on the Temple of the Heart
Secret Chamber of the Heart
Eighth Ray Chakra


Fryderyk Chopin
Concerto No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 11
for Piano and Orchestra

I. Allegro Maestoso, II. Romance: Larghetto, III. Rondo: Vivace

The Threefold Flame

"We are the Three Kings and we make up the threefold flame
for this planetary body!"—The Three Kings, July 9, 1998

"Beloved, the heart is the seat of consciousness and the seat of Life.
Guard the heart. Guard the heart, beloved. It is your citadel
of the Central Sun here below."—Gautama Buddha, November 27, 1988

"I think also of the tripartite manifestation of the bee, the body and the wings
forming a threefold flame of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and bringing
to mankind the sweet elixir of golden pink Light from Lord and Lady Venus.
Thus did Napoleon take the bee as his symbol from the knowledge of hierarchy
imparted to him by the Wonderman of Europe."—Lanello, May 20, 1973

"Think of the fleur-de-lis as three white plumes centered in your heart,
and see how they are tinged with the pink, yellow and blue."
—El Morya, June 30, 1997

211. "Let everything be done for the sake of Good. Let each action unfold
new achievements. Let the thought of service accompany each deed.
Let the command of Good react upon everything, like the most vivid image
of the Teacher; the Teaching of the heart is indivisible from Good.
Who and what then, besides the heart, can vindicate or indict one's motives?
The purity of the heart is disclosed by Fire."—El Morya, Heart 1932

"The heart itself, which purified of impure desire,
represents the threshing floor of your earthly and your heavenly consciousness
synthesized in the Threefold Flame and illustrated in the interlaced triangles
of ascending Matter and descending Spirit."—Sanat Kumara,
The Opening of the Seventh Seal

"All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart
is all my own."—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace."—Anonymous

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.
—Emily Dickinson

" . . . May the necessity of this hour of earth's evolution impel you to expand and develop the flame of the heart, for thereby millions shall be saved and you shall ascend."

Heros and Amora
October 11, 1988

"Thus the Lord of the World embraces all in his heart . . . Thus of all initiates and adepts who have risen from this planetary system under the Lord Sanat Kumara it is Gautama Buddha who holds the preeminence of the love fire . . . It is a love of excellence and a love of the very process of striving to perform with excellence . . . you should realize that you are here because of unfinished business, unfinished because of the absence of perfect love in your life, a love of excellence that will see through to the moment when that which is brought forth becomes nourishment for the babes in Christ.

" . . . This love of which we would speak is the love of excellence. So you have inscribed the word of Casimir Poseidon: 'Learn to love to do well, and you shall!'

"We speak of that love, then, that descends and is perforce the active principle that is able to crystallize the ideations of the mind of God, the desires of God, into action.

" . . .Let me tell you something about perfect love. It is not only opportunity to endow Matter and material creation with the Holy Spirit!

"It is the love of perfecting the art, the skill, the profession, the study. It is the love to do all things well because God is thereby glorified.

"It is the love that desires to be in the right vibration, now and always, because of the great sacrifices made by the avatars who have gone before and of the intense plight of humanity in their needs. It is a love of excellence and a love of the very process of striving to perform with excellence.

"It is love of the sacred labor. It is love to be engaged in the work of the ages. It is a love that says: All things I do, I will do them according to the law of perfection. I will do them to manifest this perfection of Christ and his will of which God has given to me the capability and the perseverance.

"This is a love that is sharpening the tools of the mind, that is preparing the heart, that fasts and prays, not in order to display spirituality but for a cosmic purpose: to be the vessel of the Lord.

"It is a love that lives in the sense of God’s holiness. It is a love that does not forget the person of Mother Mary or the holy angels or the vastness of the work at hand or of all that hangs upon this victory.

"It is the love of souls about to be lost but who will not be lost because you press on and summon again and again the necessary energy and light and determination to finish that which has been begun.

" . . . Upon the foundation of sacrifice, selflessness, surrender, and service—therefore let us build the ruby pyramid, the pyramid of the ruby ray! Let it rise within the seat-of-the-soul chakra of each one as the supreme gift of self-givingness in this year.

" . . . May your understanding of perfect love, may your raising up of the ruby-ray pyramid within your soul, be for the healing of the absence of perfect love within the economy. May you take measure, then, of the levels of opposition to love manifest as perfect harmony in your feelings, in your mind, in your heart and soul and desire body—and in the excellence of your perfect precipitation!

"Let harmony be the sign of the presence of love. Let harmony endure. And let your own path of self-perfectionment toward the ascension be filled with this love, this love of striving, all the days of thy life.

"And recognize that the perversion of striving is strife—internal strife, strife one with the other, and the strife among nations. Thus we see, if people would put aside their arguments, their feuds, their differences, which are waxing hot in the Middle East, and concentrate on striving to draw down the perfection of the Christ consciousness, the engines of war would be consumed and the rivers of hell would dry up.

"We are Chamuel and Charity—ever striving to focalize within your heart that perfect love and to bring you into congruency with the soul’s erection of the ruby-ray pyramid.

"Cherish this goal. For the starlight will pass through that pyramid and make you whole."

Chamuel and Charity
December 31, 1980

"Beloved hearts of living fire, those who will teach the world the way to the golden age must master the flame of love. I present to you now this flame. I reveal to you its white-fire center and a mighty action of the pink. And outside of the pink, you will see now leaping flames of golden fire, tinging as a corona of immense wisdom the impact of love. This flame I have described is as the light of Helios and Vesta carrying the love/wisdom of the solar system.

"Then you must see now revealed the Sun behind the sun, as the sling is pulled back for the release of love/wisdom—that it is the universal power of God, his will as blueprint, as divine plan, as Great Blue Causal Body underpinning cosmos, which is the momentum behind love and wisdom to release that force into action.

"Thus, the trinity of love, wisdom, and power, whose home fires burn as the white flame of Alpha and Omega, are a complement without which you may not go forward in the mastery of your own pyramid of Life. This is the foundation, beloved. Let us return to the foundation.

"Let us understand the greatest mystery of love as the love of twin flames, the love of the Guru and the chela—the love of friends, soul mates, children, father and son, mother and daughter, sister and brother. Let us understand the love of karmic ties, where two people who become one for a season do so out of such an intense mutual love for God and for the fulfilling of the law of karma that, though the past may be jagged and the returning momentums rocky and turbulent, they yet endure those cycles. They subdue the old momentums, and they love for the sake of love, for the sake of God, for the sake of life’s previous injustice that must now be God-justice.

"Understand the necessity of great love in karmic associations, and let love flow ever more powerfully when you find a resistance to it. Pour love on the most adverse situations and bring out of them flowers that will adorn the crown of thy attainment.

"Let us no longer walk away in disgust but stand, face, and conquer whatever the situation is
—and make, therefore, as God has promised, thy enemies thy footstool. Let every point of the enemy within thyself, which is the absence of self-mastery, become the footstool and the stepping-stone to the glory of God. For, beloved ones, there is no other enemy except the enemy within that can exercise any power over thee. Therefore, conquer self and thou shalt have conquered all—even the all and the universe.

"So, Lord God Almighty, dwell with me in the hearts of the Keepers of the Flame in this fourteen-day cycle which I dedicate to the mastery of love in the fourteen stations of the cross. Let the release of God’s power this day, as the first station, be the power of love that enables you to understand Love’s divine plan and all that is opposed to it."

Archeia Charity
May 29, 1983

"The earnest student must believe us when we say that so long as a trace of human feelings
—mild dislike, including subtle jealousies or hatreds—remains in his consciousness he will be unable to summon the great love Magnet of the Central Sun to assist him in obtaining reentrance into the paradise of God where the Tree of Life spreads its all-enfolding branches of beneficence. The Law makes no exceptions."

April 26, 1963

" . . . I counsel you, be wise! Be wise! Be wise, I tell you, and stand in the center of the sun of your own being. Neglect not my Heart Meditations; for as you increase the fire of the heart, so, beloved, I increase my presence in your heart. The increase of the threefold flame is your key to the all-power in heaven and in earth that may be given unto you as a part of the initiations of the Holy Spirit, even the power of the Three-Times-Three. Seek it, beloved.

"Oh, it is so easy to take my Heart Meditations, to play them on your car cassette players, to play them in your homes. Do not think I will be offended if you cannot give 100-percent attention to these meditations. You need to imbibe them, to assimilate them, to drink them in, to hear my invocations given through the Messenger and to accept them. What with world conditions as they are, beloved, we cannot spend on the Heart Meditations the precious hours we have [available to us] each week for group decree dynamics in the defense of freedom. Let them be set aside for the quiet moments, the moments when you retire.

"Yes, beloved, 'drink me while I am drinking thee'; for beloved Omri-Tas has given us the dispensation of the violet flame sea in the center of the earth and I have come forth with the outline of the Maltese cross. Even so Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet, has loaned to me his mantle whereby I might also out of his sponsorship give that portion of myself [that I desire to give]; for he does tell me that he does have enough [of a cosmic momentum on the Seventh Ray] to spare."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1991

"This path that is embraced by the buddhas and bodhisattvas—whereby we are sponsored by ascended masters who are our Teachers—has the checks and balances which in themselves keep the way of the Tree of Life and guard that Tree of Life from abuses. And this is the very thing we are looking at here. This threefold flame will not increase—it doesn't matter what we think of people or how great we may think they are in a position on the path—the threefold flame will not budge unless it is expanded by the Christ qualities of that Christ-flame. So if you think you are short on power, wisdom or love you work what you are short on and you make it your determination each and every day to exercise your heart, your life, your service, what you do in the development of one or two or three of those faculties."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
June 30, 1988

"Maintain the immaculate heart but be on guard! For the bag and baggage trailing in with otherwise well-meaning souls comes only to harm and challenge. It is the enemy and never the soul. Divest the individual. You have the key and the tool, beloved ones. Thou knowest the Way. Walk ye in it.

"Life for you shall be exactly what you make it. To make—it is a verb in every language, meaning "to create, to manufacture, to bring about, to coalesce in form, to give shape to." Thus understand the meaning of the Emerald Matrix and the emerald sphere. Understand the meaning of the convergence of worlds.

"Take refuge in the secret chamber of the heart. Take refuge under the shadow of the Almighty in the heart of the wings of an archangel. Take refuge in the secret chamber, in the very lap of Lord Buddha. Find thy true Father. Find thy true Mother. Do not labor and belabor the records of thy past. They have not touched thee at all except for thine own conception."

Serapis Bey
October 28, 1984

"I, Chamuel, with Charity, show you the great mystery of Love and how Love's fires infolding within the fire of being itself can restore to you even the gift of immortality. Whom shall God make immortal? The stony heart? Or the heart that is willing to be tried, purified, made white and restored to the living chalice of the flame of God?

"Be not content to wear your threefold flame at one-sixteenth of an inch in height, barely sufficient in your devotions to even maintain wholeness and healing and uprightness in your temple. I say to you, beloved, if you would increase the fire upon the altar of being, then consort with the Archangels of Divine Love and let Love lead you and take you where you would not go!

"Can you trust the Archangel Chamuel and Charity to lead you in that path of everlasting Love?I pray you, tell me. ['Yes!']

"So, beloved, know, then, that all absence of trust at various levels of your being can be traced back to the moment not when God forsook his trust in you but when you forsook your trust in your Father/Mother God. Then fear and doubt crept in. And inasmuch as you could not trust yourself to fasten yourself to God . . . , you inverted this psychology, if you would call it that, and began to mistrust your Father/Mother God.

"Well, you see, beloved, there is [in reality] no mistrust in God, there is only mistrust in oneself. Therefore, analyze with me now, if you will, by the fervor of the Holy Spirit—and by the covering cherubim who stand with me now to the right and to the left of the Messenger—the path whereby you undo mistrust, beginning with [your mistrust of] your [Higher Self as well as your lower self].

"You must call fearlessly for the purging fires of Divine Love and know that we of the Third Ray come as exorcists on the path of the Buddhas of the Ruby Ray. And we are ready, if you are ready, to take from you your fear and doubt—but not until you have the courage to replace these with unending, unmitigated love.

"We see the patterns in the earth and the patterns of souls. We come, and as we stand before you so tangibly present, know that our angels of the living flame of Divine Love come in answer to your freely given, silent assent. They now place their presence over you to see what is a burden to you, that they may remove it.

"Each time the angels come to bless you, beloved, you must realize that they can take from you only [that portion of your negatively qualified energy] that you can replace with Light. Be prepared, then, when you come into the presence of Archangels. For Archangels are always looking to remove from you your unnecessary baggage, that which is no part of your reality, and to replace it with some essence of your personal Christhood and threefold flame.

"Not all of you are prepared to replace [with Light] what we would take. Therefore we take something from each of you and we fill in [the blank spaces] by whatever momentum of prayer and devotion to God [you may have garnered over the centuries], such as it is, such as it is not.

“ . . . In a sense of the word there is no [leveling] equality, for it is [only] by merit and personal striving that you do receive the initiations of God through the Archangels.”

Archangel Chamuel
with the Covering Cherubim
February 19, 1993

"Do you know, beloved ones, that God so loved the world that he sent his Son, this Lord Christ, who does also manifest above you in that personal presence of the Christ Self. And he so loved you that he gave to you twelve petals of the heart chakra, signifying twelve unique vibrations that are as keys to the twelve gates of the celestial city—right here in your heart, beloved one.

"Thus, hear our call and understand the true meaning of the call of Jesus: 'The kingdom of God is within you.' God has placed himself inside of you, else you would be vacant—vacuous beings without soul or mind or righteousness or sense of what are the moral requirements of the hour.

"Blessed ones, a fire does burn in your heart and it does intensify. For you are indeed in the presence of Christ and of mighty archangels who come as your servants and truly bow before the divine spark because it is the Person of God.

" . . . From within, o beloved, from the point of Light in the center of the heart is the kingdom of God spun as a cocoon of light around you. Call if forth and it is done. but until it manifest you must clear that space, clear that aura. Pour into it the violet flame through your devotions to God."

Chamuel and Charity
February 14, 1986

" . . . Let us enter into the consciousness of the heart. 'Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you' are the words of the Lord spoken within the soul of the Apostle James as the key to the union of God and man through the blessed mediator, the Christ Self. This union has been depicted in the symbol of the six-pointed star—the interlaced triangles that reveal the energies of man ascending and the energies of God descending.

Six-pointed Star of David

"The point at which these energies meet is in the center of the threefold flame of life, sealed within the hidden chamber of the heart. Let it be realized that the threefold flame itself is the flaming consciousness of the Christ, the only begotten of the Father, that is anchored within every individualization of the Father-Mother God, every son and daughter of the flame.

"As you know, all energy has frequency, or vibratory rate, but you must understand that the frequencies of man's energies are not the same as the frequencies of God's energy. For the Lord God has said, 'My thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are your ways my ways.'

"In order for God and man to be one on earth even as the soul of man is one with the Spirit of God in heaven, the Christ comes forth to mediate the frequencies of Matter and of Spirit. The perfect blending of the energies of God and man are realized, then, through the Christ Self of the individual or through masters ascended or unascended who have attained the harmony of the Christ mind.

"When Paul said, 'Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,' he spoke of the Christ Self and he directed the disciples of the Lord to let the Christ Self be within their hearts the mediator of perfection. The mind of which Paul spoke has been referred to as the higher mental body. The terms 'higher mental body' and 'Christ Self' are synonymous, and they refer to the force or presence of the Christos—even to the Logos who becomes the Word incarnate to every son and daughter who recognizes his joint-heirship with the Christ.

"To fulfill, then, the first half of the equation 'Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you,' mankind must raise the energies of consciousness to the level of the heart chakra through meditation on love, through the application of wisdom, and through the garnering of God's energy as the will to be. As you center your attention more and more upon the heart through the visualizations, precious indeed, imparted to you by our brother Lanello, you magnetize the energies of the four lower bodies day by day to the heart center, thus according the Christ the preeminence and the dominion of your soul awareness.

"The magnet that you create within the heart chakra is the ascending triangle. And the more you meditate upon this triangle superimposed upon the heart chakra, the more it becomes the reality of the dimensions of the Sacred Trinity, embodied in the threefold flame sealed in the hidden chamber of the heart.

"As surely as the call compels the answer, so the presence of this forcefield, of this triangle, combined with the letters of living flame 'I AM THAT I AM,' will draw the descending triangle of God's consciousness into the heart chakra. And this merging of Creator and creation through the intercession of the Christ Self is the foundation of our exercise whereby the aura of man becomes the aura of God.

"In God's holy name, O mankind, I say, awake from the sleep of the ages! In God's holy name, I say, do you not understand that you can become only that which you already are?"

Balance the Threefold Flame in Me!

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, I am calling to the heart of the Saviour Jesus Christ and the servant-sons of God and legions of Light who are with him in heaven and to the World Mother to balance, blaze, and expand the threefold flame burning within the secret chamber of my heart until I AM manifesting all of thee and naught of the human remains.

Take complete dominion and control over my four lower bodies and raise me and all life by the power of the three-times-three into the glorious resurrection and ascension in the light! In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I decree!

Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Beloved I AM!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Take thy command!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Magnify it each hour!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Love, wisdom, and power!

And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x)
right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

Djwal Kul
September 15, 1974

" . . . Try is the three-letter word symbolizing the threefold flame in your heart. If you do not exercise your heart-flame, then it will shrink! If you do not exercise your heart-flame, my beloved, then when it is the hour to exorcize the fallen ones it will not have the strength, the momentum. Therefore never give up, never say die, never be discouraged—preach to the fallen ones, intensify the light-penetration of their worlds, woo them by your devotion, lay down your life for the cause, rise up into higher consciousness and preach to the nations.

"If you have given the Word a thousand times without response, give it a thousand more! Never say to me, 'I have assessed the nation and the nations. They do not want the truth. Therefore I will stay home.' Beloved hearts, we win some and we lose some, and this is the name of the game.

"Our God has known the consciousness of the fallen angels, and yet look at the Bill of Rights that He has given to them. Is there anyone more fair and more just than my own Lady Portia who carries in her heart the great fairness and justice of the Almighty that accords to the supreme rebels against His name the planetary homes, the solar systems, the Matter spheres to roam that one day they might atone and bend the knee?

"The odds are against Him, that Mighty One, and yet He sets the matrix. And the children of the light wonder how such privileges are accorded to these fallen ones. No tyrant is He! He allowed them to rebel and still remain another season and another season."

Saint Germain
November 22, 1980

" . . . Now the balancing of the threefold flame comes when you are able to use power without pride, without ambition, without the desire to manipulate people, to control people, to in any way rearrange the universe to your design rather than to the will of God. So in this causal-body exercise God gives us the maximum opportunity to take command of ourselves and all of our energies, so that when the power of God is come upon us we indeed may handle it wisely and well.

"We find that this is one of the greatest tests that is faced by any devotee on the Path. And it is the one factor of your lifestream that is examined very closely when you decide to become a chela or a co-worker in one of our centers.

" . . . When you think of how delicate life in this ecosystem is—how we can only survive in a narrow band of temperature, how we need to have seasons, certain types of food, certain types of minerals (just eliminate a couple amino acids from your diet and you already are feeling it)—you begin to realize that the whole planet is such a delicate interaction and interchange of energy. Start throwing it off with pollution and millions of people get the last plague of cancer; everything is disrupted because of man's disruption of the delicacy of life itself.

"Our tenure in this physical body could be ended in split seconds—as we know from fatalities on the highways—because our bodies are so delicate a chalice for the life-force. So when you think of that very fragile physical nature of our being, and then you start introducing the function of God's light and you start turning up the dial in an individual, the adjustments are enormous, they are incalculable. And this is why we are in this barn (at the Royal Teton Ranch) with this number of people instead of addressing five hundred thousand people.

"People sense when they are near something that they can't handle. They may know the ascended masters' teachings are true, but they also know that to practice them they will have to change their lives. They say they are not ready, but that means they are not capable—which means they don't want the cape of responsibility or the cape of their own ability from their Higher Self.

"These classes and this teaching I am giving to you is being released to millions of souls at inner levels on the etheric octave every night at the Grand Teton Retreat. This is the service of the Messengers. You have attended these classes on spiritual planes before you found this organization in its outer form; you were prepared at inner levels—many are being prepared.

"And because they are prepared they are coming into new ideas. And the new age and its gentle winds are graciously working an alchemy in people's consciousness so that without fear, without an intense sense of dire calamity they are able little by little to unleash themselves from their old belief systems or the very heavy traditions that have been going on so long that they fear to even question them—whether they are in diet or health or living or life-styles or religion or politics—lest they be ostracized from their social and peer groups and their organizations.

" . . . We are not initiators of others of the light we carry. Maitreya initiates those whom he initiates, and we must guard that light so that when he comes again we not only have that light as the candles burning in our chakras but we also have more light because we have multiplied it. So the parable of the servant who buried his talent in the earth has to do with initiation. It has to do with multiplying one's talents, multiplying the light of the chakras.

"So Maitreya will not be satisfied (when he comes again) to find us with the same light he gave us. Once it is received, because we are co-creators with God, we are expected to multiply that light. We are expected to increase it and to have fruits. This is the ancient tradition of offering the fruit to the Guru.

"The fruit is the symbol of how you have multiplied your light. It is the fruit from your Tree of Life. And so there must be an increase wherever you are. Whatever you are doing must have increased the consciousness where you are—the activity of God, the knowledge of God, the work of God, and so forth. This is our lawful requirement. This is our lawful statement of gratitude. This is the means whereby we become the magnet for the next initiation.

" . . . So this path is for everyone who will make himself a servant of God. If someone thinks he doesn't have a threefold flame he can earn one, he can call forth the light of Maitreya and the light of Christ to be that threefold flame for him while he earns that threefold flame.

"Some people may have lost the divine spark by misuse. That shouldn't set anyone off the Path. We have heard of the superimposing of the Electronic Presence of Jesus. If you don't think your threefold flame is quite adequate to the task you want to do every day or the light you want to carry, the healing you want to bring, you call to the Electronic Presence—which means the form, the likeness, the very living presence of Jesus (a duplicate of it) to be placed over yourself. You ask for his sacred heart to be over your heart. You ask for his chakras to be over your chakras. And you ask for him to sustain you in that Christ consciousness.

"Jesus can do this for so long, but he expects you to work to rise to the level of his Christ Self and your Christ Self so that the mastery he brings to you you will make your own. Thus the masters will reinforce us in what we are desiring to do: overcoming bad habits, accelerating through the transmutation of karma, but always desiring first and foremost to be the Lord's best servant, even willing to postpone karma balancing to help a brother or a sister along the way—to take ourselves from a path of absolute determination to attain our God Self-mastery and to say, 'I will put aside my practices of meditation and adeptship, and I will go out and I will serve my community and I will help my people.

"And there will come a day when I will be able to return to the great inner work of building the temple of man.' And when you return to that great inner work—that mighty work of the ages—you will find that your service to your fellowman has truly been the foundation stone of that building, because without love there is no true attainment."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
October 28, 1984

' . . . This path that is embraced by the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, whereby we are sponsored by Ascended Masters who are our teachers, has the checks and balances which in themselves keep the way of the Tree of Life and guard that Tree of Life from abuses. And this is the very thing we are looking at here. This threefold flame will not increase, it doesn't matter what we think of people or how great we may think they are in a position on the Path: the threefold flame will not budge unless it is expanded by the Christ qualities of that Christ-flame. So if you think you are short on power, wisdom or love, you work what you are short on and you make it your determination each and every day to exercise your heart, your life, your service, what you do in the development of one or two or three of those faculties."
Elizabeth C. Prophet: June 30, 1988

"I AM Chamuel and I raise my hands and direct light into your heart. I reactivate your heart chakra. I AM balancing its twelve petals. I give support through the threefold flame, the divine spark in the inner chamber, the secret chamber of the heart.

' . . . Well, I tell you, beloved ones, the seven archangels do have a plan for the resolution not only of the monetary debt of this people of America but also of the karmic debt. We will not lay out that plan to you this day for it involves both spiritual and physical action. But we will tell you that if you will keep the vigil with the archangels you will see how we will inject into this economy those solutions that can be made plain and those actions that can resolve the crisis . . . There are only two ways out: collapse or victory.

"The problems in the economy and the national debt, beloved ones, are problems that defy human solution and they almost defy angelic solution. There are only two ways out: collapse or victory. You might as well go for the victory with all of your might! For if you do not, then the collapse will come.

" . . . You are not helpless! You are the divine Helpers of God. We say to you: get in the driver's seat! Drive your own chariot . . . Invoke ascension's flame! Raise up the Mother Light on the altar of your chakras! Fulfill your destiny! Fulfill your reason for being!

" . . . I admonish you to go and be the God of Love!: go and be that manifestation and allow nothing else to occupy your temple. And be ready to defend your citadel of Love by the all-consuming fire of Love that will in answer to your call consume all forces of anti-Love! Yes I AM here and I have placed a part of myself with you. May you keep me with you, for I will show you what God can do through you to make your life more worthwhile than it has been in many long centuries.

" . . . I seal you now for your victory in this life and beyond."

Archangel Chamuel
October 4, 1992

"Do not mistake . . . material objects for your salvation; for one day you will be called upon by me, by the Lord Christ within you, by that Jesus who I AM, to stand alone robed in white without assistance from any other source save that light that burns upon the altar of your heart. And by that light and that light alone you, too, will prove the victory of life over death and hell.

"Beloved ones, therefore do not clutter your path with all of these objects and do not run here and there. For salvation is not of flesh and blood nor is it of the perfectionment of this human temple, but the perfectionment of the virtue of the soul.

"And therefore, take all other exercises—physical or mental—in moderation. And do not think that in any exercises—whether of yoga or of pranic breath or any other form—that you will succeed in perfecting that soul. But by virtue, by the sacred labor, by grace and good works, by faith and hope and charity you will win the path of your ascension.

"Beloved ones, let all other things, then, come into balance and perspective as the minimum necessity for the sustainment of balance within the four lower bodies. This temple, then, is the temple where the mysteries of God are revealed in the hidden temple of the heart by the secret of the hidden man of the heart."

Jesus Christ

"I am your Jesus, fairest rose of your heart. I am one with your Christ. I am in the center of the lily, the threefold flame that is the heart of that diamond chalice of Mother Mary. Therefore, you see that the acceptable flower that you bring to this calling is the lily, which does represent the threefold flame."

Jesus Christ

"Sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service are the jewels that come under the Three Jewels of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. These jewels you carry close to your heart. They are indeed rubies.

"Some of you have received, whether you reside here or in the farthest corners of the earth, rubies from the heart of this great Buddha or that great Buddha. You carry them in a pouch in the secret chamber of your heart. And some of you have won other stones of light for merit, whereby your hearts magnify the flame of God not only by the threefold flame but by these precious jewels that contain extraordinary light—more light than you can bear in your chakras, you see."


"For, beloved, the expanded heart flame is assailed by the world and the worldly consciousness, and the Eighth Ray chakra is the armour and shield. As the [threefold] flame expands, the [secret] chamber [of the heart] shall expand. [And this is the goal, twofold, which I, Serapis, set before you this day.]

"Think you, then, that the threefold flame when raised to your own height shall not also cause that chamber to become a Cosmic Egg? Aye, it is so! Think you that eight Buddhas shall not come and manifest in those petals [when you shall have sufficiently balanced and expanded that threefold flame]? Aye, it is so."

Serapis Bey

"Find Love That Is Great Enough to Overcome.

"May you find the profound love of John the Beloved that is great enough to overcome this insensitivity to others, this abuse of Power that results in idolatry, [the personality cult] and so forth. And may you find in the wisdom of the Divine Science, which your Messenger is so capable of teaching you, the wise dominion over self whereby you will never trample upon another. If each one does make himself/herself the committee of one to see to it that this is done, you will see the dream, even the childhood dream of the Messenger, come true.

"How oft has she recited the mantra and repeated in her heart, 'For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God, as the waters cover the sea.' It is the dream of all the saints in heaven. It is the dream of your hearts.

" . . . Well, beloved, balance the threefold flame. Become shepherds, truly understanding the mantle of leader, and it shall be accomplished."

Theosophia, the Goddess of Wisdom

" . . . may I introduce myself as the Tibetan master and as one who has chosen to expand the love-fires of the heart to woo mankind to the center of Christ awareness where the balance of the threefold flame perceives and is perceived by the fullness of that mind which was in Christ Jesus (Phil. 2:5)."

Djwal Kul
The Human Aura II
1982, chapter 1

" . . . Ho! I AM Zarathustra and I choose to come gently in this moment, gently intensifying. Thus, I am causing the fiery salamanders to intensify the pressure: first of the light, then of the warmth, then of the fire itself.

"Thus, beloved, I give what Alpha and Omega have called me to give. For they have prepared you, even as the preceding ones have prepared your auras, to assimilate absolutely the most fire that can possibly be given and received. Thus, for the moment be still and contemplate the rainbow flames all about you.

[20-second pause]

"Your body elemental is enjoying a fire bath. The body elementals love the fire bath of the multicolored flames. They delight in this! They are scientists beyond your ken, beloved. They know the science of the body, they know what the flames heal and how to apply them. They not only enjoy the bath but are busy directing specific rays of the flames into specific needs of the body. They produce a well-beingness and a relaxation. They produce the harmony of the spheres.

"And now the flame forms the cosmic egg around you, an ovoid of Light. You can sustain the pattern of the flames, beloved, and magnetize them to yourself at will by using the mantra I have given you to the Mighty Threefold Flame of Life. This mantra, beloved, will call my Electronic Presence around you. It is not short, because through your giving of the mantra, whilst you are giving it, I am realigning your chakras, assisting you to balance the threefold flame at all costs and to bring God-control to every aspect of your life.

"Thus, some mantras work well as a line or two of affirmation. But when I wish to activate in you the spirals of the rainbow rays of God, then I must have this mantra. And while you give it, beloved, I can sustain the Presence. Thus, if it become a perpetual mantra in your heart, see where the increase of fire will bring you—closer to all of my chelas at inner levels and on the outer, closer indeed to the members of the priesthood of beloved Melchizedek. Thus, the mighty threefold flame of Life is the gift of God so pure!

"Into the flame now comes your own beloved seraphim, the same, the very one who was with you in the hour of your birth in the Great Central Sun. Beloved ones, this seraphim has an attachment to you and to your twin flame and desires to bring you together. This seraphim has an attachment to bringing your body and mind and soul into the health of God, the health enjoyed by seraphim.

"I would suggest you woo your seraphim and woo him to your side that he may not return to the Central Sun except according to the regular rotations and cyclings and recyclings of the seraphim from the Great Central Sun to the outer rings they form in the outermost universes [and back again].

"So, beloved, seraphim are personally devoted, as they should be, to whomever God appoints them. Inasmuch as the seraphim, as you have been told, are great healers, they use these rainbow rays now for that healing purpose.

"I AM in the white fire core of the flame. I AM in the pulsation of resurrection's flame. I AM in the action of the point of your Holy Christ Self.

"In this moment of our meditation, beloved, I AM one with your Holy Christ Self. Now look upon your Holy Christ Self and see the smiling face of Zarathustra. In this moment I am not in my fiercest mode but when you see me turn upon the forces of Antichrist, then you may tremble by the fury of the elements and the wind and the vortex of the fire, beloved. But remember, in all of this it is directed. It is directed, beloved ones, and under the God-control of myself and legions of Light.

"Therefore, while you are in this hour of assimilation of the flame, I shall perform the service now of dealing with those forces of Antichrist.

"Bind the Forces of Antichrist in the Earth!

"Ho! Mighty legions of the Light, descend!

"Ho! Mighty legions of the Light, descend!

"Ho! Mighty legions of the Light, descend!

"Take up your positions in the quadrants of the earth now. By the mighty sword of the Divine Mother, therefore bind the forces of Antichrist in the earth and in the sea, in the earth, in the earth, in the earth, in the air, in the mental plane, in the etheric octave!

"Blaze the full power of the Great Central Sun!

"Mighty legions arrayed and circles of seraphim of God, legions of the mighty fire beings of the Ruby Ray and all of the secret-ray Dhyani Buddhas, come forth now for the binding of the forces of Antichrist in the earth!

"Let all of heaven now unleash that full-gathered momentum of Elohim!

"Let the full power of God descend for the displacing in the earth, for the consuming in the earth, for the bindingin the earth, for the judgment in the earth of those who are the force of Antichrist, known or unknown, embodied or disembodied!

"Let it descend now, O God! Let the fire descend as you have accorded it, as you have decreed it, as you have sent it and sent me into this very midst!

"Therefore, let the fire descend! And let the all-consuming fire deal with that consciousness and that manifestation whose time is up. And therefore, let it be bound, let it be dissolved and let it be taken now into the very heart of the Central Sun for that action of the sacred fire which is meet!

"Now the rain of fire-snow descends. ('Fire-snow,' a misnomer, but fire-snow it is.) Descend, O fire-snow! Goddess of Purity, Goddess of Light, Queen of Light, all hosts of the Fourth Ray, Astrea and Purity and all legions of Zarathustra, go forth, then!

"They are bound by the hosts of the Lord and the hosts of the Lord shall continue the binding!

"And therefore, I seal the action of the binding in the name Ahura Mazda! And I seal your temples in the flame that will not be quenched by God, will not be quenched by the Lord Christ or the Lord Buddha, will not be quenched, beloved, by your Holy Christ Self. The only one who can quench the flame is you.

"See thou do it not! See thou do it not! See thou do it not!

"Salutations from all legions of Zarathustra!

O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life
by Zarathustra

O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life,
Thou gift of God so pure,
Take my thoughts and energy
And make them all secure.

Under bond of Brotherhood
And understanding fair,
Send thee forth unto my soul
The gift of holy prayer.

Communication's strands of love,
How they woo by heaven's law
A tender blessing for the good,
Releasing holy awe

That draws me near the throne of grace
To now behold thy sacred face
And without fear dispense aright
The passions of pure God-delight
Which set me free from all that's been
The sinful nature of all men.

Christ, raise me to self-mastery,
The living passion of the free.
Determination, now arise
And lift me ever to the skies!

Enfolding life and being all
With the God-command
"Amen!" that shatters human pall.

The free-no bondage holds me back;
I AM the fullness of Love's law
Supplying every lack,
And consecration in full measure
Is my will and God's own pleasure.

Saint Germain and Jesus dear,
Hold my hand with Morya's here
And let the love of Mary then
Be the wings to raise all men.

Until they all unite in Love
To serve that purpose from above
That comes to earth at any hour
Responding to the call of Power;
Send thy shining Wisdom then
That is God's love
Expanded for all men.

"I thank thee and I accept this done right now with full power. I AM this done right now with full power. This is the full manifestation of the Law of Love that raises me to my eternal Victory, now and forever!"

Taken from Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, Section I. See also Heart, Head and Hand Decrees booklet.

July 1, 1992

Wszech-moc, wszech-obecnosc
i wszech-wiedza w Swiatyni Serca

(Omnipotence, Omnipresence
and Omniscience
in the Temple of the Heart)

Djwal Kul
E.C. Prophet, 1 grudnia 1974
Copyright © 1974
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Chrystus stoi
w Swiatyni twego Serca

(Christ Stands in the Temple
of Your Heart)

Gautama Buddha
E.C. Prophet, 29 czerwca 1975
Copyright © 1975
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Odkryj wspaniala
Swiatynie Serca

(Discover the Great
Temple of the Heart)

E.C. Prophet, 9 maja 1976
Pasadena, CA
Copyright © 1976
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Wezwij swa dusze
do Swiatyni Serca

(Call Your Soul
to the Temple of the Heart)

Goddess of Wisdom
E.C. Prophet, 16 stycznia 1977
Pasadena, CA
Copyright © 1977
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.
Wstap do duchowej
Swiatyni Serca

(Come Into the Inner Temple
of the Heart)

Heremes Mercurius Trismegistus
E.C. Prophet, 17 sierpnia 1981
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1981
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Obys zwyciesko wyszedl
z kazdej proby zycia!

(May You Pass Every Test!)

Saint Germain
E.C. Prophet, 6 lipca 1984
Heart of the Inner Retreat
Copyright © 1984
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.
Sekretne promienie
w sercach Dhyani Buddow

(Secret Rays in the Hearts
of the Dhyani Buddhas)
Mighty Cosmos

E.C. Prophet, 2 lipca 1988
Heart of the Inner Retreat
Copyright © 1988
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Potrojny plomien
w Swiatyni twego Serca

(Threefold Flame
in the Temple of Your Heart)

E.C. Prophet, 29 listopada 1998
Mexico City, Mexico
Copyright © 1998
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Zwyciestwo Boga
w potrojnym plomieniu

(God's Victory
in the Threefold Flame)

E.C. Prophet, 13 lutego 1999
New York City
Copyright © 1999
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Jam Jest
potrojnym plomieniem

the Threefold Flame

Copyright © 1967, 2002
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Czakry Serca

Heart Chakra

Muzyczna medytacja
Copyright © 2003
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Jam Jest
swiatloscia serca

I AM the Light
of the Heart

Copyright © 1967
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

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