Chakras, Chohans
and Their Retreats

"Care is a quality of the Deity."—Lanto, 'Understanding Yourself', XXIV
"Some of you have still not bound your own dweller-on-the-threshold—some of you
have not bound the negative energies that rise from the astral levels of your being."
—Jesus Christ, March 30, 1997

"We come, beloved, that you may no longer be a house divided, that you might not be split,
sawn asunder and divided within yourself—one side the light side, one side the dark,
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."—Archangel Chamuel and Charity, July 5, 1992

"We have mentioned before that most people make their karma through the throat chakra
by what they say and how they say it, whether they allow rage to come through
or keep in rein all of their forces so as not to misqualify energy."
—Goddess of Liberty, July 4, 1995

" . . . The colors of the seven chakras as depicted on the body of the runner indicate which chakras are the orifice, or sending and receiving center, for each of the seven rainbow rays of God.

"Various schools of thought in the New Age as well as in the past century have prescribed their colors for the chakras. People ask me why our colors differ from some of these. My answer is that those we show are the colors released from the Ascended Masters to their Messengers as they should appear in the purified etheric body, the highest vibrating of the four lower bodies and the natural envelope of the soul. I believe that some clairvoyants who have put forth their version of the colors have read the condition of the chakras in the astral, untransmuted, i.e., unpurified, state
of the human consciousness, hence the discrepancy.

"This chart of the chakra man shows the color (frequency) of the light which each of the chakras should be emitting when it is purified and balanced in the plus and minus factors, the yang and the yin of the whirling T’ai Chi. The colors correlate to the seven rays of the causal body, which you see illustrated on the screen as seven color bands, spheres within spheres surrounding the I AM Presence (the upper figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self).

"The colors of the chakras reveal which of the rays from the causal body is intended to be released through each chakra; ideally the chakra should vibrate on the same wavelength as the corresponding sphere of the causal body, 'as Above, so below.' Therefore these are the seven rays, the seven spheres, and the seven chakras that we will be meditating and decreeing upon today. As part of our compassionate service to all life, this is the means whereby we pursue the goal of self-realization in the Buddhic consciousness in our souls and minds and hearts."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

" . . . As the days of light may be opened, so the days of light may be closed. And you who know that dark ages may come upon the earth once again—when no Ascended Master will sponsor any but the top 5 percent of the chelas in embodiment—would do well to hasten the acceleration of your chakras and your four lower bodies so that when you are called by God to take your ascension, you will be prepared."

Archangel Raphael
and Mother Mary

" . . . Thus let us examine consciousness. Let us examine what is being withheld from the Mother flame. For if you are to rise from the base of the Mother flame unto the skies and have the initiation of the seat-of-the-soul chakra, of the solar plexus and the desire body, of the heart and the secret chamber therein, of the power of the Word and the third eye and the crown—do you not understand that you must succeed in the initiations of the Mother light as the very base of the building of the pyramid? And your own Christ Self will not allow you to erect the sides of the pyramid until you have built a firm foundation in this white light.

"The white light of Alpha and Omega—as Guru and chela, as Sanat Kumara and the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas—is truly the white fire core of every chakra. Though you may invoke all other flames and the violet flame as well, there comes the hour when the seven chakras cannot expand to the full glory of your mighty I AM Presence and causal body because the foundation is not built, because the Mother flame is not the goal of your life, because you have not placed the ascension over family or wife or child or relative or anything that would keep thee from thy God."

Lord Ling
December 28, 1980

" . . . For indeed, every chakra is an eye—an eye of God, even as it is a wheel, an orifice of seeing and of believing and of receiving and the return of love back to the heart again. Thus, all seven chakras are organs of perception, perception that occurs in each one in a different way.

"For instance, when you say that people are psychic, it is, in the true sense of the word, the seeing of the soul; for psyche is another word for soul. And the seeing of the soul, beloved, passes time and space, going into the distant past and future. It is the purity of the soul chakra that allows for correct seeing and the impurity that brings about incorrect seeing, false prophecies, and that which is deleterious to the holding of the immaculate concept for the future [i.e., 'psychic'].

"Wisdom, too, is an orifice of seeing, for by wisdom you see. And when, according to the mighty flame of illumination, you have extended a teaching to someone, you often say, 'Do you see?' And if they see, they reply in the affirmative, and if they do not, they may take on a quizzical look and the appearance of not seeing too well at all!

"But this perception is by the mind. So there is perception also by the heart. And there is nothing more sure to affirm love than the perception of two hearts which become as one, joining heart-to-heart in the service of God.

"Therefore, let us understand how love truly is a manifestation of the all-seeing eye of God. And when the orbs of vision sevenfold become as one, they do unite and focus at the point of the third eye, even as the raised Kundalini fire does anchor at this point to establish the wholeness within the temple of your being."

Archeia Charity
May 29, 1983

" . . . Let the crystallization of the consciousness of God within you be all of your desiring. And may you see that consciousness spreading its mighty Light rays through your chakras, through the seven rays, in all you do. And may you realize that this is not a rigidity, it is not a fanaticism, it is not some sort of path of asceticism. It is the full glory of the rainbow rays of God permeating, loving, purifying, manifesting the Truth in your hands, in your hearts, and everywhere! And let us move forward in the great rainbow rays of God that have come for the deliverance of this nation and the deliverance of the chakras of the earth."

April 6, 1985

" . . . Why don't you polish your windows? Why don't you get the proper tools and go and have a day of cleaning windows and feel the action physically of going through your house and making those windows sparkling clean?

"And then let that ritual be transferred to the Within, and let your chakras be cleansed and your soul be cleansed and see how you will not be tolerant of the least little smudge or the least little speck of dirt on your soul because you have the momentum now of having accomplished this in the physical plane. It is fun to clean and to make ready and to prepare the house and to have things beautiful in Matter and then to transfer that mastery into the path of initiation."

July 3, 1976

" . . . Some of those in the outer octaves who have looked upon the aura of the Messenger with their psychic senses have been astounded at the tremendous manifestation of the violet flame. But those [among them] who have not been servants of the Light, many of whom come out of the East, have not been converted to get that violet flame for themselves. And in their hardened intellects and their spiritual pride, they have questioned the necessity for decrees; for they have not received that science of decreeing from the Divine Mother, although they profess to worship that Mother and do indeed recite her mantras.

"Blessed ones, those of almost every segment of society and every religious conviction or none have some impediment or block to the essential elements of this path. We therefore determine,
and I have been called to give you this message this night, that [inasmuch as] we desire [it, we shall] show you how to be the example—[yes,] the example and the manifestation of the Light whereby seeing is believing. For those souls who have rejected the techniques and the Path and even the doctrine of the Ascended Masters must finally come to their senses and recognize that what is is, what is true is true and what they see clearly [in the auras of the chelas of the Ascended Masters] must be the results of right effort and a right science and a right religion applied."

Lady Master Leto

" . . . Now then, as Jesus said, 'Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.' The wisdom of the serpent is the wisdom whereby you raise the sacred fire on your spinal altar. It is indeed the raising of the Kundalini, which fills each chakra with light and brings it into the balance of the universal T’ai Chi. And those balanced chakras, when filled with light, also bring balance to the corresponding organs of the four lower bodies. Observing this increase in light, the Lords of Karma in many cases may grant a life extension to worthy souls.

"Do you understand why you cannot leave the Goddess Kundalini ensconced at the base-of-the
-spine chakra but rather you must raise her light from the base-of-the-spine chakra to the thousand
-petaled lotus of the crown chakra? And that you must do this regularly in deep meditation upon the Goddess Kundalini?

"It is because the sacred fire nourishes the four lower bodies. You see, you must raise the serpent fire from the base-of-the-spine chakra to the crown chakra until you can feel it focused in the crown chakra, in the third eye and at the base of the brain. Truly that is where you want to keep that sacred fire, except for intervals where the sacred fire descends to the base of the spine, sometimes in sleep, sometimes in the awakened state.

"You see, beloved, the Divine Mother lives within your four lower bodies. She is, so to speak, your Goddess Mother. And she nurtures you each step of the way as you master the four quadrants and the seven chakras of your being. So if you squander the energies of the sacred fire of the Goddess Kundalini, how will you uphold the mighty torch of the Mother whereby you may enter ascension’s coil in the day and the hour of your victory, when Darkness shall have been leveled and your light shall have come to be the full manifestation of Godhood in the planet?

"See to it that the joy in your heart is the central sun of your being so that you can direct beautiful light rays of golden yellow with ruby and white fire that come forth from your heart, revealing your emergent sainthood. These rays of light going out from your heart in all directions can penetrate
the organs of the body, purifying and cleansing them."

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
March 29, 1997

" . . . Trust in the Law and the Lawgiver will allow each one to play his part and to play out his very inner self. Every man is a living tree. Let all behold the fruits of every man’s tree and therefore judge whether that man’s righteousness is the righteousness of the human or of the divine. Let the trees grow side by side and let all look and see, as shoppers in a mall, to understand what is to be desired, what is to be rejected.

"Thus, Christ-discrimination is learned through the exercise of free will and the law of karma, which becomes the tutor of every living soul. And the inner Guru, who is Christ the Lord in you, does teach continually. Even if the outer mind block that teaching, the soul is maturing and ripening under the interaction of itself with God, with the law of karma and with its own actions.

"Beloved ones, the trust must also lie in the representatives of the Great White Brotherhood, the sons and daughters of God and embodied angels and initiates of the sacred fire who themselves exercise the law of that Light descending, who are messengers of the Light and on each of the seven rays preserve that Light through the dynamic decree of the first ray, through the wisdom of the second, through the love of the Holy Spirit and its ruby-ray action in every field on the third, through the full power of the purity of God in pure example on the fourth, teaching by their lives lived unto the Truth in the light of the fifth ray of science and healing, where the proof of the Law allows all to see, even empirically, where is the exactitude of the geometry of God in Matter.

"Then you come to its manifestation in the sixth ray, beloved. The sixth ray is the power of service and ministration, this according to right-mindfulness and love. Therefore, the fruit of action is seen. In the seventh ray there is a weaving with the first in God-government, based on the freedom of the individual to be represented and to elect his own representatives according to his perception of their ability and attainment to wear the mantle of the Light.

" . . . Let the name Yahweh be known! And let the personification of this Holy One of God in every culture and religion be recognized as the one and the same, the sponsor of your lifewaves and your evolution.

"Thus, I AM Zarathustra. And I was sponsored by him long ago in the land of Persia to bring once again to the knowledge of the sons and daughters of God the awareness of the great hierarchy of Light, the Great White Brotherhood, the hosts of the archangels, who surely did come to the king and queen as proof that I was indeed the messenger of the Light. The messenger of the Light, I say! First and foremost, be the messenger of the Light, and learn to define what is the Light on the seven rays of God.

"Thus, it was to teach the sons and daughters of God not only of the heavenly hosts and the forces of the Almighty One, but of the anti-force of the false hierarchy of fallen angels and reprobate ones —rebels who came in defiance of the Christhood of the newborn children of the Sun. It was to prepare this people for the eventual Armageddon which you see outplayed this day in the nation of Iran. Understand that the entire Middle East is besieged by the forces of Darkness pitted against those of Light.

"It is always the dark ones who introduce their fanaticism and arrive at the conclusion that it is just
to kill one’s brother or sister for the sake of the Light and the Word. This is their mockery of the true religion of the Ancient of Days. It is a hollow mockery and it is fed by the vultures who desire
as vampires that energy, that sacred Light, the very Life-essence of the children of the Sun.

"Thus, beloved, understand what is missing the world around, why there is fanaticism in circles of belief systems, whether political, religious, or otherwise. The missing element, beloved, is my reason for coming this day. It is the violet flame of that sacred fire. It is the violet flame of the seventh ray. Introduce the violet flame and see how people begin to unfold their arms, to relax, to rejoice, to love one another, to be able to retain the principle of the white fire of the inner flame—the lily sealed in the very heart of this magnificent purple-violet-pink flame flower."

March 29, 1986

" . . . The great hand of God takes a scoop—a scoop such as you would see in a candy shop. This scoop is filled with grains of gold as grains of golden sand. And this scoop is pouring into each of your chakras the nature, the quality, the gift, the vibration of empowerment you have invoked for yourself, what you can receive and what you can use. Through this internalization, then, of the grains of the God-flame the manifestation of reempowerment is coming to you this day.

"Thus understand that there does come a time in the life of the ascending one that increments of the ascension flame begin to be leveled into that person’s etheric body, then into the mental, then into the desire body and finally into the physical. Make room in your cells and atoms. Revere your organs as the organs of God-man yet to be transformed.

"And remember, beloved, you began as immortals. You lost the flame of your immortality. Now you are striving to enter in as mortals. This means that in calling for empowerment, you must call for the flame, the lost flame of your immortality, so that the transition from this life to higher octaves may come to you gradually over the period and term of years that life has allotted to you. See this, beloved.

"The very beginning of empowerment is to understand that empowerment is a bestowal whereby you internalize increments of God’s omnipotence. It is not a thing of mortals; it is a thing of God. Yes, beloved, empowerment is of the omnipotence of God. For you to make this power your own you must become humble.

"You must self-monitor, for you do not all have a Guru that is ascended whom you may speak with and talk with. Thus, listen to your Holy Christ Self, and know when you have vexed the Holy Spirit or grieved the Holy Spirit or even snuffed out the candle of your own being. Self-monitoring is far more important than watching all of the sports events that pass on the TV screen.

"Be players, beloved, for as Morya has said, life is not a spectator sport."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1994

" . . . No matter where you are or what you are doing you cannot excape the inevitable law of congruency. If you allow yourself to become angered, willful, rebellious or entangled in the threads of maya, then so long as you sustain that vibration by your free will, you are one with and you reinforce the consciousness of all others who are similarly preoccupied with the mists of mortality. And the soul's apparatus to be a distributing center for light is used to proliferate the energy veil, and the light that is in thee is darkness."

Djwal Kul
The Human Aura
chapter 7

" . . . Some of you have so much karma between the seat-of-the-soul chakra and the heart chakra that without the intercession of Jesus you could not be bonded to the heart of your own Holy Christ Self, though you may think you have so bonded to that heart. Please know, beloved, that it is unrealistic to think so while you yet have anger in your heart and while you have nonresolution in your being and in your heart vis-à-vis your Creator and his creation.

"Thus Jesus holds the office of the one who restores the soul to the level where marriage to the Bridegroom is an option. Let none take for granted that this bonding has already taken place, for, beloved, when it does take place it can never be undone. It is the first step of the ascension. It signifies that the one so blessed now walks the earth as a Christed one. Therefore, you will not receive this bonding until you attain resolution of the heart with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And because many of you have not done so, many areas of your inner life still need tending."

El Morya
January 2, 1994

"Out of the flame of Mother energies are encircling the Earth flowing to the chakras of you who have prepared and of all souls of light who have prepared, who have opened windows to receive Mother, to give Father—to give Father, to receive Mother in and out by coming in, by going forth. Energy in balance is the need of the hour: and the Mother comes to teach her children this balance.

"Now enter your third eye. Let your concentration increase, let your concentration increase. From the tiny emerald that I place there let it increase to a sphere of brilliant emerald fire. Now meditate upon this emerald fire and know that the virgin consciousness within you is now restored at the etheric plane.

"Heretofore your Christ Self has held that balance of the vision of the Virgin. Now there is a lowering from out the flame of Mother in matter of the virgin consciousness that will be released cycle by cycle through the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. My angels have anchored now that very record of all that you saw, all that you knew, all that you were in the beginning in the core of creation."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
The Flame of Mother
July 2, 1976

" . . . The function of the chakras of individuals who give no personal adoration to the personal God is at the level of the astral plane. Their chakras are cesspools. Taking in the entire gamut of the mass consciousness they experience it, take part in it and release it with their own added momentum back to the astral sea.

" . . . Therefore he who calls himself a devotee—if he have all intellectual knowledge of the ascended masters' Teachings and yet have not the adoration of the Persons of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit—the lamps of his chakras are gone out, for they must be trimmed with the oil of gladness in the LORD which is pure devotion, ever waiting upon the light in the joy of perpetual service and self-sacrificing love.

" . . . Ever mindful of the 'dead' and the 'deadly thing' they [the fallen ones] would give unto the living to drink, I am increasing the capacity of the lightbearer to bear that light within the cells of body consciousness that shall neutralize both the psychic and the physical poisons of this world."

Sanat Kumara

“Every soul by free will elects the path of his own ascension. Your soul has already chosen and developed a considerable momentum on the ray of its destiny. This occurred while the soul was yet cycling within the spheres of the causal body prior to incarnation in the planes of Matter. The causal body of every son and daughter of God reflects this larger momentum of concentration on the chosen ray.

“Thus you will hear chelas of the Ascended Masters referring to one another as being 'on the first ray' or 'on the second ray' or 'on the fifth ray.' Or you may hear them say, 'So-and-so has a great momentum on the fourth ray and on the seventh ray.' This is good. For when you identify God as a flame and as the personality of the flame, it is good to identify friends and chelas alike as these identify with the flame rather than according to the outer personality or to the momentums of negative karma.

“Learn then, O chelas of the sacred fire, to behold one another as living flames. Learn to see the soul and the intent of the soul. Learn to judge by the motive of the heart. Learn to accept one another for what you are in truth and in reality—exponents of the Christ endued with power from on high, imbued with love from the heart of the Christ, exuding the wisdom of the flame whose origin is the universal mind of God.”

El Morya
February 16, 1975

Michelangelo’s statue of David

" . . . consciously direct a ray of violet flame to each of your chakras, from the base of the spine to the crown. The large violet flame poster that illustrates the chakras superimposed on Michelangelo’s statue of David provides a strong visualization for clearing the chakras and raising the Kundalini.

"Visualize yourself systematically transmuting records of the ancient and near past until you have a fully cleansed temple that the Lord Christ might occupy. Yes, see yourself encircled in pulsating ovoids of violet flame, as shown on the poster. For what you see and internalize you shall become.

"Your goal is to have the Lord Christ of you, your Holy Christ Self, occupy your four lower bodies. If those bodies are full of debris that has been stored in the attic of the brain for centuries, there is no room whatsoever for the Christ to enter in.

"Clean house! But in the very same hour, fill the house with light. Sweep it clean, fill it with light and repeat the ritual day after day.

"Why, you wash your dishes daily, you clean your houses, you take care of your clothing, you take care of your person. Why not take care of these compartments of consciousness that you have so neglected?

"Clean out the realm of the mental body and all the records of episodes that have been impressed upon it for thousands of years. When you self-empty and then call to God to fill you, giving the prayer 'Come, occupy! occupy! occupy! my beloved Christ Self,' day by day by day you will have that clearing. And you may live to rejoice in these very bodies over the complete clearing of all past records. You may live to accomplish the balancing of 100 percent of your karma so that you may fill your vessels with light! light! light! qualifying that light with whatever is the need of the hour in vibration, in speech, in energy, in consciousness.

"Understand that your physical body is the temple of the living God. And therefore, be solicitous of that temple in every way. Every cell is a chalice, every atom and all energy in motion that holds the balance of Alpha and Omega.

"Thus, from the white fire core of your innermost being centered in the base-of-the-spine chakra, call to your I AM Presence to raise the sacred fire to your crown chakra and the third eye and let light! light! light! intensify! Let your aura be magnified! Let rings upon rings of your Causal Body surround you here below because you shall have drawn from your Causal Body such intensity of light through your decrees.

"You know that the only act that can take from you the victory of your decrees is the act of entering into discord. And it doesn’t help matters when you are not regular in your decrees. When you are regular in your decrees and you judiciously hold your harmony—because you are concerned about holding your harmony—you may maintain and accelerate the momentum of your decree work and build upon it! and build upon it! and build upon it! And you may sense that you are receiving the great reward of your work because you are meeting the Buddha at least a quarter of the way by building the rings of your Causal Body around your four lower bodies.

"This, of course, is an adjunct to your walking the path with your Holy Christ Self and submitting to the initiations you must undergo to become the Bride of your Lord, Jesus Christ. Certainly, if you have a temple that has been emptied and filled with light—which you can now adorn with the seamless garment you have woven, for all the rents have been healed and all aberrations of consciousness have been transmuted by the violet flame—this will bring you closer and closer to your soul’s fusion with the heart of Jesus and to bearing the title and the mantle of Bride of Christ.

"The ceremony wherein one is received as a Bride of Christ is awesome, beloved. And I deem it to be most awesome when the soul who is to become the Lord’s Bride is still in incarnation.

"The presence on earth of a Bride of Christ can be felt throughout the world. For all on earth are made aware of a very special presence, a very special relationship, a very special holiness between the Bride and her Lord. And until you yourself achieve oneness with Christ, you have the opportunity, if you are married, to reconsecrate at the altar of God the marriage you have entered into at the human level; thus, man and wife may celebrate their present oneness and their future union with Christ as his Brides.

"Now then, beloved, the blessing and true beauty of marriage should be known to you. But there is another marriage I would speak of and that is your marriage to your Guru. For some time, of course, your Guru may necessarily be me, for I am the one appointed to this office by Saint Germain and the hierarchy of light. I am the one appointed to receive you on behalf of the Seven Chohans and the Maha Chohan as you enter the path of chelaship.

"When I take to myself a chela and sponsor that chela, it is a very, very special event. Many people wait lifetimes for such an opportunity simply because it is not possible for me to carry the weight of those who have not yet transmuted a certain amount of karma and have not shown a certain steadiness—a steadfastness on the path of the will of God, veering neither to the right nor to the left.

"Constancy is the key virtue that I must have in those who truly desire to be one with me. If I would train you personally, beloved, I must have from you an unflinching constancy whereby you maintain a steady level of absorption of the blue flame of the will of God and thus enter day by day into the sacred fire of the First Ray. You must be willing to take any rebuke, any correction, to take it swiftly and to then swiftly self-correct. You must have a momentum on giving the decrees to the Ascended Masters who serve principally on the First Ray. You may give any (or all) of the blue decrees, whether they be to me or to Surya or to Himalaya or to Vaivasvata or to Archangel Michael."

El Morya

The seven rays and the initiations of the Lords of the Seven Rays are charted consecutively on the Alpha cycle of the Cosmic Clock on the 12/6 (First Ray), 1/7 (Second Ray), 2/8 (Third Ray), 3/9 (Fourth Ray), 4/10 (Fifth Ray), 5/11 (Sixth Ray), and 6/12 (Seventh Ray) axes. Padma Sambhava, the sponsoring Buddha of Guru Ma, a title and office held by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, is positioned to initiate the chelas of the Divine Mother on the 6:30/12:30 axis for the transition between the outer seven rays and the inner five secret rays. The five secret rays and the initiations of the Five Dhyani Buddhas are mastered on the Omega cycle of the Cosmic Clock on the half-hour positions of the 7:30/1:30 (First Secret Ray), 8:30/2:30 (Second Secret Ray), 9:30/3:30 (Third Secret Ray), 10:30/4:30 (Fourth Secret Ray), and 11:30/5:30 (Fifth Secret Ray) axes.

"Since the Fall of Man mankind have allowed the energies of the four lower bodies to remain in a state of imbalance. Therefore they have not had the equal flow of the currents of Alpha and Omega anchored within their forms which are necessary to sustain the currents and regeneration of eternal youth and, above all, to expand the aura to planetary and interplanetary dimensions. As a result the unnatural law of sin, disease, decay and death has displaced the natural law of harmony in the evolutions of Earth."

Djwal Kul: Human Aura II, 1982, chapter 8, p. 146
"The Sacred Fire Breath"
" . . . I tell you, beloved, when you keep yourself saturated in the blue ray and you are alert to every out-of-step state of mind that you might even consider entertaining, you will find that I shall become your champion. Once I become the champion of a chela, I will work with that chela to the end. Thus, beloved, do not think that I take lightly the taking on of a chela.

"Many of you are chelas in the becoming. But I must test and try you for many years, sometimes for lifetimes, before I receive the signal from Almighty God himself that I might burden myself by taking on another student.

"Realize this, beloved. It is well to make yourself a devotee of the will of God. For as a devotee, you will increase! and increase! and increase! many shades of blue rings around your four lower bodies and the circumference of your life. And when you have proven yourself under fire and in many
situations—untenable situations, devastating situations—and have come out right side up, we will know that we have a chela of the first order and we will receive you that you might be anointed before the council in Darjeeling."

El Morya

" . . . And when you know your mantras by heart, as many of you do, then sit in deep meditation and let the violet flame increase in size, beginning within and then encompassing the physical heart and the heart chakra. [Let the action of the violet flame] remain intense by your visualization and by the intensity of your call. Then let it expand slowly so that the intensity is such that you cannot see through the flame; for it has become a dense manifestation of the [violet] ray of light [as it has] descended
from the sun and then sprung up as a flame at your point of invocation.

"Your point of invocation is your throat chakra. [It can also be defined as the plane of your soul's incarnation.] Therefore I say, invoke the flame through the throat chakra and add to [your invocation] the instrument of the heart chakra, thereby pouring love to the flame and drawing love from the flame. Use the third eye to invoke the violet flame by intense visualization, drawing the flame into the third eye and giving to the flame the momentum of the sacred fire of that chakra. So use each of the chakras to meditate upon the flame, to focus the flame and then to give [devotion] unto the flame
even as you receive [the devotion of the flame].

"The more creative you are in the use of the violet flame, the more you understand that the violet flame is a ritual, has a consciousness of ritual and looks forward to the hours of the day that you have consecrated to invoking a mantra of the violet flame—or, should I say, invoking the violet flame through a mantra?

"Well, the mantra is the flame and the flame is God and so is the mantra! The question is: Are you all three? Are you the flame, the mantra and the manifestation of God?

"This is the attainment you look forward to as you visualize the violet flame rising up from beneath your feet, rising and pulsating and purifying every level of your being. Then when the concentration is complete in the physical body and you see and feel it, let it slowly extend [out from you] as an aura having the magnetism of the violet flame and let it increase and intensify.

"And so, beloved, as you go through the world, [remember to] put on your tube of light to protect your momentum of the violet flame. But also be ready when you see the eyes of a Lightbearer and the child in need and the soul who looks to God for help. Do not fear to be the instrument to transfer a cup of cool violet flame in Christ's name.

"To have a reservoir of the violet flame means that when you invoke the violet flame, you are using the action of the mighty sea of violet flame in the heart of the earth, you are using the mighty action of Saint Germain's Maltese cross and you are establishing that pillar of fire where you are[—multiplied by your own reservoir].

Saint Germain's Maltese Cross

"After all, it is the seventh age and the seventh dispensation, beloved ones. It is that age and hour when you can all become priests and priestesses under the Order of Lord Zadkiel, under Melchizedek, under Saint Germain, [under Zarathustra and even Oromasis and Diana]. It is that moment in an entire [twelve-tiered] cycle when you have come all the way around the Cosmic Clock of the ages back to the place of the Aquarius sign-the sign of the liberation of the soul through the violet flame.

"In no other past age since the last [age of Aquarius], twelve cycles ago, has there been such an opportunity for world transmutation, soul transmutation, the balancing of karma and [your soul's] restoration through the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to your own inner Christ-potential. So, beloved, the opportunity is vast. It is increased by the dispensation of Omri-Tas, who has brought to you an [unprecedented dispensation (given the present level of earth's evolutions) to reduce your karmic cycles] by light-years.

"Therefore know what a boon all students in the retreats of the Ascended Masters on the etheric octave who are not in embodiment consider this one day a month to be to them! Why, all the retreats of the entire planet are simply pulsating with the joy of the violet flame!

"And we do keep that flame and we do conserve it and we preserve it in the urns upon our altars. And therefore, when world crisis breaks out or the planetary [hierarchs] and the Solar Logoi give the word that there must be earth changes, we have upon the altars of all of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood on earth the wherewithal to apportion that violet flame that we have carefully invoked and garnered so that there might be a smooth transition [when the Great Law decrees] the balancing of that karma which is [weighing heavily] in the earth body [and being borne by] so many billions of souls who live thereon.

"So you see, beloved, you can do the same! You can bank the fires of the violet flame in all of your chakras and in all of the levels of your being, as tier upon tier your chakras represent the seven planes of heaven. You can rise up those tiers, beloved ones! And you can rise up the sefirot unto the point of the I AM THAT I AM, and one day you may go beyond the I AM THAT I AM to the point of the Ein Sof. So understand the meaning of the cycles of the degrees [as you walk the Path a true initiate of the Great White Brotherhood].

"Now understand, beloved, the great mystery of the violet flame. The violet flame is an action that can be stepped [up or down] and tuned to any level of the seven [chakras]. Therefore the violet flame that you keep in the heart will have a different frequency than the violet flame that you keep in the solar-plexus chakra, and so on. And as you are stepping up the grades of the violet flame [from the base-of-the-spine chakra] to the crown chakra, there is an acceleration of the violet flame affecting all of those levels in the earth body. So when you begin at the base chakra [and proceed], rising to the crown, you are experiencing God in the seven levels of heaven right in your very own being!

"Therefore I say to you, value the chakras in your body. Value them well, beloved, for they are chalices. And in the day and the hour when sudden calamity or terminal disease or plague of any kind comes upon your house or upon your body, you will have vials filled with violet flame as a precious medicine, as a precious unguent that you may use spiritually and physically.

"Understand therefore, beloved, that he who does not collect his pots from all of his town and townspeople and bring them into one place on the third of the month and fill them with the violet flame surely does not anticipate that the day may come when there will be no violet flame rain anymore. And therefore, [in that day] the pots will be dry if you do not fill them now and they will be full if you do fill them now!

"So, beloved ones, this is not hoarding. For the violet flame is infinite—infinite out of your own Causal Body of Light, infinite from the Violet Planet and from Omri-Tas. But I can tell you, we, the brothers and the sisters who study under our beloved priest Melchizedek, who was indeed king of Jerusalem and priest of the Most High God, know the value of garnering the violet flame. And we are asking you to do the same, beloved, in your octave.

"For where there are pockets of concentration of the violet flame and you in your joy and love for beloved Saint Germain and Portia and all they have ever done for you do keep that violet flame, well, you see, you are as points igniting a whole world with the violet flame. You are practically as a tinderbox! And someone may come along and invoke a single violet flame and catch the whole momentum that you carry. And therefore the violet flame will be contagious! And it will leap from heart to heart, from continent to continent, from village to village!

"Do you understand, beloved? Our goal is to see planet earth become, as she should be, a Violet Planet herself! And thus, Omri-Tas and all of the mighty beings of the Violet Planet are rooting for you. And that is why Alpha has come with the fourth woe. For that woe does descend for the binding of the forces of Antichrist who defile the Divine Mother in her children and in her sons and daughters."

A Spokesman for the Delegation
of the Priesthood of Melchizedek
in Attendance, July 1, 1992

" . . . The First Ray is the ray of God’s Power and the sixteen-petaled throat chakra is the power center in man. Through the gift of speech, God’s children exercise the power and the authority of the spoken Word by means of this chakra; they increase in faith and in the perfecting of the Word and Work of the Lord by a self-sacrificing devotion to the will of God. The color of this ray and chakra is a brilliant sapphire blue. Archangel Michael, as the Archangel of the First Ray, initiates us in the uses of power in the throat chakra.

"The Second Ray is the ray of God’s Wisdom and the thousand-petaled crown chakra is the wisdom center in man. Through the gift of intelligence God’s children exercise the illumination of the Mind of Christ and attain the enlightenment of the Buddha. The color of this ray is the brilliant yellow of the yellow diamond. Archangel Jophiel, as the Archangel of the Second Ray, initiates us in the uses of wisdom in the crown chakra.

"The Third Ray is the ray of God’s Love and the twelve-petaled heart chakra is the love center in man. Through the gift of charity God’s children express the compassion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Gautama and perfect Love’s calling on earth. The color of this ray ranges from a delicate petal pink or rose-colored beryl to the purging fires of the ruby. Archangel Chamuel, as the Archangel of the Third Ray, initiates us in the uses of love in the heart chakra.

"The Fourth Ray is the ray of God’s Purity and the four-petaled base-of-the-spine chakra is the center of the sacred fire of purity in man. Through the Divine Mother’s gift of this life-force God’s children become co-creators with the Trinity and purify their souls and chakras for reunion with the Eternal Light. The color of this ray is the dazzling white light of the Father-Mother God, which is best focused in the diamond. Archangel Gabriel, as the Archangel of the Fourth Ray, initiates us in the uses of the sacred fire in the base-of-the-spine chakra.

"The Fifth Ray is the ray of God’s Divine Wholeness, and the All-Seeing Eye of God is the means of its precipitation from Spirit to Matter through the ninety-six-petaled third-eye chakra in man. Through the gift of Truth and the soundings of the Word, God’s children apply principles of harmony in chords of music and in alchemical formulas of the healing arts for the restoration of that Divine Wholeness, as Above so below; they also pursue the complete science of the Mother and the all-inclusive religion of the Father as they work the works of God on earth. The color of this ray is emerald green. Archangel Raphael, as the Archangel of the Fifth Ray, initiates us in the uses of science and religion, music and the healing arts in the third-eye chakra.

"The Sixth Ray is the ray of God’s Peace and the ten-petaled solar-plexus chakra is the center of peace, and the power of peace, in man. Through the gift of God’s desire for peace God’s children engage in ministration and service to all life. The color of this ray is alexandrite purple and topaz sun gold with flecks of ruby crystal. Archangel Uriel, as the Archangel of the Sixth Ray, initiates us in the uses of peace, the mastery of the emotions, and compassion to all life in the solar-plexus chakra.

"The Seventh Ray is the ray of God’s Freedom through the Justice and Mercy of the law and the six-petaled seat-of-the-soul chakra is the center of soul-liberation in man through the ritual and alchemy of the violet flame. Through the gift of freedom God’s children are called to exercise free will with Christ-discrimination for righteous judgment and action in the Word and Work of the Lord on the path of personal Christhood. The color of this ray is amethyst violet. Archangel Zadkiel, as the Archangel of the Seventh Ray, initiates us in the uses of freedom and the justice and mercy of the law in the seat-of-the-soul chakra.

The Path of the Soul in the Age of Aquarius

"The Seventh Ray, which comes to the fore in and rules the two-thousand-year age of Aquarius now beginning, affords the soul the freedom to change the human condition by the ritual and alchemy of the violet flame.

"The seat-of-the-soul chakra is actually the seat of the soul’s residence in the body. Positioned below the heart between the solar-plexus and the base-of-the-spine chakras, it is the place of the soul’s self-knowledge in the Real Self and the not-self. Here is self-conscious awareness of the integral soul—personality having partial integration in God and partial integration with the not-self. Both conditions are the result of choices the soul has made over many lifetimes.

"Those of you who have studied the martial arts know that the seat-of-the-soul chakra is the body’s point of equilibrium; it is the center of chi, inner energy or life-force essential to the maintenance of life. It is taught that from this center of gravity, or life center, chi is distributed to the rest of the body. This is true insofar as the physical energy is concerned, for in soul-awareness the psyche does freely focus and circulate this energy. However, the heart is the ultimate center and distribution point of the sacred fire that descends from the I AM Presence (the Father) over the crystal cord and ascends from the base-of-the-spine chakra of the Mother.

"From within the seat-of-the-soul chakra, the center of equilibrium, the soul knows with an inner intuitive knowing what the outer mind cannot or will not come to grips with, what the emotions block for fear of the encounter with the karmic realities at hand. The soul knows what is coming upon the earth. The soul knows the past, present and future. The soul knows all things independently of our mental indoctrination and our emotional programming in this life. Unfortunately, the conscious mind’s contact with the soul which it has at birth decreases with the development of the mental and emotional bodies; however, consistent daily application of the violet flame transmutes the barriers between the conscious and subconscious, the outer awareness of the mind and the inner awareness of the soul.

"The goal of the soul in this embodiment is to rise from its seat in the Seventh Ray chakra to the level of the solar plexus; here she must deal with her momentums of desire and learn the control of the emotions and the emotional body while dealing with past karmic records. With Mother Mary as her example she must put the moon and her astrology beneath her feet. The path of initiation under one or more of the Ascended Masters wherein she invokes the violet flame to transmute past records and calls to Archangel Michael as her protector is the highest, the safest, and the most expedient road (yoga) leading to reunion with God.

"Having passed the required tests at the station of the solar plexus, the soul may proceed to her schooling in the heart chakra. Here the lessons to be learned are mercy and compassion; here transmutation of hardness of heart and of what the Buddha calls the unmerciful heart must be accomplished with signs and good works following in service to life. When she is ready the soul may receive the testing of the Inner Buddha and the Inner Christ in the Eighth Ray chakra, the ante-chamber of the twelve-petaled heart chakra, where the threefold flame burns on the altar and the Inner Buddha is Guru and the Inner Christ is High Priest.

"Only when the soul has passed her initiations again and again in the stations of the chakras from the base of the spine to the heart may she proceed to true self-mastery in the throat, third eye, and crown. The chakras below the heart are surrounded by the 'electronic belt,' the repository of our karma of all previous lifetimes. And the soul is centered in the records of that karma, to a large degree a product of it, having been a party to the making of it.

"And so the age of Aquarius opens the long-awaited age of opportunity for the soul to attain liberation from her karma and the consequent wheel of rebirth. The means of her liberation is the sacred fire, specifically the Seventh Ray aspect of the Holy Spirit, which is the violet flame.

"The violet flame is the key to the transmutation of imbalance in the soul, the chakras, and the four lower bodies. By its penetrating action the soul may contact the subconscious repository of the records and karma of past lives as well as the core antithesis of the Real Self lodged in the unconscious. The transmutation of these records and negative karma is essential to the soul’s liberation; it is accomplished through the agency of the violet flame when it is invoked from God through dynamic decrees according to the science of the spoken Word.

"Finally, when transmutation is complete the violet flame restores the balance of yang and yin forces, the polarity of Alpha (the masculine, or plus, factor of the Deity) and Omega (the feminine, or minus, factor of the Deity) throughout one’s entire consciousness, being, and world. This achievement is the prelude to the ascension and the goal toward which Saint Germain’s Keepers of the Flame are striving daily.

Elizabeth C. Prophet

Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood
Elizabeth Clare Prophet

" . . . Now then, beloved, when Jesus received "the all-power of heaven and earth," he did receive that power as attainment of a very high degree of universal Christhood in all of the seven chakras. This teaching regarding the [soul-testing on the Sixth Ray of the Piscean dispensation under Jesus Christ—which involves the 2/8 axis on the Cosmic Clock, the line of the] solar plexus, [as well as that of its counterpart on the 5/11 axis, the line of the throat chakra]—is the example of [the initiations of] one [chakra] whereby you can understand what would be the testing of the others. [And it is] this one [challenge of the God-mastery and the Christ-Peace] of [the soul through] the solar plexus [that] is necessary to [your] receiving "the all-power in heaven and earth" [which Jesus did].

"The heaven and earth of your being are your chakras above and below the heart. The only time you have the all-power of these levels is when all of your chakras are free and sealed, entity free, free of inordinate desire, free of leaks, tears, [and all] compromises [of God-Harmony]. The Light of the chakras must flow to the physical form. Let the physical form be ready. The Elohim Peace and Aloha, Uriel and Aurora, the Lord Christ, the Seven Chohans attend you for this victory."

March 25, 1989

American cities representing the seven chakras:

1. First Ray, throat chakra, Washington, D.C.
2. Second Ray, crown chakra, Boston, Massachusetts
3. Third Ray, heart chakra, Chicago, Illinois
4. Fourth Ray, base-of-the-spine chakra, Miami, Florida
5. Fifth Ray, third-eye chakra, New York City, New York
6. Sixth Ray, solar-plexus chakra, Detroit, Michigan
7. Seventh Ray, seat-of-the-soul chakra, Los Angeles, California

Saint Germain

" . . . Now realize, the point, the strong point of the Mother chakra in America is the state of Texas itself. Realize that in the very center of America, Texas forms at that base point even the matrix of the base of the pyramid of Life that must be raised, with its crown at the Inner Retreat.

"Now, I realize, geographically, that this centering is not exact. But as a matter of fact, the centering of the heart in your temple is not exact either, yet it is the center. Realize, then, that those forces moving in Central America through Castro’s Cuba and the rest are also aligning themselves. And they hold their fantasy of moving against Texas because they understand, at some level of their being, that to assail the Mother flame is to defeat a nation! And thus, they move against that Mother light.

"Realize, then, that the murder of the Mother on Lemuria was the sinking of that continent and the loss of all religion and science, technology, and thousands of years of momentum of direct contact with the Mother flame. Thus, with the coming again of the Mother flame throughout this community, you see the rise of war, and it is the declaration of war against the seed of the Woman."

Archangel Michael

" . . . Thus you see, beloved hearts, it is the conquering of Light and the Life-force in the lower chakras that enables you to center in your very heart-centerthe Great Central Sun Magnet whereby we may descend, whereby you may comprehend that heaven and earth must meet as one in the etheric octave at the Royal Teton Ranch which itself is in manifestation in the etheric octave even now."

Sanat Kumara October 14, 1984

"He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king." —John Milton

Studies of the Human Aura

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