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The Treasure by Nicholas Roerich

"Joy is the key to healing! Joy is movement! Joy is life! Joy is self-attention
to the needs of the four lower bodies but not over-self-concern. Joy is the sense
of committing oneself to God and letting God flush out the nonjoy
by that descending cascade of the mighty river of Life."Lanello

"There is nothing that stimulates my imagination more
than going to a modern art museum. There is something liberating
about seeing a lot of scribble-scrabble, doodling, and simple junk
venerated as serious art. After an hour or so of looking at blotchy canvases
and inverted urinals, I begin to think, "I can do better than that!"
Michael Masterson

"If your daily life seems poor," said Rilke, "do not blame it; blame yourself,
tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches."

" . . . you may be called . . . fanatics or zealots or crazy or queer or peculiar.
We do not care. We do not care, and we will not tell you this day
how the ascended masters refer to those among mankind
who do not come into the Law. I will tell you this:
if we were to call them idiots, it would be
a mild declaration of the facts of reality.

"You ought not to be concerned what the world thinks of you.
You ought not to be concerned with your life or the satisfaction
of pleasure in this life, for it will all come to naught.
And those who have pointed the finger at you,
the same who pointed the finger at me and at Saint Germain and Morya
the very same ones will be pointing their fingers a thousand years hence.
We trust that as they point their fingers, their feet will have
a platform on which to stand."Lanello, July 3, 1976

“God always shows forth his gratitude to mankind. You cannot render a service to your fellowman in His name or give glory to His light without feeling the return of energy multiplied.” As God himself does not neglect to say “Thank you,” so we must remember to say “Thank you” and the fulfillment of the spiral in “You are welcome.”

“ . . . if you do not develop this habit of saying, ‘You are welcome’ to each other, you will neglect to say it unto God.” And “De nada” or “Il n’y a pas de quoi” will not do. The Elohim explained that seventh-ray ritual is manifest “in the expression of manners and mannerisms which are conducive to the flow of light. Entering the Aquarian age then, it is time to learn that good manners, good decorum, and dressing properly is a part of the art of the sacred science of fohat.”

Cyclopea and Virginia emphasized the importance of graceful body movement. For “you are the sender of energies of cosmic light . . . If you are slouching, bending over, sloppy in your habit, sloppy in your dress, sloppy in the way you sit so that you are sitting almost on your back and allowing your chakras to be out of alignment, you see you set up grids and forcefields through which energy flows in a very erratic pattern and you contribute to the general tension, the malaise, and even turbulence that mounts into war upon the planetary body.”

Cyclopea and Virginia then spoke of the “sacred union that is the Lord’s table,” emphasizing the God-control that allows each child in turn to communicate with father and mother (who sit opposite one another to anchor the ray of Alpha and Omega) as well as with the other family members. Table manners “must be an implementation of the flame of comfort of the Holy Spirit and the flame of alchemy of Saint Germain,” the Elohim said, encouraging parents to obtain a book on etiquette.

Cyclopea and Virginia then explained that “you are invoking light at such an intense intensity that your entire being is becoming a grid and a forcefield of light.” But “if you allow yourself to misuse your chakras and your body temple, we must limit the flow of light to you.” And that is why the Elohim came to teach the “sacred science of graceful movement and care and consideration for each other.”

Cyclopea and Virginia admonished ascended master students to shower every day. Clothing worn next to the body must be clean every day. And the lines of the clothing must “follow the flow of the masters.” Cyclopea and Virginia said that “there is no reason to dress with the purpose of arousing sexual energies . . . or the flattering of the form to the point where you draw undue attention to that form, and by mankind’s attention to your form there is a lowering of your energies into the lower chakras, and you wonder why you have problems . . . So be gracious, so be tactful, so be diplomatic, and see how in your restraint, in the guarded word, you control forces and lifewaves.”

Having lowered the white cube and given necessary instruction for the alignment of the four lower bodies, Cyclopea and Virginia then pursued the subject of Exploring Selfhood in the Eye of God. “The eye of God is a mighty sphere,” the Elohim began. And “when you master the art of entering into the sphere of the heart, when you master the power of the spoken Word and show that you have determined to have God-control in your speech . . . ”

Cyclopea and Virginia here emphasized that “your mouth is the mouth of God.” And therefore, by the misuse of the word in discord and anger, the light guarded in the throat chakra, the “distillations of the energies of the Elohim,” is stolen by the fallen ones and used by them “to further war and chaos.”

Cyclopea and Virginia went on to say, however, that “when you have that mastery of meditation in the heart, God-control of the spoken Word, when you come into that alignment where you can visualize the emerald ray at the brow and be comfortable in that ray, there is an initiation which you can receive in the retreats of the ascended masters whereby you can enter in consciousness the orb of God, the orb of God’s all-seeing eye . . . I speak of it that you might strive for that initiation. For once you have entered the eye of God, you return to the paradise of seeing only God-good and you move out of the plane of relativity.”

In preparation for that initiation, Cyclopea and Virginia recommended the meditations given by Lanello in Cosmic Consciousness and by Djwal Kul in Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura, as well as invocation and purification by the violet flame. “Give the violet flame as you bathe,” the Elohim said, “and watch how the elementals will shower with you . . . And so it becomes a session of cleansing of elemental life as you cleanse your physical form.”

Continuing the dictation, Cyclopea and Virginia spoke of “an existence in the planes of God’s consciousness in the octaves of Spirit” where there is total freedom without memory blocks or mental blocks or emotional problems. “Do you realize that an aspect of your being already lives in eternity and is a magnet to draw up the remainder that is yet in time and space into that place?

Do you realize that you are living in many planes of infinity even now and therefore holding consort with ascended masters and Elohim in your higher bodies? Do you realize that because of the cleansing of your auras you are able to travel in your soul while your body temples are at rest to the retreats of the masters and that your experiences here are yet in another dimension of the etheric plane?” That is why when a new student comes to a conference “it’s like a duck taking to water . . . You accept the teaching because you are the teaching and you have that teaching at higher octaves.”

Cyclopea and Virginia said that “seven-eighths of yourself is already in upper octaves.” And from the vantage point of the Elohim, “we often understand why you have problems, fatigue levels, energy levels, blockages in the flow of the four lower bodies because of a clogging of the chakras or of the food that you eat.” That is why “the balancing of proper meals eaten at regular hours is so important because all of this contributes to the stress and the strain that you experience in your body temples.”

Cyclopea and Virginia noted that hypoglycemia is called the disciples’ disease, “the disease of stress and of strain.” Although disciples must have that tension that is “a creative fire for
the meeting of the next test,” the Elohim cautioned students of the ascended masters to “take care of your physical body to see that it does not become a forcefield of such tension and such stress that you are unable to cope emotionally or mentally with the demands of the hour.”

In conclusion, Cyclopea and Virginia explained that in the impartation of this “necessary instruction . . . I extend to youas I place in the hand of your own God Presence matrices for the unfoldment of the sacred sciencethe law of mathematics of your being which will descend into your consciousness as you are ready to receive it and as you attain the necessary mastery.”

Cyclopea and Virginia

"The taking of hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD and PCP, also opens the mind and the chakras to past records and other planes. Cocaine, crack, and heroin as well as marijuana have similar mind-altering and chakra-rending effects.

"Though some people have felt that they have contacted the spiritual path through LSD or other agents, there is the danger that in taking any of the above you are dealing with unknowns, including bad trips into the astral plane and the violent opening of the chakras. Jesus described this phenomenon when he said, 'The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.' The tearing of the astral/etheric sheath around the chakras by the taking of drugs or the practice of black magic may also create holes in the auric garment, or auric field, which can take decades or lifetimes to mend."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

" . . . Thus I do not recommend that disciples go without sleep or try to make the hurdle of these fantastic diets that some of you have practiced, starving yourselves almost to the death and weakening your ability to withstand the temptations of the dark forces. Remember Jesus’ words that 'not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man, but that which cometh out.' This he learned at the feet of Lord Buddha.

"For it is well known in the circles of the Brotherhood that many times chelas of the Light, in their desire to be austere and in their belief that austerity is a path to victory, deprive themselves of the nutrients that Mother Nature has placed within all food for a balanced diet for her children. And thus their nervous system is not prepared to cope with the emotional stress that comes to the disciple on the Path.

"I would also remind you that fasting at prolonged lengths is dangerous unless you are under a guru, an Ascended Master, or one representative in embodiment whom you know to have the authority and the ability to extend the protection of Hierarchy to you during periods of fasting. Jesus claimed me as his guru and called me Father, and yet I transferred that to the Almighty on high and to his own God Presence as I served to anchor through his consciousness the Cosmic Christ energies that gave him the authority and the power over all human conditions and circumstance. Thus when he was alone in the desert forty days and forty nights fasting and was delivered up unto the devil to be tempted, I was there overshadowing him with the mighty Archangels. And thus he, too, even in his great state of attainment, abided by the rule of the Brotherhood to fast only under the protection of Hierarchy.

"I warn you of this; for I observe that some of our children of Light in various parts of the world, through the diets they have practiced, have had enter and intrude upon their consciousness demons and discarnates and direct emissaries of the black brotherhood. These forces, entering in when their body metabolism was at its lowest ebb, identified with the soul and with the etheric envelope and began to subtly weave an alter ego, an alternative pattern to the true awareness of the Christ within. Thus these precious hearts who ought to be in the company of the highest devotees upon the planet are caught in delusion and in strange practices that are not in keeping with a balanced manifestation of the true spiritual life.

"I offer this information to you this night because I perceive that you are sincerely desirous of making progress on the path of purity, total purification of your four lower bodies; and indeed this is a correct goal. But let us understand that the Ascended Master standards of purity are not always the same as the world’s concepts of what purity ought to be. For the world gauges purity from the standpoint of its own impurity.

"Therefore, because mankind entertain a sense of guilt and sin, they have a vast condemnation which they bear against themselves for having partaken of human error and sin consciousness. And therefore their concept of purity is to completely wipe out the forcefield of the evolving human consciousness, and only then will they be satisfied. And thus they deprive themselves of all human joy and expression and the true happiness which God intends the saints to have.

"And so I say, when you call for purity, realize that God has ordained the platform of the four lower bodies in the present state which you now enjoy for the purpose of evolution. Total denial of the needs of these four lower bodies can result in a warping of the consciousness and an ultimate rebellion of the outer consciousness against the Path and against the very Law that you desire to outpicture. For the four lower bodies and your evolving consciousness can stand only so much beating, so much whipping, beloved ones, and then there is a time for balance and a need to have balance to regain one’s perspective along the way."

Lord Maitreya
February 17, 1974

"You are all students of the Ascended Masters but I remind you that those who are called 'chela' are those who are personally sponsored by an Ascended Master. There is a difference, beloved. Students are making their way on the Path to be received, then, as those for whom the Ascended Masters may have the authority of the Karmic Board to give that sponsorship.

"Think, then, about the sponsorship we have given you this day and understand that it comes to you by the mighty intercession of your own beloved Lord Maitreya. It is his mighty Sun Presence establishing this Mystery School that allows us to go through his heart and his sponsorship of this Community in general and of certain individuals in particular.

"May you know how much meaning it has for every person on the planet when you make your sacrifices, sometimes profoundly painful, to maintain your heart-tie and your relationship to Lord Maitreya, to El Morya, to Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Kuthumi, Lanello and your own Mother of the Flame."


"And let my people return to the sanctity of the sacred ritual of the exchange of the sacred fire between enlightened man and woman who have come before the altar of God to consecrate their union for the bringing forth of the lightbearers. And let the young who ought to be maturing in the ways of the Christ be freed from the luciferian perversions of life’s sacred energies, from the incorrect use of the sacred fire in sex, from premarital exchanges, and from perverted practices that issue from the degenerate spirals of Sodom and Gomorrah.

"So let these energies be restored to the place of the holy of holies. For the fiat of the Lord rings forth from Horeb this day: Let my people go! Set the captives free! and let the judges render judgment this day! In the name of the living Christ: Be thou made whole!

"I am invoking the flaming presence of the I AM THAT I AM around all who have chosen to be the fulfillment of the promise of the Lord to Abraham, 'I will make thy seed as the stars of the sky in multitude and as the sand which is by the sea shore innumerable.'

"And I am placing the ring of freedom’s fire from my consciousness as a circle of protection around the seat-of-the-soul chakra, the energies thereof, and the Christic pattern of the seed and the egg for the sealing of life within you as the life victorious and triumphant."

Djwal Kul
November 10, 1974

"One of the precepts of the Eightfold Path taught by Gautama Buddha is Right Livelihood. As defined in Buddhist teachings, Right Livelihood involves earning one’s living by acceptable means and avoiding trades incompatible with spiritual progress. Gautama listed five occupations to be avoided by the disciple: trading in arms, trading in living beings, trading in flesh, trading in intoxicating drinks, trading in poison.

"The Ascended Masters teach that Right Livelihood relates to the Fifth Ray of Truth, precipitation and healing, and to the third-eye chakra. A chela cannot accelerate spiritually
and precipitate the true abundance of God if his occupation compromises the Path."

For more on the Eightfold Path, see 1989 PoW, pp. 446-50; 1983 PoW, pp. 166-67

March 28, 1991

" . . . The violet flame truly allows you to perform, as it were, a cosmic surgery—and this is never by a momentum that may be fed into the subconscious by all of the popular tape recordings that are available to you as to how you can become a better person and overcome procrastination and all manner of burdensome addictions. Blessed hearts, these tapes are for those who are computerized and do not have a threefold flame. They are for those who have merely a human personality that has built upon itself incarnation after incarnation without integration with any flame or Spirit of God.

"Therefore, all the world is gone after the latest fad in consciousness development, in the success fad that is now at hand, and it is indeed a success fad, beloved hearts. Be not trapped or entrapped. For I would tell you the cosmic secret, that every Ascended Master dictation that has ever gone forth through our Two Witnesses upon earth does contain within it the power of Elohim for the re-creation of oneself. It is not without forethought that we have released to you the Only Mark series. It is not without consideration that we have made available to you year upon year the audio- and videotapes of our dictations.

"Once you have carefully listened to them and consciously entered into that spiral and consciously made the decision to incorporate that teaching, that sacred fire, that cup of light into your being until you have willed thereby to become a manifestation of your Higher Self
when you have accomplished this and taken your notes and you thoroughly consent by conscious free will to the content, then know, beloved, that that conscious consent has involved your Holy Christ Self, your threefold flame and your I AM Presence.

"At that moment, then, you may play these tapes [continuously on an auto-reverse tape player] in your home, you may play them in a special room or even in the background, and you will be weaving, by the repetition of the sound, the Word, the rhythm and the teaching, your Deathless Solar Body. This is with a conscious cooperation and re-creation in God.

"Blessed ones, anything that comes from the human level, no matter how positive the statements are, does always embody the entire karma, electronic belt and subconscious of the individual through whom it has come. This is why we have released to you in our decrees worded cups of light, mantras out of the pure octaves of Spirit, out of the causal bodies of the Ascended Masters. The decrees, then, are the most valuable gift because they are cups of our God-attainment, of our conscious willing to be free on a certain ray through a certain chakra over a certain human or dark condition which we faced and which you now face.

"Decrees are the highest prayers on earth because they are dictated by the Ascended Masters, save for those which may come down through the Eastern tradition of the Himalayas, from Sanat Kumara or Gautama Buddha or Maitreya or the true adept and unascended Master. Beloved hearts, that which is in your decree books does become to you the access to the infinite Light. It is only by a conscious entering in to this worded mantra that you are a conscious creator with God and re-create yourself, not only in Matter as a human personality, but you are re-creating yourself fit to dwell in the octaves of Spirit, weaving that Deathless Solar Body.

"Therefore, in a time when so many come with their wares, offering you a means to attainment, mastery, success and money, personality and glory and friends, relationships and conquests in male and female activity, beloved ones, understand that you have been given and provided with all that you require to make your ascension and to do so swiftly at such time or in such an hour when you may be called, and that day no man may knoweth save the Father and the Son.

"Blessed hearts, realize, then, that those who sell their wares in the programming of consciousness do so with a tremendous momentum of knowledge of advertising, of their subliminal messages, their "subliminal seduction," as it has been called. This is not so with our Ascended Master activity. We lay before you a table in the wilderness, and on that table are the most magnificent fruits of paradise and all manner of meats and substances that are assimilated at all levels of being. These are offered to the wise and to those who know, to the disciples and the initiates who perceive that there must be a profound reason and purpose in all that we do and who do not miss the opportunity to enter in to that tremendous aura that does enshroud with light all those who enter in."

Omri Tas
January 1, 1988

"Now, beloved, seek to strengthen the masculine ray as you are in the masculine body of Alpha. Seek to strengthen the feminine ray as you are in the feminine body of Omega. Let the Divine Alpha, let the Divine Omega be balanced within you. And get rid of anything and everything that turns you into a wimp!—starting with sugar and all kinds of chemical substances that you take, knowing not that you are being drugged. You cannot allow yourself to be drugged when challenged by the fallen angels, beloved, for they will take advantage of you when you are weak."

March 26, 1997

El Morya

"Keepers of the Flame must never allow themselves to be hypnotized nor should they hypnotize others. For the hypnotist displaces the role of the Holy Christ Self and deposits his own untransmuted energy in the unprotected subconscious or unconscious.

"The bottom line is this: I will have nothing further to do with anyone who goes after the world of the psychic and its followers. If you pursue the psychic, you will have to clean up your world on your own. You will have to once again make your soul and your four lower bodies an acceptable chalice for your Holy Christ Self if you desire to be a part of this organization."

El Morya

John the Beloved

"Death and Hell stalks and some have succumbed to it entirely. Do not be moved when the demons of suicide howl in the night like coyotes. Apart from this suicide pact, there are those who eat themselves to the grave through the extremes of sugar, meat, alcohol or through the use of recreational drugs. People commit suicide in many ways.

"And when the suicide entity is on the march—whether it acts through a Dr. Jack Kevorkian in Michigan or a Marshall Applewhite in San Diego—it is time that you move with the fourth horseman and exorcise the planet of Death and Hell, including suicide. Thus, I warn you beloved, for suicide begets more suicide."

John the Beloved


“Kuthumi, my son, you have come from earth’s schoolroom where so many of my children whose hearts are filled with devotion to the one God know me not. Kuthumi, they have lost the thread of contact with me! I am their Mother. In their souls they long for me, yet in their minds they know not that their souls are longing for Home. The soul’s awareness of the loss of contact is felt below the threshold of everyday living and thinking and feeling, while on the surface of apparent quietude all is not well.

"All is not well, my son. Their discontent is diverted into a thousand channels of vainglorythe flattery of the ego, the pursuing of the paths that lead not to God the Father nor to God the Son, paths that are far from God the Holy Spirit, far from God the One. And yet they know not what they do.

“Their indulgences are endless. While some indulge the precious energies of Alpha in the meanderings of the mental body, others indulge the light of Omega in misplaced feelings. They seek the saturation of pleasure to drown the sorrows of separation from the Mother. They are intoxicated with death and dying in the titillation of the senses. They fill their lives
with noises and all manner of unholy things. They cling to these things like orphans with a broken toy, as if all these things could somehow allay the anxiety, the emptiness, of a life without Mother.

“They have dined on the desserts of the fallen ones. They are drugged by the hypnotic logic of the serpentine mind. They have sought answers to life’s most pressing problems and they have accepted the darkness of the deluded ones. In every area of life and of living, the premise and the conclusion is drawn from the laws of mortality. The goal is to appease the senses in the ego cult of self-preservation, in a life of sinful separation from God, in a life of diseased minds, disordered bodies, disheveled spirits, in a life whose justification is in the cult of death.

“Kuthumi, they have gotten off the track! They have fallen from the line of the Logos. By stubbornness and willfulness, they have departed from the royal robes of righteousness and from their role as priests and kings unto God. Now they wallow in ignorance, the karma of their ignoring of the law. They are blind because they would not see. They are deaf because they turned their ears from the voice of the Ancient of Days. They are crippled and maimed and halt because they have not glorified God in their bodies, in their souls, in their minds, and in their hearts.

“They have denied life; and life as God, as energy, which they have denied, returns to them to deny life where they are. The cosmos will not accept their denial. The cosmos rejects their transplanting of human blemish upon the virgin territory of hallowed space. Their errors are returned as arrows of their outrageous consciousness. The arrows return and make their mark again where the bow of the mental and emotional bodies released that arrow of thought and feeling. Mankind’s creations are returned to them. They are unacceptable to the Lords of Life and the Lords of Creation. The Lords of Mind and the Lords of Form have examined the creations of humanity and they have pronounced their judgment:

“’The children of earth have patterned their creations after the creations of the wicked. Their creations indicate impure motive in mind and heart. We return to earth the imperfect creation in order that while there is yet time and space, mankind by their own free will might re-create, might recast the mold of their creations after the matrix of the Mother. We return the unwanted goods.

“’O mankind, this day thy consciousness, thy creation, is found wanting! The law declares: Make right all that is wrong! Correct your incorrect uses of the sacred fire! Appeal to God the Creator, God the Preserver, and God the Destroyer, and make your appeal loud and long as you ask for forgiveness before the throne of grace. The Lords of Karma are not pleased with mankind’s silence concerning their misdeeds and their misdoings."


All-seeing Eye of God

Cyclopea spoke of food preparation and pointed out that “when love goes into the preparation of food, it actually is a tangible substance which is partaken of by all. It is an inner communion.” The Elohim warned us against eating food “poisoned by human thought and feelings.” When eating in restaurants, therefore, “call to me . . . and ask that I shall hold the immaculate concept of that food and shall blaze my ray of the all-seeing eye, immaculately conceiving the perfect thought about that food.” The Elohim gave this instruction “to show you that all of heaven is trying to assist you to your ascension.”

March 11, 1962

"We are interested in accelerating the education of children who come through the dispensation of this Church. We are concerned that they will have the wherewithal to bring back the culture of Atlantis and Lemuria from when the civilizations of these continents were at their height. The culture of music is especially important, for it is essential to the healing of their souls.

"Let the children rejoice in gymnastics, in physical development, in the healing and expanding of the mind that the mind might be the chalice of the Mind of God.

"Let children know at an early age that they can listen to the voice of the Inner Christ and commune with that Christ daily. The beauty of the Montessori method is that it encourages this communion. As you know, Maria Montessori recognized the inner Teacher, whom we call the Holy Christ Self. By constant daily communion, little children are approaching the day and the hour when their souls will be bonded to the Sacred Heart of their own Holy Christ Self . . .

" . . . Let your children become citadels for the Rock of Christ. Let them be pillars in the temple, embodying the pure perfection of Jesus. Teach them to be compassionate and caring and loving toward all life. Do not be harsh with them; for if you are, they will be harsh with others. And then harshness begets harshness down the centuries."

Lady Master Nada Rayborn


"A step backward from civilization is needed. I have pinpointed a universal problem among chelas of the sacred fire, which is the problem of sugar, refined and processed in any form, and of refined wheat and products that deprive the body of nutrients. These problems that result whether in hypoglycemia or diabetes are more prevalent among those of greater and greater Light because of the problem of the chemistry between these substances and the acceleration of the Light simultaneously in the cells.

"My statements to you, then, set forth what I consider to be an earnest and well-thought requirement for chelaship with myself and my beloved twin flame. Please know that when you make the call and give those inserts so named (which sheets must certainly be duplicated for each and every one of your decree books concerning all of the factors of the enemy of sugar, drugs, alcohol, and nicotine) and when you will daily work with them [these decree inserts] until you have conquered them [these conditions], you will find that you will be exorcising yourself, your loved ones, and your families of those conditions most causative of the ups and downs of moods that result in the failure of tests, as we have already discussed.

"Beloved, I am taking you up the mountain as swiftly as you choose to run. I am taking you to the place where you desire to be, where you have desired [to go] all of this life and at least all of your years of acquaintance with the Ascended Masters. Somehow you feel that you have not quite made it, that you have not quite become the master you desire to be. And when you look at those things that have not been conquered, I tell you, a high percentage are connected to the body chemistry and the interference in that chemistry by these entities so named.

" . . . Go forth in my name and slay the beast of socialism! Its stench covers the vast landed areas of the earth. Its pollution is everywhere. It threatens the very fiber of this nation. How is it aided? It is aided by the sugar entity that makes people helpless as vegetables. And the sugar entity says through them, 'Take care of me. Take care of us. We demand it.'

"O beloved, I tell you, the sickness and disease that mounts in America would be reduced 50 percent if processed sugar were withdrawn. I say only 50 percent because there are other karmic causes. But, beloved ones, with a 50-percent reduction and the fine-tuning and awareness of the people and their ability to grasp then, with minds full of light, the Path and the Teaching, the other 50 percent would go down by violet-flame transmutation and by planetary exorcisms such as you have engaged in this night.

" . . . Now see the great teams of conquerors. You have called to them. They are here! And if you see them not, watch how you will develop your spiritual senses by divorcing yourself from the world of drugs and sugar and marijuana and alcohol and nicotine."

January 1, 1986

" . . . Again, beloved, become accustomed to the quick call and the fiery thrust and the use of the sword. Daily clear your households with Archangel Michael's sword.

"You need it, beloved.

"For wherever you are in light, wherever you have an altar of God and give your decrees, the fallen ones will come to tear it down. Thus, go about the house with your frankincense and with your swords and make those fiats. And see that you have nothing in the house that does offend your Lord Morya El, who is offended when you use loud colors that attract the lower spirits, when it is totally unnecessary. I speak of the bright reds and red-oranges and the chartreuses and those colors that violate the seven rainbow rays of God and the five secret rays.

"This* is not something cute that the messenger Mark Prophet invented thirty years ago. This is the law of the Brotherhood. You will not find, in any etheric retreat where you go, such colors that allow in the forces that are beneath the earth in the depths of death and hell. No, you will not find them. Well, strive to make your homes as nearly close to the etheric retreats of the Brotherhood as you can make them, at least with the colors that you have and at least with
the abundance that you are able to put together to make this place a home for Jesus and his disciples.

"Follow the basic teachings, beloved. They will carry you and carry you in strength, and swiftly, to your goal each day . . . "

*I.e., the teaching on the misqualification of the pure colors of the seven rays and the five secret rays.

Oromasis and Diana
October 10, 1993

El Morya

"I wish to tell you that as long as you have these substances in you, starting first with alcohol, I cannot lock my Electronic Presence about you. It does not even matter if it is less than one percent or a fraction thereof. Even when the alcohol has been removed the mark of alcohol yet remains. And therefore when you partake for instance of beers and wines that contain within them a fraction of the amount or a shadow of the amount of the alcohol that was formerly in them because it has been removed you are yet in the vibration of that substance you are yet in the vibration of that alcohol and the state of mind and behavior that goes along with it . . .

"This is a serious matter beloved ones. Why I even recommend that when you take homeopathic remedies (or herbal tinctures) that are in a solution of alcohol you put the drops into an herb tea and steam off the alcohol (on a low flame) for four to five minutes. This is very important. And although the mark of the alcohol remains the medicinal benefits outweigh it.

"And in answer to the questions of some chemists on this staff I have stated that the pattern of the homeopathic remedy and of the very substance itself yet remains in that tea when the alcohol has been removed and therefore you do derive the benefit of the remedy without the harmfulness of small amounts of alcohol entering the system.

"Blessed ones come to an understanding then that I think far too much of you and I have far too much respect for you to withhold this information from you. I desire to tell you this and to ask you one and all to quit this substance to remove it from this Community in any form and to understand that it is in small things and big things that you win your victory.

"If you cannot understand the rhyme or reason that I bring to you then I ask that as a point of your love for me and my love for you and of your surrender to God's holy will you do this because I ask it . . . You must be 100 percent alcohol-free yourselves. I tell you, beloved ones, this is the key to coming up higher.

" . . . You must know that Lightbearers also fall prey to this condition in the womb. Fetal alcohol syndrome is only the beginning. [The reporters] are not speaking of fetal caffeine syndrome, fetal sugar syndrome, fetal nicotine syndrome and the syndromes of all manner of pleasure drugs and medical drugs that women take [when they are with child].

"Blessed ones, then there is fetal yin syndrome, wherein mothers simply take in the extremes of yin food, [even as they sometimes take in the extremes of yang food,] and they are not bringing forth children who have the strength, who have the will and the determination, who have the Mind of Christ or the capacity to carry that Mind in the brain that is formed.

"Blessed ones, I would tell you that beyond [what is addressed in] this report, fetal alcohol syndrome continues through life. It is debilitating [because alcohol] does wreck the organs. And so it is [also true] in the case of the processed sugars and even in the excessive partaking of those natural products [fruit sweeteners] that are derived from fruit itself. There is also the matter of fetal chocolate syndrome, chocolate itself being one of the deadliest poisons in the earth."

[Ed.Note: Many shampoos, "beauty creams," etc. contain alcohol—read the labels carefully. Some "tamari sauce" and other macrobiotic fermented products are also contaminated with alcohol—reading the label before purchase will help you avoid a costly mistake at the check-out counter.]

El Morya

El Morya

"Therefore the sacred fire is available, but it is not accessible to you when you are in a state of idolatry of any human person or any personality, including the personality of an Ascended Master. It is to the Light that you bow and to the Universal Light. Therefore speak not of the greatness of this one or that one, lest you find yourselves outside of this camp.

"This, then, is the inner walk with God. Be stripped, then, this night of your self-attachment, self-idolatry! Be stripped and know that the shield of the LORD is your exceeding great reward when you cleave unto the LORD and the LORD only. Know the effacement of self and then know the appearance of the God Self within you."

El Morya

Saint Germain

"The tendency on the part of humanity to mimic one another has lowered standards of conduct as the infection of sensual disorder and carelessness in dress reduces the hopes of men for heaven in this age. What need have they for heaven? Are they not in communion with the sensuality which they crave, which reeks of a depravity they know not of, but in which they are content as unperceived error? When it is too late they will glimpse it. But we are concerned for those who are able to see it and shun it today, who are reaching out and up for the energy
that can yet save the age—that can yet deliver the world."

Saint Germain

All-seeing Eye of God

" . . . the cycles of the soul and the soul’s rebirth must of necessity involve transition as the soul makes its way from one octave to the next, plane after plane of evolution and evolutionary spirals . . . In the mind of God, this transition is natural, is part of the flow and the freedom of the electrons that have served to maintain a body temple for the reality of the Holy Spirit in man.”

The Elohim made clear that the ritual of cremation whereby that which is no longer useful to the soul is returned to the flame “is a great protection.” For “if you allow the remains of your habitation to go into the earth unguarded, there to rot and decay,” Cyclopea explained, “forces of darkness that harbor near the mausoleums and the cemeteries of the world will be living off of the light which you garnered in this house during the period of contemplation, service, and dedication to the Most High God.”

“There is no death,” Cyclopea emphasized. “Why then preserve a record of death when these records must be undone, line upon line, each one till every jot and tittle of the law be fulfilled?” Cyclopea said that “the earth is pockmarked with records of death.” Therefore the Elohim sent his legions “to transmute death” by the action of the all-seeing eye.

“I send them forth anywhere and everywhere upon the face of the earth where in ignorance you have discarded the outworn shell in past lives, past incarnations, and there I send them by the authority of your Christ Self and by the authority of the Lords of Karma this day to transmute that energy and to give you a freedom from death which you have not known before,” Cyclopea said, speaking to all who were in attendance.

Cyclopea emphasized that “this is the key to God-mastery in the flame of Jesus the Christ. This is the resurrection.” The Elohim explained that “each such focus of the remains of sense consciousness is like a lead weight upon the soul,” the “density of cycles of imperfection long past.”

October 11, 1973

"If there is something in the world you truly desire to see happen, you can offer a percentage of your Causal Body, [this] to be approved by the Lords of Karma. You may offer that, beloved and when you do, it is as seed money, it is as a leaven. We may use it to accomplish that for which you have asked. And the good karma of that victory may return to you and multiply again that percentage you have given as an investment that you can invest again and again and increase on your investment and therefore have more and more to invest in many causes.

"Try it, beloved, for opportunity has never been so great. And those beings of the Central Sun who determine what light can be given again and again to earth must have some collateral, and that must be an approved percentage [of your Causal Body]. It is as though you should give a pint of blood to the needy or some portion of yourself for another.

"You can spare some of your Causal Body. What portion you can spare can be determined by your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self before the Lords of Karma. Please include this request in your letters to the Karmic Board at this season of the summer solstice."


Lady Portia

"I would like to tell you that the most strong message that I received from Lady Portia this morning was that people must be certain to use purified water for brushing their teeth. They may use it for drinking or fasting, but you go to the running water in the sink, you use your toothbrush and you are using water that you cannot guarantee the purity of.

"And so we're going to have to have individual systems of jars of water that we may use for brushing the teeth. If you know anything about taking in cell salts, or vitamins or things that the body requires, there is a tremendous ability of the gums to instantaneously absorb into the bloodstream whatever you place upon the gums.

". . . For some of these remedies it's recommended to hold them between the lip and the gum for that dissolving of the medication so that it does go right to the bloodstream. So obviously in brushing your teeth, one is dealing with a sensitive area that is designed to absorb what the body should be taking in for its nourishment and its health."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
September 21, 1980
Poisoning of America
audio K8037

Jesus Christ

"Beloved ones, many nefarious practices are being attempted against the children of God and many seeming manifestations that be harmless, even promising great good. I call to your attention, then, that drug which is now being experimented with and even pushed among Keepers of the Flame as a life-saving, life-prolonging drug—that GH3. We desire it not to contaminate the temple of our children, of our Keepers of the Flame.

"I say to you, go not when they declare the coming of everlasting life by chemistry. Beloved ones, the only guarantee of life within you is the life of the living God which you espouse. Beware, then, of instruments and objects and all of those fanciful concepts and those who then purvey and sell pyramids and tell you, 'If you will only have this pyramid or this instrument, it will guard you from all evil.' Beloved ones, it is the everlasting Presence of the Lord God, it is the I AM THAT I AM, it is the Saviour within you who is able and only able to give you life."

Jesus Christ

Nicholas Roerich

"I was once admonished by one who taught me, one who was an original guru, that there is always an hour in the day that you can give to your art, to your prayer, to your call, to your industry. 'Why not 4:00 a.m.? What are you doing at 4:00 a.m.?' Thus spake this one to a student. And so I, too, mustered myself and perfected my art in the wee hours of the morning when all is still . . .

"And you must understand the inner and the outer calling. The outer calling cannot be successful, my beloved, without the inner calling being perfected; for the outer calling is to demonstrate to the world the effects of what the inner Light complete can be.

"Choose your art well. Perfect it well. For it is a requirement of the ascension that you fulfill your mission. Thus, remove yourself from the doodads of the world, from an encumbrance of things. Know the beauty of space and of emptiness that you might fill it with the Master’s Light. It is so, beloved. It is so. . .

"It is your assignment from my heart (for it comes from the heart of God) to be overcomers in the way, to overcome everything that is sent to you. And though the bowling balls keep rolling down the alley toward you, each one is overcome.

"This is what life expects of you and what you must expect of yourself in life—to overcome all things coming your way from the 360 degrees of the circle of self. Then, you see, overcoming Darkness with Light, you shall rise to levels where all that can be sent to you is Light! Light! Light! And immediately you shall direct that Light out again for the piercing of Darkness around those who yet know not the way of the overcomers."

Nicholas Roerich

Keepers of the Flame fast weekly on Saturday with Lanello, using the violet flame, physical exercise and internal cleansing to give the physical body its Sabbath rest. Their 24-36 hour regimen varies from distilled water with lemon juice, to either vegetable or fruit juices, with or without vitamins and minerals.

Those under doctor’s orders not to fast may find an all fruit or all raw-vegetable day (including a variety of salads, seeds, nuts and sprouts with combination juice or protein drinks) to be a healthful adjunct to the rest and purification of the body. Fasting is a habit which the physical body and the body elemental take to easily and with delight. Herb teas made with distilled water provide a comforting spiritual fast for all one’s members.

Keepers of the Flame break their fasts Sunday morning with grated carrot and cabbage doused with lemon juice only. Three hours later they partake of fruit or a cooked leafy green vegetable with mineral broth. (The first full meal should be light and sensible. Avoid overeating and skip dessert. Do not partake of flesh foods until the following day; take yogurt and acidophilus to reestablish the friendly intestinal bacteria.)

The goal of this ritual of fasting is for spiritual purification—the self-emptying, that the Holy Spirit may enter in. Many have discovered healthful side benefits, such as weight normalization, detoxification, mental clarity, and physical inner peace.


Lord Shiva

"The presence of sugar, alcohol, nicotine, drugs of every description and kind within the temple are a weakening of the very fibers of the spiritual body whereby that body can contain light—all of this aggravated by the rhythm of that rock music and the acid rock that is projected upon the youth. And, beloved ones, the very serious consideration of the representatives of the Holy Spirit this day is whether or not this generation shall be lost because of the rebellion against love in the misuse of the rhythm in that perverted sound
which is invading almost every household where there are young people, and it occurs in youth because of the very energies of the sacred fire. These very energies, then, are those that are desired by the fallen ones.

"The invasion of the temple, the invasion of the holy of holies by these unclean spirits through the perversion of sound was the cause of the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis. I tell you truly, this rhythm is not to be trifled with. It is one thing for the perversion to be in the outer courts of mundane life. But when those who are Keepers of the Flameupon whose altars we depend for the cleansing of the planetallow the undisciplined energies of their children to be used in this misuse of the sacred fire, for their failure to control, by the Holy Spirit, their very own children, they therefore allow the desecration of the flame.

"I sound the warning, then, that unless some have the courage to be in the world of form that fullness of myself, you will find that for want of the discipline of love and of the sacred fire this civilization will complete the three that have been projected by the fallen ones. You have heard that accidents come in threes; this is because the fallen ones misuse the science of the Trinity. Lemuria, the first. Atlantis, the second. Will this continent, then, and this civilization be the third? Beloved ones, all is not secure until the majority of light is in the victory."

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

"Let the teaching, then, concerning the misuse of music be spread abroad. Let the appreciation of the great works of those classic composers who were sent by the Lords of Karma to manifest the inner pattern of the music of the inner spheres be taught to the children, be taught to the adults. Let them be saturated with the inner harmony of the soul and thereby have the discriminating faculty of the Christ mind.

"Beloved ones, the Lords of Karma anticipated the age when the fallen ones would emerge by the voodoo rhythm from the very pit of the astral plane. And therefore, centuries upon centuries before this hour of crisis upon Terra when mankind would be destined to meet the dweller on the threshold, the Lords of Karma have sent forth the great composers to show the people of light what is the proper mode and rhythm and expression of harmony.

"Beloved ones, in golden-age societies—in the etheric culturethose who give forth music are required to have a certain attainment on the path of self-mastery. They are required to be under a guru and to have balanced the energy of love. Those who give forth the music in these cultures and civilizations, which I tell you exist on many planets and systems of worlds, are honored for their level of attainment.

"And it is absolutely not permitted that those who engage in astral or psychic activities be allowed to put forth the sound, the energy of rhythm, or a voice on behalf of the people. Those who sing and those who play musical instruments become the harmony of an entire planetary body. Upon their chakras and within their temples, the cosmic chords of the Elohim vibrate. And it is understood that sound as a wavelength, as an energy, penetrates the sphere, the habitation, the planet, even if it is not heard by its inhabitants.

"And thus, beloved ones, it is unthinkable that the fallen ones should ever have the freedom to pollute the mainstream of consciousness as upon earth. The airways, the television, the radio, and the entire media of communication have been turned over to those rhythms which come forth from death, from the fallen ones, and from the archdeceivers."

Lord Shiva

Saint Germain

"I advise all to learn to seek in meditation those peaks of cosmic elevation that will enable them to understand and interpret the language of the angels. I advise all to take the time to learn what is real and to develop passions of genuine love toward humanity. But let not these passions take the form of mere devotion to communal efforts or to the raising of one segment of life into a more advanced state of economic development; rather let them take the form of raising men to new levels of spiritual appreciation of their own divine potential as sons of God."
Saint Germain

All-Seeing Eye of God

"Thus, the careful enticement of the Lightbearers of the world who embody the Spirit of America is that which has become and has ever been the strategy of these fallen ones. It is a part of the strategy of this International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy to wear down the people of East and West through drugs and rock music and abortion, debilitating their bodies and weakening them through all manner of toxic substances—and then the disinformation and then the programming and the deprogramming of them from a way of life that is free to the seeming carefreeness of a totalitarian rule."

Archangel Michael

"You can extend your consciousness by a mere thought! And if you find it difficult, keep a file of postcards and take them out once a week and refresh your memory of certain monuments in the capitals of the nations and areas of the world. Take your globe in your hand and, while you are giving decrees that you know, place your hands on it and let your mind study the positioning of the continents and the nations, and therefore have in your mind and in your heart an awareness through which we may direct, very specifically, light rays from the higher octaves.

"This is your planet. If you found yourself today the proud owner of a plantation or a palace, I think you would quickly look over it, walk through it, and learn what is there. Well, you are the owners of planet Earth. It belongs to you, as it belongs to your Lord Sanat Kumara. You ought to know it well and understand the conditions upon it . . .

"Thus, I tell you, the music of Beethoven itself, when played continuously from the first to the ninth symphony, has a rolling momentum. And if it can play in your homes and if you can remember to have it in your automobiles, you will understand how it does its work of transmutation in its own way and aids and secures your health and your life . . .

"I would also counsel you that in the protection of your four lower bodies it is important that
you have your own means of the purification of water in your own home or shared among community members so that you will always know that you are drinking purified water, which purification you may personally guarantee and not be dependent upon those companies that sell you bottled water, for there may come a time when they themselves would not know when that water is polluted or when that water has been sabotaged . . .

"As I was saying, it is most important in consideration of your personal line of defense, precious hearts, that you realize that the archangels, and the legions of my band in particular, inspired upon your own messenger a dedication to fasting. Therefore, Lanello instituted for his staff, one day a week, a twenty-four or thirty-six-hour fast and periodically three-day fasts and then longer . . .

"And therefore, a final word from my heart to you this evening was to remind you that there is no replacement for the weekly fast after the walk of Lanello and also to remind you that there is excess baggage in the form of toxins and chemicals that you absorb into the system which are cleansed and released even through a single day of drinking pure water, with some added chlorophyll if you wish."

Archangel Michael

of the Ruby Ray

"The calls that must be made for this victory require a momentum, and the gaining of this momentum in the power of the spoken Word, beloved, is what coming to the Inner Retreat is all about.

"To know the mysteries, to know the Path and the Teaching, to know the meaning of Absolute Darkness and Absolute Light, of Absolute Evil and Absolute Good, to know the meaning of the two-edged sword, of the All-Seeing Eye of God and the sacred fire raised up, [you must receive] the teachings [on these subjects] that I must impart [to you] one by one.

"Thus, beloved, cherish and value this opportunity, for it is an opportunity to balance much karma under the protection of the Ascended Masters. And the Ascended Masters receive dispensations and continue to receive them because of the work of the Messenger and the staff and the Keepers of the Flame and the chelas of the will of God and all who apply themselves to this path who may not even be affiliated with this organization."

Buddha of the Ruby Ray

"Conserve Your Life Force

"Take care that you do not squander your life force, whether in levity or in lust, for you need it to weave your deathless solar body. Remember the parable of the marriage feast and be certain you are wearing your wedding garment when you enter so that the lord of the feast will not ask you, 'Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment?'

"I do not think you want to hear that message spoken to you when you knock on the gates of heaven at the hour of your ascension. On the contrary, you want to guarantee that you will hear the word: 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.'

"Be the ruler over your own state of mind and your own household, beloved. And let your sacred fire pulsate from the base-of-the-spine chakra to the crown chakra and the third eye. This is what is meant by the raisig of the Kundalini. If you squander the sacred fire, you will not have the strength to fulfill your mission as you see the Messenger fulfilling hers."

Archangel Jophiel and Christine
March 7, 1996

Saint Germain

"Thus, the need for fasting is one which we have said from the beginning. For the resting of the seventh day is the resting of the physical body and the lower vehicles of consciousness by that fast which can easily be accomplished when you have a momentum on it. Even the taking of juices and other liquids that sustain you during work hours is better than eating solid food during that twenty-four-hour period when, therefore, the angels of light come with transmutation and the violet flame to flush out the cells of the mind.

"Beloved hearts, when you concentrate on the clearing of the brain and the brain cells and
the nervous system by the correct uses of fruits and vegetable juices and herbs, you will find that there can occur a greater oneness of the Higher Mental Body (Holy Christ Self) with the mental body and the physical counter­part.

"And remember, beloved hearts, that consciousness is throughout the body temple and not only in the central nervous system or in the brain. Realize that your consciousness is in the spinal altar and in the Kundalini fire and in every cell of your being and in your chakras. And that God consciousness is able to hold a fire, an all-consuming fire, for the cleaning up of the earth and also for the wisdom of the Buddha that tells you the way to go."

Saint Germain

Saint Germain

"Beloved ones, the story of these drugs—of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and all of the rest of the synthetic, fabricated drugs—is an ancient one. I pinpoint, therefore, the conspiracy of fallen angels known as the Nephilim gods and as the Watchers. I pinpoint their conspiracy to control the populations of the worlds, where they have spawned their experimental creation, their mechanization man. And therefore, in order to control their laboratory experiment, they have used all manner of devices.

"Now, therefore, other nefarious powers moving against the evolution of life everywhere have seen fit to use mechanization man, computerized man—plastic man, if you will—as trend-setters, jet-setters climbing after the gods and the fallen angels to tempt, to taunt, and to hypnotize the seed of Sanat Kumara, the seed of Christ in embodiment . . .

" . . . Blessed ones, I would tell you that the entire drug conspiracy is aided and abetted and embodied by the suicide entity. All who partake of these drugs commit the first in a series of steps of self-annihilation—the single step toward suicide. And they have calculated their thirteen steps of suicide as the antithesis of the path of the bodhisattva. The first indulgence, the first drink, the first entering in is the preliminary stage of the development of the addiction. And they also begin in the breaking down of the heart, that that heart might become the seat of darkness and death instead of light."

Saint Germain

Serapis Bey

"Beware, then, the media, the motion pictures, that which you watch on television. For that which you see you become, and you go to the place of its point of origin, sometimes descending many decades on the ladder of life, even entering the astral plane without realizing it. Thus, you must climb again the tree of life.

"You who have taken in the entertainment of the world, I remind you that life is short. The hours and the days are short. Come into a community of devotees—yes, devotees of the names of God. Come in, beloved, and join my seraphim; for they embody the names and they shall accompany your singing. It shall no longer be a dream of angels but the reality of angels. I ask you to be instruments for the rapprochement of God and man in the earth."

Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey

"Expand your inner vision! Follow a prudent path of fasting under my direction through the messenger and not apart, and therefore open your eyes that you might see beyond these planes and take with you the remembrance of the fasting and the mountaintop experience
that will see you through the issues of life and the confrontation with the dweller.

"It is important to clear the ethers that you might experience heaven here on earth. It is important to make preparation and set aside moments for Infinity. For these experiences are your strength when the astral storms descend to rock the ship of your soul's voyage. Write down your experiences. Keep them safely in your care. Reread them. Relive and reexperience with joy and gratitude these moments. Take them not for granted; they are gifts.

"You may think because you fast or decree or use this or that technique that you have had an insight or a contact. Not so. Only God can produce the contact. And by His will and by some representative of that God such as ourself, you may then be accorded the divine experience
never psychic but always bearing the fruit of Light, Joy, and Action that follows as a testimony of the source of the contact.

"Thus, beloved, as you strive to perfect your path, recognize that the gifts which come comeas reward, incentive, and confirmation not of right formulas but of a right heart. You see how many become locked into formulas of religion; and because they experience God in this or that church or through this or that doctrine, they say, 'Aha, this is the perfect religion! This is the consummate Truth.' Beloved ones, the devoted heart is always rewarded in spite of the formula and the forms, for it is the heart that is all."

Serapis Bey
October 28, 1984


"And diet is all-important, beloved, for much of what is wrong with people that puts them so far out 'in left field,' as you say, [apart] from their God-centeredness, is those chemicals and toxins they take in through the mouth through all manner of substances that they imbibe. This must be stopped, beloved. The mouth has become the opening for the very poisoning of the mind and the very putting askew of the soul herself.

"Thus, beloved, we speak, then, of drugs and alcohol and nicotine and all manner of harmful substances. [The partaking of] these things has caused souls to lose the threefold flame because [as a result] they get into a place of such extremes of the emotions and of words and of deeds [that they open themselves up to the dark forces].

"Violence, then, is the enemy of the soul on the Path; and yet violence comes through substances that enter the body one way or another, even through the environment, and distort the ability of the mind to function through the brain.

"This is the great tragedy that we see occurring [in the lives of] many children of the Light and souls of Light. This is the cause of Mother Mary’s lamentation, the cause of her sorrow and her tears, that those of Light who have been taken aside by false doctrine and dogma are now in those places where they have been overcome by rock music and by all manner of [chemical] manipulation."


Mighty Astrea

"Therefore, long ago I fashioned my circle and sword of blue flame, for no soul is free so long as unseen forces may attach themselves as barnacles to the aura, to the consciousness, to the organs of the body, draining light. This is no freedom, beloved! And because they are all invisible, you imagine that the pains and the conditions and the adversities that you deal with are some product of the malfunctioning of your bodies. Well, the malfunctioning of your bodies is due to unseen energies and forces and vibrations. That is where you must begin.

"Beloved hearts, I wield this ceremonial sword that you might understand that the teaching went forth long ago through Helena Blavatsky concerning the use of the physical sword to deal with malevolent spirits. This is what I desire to see you do, beloved.

"Understand that when you take steel and the sharpened blade of steel, you will cut through malevolent spirits on the astral plane. You can wield this sword, beloved ones, and you will notice how the dark ones flee, how they hide under the bed and in the corner and rush to the basement when they see you come!

"This sword, beloved, or a smaller one that is handy for travel, can be used by you when you enter public places, such as hotel rooms where you must rest. You first make your calls to Astrea to clear the records of that room. Beloved, you have no idea what takes place in hotel rooms and the records that are there."

Elohim Astrea


"But, beloved hearts, when ambition exceeds acceptable levels and you desire to build yet another level and another level of personal gain—each without solid foundation in the soul and in the Higher Self—you must cry halt to the human ego and assess the direction your life is taking. If the structure of life you are building contributes neither to the greater accomplishment of the individual nor to the greater blessing of the community, then you know that you have crossed the line. Beware then of human pride, intellectual pride and spiritual pride, where the work of your hands and your mind is done not to the glory of God but to the glory of your own self-esteem.

"At that point on the ladder of the pyramid of life you cease to accrue in your Causal Body practical and spiritual momentums, for that which you offer on the altar of God and humanity is no longer done to the glory of God or toward the goal of your soul’s union with God but only to increase the measure of the man, the measure of the woman or the measure of the child.

" . . . I speak, beloved, of your going over and over the motion pictures of the past that have played and played and played themselves out. Have you ever seen a Bodhisattva come out of a group of individuals who were movie buffs? I haven’t.

"The desire of the Lords of Karma is for you to see that which is quality. There is much that is quality that is transmitted by satellite on certain stations. You must set up a system whereby you can record and play these programs for your members and play them again. These more effectively convey the essence of culture.

"I come on the ray of Divine Love. You have children in your midst already who have supreme talent in the arts and in music, who have come from Venus, who are not receiving the training that they should have, but rather you are letting them engage their attention in those things that will only corrupt the great geometry of the All-Seeing Eye of God that is abuilding in them through the cooperation of their souls’ inner work with their Holy Christ Self.

"The time you waste in senseless endeavors, in activities that do not accrue to you one iota of the intelligence of the Mind of Godas opposed to the time you spend in the refinement of the intuitive faculties of the soul, adeptship in the control of the energies of the chakras, the practice of the spiritual arts of healing or anything else that is good, true and holy that you can namethis is what concerns the Lords of Karma. This wasting of time is part and parcel of your indulgence of your own dweller-on-the-threshold.

"Take care, then, beloved ones, for all things can be accomplished here. But when you let your mind stoop to the level of those motion pictures that have to do with human emotion, human sexuality, violence, ego-strutting and all kinds of distorted sounds, this, beloved, not only affects you and your chelaship on the Path but it compromises Maitreya’s Mystery

". . . Throw out that rubbish, beloved ones, and stop all diversions that take you downstream to the astral plane, that leave engrams in the mind and in the subconscious. And you would be surprised how long it takes you to remove the patterns of motion pictures and the amplification of modern so-called music. This is because the heavy emotions and the misqualified energy of the lower chakras projected through modern movies and music affect the emotional body and the soul with an intensity that is severe. And the younger your children are when you allow them to watch violence on TV and in the movies, the more damage that is donefor life."

Lady Master Nada

Serapis Bey

"So, beloved, the key to the path of the ascension is that one has given oneself two million times and more, for that is the key to right decision. [The “two million right decisions” that Saint Germain is famous for among his chelas are really his giving of himself two million times.]

"And in the giving, beloved, so much light has flowed through the body and the being that that light returning as positive karma has truly filled all of one’s house, all of one’s house. And the zeal of the house of your Mighty I AM Presence has eaten up the karmic self, the lesser self, and one is all Light, all Light, all Light, perpetually in the mode of filling, giving, infilling and self-emptying."

Serapis Bey


". . . let us meditate on the words of Confucius:

"The ancients who wanted to manifest enlightened virtue in their empire first healed and brought order to their states.

"Wanting to heal and bring order to their states, they first established equanimity in their families and made them whole.

"Wanting to establish equanimity in their families and make them whole, they first cultivated themselves. Wanting to cultivate themselves, they first got themselves in line and in tune with their hearts.

"Wanting to be in line and in tune with their hearts, they first became honest with themselves and purified their motives.

"Wanting to be honest with themselves and purify their motives, they first assimilated wisdom and put it into practice.

"They assimilated wisdom and put it into practice by investigating and reflecting upon all phenomena and culling out what was true."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

Maha Chohan

"Life does not need to be an emotional roller-coaster, especially when you carefully watch over your physical body and your selection of foods. When you are centered in the sacred fire, beloved, you seek foods that are also centering. You are not moved. For there is a greater love, there is the understanding of the Great Tao and a cosmic perception, a profound unity with life. And yet, truly you arrive at the awareness of God in you, God around you and all about you, God through you, God as the reality of selfhood. "

Maha Chohan

El Morya

"Some of you would be candidates for Morya’s school and for Morya’s service, and yet in this moment you must become qualified. Qualification requires your four lower bodies to be in a reasonable alignment with the cosmic cube.

"When the bodies have been separated by violent and aggressive means, such as those forces which are abroad in the land—the misuse of rhythm, the misuse of substance taken into the body as food, drug or stimulant, the misuse of the currents of mind and emotions, and so many conditions such as the splitting of the mind of children through the media, through the television—when this is present, we cannot lower the ray of the will of God into the crucible of self. For the four lower bodies then do not represent a satisfactory chalice to contain the energy idling, then, at the nexus of creation.

"Let the four sides of the pyramid be aligned. I command it! I demand it! I call forth your energies from out the Great Central Sun! I expel! those forces of the fallen ones. I bind! them in the name of the Christ, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM."

El Morya


"Karma yoga is the best yoga of all. There is something to be said of each of the yogas.
But you walk the path of Saint Germain and of his Lady Portia and of the Lords of Karma and therefore you know that the equation is so much karma in one hand, so much time left of this embodiment in the other. And thus your goal is to strive for the 51 percent mark, to hold the line of that mark and then to exceed that mark.

"When you have such a great calling and opportunity as you do to serve directly under the Ascended Masters, you can pass through light-years, as it were, of karmic circumstance. You who are serious in the probing of your psyches and the bringing to resolution of all situations within and without in karmic relationshipsyou who have the gift of the violet flame and Community and a sponsoring Guruhave such an opportunity as you would not have conceived possible in centuries past!"


Kuan Yin

"Only in the last two years, a new strain of virus has caused specific and exclusive death to homosexuals. This shows the individual action of the sword of the living Word upon the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit. Scientists have yet to discover why only homosexuals are prone to succumb to this virus which may be present in others. Blessed hearts, by the misuse of the sacred fire of the Mother, they have lost their immunity to all forms of disease and viruses which have plagued the earth from the laboratories of the Nephilim."

Kuan Yin

Sanat Kumara

"Ruby is not the color we bear or that we would have you wear, yet the stone of the ruby itself may be worn. Let your garments carry the delicate pink and the deepening rose of the Mother’s love to all her children, for this is the ruby ray and the level of tolerance of this ray
that can be worn without agitation to the nerve centers or the chakras.

"Therefore we have always counseled against wearing reds or colors near red or maroon, beloved hearts, for these shades are best ensconced in the stone itself and in the heart, as they represent the Blood of Christ. That energy of light, being most intense, evokes great Darkness by great Light and we would therefore avoid the day-to-day confrontation."

Sanat Kumara
October 7, 1979

"Therefore, in a time when so many come with their wares, offering you a means to attainment, mastery, success and money, personality and glory and friends, relationships and conquests in male and female activity, beloved ones, understand that you have been given and provided with all that you require to make your ascension and to do so swiftly at such time or in such an hour when you may be called, and that day no man may knoweth save the Father and the Son.

"Blessed hearts, realize, then, that those who sell their wares in the programming of consciousness do so with a tremendous momentum of knowledge of advertising, of their subliminal messages, their 'subliminal seduction,' as it has been called.

This is not so with our Ascended Master activity. We lay before you a table in the wilderness, and on that table are the most magnificent fruits of paradise and all manner of meats and substances that are assimilated at all levels of being. These are offered to the wise and
to those who know, to the disciples and the initiates who perceive that there must be a profound reason and purpose in all that we do and who do not miss the opportunity to enter in to that tremendous aura that does enshroud with light all those who enter in."


E. C. Prophet

Kundalini Yoga practice, which is a forced raising of fire, is not recommended for the Ascended Masters students.

Elizabeth C.Prophet
The Odyssey Course
SU summer 1997

"I pray that you know that I am a part of the Brotherhood and I teach also at Summit University.
Do I teach? I am also a student and I also strive for my own greater God-mastery. I am one of you and yet a little farther along for having gone the final initiations of facing alone, in a seeming wilderness, Absolute Evil accompanied by the absence of Absolute Good. As in a vacuum, you will one day come to pass those tests. I would prepare you as would other adepts of our bands.

"No one is more desirous of preparing you than the Ascended Master El Morya himself, the founder of this activity of the Great White Brotherhood. Each Master comes with his gift, his discipline, his training. Thus you may learn how to go to the retreats in the etheric octave and to retain what you have learned. This is a process of total transformation. It may include ietary correction that enables you to hold greater peace and strength in your cells and organs.

"We can give you an accelerated course but you must have the strength of an undivided attention and a will to pursue, to prepare so that you may face life as it really ought to be faced."

Phylos the Tibetan

5 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

1. Master your PC.

Using a modern PC with the latest software can double, triple, or even quadruple your output.

2. Do not be a perfectionist.

That does not mean you deliberately make errors or give less than your best. It means you stop polishing and fiddling with the job when it looks good to you. Create it, check it, then let it go.

3. Free yourself from the pressure to be an innovator.

Do not worry about whether what you are doing is different or better than what others have done before you. Just do the best you can. That will be enough.

4. Protect and value your time.

Productive people guard their time more heavily than the gold in Fort Knox. They do not waste time. They get right to the point. They choose who they spend time on and with. They make decisions. They say what needs to be said, do what needs to be doneand then move on.

5. Stay focused.

Successful people apply themselves to the task at hand. They work until the work gets done. They concentrate on one or two things at a time. They do not go in a hundred different directions.


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