The Beloved Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise - October 11, 1991

Class of the Golden Cycle
Self-Discipline on the Path to the Ascension
Embody the Flaming Fire of the Saviour’s Love
Internalize the Word!

The one who shall abide in the day of the coming of the Messenger of God <1> is the initiate who is self-disciplined on the path of the ascension.

Let me hasten to tell you that self-discipline is never rigid nor is it unlawfully proud. It is not accomplished at all by the carnal mind. It is the discipline of the disciple who has first loved, who has placed his head on the breast of Jesus, <2> who has known the heartbeat of the Lord and that tenderness which the human heart can scarcely contain.

Yes, beloved, true self-discipline is never rigidity but it is Love fulfilling itself by the intuitive powers of the soul, by the discrimination of the heart, by true discernment of the mind. These are inner qualities of the five secret rays that sensitize even the soul to the understanding that though all the rules be followed, yet without Love the disciple cannot succeed.

[At the Ascension Temple we find that certain neophytes] who are in fear of God instead of in love with God always seek to confine God to a set of rules whereby if they follow those rules, they cannot be denied. Then one day for the class at Luxor all the rules are dropped as though there were no more foundations or pillars in the temple.

Those who have sought to attain by a set of rules, beloved, may at this point suffer temporary insanity or a prolonged lapse of sense of identity. They pale into a fear that is perhaps beyond any fear they have known. All of a sudden they have no moorings, no coordinates. They are as blind men and sense themselves so.

“How shall we fulfill the requirements of the law of Serapis,” they complain, “if there be no guidelines?” To which the mentor responds: “It is by the internalization of the flame of Love that right action ensues in the Guru-chela relationship.”

Therefore, if you have not internalized the Word, the Word incarnate in Jesus Christ, by assimilating his Light essence, his Body and his Blood, then the inner standard will not be developed and you can be taken only to that level where there are yet maps and rules that you can lean upon. This is good exercise, beloved, but never true attainment.

Thus, go within. Hear the call of Archangel Michael to seek adeptship <3> and do so. Love on this path is truly a disciplined love.

What is disciplined love?

It is that which moves the pen or the paintbrush, that which designs cathedrals, lays foundations for underwater passageways, mighty ships [that sail the seven seas] and those that journey beyond the stars. Disciplined love is the foundation of all creativity and accomplishment of design and geometry that sets the pattern of all living.

Undisciplined love is no love at all. Those who prate about love and yet do not know how to hold the strings of love taut or to tune their violins or lutes or harps, these, then, have an incomplete concept of love, which mirrors relativity but not the Absolute.

Pure and simple, absolute Love is God in complete manifestation. Relative love is but a turning around of that love to suit the human convenience of being able to talk about love. [It is] a love that is not from the sacred altars of God but is still the human comprehension of love–of getting, forgiving, seeking recompense, seeking possession or control or favor. These perversions of love are rated as love by many, even as sympathy is sought and expressed as though it were God’s love.

The charity and compassion of God sees beyond the centuries, lays foundations, prepares for future generations embodying, knows the whole circle of God’s love and where a race must be in a thousand years and will work to see to it that when they arrive at the place, the place will be prepared.

Love is vision. Love is foresight. Love is taking care of details that none other will and therefore the mission should otherwise be lost.

Love is understanding the complexity of the team of Lightbearers of an entire cosmos. Imagine this team, of which you are a part. Imagine how the team members have become players on this team. Imagine how they have disciplined self to take care of the details of life that have enabled another to fulfill the divine plan.

Think of a Nada, a Rose of Light, a Lady Master Venus, a Chamuel and Charity. Think of a cosmos of beings of Love and the true love your soul longs to be the recipient of–a love that truly loves the real and forgives the unreal but compels the unreal to rise and rise again and again and again until that rising is perfected in the Sun behind the sun.

O beloved, the path of the Fourth Ray, which we bring you this night, is a white fire that is so intense that you may not detect the golden pink glow-ray of its aura or the depths of the rose and the ruby within its stalk. Yes, beloved, love comes in all disguises of all the rays yet love is perfected in the white fire of discipleship unto the true self-discipline of the joyous ones.

Seraphim of God have come this night. They come to this city to restore the souls of many who have lost the way for centuries. They have been called by El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. They have come for an infusion of white light that begets all Love excelling and excelling.

Many are called to the love feast. Many come at inner levels. May you call for them to be cut free by the seraphim this night to find the living reality of the path of Love embodied in the true teachings of Jesus Christ that have been lost. Yes, beloved, many on inner planes cry out to you to call to the angels to cut them free that they might make the [same] connection to the fount of living Love that you have made.

Love is a continuity of being.

What else could sustain you lifetime after lifetime in the imperfected state, separated and apart from your Lord as you are, having lost the hold and lost the bonding and seeking it again?

What could sustain you through the ravages of hell and the astral plane between embodiments? What could sustain your opportunity to live to love again except Love itself?

Love is impersonal yet personal. As Saint Germain has said, God is an Impersonal Impersonality, an Impersonal Personality, a Personal Personality and a Personal Impersonality. When you have figured this out on the arms of the Maltese cross, beloved, come and tell me. <4> These are the definitions of God as Father and as Son and as Mother and as Holy Spirit.

O the light rays that pierce, that pierce the dawn of earth while coming from the Central Sun! Your eyes can scarcely open to behold such light and yet you know it at inner levels. You know its secret.

You have journeyed far, yet the call of the homing has been from the heart of earth. You have known you must come. And you who are here, one and all, share a common cup of Love. You have desired to return to give, oh, so much more love than you allowed yourself to give or God to give through you in recent and ancient incarnations. You have regretted profoundly this withholding.

Now you see, now you know, now you understand that as you love all whom you meet, you will resolve and fulfill, dissolve and consign in and unto the flame all lesser manifestations. Love shall be unto you, if you claim her this night, the victory of your soul in this life.

There are others who have a dire need for Truth, for they dwell not in the Truth but in the Lie. There are others who have a need for honor, for they have been dishonorable toward life. But the need of all here, and the desiring, is to be in that flame of Love and to give it. This is what is the common note and the communality of all of you and of all upon earth who share the Ascended Masters’ Teachings.

For what is this Teaching but the Divine Love of God, who has come to nurture your soul and answer her questions and give the Divine Doctrine?

The love you have received must beget great God-gratitude. Thus, in giving again and again, you, my beloved, shall reach for and pick that rose of light that comes from the heart of the Divine Mother.

In the bliss of God, I AM Clara Louise. Know that there is no true Divine Love without pain, for the pain is what true Divine Love flushes out. Fear not to touch upon and to experience ancient and recent pains–and let them pass, let them pass into the flame, into the river Ganges, into the hearts of saints and back to God.

Yes, beloved, let there no longer be the suppression, let there no longer be the placing of the wall around yourself to insulate yourself from pain. Pain approaches the edge of bliss then dissolves into it. This is the knowing of true love.

I wish you, with all of my heart and my prayers, the fulfilling of the mystery of Love in this life. The mystery is elusive. It plays hide-and-seek with you.

The more love you carry, beloved, the more it shall cause the hatred to come out in others. You say, “How can this be true love?” True love is a purging fire. If you decide to carry it to such an intensity, you shall become the Refiner’s fire.

Do not hold back your will from entering in to this experience, for many are the prisoners of their own hatreds of centuries. They cannot get away from them. They are in bondage. They cannot escape. It requires the surgery of love and the holding of that one until love does consume that wall of hatred.

If you fear to be bruised and beaten by those to whom you give love, then you are not yet ready to carry the Saviour’s love. Begin with little loves, for they are seeds planted and they become beautiful unfolding flowers that grow and grow. You shall be strengthened in this process and you shall know little by little the gratitude that comes from those who could not have been saved unless you had embodied that flaming fire.

Many, many, beloved, are bound by the karma of Love’s perversions. Will you not be the representatives of angels and Ascended Masters of the Third Ray of Love and of the Holy Spirit itself to speak to these ones, to minister to them?

Realize also that it is sometimes best that you remain anonymous, praying fervently and fasting even on behalf of those whom you know not, that they might receive that love and be liberated.

Contemplate, then, how great must be that love to liberate a single soul from the grips of Death and Hell. Truly the astral plane is a place where people are “brainwashed,” as they say. Their minds are controlled to believe that that which is offered to them by fallen angels is in their best interest. To tear them from this and to give them the gift of beginning life over again under the true Divine Parents, this is the mighty, mighty work of Love!

Know that it awaits you when you are ready.

And if you are just beginning this path, take up, then, Love’s own violet ray and flame and the purple fire and use it, beloved. Use it, I say, to purge yourself of love that is unreal and to fill yourself with love that is real.

I am your friend on the path of Love. If you call to me, I will give you a recounting of many, many incidents in my life in which I devised the means of self-discipline whereby I did conserve the sacred fire of Love and therefore had the power, mighty indeed, to convey it to others who had nothing at all in the cups of their chakras.

Know this joy of being Divine Love in action to supply the love that only God can give and that you have stored in your cups. Give to those who are able to take of the cup of living Love and not dash it. Retain and hold the balance for others who would only lose it, to their loss and yours.

Therefore be wise and let the All-Seeing Eye of God at the point of the brow become for you a point of single-minded, true discernment and discrimination in order that compassion may flow where compassion does compel.

I seal you in the ruby cross and the flame of the Ruby Buddha, who shall salute you in this conference.

Messenger’s Benediction:

I seal you in the Light of Almighty God and his living Presence within you and I commend you now to keep this love in your heart, to go quietly to your place of rest and ask to be taken to the retreat of Luxor, the Ascension Temple of Serapis Bey, where the Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise also serves with her twin flame, Amen Bey. May you be received there and instructed in the path of your life and what you shall accomplish because you love God’s will and his wisdom and his promises more than your very life.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, it is finished.

The Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise was embodied as Clara Louise Kieninger (1883-1970). In 1961 Saint Germain anointed her as the first Mother of the Flame of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. For years she had devotedly served in the field of nursing, taking as her motto Ich Dien (“I serve”). Later, as a dedicated student of the Ascended Masters, Clara Louise kept a daily prayer vigil for the youth of the world, the incoming children and their parents and teachers. She would begin every morning at five and decree for two to four hours, and sometimes till noon. In her dictation given May 4, 1991, the Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise told us: “I see so many among you for whom I did pray...and I would tell you that it is clear in the record that my prayers did make the difference in your entering the Path.” In 1966, when the mantle of the office of Mother of the Flame was passed to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Clara Louise became the Regent Mother of the Flame. She made her ascension at the age of 87 from Berkeley, California, on October 25, 1970. Her soul’s devotion to God is also reflected in prior embodiments. In the days of Lemuria, she served in the central temple as a priestess at the altar of the Divine Mother, and at the time of Jesus she was embodied as the apostle James. From the ascended level, she continues to hold the office of Regent Mother of the Flame, nurturing the souls of all the world’s children. She is the twin flame of the Ascended Master Amen Bey, who works closely with Serapis Bey in the Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt. Her keynote is “Calm As the Night.” (See Ich Dien, memoirs of Clara Louise Kieninger, edited and compiled by Elizabeth Clare Prophet; glossary in Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. 433-34; and 1991 PoW, pp. 383-86, 382 n. 1.)

This dictation by the Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the conclusion of the October 11, 1991 Friday evening service during the four-day Class of the Golden Cycle held at the New Orleans Airport Hilton. The dictations of Serapis Bey and the Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise are available on 90-min. audiocassette (B91121). [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Clara Louise’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

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