Assassination Attempt
on Pope John Paul II

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
during the Harvest Lecture

"We have seen key assassinations or attempted assassinations since 1980. It is the sign of the initiation of the ruby ray. The very ruby ray itself, as we know, is the power of the blood of Christ, and the fallen ones understand this and they seek to gain power by the shedding of blood.

Death is their way of life.

1. John Lennon was assassinated December 8, 1980 by Mark Chapman;

2. President Raegan, attempted assassination by John Hinkley, March 31, 1981;

3. Pope John Paul II, attempted by Mehmet Ali Agca on May 13, 1981;

4. President Sadat, October 6, by funadamentalist Islamic-Egyptian soldiers.

Four Quadrants
of the Cosmic Clock

"These four events can be placed on our cosmic clock, if we would like to consider how there is the outplaying of the four horsemen in our society. As I see it, Lennon represents the deep psychological and subconscious levels of our society and of the fallen onesthe sub-basement of the planet and the sub-levels of the etheric body with its roots all the way into the bottomless pit, the roots into the rhythm of the pit that came through the rock music. He and the other three Beatles appear as an etheric pattern of an orifice that opens the very depth of the astral plane.

"President Reagen represents the people of the world at the mental level. He should be seated at the point of the Mind of Christ. Mentally, people perceive him. They are either for or againt him, but at the mental level.

"The pope represents the desires and the aspirations of the people in the emotional body, the desire body.

"And Sadat represents the concrete physical solution to that very physical chakra, the base-of-the-
spine chakra of the Mother. The planetary base-of-the-spine chakra is located in the Middle East, presided over by Serapis Bey, the Ascension Temple at Luxor. So the Middle East is the Mother Flame of the planetary body, and that is why Jesus Christ went to Jerusalem. 'For judgment I AM come,' judgment of the misuse of the light of the Mother.

"So the Arab-Jewish question is the confrontation of laggard evolutions and ultimately is really very symbolic of what we are dealing with in terms of the Nephilim, because of the races of the Middle East being largely extra-terrestrial.

"The Middle East, as you know from Sitchin's two books that I have recommended to you for a number of conferences, was a landing platform of the Nephilim spaceships a half a million years ago. And so ever since then, it has been the mixing ground of all sorts of odd lifewaves that come in their ancient rivalries and wars that they actually conducted on other planets and systems.

"Taking this a little further, we know that John Lennon was the false prophet of the 60sa direct impostor of Mark Prophet, the true prophet of the 60s, whose voice cried in the wilderness and was scarcely heard. Each, incidentally, has a son named Sean.

"Lennon was assassinated by a tool of the astral terror he helped to create through the opening of the pit by the lever of the rock beat.

"Morya quipped to me today, 'Rock music is the inversion of the rhythm of the Rock of Christ.'

"I believe the attempted assassination of the pope was the initiation of the crucifixion on his lifestream personally. But for the Church, I believe it was the judgment because the Church itself, as a hierarchical scheme, has not brought to people the true enlightenment of the path of individual Christhood.

"The pope is a victim of the ongoing rolling momentum which has been typified by the somnambulance of the popes for centuries, until finally there is scarcely a light in the Church
except the prayer of the saints and the hearts of the humble.

"I have a great personal love for the pope, and I certainly feel very close to him as he is a devotee of beloved Mother Mary and I am also.

"The jury that convicted Mehmet Ali Agca, the pope's assailant, concluded that the Turkish terrorist was a part of a conspiracy, yet could not determine who was involved or motivated it.

"A report from Hilaire du Berrier, who writes what is called the H. du B. Reports, provides some background into the conspiracy. According to European intelligence services, there was a secret meeting of the Warsaw Pact nations, with the exception of Poland, in Bucharest in November 1980. Alarmed over the Polish crisis, they determined to nip it in the bud before it could spread. The Russian Defence Minister Dimitri Ustinow asked if they should attempt to put the pope out of action until the troubles in Poland subsided.

"Had they already put the previous pope out of action?

"The East Germans favored a course of drastic action. The Romanian and Bulgarian delegations were reticent. Ustinow placated them by saying it was not a question of killing the pope, but dissuading him. After the discussion, Ustinow gave the order to hold Mehmet Ali Agca in readiness for a mission.

"Agca had been imprisoned for the assassination of the editor of Milliyet, a Turkish daily. He escaped in November 1979 and moved throughout Europe and Iran, from where he entered Russia.

"In Russia he was escorted to Simferopolis, a school for terrorists, At Simferopolis he spent hours shooting at a moving silhouette of the pope, firing quickly in the midst of a jostling mob.

"Agca then traveled to Rome, studied Saint Peter's Square, bought a gun with identification numbers and proper papers so that it could be traced to him and his network, and on May 13, 1981, shot the pope. He is now sitting in an Italian prison serving a life sentence. Hilaire du Berrier suggests that he may have an escape plan and break out as he did in Turkey.

"Now these facts come from European intelligence sources by H. du B. I am reporting what I have read and he has proven to be very reliable, but I personally as a messenger cannot vouch for these facts.

"As for Sadat, I think his assassination has to do with the international Nephilim conspiracy. Sadat did not play their game and yet he is sitting in the middle of their heap.

"And that heap is the Middle East, and it is heap of big trouble."

Excerpt from 'The Harvest,'
lecture by Elizabeth C. Prophet
October 12, 1981
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John Paul II
"The Power and the Glory Inside the Dark Heart
of John Paul II's Vatican"

The Roman Catholic Church
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