Code of Conduct and Standards

Given by El Morya
Chief of the Darjeeling Council
of the Great White Brotherhood

"This is the path of victory. Know that it is fraught with many dangers.
Keep on the Path, beloved. Do not stray from it. For the Path will guide you
until you are at home in Divine Love with all whom you have ever been with
in past incarnations, all the way back to the Beginning, when you were created
with your twin flame."—Lady Master Nada Rayborn

"Where there is compromise of the code of conduct there is crisis.
I tell you, beloved ones, we must withdraw when individuals in our teaching centers
or study groups do not heed that which is necessary by cosmic law
for a standard of life and morality and consecration."—El Morya, July 4, 1978

"And those who are of the elect then, let them come up to standard!
Let them be willing to be disciplined!"—Lord Shiva, March 12, 1978

" . . . This is why in holy orders there is a certain propriety of order and standards
set forth for the interaction of men and women. It is because it is known by the Brotherhood
that in all that you do, in all of your decrees, you are transmuting misuses of the chakras.
And we begin with the base chakra when we deal with life itself, even as it is the life
of the heart and the threefold flame."
—Mark and Elizabeth Prophet: The Enemy Within, 2004, S. U. Press, p. 179

"And you must move from the sea of water to the sea of fire.
Living where you are your safety is to live in the etheric matrix.
This is my all-prevaling message."—Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, January 3,1982

"So often in the past endeavors we have founded have been compromised
because the Mother-flame was violated, for its disciplines were not understood
and therefore not adhered to and its power was not comprehended."
—Saint Germain and El Morya, April 22,1984

276. "Man fears responsibility and with this he falls into heartlessness.
People tend to accept the concept carrying the least responsibility."
—El Morya, Aum 1936

"He (King Arthur of Camelot days) saw that the application
of the Spirit of the divine manchild must be in society, in government,
in holy orders and in the internalization of the Word on a path,
a very personal path of individual Christhood forged and won."
—Elizabeth C. Prophet, December 25, 1985

"Beware then the talking about the Teaching and the living of the Teaching!
Let the doers of the Word then become the Word incarnate! And let them show forth
that the Teaching is more than conversation!"—Saint Germain, July 4,1975

" . . . Begin with Self-knowledge. The first Self-knowledge you must have
is that of your reality. Study it in the Teachings. When you are grounded in the Self-knowledge of your reality then you must know the unreal self. Your Self-knowledge
must then be of that unreal self and of that reality. He who knows both and stands poised
between the two, he who knows how to daily affirm his reality that will swallow up
his unreality—that one, beloved, is a wise man and a wise woman and a wise child.
That one call teacher; that one follow."—Gautama Buddha, October 4,1989

"It should be the highest ambition of every American to extend his views beyond himself,
and to bear in mind that his conduct will not only affect himself, his country,
and his immediate posterity; but that its influence may be co-extensive with the world,
and stamp political happiness or misery on ages yet unborn."—George Washington

"Love is to subdue the self and turn to courtesy."—Confucius: Analects, 12
"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow.
The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."
—President Abraham Lincoln

"The principle that the end justifies the means is in individualist ethics regarded
as the denial of all morals. In collectivist ethics it becomes necessarily
the supreme rule."—economist and philosopher Fredrich August von Hayek (1899-1992)

"We must not suppose that even if we succeeded in making everyone nice
we should have saved their souls. A world of nice people, content in their own niceness,
looking no further, turned away from God, would be just as desperately in need of salvation
as a miserable world—and might even be more difficult to save. For mere improvement
is no redemption, though redemption always improves people even here and now and will,
in the end, improve them to a degree we cannot yet imagine."—C.S. Lewis

"A man's manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait."
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Employment gives health, sobriety and morals.
Constant employment and well-paid labor produce general prosperity,
content and cheerfulness."—American statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

"If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intent of doing you good,
you should run for your life."—Henry David Thoreau

“Conscience is God Present in Man.”—Victor Hugo
"May you live in interesting times."—the ancient Chinese saying

" . . . The Lord God, even Alpha and Omega, comes as the proverbial thief in the night for the testing of souls at any hour. And these tests must be passed at the level of Christhood, not at the level of the human consciousness of compromise that says: 'This is our standard. This is our human standard and it is right, and we will have our own code of honor among ourselves.' And yet it is a tarnished honor, beloved ones."

Elohim Peace and Aloha
April 8, 1993

"However, blessed ones, I tell you, without the Light you will see that one is taken and another is left. And those who have the Light and diligently follow the calling of Serapis Bey to attend those three services a week that comprise Morya’s three dots and the three plumes of your threefold flame, they will know that the banking of the fires cell by cell, they will know that the charging of the aura, the fasting, the self-emptying and the infilling with Light will see them through in the end of Darkness unto the beginning of Light."

Saint Germain

" . . . I say to you then that the ascended master code of conduct that shall be presented for your study and that shall be enacted by the Mother of the Flame for the university is the very same code of conduct that was delivered into the hand of Moses, the precepts of the Law that were delivered in the Sermon on the Mount, and the teachings that have come forth through the Buddha and the hierarchies of heaven. You will not be asked to submit to any discipline that has not already been present in our retreats for thousands of years.

"And yet some of you question whether or not you should sign your application for want of seeing those disciplines. Where is your faith in Hierarchy? Where is your faith, I say? Do you not understand that the Law is impersonal and that it is impersonally applied and that if you place yourself in the hands of God and work His works and do His will, you have nothing to fear?

"This is indeed the age of fearlessness; and I promise you that when you place yourself in the hands of our representatives on earth and in heaven you will be treated royally, as kings and priests unto God. But you must also understand that you must earn the right to be thus treated. And thus we will demand absolute cleanliness of body and person. Is that such a hard requirement?

"We will demand that you pursue the vegetarian diet. Is that such a hard requirement? We ask you to garner your energies for the opening of the third eye and to maintain celibacy during your period of instruction unless you have been lawfully married in a church of your choice. Is that too hard?

"I say then the disciplines of Hierarchy are universal and exacting. And unless you are willing to come under these disciplines how can you expect to be crowned with the many crowns that the Lord of the World stands waiting to place upon your heads?"

February 24, 1974

"The tendency on the part of humanity to mimic one another has lowered standards of conduct as the infection of sensual disorder and carelessness in dress reduces the hopes of men for heaven in this age. What need have they for heaven? Are they not in communion with the sensuality which they crave which reeks of a depravity they know not of, but in which they are content as unperceived error? When it is too late they will glimpse it. But we are concerned for those who are able to see it and shun it today, who are reaching out and up for the energy that can yet save the age—that can yet deliver the world."

Saint Germain
August 17, 1967

" . . . The people of Suern possessed seemingly miraculous powers, including the ability to precipitate their own food. These powers stemmed first of all from their strict adherence to a moral code forced upon them by their monarch. Secondly, the Suernis enjoyed these powers by the intercession of the occult adepts of the time, who were called the Sons of the Solitude.

"Rai Ernon was one of the Sons of the Solitude. These Sons were celibate, lived without families, often apart from civilization. In exceptional cases they returned to civilization to serve their fellowman in church and state. They went through years of training and it was a course of embodiment upon embodiment as they became the unascended and then the ascended adepts."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
October 13, 1991

"Many times the personality endeavors to build a concept around itself which it would like others to accept as true concerning it, or in a desire to advance its own interests it copies the virtues of another. In such endeavors the individual really creates a concept of unreality, for by copying another the individual is certainly not expressing either himself or the other person—he is merely copying that which he sees and thinks the other one to be. Do you see? So to copy another is but impeding one's own spiritual progress."

Mother Mary
June 5,1959

" . . . the comingling of the seed of the not-self with the seed of Christ. And in that blending, in that intermarriage there does come forth the halfbreed that always contains the tie to the Evil One, even while it is endowed with that light. And this ought not to be!

"You cannot fellowship with darkness and arrive at the point of light!

"And whatever the sacrifice you must deem that your determination to be who you really are is greater than whatever temporary gain may come to you through economic or political association and interaction with these fallen ones.

" . . . And it is the mind coupled with the heart—the clear mind, the clear-seeing eye and the fervent heart of absolute love and reverence for life. This arcing in your being of the center of the crown, the center of the third eye and of the throat chakra and of the heart must be synchronized.

" . . . Let us no longer be naive. The forces are bent on absolute world control and the destruction of the world soul! They even plan not to destroy the physical fields or the physical people but they desire to destroy their souls! And this is their goal!.

" . . . And the vision must be first and foremost of your Mighty I AM Presence. For when your eyes are locked in the gaze of your I AM Presence, and none other, then you see there is the current that descends. Then there begins to be woven the deathless solar body which is in reality a duplicate forcefield of your own causal body.

" . . . And when you do not make the effort the alternative is to become mechanization man—to become mechanized and therefore to respond to the commands of another who has set himself up as the imposter of your Christ Self and the imposter of your I AM Presence! Those imposters are on the astral plane. They do enter the subconscious and they do convince souls of light that they are the supreme intelligence of their being, when they are merely extentions of the Nephilim gods. Beware the voice of the (astral) computer speaking."

Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia
January 3, 1982

Taking Responsibility for Being God on Earth

Inner Alignment for the Turning of the Worlds of My Chelas

"You who seek me shall find me."

" . . . You will understand why I also sent forth from this company my own son Monroe Shearer this year, and with his family. And it is high time that those who wonder throughout the movement should realize that it is the action of the Law of our own messengership and of Sanat Kumara that compels this discipline. And that discipline rests between him and our own hearts.

"And if those in the field and at outlying regions find it difficult to understand, let them go to the Book of I Kings and read this chapter 13, and realize that the number 13 is the initiation of Christhood and that those that seek to put on the mantle of leadership and Christhood must also submit to the most meticulous laws governing that office. And where they are in violation of those laws, the great hand of God's mercy must place them outside of and apart from the very intense focus of the sacred fire that would cause them harm, further harm, were they to remain within that presence.

"Thus, let us not pity the man of God who was disobedient to his Lord. And let us not pity the lying prophet. Let us pity Almighty God, who must strive at times with servants who show their unworthiness! Let us pity him by offering our prayers unto him on behalf of the people of Poland, who deserve much more our consideration than those who are disciples and who are dealt with with the accuracy of the point of the diamond and the two-edged sword and the compassion of the Cosmic Christ.

"Let all understand that in each individual case of chelaship and discipleship, the hand of God, through the obedient prophet, delivers the just reward and the just chastisement. If it were not so, neither the gift of prophecy nor the office of messengership would remain. Therefore, let us support the office of our messengership as we support the office of your chelaship. And let us realize that all of us together are walking a path that demands fastidiousness, attention to detail, and ever-watchfulness!

"Let us intensify the vibration of one another's office and bow to the exigencies of our mutual offices. As you have the need to remain steadfast and devoted to your inner calling (whatever the criticism or the pity or the human sympathy or the pull that may come to you through any persons, known or unknown!), so we must do the same. And we will support you as you stand for your own right and your freedom to be God, as you defend your own office of chela—so long as you stand to defend our right and our God-determination to be one with the mantle of the cosmic messengers of Maitreya.

"Let us realize that cosmic law that governs our existence is not often understood or well received by the people of the world who must function under the human laws that have been imperfectly codified by human instruments. When you know the law and see it and understand it, I pray you, be not deterred from it by the offer of meat or drink or rest or some other human comfort! But realize that God is compassionate and will, in due course, offer to you the place prepared in the wilderness, the table of David.

"Thus, the feast of Light is the feast of the teaching in the presence of the holy angels and ultimately the supper of the great God where you are called upon to assimilate the entire round of human creation of the fallen ones. It is a noble endeavor of which we are all a part. I speak to every chela, every would-be chela, and everyone who calls himself chela throughout the world. As you receive us in the spirit of intense love, so you will find the gift of correction and discipline the highest good and the shortest distance between your state of consciousness and your victory.

"As I come in this hour, I must say: Hail to the Great Guru, Sanat Kumara! Hail to Gautama Buddha and Lord Maitreya! Hail to Jesus Christ, to Saint Germain, to Mother Mary, to El Morya, and to all of the ascended masters and cosmic beings who have ever spoken through me or tutored my heart or inspired my soul's poetry throughout all of my incarnations! For truly, I am God-taught. And I am, my beloved chelas, so very humble toward the vast cosmos which has bequeathed to me the ancient wisdom. What I have ever done to deserve the blessings of the Lord in such abundance, I do not know nor can I say.

"But of this one thing I am certain: that my gratitude to the fount overflowing in my being perpetually must be expressed throughout eternity toward those who are my chelas and those who are the lowly and the meek and the humble of heart! That I might infill them with the Light with which He has infilled me is my perpetual prayer—that I might give you my vision and my strength and my clear-seeing in the hour when temptation presents such a confusion of tongues and babble of voices and a hectic, hellish energy around you! I would give you the clarity of my heart and my long experience in facing the many choices that are offered daily by the legions of Mara.

"I pray that you ascend to the scale of your own Christ consciousness. I pray that you become more than you are—the more that is God! And I pray that you realize that you are more in this moment than meets your own eye. You are more God-free, greater in stature, contain more Light than you even know! It is the condition of mortality and all to which the flesh is heir as momentum —it is the stifling, stifling of world thought and manipulation and psychotronics and hatred and interference with the cycles of the body through all impurities that causes you to have sometimes such a depressed self-awareness, depressed in the sense that it is put down, has a sense of confinement and smallness as though you were no one, nobody who had gone nowhere yet on the Path.

"I look at the magnificent God-free being that you are. And the entire passion of my soul is to connect your soul with that being! And, O it is a passion night and day! You need only speak my name, Lanello, and you will instantly have a ray from my heart that connects you to some vast portion, some noble stature of grandeur of your own true cosmic being! What appears to be a mere paltry extension of the I AM Presence is in fact the final descent into physical matter of your own being that already experiences the vastness of cosmos.

"Do not forfeit the ascent of the last remains of identity in this octave. Do not forfeit your ascent by the mighty rope by which you enter the trapdoor and it is shut and the great vehicle of your being moves on to other worlds! Do not allow your extended self in this level to cause you pain and loss of opportunity and life—and the stupid involvements that tear from you sometimes centuries of your own sacred labor! Do not allow it, precious hearts.

"You are not the synthetic self. However long you may labor to create that self, it is not you! I pray that you do not allow it to feed off of the great light of your own Mother flame. For the tares sown among the wheat extend their roots to earth's subwater systems. And they, too, would drink for a time of the Mother's energy. It is like the cancer that consumes the body from the energy of the body itself.

"This is what the synthetic self is, and the physical cancer is the synthetic self. Truly, those who watch by as loved ones go through this experience must, Almighty God, receive this lesson: that when you do not cut off the synthetic self, it eats the light of the soul, eats the light of the Mother flame and the chakras!

"After all, where do you think the Goliaths of the world in industry, the magnates, the bankers, the leaders derive their power? There is no other power in this octave save the Mother flame! They themselves are like a living cancer, through which the entire cancer of World Communism spreads!

"They are the synthetic self that has eaten alive, if there ever was, any real presence in them. I can tell you that much of the wisdom of God vouchsafed to me in my incarnations, which you have been hearing about, came through observation—a keen and penetrating observation of the world scene, of passing events, of the outworking of karma, and then going beyond the physical to the reading of the aura, the sensing of the soul.

"And ultimately all of this is made plain by the focusing upon the I AM Presence that reveals every cause behind every effect. The sharpening of the senses and of the inner eye will bring to your attention many obvious lessons of life. Go and meditate upon the sheep, for example-sheep on the hills of Camelot. When you meditate upon God in the heart of the sheep, you will discover the mystery of the Lamb and the lamb that was put to the sacrifice in the Old Testament and the lamb that was Isaac, provided and yet withdrawn by God for the very catching of the suitable sacrifice in the thicket.

"Thus, God has ever provided the lamb for the sacrifice. Can it be any other way? God has given the Lamb Jesus Christ, Sanat Kumara. God has given the Lamb to you for meat—spiritual and physical. God has given to you the Lamb for the Bridegroom and the certain voice of the law of Love whose response in you ought to be, my beloved, unmistakable obedience—unmistakable obedience. Make no mistake then, it is true—that they that hear the voice of God and do it shall live.

"O gentle flame of Mercy, reveal thy inner strength clothed in garment of white, sapphire, amethyst. Flame of Mercy from the heart of Kuan Yin, O presence of Mother's eternal wooing of her children, now be the magnet and the open door of Elohim! I, Lord God, in the presence of Lanello and my messenger, ordain it. It is done, and it shall come to pass. In the name of the true Light, ye are sealed.

"Do not break the seal by disobedience to the Mighty I AM Presence. Make no mistake. For the hour of the fatal mistake is past and the hour of the certain life—victorious victory is at hand. Welcome now to my heart as Lanello for the turning of your world. You who seek me shall find me."

December 27, 1981

The Benefits of the Code of Conduct

" . . . The conclusion of the matter is that the Messenger's protection is from the Great White Brotherhood and El Morya. The chela's protection is from his daily decree work and his maintaining of the standards of the Great White Brotherhood's Code of Conduct."—Elizabeth C. Prophet, May 13, 1997

" . . . the Ascended Master Code of Conduct that shall be presented for our study and that shall be enacted by the Mother of the Flame for the university is the very same Code of conduct that was delivered into the hand of Moses, the precepts of the Law that were delivered in the Sermon on the Mount, and the teachings that have come forth through the Buddha and the hierarchies of heaven.

"You will not be asked to submit to any discipline that has not already been present in our retreats for thousands of years.

" . . . Do you understand that the Law is impersonal and that it is impersonally applied and that if you place yourself in the hands of God and work the works and do His will, you have nothing to fear?"—Lord Maitreya, February 24, 1974

"Where there is compromise of the code of conduct there is crisis. I tell you, beloved ones,
we must withdraw when individuals in our Teaching Centers or Study Groups do not heed that which is necessary by cosmic law for a standard of life and morality and consecration. Realize, then, that these seemingly insignificant compromises do cost us our own commitment to your souls as well as the intensity of the focus that ought to be sustained within that Teaching Center.

"And of course there is the burden upon souls of Light who come there and who unknowingly must bear the extra burden of your misqualified energy. Therefore, we cannot and will not look lightly upon such infractions . . . "—El Morya, July 4, 1978

" . . . Where a standard is held, society may rise. Where standards are leveled, all shall go the way of the downward spiral of civilization.

"Thus, let there be places for those who want reinforcement of their humanness and let there be places for those who seek reinforcement of their Christhood. And let the Church be distinguished as that body that does support the soul in her ascent to God . . . "—Hilarion, May 26, 1991

" . . . I am sent by Lord Maitreya to hold the line of the initiation of each one's Christhood—to hold the line, to hold the line, beloved! So may you know that the signs of the times and the changing signs of the times do not in any way change the standards of the law of your personal Christhood that have been from the Beginning.

"Therefore, take care that you do not attempt to redefine the Path or its requirements, to somehow step down those requirements, making way for sin itself to enter in by justification of this or that human condition."—Jesus Christ, September 1, 1993

"And so El Morya took me in hand and he told me this story . . . The Guru Maitreya gave to the two the rules for initiation . . . In the case of Lord Maitreya, he set forth the discipline and withdrew.
And Adam and Eve were alone in the garden . . . He gave them the discipline. He gave them the rules and the code of conduct and he withdrew.

" . . . That is the nature of the initiation, that individuals must be alone with their own energy and with the discipline and that the guru cannot intercede in the hour of their initiation. And so they're given a certain block of time and space to determine what they will do."—Elizabeth C. Prophet, May 18, 1979

Specific Codes of Conduct


"Some of you have thought as the years have gone by that it does not matter if you drink a little wine. Well, it matters if you wish to clear your crown chakra. It matters if you wish to be holding a chalice of light and a fire of God unto that Great Central Sun. Our rules are not for a day or for a month or for a year or ten or a hundred years. Our rules remain. They are tried and true. They work."—El Morya, September 1, 1996


"Modern music, rock music simply has no place with the Ascended Masters. And you can't say otherwise . . . There are dance forms that are perfectly acceptable, such as the waltz in the
three-quarter time is the same as your heartbeat . . . Square dancing is fine . . . You know, if you really want to go up, then there's a lot of things you have to leave behind."—Elizabeth C. Prophet,
July 1, 1996


"Thus, not (mandatory) celibacy but the requirement (that those who serve at the altar hold the light) in the body temple. But this (mastery of the raising up of the light) is acquired by celibacy, beloved, else it is acquired through moderation in all things. You cannot squander the light in all directions and still have it on the altar on Sunday, or in the pews."—Hilarion, May 26, 1991

Merit for Intercession

"I, El Morya Khan, Chief of the Darjeeling Council, hereby announce the removal of the thread that originates from my mantle to the heart of the Messenger, to your hearts, for the holding of the balance of your lifestreams. The dispensation of this thread, which is a thread of protection, was formerly made possible because of the code of conduct established and sponsored by me in the past.

"Your merit for intercession will now be based upon your own decree momentum, your devotion to your God Presence and your service to mankind. May you pass every test."—El Morya, April 30, 1997


The standards established by El Morya and the Messengers for daily decrees have been as follows:

20 minutes of blue decrees to Archangel Michael (who promised his protection, extending to family and more thereby)

15-30 minutes of violet flame (transmutation/balancing of personal karma)

"I Cast Out the Dweller on the Threshold" 20.09 3-9 times (binding of the dweller—the not self)

Decree to Beloved Mighty Astrea 10.14—"The Starry Mother" 9 or 36-40 times (the headquarters staff was required by El Morya and the Messengers for decades to give this decree 10.14 36-40 times per day to keep themselves and the Community free from entities)

How to Magnetize the Presence of El Morya

Write a list of problems/burdens and give them to El Morya by placing the list face up on the right knee and placing his picture face down on top of the list, while seated giving decrees, especially 10.03. El Morya said he would take your problems so that you could focus/work on world service.

"Blessed hearts, you should do me great service if you could render for me the call to the will of God (10.03), for that call that was written down from my own causal body by Mark does give to you the balance of the will of God and my own Diamond Heart and the diamond of my turban, focusing within your four lower bodies a grid of light.

"I should like to have, beloved, some reservoir of the call to the will of God, of the sweet surrender (10.18), that I might have in time of greatest need something in store to offer even the Lords of Karma when I desire not to leave you in the (karmic) straits of dealing with forces you know not of." —El Morya, August 8, 1988

" . . . This, my announcement to you, may come as a rejoicing and as a warning. For you must be prepared to walk in seven-league boots and to rise from the pettiness of self-concern and the embroilment of the personality and the ego in those things which must be put behind.

"I would say it is a most noble and dangerous calling to be a chela of the Great White Brotherhood in this hour. For, beloved hearts, to be taken up in that ascended-master consciousness and walk with us means that you must be constant and steady in your calls, in your service, taking care not to allow imbalances of rest, interruptions in the necessary and proper care of the four lower bodies, proper food and rest, and a minimum of exercise required, the balance of the light and the fresh air, the sun and the decree work, and a service that is concentrated and not constantly interrupted.

"The service of your sacred labor may also be the instrument of our Presence. You must not allow disruptions—physical, mental, or emotional—in your service to the Light, whatever your capacity. For these disruptions break the flow of the rhythm of life and allow for the introduction of error and riptides and energies that will throw you and your work off balance.

"Understand, beloved hearts, that we must demand of our chelas that resolution to come up higher in the vibration that must be held for the earth. We have done all that we can do, given the givens. We have done all that we can do, considering the regular dynamic decrees, your level of consciousness, and the consciousness of those who represent the governments of the nations."

Saint Germain

"Whenever possible, you should seize the opportunity to attend such a conference. What's more, you should make possible the impossible through the alchemy of invocation to your own God Being. Not only are these conferences the most important experience of a lifetime in terms of the expansion of consciousness and the transmutation of untold substance in your world, but your willingness to serve as a coordinate on earth for the hierarchies of light will earn for you a momentum of good karma that you can ill afford to be without."

El Morya
The Chela and the Path

Of our national character, Samuel Adams insisted, "[N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt."

Thomas Jefferson added, "It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution."

Understanding that each generation would face its trials, Thomas Paine wrote, "I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death."

James Madison wrote, "The belief in a God All Powerful wise and good, is so essential to the moral order of the world and to the happiness of man, that arguments which enforce it cannot be drawn from too many sources nor adapted with too much solicitude to the different characters and capacities impressed with it."

"In the name I AM THAT I AM I call for a nucleus of lightbearers to uphold Maitreya's code of conduct (taught February 2,1974), self-monitoring (advocated by Saint Germain), conservation of holy orders (taught by Guru Ma May 13, 1997) and due process of the law (advocated by Guru Ma April 30,1997)."

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