Lanello on Chelaship

Beloved Lanello

We Expect

Hail, Keepers of the Flame! Once again I AM come. I AM come to greet you in the heart of love, in the love that we have shared here below, in the love that I have also consecrated from ascended octaves. I joy to be with you, and I have been with you throughout this conference, singing with you the songs that I love and communing with the hearts that I know.

You may see me here and there, for I have placed my Electronic Presence near to you so that you could converse with me as of old. And to the new Keepers of the Flame who have come since my ascension, I also extend my hand and my heart. And I am with you also that we might converse in the Law and establish that communion of hearts of which worlds are made—the community of hearts beating as one. This is the ineffable light, the indomitable will, the Presence of the Lord. This is the certain victory.

Take heart, precious ones, for the consolation of our flame is nigh, and the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton sends greetings and assurances that hierarchy is continuing to do all in its power to stay the darkness while the lightbearers come into the age of maturity. Take heart, dear ones, for when your soul is heavy and your heart is burdened by the things that seem to be coming upon mankind, know that the Great God, the Great Giver of all, does paint the drama of life in cycles. And therefore, remember the word, The darkest hour precedes the dawn of victory.

If There Is to Be a Dawn, You Must Be the Dawn

We must not rely on these cycles fulfilling themselves, for all cycles fulfill themselves because sons and daughters of God have consecrated to cosmic purpose that very heart of hearts and that life that is the supreme gift of the Creator. And therefore, do not rest in my words knowing that the dark precedes the dawn, but know that because the darkness is here the sun of light must rise—your own Mother flame and your Christ consciousness—and that this rising is the dawn. And unless there is this rising of yourself, there will be no dawn, neither within yourself nor in the world at large.

And therefore, you are the sun and the sun consciousness. And as Gabriel the archangel said, you must become worshipers of the sun <1>--the sun without, symbol of the sun within. You must know that if there is to be a dawn, you must be the dawn.

We expect, therefore, that Keepers of the Flame will retain from this conference a vision, a vision that will not be removed by any form of circumstance, by the pull and the allure of the world, of little projects here and little projects there. We expect—and we have no other consciousness, no other awareness, for there is no other alternative—we expect that every Keeper of the Flame will become totally consecrated to the cause of freedom. We expect that all of the energy that Saint Germain and other masters have placed into dictations and warnings and pleadings will now be fulfilled in the life of each chela who becomes God.

We Expect No Further Compromise

We expect no further compromise with human error, adversities, families that have become tyrants and dictators who have told you, you cannot do this and you cannot do that. We expect that this Fourth of July will be the individual soul’s declaration of independence from all encumbrances that prevent the fulfillment of your life on the Path. And we expect that you will keep vigilant in defending that declaration, in refusing to allow any inroads into your world of any force or forcefield, person or impersonal personality coming across your path to take from you your dedication.

Now, you may be called, as a result of this, fanatics or zealots or crazy or queer or peculiar. We do not care. We do not care, and we will not tell you this day how the ascended masters refer to those among mankind who do not come into the Law. I will tell you this: if we were to call them idiots, it would be a mild declaration of the facts of reality.

You ought not to be concerned what the world thinks of you. You ought not to be concerned with your life or the satisfaction of pleasure in this life, for it will all come to naught. And those who have pointed the finger at you, the same who pointed the finger at me and at Saint Germain and Morya —the very same ones will be pointing their fingers a thousand years hence. We trust that as they point their fingers, their feet will have a platform on which to stand.

Archimedes’ Lever Is Yours to Use Spiritually

Precious ones, this is the springboard of victory. This is the fulcrum. This is the keystone in the arch. This is the point where the gentle pressure brought to bear by Keepers of the Flame at the right point on the lever will raise the entire earth. Keepers of the Flame, apply the laws of physics! Archimedes’ lever <2> is yours to use spiritually. You must understand what concentrated power can do. And as in the use of the pulley, the winding of the cords of light around each soul, connecting each and every one of you, makes this entire movement a giant pulley that can raise millions of souls.

Energy is God. You are God. You are energy. You are abundant resources. You have all that is necessary to change Terra. You have been told this before, but I must say it again because until you do it you do not know, truly know, that teaching which is given. We give it again, then, that you might hear the Word of the Lord and know that as you become one giant pulley for the elevation of earth, so the ascended masters apply the same laws.

Be clever, study, use the principles of science. Apply them to a spiritual physics; apply them to an engineering—an engineering of the design of God for the focus of light that we seek to establish. If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again. Know that all roads lead to Rome, all roads lead to Los Angeles. If you try one way and it doesn’t work, then try the next and try the next, and in the course of trying you will become masters in the way of initiation. You will learn the ways of focusing energy in this plane.

If You Make a Mistake, Pick Yourself Up and Try Again

We are not concerned that you make mistakes; we have all made mistakes on the Path. But we are very concerned when you do not pick yourselves up and try again. The crux of the matter is this: that you must keep on trying, keep on moving toward perfection, and do not listen to those who condemn you for your efforts, for your trying, for your faith and hope.

You may do the best and even better than the most intelligent and astute businessmen of the world, but you may find that your plans do not work out because you have an extraordinary opposition of Antichrist that comes forth to thwart what seems to be an airtight plan. Let them point the finger, those who are able to be so clever in business. Were they to try to do the same things on the path of initiation that they do [in business], they would fall flat, flat on their noses, and you would wonder what dolts they were on this path of initiation. For you see, when you are dealing with cosmic energy, all things change.

And therefore, mastery in the world is no guarantee of mastery on the Path. And yet, if it is truly mastery in the world, it is an excellent foundation, for the same laws that you use in any field of endeavor can be translated to the field of the Lord. Which brings me to the subject of the harvest, the harvest of souls where the laborers are few. <3>

Each Morning Establish the Focal Point of the Harvest Sun

Your harvest must be by the action of the harvest sun. What is the harvest sun but the exact frequency of the light, the very light of Virgo becoming the light of Libra. Where the earth merges with the air, there is the appearance of the harvest sun. Let it be in your heart as a gathering sun. We expect, then, that you shall establish each morning with the dawn the focal point of the harvest sun, rich and golden and roseate--a sun that is warm and mellow, a sun center that is the most powerful magnet ever known for the souls of light to come Home.

We expect that you shall rise early in the morning, especially when you are wakened and nudged by your guardian angels, your Christ Self and perhaps a retinue of ascended masters. We expect that you will hear the call, the morning call to keep the flame, and not turn over and put that pillow over your head and draw up the covers and say, “I will rest some more.”

We do not desire to see you deprived of your rest; <4> we desire that you shall catch the flow of the tide of light in the morning. Better for you to nap in the afternoon or to retire early than to sleep through those moments in the hours between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m.—when the sun is dawning, when the light is oncoming, when the angels of the dawn circle the planet bringing with them tides of momentum of cosmic energy that can be anchored through your morning rosary, your invocations and your decrees—so that by seven in the morning you have had one or two hours of meditation that has flooded the earth and anchored in every city and nation the momentum of your decrees.

Early Prayer and Early Meditation Combined with the Great Dynamic Power of Decrees

I tell you that early prayer and early meditation combined with the great dynamic power of decrees does more than decreeing in all the hours of the twenty-four because it is catching the tide of the morning light that comes forth from the Great Central Sun. See, then, how if you wait till ten or eleven to decree, you are bumping into the effluvia of the day, the pollution of the air [from] the automobiles of all of those who have been traveling since early morning. You find that the increment of karma that descends upon individuals with the dawn is now heavily upon them and entrenched in their four lower bodies.

Moreover, you find that the farther west you live, the greater advancement the day has had in the East. And therefore your decrees given later do not have the manifestation that they have when they are given earlier and you are counteracting these energies in the East, in Europe and in those countries which see the dawn before you do.

Understand, then, that if you wait, you will have to carve through a great momentum of the astral plane that is not to the fore in the early hours. This is why devotees and mystics and true followers of God in East and West have always risen early, some rising at four, some at three-thirty already ringing the temple bells, already coming to give their mantras. This is for the blessing of earth. This is for the consuming of karma on a world scale and an individual scale.

We desire to see mothers and fathers who have invoked the protection for their children before the day begins, before the little ones arise, so that they, too, may have the opportunity to get up and to give their decrees and to be prepared to face a world, a world of unknowns.

How to Prepare for the Maximum Use of Each Day

Is it not true that when you rise in the morning you have no idea what is going to take place on that day? You may have your plans, your job, your assignments; you may know what you would like to have happen. But life and death and birth and the comings and goings of karmic patterns producing mishaps, accidents and all manner of interruptions--these are all waiting. And they come upon the screen of life quite suddenly—suddenly to your eye but not suddenly to your Christ Self or to the Lords of Karma.

How, then, to prepare for the maximum use of each day is an aspect of the Law that you ought to consider. For if we are expecting you to serve to the maximum potential, then you must know how to get the maximum out of each day.

I suggest that before retiring you give your calls of protection to Archangel Michael. <5> Forty calls to this beloved archangel from your heart enables you to have the knowledge, the certain knowledge that through the night Archangel Michael will be pursuing the protection of the light, of the children of light, of the teachings and of many, many lifestreams who otherwise would be deprived of the blessings of life itself on the morrow. It is the protection of those who must also fight the demons of the astral plane at night, those who are involved in momentums of drugs, of alcohol, of suicide, of death, of all forms of selfishness and sensuality.

The protection in the eleventh hour of victory between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. fortifies the children of light and the Keepers of the Flame throughout the planetary body against the tail of the dragon--the resentment, the revenge, the retaliation that comes against the victory. And therefore, with the striking of the hour eleven, your calls to Archangel Michael ought to be completed so that he may be standing there to defend you against the dragon of your own human creation and the dragon that is the dweller-on-the-threshold of the planet earth itself. <6>

Take a White Sheet of Paper, Unlined, and Note What You Would Like to Accomplish on the Morrow

I suggest, then, that having concluded these decrees, you take a white sheet of paper, unlined. The white paper symbolizes the soul, the soul that gives itself to God that God might write his word and his will on that paper. Take that sheet of paper, then, and begin to note what you would like to accomplish on the morrow, how you will organize your day, including the time you will arise, when you will give your decrees, when you will eat your breakfast, when you will be at work, when you will be at your desk, when you will be in service, when you will reserve those hours to be not interrupted because you are doing the Lord’s work, when you will schedule time for interviews, for seeing people, for discussing the Law, and when you will reserve the time for your family.

If you can set the ritual of your day and have a pattern that is a formula that is used on regular days, then each night you can fill in this pattern. Then there are exceptional days which do not follow the routine, such as your weekend. And we desire and we expect that you shall have no more any lost weekends, but that these weekends shall be put to the maximum use for Saint Germain. Therefore the pattern for these days should also be set.

Consecrate Your Day to God

After you have written this at night, put it next to you, go to sleep, consecrate your day to God and ask to be taken to the temples where he desires to have you study. Come back to your body in the morning refreshed, and review your day. See what impressions you immediately have from the masters and from their communication in the retreats. Look at your paper and see if there should be alterations made based on an inspiration, based on an inner direction or an inner key that you have been given.

If it is necessary to throw out the entire plan of the day because God has called you to something different, then do so. Be flexible, be mobile, be pliable--not rigid, but be prepared to be the Lord’s instrument. By the same token, do not be movable by the fallen ones and the forces who will come to take from you your requirements, your duties of the hour.

Now see what resistance there is in yourself to completing this divine plan. Is there stubbornness? Is there sloth? Is there lack of organization? Is there lack of the real desire to do the will of God? Is the task so big that you cannot tackle it, and therefore you postpone it for days and weeks and months?

Look at yourself and say, Why am I not fulfilling the maximum for God today? Why am I not doing those things that I know I ought to be doing? And if you see in yourself that which prevents the manifestation, then call to Astrea to encircle it. <7> Call to me and I will run to your side to seize it from you, for I am only too happy to take from you that which hinders your service and to put it into the one flame of life. <8> And if you cannot see that which hinders you, then I say, call to Cyclopea, <9> and call and call and call until every last erg of your own selfishness is exposed.

How necessary this is! It is like polishing windows. Why don’t you polish your windows? Why don’t you get the proper tools and go and have a day of cleaning windows and feel the action physically of going through your house and making those windows sparkling clean?

And then let that ritual be transferred to the Within, and let your chakras be cleansed and your soul be cleansed and see how you will not be tolerant of the least little smudge or the least little speck of dirt on your soul because you have the momentum now of having accomplished this in the physical plane. It is fun to clean and to make ready and to prepare the house and to have things beautiful in Matter and then to transfer that mastery into the path of initiation.


And so, have fun on the Path! Have fun in every day. Make every day a joyous one, and do not be downcast or downtrodden when you meet the heavy energies, the heavy gears of machinery that seem to grind and grind before you until they would grind you to a halt.

Remember that you are here to prove light, light, light, light, light, light! Remember, you have the mastery of the hierarchies of the sun and the beings of the four elements who come at your behest, <10> who come at your call and who are so very happy to balance with you the four planes of Matter and to enlist millions of elementals to help you in your service.

Some of you neglect to call to the elementals. You forget that they are your servants, yet you have been taught this. All kinds of little gnomes and fairies and undines and salamanders would be with you all the day, making your tasks light and merry and clearing the way for initiation. And they are very, very helpful, these little ones—mighty helpful, I say. They come and they will do almost anything.

If you need something, they will run out to the market to contact someone, to contact a friend. They will tap someone on the shoulder, they will pull the garment until they convince that individual to do the very thing that you need. And then someone comes to the door and says to you, “Oh, I just happened to have this extra book and I thought you might like to read it.” And you say, “Why, that’s the very book that I wanted to have this day! Isn’t that interesting?” And these precious little elementals, perhaps fifty of them, have worked and worked and toiled to make this happen for you, and you do not realize this. Perhaps you take credit, perhaps you give the glory to God, or perhaps you are in that vein of thinking where it is just coincidence.

Elementals Will Mobilize When You Call to Them

Now, if the elementals do all of these things for you without your asking, think how they will mobilize when you call to them. Think how they will mobilize and enter the cities and clean up the pollution and balance the ecology, and think how they will help you to draw the children of God into the light and into the movement.

You see, they are the Mother’s helpers in the planes of Matter, whereas the angelic hosts are the Mother’s helpers in the planes of Spirit. And so elemental life is often much closer to those individuals who are communing in nature, who are in the flame of the Holy Spirit and who just need to be plucked from where they are and brought to where you are.

And who do you think will do this? The sylphs of the air, the mighty undines; even the fiery salamanders have been known to make things so hot where these individuals are that they leave--they leave because they become so warm they want to change their place. And then the winds blow and perhaps they are caught up in an airplane and they find themselves somewhere on a street corner and there you are, handing out a poster.

The elementals have asked me to be their emissary at this conference and to tell you that they are simply begging and pleading with you to call to them to help in this mighty undertaking, that they are with you 100 percent of the way, and that they know that the four lower bodies of earth will not continue in balance unless people will stop and listen and accept what you have to tell them concerning the Law.

Now, the little elementals are really quite expert at whispering in the ear of individuals. And they do their work so very well and they make people think that their thoughts are their own ideas. Of course we, the ascended masters, are not free of [doing] this either.

But then there are the fallen ones who have come along to imprison elemental life, and they have put them under hexes and in modes of bondage. And then they send forth the little gnomes who no longer can be the instruments of the Mother but they become the instruments of the Great Whore and of Antichrist. <11> And therefore, there are elementals who need to be set free who are also wrongly influencing mankind and following the false teachers. I ask you this: if mankind do not know who they [themselves] are, can you expect that all elemental life know who they [the elementals] are? I tell you, they do not; and these elementals therefore need to be taught.

Elementals Attend Your Lectures and They Love to Decree

And wherever you are teaching, wherever you are lecturing, wherever we have a conference, there are far more elementals in attendance than there are people. And these elementals come and they perch here and there and they have their notebooks and their pencils and they sit with their little hats and they place their chins in their hands and they lean and they watch and they are transfixed. And they love the Mother and they love the slides and they love your singing and they are the sweetest little children.

But they are not all so little, for some of the mighty sylphs are fifty to a hundred to a thousand feet tall, and some of the salamanders manifest twelve feet tall; but they have the ability to expand and contract their consciousness for various needs, and therefore they can also be comfortable attending our conferences. Many times they form a funnel of light or of air or of fire over the place where the Mother is speaking, and so they listen outside under the stars above the places where you are decreeing.

And how they love to decree! And you know, they are imitators; and therefore, sometimes when you are decreeing, they decree after you like little echoes. And so you hear yourself saying, “I AM a being of violet fire!” and then they say, “I AM a being of violet fire!” and pretty soon it sounds like a round, and you find that they are all in different times so that it becomes a cosmic round and every decibel [i.e., degree] of the clock is covered by the repetition of that mantra in increments by these elementals.

Then, of course, there are the fairies, the sprites of nature who work among the flowers; and the devas, the angel devas who teach them to work with the flowers. Well, all of these creatures are simply very, very happy to be in the nation’s capital for the celebration of freedom, for they are hoping, hoping so very much that Saint Germain will come and speak to them. And they are hoping that this flame of freedom which you are also calling forth will be like the flame of the resurrection from the heart of Jesus which gave them so much liberation when that decree was sent forth from the heart of the Christ. <12>

Elementals Have Hope in Saint Germain

And their hope in Saint Germain is their hope in freedom from all of these forms—types of animal forms, types of hexes and forcefields—freedom from the drudgery and the burden of the cross of mankind’s consciousness. They are not impatient but very much tolerant and accepting of their role. Yet they, too, have a right to the flame of hope, and they look forward with hope to the day when they shall be free to also have the opportunity for immortality.

At this present moment, this opportunity is not given to elemental life. Each little elemental serves his time in space, and when that cycle is concluded, that little elemental as an identity will exist no more but the energy returns to the Great Central Sun. When mankind shall have balanced at least 51 percent of the planetary karma, then and only then will elemental life be given the opportunity to have the threefold flame and the resurrection flame. <13>

Consecrate All of Life and Living unto God

And so you see, if you ever have a moment’s hesitation on the Path or in the consecration of your day to light, you may well think of the plight of the elementals: that millions and millions and millions of elemental beings who serve you daily may not know the gift of the ascension until you yourself have earned that gift and have transferred it to others among mankind, raising the entire portion of the planetary home.

We expect, therefore, that every Keeper of the Flame shall consecrate all of life and living unto God. Any other expectation would be unthinkable: the odds are too great, precious ones, the odds are too great. I pray, then, that you will read your newspapers and tune into the media so that you can know, at least on the surface, what is happening, so that you can have co-measurement with Morya in the understanding of where you are and where the planet is going.

I Drop a Flawless Diamond into Your Heart

I pledge to you my love. I pledge to you my witness. I pledge to you my mantle. I will give you my love, and I will give it to every chela whom you draw into the flame. And now I take a little diamond, but a flawless diamond, and I drop it into your heart. Let it be a treasure there, a point of my attainment. Let it be my smile in your heart. Let it be there as a souvenir of Washington, as a souvenir of the mastery of the throat chakra which God gave to me in the power of the spoken Word. Let it be a souvenir of the moment when we were one in the nation’s capital. Let it be a smile and a promise of another oneness—a oneness every day, if you like, a oneness at each conference, a oneness at our retreat in the etheric plane over the Rhine. And “I think of the Bishop of Bingen in his Mouse-Tower on the Rhine.” <14>

Children of my heart, I am your father. I will not leave you alone; I will comfort you. But in order to be our true father, it was necessary that I take my leave of this octave to be that focal point in Spirit, that fulcrum in Spirit of which you are the counterpart in Matter, to draw you Home and to draw the earth into the heart of Mother.

I AM in the flame. I AM in your heart forever, Lanello.




This dictation by Lanello was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, July 3, 1976, at the freedom class Higher Consciousness, held in Washington, D.C.

1. “Become worshipers of the sun.” In his October 12, 1975 Pearl of Wisdom (PoW), Archangel Gabriel said: “Children of the sun, I would that you would become worshipers of the dawn and of the sun. For in your meditation upon the rising orb of Helios and Vesta, you face the East and behold the rising Christ and the consciousness thereof illumining a darkened world. And you see in the fire that pierces the night with the morning light the image of your own I AM Presence. You glimpse the brilliance in physical, tangible manifestation of the I AM THAT I AM.” See “The Judgment of the Sun,” ch. 7 in Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Vials of the Seven Last Plagues (Corwin Springs, Mont.: Summit University Press, 1980), p. 44.

2. “Archimedes’ lever.” The ancient Greek scientist, mathematician and inventor Archimedes (287-212 b.c.) formulated the principle of the lever. He is credited with the saying, “Give me the place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the earth!” (E. D. Hirsch, Jr., et al., The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy [Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1988], s.v. “Archimedes.”)

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8. Elizabeth Clare Prophet has explained that “Lanello has a very special personal work to do for chelas who give their Astreas. When you give your Astreas, Lanello can enter in at that moment, hour and day and work with you very personally on all of the things that you are working on and things you know not of whereby he can bless you.” She has said that if we can spare the time to sing a song to Lanello before or after giving Astreas, we might even see him literally walking into the court—or wherever we are—in his white suit. Song 514, “To Our Beloved Lanello,” decree 10.14, “Decree to Beloved Mighty Astrea,” and song 516, “Hail to Thee, Lanello!” are recorded on the 90-minute audiocassette El Morya, Lord of the First Ray 2, intermediate pace, B88126.

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13. Since Lanello’s dictation, additional dispensations have come forth from hierarchy on behalf of elemental life. In a dictation on June 30, 1988, the Elohim Heros and Amora promised the elementals that they could earn a threefold flame by assisting the sons and daughters of God. Addressing the elementals, Heros and Amora said: “Those whom you . . . serve who do attain the ascension . . . shall in turn endow you with a threefold flame . . . The hour draws nigh when those to whom you have given so much may turn and give to you what they have long desired to give.” (See 1988 PoW, Book II, pp. 469-70.) In their April 11, 1998 dictation, Virgo and Pelleur said: “Elementals will not have a threefold flame, the gift of immortal life, unless they are endowed with that flame by service to life and by a tremendous effort on their part. It is Jesus who does sponsor elemental life. And now we ask you to take substance of your own Christ consciousness from your heart and transmit it to elemental life. In so doing, . . . you will begin the spiral wherein these elementals may one by one enter into immortal life. This is something that Jesus has spoken of, but today is the day and the hour when the opportunity begins and the clock does strike.” (See 1998 PoW, p. 86.)

14. “I think of the Bishop of Bingen / In his Mouse-Tower on the Rhine.” See Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “The Children’s Hour,” stanza 7. Lanello was embodied as Longfellow (1807-1882).


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