Beloved Omri-Tas - October 10, 1992

Voyages of Soul Discovery
Free in the Laughter of the Laughing Buddha!
Simply Step Right Out of the Old Mold
Tend the Reservoir of Violet Flame over Europe
Do Not Let It Run Dry
A Continuous Violet Flame Vigil for the Youth of the World

Ho, Ho, Ho, I come rejoicing! I come and I AM Omri-Tas!

Legions of the violet flame from the Violet Planet, take the city and the cities of the earth! Oh, take them, legions of Light!

Keepers of the Flame and students one and all, we are here! And we are as the laughing Buddhas, for we come with the glorious, buoyant flame of cosmic freedom.

Oh, receive us, beloved hearts! [36-second standing ovation]

Join us, then, oh, join us, beloved ones, in the laughter of the Laughing Buddha, for I will tell you a secret if you will now be seated. Yes, be seated in the lap of the Buddha who has placed his Electronic Presence on your chair as you have risen!

This Laughing Buddha comes to tell you a story, beloved, and it is this. As you have regarded [the records of your life] and even seen [in your mind’s eye] films of past moments of pain and hurt and abandonment, yes, of being bruised and beaten at some level, so, beloved, you are in a position where you have a trick or two that you can play on that force of doom and gloom.

For, you see, you can look at that place and that record and you can say, “I AM complete and whole. I have no need to hang on to that record!”

So just when the fallen ones think they have locked you up as their prisoner and encased you in a record in which you shall suffer eternally, you simply step out of that mold in which they have cast you–you literally withdraw yourself from that place. And they are left empty-handed, not knowing where you have gone, for you have risen to levels of Light they cannot penetrate.

And then you laugh as you glance backward, seeing that there is the vacant place, the place you once occupied believing that someone or something could ultimately harm you with some degree of permanence.

Now you simply walk out of the mold. You no longer need it as a part of identity, as a part of the combination of your psychology. Yes, beloved, you walk away free in the laughter of the Laughing Buddha; and you surely have that last laugh, for you are liberated once and for all from that particular scene.

And now you will go about leaping and praising God and in the laughter that rings, the laughter of the Lord God himself as he holds the fallen ones in derision <1> and you also do imitate his laughter.

Therefore, beloved, let the laughter ring forth, for you have understood, you have the key! Yes, now you can walk right out of that old mold by the power of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray and by the flame of Omri-Tas!

Oh yes, beloved, do not take so very long to let go, for this indeed is the key: it is the cosmic laughter. Hear them all, the Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas, for this laughter is your soul’s liberation. Oh, rejoice, precious ones of God, for we are rejoicing with you! [15-second applause]

Now, Omri-Tas does not come for no reason or just any reason on a day that is not the third of the month! <2> So, beloved, Omri-Tas comes. And Omri-Tas is coming for the increase, for the tending of dispensations given, for the call to those who are the Europeans to tend, therefore, the reservoir of light and not let it be diminished. <3>

Now as never before does the violet flame go forth to give you opportunity for the transmutation of greed, greed for material things and alliances based on that avarice that is part and parcel of the money beast.

Let there be an elevation! [Let there be an elevation of the consciousness of the violet flame!]

Let there be a rising spiral! [Let there be a rising spiral of the violet flame, which you call forth!] Visualize [the violet flame saturating Europe and the Isles] now!

For these ten tribes that settled on the European continent must know a new day and must rise to the level of seeking the Inner God and the Inner Light, else go down in a hopelessly depressed round of cynicism and materialism that could go on for many centuries.

Yes, the other side of Atlantis embodied there, <4> the other side of a mighty continent. It must rise, beloved. And now is the hour of the Keepers of the Flame who are there or who have come here and shall return there to keep that vigil. An economic unity that is not based on the living person of the Universal Christ in all shall only be a weight even though it may bring, and I say may bring, prosperity.

As for the violet flame sea in the heart of the earth, <5> it can almost never be exhausted. But make use of it, beloved, for many, many layers of records and many, many layers of fallen ones returning to embodiment are weighing down this nation and this hemisphere. Seek, then, dispensations of violet flame. I ask you to concentrate your violet flame upon the youth of the world in continuance of your vigil for youth and in response to the Sponsors of Youth.

The legions of the violet flame have come to survey the lifewaves of the planet and to make their assessment as to what has been accomplished by your invocation of the violet flame since my presence with you in New Orleans. <6>

Yes, beloved, the aura of the violet flame planet, the spheres of the planet and the Causal Body of the planet are placed over the earth in this hour. We come, then, in deference and in honor to Saint Germain at this hour when America shall make solemn choices: the choice for leaders, the choice, [we trust,] for those who have vision and integrity and for those who are willing to be unpopular and to espouse that which is the only right cause and the only right way.

You have been told before but I must say it again: the elements of sacrifice are the means to victory. Yes, it is the people who sacrifice while the fallen ones take from them their money, their livelihood, destroy their economy, destroy their banking houses, destroy their insurance companies and destroy their businesses.

Yes, beloved, and it is the people who carry the burden. This will only change when you are able to enter in to the lists of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray and understand the meaning of the legions of the Five Dhyani Buddhas and what action they may take to deliver this mighty people of a yoke of bondage, of financial servitude and of the misuse of the money system itself.

Blessed hearts, thank God that each one of you has in your Causal Body of Life all treasure that you have laid up in heaven <7> by your good works, by your labor, by your sacred labor of the heart. Give thanks to God that all that is due you is sealed in your aura and sealed in your Inner Self. Though it seems that outer things have been taken from you, yet the Law is just.

We look to see, then, what the remainder of the decade shall bring. These hours and weeks that shall pass till New Year’s Eve are important ones, for there is the opening for transmutation of the year, the decade, the century and this 2,150-year cycle. <*>

It is, then, a time for transmutation when if those levels and layers of war and the intent of war and the misuse of the environment and the earth element can receive transmutation, there can be the altering, there can be the mitigation.

These days ahead are those of great cost [to the people] and great price [to the nations]. If there be a certain action of the violet flame carried out in daily decrees by students new and old, you can reach a crescendo–even a critical mass, as it were, of violet flame–whereby I may come, then, in answer to your call not merely on the third day of the month but on other days as well.

It will be a question of “matching.” Whatever you put forth I will match again and that ten times, <8> and I will match it also by the presence of great legions from the Violet Planet.

All those who are the servants of the Seventh Ray–the priesthood of Melchizedek and of the Violet Planet, Zadkiel and Amethyst, Elohim, Saint Germain and Portia, all those who invoke the violet flame in all of cosmos who are serving on any of the rays, including yourselves–all of these, beloved, can provide, then, an action of multiplication.

When the events of karma are about to descend and enter the physical plane, it is too late to turn them back. This is the [cosmic moment], then, of opportunity for transmutation before these cycles are due. And due they are in the coming years of this decade, make no mistake about it.

You have been successful in pushing back their timetable, but it requires more than that. It requires their obliteration, as it were, by the violet fire. This service to the violet flame will only accrue good to your Causal Body, will only be the balancing of karma for you and your accelerated freedom that you might live to serve unencumbered.

Therefore, in the aura of the Violet Planet that I bring, we, the legions of the Ruby Ray and the violet flame, tarry with you unto the sealing of this conference. We shall work with you. We will see what you can do and what we can do in response, for Alpha and Omega have sent us even as they have sent you.

Now in the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand, <9> seek the heart of the Buddha Maitreya and know that his heart is the open door to ours and to Buddhas beyond. See how the action of the multiplication of your decrees by your numbers can fulfill a certain cycle in your own personal lives. So return, then, and keep this vigil and know that what is accomplished here can work great change in the entire South and spill over until it does cover the earth.

Now I place myself in the center of the earth. I place myself there, as it were, physically. And I shall meditate with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray in that center, and we shall establish a balance by sound and its vibration to neutralize the dissonance of sound bombarding the earth and the minds and the marrow of the bones of the people. Yes, I speak of what is called music, the sound and the dissonant sounds of hell to which the youth and their bodies have adapted, and many have adapted.

The misuse of sound is dangerous and has been used by forces of Darkness to inaugurate cataclysm. This you know. As I tell you this and as you see our service in the center of the earth, you can know that we would come for this service only because there is a necessity. In other rooms in this very place and in places throughout the city, the rock music burns on, consuming the soul’s sensitivities, neutralizing the action of the chakras and the soul’s ability to make contact with God.

Thus it is, beloved. Make your heart a place of refuge for the youth of the world by establishing there the divine harmony and connecting yourself to the music of the spheres. The music of the spheres is the music of the Causal Body of every son and daughter of God. This is the music that purifies and heals, that balances and restores wholeness and displaces the insanity that is caused by the syncopated beat of rock music.

Yes, the sick in their numbers increase and the insane in their numbers increase. The world cannot survive in the sanity of God and the Mind of God and also drink of the cup of the fallen ones.

Thus, my offering to you is the sealing of your chakras and the mending of your garments, the many layers of your garments, by the action of violet flame angels. Give them the call and the dynamic decree and they can work a mighty work in your day.

This is your day, beloved.
This is your hour.
This is the moment of your ascension!

May you ascend to God with the true laughter of the Spirit and exclaim to a universe:

In the name of my God, I have overcome Death and Hell!
They have no power over me or my own.
I AM a soul freeborn, one in my Christ and God.
I AM free!
Hear, O universe, I AM the ascending one!
And I fear not to enter the gates of the courts of heaven
And to return to paradise.

O ye of little faith, <10> give me your nonfaith and doubt and fear, for I AM Omri-Tas and my violet flame can take care of it! Now fill the vacuum with your faith in God and only God, and be free in the flame of freedom.

This dictation by beloved Omri-Tas was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the conclusion of the October 10, 1992 Saturday evening service during the five-day conference Voyages of Soul Discovery held at the Castlegate Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. Omri-Tas’ dictation is available on video- and audiocassette. Videocassette (also includes the dictations of Saint Teresa of Avila, Mother Mary and the Buddha of the Ruby Ray): 96 min., HP92090. Audiocassette (includes the dictations of Mother Mary and the Buddha of the Ruby Ray): 74 min., B92088. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Omri-Tas’ direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

*. of Pisces
1. Pss. 2:4; 59:8.
2. Omri-Tas’ Violet Flame Day on the third of each month. See vol. 35 no. 8, p. 84 n. 1.
3. Violet flame reservoir over Europe. On February 26, 1988, in a dictation given in Lisbon, Portugal, Omri-Tas announced the dispensation of a violet flame reservoir positioned over central Europe: “It is a very large reservoir of light as a sea in itself; and this [light], beloved, is there for you to invoke as a direct transfusion to all Lightbearers of Europe, Eastern Europe and the entire Soviet bloc....When you invoke the violet flame, it will draw forth the light of this reservoir and also maximize it, fortify it, multiply it by your own love and devotion; and therefore that light shall flow to every Lightbearer in these lands. And as it does flow to them it shall quicken them, it shall cut them free, it shall therefore transmute their spiritual and physical blindness as to those events coming....This reservoir is a certain dispensation. If those Keepers of the Flame in embodiment do not make the violet flame call daily, then this reservoir will come to be used up in its entirety, apportioned then among all Lightbearers. But if the call continues to be given, the reservoir shall be like the unfed flame. It shall not fail. It shall remain full and all that goes out of it shall be returned unto it multiplied by your call.” (See “A Reservoir of Violet Flame over Europe,” in 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 33, Book I, pp. 251-52.)
4. “The other side of Atlantis” refers to the ten tribes of Israel, who prior to their incarnation in Israel had lived largely in the eastern half of Atlantis. Following their incarnation as the ten tribes of Israel, they reincarnated primarily on the European continent. Some of them actually migrated to the European continent following the Assyrian and Babylonian dispersions. (See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, May 5, 1991, “The Destiny of the Reincarnated Twelve Tribes,” on 2-audiocassette album, 179 min., A91087. Also 1991 PoW, vol. 34 no. 9, p. 134 n. 1 and no. 61, p. 677 n. 1. See also E. Raymond Capt, Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets: Study of Assyrian tablets that reveal the fate of the Lost Tribes of Israel [Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Artisan Sales, 1985].) In this dictation, Omri-Tas addresses the Keepers of the Flame who are serving Saint Germain on the European continent. His admonishment to them to tend the violet flame reservoir of light and “not let it be diminished” (see note 3 above) comes at a time when the European nations are trying to establish economic unity. It is a time for transmutation of the divisions that have divided the ten tribes for centuries. Because of their rivalries and idiosyncrasies, they were not able to respond to the efforts of the Count Saint Germain to establish a United States of Europe in the eighteenth century. They ignored his counsel, and the French Revolution ensued. (See “The Count Saint Germain” in Saint Germain On Prophecy, Book One, pp. 33-34, 37-38.) With the opportunity for unity again on the horizon, we see one of the age-old forces of division among the ten tribes: their greed for material things and their entrapment in the clenches of the money beast. If Europe is to transcend herself and move on to the place of cooperation based on Christ-Love–rather than on mere economic expediency–she must have lots of violet flame. When such a great being of Light as Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet, makes such a statement as in this dictation, his “word to the wise” should be sufficient to galvanize the Lightbearers of Europe. The European Keepers of the Flame have the tremendous opportunity to respond to Omri-Tas with perpetual violet flame vigils and dweller calls dedicated to the binding of the money beast and the ancient momentums of greed. The atrocities in Yugoslavia and the right-wing neo-Nazi fanaticism in Germany are more blatant indications of the non-resolution of the people with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As the Messenger has taught, Jesus was embodied as Joseph, the most favored of the twelve sons of Jacob. These twelve sons are the progenitors of the twelve tribes–the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the two tribes of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Out of jealousy, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt (see Gen. 35:22-26; 37). All these records must be cleared if Europe is to enter the New Age and fulfill her destiny. The violet flame will work wonders in this direction if Keepers of the Flame are constant in their vigil.
5. Violet flame sea in the heart of the earth. On May 1, 1991, in Portland, Oregon, Omri-Tas announced the unprecedented dispensation of the violet flame sea of light: “I deposit in the heart of the earth a dispensation immense of concentrated violet flame. It is an intercession of the quality of mercy. It is an intercession afforded to all those who serve the Light. And through your Holy Christ Self it shall be meted out as an unguent, as an elixir. May you drink of it in your hours of need and [in your hours of] strength and keep it replenished by new calls to the violet flame. It is a giant violet flame reservoir, as a sea of light pulsating.” (See “A Violet Flame Sea of Light,” in 1991 PoW, vol. 34 no. 26, pp. 353-55, and no. 65, p. 742.)
6. Omri-Tas dictated in New Orleans on October 14, 1991. See “The Golden Cycle of the Central Sun 2: O the Violet Flame! I Have Come to Give You a Boost!” in 1991 PoW, vol. 34 no. 65, pp. 739-50.
7. Matt. 6:19-21.
8. “Whatever you put forth I will match again and that ten times.” On July 7, 1984, in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, Omri-Tas announced the following dispensation for the multiplication of our decrees to the violet flame: “If in all reverence, with inner attunement, a sense of yourself in your Christ Self as priest or priestess of the sacred fire, if with all your heart and deep within your heart you will take, then, fifteen minutes each day to give profound and loving invocations to the violet flame in my name (and please remember to use my name, for I am the one from whose Causal Body this dispensation comes), then we will take that offering, measure for measure as it is devoted, as it is profound and sincere, the very weight of its power and light. Therefore, by the quality of it, quality for quality, it shall be multiplied in your life ten times!” (See “Saturate the Earth with Violet Flame!” in 1984 PoW, vol. 27 no. 50A, Book II, pp. 139-40.)
9. The power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand. On July 1, 1961, in Washington, D.C., Lord Maitreya announced: “The Ascended Masters, in the great deliberations and the councils of the Great White Brotherhood, have determined that human tyranny has too long held sway over the mass mind. Therefore we have asked for a great petition whereby the student body today shall be given that which is known as the full power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand. From this day henceforward, every decree that you utter shall be increased by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand!” (See 1984 PoW, vol. 27 no. 7, Book I, p. 63, and The Science of the Spoken Word, pp. 78-79.)
10 . “O ye of little faith.” Matt. 6:30; 8:26; 14:31; 16:8; Luke 12:28.

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