Beloved Portia - April, 1997

Easter Retreat 1997


Justice for the Young and the Old:
Euthanasia Is Not Acceptable

In 1939, at the beginning of World War II, I came out of the Great Silence (nirvana) into the earth and I have been here ever since, except for brief meditations within.

I come today on behalf of justice for the young and the old. I come on behalf of justice for the unborn. And I come for justice on behalf of those whose time to be born has been aborted by those who know not what they do.

In this address I represent the Karmic Board. And I announce to you that the world is not fulfilling its reason for being because so many have denied entry to great souls of light whose time has come and then gone. They have denied entry to these souls of light because they would rather not be inconvenienced by having a child.

So, then, beloved, as you look around you--in industry all over the world--you find that there are those of excellence and of talent. There are others who are not as creative but who nevertheless contribute much to society. Yet there are still many seats vacant, as you would see at the Coliseum or often at the great sports arenas of your time. Not all of them are filled.

I speak, then, to you of times when perhaps your twin flame, a soul mate, a friend or a relative from other lifetimes was ready and willing to embody. Yet they could not enter, though the Lords of Karma may have given that one the green light to enter the birth canal and to come forth as a babe that should become a mighty heroine or hero.

When the world population has missing links, many must stand in for two or three or five or ten. And you look around you and you say: “Where are my comrades? Where are my brothers and sisters? Why are they not here?” One of the major reasons for this absence of souls is that they have been denied incarnation when they ought to be here now!

When this happens the forces of Darkness move in. They take advantage of the vacancy. They make themselves look as though they were of the Light, yet they are of the Darkness. Then they begin to move through industry, technology and all forms of mass communication systems. Whatever their abilities have been in other lifetimes, they bring those abilities with them. And therefore, because they are of the Darkness, the fallen angels bring civilizations down even though they also bring innovation.

Discriminate Vibration

It is the quality of the heart that we are looking for. And we look for it day by day, in the hearts and the minds of the people. Yes, we look for it in the cities, on the mountaintops. Yes, we look for people who truly embody the quality of the heart.

It would be well for you to become students of mankind as well as students of yourselves. Be astute and aware of the types of individuals who move in the earth. You ought to know when you are looking at someone who is coarse, harsh, unforgiving and even dishonest. You should be able to detect that vibration by their auras.

It is time you studied the human race for what it is and for what it is not. For then you would understand that in certain areas of the world where lightbearers have gathered in ashrams and in religious organizations sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood, there are great lights who have illumined the world for centuries. But also among the street sweepers and those who clean the toilets in your large corporations or in places of public transportation you will find some who shine like the Evening Star, yet they may have no skills.

None upon Earth Are Expendable

So you see, beloved, none upon earth are expendable. All must have their place in the sun. All must be able to see what level they are on and then exceed that level, perhaps by getting educated, perhaps because someone comes along and says: “I will teach you to read. I will teach you to be self-sufficient in this job. This will increase your income. This will increase self-knowledge.”

Not everyone desires to accelerate, but there is no harm in offering the gift of self and self-knowledge to others. What does this have to do with opportunity? Simply this: If opportunity knocks and the door is opened unto you, you are welcomed by your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, he bids you enter, he sits down with you (and perhaps one of those who are with him serve you tea and give you a honey cake to eat), will you not graciously receive him even if you are a weary traveler?

Then the Lord may say to you after you have been there awhile: “Now, how can you help me to better this planet? How can you help me to save the youth of the world?”

Suppose you have no skills or training in any area. What will you say to your Lord? Will you open your hands and say: “My hands are empty. I have no gift to lay upon the altar of your being, my Lord. What shall I do?”

Shall the Lord cast you out as the unprofitable servant?

Yes, perhaps for a day or a week. But the focus of the Lord is not to cast you out permanently but to bring you back to center, even as you are in the process of balancing the plumes of your threefold flame. For only in so doing will you be able to magnify and intensify the love ray in yourself and in all whom you meet.

Thus attuned with your Holy Christ Self, you may see how you can have a command of languages, professions, skills, et cetera, how you can canvass the job market and in the process discover that you have many talents that you can put to use. You see, to balance karma you must express God’s consummate love to all whom you meet. And as you serve, it may very well prove useful to have in hand something you can do and do well in the competition of the marketplace.

Your Holy Christ Self Will Tutor You

Miracles are happening every day! You can receive direct knowledge from your Holy Christ Self.

Remember Catherine of Siena, whose soul lives among you in the person of your beloved Messenger. Look back, then, to the fourteenth century, when Jesus had need of a messenger. Even though she was illiterate, his chosen one was Catherine because of the purity of her devotion to his Sacred Heart. We fondly treasure our memories of the child Catherine’s deep communion with her Lord and with Mother Mary. [Tradition has it that “At the age of five it was her custom on the staircase to kneel and repeat a ‘Hail Mary’ at each step, a devotion so pleasing to the angels, that they would frequently carry her up or down without letting her feet touch the ground, much to the alarm of her mother.”]<1>

And so Jesus came to her and loved her, and day by day she learned her letters. Her Lord, the Word, descended into her heart, transforming it into a living fount of wisdom. Thus, as she became strong in her mission, she corresponded with her disciples all over Italy and eventually with Pope Gregory XI himself, whom she eventually convinced to leave his wanton court in France and take up his rightful station in Rome. Thus, she walked in the footsteps of Jesus, a living example of what the life of a saint can be midst the corruption of the fourteenth century as well as today.

Her best-known work, The Dialogue, remains a treasure. Dictated to her secretaries while she was in ecstasy, it raises the traditional Catholic creeds into that mystic realm where dead letters are resurrected into the life-giving Word. In a manner sometimes lofty and at others so simple as to be almost colloquial, Catherine speaks to all who would make the life of the Spirit a practical reality on earth.

To Serve the Poorest of the Poor

So consider what you can do for the Lord. For you can serve him through many occupations and even walk the path of sainthood as a Mother Teresa.

Messenger’s Commentary:

As a young girl in Albania, Teresa knew that God was in pain and she wanted to walk in the way of the Good Physician to alleviate that pain where God’s hurt was greatest. So she answered El Morya’s call to serve the poorest of the poor in Calcutta. As Malcolm Muggeridge explains in his book, Something Beautiful for God: “This was the end of her biography and the beginning of her life; in abolishing herself she found herself, by virtue of that unique Christian transformation, manifested in the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, whereby we die in order to live.”<2>

Yet, more than living, Mother Teresa radiated life. She “lived so closely with her Lord that the same enchantment clung about her that sent the crowds chasing after him in Jerusalem and Galilee, and made his mere presence seem a harbinger of healing.”<3>

Mother Teresa did not begin her mission in the streets. She taught for a time at the Loreto convent school in Calcutta. There she served happily and acquired loving friends. It was only after chancing upon some of Calcutta’s poorest areas that she realized her “call within a call, as she put it. . . . The only impediment to her new vocation was the happiness and happy relationships it required her to relinquish.”<4> In deference to ecclesiastical authority, she patiently waited two years to be released from her vows, and with but a few rupees in her pocket she began her ministry.

Muggeridge, who lived a European lifestyle in Calcutta as a newspaperman in the thirties, found life there barely tolerable. When he learned of Mother Teresa’s move, he was deeply affected. He writes: “To choose, as Mother Teresa did, to live in the slums of Calcutta, amidst all the dirt and disease and misery, signified a spirit so indomitable, a faith so intractable, a love so abounding, that I felt abashed.”<5>

Starting with nothing, she cheerfully went to serve those with less than nothing. Teresa counsels, “Make sure that you let God’s grace work in your souls by accepting whatever he gives you, and giving him whatever he takes from you. True holiness consists in doing God’s will with a smile.”<6>

Indeed, if you think a lack of money can detract from your givingness, think again. “What the poor need, Mother Teresa was fond of saying, even more than food and clothing and shelter (though they need these, too, desperately), is to be wanted. It is the outcast state their poverty imposes upon them that is the most agonizing.”<7>

“Criticism of Mother Teresa is often directed at the insignificant scale of the work she and the Sisters undertake by comparison with the need. . . . But Christianity is not a statistical view of life. That there should be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over all the hosts of the just, is an anti-statistical proposition. Likewise with the work of [Mother Teresa’s] Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa is fond of saying that welfare is for a purpose--an admirable and a necessary one--whereas Christian love is for a person. The one is about numbers, the other about a man who was also God.”<8>


So, I say, realize your own truest destiny: serve. Find your niche and enter the fray. You must assess what is the best place for you to make a difference on behalf of human life. You must make the difference and you can make the difference where human life is concerned. Use the alchemy of the Holy Spirit to work change in the form of violet-flame transmutation directed to and through those whom you meet.

To Balance Karma, Serve Others

If you would swiftly balance your karma, serve others, love others and walk a thousand miles to rescue another. Then, in so doing, you will have discovered the key to reunion with your Mighty I AM Presence, who is indeed your Father-Mother God. You will place your feet in the footprints of others who have gone before you, and you will sense their pain as well as their joy. Therefore you may know why they have been successful, both spiritually and materially, and how they have helped millions by their unique identity in God.

The freedom to be, to move and to enter in to the alchemy of my beloved Saint Germain--this is what I am speaking to you about. I counsel you to enter in to the heart of hearts of your own being, even as you transfer that love and give it liberally to all. For when you give of yourself in sacrifice, in surrender, in selflessness, and in service (which represent the four petals of your Cosmic Clock) and you give of God’s love many times over, you are transcending yourself hour by hour.

Yes, you are balancing karma. You are preparing to move on in new decades of self-mastery that you have achieved through your exercise of the science of the spoken Word.

Justice Is Sharing

What, then, is justice in the ultimate sense? It is the dividing of the way whereby what you have you may use to increase that which others do not have. Simply put, justice teaches us to share and share alike.

And when you do share, you must take a portion of the leaven and keep it so that it is always there, so that you will always have a portion of the leaven of justice that you can use again and again to multiply the bread of life.

For it is the leaven that must rise in order for the mind to become one with the Mind of God. For all elements of Divine Justice have to do with the soul’s return to God and to everlasting life.

Let all that you do and say be just in the eyes of God and man. Let your causes be just and not unjust. And let your desires be the desires to serve the living God and his offspring. Let there not be even the slightest desire for this or for that which is not God’s desiring in you. And come to the realization that every soul upon earth has the right to be received in the Halls of Justice in his or her time.

Champion Justice

Therefore, champion justice on behalf of those who may be innocent yet have neither the clout to get a good attorney nor the means to pay for attorney’s fees. Yes, champion those who have been accused, who do not have an attorney to represent them and who may therefore be forgotten for a decade or longer.

Remember, beloved, God has said: There is no injustice anywhere in the universe. Therefore, beware. Do not resent God. Do not resent his justice, for God knows his ways and he knows your ways. Therefore, do not rail against God when you are dealt a bad hand.

And remember that you are not living one life at a time. You are living many lives at a time. You are living with the records and the memory of the experiences that you outplayed on Lemuria, Atlantis, in Greece and throughout the ancient world.

So you see, an injustice you may have committed centuries ago may have now come full circle. And if it has, it must be righted--today, tomorrow or five years hence. If you know what that injustice is, greet it today with the violet flame. Transmute it before it gets under your skin and keeps you from fulfilling a very special assignment for the Brotherhood that could also cut you free.

Love’s Opportunity

Justice is indeed Love’s opportunity. Therefore, may your opportunity to love and your response to that opportunity connect you to the heart of Divine Justice. Then you will know that you are on the course to eternal life and that you are willing to pay the price for every injustice that you may have inflicted upon any lifestream, known or unknown to you--worlds without end.

Serve to this end, beloved sons and daughters of light. For the greater your freedom, the greater will your opportunity be to work with Saint Germain and his legions. Therefore, in worlds to come, even through the transcending self, know that the Goddess of Justice is present and that the Goddess of Mercy is also present. Rely on these handmaids of the Lord and you will never have a judgment descend upon you from on high that is not absolutely accurate and correct.

Thus, roll up your sleeves and go to work. We want you to be God-free beings who may go here and there because you are not entangled with old elements of karma that you have stubbornly refused to bind and cast into the sacred fire.

Find your way back to God, beloved, in small ways and big. Remember, you are the ones who came down the mountain, and you are the ones who must find your way up.

I will be with you from many levels of being, and Saint Germain will not depart from you. Now get rid of that stubbornness, beloved, and submit to your Mighty I AM Presence. See, then, how you shall be transformed again and again and again.

With the sign of the scales, I seal you.

Maintain the balance, beloved, and you will win.

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