thinks! This is the message that I bring. Too long have you limited your self-awareness. If you are suspended in a sphere with me, if you are suspended in the being of God, then I say, you are God!

Now go be. Go be that God without compromise. Do not be concerned with those who look for flaws, for even the flaws are God’s energy. And you may tell those who have perceived a flaw, “By and by I will transmute that flaw, and when I do you will not see me any longer!” For you see, the one who sees the flaw will not see the Christ that you become. Tsk, tsk. What a pity, what a pity.

Well, will we wait around and wait around until mankind can see the living God where we stand? We will simply laugh in the joy of the flame as we ascend on its currents. And I trust that you will remember the laughter of God, even the laughing Buddha, for the joy, the joy of the bubbling of the crystal of life and the flowing waters is continuous without ceasing. And the joy echoes and the laughter is reflected by the fairies and the elementals and the undines.

Let laughter ring! It is joy! It is New Year! Let us sing! Let us sing the new song, the new song of the New Jerusalem. <1> Let us sing of Camelot. Let us sing of Venus and of Mercury and of Helios and Vesta and of stars and stars beyond.

You can walk the earth and be the God Star Sirius and be the serious one and yet be full, be full of fun. Remember the fohat of union. The fohat of union–that is fun, that is the energy we release. There is the time to consider, then, the seriousness of life and the space to consider the seriousness of life, but always and always and always, when you find God in the stillness of the flame of Shamballa, you find the joy that is the overcomer of all problems, all burdens, all unrealities. In joyousness, then, let us go forth this year.

We have dispensations. We have gifts in our pack. As Saint Nicholas we come. We come with something for everyone. It is a year of the outpouring of the gods. Remember, this is the year when God has said, I will save the earth. I will come to earth. I will live in the heart of Mother and her child­ren. <2> What is there to fear? What is there to doubt? What is left but God, God, God?

In the awe of that flame, I AM Gautama, born of the sun, born of the stars, born of the wind. In the stillness of that flame in your heart, in the interval within the stillness of the flame, I AM the Buddha. Just as you see me here in this statue, I AM there. And I desire to anchor my light through this focus. And therefore, will you not place a replica of that focus where you can see me when you rise in the morning and see me before you retire in the evening? For I would wink at you. I would wink away the problems of the day and then I would smile and take you by the hand and say,

Precious soul, come with me.
Come with me to the promised land.
We have miles and miles to go and lots of light to reap,
Miles and miles to go and that dharma that we must keep.
We have miles and miles to go,
Across the pathway, through the snow,
Miles and miles to go
To visit now the God I know, I know, I know.

I know what the king is doing tonight. I know what the queen is doing tonight. I know where Launcelot is, and Morya. I know where Merlin stays. They are right here with me on this stage! Won’t you greet, then, the three who formed the dots, now, of Camelot. Won’t you greet the blessed ones who have sponsored you here upon this spot. [audience rises and applauds] To oblige the occasion they have come in full dress of Camelot. And so you see, the record writ in akasha remains. It remains sealed in your heart.

Let the golden eagles take flight, then, and let them carry within their breasts the memory–the memory of many shining moments when we have all come together in the flame and then by the rhythm of cycles gone forth to disperse again in time and space. And this is the moment of the return, the return of the eagles.

So let the record of all of our comings and our goings this year be filtering through your heart by the flame of Sirius and the golden eagle. And let it be that you might chart your course and see that all reality and the only place to be is here in Camelot.

In the flame of the New Jerusalem, I bow. I take my place and I move into the silence of the flame. To all, to all, to all–joy, joy, joy!

The above dictation by Gautama Buddha was dictated to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the New Year’s conference, Energy is God, in Pasadena, California, on December 31, 1976 (11:58 p.m.-12:32 a.m. PST).

1. Rev. 3:12, 21:2.
2. See “A Report from the Lords of Karma” by the Goddess of Liberty, given at Higher Consciousness, Washington, D.C., July 4, 1976, published in the Cassette Album A7650.

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