Dispensation for the Nations of the World

Polish Cracow Region Costumes *

In a dictation given on November 23, 1975, at The Greater Way of Freedom through the
Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Saint Germain announced a dispensation whereby cosmic beings wearing the "initiatic dress" of the peoples of every nation came forth for the enshrining of freedom, " . . . the quickening of a flame that has not been quickened in ten thousand years," that souls of light might respond to the teachings of the I AM THAT I AM and that the nations might fulfill their fiery destiny.

Saint Germain selected focal points for the enshrining of freedom in the capitals of the nations: "in the heart chakra of the Goddess of Freedom reigning over the Capitol building of the United States, in the heart of the Statue of Mother Russia, in the Christ of Cuernavaca, in the Christ of the Andes and the Christ of Corcovado, in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, in the heart of the statues of the Buddha in the East, in the Taj Mahal, in the great cathedrals, and in the statues of the great patriots, in the obelisks, in the monuments.

"So the light of freedom has been implanted as a flame from our hearts—your heart and my heart and the heart of cosmic beings and the heart of Alpha and Omega. So in the chain of hierarchy we are one in the fire of freedom."

Saint Germain

* This handcrafted pair of dancers, dressed in the Cracow region costumes, was presented to the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, by members of the Polish stump to Solidarity Headquarters in the Gdansk Shipyard on the historic occasion of the victory of the Polish Solidarity movement in 1980, which under the sponsorship of Saint Germain toppled communism in Poland and started the worldwide domino effect. The lecture tour continued through Czechoslovakia, Austria and concluded in Hungary.

In her thank-you letter, the Messenger commented on 'the beauty of the Polish dancers' faces. For years Mother kept the gift in her office in Camelot, LA, CA.

" . . . I've talked about . . . satellite television to the whole world, AM/FM radio and short-wave as far as it can reach from our base in Montana. It'll be a multimillion-dollar project and more. But it's a goal. And we're going to do it because we take accountability. "I know that I must inform the people of this earth as to the conspiracy. And when we have satellite TV beamed in all the nations, you'll understand why the masters have brought here people from Germany and Sweden and Holland. People speaking every language can be on television speaking to their people the message of the conspiracy.

"The day when we bring that exposure to the world, we have to be able to present a united front. It will be the very presence of the Holy Spirit in our members that will be for the turning of worlds.

"The Poles, the Hungarians, the Italians, the Yugoslavs, the Africans, South Americans—each in his own language. The real United Nations is going to be at the Inner Retreat. That's why we need it.

"One of these days, the United Nations building in New York and its entire contents is not going to be there. Where will the people look to the voice of unity? They're going to look to the One.

"You need to contemplate this message of the One-the one causal body of us all, the one Godhead individed-individed but not divided."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
March 25, 1982

"Let us call Christ, then, 'Truth'—for Truth is surely another name for the Universal Christ. When individuals espouse Truth at any cost and are willing to face the Truth of reality and unreality, then we have a strong foundation for golden-age man and golden-age woman to arise. Believe me, beloved hearts, when I tell you that so many social programs and solutions simply do not work because there is not a concomitant Reality that goes hand in hand with the development of the human potential.

"Thus, we must go back to the path of true meditation and not that auto-self-hypnosis that is taught by the Maharishi and many others who come in the name of the Eastern gurus who have not the true link to the Source and are in fact false gurus and false teachers. And, I must say, they are also black magicians; for they have succeeded in securing the lifestream and harnessing it to a rote performance of an ancient ritual that comes from the Holy Kumaras and is sacred and ought not to be given for the sake of outer gain or manipulation.

"Beloved hearts, the entering in to the sacred fire is indeed a ritual and it is an initiation. Can man by himself pull himself up by his own bootstraps? It is not possible. There must be the divine intercession. And this is why we speak. And this is why the system of dictation, initiation, the washing of the waters of the human by the cleansing of the mind and the chakras does come about."


"We, the ladies of heaven, summoned again by Portia, desiring still to see the teachings of the Masters translated to the many ethnic groups in America and the world, do call, then, the ladies among Keepers of the Flame to consider themselves—yourselves, beloved hearts—a nucleus and a very effective team, if you desire to meet on common ground, to create the matrix, the education, the example, and the opportunity for those groups of women and their clubs and organizations to come into the understanding of the application of the Mother Flame in every walk of life, beginning with woman herself.

"We have seen so many form organizations or publications for the defense of women’s rights in all areas. We desire to see a true profile of the understanding of the woman who is the disciple, who is the initiate, who represents mastery and the nobility of heart that can once again call to Vishnu, to Brahma, to Shiva for the divine ones to descend, for sons and daughters who will renew under Meru—the God and Goddess Meru—the understanding of the grace and the science of the golden ages of Lemuria.

" . . . We desire to see the elimination of the consciousness of the laggard woman, the woman who is crass and behaves like the lower order of the fallen male. We desire to see this example removed from the little children who are being born. And if it cannot be removed from the earth as a whole, then let it be removed from this community so that the little children see the archetype of the Divine Ones—of Meta, of Athena, of Kuan Yin, and Portia.

"Let there be the restoration of music in every home, and let the classics build the inner code of life. Let it re-create the DNA chain. And by the power of the nine symphonies of Beethoven and much that should be known in the cell level of every lifestream, let the portals of Venus open once again. And let the culture of hell that has gone forth on this planet be utterly consumed by the living flame of Love, by the path of the ruby ray. Let earth be so bathed in the radiance of Love as to consume that which is gross, degenerating, causing decay and loss of life.

"Blessed ones, let us begin, then, with woman herself. And let this community have established an organization of and for women whereby there is an elevation of all through the very unique talents of each individual. And let spokeswomen go forth, and let them address other women concerning the ancient tradition of Hinduism and the likeness of the incarnation of the World Mother through the example of Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Kali coming forth from Durga.

"Beloved ones, the cardinal points of the manifestation of woman become the key to her complement to the masculine Spirit of God everywhere present. Woman, as the adornment of God, discovers the uniqueness of her identity and her purpose, for she manifests that nature which does give to Life the fertile soil in which the cosmos can implant the seed of every part of Life."

Lady Master Venus

"Let the lightbearers come together in spirit even as you have come together through the phone patch. You have crisscrossed the world with this communication system. Therefore throughout the world we find staunch Keepers of the Flame tuning in to the phone patch."

El Morya
April 4, 1997

"And therefore, I bid those of you who have contacted the flame of the ark of the covenant on this altar to go out into the world and circle the planet round to bring this Path to every last lightbearer so that in this century and centuries to come all may have that victory—if they so choose."

El Morya
February 26, 1997

Polish Cracow Region Costume

" . . . All the earth watches the devotees of Light. So do the forces of Death and Hell. You are indeed seen, beloved! And where you are a Light that lightens your home and your town, people know it, even though they may not know you or see you. They sense your presence and know that in your town there is a soul putting on her Christhood. And therefore, they sleep easier at night because you are there.

"I say, beloved, and I implore you as your Father: Do not let the people down. Do not let the people of earth down and do not let us, your parents, down. For you can make the difference! Yes, beloved, you can make the difference but you must do it! It is not enough that I tell you you can. You must do it!

"And doing it somehow becomes a fuzzy proposition and you allow the forces to stop the physical actions, to stop the conclusion of projects that have come forth as a gift from my mind to your own. And you see the project, [and perhaps you start it,] but you do not bring it to completion; and therefore it is aborted, it is stillborn.

"Blessed hearts, if it is a right idea, then see it through and give your decrees and, come what may, do not give up! The key here is to determine that it is a right idea. And this you must do by your meditation and decrees to the Great Divine Director, to Cyclopea, to El Morya, to the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood."


" . . . we must therefore concern ourselves with the ways and means of intensifying the publishing arm of this activity; for so many are ready and they take the first fruit offered, so many times from the false guru, or else simply accept half truths, not seeking farther.

"Beloved ones, the markets are full of the Pied Pipers who pipe their tunes. And it is time and high time that you become more aggressive and intense, not only in your search for the lightbearers but in taking your stand that this Teaching does provide that which is truly necessary for the individual soul to pass through the initiations such as Jesus Christ passed through and are celebrated on this weekend.

"And this very same hour the Passover is celebrated by the Jews—when the Death Angel passed over the houses of the Israelites and they were spared—and therefore the deliverance of death is seen on both hands. Thus, Christ is resurrected and the intercession of the holy angels does save a people for the proving of their Christhood in another day.

Close Proximity of Heaven and Earth in the Saints Appearing

"Thus all cultures and religions go back to the union of man and God in celebration of the hierarchies of Light and the avatars descending and the intercession of Moses and Gautama and Confucius and Isaiah and the apostle Paul. In each and every instance, what captures the people is this close proximity of heaven and earth and the saints appearing and the men of God appearing to Abraham and the angels descending and the opening of the chakras and the very crown itself and heaven, then, descending in the starry body.

"Beloved hearts, this is what impels life to strive, to seek Truth and to champion her cause before the oppressed and those who have been dealt with unjustly. It is the desire to have the opening of the portals of the etheric octave. It is the desire so great in the human psyche to remember in the outer sense this connection of inner and outer planes and the continuity of life and the goal that is beyond all of this darkness in the sunrise and the golden dawn of a new day.

Preaching the Word and Making It Applicable to Personal Lives

"Blessed ones, it is important to therefore thrust forward and save a life and save many souls with the preaching of the Word and the understanding of making it applicable to the very personal lives of people everywhere.

"First and foremost, it is important to impress anyone you meet with the understanding that there is a necessity for this Teaching in his life. There is a necessity to go back to first principles and origins and man’s relationship to God and this integral unity by Love that must be pursued.

"Thus, a reason must be seen [to be pointed out by you] in each individual’s life why there is a necessity to insert a pillar of fire, an action of the Holy Spirit, a law and a prophecy for the resurrection of the soul and for the balancing of karma.

"You see, when they took from the scriptures of the West the understanding of reincarnation, they also took from the souls of the people the understanding of the necessity for the cosmic law to be understood, for the balancing of karma by the violet flame or even the purpose of the mantra itself. By a process of pulling the threads of identity, the identity lost no longer recognizes the need for commeasurement with the Infinite or the Deity itself.

"Realize, then, how difficult it is to speak of the necessity of the Path to one who is an atheist or a Communist or one who is self-satisfied in the smugness of his gains in materialism. So, you see, many of those who consider themselves rich—whether in goods or whether in their false theosophy or philosophy or politics—are brainwashed into considering that their self-sufficiency can quite do without the knowledge or the need of the Mighty I AM Presence or the Christ Self.

Go After Souls Waiting to Contact the Great White Brotherhood
Call to Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara

"The wise, then, go after those who contain the eternal and internal vision, who have it within, who hold it and are waiting to make the connection with that order of the Great White Brotherhood. How, then, do you find such souls and save them for grace in this life? The call to Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara will suffice.

"And the call to the two each day, beloved ones, to cut free the lightbearers and all who are to ascend in this life and all who are the sons and daughters of God does avail much and afford opportunity for all servants of God to act to draw these very ones into that central flame, the Central Sun Magnet—to draw them into the very heart of community to increase the intensity of the fire and the vortex of the mantra, that those who are destined to carry the banner of Maitreya in this age may also, then, know the strength of community and learn the fine points of the law of the violet flame, which they have not brought with them from their inner-level experiences or their past embodiments."

Lady Master Venus

" . . . We cannot pump up and elevate any individual beyond his station. We have tried it. The Messenger has tried it. It has been tried in all past ages. Unless the individual have the sturdiness of his own momentum of the Light and can carry the balance of that Light, he will not stand up against the pressure directed against the one who is falsely elevated to a certain level of opportunity, nor will he have the wherewithal to meet the opposition to the office.

"The only alternative, of course, is to invoke the sacred presence of Archangel Gabriel, the Holy Christ Self, and the full power of the Cosmic Christ over such individuals—not to mention the members of the Darjeeling Council and our own seat of God-government. This will work for a time, but the Great Law eventually bows to free will.

"Blessed ones, you remember the era of the judges in Israel—when there were no kings in the land and God did send His judges to assist the people to maintain the standard of right conduct, right usefulness, and oneness with the Lord.

"Beloved ones, understand the meaning and the purpose of Christ the Judge within you. There are forces in the earth who will surely destroy this planet unless they are brought to the judgment. Therefore, the Four and Twenty Elders have positioned themselves in the etheric octave over this city of Light that their direct presence might be invoked by you for a more sure and swift action.

"I authorize you by Alpha and Omega this night to perpetually call for the judgment of the lowest ten percent of the evolutions of the planetary home—the dark ones who carry nothing but destruction and viciousness and the malignancy of the murderous intent in their auras and in their four lower bodies. These individuals are in every nation, in every race, in and out of the courts of Church and State."


" . . . Lose yourself, immerse yourself in the self-givingness and the self-emptying; for that which infills you after the giving is so much greater than that which you have given. Be willing to let go, to no longer have the last word, to be silent where an argument may be brewing, to sense the inner flame and to rise above the morasses of life.

"May you go out of your way to help others, building and banking such good karma that in the day of thy adversity, in the day of the dark night of the soul, the fire that blazes, for you yourself have kindled it, shall cause there to be no night there.

"The spiritual devotees on the Path have their work cut out for them, but I stress the joy. If any man or woman think that this is a path of martyrdom, let him depart hence; for martyrdom is not the way to the kingdom of God but a true compassionate self-givingness."

Phylos the Tibetan

"Blessed ones, when people find hope and joy in the little things of life—when they even devise for themselves certain intricacies of thought that bring them nearer to our bands, whether children or adults-do not in an advanced awareness of the Path dash these precious though perhaps humble cups of hope from them. And even if they at times may hold hope focused in the wrong individual or the wrong system, we have concluded many times that rather than bring disillusionment to the soul, we would allow a little bit of error sprinkled in to preserve a way and a path that, because it embodies not only hope but Truth herself, will eventually lead that one out of the lower levels to the highest realms."

Archeia Hope
January 2, 1987

" . . . The violet flame truly allows you to perform, as it were, a cosmic surgery—and this is never by a momentum that may be fed into the subconscious by all of the popular tape recordings that are available to you as to how you can become a better person and overcome procrastination and all manner of burdensome addictions. Blessed hearts, these tapes are for those who are computerized and do not have a threefold flame. They are for those who have merely a human personality that has built upon itself incarnation after incarnation without integration with any flame or Spirit of God.

"Therefore, all the world is gone after the latest fad in consciousness development, in the success fad that is now at hand, and it is indeed a success fad, beloved hearts. Be not trapped or entrapped. For I would tell you the cosmic secret, that every Ascended Master dictation that has ever gone forth through our Two Witnesses upon earth does contain within it the power of Elohim for the re-creation of oneself. It is not without forethought that we have released to you the Only Mark series. It is not without consideration that we have made available to you year upon year the audio- and videotapes of our dictations.

"Once you have carefully listened to them and consciously entered into that spiral and consciously made the decision to incorporate that teaching, that sacred fire, that cup of light into your being until you have willed thereby to become a manifestation of your Higher Self—when you have accomplished this and taken your notes and you thoroughly consent by conscious free will to the content, then know, beloved, that that conscious consent has involved your Holy Christ Self, your threefold flame and your I AM Presence.

"At that moment, then, you may play these tapes [continuously on an auto-reverse tape player] in your home, you may play them in a special room or even in the background, and you will be weaving, by the repetition of the sound, the Word, the rhythm and the teaching, your Deathless Solar Body. This is with a conscious cooperation and re-creation in God.

"Blessed ones, anything that comes from the human level, no matter how positive the statements are, does always embody the entire karma, electronic belt and subconscious of the individual through whom it has come. This is why we have released to you in our decrees worded cups of light, mantras out of the pure octaves of Spirit, out of the causal bodies of the Ascended Masters. The decrees, then, are the most valuable gift because they are cups of our God-attainment, of our conscious willing to be free on a certain ray through a certain chakra over a certain human or dark condition which we faced and which you now face.

"Decrees are the highest prayers on earth because they are dictated by the Ascended Masters, save for those which may come down through the Eastern tradition of the Himalayas, from Sanat Kumara or Gautama Buddha or Maitreya or the true adept and unascended Master. Beloved hearts, that which is in your decree books does become to you the access to the infinite Light. It is only by a conscious entering in to this worded mantra that you are a conscious creator with God and re-create yourself, not only in Matter as a human personality, but you are re-creating yourself fit to dwell in the octaves of Spirit, weaving that Deathless Solar Body.

"Therefore, in a time when so many come with their wares, offering you a means to attainment, mastery, success and money, personality and glory and friends, relationships and conquests in male and female activity, beloved ones, understand that you have been given and provided with all that you require to make your ascension and to do so swiftly at such time or in such an hour when you may be called, and that day no man may knoweth save the Father and the Son.

"Blessed hearts, realize, then, that those who sell their wares in the programming of consciousness do so with a tremendous momentum of knowledge of advertising, of their subliminal messages, their "subliminal seduction," as it has been called. This is not so with our Ascended Master activity. We lay before you a table in the wilderness, and on that table are the most magnificent fruits of paradise and all manner of meats and substances that are assimilated at all levels of being. These are offered to the wise and to those who know, to the disciples and the initiates who perceive that there must be a profound reason and purpose in all that we do and who do not miss the opportunity to enter in to that tremendous aura that does enshroud with light all those who enter in."

Omri Tas
January 1, 1988

"There are many who mean well, but their path is not our path . . . As you mount the spiral that is coiled about the spinal altar you discover that it is very difficult to distinguish the real from the unreal, so close is the counterfeit to the real. It is your I AM Presence and your Holy Christ Self who will give you this understanding, this clear seeing through the Holy Spirit."

February 26, 1995

"And God will not lower into the chalice of your heart the elements of that flame until you have stood by your own light, your own determination, your own momentum! until you have stood to conquer those who would challenge you the moment you would receive that energy."

God Harmony
October 7, 1989

and the Polish Immigrant

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