The Law of Forgiveness

"And therefore look to the flame. Look to keeping a chalice, preferably of amethyst
or amethyst color, wherever you have your altar or wherever you work,
on or near your desk, and consecrate that chalice to the violet flame.
Call forth the violet flame and make use of these reinforcements
of the hosts of the Seventh Ray now!"—Saint Germain

"I AM alert, awake, awake. I AM alert, awake, awake. I AM alert, awake, awake.
Come right now and shake, shake my mental body's grids,
remove the ash, transmute it all, give me Christ mind for which I call.
Violet fire blazing! Violet fire blazing! Violet fire blazing!
God's own light is raising, raising, raising
all my thoughts, consciousness too
to the plane of my Presence
who in God's name releasing all
wisdom and balance for which I call." (3x)
—released by Mark L. Prophet

"Be filled with forgiveness! Forgive yourself and forgive others. I warn you, all who are present, this dispensation of forgiveness is so great that should you go forth from the hearing and the partaking of our Light this day and continue to hold resentment and hardness [of heart] toward anyone, whether you think they deserve it or not, the LORD will not hold you guiltless and will ascribe to you the full [karmic] penalty for withholding forgiveness to all life.

"May it be so in the depth of your consciousness. May there no longer linger any rancor for
[the] experiences of past decades. Forgive the Messenger if you think she has wronged you.
It is those who have not forgiven her for the sins which are their own who have left off from her company.

"Beloved hearts, I contact all upon earth who have ever had contact with the Ascended Masters in all ages. And this day angels of mercy go, offering the cup of [absolution]absolute resolution, [the] absolute putting into the flame of anything that has transpired. This cup offered at inner levels will be responded to by their souls.

"Will they drink of the elixir of the wine of forgiveness or will they reject it? It is a matter for the record-keeping of the Keeper of the Scrolls, who will write [down] their decision. For once again in this propitious moment of Aquarius the LORD God desires to draw to himself every angel that has ever gone forth, every soul that has ever manifested that rebellion against his Word in whatever form it has ever appeared in all ages.

"Forgiveness is the key to the golden age. None will enter there if they withhold it; for forgiveness is the alchemy of salvation, transmutation, freedom, deliverance. As you mete, so it shall be meted unto you. As you forgive others, so you shall be forgiven. And above all, there is none in embodiment who does not require generous portions of God's forgiveness daily.

"Thus, drink in this wine. And as you drink and as you come to the servers, recite in your heart, 'I forgive you,' and name the namesall of them you can remember and those you cannot by a sweeping declaration, 'I forgive any and every part of life who has ever wronged me! And I ask God from the depths of my soul to forgive me also for my misdeeds and transgressions.' Thus, beloved ones, only with this shall your joy be full in this conference and forever. Now partake as I send to you my waves of Light. [Holy Communion is served.]

"Go and sin no more. Thy sins be forgiven thee. This the eternal word of thy Christ requires implementation by thyself. Celebrate the ritual of forgiveness often, for the state of non-forgiveness of self and others does not allow you to go forth free in victory to be the joyous one. If you self-conceive of yourself as sinner, then you will act out the part and continue in wrongful ways.

"Thus I say, heal and be healed of the sinful sense and the record of sin, and go and sin no more! And use the mantra of the healing of sin as taught to you by Jesus. I speak of the judgment call; for by calling forth the judgment, with Christ-discrimination, of the wrongful ways of oneself or another, one places therefore [between oneself and all negative human karma] the power of Christ for the binding and the exorcism and the casting out of that [specific] wrong [and all wrong in general], thus liberating the individual [and many] to be free from the enslavement of sin and sin-enslaving demons and discarnates.

"The judgment call, therefore, is not a call of condemnation but of liberation of all people. Thus we judge the unreal and cast it out. It is no more and we are free to embrace . . . "

Arcturus and Victoria
July 1, 1984

" . . . Therefore I say, let this rolling momentum of violet flame from the hearts of my chelas roll back the misuse of the sacred fire in the media! For I stand to roll it back by the full momentum of my causal body. And I stand before you, determined as you are determined that there shall be a judgment and a purification and a purging of Hollywood, of the media, of the motion picture industry; for we are tired as you are tired of this misuse of the light and sound ray from our octave."

Saint Germain

"We who sit at the Darjeeling Council table and deliberate the fate of nations and our chelas have many plans that we are ready to execute. We need those who will study, who will prove themselves, who will perfect themselves in the delivery of the Word. Recognize that the world will respond, as the Messenger has said again and again, because you have the Holy Spirit in your hearts and in your temples, because you dwell with your God and because the Father and the Son have taken up their abode in you. You will have to stand before the principalities and thrones of fallen angels as well as before the humble of heart, who will see right through you and know your vibration.

"Beloved, be my emissary. Be the emissary of Portia, I ask you. Go for us! As the Lord has said, 'Who will go for us? Who will go for us? Who will be ourselves in form?' so I ask it too.

[Congregation responds: 'I will!']

"I accept your 'I will.' I accept your 'I will' and I ratify it and I confirm it.

"And I give to you a mighty violet flame angel to confirm it, to assist you and to reinforce your determination to grapple with the oppositions to the victory of the sons and daughters of God in the planet and not dodge these initiations and not duck them and not go this way and that way and quit your sacred labor and quit the assignments of your karma."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1994

"Beloved ones, not since the passing of the righteous Abel (Gen. 4:8) has so much discord been thrust upon humanity as has been unleashed during the past few decades on earth. The scene currently being dramatized in the world arena may be likened unto a great threshing floor, and mankind need the violet flame as never before.

"Therefore as I am speaking to you today I am asking the violet flame angels to take our entire momentum of the violet flame to convey it to all portions of this planet as a mantle gossamer thin, and yet so potent and so powerful in radiation that it may enfold and seal the earth in a violet flame cape for such a time as the Great Cosmic Law will permit. This will start a dissolving action in many parts of the world which hitherto has not been accomplished.

"This widespread blessing will mean a temporary release from our beautiful temple of much of the precious energy which we have retained here for centuries. These energies will return to us in less than a fortnight accumulating as they return the devotion of all those who shall have made calls to the violet flame during this period. Thus we shall gather an even greater bastion of Light to our forcefield. We are spreading abroad for a time this blanket of violet flame in the name of beloved Saint Germain in order that more people upon earth may receive that precious outpouring which my beloved Zadkiel so longs to give to mankind."

Beloved Holy Amethyst
April 26, 1963

The Law of Forgiveness

Violet Fire,<*> enfold us! (3x)
Violet Fire, hold us! (3x)
Violet Fire, set us free! (3x)

I AM, I AM, I AM surrounded by
a pillar of Violet Flame,*
I AM, I AM, I AM abounding in
pure Love for God's great name,
I AM, I AM, I AM complete
by thy pattern of Perfection so fair,
I AM, I AM, I AM God's radiant flame
of Love gently falling through the air.

Fall on us! (3x)
Blaze through us! (3x)
-Saturate us! (3x)

And in full Faith...

*. "Mercy's flame" or "purple flame" may be used for "violet fire" and "violet flame."

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, by the faith in Almighty God,
I cast into the flame all past sin—cause, effect, record and memory—into the flame!
into the flame! into the flame! into the flame!
I AM that faith that draws down the perfect plan for me now!
And wraps me in the garment of my own perfection!
I AM wearing my garment right now!
I AM saturated with divine love and forgiveness!
I AM drinking it in!
It is penetrating my etheric body!
By Christ, it penetrates my mind!
Love and forgiveness saturate my emotional body!
The perfect plan and love and forgiveness saturate
my physical form and I AM free!
I AM free! I AM free! I AM free!
By God’s plan for me!(3x)
Not my will, but thine be done!(3x)
I accept God’s plan in me!(3x)
I accept my garment of perfection!(3x)
Saturated with love and forgiveness!(3x)
And I pour it out to the whole world!(3x)
I AM free!
I AM that faith in God that expands the perfect plan!(3x)
I AM that faith in God that wipes away every past mistake
by forgiveness!(3x)
My soul is enthroned upon an altar of invulnerable faith! (3x)
God in me shall not fail to make me victorious in all I do! (3x)
Mothetr Mary
11 January 1963

"Do not worry about anything; instead PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING."
Philippians 4:6


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