Beloved Purity and Astrea - April 9, 1993

Easter Retreat 1993
The Sweetness of the Light
The Way of Self-Indulgence
Take on the Challenge of the Selfish Self
“Take It or Leave It!”

Oh, to know the sweetness of the Light!

Oh, to know the higher octaves!

When you think of Astrea, you think of the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame. You hear the buzzing sound as the concrete karmas are disturbed and pulverized. You think of intense action and you think of the puncturing of unreality.

Yet when the Light descends after all of the debris loosened by Astrea is cast into the violet flame, then you know just what is the sweetness of the Light! Then you have and hold in your heart a compartment of your heaven-world, an element of your Causal Body of Light.

To establish the love tie to the great Dharmakaya that you once called your own and shall again call your own, you must sustain around yourself the matrix of the circle and sword of blue flame. The action of Astrea that you have invoked over the centuries (and specifically since you have come into this organization and have had your previous knowledge of Astrea reawakened) has brought you to the place of a great opening into spiritual dimensions. It is an opening whereby you may touch certain portions of your Causal Body, but only when you approach it through your Christed intelligence, your Christ Mind.

For that Mind of Christ is a barrier to your penetration of any and all worlds of perfection until you yourself are duly and properly cloaked in that perfection. In other words, it is not enough to know perfection: you must be it at a level that allows the soul to enter one of the twelve gates of the Causal Body.

Do not so easily cast aside my remarks, for I come, the Elohim Purity, I come, Astrea. We are one in the fusion of a cosmos. For God is one, Father-Mother is one and the dot in the center of the circle must be the Manchild.

So, then, do not say to yourself, “These words are not relevant to me, for I am so far from perfection this day.” Perfection relates to you and you relate to it but only when you allow us to strip you of that sense of nonperfection, that sense of mortality that limits you.

Think, then, upon the purity of the Lamb of God, who has been “slain from the foundation of the world.” <1> This Lamb truly is your Real Self in Christ. This Lamb within you is slain daily and hourly. Yet you have discovered that by the “Tube of Light” decree and the violet flame decrees, the calls to Astrea and Archangel Michael, you are able to maintain within your tube of light some of the glory of God and of the Lord Christ, who is daily descending in clouds of glory.

Yes, beloved! He is descending daily into the temples of those souls who have effectively prepared for his coming. And that connection with your Saviour is sustained when in loving harmony you sustain your tube of light.

And so you create here below your heaven-world within that tube of light and within the violet flame and within your contemplation of the Buddhas, saints, bodhisattvas and sages who have walked before you and yet still walk behind you as they maintain a guardian action for your protection. For the whole world and cosmos is a grand processioning to the Great Central Sun!

And as the whirlwind action of Astrea does descend upon you, so you are delivered of many burdens that you will not see again. For the violet flame you have invoked (even at this retreat) has compensated for, aye, transmuted, certain karmic records and misqualified energies that have come to the surface to be taken up into the vortex of the whirling circle of blue flame by millions of legions of Astrea. These legions also bind lingering entities and infesting demons that have burdened your souls for lifetimes.

What, then, are these legions like? They are everyday working-folk angels, yes, indeed. They work hard on the highways of the Matter cosmos. They work hard in the streets of the earth–in your hometown, in your nation. And they work hard to bind the most vicious of dark forces who, because of mankind’s state of consciousness, have been allowed into the planetary home. These dark forces come out of sublevels of the astral plane and out of pits of Death and Hell to torment the youth and tear down this civilization, its educational systems and all that is constructive that has been built by many hearts of love.

Blessed ones, by your daily calls to Astrea you are assisting in the mighty work of purging the earth of the most virulent and the most vile forces that at any time can attack the human brain–the minds, the hearts, the bodies, the souls and the spirits of the citizens of earth. Your call, beloved, is a call to arms that mobilizes the shock troops of Purity and Astrea, who go forth to rescue this and that little one, millions here and other hundreds of thousands there from calamities that otherwise should long ago have befallen the people of earth.

Yes, you are in the days and hours of mitigation–the mitigation of certain prophecies. You are in the days and hours of selection wherein even the Four Horsemen, who ride under the direction of the Holy Kumaras, are exercising discretionary judgment in their delivery of karma to the nations–to the people, the towns and the cities. But where the people have not relented in their stubbornness as they have raised their clenched fists and their outrages against their God, there the karma must descend. Only thus shall they learn the awful consequences of their defiance against God.

Thus, karma does descend specifically and selectively. And then again, the specific selection may be the entire planetary body, so intermeshed is the karma of the nations. Therefore, as a people or as a nation you cannot remain insulated from the descending woes of world karma, but you must take into account that certain negatives that happen in every nation upon earth and in the heart of every person upon earth do necessarily result in a descent of a certain burden of planetary karma upon every lifestream <2> upon earth.

Those, then, who are able to carry their own cross of karma and then some (because they are adept in invoking and directing the violet flame into burdens too hard for most folks to bear) are called upon again and again to carry an extra apportionment of world karma. As this dispensation is to the benefit of the billions of earth’s evolutions, so it is to the benefit of the individual who applies for it in the spirit of invoking the violet flame of forgiveness “seventy times seven” <3> on behalf of those who “know not what they do.” <4>

For it can be said that the entire planetary home is as a blanket woven of all the threads of the karmas of the peoples of the earth. And so when a section of the earth goes down beneath the weight of its karma, the entire blanket goes down. And when one Keeper of the Flame raises up the blanket by invoking the sacred fires for world transmutation, the entire world is raised up a notch. Such is the power of one lifestream who commits to Saint Germain’s alchemy and remains constant to his commitment daily.

See how the economies of the nations are tied together. See how deadly diseases know no bounds but skip from continent to continent as in the situation of AIDS, which is the focus of your prayer vigil at this conclave. There is also a planetary depression that weighs down the population of earth. And this you must understand, for that depression is such a weight upon so many people that it does also come to rest upon the Lightbearers themselves. And some, when they feel this depression, think it is their own–just as when you feel it, beloved ones, you sometimes make the mistake of thinking it is your own.

You think it is the result of your circumstances, your job or your service to the Brotherhood. And you think that if you were to change your circumstances, somehow this weight would be removed from you. Well, I tell you, it will not be removed from you except by your decrees to the violet flame, except by your call to Astrea, except by your appeal to the Five Hearts: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Purple Fiery Heart of Saint Germain, the Diamond Heart of El Morya and the Magnanimous Heart of Lanello–and then to the Buddhic hearts of Lord Padma Sambhava, Lord Maitreya, Lord Manjushri, Lord Gautama, Lord Sanat Kumara, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, the Five Dhyani Buddhas and, last but not least, the Avalokitesvara/Kuan Yin.

So, beloved ones, there is no getting out of your present state of consciousness and on with your ascension without boring through the many layers of the weight of world depression (which is also a manifestation of mankind’s karma) until finally you get through that thick layer of dark, dank, oppressive astral cloud and you arrive at the opening of the blue sky and the sun, and, lo, the heaven-world is before you!

And as you squint your eyes, you see the rainbow reflected in the corona of the sun and you know that by your right heart, by your meditation on and activation of Divine Love and by your dynamic decrees, you have opened a channel to the hearts of Helios and Vesta. And you can keep that channel open daily whereby not only you but many angels of the LORD may ascend and descend, even as they did on Jacob’s ladder, <5> that ladder symbolizing the initiations of the Path for every son and daughter of God.

As you have given your calls to Astrea and to me this day, some good has been accomplished. But you must become used to a sense of co-measurement–a sense of co-measurement that the darkness that is darkening in the earth simply requires more fire hoses directing more of the mighty power of Astrea and all Elohim for the putting out of the fires of these karmas that are smoldering beneath the surface, then bursting into flame for reckoning and for ultimate transmutation.

It is as though the entire body of the earth had open wounds releasing pus and putrefaction, dread diseases and terrible torment and spiritual stultification and all manner of foul spirits with their foul odors coming out of the pits of hell and the astral plane.

For the most part, you are protected from these contagions by your servants, the mighty sylphs of the air, the fiery salamanders, the gnomes and the undines, who do their part daily for the purification of the planet. Yet, as you have been told before, they cannot keep up with the challenge of the spewing out of the anger, the hate and hate creation and all that is in the boiler of mankind’s collective unconscious. These things are coming to the surface as though out of a seething cauldron about to overflow with its poisonous brew and burst into flame, igniting many lower levels of the astral plane.

The inner levels of the astral plane of this earth are not shown to you that you might retain hope for today and tomorrow, that your vision of the heaven-world might dominate your horizon, that you might keep before you your goal of balancing 51 percent of your karma. When you reach that goal, beloved–and, oh, what a day of rejoicing it will be!–you also reach the place where you have a number of choices.

First of all, you have the choice whether or not to embody the Light of the living Christ. If you choose not to embody the Light of the living Christ but to use the Light you have for selfish gain, then you will have entered the left-handed path and your initiators will be not the Ascended Masters but the fallen angels. This path leads to the vainglory of the world and the ultimate undoing of the soul.

If you choose to embody the Light of the living Christ to the glory of God and not to the vainglory of the human ego, your initiators will be the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord Maitreya with the participation of many other saints and Ascended Masters along the way. To move forward, then, on the path of your soul’s union with God, which requires your balancing the remaining 49 percent of your karma, is your next goal on the passage through earth.

However, you may forgo balancing the full 100 percent on earth and take your ascension at the time of transition (i.e., the death of the physical body). Whatever percentage of karma you will have balanced at the hour you depart this world will be the measure of your victory. But know this: You will be required to balance the remainder of your karma from the ascended state and this karma will tie you to earth until you have completed the 100 percent.

Some will ask, “How could I as an Ascended Master balance karma from the ascended state?” The answer is that you as an Ascended Master could, for example, sponsor uplift movements through receptive souls in embodiment. You could inspire inventions that benefit society and tutor exceptional lifestreams in demonstrating the practical religion of the Sacred Heart. You could also intercede on behalf of those who had erred against society, that they might have the opportunity to make good.

When you choose the high road of balancing 100 percent of your karma on earth, you must reckon with the aggressive challenges of the fallen angels who will seek to tear from you the self-mastery you gain with each new level of attainment. Knowing you will be challenged, you ought to put yourself in the mode of being in training to become Olympic champions, spiritually speaking. As you become the fullness of your Christhood day by day and as your soul enters in to the configuration, the very likeness, of the Lamb of God, set your mind in the mode of confronting the challengers to your sport on the lists of the spiritual path itself.

So you must put yourself in training and stay in training to be a champion son or daughter of God with a will to vanquish every challenger to your Christhood. You must increase your determination and your will to attain the mark of the high calling in Christ. <6> You must seek empowerment from the source of empowerment, your own Holy Christ Self. Your life, then, will become a competition in the highest sport of all.

Who will win? You or your challenger? Or will you not even try but let down your guard and say, “It’s not worth it anymore–it’s simply not worth it”?

How many times have we heard some discouraged one say, “It’s not worth it”? What is not worth it? Your Christhood? Is that what you are speaking of–the inconveniences of life and the Path that do not begin and end at the Royal Teton Ranch but continue round the world and round the world and round again?

Is it worth it or is it not, beloved, to become a God-free being and to do what it takes to get there? Is it worth it or is it not to receive a spanking today from Astrea and Purity? I direct this question to the spoiled children and the spoiled adults who have been spoiled by their parents and are now themselves petulant children complaining that the Path is too hard.

Well, you might as well face the reality: the Path is hard and it will get harder and harder, eliminating those who have no nerve for the fight, no love for the outcome, no concern for those who suffer and might be healed if they would only make some sacrifice to put on the mantle of their Christhood.

Blessed ones, this is an indulgent civilization! And we see that even where parents have not indulged their children, their children have definitely managed to indulge themselves! Now their children are forty and fifty and sixty and seventy years old, and yet they say, “It is too hard!” and they desire to continue the merry-go-round of self-indulgences.

Well, I refer you instead to the giant flame of God-Harmony, to the victory of Serapis Bey, to your victory in the base-of-the- spine chakra, whereby in the raising up of that Light you can feel the sacred fire rising and consuming the dross. Thus, as you clear the channels we may place along that spinal altar the beginning of ascension’s flame.

How well we remember the dictation announcing that that ascension flame had begun to rise in the Messenger Mark Prophet, enveloping his feet and legs. <7> This was the beginning. And it was to increase and increase and increase until the hour of the transition of his soul from a body that was no longer able to contain the Light he bore. And thus, called by God to his eternal home, he did take his leave from mortal form and all mortality. And that soul did merge with the living Christ and the living God. And this is an individual who was a human being and more than a human being–a soul seized and wholly possessed with the mission of Godhood for you and for all and lastly for himself.

Yes, beloved ones, and how did he rise up? By not being coddled and spoiled but by coming into the realities of the depression and the loss, at age nine, of his own father by death and therefore having to make his way as an individual, as a sole provider for his mother, moving on, then, and taking his position in the United States Army Air Corps <8> and standing for the victory of Saint Germain in America.

Yes, beloved, heroes are made of that stuff of children who have grown up deprived of all of the luxuries and all of the toys and all of the enjoyments with which children today are surfeited, until they expect even Serapis Bey to come and place in their laps all of their needs and wants, for they themselves have scarcely raised an arm or a hand or a finger to do anything for themselves. Such is the indulgence of parents passed on to children.

And who, then, who shall inherit the earth? The indulgent ones or those who march with Serapis Bey and understand that ascensions must take place day by day?

And if and when you ascend, it will be because you have seen through all of this and stripped yourself of the mewing and meowing and whining and weeping and have come to the place where you have said:

I will give this life! I will give this life and I am not afraid of pain! I am not afraid of what it will cost me, for what is pain in this life but only a chimera–a shadow that passes away when the glory of God descends! And this glory I can reach out and touch, I can feel, I can bring down, I can become and I can show to the world by the fire of my chakras! And this is the person I desire to be, and not one who is merely a bag of a million excuses!

Well, that is not the bag that is carried by the very special Buddha, by the very special Guru Maitreya, <9> beloved ones. So understand that this bag must contain all of the formulas of alchemy that you have memorized, all that is required to defeat those individuals who one way or another would take from you your life or life-force and your very heart’s love and heart’s calling.

I tell you, beloved ones, it does take maximum alertness on your part to escape all of the plots and ploys that come upon you–even through minor, puny devils–to take you from your one-pointed dedication to your life’s course. It is about time you did pass every test <10> and not just one now and then! It is about time that you shrugged from yourself, as Atlas shrugged–yes, shrugged off all sense of a self that is not God.

No greater sin has ever been committed by you, by mankind or by anyone than the sin of the denial of one’s God or one’s Godhood where one stands–the denial of God as who you are and what you are made of. That denial comes each and every time there spews forth, not only from your mouth but from the mouths of all your chakras, that heavy spiral of negativity.

And some of you do not even care who that spiral touches or who it comes to rest upon, such as one who can barely breathe and is on his last breath, lying on a bed of pain. You do not care that the negativity that goes forth from your mouth and your solar plexus may be the very negativity that allows that one to pass on, when your own positive force and driving momentum of the spirit could also have made the difference in that one’s reaching for the resurrection.

You are not an island! You are not separated out from the rest! You cannot divide yourself from the Body of God unless you wish to quit it permanently! And if you do, beloved ones, you need only petition the Lord Christ, and in deepest love he will allow you to separate yourself out that you might experience outer darkness for a time and begin to appreciate the Light and what you had before you began to misuse it in small ways and in great ways, thinking you were above the Law, allowing the lies of the fallen ones to come in and tell you that a little bit here and a little bit there will not matter.

Cheat a little here, cheat a little there, and pretty soon you have so many holes pricked in the aura of being that you are a leaky vessel, leaking from every point of denial. And finally the vessel sinks and you cannot swim–you cannot swim in that sea of the astral plane and you too are taken under, a prisoner of that perilous vessel.

Blessed ones, there is a way that seemeth right <11> unto a man, unto a woman, unto a child. There is a way that seemeth right, and the way that seemeth right is the way of self-indulgence! And that self-indulgence is daily being justified by those of you on the spiritual path who in previous lifetimes have known some of the Ascended Masters as your parents, as your teachers. And you were given a classical education and upbringing according to the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, and you reached a certain level of mastery, a certain level of inner containment and contentment and God-happiness.

So, beloved, you cannot take the failings of this life or the karma of this life as an excuse for nonvictory, for in many past ages you have indeed lived in ideal situations, in ideal families with ideal parents. Therefore let us get on with casting into the flame all of that which has not been ideal! Let us get on with the call to Astrea! Call to Astrea to take from you those records of the bag and baggage of your psychology–and let that call play a part in every therapy session and in every circle of those who come together to ponder the meaning of their psychological/karmic burdens.

We can ponder the burdens today, we can ponder them tomorrow and the next day and every day of the year, and we can continue this for centuries! I say, when will you say:

This day I have gotten the victory over this beast, this pain, this persecution! And I will not take three steps backward when my Lord, crucified on Calvary this day, does place himself upon that cross before me.

No, I will not step one step backward! I will step forward! I will receive my Lord. I will take him down from the cross and I will place myself upon that cross. For I know that at any time somewhere on earth there must be one son of God who is enduring that crucifixion, who is on that cross.

And therefore know this, for this is the teaching of this Good Friday 1993: You must take your turn! You must take your turn! You may say, “No, I must not. I go the other way and I back off (as you tell yourself none will see) to some corner where I may hide behind the rocks and in the caves lest the mountains fall upon me.” Well, you may do that. It is your free will. But it is our free will to tell you it is the wrong choice at the wrong time in all of the cosmic history of planet earth!

This is the time to kneel before the cosmic cross of white fire and to remember that the crown of victory is at the top of the cross. And if you endure your initiations, that crown shall also be yours and you shall sit with Christ in glory and know all the promises of scripture fulfilled in you.

Now is not the time to falter! Now is not the time for that state of mind that says, “Well, maybe...well, maybe,” and then looks askance and says, “That was two thousand years ago. There are no more deaths by crucifixion today.”

Well, I tell you, indeed there are! Just look at those who are dying of AIDS. Look at them as though they were the body of Christ emaciated and their eyes glassy; and there they lie in pain. Look at many who are dying of cancer or frightfully incurable conditions of mind and heart and body. Look at many who are so bowed down by their karmas.

You see, you either arrive at Golgotha, “the place of the skull,” by the power of your individual Christhood, prepared for the initiation of the crucifixion, and you have your victory with your Lord on the cross, or you arrive without having attained your Christhood, wherefore though you are crucified and you go through the torment and the torture of the damned, you do not have your victory in this initiation. This was often the case in the days of Rome, when crucifixion was common as a means of capital punishment.

And so what of that crucifixion which you witness today, such as in Bosnia-Herzegovina or in the horrible deaths that millions of people are going through? What is taking place? Well, if we consider the fate of the blessed who are not yet ready for the triumph over the Not-Self but have heaped up a mountain of good works, the record will tell that they have accomplished the balancing of much karma, much karma indeed, by their suffering on the cross–and that for a purpose: “that they might obtain a better resurrection,” <12> as it is written.

However, in the case of those who have not raised up the sacred fire of Jesus Christ in the temple of being through purity and good works, the dweller-on-the-threshold is in command. For they have not even tackled that dweller but have preferred to dance with it, to play ring-around-the-rosy with it, to be entertained for a time by their own macho alter ego, ultimately to be gobbled up by that very dweller.

And where shall they appear? Where shall they appear in the day of salvation when they have either no Christhood formed or insufficient Christhood formed, hence no soul that can say “I” and then say “I AM” and then say “I AM THAT I AM”?

Can your soul truly say those words, affirming her Being one with God’s Being because she has allowed herself to be devoured by the living flame of Love of the Holy Spirit? Or can she only say, “I have been devoured of my addictions, my alcohol, my drugs, my sensual indulgences, my selfishness”? Pause before your God and give answer this day.

And will there come a day when as far as this life is concerned and as far as you are concerned, there is no point of identity left that can be saved or rescued by Astrea or by anyone because you have taken too long to indulge your free will, you have squandered your life-force, you are spiritually bankrupt and now there is not a thing that can be done for you, for that indulgence has turned in upon you to devour you as a spiritual as well as physical cancer of selfishness and self-love?

I AM Astrea. I AM Purity. I come in that hour and I let that cosmic circle and sword of blue flame spin. And it does spin and it does draw from that which was once a living soul all negative energy, all karma. And is there anything left? No, there is not even a period at the end of the sentence of that life whereby that soul could be restored. <13>

We are Purity and Astrea. We paint a panorama of the worst-case scenario so that you can paint over it the saga of your victory. Yes, you can erase all of the above with the cosmic eraser, the violet flame, but you have to do it and you have to do it now!

Do you not understand that there are cycles and times ordained even unto the fallen angels, the high and the mighty, the princes of this world? They are given a time and certain times, and times again. But the day and the hour does come when the high and the mighty who have lorded it over the humble and meek do come to the end of their allotted time. And suddenly, by the cosmic timetable of the clock that does not cease to tick, the entire structure of their non-being collapses. And there is a cessation of that which has never been but only seemed to be.

And the only difference between the high and the mighty and the fallen angels and you is that they know their time is short! You seem to have forgotten that your time is also short. Yes, their time is short but they are using every moment of it in seeking to devour you!

And because you are not alert to hear the ticking of your own clock, they have your full cooperation as you allow precious moments you could be filling with sweet Light to be devoured by your attention here, your attention there, taking in the scenes of a make-believe world and every last movie that you can rent and see lest you miss something out of the astral plane that has escaped your gaze, lest you not be in tune with the times and not conversant with all of the mountain of rubbish that is piled up in the astral bodies of the people of this world.

I AM Astrea! Shall I continually clean up the mess daily?

It is very convenient to have my call, is it not? Is it not convenient that each and every day the garbage collector will come–all of my legions, my working angels will come to clean up the mess?

Well, they are desirous of getting to the very core of the foundations of unreality upon which you have built the superstructure of your ego, which is about to collapse any moment! And you must understand you have no other moment in which to enshrine your Divine Ego but the Eternal Now!

Thus the fallen ones know that they shall be no more and they do as much deviltry as they can. And their deviltry is aimed at none but you! Yes, guess who? You! It is aimed at you, the top Lightbearers on the planet, or you who should be. And sometimes we wonder about you when you think you are the top Lightbearers but do not act like the top Lightbearers, failing to do the rituals that would so confirm your identification with the God of all Light–sweet Light.

Now, since you have forgotten that your time is also short, I am here to remind you. I am here to tell you that the choices you do not make today for ultimate reality and for kicking out that spoiled child and that self-indulgence may not be an option tomorrow. Yes, I have said it! The choices may not be an option tomorrow.

Therefore, cease to behave as spoiled children. Put that particular Halloween costume aside and put on your God-Reality. Go ahead, put on the blazer of the blazing Reality of your personal Christhood! Because you can make a difference not only to your own soul, which you can now finally save, but to millions of souls.

Let it be that you have heard the power of Purity this day! For Purity shall now speak to you of the calling in God, which is there for those who have ears to hear it and eyes to see it. And to those of you whose ears have waxed dull and whose eyes are dimmed for the veil of indulgence and astral substance that you have allowed to anesthetize your senses so that you no longer hear or see or feel or taste or smell the spiritual realities all around you, I say, God pity you! God pity you! God pity you and give to Elohim another dispensation whereby we might help you to truly see Reality.

Remember, if you do not see Reality, it is because you will not see it, because you made a decision not to see it because you are accommodating your self-indulgences.

Let a people chosen of God, then–let a people chosen of God choose their God this day! For the choice must be in both directions. To every call from on high there must be an answer, and for every answer there shall be the descent of Light when the supplicant can be trusted to hold that Light.

Thus I AM Purity. And I have spoken in Los Angeles on a number of occasions through the Messenger Mark, through the Messenger Elizabeth, and I have seen how the Light of Purity has been spat upon, has been challenged as the self-doubters have heaped blame upon the Messengers, whom they see, instead of upon the Elohim, whom they cannot see, or upon the fault that lies with themselves, which they will not see. Yes, I have seen and the Messengers have seen the engines of war racing in the unconscious of millions of people.

Yet I will not relent, for by the geometry of God, of which we are all a part, there is the pressing in of Light, there is the pressing in of Light. And that Light might as well be Darkness, for when it comes upon the dark ones, so they cry out against the Light and say, “What have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth, Son of the Most High God? What have we to do with thee?” <14>

Thus the representatives of the Light are spat upon and spurned. And when the Light is in you, you are spat upon and you are spurned, aren’t you? And every minute and every hour of the day is there not someone somewhere upon earth who is spurning your own Messenger? And what does the Messenger say? She says, “So what! So what!”

Well, it is about time you said it too. If you are on the course of victory, if you know you are the best, if you know you are the winner and you are going to win, then I say go for it and have your victory! For it will take all of your Christhood, all of your I AM Presence, all of your Great Causal Body, all of your soul, all of your love, all of your heart, all of your life! But we know and we believe that you will do whatever it takes!

And when you have given all that you have to give and fulfilled your round, God will give it back to you multiplied many ten thousand times ten thousand, until you see yourself in octaves of Light, having come through a planet saturated with the consciousness of Death and Hell where there was preserved for you an island of Light with a canopy to cover it and an altar where a flame did burn as in ancient days of Atlantis and has not burned since except on a number of occasions, not more than four or five, since that time when the Maxin Light went out.

And you will remember that you were on that island of Light and that that flame did burn upon the altar. And the Word of God was not withheld from you, and the councils of Elohim and the councils of the Ascended Masters and Archangels were not closed to you. But you entered into those councils and you did take counsel with the Messenger and with those emissaries from the etheric retreats who did come to you and were almost physical in your midst. And you will remember how they inspired your minds with ways and means to beat the sinister force no matter what karmic situation or initiation of heaven or earth or Death or Hell you had to go through to have your victory.

Yes, beloved ones, take on the challenge! For whether you see them or not, the hordes of the sinister force hurl their challenge to you: They dare you to make war against them, dare you to call for them to be bound and taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire! Yes, they are daring you. And in a similar manner in a positive way, all of the legions of angels and hosts of the Lord are in position and they are challenging you to come into your Christhood and defeat those hordes who multiply their conglomerate identity by the astral microbes and viruses on which they thrive.

Yes, you have seen photographs of the drawings of those people, so-called–insectlike creatures that come in spacecraft and have no real resemblance to human life. You have seen how they have degenerated into sublevels of mechanization man, having no divine spark, no spiritual energy or consciousness, but use advanced technologies to steal the genetic codes of the creation of Elohim.

Yes, beloved, this is what happens to an evolution when there is not a single son of God among them who is willing to be crucified upon the cross, having won his Christhood, having prepared for the victory of this initiation, that he might wear the crown of everlasting life and save that which can be saved from an aberrant lifewave.

Yes, beloved ones, if there cease to be Christed ones in the earth holding the balance for sons and daughters of God to embody, you may see this become a planet barren of the Christ consciousness for the neglect of the four lower bodies of the earth and the neglect of the four lower bodies of the people, and for the failure of the remnant of Lightbearers to raise up the Christ in their temples that they might raise up the multitudes who cannot find their way without the Light.

And if there cease to be Christed ones holding out a Light for those who have it not, then what kind of offspring should come forth? Those without the genes of the sons and daughters of God, those without the ability to procreate by the Light and to pass on a heart of flesh that can contain a threefold flame? Yes, the evolutions of this planetary home could lose the spark of life sooner than you think for that which is taking place in the pollution of the earth and all the damage to every part of life through the abuses of nuclear energy.

Yes, beloved, all of this affects the continuity of the chain of life that does indeed go back to Adam and Eve. For those bodies given to Adam and Eve are the bodies that were intended for all of their offspring, and yet the bodies you wear do not reflect the original matrix. Alas, your four lower bodies have degenerated through the ages since you knew that Eden on the etheric plane and then were expelled to denser levels that necessitated “coats of skins” <15> to accommodate the earthy environment. And today we the Elohim note that the physical bodies of the people are degenerating by environmental contamination to the point where their genes will no longer carry the spiritual power they knew in ancient times.

Where will you be when the choice comes for you to put on the mantle of your Christhood yet you do not even have a physical temple that is viable, balanced in the yang and yin energies, spiritually and physically worthy to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, the receptacle of the threefold flame, with clarity and strength emanating from the crystal cord and chakras?

Right now you have the means to transcend yourself through the spiritual accoutrements that tie in to the physical body itself–spiritual centers, spiritual light. Spiritual light, think of it! In every physical atom, in the sun of every cell, in every particle of life, there is yet that essence of Elohim!

We have come to tell you that unless those who know the Law as you know the Law make a greater effort to embody the sweet Light of their God Presence, there will be no one to pass along the dispensations of the Great White Brotherhood. There will be no one to provide the bodies necessary for souls who come after you to attain the victory of the ascension in the Light.

This dispensation and you as a people mighty throughout the earth, you as the seed of Christ and Abraham, you as the seed of the great Lights of history–your generation, your children, your lives shall determine the future of this earth and whether it will be a viable place for the rescue of souls, their rebonding to Christ and their victory in God. Every example for the right has the potential to magnetize millions for that path. Every example for the left has the potential to bring down the present civilization. You have but to look at the electronic and media amplification of good and bad trends to draw the same conclusion as we have.

You may scream at us and say: “We do not want to hear all of this! We do not want to hear that we are responsible, that we are accountable, that we may no longer pipe our tunes and expect the Ascended Masters to dance to them!” <16> Well, we come with reality, for we are Reality. We come with that God-Love, for we are that God-Love. We come with that God-Purity, for we are that God-Purity. We come with our circle and sword of blue flame and we say: We love you with a Love profound: It is the love of the Father-Mother God.

We bow to the Light that is yet in you, that is yet to become the conflagration whereby you may be saved for the ritual of the ascension. We come to bow to the resurrection fire of the Spirit of the Resurrection, who does descend this weekend. And we say to you with all of our heart’s love:

This is our message of Good Friday. Take it or leave it!

[48-second standing ovation]

This dictation by beloved Purity and Astrea was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Good Friday, April 9, 1993, during the five-day Easter Retreat 1993, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under the direction of Purity and Astrea.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Rev. 13:8.
2. Lifestream. The stream of life that comes forth from the one Source, from the I AM Presence in the planes of Spirit, and descends to the planes of Matter, where it manifests as the threefold flame anchored in the heart chakra for the sustainment of the soul in Matter and the nourishment of the four lower bodies. Used to denote souls evolving as individual “lifestreams” and hence synonymous with the term “individual.”
3. Matt. 18:21, 22.
4. Luke 23:34.
5. Gen. 28:10-12.
6. Phil. 3:14.
7. Announcement of the ascension flame rising in the Messenger Mark L. Prophet. In a dictation delivered through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet on October 7, 1962, the Ascended Master Hilarion announced: “The Messenger that stands before you has had a special anointing of the sacred fire preparatory to this address this day which has caused the very physical atoms of his body to change. And within him an action has taken place in preparation for his own ascension. Yet he shall walk among you for a time.” Hilarion made this announcement more than ten years before Mark Prophet made his ascension on February 26, 1973. In a dictation delivered through Elizabeth Clare Prophet on May 4, 1991, the Ascended Master Amen Bey said: “Let not a day conclude, beloved ones, that you do not claim an increment of your ascension. How well I remember the initiation given to Mark Prophet years before his ascension, when that flame was established, beginning at the feet and at the legs and anchored there. And thus, you who are preparing to enter that flame sometime in this century or the next as the years of your life span unfold, know that if you are a candidate for the ascension, you do receive increments of that fire. And thus, as though you were being built and rebuilt stone upon stone, now of lively stones replacing the rays of mortality with the rays of immortality, so you will find that the capstone upon your pyramid of being shall be the culmination of the full and intense action of the ascension flame” (see 1991 PoW, vol. 34, no. 29, pp. 379-80).
8. Mark L. Prophet served in the U.S. Army Air Corps from September 29, 1942, to October 27, 1945.
9. “The bag carried by the very special Buddha.” In Chinese Buddhism, Lord Maitreya is sometimes portrayed as “the Hemp-bag Bonze,” or Laughing Buddha. (A “bonze” is a Buddhist monk.) In his role as the Hemp-bag Bonze, Maitreya appears as a plump, jolly, pot-bellied Laughing Buddha. He is often shown sitting and holding a sack, with happy children climbing all over him. To the Chinese, he represents prosperity, material wealth and spiritual contentment; the children represent the blessing of a large family. In Buddhism in China: A Historical Survey, Kenneth Ch’en writes: “One feature of his appearance singled him out–he carried a hemp bag wherever he went. Into this bag was deposited whatever he received, and for this reason the bag became an object of intense curiosity, especially among the children. They would chase him and climb all over him, and force him to open his bag. On such an occasion he would place the bag on the ground, empty the contents one by one, and just as methodically put them back into the bag. The expressions attributed to him were all enigmatic and exhibit [Zen] characteristics....Once a monk asked him about his bag; he replied by placing it on the ground. When asked what this meant, he shouldered the bag and went away. Once he was asked how old the bag was, and he replied that it was as old as space.” The Messenger has explained that the bag demonstrates the mystery of space and the miracle of space under the dominion of the Buddha. Its timelessness shows the Buddha’s mastery of segments of eternity, hence eternity itself, through the flame of Mother. See “A Portrait of Maitreya as the Hemp-Bag Bonze,” in 1984 PoW, Book II, Introduction II, pp. 37-40.
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16 . “We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced.” Matt. 11:16, 17; Luke 7:31, 32.

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