Beloved Archangel Uriel and Aurora - February 20, 1993

How to Contact Angels–
Your Guides, Guardians and Friends
Only Believe!
The Sword of the Ruby Ray Separates the Real from the Unreal
“This Is Your Window of Opportunity: Go for It!”

I AM Uriel Archangel!

I AM come in the joy of Divine Justice and I wield, in the name of the Christ and the Buddha, the sword of the Ruby Ray from the heart of God.

Therefore I come. Therefore I say: Let the judgment descend! And let the sword be upon those who require the separating out from darkness that they might know gladness else the everlasting contempt of the LORD God. <1> Therefore I AM come, commissioned by the Lord to bring the separation of the Real from the Unreal. And I come first to minister to the Keepers of the Flame of Life in the earth, you who are here, you who bear the Light across the planet and throughout a cosmos.

For God would heal you! God would raise you up! God would infire you anew that you might know your ultimate destiny, that you might be rekindled in the heart and in the light of the eye and in the sacred fire rising upon the altar of being.

You who have been faithful, I say, accept now my presence and my offering. For you have tarried long in loyalty to Saint Germain, to the violet flame, to the God of Freedom. Indeed you have.

Therefore I, Uriel, come in this hour and I touch my feet upon this ground and there is a quickening in the earth, there is a trembling in the earth, and there is come the Prince of Light, the Prince of Peace.

So be touched, beloved ones. So, all of you who have been faithful to our cause, be touched now and know that there is a spark divine and a hope celestial and angels who come to sing to your marred souls wherever you have been burdened and undergone many a trial.

Know, then, that it is indeed because you have been faithful in a few things, <2> you have been willing to bear your karma. And though you may have grumbled now and then, well, I say, you are here and you are keeping the flame in this city and in many cities of the earth.

My eye spans the horizon as I see the flames of the Seventh Ray increasing, as I see you mature, ripening in your love and increasing in it. And therefore you have also gained wisdom. Some experiences have taught you the hard way and then sometimes you get so smart that you learn the easy way at last–God’s own way!

I come to cheer you, and Aurora with me. For is it not a joyous day? Know, then, that this is another hour when cycles have turned and when those whose time is up for the sowing of Evil, [inasmuch as they have not exercised their] option to renounce Evil, are thus taken [to the court of the sacred fire].

As the planet receives more karma, the planet is yet delivered of other fallen ones who need no longer be here, for they have used up their portion of time and space and the opportunity to receive the conversion of the Holy Spirit. These are they who would not [tarry to receive the Holy Spirit], who were never in reality a part of your bands. They shall pass on in the violet flame. Peace be with them. God be upon them, for they have a hard and difficult journey ahead.

Now, therefore, blessed ones, come into the heart of comfort and joy–comfort of the Holy Spirit, joy in your Lord and in the certain knowledge that Divine Justice does come to all.

Divine Justice is a bounty. Truly it is a boon of grace! And unto those of you who receive the Beloved of Saint Germain, the Lady Portia, so there does come truly a soul-satisfying experience in the magnificent flames of the Sixth and the Seventh Rays, wherein you will see the commingling of all shades of violets and purples and pinks and the golden pink glow-ray of the dawn and the ruby action of the ruby fire.

Yes, I touch you with the ruby fire and I use it also that there might be a dispensation going forth in this hour, even from the heart of Saint Germain. He has asked me to announce to you this night that he does take now a portion of his grant <3> to assist you to cut free the souls of Light who are next in line, next to enter the Path and climb the ladder, even Jacob’s ladder, <4> to climb with the angels–ascending to God, descending again to the lower levels to go after the untransmuted karma, then by the power of resurrection’s flame ascending the ladder of life again.

And so is the process of initiation. Each time you ascend and descend the ladder, beloved ones, you complete a round of balancing karma and rising to new levels of your chakras in a heightened God-awareness. So you never know when it is the final ascent and you no longer need to descend again into the darkness of the lesser consciousness of the astral plane.

Life moves on. Life carries you with it. Life is God. And I AM an extension of God before you as the Archangel of the Sixth Ray. Behold the Motherhood of God in my beloved Aurora and know, then, that the beauty of life is in the divine union of the Father-Mother God at every level. As you celebrate the union of your families and your children, remember it is Love and Love alone that will carry you beyond the levels of daily troubles and burdens.

Oh, call to me, beloved! Call to me and know that I always carry the sword of the Ruby Ray, and I will let that sword fall into your midst that it might divide you from the darkness and the unreality that looms so large and real each day.

O beloved, have pity on yourselves once in a while but not too often, for the angels weep for you and therefore you need not overindulge [in self-pity]; for on the heels of the divine pity comes resurrection’s morn. Aye, prepare for it this year. Enter into your Lenten fasts <5> and know that the purging, purifying power of God will bring you to the moment again and again each year of the celebration of Good Friday and your own acceptance of a few hours on the cross with Christ that you might also be with him on resurrection’s morn.

Follow the course that the saints have taken. Follow the course the Messenger has also chosen–to be crucified and to be reborn, to die daily and be resurrected–and know that resurrecting spirit, even the great Spirit of the Resurrection, who dwells in the heart of the Great Central Sun. Every spring the power of the resurrection is able to renew your bodies and minds and cells.

Oh, it is a glorious advent we look forward to, that day of the risen Christ when you confirm your own immortality, your own freedom from sin, disease and death, your own freedom to be in this life in this body and yet not partake of the poisons of death but lead a planetary home and the legions of Light in embodiment and all souls of beauty and truth up the mountain of God, up the mount of the Presence.

Oh, what joy to be among the angels of resurrection’s flame! What joy, my beloved! For the buoyant flame of the mother-of-pearl radiance does distill the essence of your being and cast the dross into the violet fire.

Thus resurrection flame and violet flame, purple fire and Ruby Ray and the Light of Helios and Vesta commingle that you might know yourself more alive, more filled with the spirit of love, more in the joy, each and every hour, of being the conquering hero and heroine, knowing that each and every day you are challenging, being challenged and yet God in you is always the victor.

It is a mighty opportunity, this lifetime you have. May you experience the joy, go back to the joy and absolutely refuse to be taken down into a condition of nonjoy anywhere or anytime! Yes, beloved, be that bubbling fountain of resurrection’s flame and have that essence to give to all whom you meet. People have so much pain and you have so much, with [your calls to the] violet fire, so much joy of angels to give back to them.

I, then, must tell you that it is a moment of opportunity as Saint Germain gives dispensations to you to bring in to [the path of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters] those to whom he would also give his dispensations. It is time for new [souls to climb the] rungs on the ladder and it is time to contact new [souls who will advance on] rings of light from rings farther out. Let them come to the center and have their turn [to sit by] the fire at the central altar of God.

Happy are ye who extend your life by wisdom, by temperance, by sobriety and peace, by not engaging in the excesses of the world. Extend your life, then, to give hope and more hope–hope to the world, hope to those of Light, hope to those who sin who can be spun around by the Holy Spirit to face their God and face their Presence and put all the shadows behind them.

You live in a time when anything is possible and nothing is impossible with God! You live in a time of miracles and change and alchemy, when the whole world is in a state of flux. And none may know what the configuration of so many planets in mid-January 1994 shall bring. <6> What shall it bring to you less than a year away and what are the signs six months before and after?

Consider these things, beloved. Consider how quickly events move in the earth, how changes come suddenly as sudden destruction that cometh upon a people who are not prepared. <7>

Saint Germain reminds me to tell you that being prepared at all levels of your life establishes profound peace and a centeredness in God and the ability to know that you will deal with any calamity, any good omen that comes your way. For, beloved, centered in God, you can make your peace and know that you will be where you are intended to be no matter what the octave, no matter what the day of the Lord’s sudden appearing to the earth or the earth body.

I speak not in any way to suggest hard times or sudden cataclysms. But I speak to you in a world that is always uncertain, a world that is rocked by karmic conditions and returning karma that comes due from ancient days and ancient peoples who have worked great darkness in the earth. Their karma must descend even as the good karma of the Lightbearers must also descend.

So I survey the heavens and the earth and the sea and the depths of the astral plane. From the eye of an Archangel, which is the Eye of God, it is not difficult to see causes set in motion long ago coming full circle in these days.

Thus the decade of the nineties moves on and that decade shall unfold prophecies already told, perhaps mitigated in a mighty way because some of you–I dare hope many of you–have come to the realization that there is no issue, no circumstance, no war, no cataclysm whatsoever that you cannot tackle ahead of time in concerted effort and therein win a victory for Hercules in your labors.

Yes, you have done it before. Only believe! Only believe in the power of the Seven Archangels to assist you! Only believe in the power of Elohim. Only know that if you hear of the darkest darkness and the worst of worst calamities, there is yet hope to turn around conditions. There is yet hope to overcome the seemingly impossible, unsolvable problem.

It simply requires the centeredness, the determination, the fire of the eye, the will, the set of the heart that says:

I will not say die!

I will not give up or give in!

For the sake of my children, my household, I will not be moved.

We will be in the heart of Moses and we will serve the LORD. <8>
We will serve the Lord.

We will know his name I AM THAT I AM and we will trust in him.

Have that trust, beloved. Have it in all things. Fear and doubt and anxiety disturb all of your being and then you cannot precipitate, whether it be abundance or supply or even joy and happiness, because the worry, worry, worry disturbs the waters of your alchemy and you can no longer see the reflection here below of that which is above. Therefore how shall it crystallize, even by the power of the All-Seeing Eye of God?

May you invoke [the All-Seeing Eye of God]! And invoke it again. But be certain that if that Eye is to bring into materialization, according to the nine steps of Saint Germain’s alchemy, <9> all that you need to accomplish your goals in this life, you must affirm:

Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

Speak, then, to the untransmuted self!

Speak, then, to the undisciplined self!

Speak, then, to your members that are not yet in the cauldron of the violet flame!

Speak to your four lower bodies!

Speak to those naughty habits and say:

Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

And when you say it, beloved, know that you are affirming the I AM Presence in yourself. Not just above you but in you, through you, as you, the Lord God does reign in your temple!

I, Uriel, proclaim it and I say to you: Wherever you are, when you know that, you are the victor over Death and Hell, you are the victor over every circumstance and every possible karma that could come upon you. You will defeat that karma by plunging into it, balancing it, atoning for it!

Yes, the day of atonement is at hand. Atone, then, for sin and karma. Replace it with Light! Assign yourself those calls for this Community. Let there be the binding of false teachings–false teachings in the realm of Christianity and every other world religion! Let the true Light of the Divine Manchild appear!

Thus when there is a rumbling and a grumbling in the self, the not-self, you say to it, even to your own dweller-on-the-threshold that rears its head just above the surface of the mind:

Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

The God that is in you is able to overcome every lesser manifestation. Prove it now! Do not dally with the not-self! You have tarried with Saint Germain. You need not tarry with your human creation–no, not a day longer, I say!

The violet flame is active in this place. The violet flame is active in your sanctuary. Give yourself a good soak, I say. Soak in the violet flame! Soak in that purifying fire! And emerge a new creature in Christ, <10> a new bodhisattva on the Path. Emerge, I say, from your nocturnal retreat to the violet flame cauldrons [on the etheric plane].

Yes, be washed clean and made whole [in those cauldrons] as in the pool of Siloam. <11> Yes, indeed, beloved, for an angel hath troubled the waters <12> this night and I AM that angel. And I trouble the waters of your emotional body to purge that emotional body of all despair and disappointment and depression.

And I come to assist you in dealing with your psychology. Yes, beloved, you do not have to deal with it for the rest of your life every day and every hour. After all, it is an assignment that you accomplish and put behind you because you have the added input of knowing that God dwells in your breast! The Atman is here within your heart, here within my heart! And the sword of Uriel is there to protect you.

So what have you to fear but fear itself?

Well, I should say, another concern and a very lawful concern you should have is goal-fitting for the fulfillment of your divine plan in this life. Therefore, put into perspective everything about yourself–the lesser and the greater, those things that don’t matter. And when Jesus comes to walk and talk with you, he will say what he said long ago: “What is that to thee? Follow thou me!” <13>

I AM the Lord’s instrument. When the Lord Christ does decree the judgment of certain fallen ones whose time has come, he calls me to his presence and he says: “Uriel, I have summoned you this day. Go forth, then! Bind that company of fallen ones with all of your hosts! For they may no longer walk the green earth nor interfere with these my little ones.”

When we receive the command of our captain, so we do go forth in the name of the Saviour for the binding of those fallen ones who may have tormented you and you for long centuries. Therefore know that the hour of the reward of the saints and the prophets is come. <14> It is come, beloved, and it comes day by day.

Rejoice to see the salvation of your God in your temple and in your soul! Rejoice that life is real and that we the Archangels move among you and that you are not alone!

How often we hear hearts say, “I am so very lonely.” I speak of those in the world who have no polestar of reality to cling to, to go to, no tree of life to hide under; for they have not knowledge, neither self-knowledge nor the knowledge of God. What a pity, beloved!

You have this teaching locked in the locket of your heart. I say, unfold it. Be prepared to meet those who need you. Get out of yourself, I say! Get out of yourself and onto the Path, looking for those of far less comfort and joy, far less teaching and self-knowledge. Impart, impart, impart again, directed by the Holy Spirit to speak or not to speak. Yes, go forth empowered this night.

I empower the Christ of you and the real you and the part of you that is whole and one with that Christ. For some part of that little child within and that little one who is the babe of yourself, some part of that one is already a part of your Christ. Some part of your inner adult is a part of that Christ.

Each and every day let another crumb of self return to the whole loaf of being so that you also, in the footsteps of your Lord, might break the bread of Life–life that is everlasting, life that is holy, joyous, life that is wisdom in action, life that is love and more love and greater love.

How does your love grow?

It grows because you feel God’s love for you and that love is so great, so profound, so merciful, so forgiving, so all-encompassing that what can you do?–what can you do with such a love except to share it with all whom you meet to heal the suffering heart, to comfort those who are under the false belief that they are alone?

I smile, beloved, for I look upon every heart of Light upon earth. And for a moment I am saddened that some of these hearts have found no way to connect with a path that they know is somewhere for them.

Remember when you place your head to rest upon your pillow–remember to offer that final prayer that every heart of Light on earth might find that perfect path to the heart of God and to his I AM Presence and, most of all, that these hearts of Light might know the joy flame, the violet flame that is the key to the balancing of karma and to their resurrection and ascension in this life.

Now the Buddha of the Ruby Ray does stand at this altar, and you may now see legions of Ruby Ray angels dressed in a beauteous rose and white fire. And they come, beloved, for by the Body and Blood of Christ they are purging the earth, and our bands from all over the near universe do join them. And change is taking place in the earth.

And happy are ye who have supported our coming and attended these meetings and listened with your inner ear and heart to the teachings of the Archangels. Happy are ye who have met again those of us whom you have known for aeons.

We are happy, for this is the kind of forum whereby we may come to the cities and deliver the true and righteous judgments of God that life might be set free. To set life free I am come and you are come! Therefore we join together in holy purpose.

Legions of Uriel, angels, Ruby Ray beings of Light and the Buddha of the Ruby Ray–one and all we offer to you our friendship, our pact of friendship. We bind ourselves to God and to the God within you.

Know, then, that when we give our friendship, we do not take it away. We are loyal friends. We will never betray you but we will give you our trust. Thus, beloved, you need not ever walk alone again, for God in the person of his angels will always be at your side. Don’t forget to call to us in every matter.

So I seal this dictation and my prayer for you that you be not forgetful to entertain strangers, <15> for we shall be there, we your angels. And you shall entertain our presence and we shall bond our hearts with your hearts.

Keep the fire! And speak to the lesser self often:

Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

Therefore say it in the name of Uriel and Aurora.

[Congregation affirms with Archangel Uriel:]

In the name of Uriel and Aurora:

Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

The sword, beloved, is the inverted cross. By the sign of the cross and the crown we conquer, and by the sword we pierce unreality that reality might appear. So it is done! And we move on to other places in other octaves where souls of Light such as you await our coming.

May God bless you forever!

I seal you every one in the path of your ascension.

Go for it!

Go for it, for this is your window of opportunity!

- [26-second standing ovation]

This dictation by Archangel Uriel and Aurora with Angels of the Resurrection attending was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, February 20, 1993, during a weekend seminar, How to Contact Angels–Your Guides, Guardians and Friends Part 1, held at the Park Inn International in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The dictation followed the Messenger’s lecture “How Angels Help You to Effect Personal and Planetary Change.” [N.B. In this dictation, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under the direction of Archangel Uriel and Aurora for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

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5. Lenten fast. If you did not fast during the Lenten season (between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday), you can still do a fast in preparation for Pentecost. (This year Pentecost is celebrated on May 30.) Be sure to fast only under the advice of a health practitioner.
6. Configuration of planets in January 1994. On January 11, 1994, seven planets–Mars, Venus, Neptune, the Moon, the Sun, Uranus and Mercury–will form a tight “megaconjunction” between 17 and 26 Capricorn. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Astrology of the Four Horsemen, pp. 214-16. Send for your copy:
The Astrology of the Four Horsemen
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Saint Germain On Alchemy (paperback)

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