Beloved Saint Germain - July 6, 1984

A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator
“May You Pass Every Test!”


Devotees of the flame of my heart, I hear you! And I AM here—not there, but here—here at the nexus of that cross of white fire, here where time and space meet and cancel each other out.

Here I AM in the Heart of Infinity. And where the divine spark is, there is Infinity. Therefore, I greet you as the Infinite One and as infinite ones—one times one times one, ever the Infinite One.

Therefore, let the great circle of our oneness and our love can­cel out all division, all misund­erstanding, all ignorance, and every false testimony as in the case of the blind men and the elephant <1> —all giving varied reports of the same spectacle but never arriving at the point of reality which is the Heart: heart perspective!

I call you to that point. For centered in your heart, which is becoming my heart day by day, you can see all things as they are. For the true perspective of wisdom, anointed with love, enfired with the will to be all that God is, and blessed with the purity of the Mother—what else can there be out of this than the crystal prism?

Behold, I make all things new by the flame of the heart, by the vision of the heart, by the wisdom of the heart that is the end­less stream of the endless Source.

O my beloved, I am come and I am joyous to be here, joy­ous to bask in the light of Helios and your own hearts’ dear love. I see your perspective of freedom and I come therefore to give you another.

May you pass every test!

Beloved hearts, in my retreat this is the salutation upon meeting and parting—not “God bless you,” but “May you pass every test!” Is this not commendable and noteworthy of the devotees of my heart who are determined to follow in my foot­steps, not to make a rut in the road of life but rather to secure what the Master has gained? A worthy cause indeed!

Beloved ones, I come to present to you, then, a crash course in passing every test. [applause]

Thank you, beloved ones, let us begin. For I am determined that this trek upward shall have been worth every inconvenience and every penny! [applause]

You remember the joke that is told by Morya and Kuthumi making their treks to the home of light, to the feet of the masters—Morya being so intense about getting there and Kuthumi a bit more peaceful. And when they had arrived and when they had returned, for all of the perspiration and energy expended by Morya, it was Kuthumi who retained the message of the Master.

Thus, in all of your experiencing of the Path and all of that energy expended in getting here, I desire that the stillness of the moment shall provide you with a heart’s cup worth of flame and light and truly a blessing untold. It is my determination—because you love and love again and because you are deter­mined—that you shall not return to your homes the same as when you arrived! But you shall truly find yourself a new crea­ture after the violet flame.

Beloved ones, the reward for love is great. But those who deserve it often do not receive it because they are the ones who are the busy ones or the fighters—driving, working, serving. And there­fore, let us pause together. Let us be still, then, in these lower vehicles and let us feel the chakras shining as the seven Elohim, shining as the sun and the stars!

Let us expand consciousness now. Let us increase the circle of the aura. Let us realize that we are not these lower bodies but we are God-free beings using these vehicles to accomplish an end.

The means is not the goal, but the end is the star itself appearing. And therefore, let us not allow our ways and means to compromise the goal or to cause us to tarry or lose sight of the goal. The goal is the star appearing, the star of Aquarius that has appeared over the sun of my birth.

O beloved ones, the true star is the herald of the coming of the devotee, the Mighty I AM Presence of each one. Remember your star! And remember the star appeared in the hour of your phys­i­cal birth. Should it not appear now in the hour of your new birth in the living Christ—Christ of Aquarius, Christ of Pisces, Christ of the twelve hierarchies of the sun? All of these you are internalizing as the magnificence of the Great God Flame.

God in you is able! But do not, I pray you, adorn the human self, which the mortal is. As the grass, it is here today and gone tomorrow, and the mighty fire and the wind sweep through and it is no more.

Beloved ones, the course of perfecting the human is not the way. It is not the way of overcoming. Thus, if you are not inter­ested in perfecting the human, you can just right now drop that pride in your human self! Just drop it on the floor as an old garment! Beloved ones, it is as an oily, torn undershirt that you have worn too long. Do you not see, it does not matter? You are real God-free beings—divine beings now! You are immortal, and all else is illusion! Will you accept it? [“Yes!”]

Beloved ones, this messenger, as your Mother in form, does gaze upon you from year to year and rejoice in your victories and ofttime wonders and muses with me why, through all of the teachings given, you yet hang on to that supercilious conscious­ness of that human self.

Beloved ones, I come, therefore, to deliver this message in consultation with the messengers and Morya and Helios as well to pierce now the veil in your belief in yourself as mortals! This is my God-determination, this is God’s will, and I am here in the full force of hierarch of the Aquarian age to wipe from the very screen of life the law of mortality itself, which is the same law that sustains the serpent consciousness! Now do you or do you not want to continue to operate under the law of mortality with those serpents? [“No!”]

Then, I say, let us be done with it. We are free spirits. You do not have to wait until the hour of death, so-called, to know eternal Life. You are eternal here and now. This place is your eternal abode, and I speak not of finite coordinates but of this place as the point of the eye of the Mind of God—the seat of your consciousness.

Find that seat now. Feel it in the base of the brain and in the spine. Feel it in your heart! Feel it in your soul! Feel it in all of your being! That which you feel is God. It is God, I tell you! It is not some combination of physical senses. Nay! That awareness of God in yourself is something above and beyond the form, yet it registers on the form. It pulsates with life in the form. But the form is always the effect and the vehicle for experiencing that con­scious­ness which has been, always shall be, is here and now the eternal God!

Let them say what they will. I will say: Ye are gods! <2> And all of you are sons of the Most High—brilliant sons of Light! Now let us roll up our sleeves and go about shedding all shadow that has been accepted as the singeing of the garment these long ages. Beloved ones, it is like burnt toast! You throw it out the window and let the birds have it! [applause]

May you pass every test!

Can you not see in this expression and my posture the per­son of Maitreya peeping through? I am his guest, speaking at his Mystery School on his behalf for his beloved and my own.

May you pass every test! It is Oriental, n’est-ce pas? <3>

Beloved hearts, how do we begin? How do we begin to main­tain that God-control that allows for the rhythm of God to restore the balance before the human reaction—out of fear or anger or that teetering/tottering off balance?

Beloved hearts, the components are there in the dictations, the decree book, the Keepers of the Flame lessons. But, as it always is, the more vast the compendium of knowledge, the greater the requirement of the teacher to organize. Thus, I point to the Count-to-Nine Decree. <4> The “Count-to-Nine” given in the full fire of your heart enables you to regain the command of your auric forcefield that has been impinged upon, pressed upon, penetrated, invaded.

Thus, understand: sometimes when you suddenly feel a dis­tur­bance—you are taken aback, you have a shock or a sudden reaction to the actions of injustice of another—one of the rea­sons you momentarily lose your balance is because the normal flow of the aura has been disturbed, as though you would sud­denly agitate the waters.

Now, your aura is your sanctuary, and it is the sanctity of your God flame. Thus, before answering the demands of the car­nal mind—the questioning, the praying for favors, or whatever—reestablish yourself. Speak quietly, softly, and slowly. For in this way you will not engage into yourself the anger, the impet­u­os­ity, the upsetness of anyone around you.

You speak as I am speaking now: from the heart—from the seat of the heart, the point of the Buddha. You speak loud enough, in the sense of being strong and firm, so that the breath and the voice are not sinking like a shrinking violet of fear. You speak strong enough and firm enough and peaceful enough and power­ful enough so that God may use your voice to still your own aura and the agitation or the fear or the excitement of another. <5>

Be the calm presence in a vortex of calamity and activity, beloved hearts, and learn the way of the power, the immense power of peace itself. Thus, beloved ones, you ought to know by heart the Count-to-Nine Decree. You ought to realize that in a situation of upsetness it is necessary to take some deep breaths. For in the presence of anxiety, the heart begins to palpitate and people begin to breathe in a short-breath manner, thus adding to the absence of control.

You take a deep breath, you release it, you go to the heart, and you give no instantaneous answers, yes or no—no instanta­neous reactions or solutions—but quietly turn within. There are many ways of handling this. If someone is ferocious like a mad dog, you may say, “Wait one minute, please. I shall return momen­tarily.” [applause]

You see, beloved ones, the tests are flying full and sure. We want you to experience the sense of mastery, of dominion, the enor­mous pleasure of having finished a day and dealt with that force, that driving force of irritation, and conquered and risen above every foible of the senses directed against your heart.

They would steal your life. They would take the flow of love between us. They would break the bond by any form of anger or outrage. And they will steal from you your sense of worthi­ness, your sense of the mantle of being the disciple of Sanat Kumara. When they can destroy your dignity and you begin to feel like a moth, then you will also behave like one. And till you regain your self-identity, I must pause and wait again, won­der­ing just how long you will flit around the bulb of these serpent ones who have beguiled you into their auras momen­tarily.

Thus, beloved hearts, the soft answer turneth away wrath. <6> If someone is speaking to you in a loud and high-­pitched man­ner, adjust the tone and answer with the God-co­mmand. Answer with helpfu­lness. Try to solve the problem. Try to show the best side of things. Provide emergency care when it is needed. Keep your wits about you. And don’t enter the vortex of another’s anxiety, else you will become confused.

Remember that anything that seeks to taunt you from the seat of the Buddha in the secret chamber of the heart must be noted as the enemy—not the person necessarily, for it is often a loved one, but the force attempting to use that one. Thus, it is your challenge to liberate that one as well as yourself from the human nonsense of the moment.

May you pass every test!

Unless you center in the heart, which is the central sun of your being, you may find yourself tumbling on the periphery of the aura, which touches the world consciousness. That point, that outer circle of the aura, should always be a very intense blue—a blue fire of protection, which is also outside the tube of light. Now you visualize the violet flame in the very center of the tube of light.

But I would make the point that when you are bristling with blue flame this often antagonizes others because it is so power­ful and brings out the worst in them. Thus, the better part of wisdom is to wear the kid glove—that is, to put another layer of violet flame outside the blue to be a calming effect, to con­sume that which may rub against the aura or come at you. And if it break through the violet flame, then you have the blue-flame wall, then you have the power of the tube of light. And if diplomacy does not work, there is always the strength of the shield of Archangel Michael!

In the still and sweetness of the Light, I AM come.

Often it is a matter of stance. How do you hold yourself? Are you in readiness for the next delivery of God or thrust of the sinister force, or are you, as they say these days, “laid-back”? If you slouch, if you are laid-back, wide open, lounging around—the TV set is on, the ads are bombarding their rock beat, the cat is meowing, the dog is barking, the children are screaming, the phone is ringing—how do you expect, then, to keep your cool? It is a setup, but you have allowed it.

Now, you can maintain your calm in the midst of these things but not with a laid-back attitude, for any moment the pota­toes on the stove will burn and everyone will be in an argu­ment and, if you don’t watch out, yourself included. And then what have we accomplished?—a lost hour for Saint Germain and the vital work of Helios and Vesta; your own sense, “I will never become a good chela. I will never master my life.”

But, beloved ones, it’s a matter of one, two, three, four, five—a few simple requirements: Do not allow the family to be bombarded from all directions. Do not allow all these things to be taking place at once. Strive for communion with the heart. Feed the cat, put out the dog, turn off the TV set, make sure all is safe on the stove, and enjoy that circle of communion with God-determination that each member of your family or house­hold or friends shall have the opportunity, by your loving presence, to express something very important from the heart.

Now we come to the point of education, the education of your soul and, by your example, the education of others. There is unseemly conversation that quickly can accelerate into argu­ment. Avoid, then, that which is controversial when you already know you disagree on a point.

Why continue the argument? Each one having a right to his own opinion, let us discuss another avenue. For by another ave­nue, an approach to God or to art or to science, we may come to a point of agreement. Not as compromise but as agreement do we build the kingdom of God. Thus, we find the fun­da­men­tal points of agreement and build on these.

Whenever there is agreement in a principle of God, a nucleus is formed—a bond of love. And that bond of love actually begins to consume the area of disagreement and error which may be in the mind of your friend or may be in your own mind, for we ourselves must see our own misconce­ptions, n’est-ce pas?

Perhaps you have noticed on a number of occasions that by your words and actions you may have caused some great grief and burden. You may have brought in the dark clouds through nega­tiv­ity, pessimism, criticism, barking and clamoring and having your way. And on another occasion, by doing what you know so well how to do, everyone has come away feeling good, feeling satisfied, feeling equally loved and equally important, and enjoying supremely a soul-satis­fying evening or experience together. Thus, you see, the carnal mind takes pride in itself, in its ability to control and hurt and put down and best another, and to rise and puff up as the puffing up of the snake.

Yes, you can do these things, but I admonish you to choose not to do them—to not attempt to be the most important person in the room or the one who wins all the arguments or makes all the brilliant points. Far better to go within the heart, send love to each one, and encourage by your conversation some precious point of wisdom or expression to be forthcoming from another because you make it easy, you provide a point of relaxation and warmth. And someone who perhaps has had a much harder life than you, who has been silenced perhaps by great darkness through loved ones, can finally feel at home and free to speak with­out being criticized.

Beloved ones, assume that those who come to you are injured and maimed and scarred, for they are. They have been in many battles of life. If you find them ornery or thick-skinned, this is a defense mechanism they have set up for a very deep hurt. Heal the hurt, not in such an obvious manner as self-pro­claiming oneself as the healer—“Now I am going to do this for you, now I am going to do that for you”—but simply do it in the quietness of your heart. Learn to pray for people and not to prey upon them. [applause]

It is true, beloved ones. Much of the hurt, much of the cruelty expressed in the world today is the means of the indi­vid­ual wrapping up again and again that old wound, that sharp­ness. And thus, it becomes a very important point of the Law to apply to Almighty God for the healing of one’s soul of the need to be aggressive toward any part of life.

You see, mortals have these needs, humans may have them; for both are without the divine spark. But the sons and daugh­ters of God, the children of the Light have no need to partake in the world’s fare of psychology, just as you do not partake of the food that is served in some quarters. You have long ago tran­scended the need for that type of intake.

Much of the cause of your failure of many tests is that you have not stopped to rid yourself of the human habit to express that aggravation, that arrogance—all coming from the need of the carnal mind to assert itself. It is not real! It has no power to dominate your personality! I speak directly to you, and all of you know whereof I speak! And I tell you: the promise of your ascension will never be compromised by me, but it can be com­pro­mised by your free will!

You must listen to me. There is a need to change by the will of the heart, by a heart that loves enough to change because others are still suffering from a dishonest expression that you periodically give vent to—dishonest because it does not praise God in the individual, it does not rejoice in his over­coming but still retains that defiance that will put down another.

Beloved hearts, I will stand, and I will stand for eternity, to champion your soul’s path of victory and the ascension. Many of you who find yourselves in a precarious situation through your dalliance with the carnal mind may this day shed it in this heart and in my heart. For my heart is great enough, as the heart of God, to consume it all.

My heart this day is a cosmic incinerator, if you will, and it can consume if you let go. But remember, it is not a one-time event. You may decide to stop smoking now and put it into my heart, and the record will be consumed. Twenty-four hours from now you will meet the world momentum for which you have had a weakness and you will have to say:

No! Thus far and no farther! I shove you back,you nicotine entity! Be bound by the power of my heart that is one with the heart of Saint Germain! You cannot touch me, for I AM the Infinite One! I live in the heart of God. There is no time and space here, and you may not dwell in Infinity! And since I do not dwell where you are, I will not smoke today or tomorrow or forever. For I am in my House of Light, and the only smoke that is here is the sweet incense of El Morya with me! [applause]

Thus, may you pass every test.

Understand the law I reveal to you. Sin can only be com­mitted in a finite consciousness or in the finiteness of time and space. The moment sin is conceived, the conceiver of the sin is no longer a part of eternity.

Thus, when Archangel Michael cast out the fallen ones out of heaven, he was ratifying the law of their own being which they set in motion by the spirit of pride: “I will become as God. I will not worship the living Christ but I will be worshiped!” This was their vow. Instantaneously, they lost the protection of the circle of the One. Thus, in casting them out, Archangel Michael and his legions were the instantaneous representatives of cosmic law.

Each and every time you begin to conceive of sin, an act of sin, you lose the protection of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. And you need to know when you stray from the Law of Truth. And it is because the thought and the feeling is enslaving that Jesus said to Judas, “That which thou doest, do quickly” <7> —let the consciousness of sin become the act of sin so that you may repudiate it and repent and be saved.

Now, we of the Great White Brotherhood do not recom­mend that you indulge the fantasies of the sinful sense, but rather that you realize that the bird of prey of sin may come and lodge in your aura and you may entertain it as a delicious idea for weeks and years and never free yourself from the desire to engage in this or that. And now and again that desire becomes so impelling that you fulfill it and commit the sin and see no dire consequence thereof. And you do it again and again, not realizing that you are binding yourself with cords of limita­tion—limitation that one day becomes old age, disease, and death.

Let not the absence of the hand of God instan­taneously upon you when you err give you the idea that the law of karma is not irrevocable, for I tell you, it is. And we have all bound our­selves by that law, and we have all liberated ourselves by the same law. And that law is just! And may the just men made per­fect by love <8> use the law wisely to their advantage, which advantage ought to be the liberation of the light of the heart which will insure you great gain in all octaves.

And therefore, let us quell the subtle vibration of ambition which you do not recognize and, therefore, I admonish the mes­sen­ger to point out to you one by one. For ambition in itself is a hideous monster, tricking you all the way to trust the human con­scious­ness instead of to get God first and, in getting him, to find a cornucopia of treasure and wisdom and light and abun­dance and divine love ever flowing.

Beloved ones, if you remove yourselves from time and space and always find the center of the cross, you will dwell forever­more in the house of the Lord, the secret chamber of the heart, the sacred heart of Jesus, whose heart I have made my own, imploring that Christ and therefore intensifying the purple fiery heart in his honor.

In that heart there is no desire for hashish, there is no desire for heroin. But if you stray from that heart and you have had a long habit, you may identify once again with the outer man or woman and the desiring and find yourself in the turbulent waters, sinking beneath the waves, crying out for the hand of Christ who will always extend to you that hand until you are safe and sound again in the Heart of Infinity.

You see, beloved ones, all desires of the human that you may have in this world can be surrendered. And when they are sur­rendered, the divine desiring of God comes into your life. For every human desire there is a divine desire that is legitimate, that is fulfilling, that will give to you whatever you thought you might get through human desiring but truly could never have or keep and much, much more. But it takes courage.

Thus, if you would retain the desire to control others (which is very prevalent in the human race), the desire to have those things that are not ordained and on and on, but you desire to give up those desires that make you sick and uncomfortable, you will be walking a tightrope of the human consciousness, trying to take the best of it and to leave the worst and yet not really willing to forsake the totality of it or the whole ball of wax, as we have said. It is a precarious position and I can only admonish, for you have free will.

Every experience in life can be transmuted and transcended to become a divine experience—though physical, though actual, though down-to-earth, though a part of what that truly golden-age consciousness can be. Thus, it is not wrong to desire happi­ness, to desire the family of God, to desire your own fulfillment or education or God-success. Truly, no thing will God withhold from you when you use legitimate means of arriving at the goal.

Fear is what binds you to the alternative path and method. Thus, I say, drop those fears! Let God show you how happy you can be in the fullness of his love—how you can have these things in the highest sense, glorify his name, pass that human con­sciousness through the flame, and still retain an individuality which is happy, joyous, hard-working, ever-learning, striving, and a joy to be with because you will be the one who unlocks the mys­teries for others. The mystery of happiness itself written all over your face can be divined by those who meet you by watch­ing how you live.

Cease, then, cease from toying with the idea of unreality! Cease from the idea that you have ever been enslaved. The slaves of death must live in a consciousness of death! Now let us remove the octave of the consciousness of death. Let us remove that plane. If it ceases to be, will you cease to be?

Take the astral plane for existence—nothing permanent, nothing reliable, all illusion, endless explorations of matter scenes that are changing like a kaleidoscope, entertaining for an ‘infinity’ that is an imitation of the real Infinity. The labyrinth of the human consciousness—many dwell in it. As for me, and in my life, I long ago canceled it out and I have suffered no loss; for I had long before consumed and replaced the astral debris with the victory of the Christ consciousness.

You see why God does not cancel out the astral plane? Because a part of you is still there—records of the past, a sense of life expectancies and insurance policies and actualities and pos­si­bilities and “When I die, this will happen.”

You see, beloved ones, some people actually consider them­selves evolving toward death, moving ever closer to the final experience which they dread with their whole life. Well, were we to cancel out that plane for them, so much of them would cease to be, there would be nothing left that could be transmuted and that could rise and could take dominion over it!

Thus, the only place where the consciousness of death and the astral plane can be canceled out is in the point of the will of the chela in this octave! Only you can decide:

“It is no more! I shall weep no more—yesterday, today, or tomorrow! I shall weep no more about any human experience!”—that is, in the sense of self-pity or con­dem­na­tion, for the tear that is shed with joy and compassion is not the weeping of the weeping entity.

When you decide it is done, and you decide with the full power of your I AM Presence that you are willing to wrestle with the old momentum and not allow that beast to rise from the dead at any time, when you will plunge the sword of the Word, and the spoken Word, into it, when you will wrestle with every temp­ta­tion to breathe upon it the breath of life again and take it up again—I tell you, beloved ones, so many angels will come to assist you that as you walk the earth it will be as though a cloud of glory surrounded you—so many angels will come to reinforce the determination of the sons and daughters of God to be free.

Cosmic reinforcements are waiting. You must not be dis­couraged and say: “Well, this is the way I am. Mother knows the way I am—she takes me the way I am. And I have tried before, I’ve never been able to overcome this, and so God will just have to take me the way I am!”

Well, beloved ones, no louder voice did pride ever have, looming and glaring at the soul that has been silenced by the heavy tread of the boot of those who are the self-proclaimed independent ones, not realizing they have been singed by Lucifer himself. For he is the one who said, “I am who I am! I am more important than the Son of God, and God will have to ordain that his sons worship me, else I will rebel.” And he did.

Well, the problem we have today in this circle of light­bearers is that there is not much farther down that anyone can be cast in this day and age than to walk the physical octave. And there­fore, though you think the angel has not bound you and removed you from God’s glory by your defiance, it in fact has hap­pened.

And yet, you say to yourself, “Nothing has touched me. I’m all right. Look at me! I’m sitting here among these devo­tees as one of them, but I have my own way of living my life independent of that strenuous path that some self-styled chelas have taken to themselves.”

Well, beloved ones, do not point the finger at those who are the self-sacrificing ones, for you know not the karma they balance or the assignment from inner levels. They have read the record of their life and they know what it will take to overcome and be victorious. And they are also a signpost to allow you to see that there is a sainthood to be pursued. And when you see the humble chela you may imitate the Christ in that one but not become attached to the outer personality.

This is the age of freedom. No one may tap you on the shoul­der and say, “Here, here! You must do better.” We do not have a physical, embodied shepherd for every single soul, one on one. You have the teaching. You are expected to apply it. You are expected to make the call to be shown why you do not pass every test. You are expected to apply what has been given and ask for prayer and support when you wrestle with the beast you have created that has grown much larger than yourself so that your soul feels the towering of a monster before it and must have the reinforcement of the lineage of the Great White Brother­hood.

I can tell you that the messenger has never knowingly turned down a request for a call. And if it has come to pass that she has not given a call, it has occurred that the Holy Christ Self of the messenger has made that call. And thus, none have gone with­out recourse to the flame of the Mother which she bears in our name.

Thus, those who say, “I will not awaken the sleeping Buddha. I will not bother the Mother. This is one thing I have to do for myself because I have done this thing wrong for so long and now I am going to do it right...” You see, beloved ones, you engage in the lie of nonhierarchy. They deny the chain of being and they get you to deny you are a part of the eternal chain of God.

The higher helps the lower. As you accept help in humility, you can extend help. If you do not receive from the one above you, you cannot give to the one below you whose progress is utterly stopped because you yourself have stopped.

You see the pride. Some do not like to think they are depen­dent upon others. Learn to be receivers of our grace and the grace of a chela for whom you have had disdain. For the prayers of that one whom you think to be beneath you may be the sal­va­tion of your soul.

Revere God and let him take care of the human and do not create a false hierarchy in your mind, a panoply of all persons you know—some you place on the highest rung and some on the low­est in your system of judgment. And then you seek the com­pany of those whom you think to be the important people who can somehow add to your stature. This is failing tests, and it leads to a great debacle as the house comes tumbling down which you have built through establishing contacts, associations, being a part of that illusory society, et cetera, et cetera.

One day the world must always turn against the living Christ. And I do not think that any among you would con­sciously turn down the light of your Christ consciousness to be accepted by men, yet some of you do this unconsciously to avoid the challenge or the hurt or the public criticism. Beloved ones, you can only go so far with this little game as you fit yourself in and out of society’s cliques. Sooner or later they will make demands upon you, and sooner or later you will realize that you just compromised your soul and your relationship to me to be popular with some potentate.

Think about it, beloved ones. The tests are lost because of an absence of forethought, of looking objectively at a situation as though you were on the ceiling looking down upon that meeting that you are attending. Look at the group of people—look through the eye of God—at the conglomerate of forces and their juxtaposition, and say to yourself, “How do I really wish to figure in that configuration, that astrology, of those personages?”

And the best way to figure, beloved ones, is to be in their midst the presence of peace, of comfort, of wisdom if it is asked or desired—but not one that locks arms with the human con­sciousness, forming legal partnerships, becoming parts of groups or corporations or vast entities whereby, because legally you have wed yourself to it, you now become a bearer of the karma of that entity, that corporate entity (and there are many kinds and associations).

I do not say you cannot become members of this and that, but realize that, in the ultimate sense of the word, a member of the Great White Brotherhood (which you are or may aspire to be by becoming true disciples of the Law of Love) gives alle­giance first and foremost to that Brotherhood. The tests will inevitably come of allegiance and of defending the right of the ascended masters and their chelas to be on planet Earth.

Now, if you do not desire your name to be associated with us, we will help you still all that we can. But I must inform you that sooner or later your disavowal of association with us must also be our disavowal of the living Christ and light we may impart to you: “He that denieth me before men, him must I deny before the Father.” <9> It is one of those laws that none can break.

Thus, you see, between the human will and the human desire and the divine will and the divine desire, there is an abyss to be crossed. Its name is time and space. It is governed by the law of mortality. You can take the route of the labyrinth. You can spend another thousand or ten thousand years or a million gingerly stepping in and out of the caves and caverns, under­ground and through the astral plane, seeking earthly treasure and not real­izing that the divine is practically on the tip of your nose.

Heaven offers you all, but it says, “You cannot bring with you that which is unreal.” I advise you to take an apple a day, not the whole tree—one piece of fruit. Assimilate the apple—a virtue, a portion of God’s consciousness. And by assimilation of this body and blood of God you will displace and find consumed in your life the old necessities of the carnal mind.

Thus, not by struggle but by slipping into God’s kingdom little by little will you find the key to the joyous path which now truly does displace the via dolorosa. The “sorrowful way” comes only to the one who has not sur­rendered. As soon as you sur­ren­der, you are free. That is the key.

This is my crash course in passing every test. Take each prob­lem and solve it, and do not try to solve a million problems all at once. Be logical and seek the Word and the Teaching. It is all there.

We have had a twenty-five-year mission and more with these messengers. I could not give it to you all in one dictation, but I can place it in a capsule, a capsule of light as it were, with a timed release. But it is the release of eternal cycles and it shall come through the flame in your heart, as my flame with your own, supporting transmutation around your threefold flame, allows you to awaken in the likeness of God.

There is an awakening unto Light and Love. There is an awakening unto Freedom. It is truly the gift of the holy angels.

Beloved ones, I leave you with this pearl:

When you want to be like God, you shall be!

I thank you. [standing ovation and prolonged applause]



This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet July 6, 1984, during The Flame of Freedom Speaks, an international conference for spiritual freedom held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch near Livingston, Montana. In order to fully assimilate the Master’s fiery release, which was punctuated throughout by laughter and applause from the audience, it is necessary to hear it, as it was given, on the recording. The dictation and the messenger’s teaching on “The Embodiments of Saint Germain” are published on the 16-cassette Freedom class album (A84120). Also available separately on cassettes B84130, B84131.

1. In a parable of the Buddha recorded in the Dhammapada, a certain raja orders all the blind subjects of his kingdom to be assembled before an elephant. Each is directed to feel a different portion of the animal’s body—following which all are asked: “What is an elephant?” The one who touched the head thought it was a pot; the tusk was interpreted as a plowshare, the trunk a plow, and the tail a whip—thus causing a great argument among them. The Buddha then compares the quarreling blind men to the various sects who argue over the Dhamma (Teaching), each claiming to have the full truth: “They are blind, they do not know, they do not see the Goal.”
2. Pss. 82:6; John 10:34.
3. n’est-ce pas? (French): “is it not so?”
4. Decree 0.10, “Count-to-Nine,” in Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness Section I), Summit University Press.
5. The adjectives strong, firm, peaceful, and powerful serve an adverbial function in this sentence, as in archaic usage (eighteenth and nineteenth centuries).
6. Prov. 15:1.
7. John 13:27.
8. Heb. 12:23.
9. Matt. 10:33; Luke 12:9.

Count-To-Nine Decree

by the Ascended Master Cuzco

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, the Saviour Jesus Christ and the servant-sons in heaven, beloved Archangel Michael, Prince Oromasis, Mighty Astrea, Goddess of Light, beloved Ascended Master Cuzco, the Faithful and True and the armies of heaven, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, Elemental Life—Fire, Air, Water, and Earth! I decree:

Come now by love divine,
Guard thou this soul of mine,
Make now my world all thine,
God’s light around me shine.

(Visualize the white light filling the ovoid of the aura)

I count one,
It is done.
O feeling world, be still.
Two and three,
I AM free,
Peace, it is God’s will.

(Visualize a band of white fire around the solar plexus)

I count four,
I do adore
My Presence all divine.
Five and six,
O God, affix
My gaze on thee sublime.

(Visualize a band of white fire around the neck and throat chakra)

I count seven,
Come, O heaven,
My energies take hold.
Eight and nine,
Completely thine,
My mental world enfold.

(Visualize a band of white fire around the head and third eye)

The white-fire light now encircles me,
All riptides are rejected;
With God’s own might around me bright
I AM by love protected.

(Visualize the white light encircling all of the chakras and the four lower


I accept this done right now with full power. I AM this done right now with full power. I AM, I AM, I AM God-life expressing perfection all ways at all times. This which I call forth for myself I call forth for every man, woman, and child on this planet.

Copyright © 1984, 2001 The Summit Lighthouse. All rights reserved.