The Great Pyramid of Life

The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt
built about 12,000 years ago by Morya and designed by Serapis
755 ft. per side at the base (13 acres), originally 481 ft. high

"It may take one and five and five hundred and five hundred thousand people
to form the capstone of the pyramid of civilization, but it truly does not take
the entire population of the earth to form it where the violet flame is centered
in that capstone."—Saint Germain, July 4, 1994

" . . . May you build carefully, stone upon stone, the pyramid of your life. This was the teaching [of the adepts] of the Great Pyramid [that was outpictured in] the many pyramids that we built in various civilizations of Atlantis. The four sides, being the four lower bodies that must converge at the point of the All-Seeing Eye, must synthesize as one vessel, even the chalice of the Holy Grail."

Phylos the Tibetan

"And in my right hand I bear a symbol, and the symbol is the replica of the Great Pyramid. And within that pyramid there is an ascending spiral of Light that cannot be denied its culmination in the capstone of Christ-reality made perfect in man as the power of the Logos. And why have I brought this symbol? Because I desire to make known to you that there shall be builded around the forcefield of your body temple by angelic hosts who serve the Initiator of Cycles the replica of the Great Pyramid.

"For it is my desire—and I have expressed this desire before Almighty God—to create an experiment upon Terra to see if the children of the Light, and specifically the Keepers of the Flame, when given the opportunity of having within the forcefield of their consciousness the patterns of the Great Pyramid, will rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity to overcome and to be counted among the overcomers.

"You see, it is one thing to know of the tests of the pyramid, of the king and the queen’s chamber and of the subterranean passage, the bottomless pit; it is another to experience that perfect balance of the Master Mason Himself. Stone upon stone, line upon line, the angels then begin to build the Great Pyramid around each one of you who will accept within your heart now this opportunity to be a living example of the overcoming of the tests of life.

"I desire to see the side of the North perfected in you! Where else but in man and in woman can God appear? For this is the supreme creation of Life. I desire to see the side of the North, the memory body of each one of you, become as burnished steel, as fiery white Light, that the hand of Almighty God might descend to place its imprint upon the Book of Life within you. I desire to see the side of the East, the mental body of each one, become the pure golden yellow illumination of the Christ Mind. And therefore I call forth the energies of Omega, of Alpha to arrest the spirals of the misuse of the active principle of the Godhead.

"Legions now within these rooms, burn all that the Great Law will allow out of these devotees of the Flame! Blaze through them! And burn up the searing memories of human experience—all that can be taken that obstructs the divine memory. Let then the divine memory come forth, I say, of the Golden Ages and the origin of man. Let the divine ideations come forth in the mental body! Let the perfect geometric forms be established! For by the authority of my office and the power vested in me and the Light in the Cave of Light, I have come to challenge the warps in the mental belt. I have come to arrest the spirals of darkness and decay and death. Sheaths and layers are being withdrawn as though you were seated in the Cave of Light.

"Angels of Light, now descend for the purification of the emotional quadrant! And let the Divine Mother appear within the heart, within the emotional body! And let the waters of the mind be still, be still by the power of the Elohim! Ur! [chant] I say, resist not; for angels of Love surround thee. Blaze the Light of Love into the feeling bodies and wash them clean! Wash them clean, wash them clean, wash them clean! Burn through and seize the serpentine lie! Angels of Light, build stone upon stone; and let the south side of the pyramid rise now.

"I call to the Lords of Mind, Lords of Form, Lords of Individuality, and Lords of Creation to reestablish and align the atomic structure of the physical bodies of those assembled here. Flow, O power of the Holy Spirit! Let the will of God appear! Let the Breath of the Holy Spirit blow through, blow through, blow through the space between the foci of Light in man’s body. So let the side of the West be the testimony of the Reality of God in manifestation.

"Now then the inner workings of the Great Pyramid has focused within the power of the seven rays, the power of the secret rays, focuses of the chakras. Build on, angels of Light, noble creation. Thus the testing ground and the threshing floor of the Almighty has come within the forcefield of your consciousness. You have come to the mountain and the mountain has come to you. For this is the summit of attainment; to realize the power of the Eye of the Mind of God—and to place it upon the crown. My angels shall not place the capstone upon this pyramid. They shall instead allow you the privilege of doing so yourselves.

"I said that I have made my desire known before God, pleading before His throne to make this experiment upon Terra. And if the experiment succeeds and a certain percentage among you rise to the level of the Christ Consciousness and remain there, holding the focus of the Great Pyramid for the nations, then more shall be given. But if the experiment fails and you do not honor the habitation of the Most High God, then that which you have shall be taken from you and no more shall be added. Heaven is always ready to try—to try again and again and again, and to extend opportunity and hope to mankind. We are full of hope this night, for we have seen the devotion of your heats. We are full of hope because we know what the Light of one heart in consummate abandon to the Flame of the Buddha can achieve for a planetary home.

" . . . This is the desire of the Almighty God this night, and this is the cycle that spirals through Cosmos at the velocity of the speed of Light, descending to penetrate your forcefields! For now you have been given those hieroglyphs of the priests of the Sacred Fire that shall focus within your consciousness, the power of the Great Divine Director, the wisdom of the Great Divine Director, the love of the Great Divine Director to release to the mankind of earth the full-gathered momentum of the resurrection spiral that shall not leave mankind as he was found, but raise him to the heights of Christ-mastery and the ascension spiral that is the goal of Life for every man!

"Know you now what has transpired? You have been placed for that brief moment in an acceleration chamber made possible by the forcefield of the Great Pyramid upon your consciousness, a chamber that can accelerate the velocity and intensity of Life within you preparatory for your own ascension. And the very atoms of your being during that moment were stepped up, that they might have the impression upon the memory bank and the memory body of what it is like to be raised by the fires of the ascension current to that point of the apex of the Pyramid that is the ascended Jesus Christ Consciousness for all mankind."

Great Divine Director
August 19, 1973

"It is to the Great Pyramid that we direct your attention. And we reveal that the community of the Great White Brotherhood is symbolized in that manifestation and that the foundation of the pyramid that remains is awaiting the capstone.

"The capstone, then, as the all-seeing eye of God that shall not be removed from the earth, is indeed composed of the initiates of the sacred fire. And hear this, my beloved. These initiates, each one placing upon the altar the white cube of the heart, provide the building blocks of that mighty capstone. Because these intitiates have a more than ordinary oneness than all others who have built the pyramid from the foundation to its present manifestation, therefore in the manifestation of the capstone their white cubes become as one single stone, one single capstone.

"This is the mystery of the capstone—that it can never be taken apart. Though it is composed of many stones, these by the alchemy of the Great God become one single stone to hold the all- seeing eye of God . . .

"Why do you suppose, then, that the capstone is missing? It is because, very simply: There has never manifested in this octave a body of souls unascended who could make that pledge of eternal unity, of fusion! Thus, the pyramid remains without its capstone and humanity remain without the light to guide them.

" . . . Your conceptualization of science tells you that even in the most solid matter there are wide spaces and universes between the atoms within the molecules and between the molecules that make up substance. Therefore, you can visualize this capstone and yourself as an individual atom supporting the molecules that compose this crystalline substance, dazzling white, of this stone. And you can begin to realize that this fusion of your identity is nothing more than your occupation of an office in the cosmic hierarchy whereby you agree to be a fixed star in the mighty cosmos of infinity, occupying the position of your office as a sun center of teeming life, as the manifest presence of the unfed flame for millions of developing evolutions.

"Understand, then, the meaning of the capstone that is the Great White Brotherhood, the capstone that becomes the spiritual cosmos that is set upon the pyramid of the matter cosmos. Understand, then, the exalted freedom that comes from the commitment to be fused into this mighty capstone.

"Beloved ones, see how I have taken you from a limited awareness of fusion with the capstone to the unlimited awareness of cosmic freedom. Therefore, in the ultimate sense, that which appears to be not freedom is the highest freedom that God himself can know."

Cyclopea and Sanat Kumara
March 23, 1980

"The seven-sealed book is the record of the Great Pyramid of Life of which each individual Christed Son is at once the whole and the part—the All in the all, the geometry of the Pyramid and a single, lively stone within it.

"The lineal descent from the great white throne to the soul/saint moving in time and space is a seven-tiered spiral, reaching from earth to heaven and heaven to earth. The fourth tier is the mystical light in the center of the Pyramid, the flame in the heart of the Great Pyramid of Life that is the inner spiral of man, woman incarnate. The fourth tier is the point of integration wherein the multiplication of the lesser consciousness realizes individuality in Christ. Without the initiations of the Ruby Ray within the King’s Chamber, the Holy of Holies of the Great Pyramid of Life, there is no transition from the base of the Pyramid to the all-seeing eye of God.

"The fourth tier is the emerald of the fourth foundation of the Holy City and the fourth, the emerald stone in Aaron’s breastplate. Now you know why I AM the emerald."

Sanat Kumara

"Thus the seven chohans with the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit, serve with the World Teachers Jesus Christ and Saint Francis, known today as the Ascended Master Kuthumi. Thus the Saviour has chosen to share his body and his blood with Francis on earth in the visitation of the seraph in the stigmata, supreme rite of Christ crucified in the body and soul and heart and mind, yea, in the flesh and blood of Francis. He who accorded him in my name the honor of the reenactment of the crucifixion, which was in him bodily, has so accorded him in heaven the same oneness bodily.

"This oneness is earned by love, self-sacrificing love, selfless love, a love that walks daily in the order of Saint Francis the path of surrender and service through the vows of obedience of the heart, chastity of the mind, and poverty of the soul. Thus the east side of the City Foursquare and the three gates thereon are held by the ascended masters for and on behalf of their unascended chelas, the embodied disciples of Christhood, the pilgrims of peace and truth and freedom and enlightenment whose emblem is the Rose Cross."

Sanat Kumara

" . . . Let us lay the foundation of Truth as master masons of old! By the Light of Godfre, even George Washington who laid the foundation of mystic masonry and led the cause of freedom in America, truly it is the building and the rebuilding of Solomon's temple and ultimately the pyramid of Self [that we are about]. Let the true masonic order arise as those who have come and reincarnated from the guilds of Europe and those who have been the builders of the great cathedrals. Let the engineers of the modern age arise. Let them design a temple [to accommodate] the very draft of the Holy Spirit and its descent from the [highest] point of Light. [Let the architecture be] for the entrapment if you will of the dove of the Holy Spirit in the physical temple itself.

"Let those who pursue the understanding of spiritual engineering in matter realize that dimensions, angles and the mathematics of life are for the captivating in the molecules of matter of the infinite frequencies of the stars. Of old the master masons learned the proportions of life that unleash the resurrection flame from within. And the Great Pyramid, revealing the course of events past, present and future, is the great prophecy that time and space one day shall be no more and only the resurrection flame shall show the enduring Light of individual identity."

Archangel Raphael

" . . . understand that we are building before your very eyes the pyramid-the mighty pyramid of your Life. It is a great pyra­mid, having many stones. In fact, the pyramid of Egypt, beloved, is the size you should visualize as the structure of your own mastery in Matter.

"Ask yourself this question: How many stones may I leave out or remove and still retain the structure? As in any building, some may be taken. People may come and take souvenirs from your house of light. But if you omit the precepts and the in­structions, you will find that we may not build the next level with you.

"This building has come as a spiral from the beginning. In the 1950s, through the first messages through Mark Prophet, we deter­mined in council in Darjeeling to bring through the dictations, the Pearls of Wisdom, and all of our communications, beloved ones, every stone required for a graduate of earth's mystery school.

"There are two mystery schools in earth—one on the outside, one on the inside. Those who are on the outside must figure out life's mystery by toil and many incarnations and, hopefully, insight gleaned from some experience. Those who enter the inside mystery school come to the very heart of the sun in the center of the earth, come to the very heart of that spiritual light and a universe all inside themselves.

"Thus, beloved, I teach in the inner mystery school. I give on the outer ample keys to you who assemble and will build the Inner Retreat as your performance of the building of the pyramid of Life, even as we build this pyramid with you in the etheric octave.

"The keys that I give cannot be interpreted until obedience is given. Therefore, beloved, listen well. We have accelerated the release—of dictations that you might pass through those spirals. They are not too many to listen to. The Only Mark albums are [contain] the very keys and steps essential to the Messenger's ascent as he bore world karma and therefore must bear the Light of the Brotherhood to transmute, to nullify, to put down the tempter at every hand.

"One day another will come, and through all of these dictations [that one will] also find a code that tells quite another story of the soul's ascent. For you see what has already happened as with the release of this much Truth the persecution has descended upon your Messengers. But the new day shall appear, beloved, when Lightbearers, free of the grips of the toilers and their own subservience to their own rebellion, will find that those keys will unfold and that there will be greater and greater gifts of Teaching when those who are the lively stones of this edifice of the entire Community can better hold the Light and the will of God.

" . . . You find yourselves on the sur­face of the earth even as you find yourselves on the surface of your minds and bodies. But the journey to the heart of hearts is one to which I call you. Therefore know that the foundations laid may be traced by you. And it does not take many years to go through these publications but a diligent attention and a systematic self-assignment of daily reading.

"I speak to you who have failed to listen to this call through the Messenger to become who you indeed are as both a spiritual leader and one who sees himself moving toward the building of the Inner Retreat:

"I, Maitreya, demand that you ascend to your mantle and cease your argumentation and resisting of the Call! Therefore, if those who are chosen do not receive me, shall we go after the not-chosen ones and anoint them when you reject the anointing?

"Do not think that this is another dictation intended for some­one else. It is intended for you! And no one can carry the physical burden of this activity in any capacity whatsoever, small or great, who is not willing also to wear our mantle. One is not a substitute for the other.

" . . . You cannot forever postpone the Day of Reckoning. If you do not accept the spiritual mantle, your karma will fall! I not only predict it, I decree it! And no cause is so great as to make anyone the exception to the path of our initiation. If you would stand at the gate of the Inner Retreat and welcome the Lightbearers, then stand also at the altar with the Mother and play your role, city after city and nation after nation.

"Beloved hearts, let no one who hears my word consider that I am not speaking to you. For of all mistakes you could make, it is the one of pointing the finger at another and saying, 'I know of whom Maitreya is speaking.'

"If the world has waited so long for the return of my path and if an entire continent went down through the rebellion of the fallen angels against the Buddha and the Mother on Lemuria, do you not think that one of the reasons that we have indeed withheld this manifestation is not only because of the fallen ones but because of the absence of seriousness on the part of the chelas and their commeasurement to realize just what is at stake?

"You are tired of the oppositions, the financial lack, the legal problems, and all things that beset this organization. I say, take your mantle and go as Elisha did and part the waters of the Yellow­stone and see how Saint Germain will appear to you! And you will have those experiences, because you are so determined-the experiences which Godfre and Lanello and your own Mother have had.

"Blessed ones, it is indeed an event. And thousands upon thousands of Buddhists and other Lightbearers have waited for this opportunity of my opening of the Mystery School. Yet so few have understood the darkness of the false-hierarchy impostors who say, "Lo, Maitreya is come here. He is come there. He is in embodiment. He is giving messages through me."

Lord Maitreya
December 31, 1985

*Great Pyramid of King Khufu at Gizeh, Egypt, built in the third or fourth millennium, B.C.

El Morya
September 22, 1968

The Flame in the Heart of the Great Pyramid

" . . . I speak of your feeling world. How quickly and easily the feeling world becomes depressed or excited or enangered. How easily emotions become a tempest in a teapot. And suddenly the sea begins to roar. This illustrates that the individual yet identifies with the mass human emotions and with emotions that come upon the rock of his being, as it were, beating upon the rock of the lighthouse that is your Mighty I AM Presence. I say, be not moved by these conditions. The measure of your God-mastery must be your ability to hold the flame when all assails you, when riptides of human emotion, condemnation or persecution or outright lies assail you or this
activity of light.

"There is a calm center within the heart. And there is a center within the secret chamber of the heart. And there is a center within the solar-plexus chakra whereby you can maintain peace by the sacred fire breath and not follow the turbulence of the world’s turmoil.

"We then watch for those who do not allow the ego to be carried away in being offended or disturbed by any word any accusation or any injustice whatsoever. God in you is justified. And wisdom is justified of her children. And there is no need to go and attempt to solve any problem by emotional substance. Remember my word well. For we come to tell you of those points of the Law that are found wanting and that must be met if you indeed are to accelerate on the Path."

Serapis Bey
August 11, 1979

(Q) What was the date of the actual beginning and ending of the construction of the Great Pyramid?

(A) Was one hundred years in construction. Begun and completed in the period of Araaraart's time, with Hermes and Ra.

(Q) What was the date B.C. of that period?

(A) 10,490 to 10,390 before the Prince entered into Egypt.

(Q) How was this particular Great Pyramid of Gizeh built?

(A) By the use of those forces in nature as make for iron to swim. Stone floats in the air in the same manner. This will be discovered in '58.

Edgar Cayce
July 1, 1932

III, v, 18. Just as easily do you accept information . . . about the vital capacity of seeds found in the tombs of the pyramids. Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925

66. The earthly structure is like a pyramid. Now from each point of the progressive spiral try to lower the four sides of a pyramid. You obtain as it were four anchors lowered into the lower strata of matter. Such a construction will be fantastic because it will be constructed upon dying strata. Now let us try to build from each point upwards a rhomb. And we get a body of conquests of the upper strata outstripping the movement of the spiral. This will be a worthy construction! Indeed it must start into the unknown, expanding parallel with the growth of the consciousness. Therefore construction in revolution is a most dangerous moment. A great number of imperfect elements will press the structures downward into strata of outworn and poisoned substance. Only reckless courage can turn the structure upwards into strata untried and beautiful in the maintenance of new elements. Therefore I speak and shall say again that outworn forms must be avoided in the structure. Sinking back into the old receptacles is inadmissible. The understanding of the New World in all its austerity is needed. —Community 1926

198. Certainly the Initiates of ancient Egypt knew the great law which rules the whole universe. The pyramid itself presents a symbol of the mountain with a broad foundation and narrow summit. Indeed the significance of the Chamber of the manifested King and Queen (at pyramid center) is that a crowning perfection is to be expected at the approach of all cosmic fiery dates. —Fiery World 1935

519. Yet the pyramid was built for the summit. Its foundation was laid only to bring all sides harmoniously together and to completion. Let each one ponder on how many times the point of the summit will be contained in the foundation. The fiery point must rule the unbridled, rudimentary stones upon the earth's surface. A great deal of just care must be applied in order to safeguard the fiery completion. One must think about the summit. —Fiery World 1935

Luxor Ascension

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