Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth C. Prophet
Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood

Mark L. Prophet

"We, the Ascended Masters, walk in the streets with the people of the earth.
We are not far removed. We are not beyond the clouds playing on our harps.
We have no more time to play on our harps than you have time to play on your harps,
beloved ones!

"This organization is ordained by the Darjeeling Council and by Almighty God
to fulfill a certain purpose. And fulfill that purpose it shall, so long as men and women
and children recognize what this chalice is, what this ark is, what this cradle is
and what it means to so many who are not here today, not here because they were turned away
by the press, by the media, by the so-called anti-cult groups."—Saint Germain

"This group of individuals needs to assume the responsibility for the direction
and the course of Camelot and the Royal Teton Ranch, as well as for its defense.
They must have sharpened swords of the Word, be capable in the dynamic decree,
and truly know what action ought to be taken in this science of the Spirit,
the decree work, and in the physical domain."—El Morya

" . . . the mission of The Summit Lighthouse was [and still is] to quicken the people of all nations
[and to inform them] as to the intent of the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy.
And as the Messenger has said, its message has made her and this activity unpopular."
El Morya, August 11, 1991

"And you must give to the hosts of the Lord the energies that will secure
the arc of contact to the Royal Teton Retreat and to Helios and Vesta
that the very supply itself might be anchored into your hands and use
for the manifestation of the victory."—Saint Germain, April 24, 1977

"Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!"—George Washington

"Organization [the Summit Lighthouse] comes under the dispensation of the Mother Flame. And I can assure you that it is by the hand of Mother Mary and by the beloved Astrea and the great brooding presence of the Divine Mother with you that there is and does remain the cosmic reinforcement of this organization. So often in the past, endeavors we have founded have been compromised because the Mother-flame was violated, for its disciplines were not understood and therefore not adhered to and its power was not comprehended."

Saint Germain and El Morya
April 22, 1984

The Summit Lighthouse
sponsoring Masters and Cosmic Beings

Archangel Michael, Elohim Peace, Saint Germain, the Maha Chohan,

El Morya, Gautama Buddha, Godfre


" . . . And truly I tell you that the founding fathers of this activity, who were present in Philadelphia on August 7, 1958, are here again this day. And they are the Masters who have truly formed that great alliance with me as members of the Darjeeling Council, and they did stake their lives and Causal Bodies upon this effort and upon the Messenger and the few who did gather with him.

"Therefore there came Archangel Michael with magnificent protection, representing the Archangels. And this protection surely must be invoked from its inception to this hour; for it is the momentum of this thirty-three-year spiral that we would see anchored in the physical octave come next year. Understand this, my beloved.

"Understand that Elohim Peace came representing the Mighty Elohim of God that you might keep the peace as watchmen on the wall of the Lord and the wall of the world. Therefore dedicate your hearts this day anew to holding that flame of peace while there is the raging of war in the earth.

"There did come, beloved, that Saint Germain, even the hierarch of Aquarius, to endow with his momentum of all ages and ages to come that little band that has become almost numberless numbers by the count of souls who have been contacted through the books and publications and by the wavelength of the violet flame. Millions, beloved, are tied to the heart of these Messengers. For the Light has gone forth through your decrees, and Saint Germain's love on that day, beloved, did endow this activity with its Seventh-Ray and seventh-age mission.

"Blessed ones, there did come the Maha Chohan. And as he stood there with me on that day, I did contemplate how those who would come in succeeding decades would purify themselves, become holy and therefore be able to receive not only the Father and the Son in their temples but also that Holy Spirit.

"Blessed hearts, this is the day when you ought to recognize [the seven founders of this activity: Archangel Michael, Elohim of Peace, Saint Germain, the Maha Chohan, El Morya, Gautama Buddha, Godfre] and even this very night as you meet in the Retreat of the Divine Mother. [This is the day] for you to make your pact with these seven who spoke that day, to enjoin them and to seal your hearts in that grand alliance of the ages. [Thus may you] bring forward to the present all the dispensations of these years, especially that of the inception, that very initiation of dispensation from the Great Central Sun that did unleash a spiral which, I tell you, was planned to be unleashed in Philadelphia. [For our] purpose was to tie in to the great alliance of minds and hearts and souls who converged in that city for the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

"And I tell you, beloved, these two acts are the greatest in the history of this present world. [The first] is the founding of this civilization on the foundations of freedom and the principles of God whereby two hundred years later there could come about [the second], the founding of The Summit Lighthouse as the spiritual culmination and the capstone on that pyramid. These are the Alpha and the Omega of this civilization.

"And I tell you, beloved, the momentum of Light poured into America on the day of that signing and that conception of this nation was extraordinary indeed! And inasmuch as there is the resurrection in this year of that original fervor of the Founding Fathers, I ask you to claim it, to claim their Causal Bodies, to claim all the Causal Bodies of all Ascended Masters who were a part of that founding with Saint Germain as well as [the Causal Bodies of] those unspoken who were with me in 1958 in Philadelphia.

"Therefore, beloved hearts, I did speak also on that occasion, as did Lord Gautama Buddha and beloved Godfre. Every line of their dictations and my own, every dispensation is forever as long as you will claim it again and again and seal it in your heart.

"Know, then, beloved, that to lay the foundation strong for this year of challenges, it is well to look back and reap the blessings and the Teachings. And inasmuch as all of you cannot read all of the Teachings or listen to all of the dictations, I suggest that you divide them up amongst yourselves so that when you take the staff as a whole and the larger Community as a whole there will be experts on certain years of Teachings, certain Masters and certain subjects, whereby the whole may be held in the heart one by one, some providing this portion, some another, and sharing it gladly with one another.

"This Teaching must be a living and a vibrant teaching. It must be alive in your hearts and minds so that when you come together with your planning, beloved, you may also share the precious gems, many of which have not been found or looked into, many of which apply to the very current world scene. Even these seven dictations were for some time unnoticed [in the archives] and therefore heretofore you have celebrated the beginning of our organization on the eighth [of August] with the first Pearl of Wisdom.

"Now you understand that it was the seventh when that divine dispensation and endowment of Causal Bodies unnumbered went forth. May you know this, beloved, and know that it is your hour to dedicate the founding of this Church Universal and Triumphant anew in the new heaven, in the new earth that is given."

El Morya
August 7, 1990

Yes, beloved, we are in the process of a great battle whereby we are returning this Earth to the Lord God. And yet many levels of Earth even in the physical plane border and overlap the levels of death and hell and the astral plane. There are dark places in the Earth and there are places of great light almost touching the very robes of heaven. So Earth has a wide span of states of consciousness. You must make your way through these steps and stages. What is most important of all, beloved, is the preservation of this communion cup—this chalice and this bread.

" . . . Some do not understand that we work in the physical domain. We deal with practicalities. We deal with the coin of the realm. We deal with crises as they come up. We deal with those crises simultaneously as you yourselves are confronted by them. And many of you have acknowledged our helping hand in the organization of your businesses and in the opportunities that have come your way to receive training for better-paying jobs.

" . . . This organization is ordained by the Darjeeling Council and by Almighty God to fulfill a certain purpose. And fulfill that purpose it shall so long as men and women and children recognize what this chalice is, what this ark is, what this cradle is and what it means to so many who are not here today—not here because they were turned away by the press, by the media, by the so-called anti-cult groups. Therefore my gratitude to all who have come forward to defend the integrity and the image of this Church, you who have gathered to study what we do and how we do it and who we are.

" . . .
Wield then the sword and the mantle of the Spirit of your own God-free being and know that it is the little things, the seemingly insignificant things, that you neglect which cost you even the burnished armour of Archangel Michael, even the brilliant armour of the seraphim.

"Therefore attend to the details of the mind and the heart. Attend to the very minor dishonesties you practice within yourself or with others. Attend to those areas for if you look at yourself objectively you will find this or that remnant of selfishness or greed or desires inordinate."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1993

"Beloved ones, as this activity expands still further, recognize that more energy will be directed against you rather than less. Are you to fear? I think not. Bear in mind the words of a mighty Archangel Michael, who, when he contended with the enemy, spoke these words: 'The Lord rebuke thee!'

"So, then, remember your own mighty I AM Presence has the power and dominion in your world, and there is no power but God that can act there. Hold to this concept above all, and the very gates of hell shall not prevail against the purposes of God, which are to hold and to organize mankind into a spiritual body devoted to light and truth."

El Morya
April 13, 1963

"Be it so, I, too, am subject to the Lords of Karma. And if they have decreed it, set aside your questioning and your resistance and get on with this mastery and take the Mother’s gracious offer—opportunity in the name of Portia to study and master the [English] language in such a very short time and therefore to be able to delve into the mysteries that are revealed in the Word. Our translations are for you the opening of the door. You must push it wide open and step through and get on then with perfecting yourself as examples of myself throughout Europe.

"Blessed hearts, I speak out of profound love. And you must understand how Love does teach his children. Love, as the Mother flame within me, must come after you to let you know that in many areas of learning on this continent [of Europe] there have been highly disciplined ones who have become masters of science, of art, music, and every branch of human endeavor. They have stood out in the centuries, and always they are characterized as the ones who have been self- disciplined for a virtue, for a cause, for a talent, for a vision, for a goal."

Saint Germain

"Each time the message of the Ancient of Days is translated through the several tongues of hierarchy, it transmits the unique energy and vibration of that tongue. And all of these collectively, cumulatively, do manifest the great power, wisdom, and love witnessed by the chelas of our messengers in the dictations of the Lord’s host delivered by the Holy Spirit through them . . .

"The confounding of the tongues at the building of Babel, by the judgment of Love delivered by the Archangel of the Third Ray, was the sign from God that He would not allow the pure language of the Word to be used in the defilement of that Word. Therefore the judgment manifested as the confounding of the original angelic tongues as the people could no longer communicate to one another their negative vibrations in the higher vibrating tongue of the Word. And the languages of earth and their uses by a karma-ridden and rebellious people departed farther and farther from the original sound of the Word.

"Some of the languages spoken by the people on earth today are so far removed from the original Word of the angelic tongue as to be inadequate for the transmittal of light. For this reason, the Ascended Master Saint Germain chose the English language to deliver the teachings of the Word on the I AM Presence. For the same reason, the dictations of the ascended masters delivered through our messengers over the past fifty years have also been released in the English language.

"Inasmuch as there are numerous laggard languages in use today as well as the tongues of fallen angels whose languages quite understandably are also fallen languages, it is the desire of the Great White Brotherhood to see English become the second language in all nations. For the new tongue of the dynamic decree spoken in unison by hearts of light the world around will surely precipitate a rolling momentum, reversing the tide of darkness and bringing in the long-awaited golden age of peace, freedom, enlightenment, and universal love.

"Beloved ones, I perceive that you are beginning to understand that the pursuit of the gift of speaking with new tongues has many ramifications. May I tell you that most noteworthy of these is your speaking the universal language of Love. For this is the new tongue that I have brought to earth in my service as bodhisattva, as Buddha, as the beautiful Christ.

"The language of Love is the language of the heart whereby you are empowered by the Holy Spirit of the lineage of the Ruby Ray to transfer the understanding of the treasured teachings of the ascended masters to all people, to all levels of awareness, to all states of consciousness. This making plain the truth is making straight his paths. And the strait gate to God is the soul’s ascent through the mediation of the individual Christ Self to the three-in-one of the Holy of Holies within his own Godhood."

Sanat Kumara

"Do not be set back by that which you meet. Let it be doused in violet flame. Go forth with the joy of precipitation. Take my 'little book' [On Alchemy], this precious book given to you by the devotees and staff and co-workers, by the Messengers therefore manifesting that concerted effort to see the physical manifestation of that which I have long desired to have in print.

"I hold it in my hand in this dictation for a very purpose. For I am charging this copy and through it every copy of this book with the full, flaming presence of my new day, my revolution to all. May this book itself find its goal in every nation and in every language.

"It is a handbook. It is the little book which may be devoured, and it will begin the alchemicalization. It will begin the process worldwide of the raising up of the coil of the violet flame. To this, then, be dedicated, and know that I have indeed come again, my mantle with me, our beloved Alpha and Omega and the Cosmic Council so decreeing that I may go forth in this hour and that I may truly have the opportunity of the quickening." [highlighted by webmaster]

Saint Germain

"I, John, called of Jesus Christ, move with him daily. And we survey the scenes and the hearts of the people. If you would know what we have to tell you and what we together must bring about, call to us! call to us! call to us!

"Let this organization and this worldwide Church apply the new ways of teaching. Let this Church come to a higher level—a higher level of genius, of performance, of understanding. Build, then, from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, a City Foursquare founded upon the base of the pyramid, with the All-Seeing Eye of God in its capstone."

John the Beloved

"If You Desire This Activity to Succeed . . .

"I AM come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly! I AM come to reestablish the abundant life upon earth, to reestablish the flow of God-harmony and the flow of supply—as above, so below.

"As one newly ascended surveys a planet and its people, taking note and observing the cycles of infinity as they unwind into the sheaths of time and space, I have observed how mankind have contrived to block the flow of eternal life, the eternal flow of crystal waters pure from the stream of the Almighty. And in their governments and in their economies and in their homes and in their daily lives, mankind have sought out inventions that are not of the perfect man made upright in the sight of the Lord.

"I AM Lanello, and I stand as father, as husband, as brother, and as son. I stand to take the part of the Divine Woman and her seed, to fulfill every need, and to supply the waves of cosmic abundance that are necessary for the establishment of the golden-age teaching which shall precede the full manifestation of the golden age.

"I therefore come with sword in hand, first to defend the Mother of the Flame, to cut away from her all persons and personalities, all elements of darkness, impersonal impersonalities driving and projecting the arrows of darkness against her and against her mission. I stand, then, between her and the Adversary. I stand to challenge the entire momentum of darkness upon this continent. And by the authority of the God and Goddess Meru, we stand in our causal bodies before you to claim the victory and to reverse the tide of darkness.

" . . . I say that for The Summit Lighthouse to expand, for the teachings to inundate the earth, there must be a greater dedication, a great consecration of substance and supply toward the Summit. I speak to those present and to those in the field who will hear my words. It is necessary that you tithe, that you give abundantly in abundant measure if you desire this activity to succeed. For the projects of the hierarchies of light being lowered through this messenger and our representative of the Holy Spirit who walks by her side are indeed to be for the fulfillment of the plan of God through the twelve hierarchies of the sun.

"And in this era of Capricorn cycling the energies of my causal body, it is necessary to anchor a thrust for the Lord, a blow for the Lord in support of every activity of The Summit Lighthouse until the ten thousand times ten thousand saints among mankind are drawn into the fold and can also support the outpicturing of the victory of the God of Gold to this age.

"I say, then, let all flow be for that pinnacle of light! Let it be for the crystal diamond-shining Mind of God! Let all energies then be concentrated in the storehouse of the great causal body of The Summit Lighthouse, which is itself composed of all causal bodies of Keepers of the Flame united
in one grand service of the light.

"I say then, all that is not necessary, all that is not needed of a personal nature should be surrendered unto the goals of precipitating the kingdom of God upon earth. I state this as law and I state it as a plea before the sacred-fire altar of the hearts of the Keepers of the Flame.

" . . . Let all energies then be concentrated in the storehouse of the great causal body of The Summit Lighthouse, which is itself composed of all causal bodies of Keepers of the Flame united in one grand service of the light."

December 18, 1973

"Of such import has been the coming-together of devotees of light down through the ages that when The Summit Lighthouse was founded, I set the pattern of the quarterly conferences for the anchoring of the cycles of the year. By coming together four times a year to give and receive, chelas of the Ascended Masters render an incomparable service to the Great White Brotherhood. If you could behold our quarterly conferences from the inner planes, you would observe how the chelas build the forcefield in the physical plane by their devotions and by their oneness and how hierarchy lowers a grid that is the mandala for that class in the etheric plane over the physical place where the class is held. [highlighted by webmaster]

"The mandala is like a snowflake—unique in its design, never seen before, never to appear again. This geometric design suspended over the group is the focal point in which the energies of the group coalesce to magnetize, as a magnet of light, the releases of the Ascended Masters that are planned by the Karmic Board for that particular conference. Each lecture that is scheduled and each dictation that is given fills in a portion of the mandala, and the application of the students intensifies the action of the sacred fire that can be released to the planet.

"Our conferences are held for the turning of the cycles of the year—winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice, and autumn equinox. The physical changes occur prior to the conference and the light released from the hierarchies of the sun at the change of the seasons is then expanded by ascended and unascended beings serving together at the conferences for the fulfillment of a cosmic purpose on earth as it is in heaven.

"Whenever possible, you should seize the opportunity to attend such a conference. What’s more, you should make possible the impossible through the alchemy of invocation to your own God Being. Not only are these conferences the most important experience of a lifetime in terms of the expansion of consciousness and the transmutation of untold substance in your world, but your willingness to serve as a coordinate on earth for the hierarchies of light will earn for you a momentum of good karma that you can ill afford to be without. [highlighted by webmaster]

"God needs man and man needs God. This is the law of the hallowed circle of the AUM. And when you find yourself standing in that circle, ever-widening, that is formed for the final release of the Lord of the World to the devotees at the conclusion of a conference, you will know that all that I have told you is indeed true; and by the thread of contact with hierarchy which you have established, your life will never be the same."

El Morya
March 9, 1975

"So then, I pray that many will gather at this Royal Teton Ranch this October in the heart of Saint Germain, in the heart of Omri-Tas . . . to dedicate all calls to the restoration of balance, the inner balance of the T'ai Chi, the Alpha and the Omega, of every single elemental from the greatest of the hierarchs of light to those who can be seen yet sliding down a blade of grass.

" . . . So there must be also fasting and prayer prior to that conference so that you may enter into and perform that work in great joy when the conference convenes.

"So, beloved, we of the Darjeeling Council have looked at the most pressing need of the planet, and that pressing need is to give a mighty assistance to all elementals at all levels of being and likewise to the angels who lead them—to give that assistance so that some of the natural calamities happening in the earth can be mitigated and even stopped.

"May the sun of Helios and Vesta beam brightly upon you during this October class! And may you participate in this exercise on behalf of elemental life, whether you can be present physically at the ranch or not. "

Mother Mary
POW, Vol. 47 No. 32
August 8, 2004

"Oh yes, beloved, the mission of The Summit Lighthouse was [and still is] to quicken the people of all nations [and to inform them] as to the intent of the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy. And as the Messenger has said, its message has made her and this activity unpopular. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Yet we must care for our own. We must reach out.

" . . . Yes, beloved, it has borne fruit, for the Lightbearers have come apart. They shall be saved. And this was the design of our dispensation.

"Yet, beloved, [in unleashing the dispensation of The Summit Lighthouse] we desired more, even the quickening of the [entire] earth, and so did Helios and Vesta. And Helios came [to the July 1991 conference] with the express purpose of seeing why there has not been greater general acceptance [of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters through these Messengers and this activity].

"His conclusion, which he has given to the Darjeeling and Indian Councils and at the Royal Teton Retreat, is that not enough preparatory work has been done by our shepherds and chelas in plowing the field of consciousness, in invoking the violet flame and making the calls again and again for the binding and setting aside of the carnal mind and the dweller-on-the-threshold [of the children of the Light and the sons and daughters of God]. Your calls preparing the way [for souls of Light to come into this activity] could have made the difference in [the response of] some individuals, [turning their negative to a positive].

" . . . For The Summit Lighthouse is more than an organization. It is the Community, the Sangha, of the Buddha. It is the Dharma of the Buddha. And it is the Buddha itself. These Three Jewels, these three, take refuge in them, in the very person of the Buddha, the Buddha whom you see." [highlighted by webmaster]

El Morya
August 11, 1991

"Mighty indeed is the pathway to the ascension, beloved, and happy are ye who are content to walk in this path. Those of you who have so walked shall find yourselves coming closer and closer to that point of victory day after day, year after year, decade after decade. Now I ask you to be seated.

The Guru-Chela Relationship

"The hour has come for the Darjeeling Council to acknowledge those in this Community who have tarried long throughout many incarnations and thousands of years of earth’s schoolroom. Beloved ones, I speak to you of the Guru-chela relationship, for many of you had stalwart hearts and great images of the manger scene already within your hearts thousands of years ago. But it came to pass that there were centuries upon centuries when you did not have the full teaching of the Great White Brotherhood that you have this very day.

"So, beloved, when you found this activity and this Path, after having looked for it all over the world, you knew that you had found the very place in time and space where you might connect with God and know that acceleration. And when you came to Maitreya’s Mystery School, you learned of the violet flame and its multiple applications. You learned of the Power, the Wisdom and the Love of dynamic decrees. You learned of the path of transmutation, including sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service. [highlighted by webmaster]

"The full power of rejoicing in the Homeward Path has come upon you because you persevered until you finally found that place of the manger scene where the Christ Child was aborning in your hearts, and then you knew that, above all, you would find the road back to God wide open to you.

"So, beloved, the Darjeeling Council is determined this night to present to you members of this Community who have made tremendous strides by their service and their path. This I bring to you that you might realize just what great attainment is possible to every single lightbearer upon earth.

"And therefore, I bid those of you who have contacted the flame of the ark of the covenant on this altar to go out into the world and circle the planet round to bring this Path to every last lightbearer so that in this century and centuries to come all may have that victoryif they so choose.

"Therefore, it is the vote of the entire Darjeeling Council this night to acknowledge those of you who have made tremendous strides on the Path. Let us begin first with the history of those who have made their ascension. Some of you have heard these names, some of you have not. We honor each and every one this night, even as we shall honor many of you who are in the court."

El Morya

"We see what the knowledge of the Spirit and the teachings of the Ascended Masters thus far published have done for those who were reaching for the Light and yet needed the steady hand and the protection of the Brotherhood. We have seen such advances and such acceleration of Light in this age that it gives us pause. And we must therefore concern ourselves with the ways and means of intensifying the publishing arm of this activity; for so many are ready and they take the first fruit offered, so many times from the false guru, or else simply accept half truths, not seeking farther.

"Beloved ones, the markets are full of the Pied Pipers who pipe their tunes. And it is time and high time that you become more aggressive and intense, not only in your search for the lightbearers but in taking your stand that this Teaching does provide that which is truly necessary for the individual soul to pass through the initiations such as Jesus Christ passed through . . .

"You see, when they took from the scriptures of the West the understanding of reincarnation, they also took from the souls of the people the understanding of the necessity for the cosmic law to be understood, for the balancing of karma by the violet flame or even the purpose of the mantra itself. By a process of pulling the threads of identity, the identity lost no longer recognizes the need for commeasurement with the Infinite or the Deity itself."

Lady Master Venus

"This is why we send messengers. This is why we send Messengers of the Ascended Masters. It is to compensate for the loss in situations such as the burning of the library at Alexandria and for other losses through war and cataclysm and the sinking and rising again of continents. For in times of such upheaval, the great wisdom of the ancients, as well as scientific knowledge, has been temporarily lost to mankind. Of course, it is in the archives of the universities of the Spirit in the etheric octave, but it is generally inaccessible to most of mankind. [highlighted by webmaster]

"This is partly in order to put a brake upon those who are now the false-hierarchy counterparts of the God Mercury. For these have taken their knowledge of communication and of the transmission of knowledge only to put forth lies and untruths regarding our best servants and regarding those things that all mankind should have access to, such as new discoveries in health and in healing and in the formation/development of the spirit, the mind, the soul, the heart—all things pertaining to the commonweal."

Hermes Trismegistus

"I come to sponsor the dissemination of the Word and, in the name of Maitreya, I draw the solar ring around the publications of The Summit Lighthouse, those in print, those about to be in print, those in etheric octaves waiting to be released. I call forth the tube of light and the mighty pillars of Alpha and Omega, Elohim of God, Helios and Vesta, the God and Goddess Meru, and the messengers of the Sun and all others who support this endeavor, most especially my comrades serving with me in the offices of the chohans and all capable assistants in our departments as well as the World Teachers who are so intent in contacting their own.

"I, Paul, here with you in this hour, now extend to you from my heart and from the heart of the threefold flame anchored in the Washington Monument an increase of the love plume, an acceleration of the heart chakralove for the balance of wisdom and power, love for an understanding of the goal of thy life perfectly fulfilled, love for the dissolving now of ignorance and density that prevents thy perfect expression of the Christ image.

"Blessed be you!

"Blessed be you in light and in victory and in oneness and in the self-expression of the magnificent God-free being that you are.

"Blessed be your heart.

"Blessed be your threefold flame.

"Blessed be your love forever as God's love.

"With the sign of the cross of the ruby ray, I place my magnet in this heart to draw by love loving hearts of the Universal One for the victory of our mission.

"I will see you in the Heart of the Inner Retreat and in the heart of Helios. For I am there, keeping the flame of the divine art of evolutions, civilizations, a Christic path of initiation and of worlds unborn."

Paul the Venetian
December 29, 1983

"There is no organization—and I say, organization—on the planet that has as much power in the use of the Word for constructive change as this one. And this is my report to you, and you should know it and understand it and esteem your supreme value to the hosts of Light and to the evolutions of this planet as you act in this capacity!

"You have been long told by Serapis Bey that that which is your point of attainment and your greatest Light is the very thing which will be challenged again and again and again—not only because it is feared by the sinister force and the false hierarchy of the media and the churches, but because you must constantly prove your own attainment on that path and, by having overcome and thrust through, be given the opportunity to ascend that ladder.

"Thus, some of you, who have made it your theme of life and your supreme dedication, find yourselves—because you have this attainment in the science of the spoken Word—at a certain level of your being in the etheric octave and in our inner retreats solely by the fastidiousness of the practice of this science. Now, this is indeed a threat to those in this very city who are misusing that Word in the media, in the motion-picture industry, in the multiplication of rock music, in the sale of drugs, and in the absolute perversion of the base-of-the-spine chakra."

Archangel Michael
February 3, 1985

"Tomorrow at about three, we will be reviewing the dictation of beloved El Morya from yesterday to give you an opportunity to write a similar letter to the Divine Father specifically to Alpha and to El Morya. In that dictation, he mentioned the failure of an activity with which he had worked for about fifteen years. The records and the archives of this activity are in my possession and the striving of the masters with that group is very evident. That group was the Bridge to Freedom in its early inception, in the early fifties through the early sixties.

" . . .So you'll hear the story of the Bridge tomorrow. What I would like to talk about is the inner circle in the Bridge that he was working with, with special people that were drawn together because, specifically of their Causal Bodies. They had tremendous attainment in their Causal Bodies of thousands of years of previous activities. When these people got together, it was like dynamite. It was just an explosion, a clash of wills.

"I recently read the inner, private dictations that he gave to these people, almost pleading with them to stop their bickering, and their fighting, and their egotism and their rebellion and to combine their virtues for the victory. But they would not. And so that endeavor failed and Morya lost fifteen years of working with this group of chelas and finally having to abandon them, starting all over with the Summit Lighthouse."

SU Lecture, Level I
Saint Germain-Morya Series #10
(El Morya's Dictation, September 26, 1965)
November 17, 1975, Elizabeth C. Prophet

"My Beloved, Let Us Deliver the Word!

"I come to converse with my friends. Lanello has chosen me to speak to you today. For as he said, it is the example of the humble servant that is needed most. As I pursued the path of humble servant in your midst, so I would be with you and present to you the goal of that path. I am clearly here and to be seen. I wear my wedding garment. And in my right hand is the wand of light of the beloved Goddess of Light that she has given to me for you to see as a scepter, the scepter of the authority of the Mother of the World.

"You have called me Florence, and I have desired to be but a flower of the Mother. And with all of my heart I have yearned to see the publishing of the Word of God unto the two witnesses.

"I also knew the end from the beginning, as each one of you does, for the soul always understands the cycles of its appearing. Therefore, those who knew me saw me hastening to my goal- hastening, O hastening to transcend—even as I would even pull against the divine will, hoping to stay again a round and another round with Him, the beloved Christ with me whose servant I am. God therefore granted unto me another stay and another cycle, and in it we fulfilled so much. But the Goddess of Liberty gave to me a torch that I must pass to you-the beloved staff, beloved friends, beloved students.

"The hour of the appearing of the Son of man within you, the hour of the self-transcendence, must always come with a certain sense of regret that one cannot yet fulfill another round as the humble servant. But always the victorious ones who beckon one on explain, "If you do not rise higher, then those who follow you will have no room at the apex of the pyramid."

"And so, when many little feet fill the space of that highest stone of the pyramid, then someone's little feet must take flight. And when you see the feet following and the shining faces that wear those feet, you know that the hour of their glory is come and the descending light of your own will lighten their faces with a star-fire glow until they, too, attain their own.

"My presence and my message as the bride of Christ is in the nearness and the closeness of our communityhere at Camelot, at the Inner Retreat, in heaven, and wherever Keepers of the Flame meet to greet the LORD and to praise his name. I am happy that so many have come into the path of the teachings through the books my own hands have touched and arranged for Mother. I am happy that life is ongoing and that God has shown me, through Lanello, that I may still be the humble servant in these worlds beyond this one where many worthy souls are striving.

"There are worlds of preparation, whence cometh the Son of light who shall be born. And there are other worlds designed for those who have not quite graduated to finish their course and to balance some other karma of some other year. Now it is the twilight for some and the dawn for others, and the vastness of life in its movement is wondrous to behold from where I am..

"For, you see, every bit of teaching you have heard has its application and its point for the expansion of consciousness, even in the ascended state. One can always multiply the geometry of God. The simplest teaching, or the most profound, lives on and on and on."

Beloved Lady Kristine
June 13, 1982

"The altar at the Ranch is 'the highest altar on the planet' and that the flame of the ark of the covenant and the Maxin Light is anchored in the large crystal on the altar.

"Blessed ones, you have come to the altar of God where the flame of the ark of the covenant does burn. It is focused in the great quartz crystal that you see below the Chart of the Presence on the altar. That focus chalices the flame of the ark of the covenant. And it is by the sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood and the lineage under which you serve that that flame has been placed here in King Arthur's Court.

"That flame burns on here at the crossroads of the etheric octave. And when you come to King Arthur's Court and you meditate upon that flame and that crystal, understand what it means for that flame to be alive and well on planet Earth."

February 26, 1997

"It is a moment of great seriousness to have reached the point of twenty-five years . . . and to realize that the responsibilities for constancy and continuity of that which has been built are very, very great. For the larger the organization, the more [it] depends on good planning and wise use of resources of the people as well as the funds available.

" . . . May you hear angel wings this day. May you hear the rustling of the flowers and their voices of praise. May you also know the rejoicing of elemental life and the souls of this planet, who at inner levels know that The Summit Lighthouse is a lighthouse of love and of hope and of illumination and that its beacon is a path of light that they will follow to your heart.

"It is to your heart that they come. O my beloved chelas, whether you have been a chela a day, a week, or a month, I am speaking to you. I speak to everyone here and beyond directly: The chelas are coming to your heart; you are the ones that they will see. They will not see me at first, or even the messenger. They will see you! By your love and joy and mastery and the giving of yourself, they will know that they are Home.

"Thus in the name of El Morya, whose grace we bear and revere, I say to you and to all: Happy Birthday, Summit Lighthouse!"

August 7, 1983

" . . . It is I who come because I am the one who has sponsored this activity and you individually. Therefore I am responsible to Hierarchy and to your souls. I come and I say: 'This body must be welded together as the the diamond of the will of God without flaw. I am not interested in presenting to the Lords of Karma a diamond for which I must apologize and say, 'It is so many carats, it has so many brilliants, but it has ten flaws.' I will present a flawless diamond or I will present none. Therefore I will remove the flaws.'

" . . . We will have that diamond, and it does not matter to Morya or to the Darjeeling Council 'who' must be eliminated. Either eliminate your human creation or 'we' will eliminate 'you.' 'This' is my Word. 'This' is my warning. And I have said it for the last time."

El Morya
November 16, 1975

Maxin Light of Atlantis

The Lighthouse of Love

From the Sun Center of Love all divine
Through Thy great star-studded universe mine
Flowed emanations of perfect good cheer—
Lo, it is I! Lo, I AM right here!

The Summit Lighthouse is a vict'ry flame
Light overcoming all darkness and blame
The Lighthouse of Love will guide all below
Who bask in the glory of purity's glow

No favorite son, ye all are divine
Made in His Image—restore us, let's climb!
We come for thy blessing, Father of all
Thy Light is pure love, we answer thy call.

Away in a manger, beautiful Christ
So meek and so lowly, filled with delight
Spurned by the world and rejected of men
Was honored by some—He cometh again.

The world shall be changed and painted so bright
By charity's beams and pencils of light
The Summit presents the masters divine
O let us then hear them while there is time!

Purpose in living descends as a flame
Enveloping garments, gifts in Thy name
'Round us forever and heals every woe
Thy Spirit directs, reveals how we go.

O Mary and Jesus, Saint Germain dear
Remove all our density, cast out fear
Thy flames enfold us to resurrect light
Cast out all death and fill us with Life.


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