on the Thousand-Petaled Lotus

Fryderyk Chopin's Etude in A Minor
'Winter Wind' Op. 25 No.11

Crown Chakra

Robert Schuman said, "A la Chopin" of Chopin’s concert performance, during which he presented his Etudes Opus 25. Having mastered a wide range of performing arts, Chopin developed a piano technique which never captured the listeners’ attention for its own sake.

The genuinely great interpretations of Chopin’s Etudes have been, and still are, based on the creation of a musical impression within the attributes of a clear, definite and uniquely suggestive Chopin style. Thanks to the excellence of Chopin’s composition technique, his etudes opened a new chapter in the history of development of this musical form, which, liberated from its previous "utility" function, entered the realm of great art.

Masterful construction of the two sets of Etudes op. 10 and op. 25, each containing twelve compositions, later supplemented by the Trois Nouvelles Etudes, prompted some music scholars to define the Etudes as the very pinnacle of Chopin's creativity, and to regard them as the most magnificent fruit of his genius.

Lotus Flower

"The individual has been given a gift of energy; it is a portion of the Godhead. And a portion of that energy is anchored in each of the chakras. We have the free will to decide what we will do with this energy. Sex, then, is much more than a simple experience between man and woman. It is an intimate experience with God.

"Many people have seen how easy it is through meditation and the giving of mantras to raise the sacred fire and to begin to have deep inner experiences in the mysteries of God. Alternatively, the use of the sacred fire in sex has its highest culmination in the bringing forth of children within the circle of a marriage dedicated to God. When it is not for the purpose of bringing forth children, it is for the purpose of balancing energies between man and woman in the married state.

"That balance of energy may also be achieved by the raising of the energies of the spine and their consecration in each of the chakras until finally there is the opening of the thousand- petaled lotus through the crown chakra. The bliss of this experience cannot be described and it cannot be compared to any earthly bliss. It is beyond what anyone could even imagine he could experience in this life. The bliss of that union of the Father/Mother God far outweighs that of any other union.

"And yet until man and woman have tasted of that fruit, many, of course, prefer the sexual experience.

Q: Are you saying, then, that enlightenment is related to inner wholeness?

ECP: I would say enlightenment is related to the raising of the energies of the Mother to become one with the Father within the self. Enlightenment comes through contact with God."

Elizabeth C. Prophet, Inner Perspectives
"What Is the Truth about Twin Flames
and Soul Mates,"

"The golden cycle of the sun is a release of light out of the very sphere of the golden light of the crown chakra. Thus, it does come for the increase of the power, the wisdom and the love of the mind. Therefore, let the holy Trinity be also ensconced in that mind of God in you."

Saint Germain
October 14, 1991

" . . . When the chamber is strengthened by those who understand wholeness (by those who should have heeded the Messenger’s reminder as the decade began that the decade of the eighties is the decade for the mastery of the Eightfold Path and [of the] completion [of cycles]), and when, therefore, that [eight-petaled] chakra is [also] strengthened, the heart can expand, the threefold flame of the heart can expand.

"For, beloved, the expanded heart flame is assailed by the world and the worldly consciousness, and the Eighth Ray chakra is the armour and shield. As the [threefold] flame expands, the [secret] chamber [of the heart] shall expand. [And this is the goal, twofold, which I, Serapis, set before you this day.]

"Think you, then, that the threefold flame when raised to your own height shall not also cause that chamber to become a Cosmic Egg? Aye, it is so! Think you that eight Buddhas shall not come and manifest in those petals [when you shall have sufficiently balanced and expanded that threefold flame]? Aye, it is so.

"Thus, without mastery of the Flame of Mother [on the six o’clock line], without true desiring to dissolve all differences [inharmony] between thyself and all mothers and the Divine Mother, there can be no entering in [to the secret chamber of the heart].

"The Buddha who will teach you within that chamber is the devotee and the Divine Lover of the Mother. The Buddha will not receive [on the Eightfold Path of initiation] sons of men, daughters of earth who have yet subconscious antagonism or envy or mistrust of the Divine Mother. And if these trust not or love not or obey not the Mother [whom] they can see, how shall they love one whom they cannot see?

"One’s perfections or imperfections are not the determining factor in the merit of one’s love. One loves the principle of Mother [of Cosmic Motherhood: of God as Mother], the mantle, the office and the soul [of Mother]—day by day embodying more of that Flame.

"Thus, beloved, this is the key to the six o’clock line of Sanat Kumara, who bears the Flame of Guru, and the Flame of Mother in the process. Know, then, that the Divine Mother is the key to the heart of God in the center of being and that Buddha is Father and [that] Father must be approached through Mother.

"In the [process of the] transmutation and dissolution of worlds of karma with various mother figures, I do exhort you to select one Ascended Lady Master such as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Liberty and to give such intense devotion to that image and that flame that through that heart you might dissolve all separation from the Mother of Cosmos.

"In your desiring to accomplish this, beloved, as long as the fervor be intense you may elect to give this devotion to more than one. What is required, however, is that an intensity of devotion be given to one; and then if you can increase and multiply it by also embodying the flame of another, you should surely do so.

"Thus Kuan Yin and Mother Mary and the Goddess of Liberty present to you their hearts for this purpose, as do the members of the Karmic Board: Portia, Mother of Aquarius; Pallas Athena, wielding the sword of Truth; Nada, [being of Love and Love’s alchemy of healing].

"In the understanding of the seven rays, then, embrace thy Mother and be free. Be free to go to the center [of the Cosmic Clock, the center of the Cosmic Christ consciousness,] to make your rounds and thus to be allowed to move on, step-by-step through the initiations of the five secret rays.

"These will not come simultaneously. But if you examine your chart, you will note that when you emerge from the center of your Clock, you arrive at the gate of the seven o’clock line, the gate of the Goddess of Liberty and Lords of Karma, who approve your petitions to enter now the five secret-ray initiations of the Holy Spirit.

"I will tell you, then, that a sufficiency of light and balance of the threefold flame must be present with[in] the seat-of-the-soul chakra on that seven o’clock line and in the soul in order for you to proceed with the First Secret Ray initiation. Pursuing this with all diligence, you shall catch up to the fourteen-month cycles and therefore be in sync with the world action of initiation, [with] holders of the flame with Serapis and [with] all members of Hierarchy of this stepping-up of the earth.

"For the record I say it again, the decade of the 1990s will find you being challenged to prove your mastery by the Power of the Three-Times-Three—balanced threefold flame of I AM Presence, [of] Holy Christ Self and [of] your own heart flame. Let the heart meditations of Saint Germain be followed to that purpose. As you desire and bring forth devotion to the threefold flame of Liberty in each line of the Clock, you are building momentum for the quadrants, for the mastery of the four elements, and for this purpose of having the equilibrium to enter the five bands of the secret rays."

Serapis Bey
July 2, 1988

"Let all remember, then, the Power of geometry, the Wisdom of geometry, the Love of geometry of the 'Power of the Three-Times-Three' and know that you shall be called upon to demonstrate that God-mastery. While there is time seek counsel, know the Lord, ask to be shown."
Alpha and Omega
July 3, 1988

"To live in the presence of great truths and eternal laws, to be led by permanent ideals—that is what keeps a man patient when the world ignores him, and calm and unspoiled when the world praises him."—Honore De Balzac

"Either you thinkor else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you."F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Lotus of the True Law

Chopin—the Age of Pisces
Five Secret Rays

on the Five Secret Rays
Secret Chamber of the Heart
Eighth Ray Chakra

on the Thousand-Petaled Lotus
on the Temple of the Heart

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