Beloved Surya - April 7, 1985

Easter Conclave at Camelot
“Come, leave your nets—I will make you fishers of men.”
The Sun behind the Sun
God-Government and the Dedication to Truth

. . . “We give Thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because Thou hast taken to Thee Thy great power and hast reigned.”

And the nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged;

And that Thou shouldest give reward unto Thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear Thy name, small and great;

And shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Revelation 11

Out of the iridescent violet, I descend. I AM Surya of the Sun. “Surya” they have called me, but I AM the One internalization of the blue flame/God Flame/white fire of the Will of God, the centerpoise of galaxy—though not in the “center” by your perception. (The “centerpoise” is quite another geometrical point.)

Thus understand that I AM the Infinite One.

So I have blessed in the beginning and I bless now in the fullness of time one whom I have called, one whom I have sent, one who came by the ruby ray and the compassionate fire. Thus, I give my heart again for the lowering from the causal body of that one of the divine mission appearing to which she came into embodiment.

Blessed hearts, it is necessary that I speak thus in order that by the radiance of my Presence manifest in physical form with physical voice, the dispensations may go forth. It is not necessary to know for whom they are given but only to know that I do dedicate a lifestream this night to the ongoing fulfillment of the purpose of the love ray in America. And that love ray, beloved hearts, must be outpictured.

And therefore, I come to discourse with you this evening concerning God-government, concerning the absence of awareness of Truth. Thus, let us pursue once again the satyagraha. <1> Let us understand the dedication to Truth, the practice of Truth, the meditation upon Truth, and the becoming of that Truth with the undergirding of Love establishing its true and holy purpose.

Beloved hearts, sometimes the one who knows the Truth feels drowned out by the babbling voices of error. These voices are like the crickets. Whether a thousand or ten thousand, they seem to occupy the night air with a certain sound that becomes monotonous and of which many then—becoming so accustomed thereto—also become unaware. And it is the unawareness of error and error as a constant that I come to pierce and to puncture, beloved hearts. For this droning on of the crickets of error becomes a hypnotic force that moves in the world and prevents those who have the receptivity to Truth from embodying that Truth now and each day and always.

I come, then, to underscore the power of Truth and the one who embodies that Truth by the expanded threefold flame, by purity of heart and oneness with Lord Maitreya and with our bands.

Truly, God-government is seated in the God Star Sirius. Truly, the cosmic councils and those who enforce the Light in these several galaxies are centered there. Thus having the Messenger anchoring the Light of Sirius, thus having the chelas giving daily the calls to me, does establish [on earth] truly an intensity of the causal body of the God Star—the origin of ye all.

Whether or not your souls have passed through various systems or planetary homes, beloved ones, you have come from that source. And from that source the greatest patriots in all nations, the founding fathers of the twelve tribes and of this nation have come. Wherever you understand the sight, the vision itself of one who contains and understands true God Self-government, you may know that that one learned it on the God Star and practiced it again, whether on Venus or Mercury or elsewhere.

Beloved hearts, God-government of and by and for the people through the Holy Christ Self must reign on earth. This is an hour, then, of the moving on of the old guard, both of the right and of the left wing. And therefore both sides seem to suffer loss.

And there comes a new generation of individuals who do not so identify with the rigidity or the fanaticism or the “impersonalness” of these causes; but rather, there do come to the fore those new-age lifestreams sent with the flame of Sirius and the violet transmuting flame and the beautiful aqua of the Mother and the power of the golden pink glow-ray.

These colorations of the aura are being seen now in the new babes that are born and in their auras as they come into the new dispensation that is heralded even in this very hour, that has to do with the great causal body of Sanat Kumara and the mantle of Sanat Kumara—that of Guru placed upon the Messenger by Padma Sambhava. <2>

And therefore, I speak of the celestial birth astrology of the Messenger that has to do with the signs of starry bodies and far-off worlds, far beyond the planetary systems of this solar system. Thus, beloved ones, at the turning of the hour and the turning of the tide of this birth year of the Messenger, understand the open door that comes from Sirius and the point of that God Star in relationship to the natal chart of the United States of America and of the Woman clothed with the Sun, who does indeed stand before you.

Look not, then, to the flesh but to the Sun behind the sun. For behind the form, behind the manifestation, there is the reality of the true Person of whom I speak. And the twain are one, and yet the seen and the unseen remain even the riddle of your own life.

Understand then, beloved hearts, that in this hour of all cycles turning it is necessary for the new generation of lightbearers to hear the Word of El Morya and of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood and to understand, beloved ones, that the Truth that is proclaimed must be proclaimed by the full power of Love–by the momentum of Love that is not compromised by a sympathetic socialism or an impersonal republicanism that fails to apprehend the level of human evolution or fails to take into account how the divine evolution can enter the human and transform it.

And therefore, ultimately, the programs of governments and societies need not be based upon the lowest common denominator of the individual but upon the potential of that individual when harnessed to the God Star, to the Mighty I AM Presence, and to the causal body—which always contains the divine astrology that is ready to transmute that which is not of the Light [in the human astrology], even as it is ready to transmute that which is not of the Light in the astral belt, the electronic belt, of the individual.

Do you see, beloved ones? It is a question of whether we are going to plight <3> the fate of the planetary body based upon the lower consciousness of the human or based upon the Divinity entering that consciousness and transforming man and society right before his very own eyes.

I tell you that it is true that many of you who have come to the Path and who pursue diligently the Call and the sacred fire and the sacrifice and personal transmutation and service have come to see yourselves so transformed, so rejuvenated—with the cycles of burden and care literally swept from you by the solar wind of the polestar!

Beloved ones, the transformation is so great that I can only say to you that this is an example of exactly what can happen to the planetary home. And therefore, let us plan for planet Earth based upon the accelerating cycles of the lightbearers, for truly the lightbearers have become the ensign of the people—the sign of every man’s highest potential in the pure Christ Truth.

Let us call Christ, then, “Truth”—for Truth is surely another name for the Universal Christ. When individuals espouse Truth at any cost and are willing to face the Truth of reality and unreality, then we have a strong foundation for golden-age man and golden-age woman to arise. Believe me, beloved hearts, when I tell you that so many social programs and solutions simply do not work because there is not a concomitant Reality that goes hand in hand with the development of the human potential.

Thus, we must go back to the path of true meditation and not that auto-self-hypnosis that is taught by the Maharishi and many others who come in the name of the Eastern gurus who have not the true link to the Source and are in fact false gurus and false teachers. And, I must say, they are also black magicians; for they have succeeded in securing <4> the lifestream and harnessing it to a rote performance of an ancient ritual that comes from the Holy Kumaras and is sacred and ought not to be given for the sake of outer gain or manipulation.

Beloved hearts, the entering in to the sacred fire is indeed a ritual and it is an initiation. Can man by himself pull himself up by his own bootstraps? It is not possible. There must be the divine intercession. And this is why we speak. And this is why the system of dictation, initiation, the washing of the waters of the human by the cleansing of the mind and the chakras does come about.

And blessed are ye who tarry for my coming. For, beloved, truly in the eleventh hour is the victory won. Truly does Maitreya appear! Truly, there comes the one to reward those who endure and who know the reality of Jophiel and the Mind of God and the wisdom of the Buddha and the full power of Nada in the love ray as she does come the advocate, the attorney, and the counselor at the bar—at the very Court of Cosmic Justice.

Neglect not, then, this training in law. For by the very law of cosmos, the law of music, the law of geometry, and the law of the Logos defending the right, human and divine, of the individual are all things established. Therefore, define Morya’s three dots as the three manifestations of the law of sound, geometry, and of the very science of jurisprudence whereby life is either on the right or the wrong side of the very line of time and space itself.

Beloved hearts, you who champion the cause of the people: I tell you in this hour, it is the spoken and the written Word combined with the fohat of the heart that will move the nation as nations have been moved before. Therefore, we vest in those whom we call—we vest the sacred fire and the potential for the development of Truth.

I place before each and every one of you representing the flame of freedom and God-government to America and the nations the opportunity to now accelerate through the very heart of Pallas Athena, who did begin the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness as an organized movement and delivery of the Truth in every area of life. <5>

Therefore, Heart magazine for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness becomes the forum and the format for the delivery of that Truth to the nations. And many have been quickened and ignited by the sparks that have flown through those articles.

Beloved ones, I, Surya, send the call from the God Star. Understand my plea. For we are determined to save the nations with a handful (relatively speaking) of Truth-bearers, of Christ-bearers juxtaposed against thousands by the ten thousands of the masses of the gray ones who come with their line, with their rationalization.

Whether in South Africa, whether in Afghanistan, whether in any nation or city, I tell you, beloved ones, the liar and his lie is always ready. Let the Truth appear in one individual and he will be cast down as you have seen the casting down of the one called to the Philippines. <6> And then who is left? When that one is cast down, beloved hearts, around whom shall the forces of Light rally?

Thus, they are divided and there is a babble of voices once again—each one saying, “This is what Aquino would have said! This is what Aquino would have done!” And therefore Aquino appears as a Communist, as a Marxist, as one in the right wing and the middle of the road. And all think that they know who is the real Aquino and what he would have done. This is the price to be paid when you have not the satyagraha*, when you have not the fullness of the flaming presence of Truth.

Beloved hearts, understand that it is the sacred fire, it is oneness with Archangel Michael and all the hosts of the Lord, it is the building of those chakras and the raising of the Kundalini that does make the individual able to stand in the day when those forces come forth out of the pit and all of hell breaks loose to quell one voice and one heart flame.

These things ought not to be. Therefore, Maitreya has formed his army of Light. And that army of Light and lightbearers is you. You are the ones who move as the legions of The Faithful and True. You are the ones whose auras whitened John saw as he described these armies with white raiment and the saints in heaven. <7> Thus, when there is the army, then there is the protection of those within that very many who are able to carry the sword of Truth and to deliver the Word. And the sure defense, issue by issue—both of the Truth and the individuals who bear it—does come to pass.

Beloved ones, time and time again, those who espouse the right cause and that which we would defend come to the fore and have not the protection of the Great White Brotherhood and do not accept the blessing of the Messenger or the mantle of Saint Germain; and they are struck down in the very midst of their fight.

Sometimes this is because they are not cleansed and the ego does get in the way. Sometimes it is because they are so sure that they have the truth and that they have the right personality, that [they think] they need no other protection. And in some cases, beloved hearts, they are devout but their religion has been stripped, watered down, refined so that in the mere recitation of the rosary, as powerful as it may be, they do not have sufficient defense before the courts of hell itself and those who plot their murder.

Beloved ones, we have seen this especially in the last century. We have seen that many causes which could have been brought to fruition have not been brought to fruition simply because the ones who could have executed them were themselves executed.

Beloved hearts, this is a very serious plight of the planet. And even when those who are mediocre arrive at the top in many Third World countries (as you have called them), they are struck down by their rivals. And therefore, brother against brother defeat one another, and the cause of Truth in the nation is lost in a morass of human personality and vendetta and age-old vengeance that goes back many centuries.

How are we to save a planetary body? Those of you who have had experience in the world know that only when there is the mustering of forces and the decree patterns and a one-pointedness by Keepers of the Flame worldwide do those efforts succeed which challenge the entire downward course of politicking East to West in this civilization.

I advocate, then, that those who have a mind to understand what ought to be checked and a mind to see the strategy of how the force does move the chessmen on the board of life—point and counterpoint—come to an understanding <8> and present to the Messenger those things which must be looked to immediately and which, if they are not looked to immediately, will therefore be a part of the loss of the planet as a whole.

There are areas in this nation and in the world that must have constant work to forestall those events which should <9> come to pass that will have a lasting negative impact for centuries to come—if the planetary body does indeed endure.

Beloved ones, therefore understand that there are some things that can wait until tomorrow for the call, and there are other things that cannot wait. Therefore, let us understand the three dots of El Morya as these apply to the trinity of the government, the society, and the economy. Let us understand the meaning of education <10> as a foundation for all of these and as a major influence as to which way the nations go.

Let us come together and reason and see how, by the strategy of the God Star Sirius, we are able to turn back the tide point/counterpoint. Understanding how to play chess, then, you know that in each move you may have but one chance to check the enemy. And if, beloved ones, you misuse it and divert your forces to some lesser situation, you find that you will not come out ahead in the end. Thus, one takes the move that is most essential to protect one’s position and to enter the point of vulnerability of the enemy.

One must understand that there is indeed a tide. And one can calculate the points of vulnerability. One must understand the time for negotiation and the time, beloved hearts, to stand fast and realize that there is no reason to give an inch, for you hold all the right cards—the right forces and the right moves.

Beloved ones, it seems that there is a pattern of self-hypnosis in the government of this nation and that the leadership has not understood for many decades the position of power it could have enjoyed under the aegis of the God Star Sirius and our posture of God-government. And the obvious reason why is that they were not of the Light and they loved the darkness, because their deeds were evil <11> —no matter what face they have presented to the American people.

There have been very few lightbearers that have held a high office in this land, though many have taken the patine of Light by espousing right causes—at the very same time seeing to it that those causes are not supported, are not given the right appropriation, whether of money or of personnel, and are not seen through.

Thus, we are very accustomed to high-sounding and hollow phrases. We are accustomed to those who give speeches by speech writers and yet themselves do not carry a Sword or the Book of the Law and are not overshadowed by the Mighty Blue Eagle.

We cannot pump up and elevate any individual beyond his station. We have tried it. The Messenger has tried it. It has been tried in all past ages. Unless the individual have the sturdiness of his own momentum of the Light and can carry the balance of that Light, he will not stand up against the pressure directed against the one who is falsely elevated to a certain level of opportunity, nor will he have the wherewithal to meet the opposition to the office.

The only alternative, of course, is to invoke the sacred presence of Archangel Gabriel, the Holy Christ Self, and the full power of the Cosmic Christ over such individuals—not to mention the members of the Darjeeling Council and our own seat of God-government. This will work for a time, but the Great Law eventually bows to free will.

Blessed ones, you remember the era of the judges in Israel— when there were no kings in the land and God did send His judges to assist the people to maintain the standard of right conduct, right usefulness, and oneness with the Lord.

Beloved ones, understand the meaning and the purpose of Christ the Judge within you. There are forces in the earth who will surely destroy this planet unless they are brought to the judgment. Therefore, the Four and Twenty Elders have positioned themselves in the etheric octave over this city of Light that their direct presence might be invoked by you for a more sure and swift action. <12>

I authorize you by Alpha and Omega this night to perpetually call for the judgment of the lowest ten percent of the evolutions of the planetary home—the dark ones who carry nothing but destruction and viciousness and the malignancy of the murderous intent in their auras and in their four lower bodies. These individuals are in every nation, in every race, in and out of the courts of Church and State.

Beloved ones, the lowest common denominator of the bottom ten percent representing Absolute Evil must be brought to the judgment by perpetual calls. We need, in fact, a novena—a prayer vigil of the hours in consonance with that to Archangel Michael—of the judgment calls you have been given by Helios and Vesta and Mother Mary with Gautama Buddha.

Understand the meaning of the calling forth of God Justice. For the Judge himself, beloved Alpha in the Great Central Sun, has already judged these fallen ones when they were cast out of heaven. It remains for the Omega in the earth to ratify that judgment.

And who is that Omega? It is each and every one of you who raises up the Omega flame and the white fire. And some of you have a greater momentum than others on the flame of the Divine Mother, but all of you can acquire a mighty momentum of purity and sacred fire through the path of the consecration of that pure white-fire energy.

I urge you to consecrate, therefore, the sacred fire and the life-force and to raise it up the spinal altar and to use it in the spoken Word for the denouncing and the judgment and the bringing to trial before the Court of the Sacred Fire on the God Star Sirius—as the Messenger has done for so many a year—of these bottom ten percent of the evolutionary scale.

And I do not speak of primitive man versus developed or sophisticated man. I speak of the lower evolution in reference to those who have amalgamated the cause of Absolute Evil and therefore themselves become depraved even in their sophistication.

Beloved hearts, these individuals are for the most part criminals—even if they occupy key positions in the banking houses, the governments, the institutions of the nations, and everywhere holding a voice, a position, and a mask of authority when within they are ravening wolves. You will find more of them to be rich than poor, and more of them to be powerful rather than in the ghettos or on skid row. These are individuals that many times you would not suspect.

And your judgment calls have already brought forth a national investigation of the banking houses who have admittedly laundered the funds of the Mafia gathered in the purveying of drugs and the poisoning of the youth. And these funds, beloved ones, have been handled by legitimate organizations. And I tell you, those who have handled them and laundered these funds are criminals before the Court of the Sacred Fire, for they aid and abet the entire cause of Death and Hell to the ruination of the bodies and the minds and the souls of the youth and all people. <13>

Beloved ones, it is such a serious trial for us to observe those whom we might use in this nation beset with drugs that are eating away at the very fabric of the sheaths of the nerves and the brain and the chakras themselves, that we deplore each and every one and all upon the planetary home who are a part of this international drug ring—from the peasants who make the first portions of cocaine and heroin and prepare the marijuana to those who purvey it and sit as king of the mountain with their millions and billions of dollars and therefore are in a position to control nations and military forces and armaments and to give aid to the enemy itself: World Communism.

This, as serious as it is, is equally matched by the international holocaust [that is taking place] through abortion—taking the lives of the best servants, upsetting the economy, creating an imbalance in supply and demand for goods, [resulting in] an emptying of the houses of learning and education, an emptying of the cradles and the places where children and their joy and their laughter should ring from earth to heaven.

Beloved ones, the unbalancing of the planetary body by the hordes of Death and Hell is so great that, by the great causal body of the avatars who should be descending, I do authorize you in the name of Alpha and Omega to make haste and to enter speedily into those calls for the removal from the planet of those lifestreams who simply will without question cause the destruction of the earth unless something be done.

I come, then, with this knowledge as well as this dispensation in answer to a call that was made a number of years ago by the Messenger for that selective and discriminatory judgment whereby the aversion of cataclysm may come when the darkest of lifestreams whose karma is the very cause of that cataclysm are removed.

Understand that this can be done. And as the cycles turn and the divine astrology of the Woman clothed with the Sun does come to bear as a great boon and a grace upon all children of the Light, there is the opening of the way, then, to withdraw certain lifestreams from the earth who otherwise could not have been withdrawn; for their very death itself would have produced the imbalance and the cataclysm feared by God and man alike—in the sense of the awesomeness of Cosmic Law that should have been unleashed. <14>

You see, to truly take the dark ones from the planetary home, there must be the removal from that home of all of the roots of evil and karma and the interconnection of those lifestreams in a network of darkness. For they are a part of what is known as a “beast,” which is a conglomerate, an “amalgamate” of forces and consciousnesses that become part of a computer—a mind that has extensions [tentacles] and works simultaneously in many manifestations of individuals engaged in international organized crime, including World Communism, which is nothing but organized crime on the level of the state.

Beloved ones of Light, I speak to you in this hour, then, that you might understand that it is not the “death” of the seed of the wicked, but it is the removal of their momentum and the layers of their darkness and their karma that is essential. The passing from the screen of life of the body itself is of little consequence unless all that is behind it—in this case, the black sun that they have fashioned through the misuse of the Light—is also taken.

And therefore, let us work diligently at inner levels for the binding and the judgment of the “dweller on the threshold”—which means the entire momentum of the anti-self of these fallen ones. When that is judged and bound, then there is very little left that can operate against the good of society, save the shell itself, which [nonetheless] may become occupied by new possessing demons or by astral forces or extraterrestrial forces.

Therefore, ultimately the individual himself must suffer that judgment. But we are not standing here in advocacy of calling for the death penalty for individuals. We are advocating the call of the judgment, which is the binding of the momentum of evil. For that momentum itself is the darkness which is used by those who have the intent to destruction. When the momentum is removed and when those of virtue fill their [own] bodies and the planetary home with Light, you see, the mouthpiece of Absolute Evil then becomes no more significant than an ant or a colony of ants.

Beloved hearts, understand therefore that the equation is one of proportion and commeasurement. Thus, we advocate the clearing of the astral plane itself and of the worst of these forces and of the worst of the momentum, as I have said.

Beloved ones, this is the best and highest solution that can be offered in this hour, given the state of the earth. And this is the deliberation of the Cosmic Council and of the Four and Twenty Elders and the Council of the God Star Sirius.

Understand that we have worked many months with the Darjeeling Council and with the Council of the Royal Teton. And under the advice of Lord Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Lord Sanat Kumara, and the Cosmic Council of Alpha and Omega, we have come to this understanding and this decision within the framework of Cosmic Law and we fully believe that with the cooperation of the wise and prudent and harmonious lifestreams such as are gathered in this activity, we may make progress in giving this dispensation and authorizing your moving forward with the speed of Light to implement these calls.

Beloved hearts, this must be accompanied by great protection and tremendous devotion to the violet flame beginning with beloved Omri-Tas, [the Ruler of the Violet Planet, and] all the rulers of the violet planet, the 144,000 priests of the sacred fire from the violet planet, and the full powers of all beings of the seventh ray.

The violet-flame action sweeps through and does devour with a mighty conflagration of the seventh ray the cause, effect, record, and memory of the debris that is left when a nucleus of the eye of the serpent in the core of the dweller on the threshold is bound and taken by the Mighty Elohim and the archangels.

Thus, understand that this is a cooperation of elemental life, of the hosts of the Lord, and of you yourselves. And I trust that we may count on you to perform this service in the full understanding that once you begin it, it is like being on a roller coaster of cosmic proportions—you must keep on moving with it, you must keep on giving the calls, lest you yourselves become vulnerable to the lashback that does surely come when these manifestations are abroad in the land.

Beloved hearts of sacred fire, understand the penetrability and the penetration of the Godhead. <15> Understand that the saving of a planet has many options. Some of these options are limited, beloved ones, because of the karmic entanglements of the lightbearers themselves [with the fallen ones whose judgment is nigh].

Therefore, as a corollary to these calls, the call to cut loose and set free the lightbearers from the entanglements with the seed of the wicked must be made. Many have not heeded the call to come apart and be a separate people. <16> And they have toyed with evil, they have been fascinated by the cult of death—and thus they have allowed themselves to be tied to a karmic juggernaut of the dark ones.

Thus, I pray that with Mother Mary you will see how necessary it is to cut free the lightbearers who themselves [because of their affinities with the dark ones] do not even resemble lightbearers. Even now El Morya does answer the daily calls of the Messenger and chelas to cut free all who must make their ascension in this life. These individuals are indeed being cut free. And they themselves know they are being cut free. And they even write in to Summit University saying they are being cut free and all things are being arranged for them to be a part of this community.

Thus, beloved ones, the diligence and the astuteness of the decreer is important. It is important that you make attunement with the highest Source of your I AM Presence. It is essential that you fast weekly—that your sensitivities beyond this octave be quickened and that you can determine easily what forces you are dealing with and therefore not be set back or, pray not, <17> be overturned by any attempt of the fallen ones to move in. <18> For the more you enter into this service, the more you become truly Maitreya in manifestation as the bodhisattvas serving under him, the more you become the most undesirable to the hordes of darkness.

They tremble in this hour of my speaking, beloved ones. They have attempted to deter this dictation, but I tell you, they shall not pass. And I hold none of you accountable but all of you to come into a greater attunement and alertness that you become one flaming sword Excalibur as an entire body and community moving with The Faithful and True and those Masters who call you from time to time.

Beloved El Morya and beloved Saint Patrick have had great experience in many embodiments in waging strategic warfare against the fallen ones. And by strategy, sometimes strategy alone, they have been able to set back those forces of evil. And therefore, they have incurred the wrath of Serpents so much and to such an extent that Saint Patrick had no other choice but to enter into direct confrontation with these fallen ones in Ireland.

And I assure you that those Nephilim kings and those pagans were every whit as powerful, every whit as presumptuous as those who operate today at the highest echelons of world control. They were no small forces to be tackled.

Therefore, beloved hearts of Light, remember the advocate Oromasis and Diana. Remember Justinius—how could you forget him? Remember Serapis Bey. Remember all who have stood in all centuries and who have won. Remember that it was their faith in God. Remember George Washington and Moses and Joshua and those who have stood against enormous odds. And keep on remembering that it is the one who has carried the Sword and the Banner of Truth who has stood again and again.

And there is an electrifying and a quickening presence, and I will tell you a secret: The Universal Christ takes the aura of the one who pursues Truth and embodies it in the path of the satyagraha, beloved ones, and does duplicate that aura again and again and again, so that there is a quickening of the mind of that one. And that mind becomes the spark that ignites millions.

And therefore, you have seen in Francis Bacon how one mind could actually ignite a new age through the writing, through the science, through the determination, through the plays, through the cipher, through the code, through the mysteries. And yet, all of this, though we recount many works of Francis Bacon—it all comes down to the fact that above and beyond all that was done, there was the mysterious force of the Godhead that truly multiplied his presence on the earth far beyond that which one human being could ever accomplish. <19> Why, the human being alone is nothing but the monkey mind, nothing but the evolved animal. It takes far more than this to change the course of men and nations and civilizations!

And therefore, let us leave off from thinking that we will ever accomplish this by the mere mortal manifestation of selfhood. Thus, I urge you to rise beyond it, to believe you can rise beyond it, to know you are rising beyond it, and to know that the Sun behind the sun of manifestation—truly the Son of God shining in all His strength <20> —is your divine Reality. And you are actually in a position today to move heaven and earth and cosmic forces and to bind the dark ones.

And if you will get this through your heads, beloved ones, and beyond your heads, if you will unite with the force of the Christ Mind with you—you will see this Revolution in Higher Consciousness here and now. And you will see those turning of worlds even as the Messenger has experienced (even with some astonishment, for God is always astonishing) how, when one presents oneself as a vessel and a mouthpiece, God moves in. God will use the individual. God will take command and perform such a mighty work that you can scarcely believe that the work has happened and is happening before your very eyes!

This is the nature of the divine afflatus of the descent of the Holy Spirit through the Great White Brotherhood. I say, Pull the ripcord! Take advantage of it. Plan not only for the human but plan for the Divine in manifestation. And see what wonders God will work through you.

Beloved ones, it is the astuteness of the Mind of Sirius to which I recommend your dear hearts. And I turn your attention to the God Star each and every hour. Let your attention be upon the All-Seeing Eye of God. Come to know and count as dearest friends the members of the Karmic Board. I daresay the Messenger has called upon them so many tens of thousands of times that their friendship is as near, truly, as heartbeat and yet also as far as distant star—which is not far either, for the calls to the God Star Sirius have brought that star as close as the very air that you breathe.

Beloved ones, the potential is present. You need to lock into my words. Believe them. Act upon them. Stand guard, do not let down your guard, and be the watchmen of the night. Thus is my message to you complete.

And thus is your service of devotion fully noted and recorded by the Keeper of the Scrolls, who stands to my side observing and writing with many recording angels who have observed your lifestreams and those of lightbearers, freedom fighters, and Keepers of the Flame throughout the planet. For the record of the saints is read in heaven long before the saints even consider that they are saints.

I salute you in the cosmic cross of white fire. And by the heart of the ruby ray, I now turn the cycle and I now release the divine astrology for the Messenger’s birthday in this hour. And so, it is done. And so, may you leap to that divine astrology of the causal body and know that at inner levels it is a fireworks of blue lightning and of violet and of fiery pink and of golden yellow. And you can see now the release of Light. Thus, capture the stars and run, for truly the name “Woman Clothed with the Sun” derives from this cosmic astrology.

Rejoice, beloved ones, for things are different in this hour than they were ten hours before.

In the name of the God Star, I salute you. Rejoice!

[Applause, standing ovation]

This dictation by Surya was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Easter Sunday, April 7, 1985, during the 5-day Easter Conclave at Camelot.

Messenger’s note to students: Study this Pearl from Beloved Surya carefully, outlining it and noting its salient points, just as I have outlined the previous Pearls for you with paragraph headings. This message from the Central Sun is too sacred to be touched; thus Surya requested it be sent to you as an integrated whole for your assimilation. The poetry and mystical communion of next week’s Pearl by Beloved Gautama Buddha is also too transcendent to be divided. Nevertheless, neglect not its step-by-step revelation for your adeptship by taking carefully outlined notes.

1. Satyagraha [Skt.]: pressure for social and political reform through cheerful nonviolent resistence practiced by Mohandas K. Gandhi and his followers. As he defined it: “Truth (satya) implies love, and firmness (agraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force...that is to say, the force which is born of truth and love or nonviolence.”
2. See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 11, p. 132, n. 3.
3. to engage
4. “sealing” the lifestream from the exercise of his own free will, as in “taking into ‘protective’ custody”
5. See Pallas Athena, June 30, 1976, “America: Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free,” on 8-cassette album Higher Consciousness (A7650); single cassette B7650.
6. See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 12, p. 148, n. 14.
7. Rev. 19:11-14.
8. Reach a consensus as to which are the most vital issues
9. Are expected to
10 . In this case Keepers of the Flame can decree for the government under the Father, the society under the Holy Spirit, the economy under the Son, and the education under the Mother.
11 . John 3:19.
12 . See Archangel Michael, February 3, 1985, “The Summoning: Straight Talk and a Sword from the Hierarch of Banff,” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 10, p. 112.
13 . In its first crime study report entitled “The Cash Connection: Organized Crime, Financial Institutions, and Money Laundering” (issued October 1984), the President’s Commission on Organized Crime stated: “The need to launder money has led organized crime to avail itself of the full range of banking services normally associated with legitimate, multinational businesses.” Following a federal investigation, the Bank of Boston pleaded guilty to a felony charge in February 1985 for failing to report $1.22 billion in cash shipments to and from nine foreign banks. According to the Boston Globe, the bank also had sold millions of dollars’ worth of cashier’s checks to the alleged Mafia family, the Angiulos (who often brought thousands of dollars into a bank branch in paper bags), and had exempted two Angiulos’ firms from required reporting of cash transactions. A reported 40-60 U.S. banks are being investigated by the Treasury Department for failure to comply with the reporting law (Bank Secrecy Act of 1970), in which banks and other financial institutions must file a report when they accept a cash transaction of more than $10,000. In March 1985, the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations held hearings on the burgeoning money-laundering problem, in which an estimated $100 billion is laundered through U.S. institutions annually from drug trafficking and other crimes such as prostitution, illegal gambling, and loan sharking.
14 . Could have been expected to have been unleashed.
15 . “The Penetrability of the Godhead,” November 3, 1968, unpublished lecture by Mark L. Prophet.
16 . II Cor. 6:14-18.
17 . “God forbid”
18 . Keepers of the Flame fast weekly on Saturday with Lanello, using the violet flame, physical exercise and internal cleansing to give the physical body its Sabbath rest. Their 24-36 hour regimen varies from distilled water with lemon juice, to either vegetable or fruit juices, with or without vitamins and minerals. Those under doctor’s orders not to fast may find an all fruit or all raw-vegetable day (including a variety of salads, seeds, nuts and sprouts with combination juice or protein drinks) to be a healthful adjunct to the rest and purification of the body. Fasting is a habit which the physical body and the body elemental take to easily and with delight. Herb teas made with distilled water provide a comforting spiritual fast for all one’s members. Keepers of the Flame break their fasts Sunday morning with grated carrot and cabbage doused with lemon juice only. Three hours later they partake of fruit or a cooked leafy green vegetable with mineral broth. (The first full meal should be light and sensible. Avoid overeating and skip dessert. Do not partake of flesh foods until the following day; take yogurt and acidophilus to reestablish the friendly intestinal bacteria.) The goal of this ritual of fasting is for spiritual purification–the self-emptying, that the Holy Spirit may enter in. Many have discovered healthful side benefits, such as weight normalization, detoxification, mental clarity, and physical inner peace.
19 . See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Golden Age Prince: A Lecture on Francis Bacon, 2-cassette album (A83176).
20 . Rev. 1:16.

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