Forgiveness of Eve  

Michelangelo, detail
The Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy

"And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden
thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof
thou shalt surely die."—Genesis 2:16-17

"Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears.
The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on.
Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal.
Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved."

—The Hebrew Talmud

" . . . Lord Maitreya, seated in the lotus throne in the central altar of Lemuria . . .
is the personification of the Lord God who walked and talked with man
and woman in the garden of Eden."—Sanat Kumara


"Jesus the Christ, whose soul had been embodied as righteous Abel and had suffered death by the hand of the unrighteous Cain, knew firsthand the sorrows of Adam and Eve following their unsuccessful bout with Serpent, the representative of the entire Luciferian false hierarchy. Thus he vowed to me the vow which he fulfilled 6,666 cycles following the fall of his parents. Prepared on the Path of the Ruby Ray with Joseph and Mary from his birth to his twelfth year and then in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood until the age of thirty, he came to John in the prearranged meeting for the initiation of the baptism. He was ready in the fullest manifestation of the Word to take on Satan and through him Serpent and his lie, denying the lawful path of initiation—which was the original sin.

"Rightly called the 'last Adam' (the last incarnation of the son of 'the first man Adam'), the Son of God went forth boldly to expose the entire Satanic false hierarchy as having no power, no wisdom, and no love to thwart the mighty Threefold Flame of Life in the hearts of God’s children. In the wilderness of the astral plane, the citadel of the fallen ones, he stood and still stands for the descendants of the Adamic race who were henceforth to be called the I AM Race. These are the sons and daughters of Alpha and Omega who will restore the divinity of the Father/Mother God in Adam and Eve and in all twin flames who will reenter with them the Path of the Ruby Ray—this time to win.

"Thus I AM the Restorer of the Light of these twin flames and their descendants. And through
the Saviour of that race—the son of the man, Adam, who has become the Son of God, Christ Jesus—Satan and every fallen one was, is, and can be summarily dismissed with the Word of God spoken through you: 'Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.'

"This is the true religion of the Lord God who appeared to Adam and Eve in the ‘first’ (the Alpha) mystery school, and it remains the true religion of those who, as their descendants, have come to the ‘last’ (the Omega) mystery school to restore the grace of God in the name of their Son, Jesus.

"I AM with you, my beloved, in the first and the last (the Alpha and the Omega) Guru, Lord Maitreya. And I AM Alpha and Omega in the beginning and the ending of the cycles of your karma in the Matter sphere.

"Now together let us accelerate as we—I through you and you through me—take up these serpents and cast them out by the Word of God, by the Son Jesus Christ and by the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood whom he represents in the lineage of the Ruby Ray. Let the woman of Genesis be redeemed through the Woman of Revelation. For that Woman represents the soul of every child of God who has descended into the Matter sphere and who will ascend through the open door of the righteous BRANCH.

"I AM the Ancient of Days reminding you, my beloved, of your vow made with righteous Abel to destroy the works of the Devil and to redeem the Woman and her seed throughout all the earth."

Sanat Kumara

" . . . Therefore, I say to you that I have planted my feet in this earth as the sign of the ascension flame. And on the hillsides of all the world I have also impressed my footprints as in the hour of my ascension, that the earth might be quickened with the Rose of Sharon, that the earth might be renewed, that you might rejoice, and that you might keep the vigil and realize that this is the hour when the Woman fully redeems—from the point of Eve to the point of Mary to the point of the Woman clothed with the Sun. The redemption is of the soul—the souls of Alpha and Omega who rise up to greet the dawn of the Sun of Righteousness who is come to you with healing in his wings."

Jesus Christ
May 8, 1983

"Now, then, I release spheres of light from my heart—intense concentrations of violet flame, sealed in the golden-white light of Victory. We send these spheres of light for the forgiveness of Eve.

"You have heard that with the coming of Jesus Christ, the first Adam became the last Adam. With the coming of the Saviour came the opportunity by grace for the redemption of Adam and Eve and all evolutions of that era who compromised the sacred fire through disobedience to the Law of Love, who broke their blessed tie to the Guru Maitreya and therefore were left to wander without
tie to Hierarchy over the plains, the valleys and the deserts of the earth.

"This, in itself, was the release of a great forgiveness unto all evolutions. And the one who proclaimed, 'I AM the open door which no man can shut,' indeed was and is the Word incarnate in Jesus Christ and in every son and daughter of God who has since come forth for the salvation of souls and the lost tribes of the house of Israel.

"What, then, is the meaning of the forgiveness of Eve in this age?

"First of all, beloved hearts, let us understand that the one who was embodied as Eve has remained yet in incarnation on earth even unto the present hour. And to the present hour the Lords of Karma have not allowed this lifestream to enter into the fullness of the spiral of the ascension current, for the divine plan of the redemption of woman was not yet.

"Now, in this hour, with the intensification of the light of the feminine ray within the heart of Virgo and Pelleur in the white-fire core of the earth, within the heart of many souls of light, the one known as Eve, as 'the mother of all living,' is forgiven unto the uttermost. For, blessed hearts, this lifestream has toiled now many thousands of years in great remorse, in internal penitence and suffering for the moment of disobedience. Therefore, this soul has come to the path of initiation.

"Blessed hearts, there are many, by a process of guilt, who will consider that they are this one. I counsel you, do not entertain this thought.

"In this hour, then, the one who had the opportunity to be Mother in the way of initiation under Maitreya and to lead the fourth root race into a higher consciousness is still one who holds a key and the key for the women of this world to enter into that same path of initiation and light of freedom.

"Everywhere in the land you behold women manifesting energies of a discordant and rebellious nature with regard to the feminine light. They make demands that are not lawful before the throne of Almighty God.

"Then, across the land, we see other women who also have sought the redemption of the Lord Christ, East and West, who recognize with an inner soul-knowing that this is the hour when the Eve within them can be forgiven to the uttermost.

"This is the hour of the open door for this entire lifewave—men and women and the fourth root race to enter into the white-fire core of the Fourth Ray and thereby redeem all of the misuses of the white chakra on earth, on Mars, on other planetary bodies of this system and on places called Maldek and Hedron.

"Thus, this redemption of woman, this redemption of the one and the many, manifests itself in this hour as a moving spiral, as a living flame. All who become part of it will be as celestial spirits, moving as a mystical body both in heaven and on earth; for woman, Eve, is both principle and person of Mother Flame.

"Understand, then, that the one who opened the door to the descent must open the door to the ascent. This means not only this one but every woman who strayed from the path of exaltation of the soul of man, woman and child. For this is indeed the calling of woman—the exaltation of every living soul. This is to be the mother of all living.

"Therefore, I counsel you, daughters of Jerusalem, put on the garment of Eve without putting on her guilt, her shame. Put on her redemption. Put on her forgiveness. Put on her original role and elevate the souls entrusted to your care—the loved ones nearest you. Then go beyond to your community.

"Show every part of life that Mother Mary is come for the victory, that every ascended daughter of God is come for the victory, and that I, Justina, have come forth from out the Great Central Sun to be the focal point for victory in this age.

"I counsel you, then, to turn your attention upon those women of the radical element who are in fact ruining, if it were possible, the dispensation of the Mother Flame for America and the earth. In their actions they are countered by other women who see the error of their ways and who react with such fanaticism and hatred that they, too, have entered into the spiral of ruination put forth by the Great Whore.

"Therefore, let the voice of the ones who are called the silent majority come forth. Let them be silent no more, for in this hour of cycles turning, it behooves the people of light to take action for righteousness. The Lord will not hold them guiltless.

"The Lord will not hold them guiltless who continue in the misuse and abuse of the light of Mother by intense fascination with the personal self. I speak of the flirtation with sensuous energies, the adornment of the body, the perpetual, perpetual putting upon that body a more than ordinary attention, putting upon the emotions a more than ordinary attention, putting upon the mental and the etheric body personal fascinationfanaticism with one’s own righteous cause, flirtation with psychic energy—all of this yet rests upon the women of this planet.


"Now, then, as Eve long ago proclaimed her oneness with Almighty God and with the Great Initiator, Lord Maitreya, why should you find excuse in her single sin for your continuation of sin for thousands upon thousands of years and lifetimes? Mankind need no excuse for sinning, for in their own rebellion they have sinned and if they take that excuse, they will never resolve the psychology of the burden of witness and the burden of proof.

"And so you see, beloved ones, God sends all kinds of lifewaves to earth. The children of God would be wise, then, not to continue to condemn or criticize the villains of the past or the villains of the present but to realize that this is one of the subtleties of the fallen ones. For if you can find someone whom you think has greater error or evil than you have, then the fallen ones enable you to keep your attention constantly upon that one, thereby establishing yourself as superior.

"Therefore you walk the earth, saying, 'So-and-so is wicked. I would never enter into such wickedness.' And by this statement you bind yourself to the eventual confrontation in which you will have to choose precisely between light and darkness in the identical situation, given the identical weight that is upon that individual.

"Therefore unwittingly, by your condemnation you sometimes invoke upon your own head a mountain of karma that is held by that individual, and then you must hold the balance until you yourself can pass the test for which you are condemning that individual.

"Is it any wonder that those who have light sometimes fall suddenly from the Path and all others wonder?

"Beloved hearts, it is written clearly in the Book of Life, 'Call no man fool.' When you call another a fool, instantly all of the fallen ones who are upon that individual, making him like unto a fool, are now upon you, together with that one’s own momentum. And when you have spent many years invoking the violet flame and being on the Path, you are clearly unaccustomed to the sudden influx into your life of so much density."

Justina, twin flame
of Mighty Victory

Tree of Life by William Morris

"Serpent presents to the woman the illogical logic of the fallen one Lucifer, the counterpoint of the Logos (the Mind of Christ): 'Hath God said ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?' and the woman said unto the Serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden, but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it lest ye die. And the Serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil.

"And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired, to make one wise . . . she saw that the manifestation of the Trinity in the tree of life, had corollary aspects for the adornment of the outer self. We find that Satan tempted Eve to partake of the energies of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the power, the wisdom, and the love of God, and the use of these to perpetuate the self-centered existence outside of God.

" . . . Now we move from the Serpent in the Garden, from the Law of Moses, from the Statutes of God, from all of this history of the Children of Israel which I have presented to you in previous lectures, and we trace the lie of the Serpent specifically, to the Big Lie invented by Satan. And I tell you that is the name of it. It's the Big Lie. The Big Lie is World Communism.

" . . . Marx's dialectical materialism is founded upon this subtle Satanic lie first originated and spoken to the woman in the garden.

" . . . Let's take a very close look at Marx. The name itself begins with 'M' that is the 'M' of Mother. The second letter of the word 'a is for Alpha or first cause. And 'r' is a letter meaning ray, rrrrrrrr, it's the ray of light, and wherever that 'r' is manifest it implies the manifestation of the Son. So we here have Mother, Father, and Son. But then what do we find? We find at the end of the word, not the cosmic cross of white fire, but the 'x'. And the 'x' is always the symbol of Satan canceling out the Trinity, crossing out the Christ in you . . . So the very name is a warning to us that this individual has come for a single purpose, to X out the Trinity in the sons and daughters of God.

" . . . Those who have been behind the manifestation of this dialectical materialism have known exactly the end from the beginning: The destruction and the death of the souls of sons and daughters of God . . . Mechanization man is the goal of dialectical materialism . . . Dialectical materialism is the underlying rationale of the religion of Anti-Christ.

" . . . Was Marx a Satanist? Was it all a pretense, this passionate sympathy for the injured and insulted laboring masses? The only injured and insulted one to benefit from Marx's doctrine is Satan himself. Marx's sympathy is for the Devil . . . Marx knew that the Second Death was coming for him, and the one that dictated this passage to him, Satan himself, knew also, his time had come.

" . . . Listen to his own words, quote, 'I wish to avenge myself against the one who rules above. Heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well. My soul once true to God is chosen for Hell.' That is the full awareness of the Arch Deceivers of mankind. They're called the First Class Watchers. The top level angels who fell with Lucifer and took embodiment knew this principle fully. 'I wish to avenge myself against the one who rules above. Heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well. My soul once true to God is chosen for Hell.' For the Second Death. Marx was not an Atheist. Marx believed in God and hated Him."

CONFIDENTIAL FILE 10019 for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness [subtitle] The Religious Philosophy of Karl Marx [subtitle] The Economic Philosophy of Jesus Christ

Elizabeth C. Prophet October 8, 1978

"The Garden of Eden was the original Mystery School founded by Lord Maitreya to train Sons
and Daughters of God to become spiritual adepts, initiates of the highest order, that they might go forth from the Mystery School to raise the consciousness of the children of God and to make the teachings of the spiritual path available to them and eventually to all mankind.

"The paradise described in Genesis was in the etheric octave somewhere between heaven and earth. Adam and Eve, the archetypal twin flames, and numerous other sets of twin flames studied there under Lord Maitreya, who is named in Genesis as the Lord God.

"When tempted of the Serpent to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, many of Maitreya’s students disobeyed him. Even though the LORD had told them that 'in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die,' these students of the Mystery School believed the Serpent’s equivocation, 'Ye shall not surely die,' and partook of the forbidden fruit.

"All who entered into this act of disobedience paid the ultimate price: the flame of their immortality was snuffed out. Thus, they knew that their souls had become naked and that they were now mortal. Grief-stricken, they went forth from Eden, literally driven out by the LORD God, 'lest Adam put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live forever' in his fallen state.

"And so, Adam and Eve and many sets of twin flames were consigned to the earth plane and to earthly bodies. To them the LORD God declared: 'In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.'

"No greater indictment has ever been handed down by the Lord God upon his people.

"While we were in Eden we were innocent. We developed neither ego nor dweller. However, our souls were susceptible and we fell. Over the long centuries of our souls’ incarceration on planet earth since the Fall, we have created the ego and the dweller and allowed them to mushroom until they have displaced the 'hidden man of the heart,' the Holy Christ Self.

"We have allowed the ego and the dweller to intimidate our souls. Only the soul who has garnered the sacred fire of God can counteract the telling blows of the Not Self. She who has Wisdom’s fire consciously recognizes and confronts the ego. She is up to the task of slaying it. Furthermore, she knows that she alone must undo the threads she has sewn in dishonor and must now sew in honor.

"We can all become conscious of the antics of our egos if we want to bethat is, if we are not in a state of denial, denying the destructive words and deeds that come through our egos and dominate not only our own souls but, sadly, the souls of others. The dweller-on-the-threshold, on the other hand, is not so easy to detect. It inhabits the subconscious and the unconscious minds even as it inhibits the soul’s evolution. And while the soul is terrified of the dweller, the ego is in cahoots with the dweller, ever plotting the soul’s demise.

"When a soul has committed herself to Darkness and the Dark Ones, she is completely taken over by the human ego and the dweller-on-the-threshold. There is no longer a distinction between the ego and the dweller. They are merged as one. The soul has for all intents and purposes ceased to exist.

"What was once a pristine creation of God is now bonded to the Not Self instead of to the Holy Christ Self. Only Darkness and the Dark Ones inhabit what was formerly a temple of God. Jude called the fallen angels in this state 'wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.' "

Elizabeth C. Prophet

Beloved Mighty Victory

The Victory Way of Life
Victory: A Cycle and a Flame

I AM the victory of the light in the hearts of all mankind!

I AM the victory of the flame and my legions descend in the golden flame of victory. They stand on earth this day to proclaim the victory of light, of peace and of the feminine ray. "There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling" <1> when in victory you take your stand for the light.

It is the determined, invincible, victorious light of freedom and the sense of freedom that give mankind the victory over every unwanted condition, over all darkness. Faith in the victory, hope in the victory, charity in the victory are the components of victory. Did you ever see an army or a player win a fight without the sense of victory?

The great sense of victory overcomes in every struggle, great or small. Those among mankind who have the vision of victory every day, every hour, are those who triumph over the problems that arise daily. Arise with victory in the morning, retire with victory in the evening and consecrate the cycles of the hours to victory's flame and you shall see the salvation of our God in this age.

Do not accept the defeatist concepts of the dark ones who enter subtly through momentums of condemnation and degradation. Do not accept defeat, great or small. That subtle acceptance at the level of the electronic belt is certain death, certain darkness. Do not accept to even contemplate defeat at any time, anywhere. Do not utter the word of failure. It cannot be; it must not be; it is only illusion.

Espouse the flame of God-Reality. Pledge your energies to the light and guarantee the flow of light in the name of the Christ. Is not the I AM Presence, is not the Christ Self, the greatest guarantor of your life's destiny?

O ye of little faith, espouse the flame and be free to move forward in perpetual harmony. I AM the defender of your God-mastery, your God-harmony and your God-vision, for reality is the flame of the Holy Spirit that animates every cell of life.

The Crucifixion of the Feminine Ray

Thus, as the malefactors hung on the cross with Jesus the Christ, so the malefactors among the Jews and Arabs come in the hour of the crucifixion of the feminine ray to be tried in the hour of their judgment.

Those who are ready for the crucifixion will have the reward of eternal life. "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise" <2> is the eternal hope that God maintains in his heart on behalf of the laggard evolutions and those who have perpetually sought to defame the image of the Divine Woman, of Mary and her Son.

Those who refuse to acknowledge the Christ are the malefactors who are not content at the hour of their own judgment and desire to crucify all mankind upon a cross of war, darkness and despair. Hierarchy will not have it. Hierarchy demands that voices rise from among mankind to challenge this infamy, to challenge the persecution of the Christ afresh and his crucifixion in this hour of tribulation.

We Sponsor the Feminine Ray

This is the age of the Divine Woman and for the Divine Woman to appear in all mankind there must needs be at least one woman who will lay down her life that all may livelay down her life so that it might be taken up again by God that God might be glorified through woman, through womankind. Thus the Mother Flame, which you espouse and serve, is the flame that shall be victorious within you one and all.

As I speak to you in this hour of the earth's greatest travail, travail for the birth of the Christ Child, the great avatar whose star is appearing even now in the sky, be still and know that I AM God. <3> Know that the twin flames who have sponsored this movement (as Above, so below) shall continue to sponsor the victory and the sacrifice of the feminine ray.

As one Messenger laid down his life that all might live, that that life could be taken up again in the second Messenger, so it shall be as the two laborers laboring in the field; one is taken and the other is left. <4> Thus, it is ever the human consciousness that must be sacrificed and consumed for the Divine Consciousness to appear.

This symbolical rendering has been played before you in the drama of the Two Witnesses. The victory of love they brought to the earth is a testimony of the victory of life that you by your dedication can also bring. You see, precious hearts, on this anniversary of the test of the ten and the great surrender that is necessary, <5> you can look to your leaders and see how total surrender has been given in this twelve-month cycle and total surrender shall be given again and again.

Heaven does not require that you lay down your life in the fight nor that you die for freedom. [Heaven requires] that you live for freedom. In victory there is no death; therefore in the ascended presence of Lanello, behold the victory of your God!

The Death of the Human Ego
for the Resurrection of the Divine Ego

The victory of the light of Jesus the Christ is the portrayal again and again before the eyes of mankind of the truth that the human ego must die on the cross that the divine ego be resurrected in all. Do you think that Jesus had a human ego when he went to the cross on behalf of mankind?

I tell you, nay. Yet he was willing to make that public demonstration on behalf of all who would find the key to salvation, to eternal life, to the salvation of the nations, [in the understanding] that in the laying down of the lesser self, the greater might appear.

Therefore also learn that for your Messenger it was not necessary in the sense that there was a human ego that should die, but that the mortal, the corruptible image, might put on incorruption, <6> [He] put on immortality to leave the mark of the example of raising the feminine ray for the next two-thousand-year cycle of the reign of the Divine Mother in the flame of freedom.

I AM Victory! I have come with my legions and they are legions of Cosmic Beings who have attained Cosmic Christ consciousness. We come forth in this hour as we came forth in the beginning of Saint Germain's dispensation in this century. We renew our pledge and our vow to stand behind the flame of freedom.

And so when you see the violet flame blazing across the earth, you will see, peeping through, the golden light of victory and the fires of victory. The legions of Victory ride their chargers with violet flame angels; together, two by two, they come, clad in the robes of righteousness and of the saints.

Study the Cycles

I would point out to you this day that in your analysis of cycles and the cycles of the stock market crash, you should realize that in every century mankind is given a hundred-year allotment of energy with which to prove the mastery of the Christ by the power of the ten times ten. To master selflessness ten times is the victory of each century.

Do you see, then, that the first thirty-three years of the century are critical? Likewise, the first thirty- three years in the life of man marks the attainment of Christhood or the lost potential for that attainment. In the perfect life lived by Jesus the Christ, you witness how mastery came to the four lower bodies through the four cycles of seven, [ending] at the twenty-eighth year.

This was followed by his going within for the five secret rays to bring his mastery to the thirty-third year and the hour of the ascension. Two of the secret rays were within; three of the secret rays were in public demonstration of the Law. This is a test and a pattern that individuals and nations must follow.

Therefore, learn well the lesson of the 1920s as the dark forces introduced their dark music, their dark rhythms, and mankind began to move to the sinuous winding of the serpentine force and the serpentine lie. [They] opened their emotional bodies, their mental bodies to darkness and to the manipulation of the flow of harmony that no longer flowed to the music of the spheres and the stately movement of the waltz that had been given to them by Saint Germain in the previous century in preparation for the flow of freedom, for the flow of supply and gold in preparation for the Aquarian agethe golden age that should come to pass on American soil.

A Downward Spiral

Thus, with great subtlety, the Luciferians wove their plots to defame and deface the image of the Christ through the destruction of the American economy. What occurred in 1929 was the beginning of the downward spiral of opposition to the ascension of the Christ consciousness in a people and a nation.

Will you let it happen again? We will not.

Will you let it happen again? ["No!"]

Praise God for your fervent desire to pit your energies, roll up your sleeves and dig in with Saint Germain for the greatest invocation of light and victory that the world has ever known, for it is necessary.

What happened at the time of the crash, the mark of Antichrist?

Instead of the ascension of consciousness, suicides occurred by the hundred, by the thousand, as those who had welded their consciousness to materiality saw not the vision of the ascended Saviour nor the goal to be like him. Instead of rising, they leaped from the skyscrapers of New York into caverns of despair and hopelessness.

Precious hearts, how easy it is to analyze the plots of darkness after they are spent. After the failure, after the battle has been lost, then the historians go back and tell us how we might have won, how it might have been.

I tell you, the thirty-three-year cycle comes three times in each century. Beginning with the new cycle in 1934, you will see that 1966 is the culmination of the next thirty-three years. Precious hearts, America is on the eve of the victory of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of a nation. Nineteen seventy-six marks two centuries of the test of the ten, ten times [each century].

Do you see, then, how the forces of darkness are rallying to deprive mankind of the victory of the declaration of the independence of the soul?

The Danger of the Eleventh Hour

If you behold the chart of the cycles, you will see that the hour of victory, the eleventh hour, is fraught with resentment, revenge, retaliation. This is the dragon's tail of hatred of America, resentment of her good and her giving and her aid-her giving of foreign aid without limit until the Divine Mother has been milked of the very essence and energy of her life. <7>

That milk has been fed to the bastard sons of darkness throughout the world, who have taken that light, that precious light, and used it to pervert its energy to darkness for the betrayal of the very heart of the Divine Woman!

I would point out to you that neither in the Arab nor the Jewish culture does the Divine Woman occupy a position of ascendancy. Woman is not allowed to enter the sacred rooms of the Jewish synagogue and woman is at the lowest ebb of her evolution in the Arab nations, for even in Communist China and behind the Iron Curtain woman retains greater dignity. I say this to point out to you that this is indeed the crucifixion of the feminine ray.

The Woman of the New Age

The Divine Mother must appear in America as the crown of glory. The Goddess of Liberty must stand forth and be adored as the archetype of the woman of the New Age. Hearts of light, precious souls, stand forth in the victory of the woman of the New Age and perceive the dawn of the realization of the feminine ray within you!

Understand that the light of victory in America is the light of the victory of the Divine Woman clothed with the sun. <8> As the Goddess of Liberty wears the crown of seven rays, symbolizing the seven rays in outer manifestation, so the crown of the woman in the Apocalypse has twelve stars, symbolizing the mastery of the five secret rays and the seven outer rays.

This, then, is our desire: to train you to master both crowns. To this end the Blessed Virgin has released the sacred rosaries through the Mother of the Flame. Thirteen in number, seven and five, with the thirteenth in the centerthe focal point or pivot point in the center of the circle that is the mastery of all twelve

Thus, by giving the rosaries of the seven rays and the five secret rays, you make your attunement daily with the consciousness of victory and the victory of the feminine ray. Four times seven, twenty-eight, is seven on each side of the pyramid of life (the four lower bodies) and five for the culmination of the victory of the Christ.

America the Victorious!

Precious hearts, as a nation, America is destined to be the great example of victory. As Jesus Christ was the avatar for the Piscean age, so America is the pilot nation selected by the Ascended Masters. [Here] people of every race, nationality and creed may merge their energies, their very blood in the melting pot so that the threefold flame of Christ light may come forth in balanced manifestation, so that the Constitution of America, written by Saint Germain as a divine document, might find parallel in the constitution of all nations upon earth.

Precious hearts, ponder well that it is not America, her government or her people who are at fault. It is the infiltration of the fallen ones, the dark ones and their systems of chaos and disintegration, their failure to pass the test of the ten, their abuse of capitalistic society by the laggard consciousness of greed, their failure to uphold the Christ as the head of every business, every government, every household.

Thus America must return to the feet of our God. Americans en masse must unite to preserve the flame of freedom. Right or wrong. that which is unreal can be consumed; that which is real can be set on high as a goal, as an ensign for all nations and all peoples.

Dedicate Yourself to the Flame of America

Renew your fervor and dedication to the flame that is the reality of America. We do not ask you to dedicate yourselves to the corrupt ones who corrupt others, to their flaws, failures or to darkness. Nay, we ask you to dedicate yourselves to the principles of the victory of the Christ light in this people who yet retain to this very hour the greatest light and the greatest love of any people upon the globe. And I say this as my analysis from inner levels.

Believe it and know that the potential for victory for the entire planet is here. Do not flee America as rats fleeing a sinking ship. Some have done this, retreating to other countries, other places where they felt the economic climate was better.

This is the time to plant your feet firmly on the soil of America, to let the hierarchies of light channel their energies through you to hold the balance in the hour of Libra when the hierarchies of Victory stand in the flame of the Holy Spirit that is the flame of the golden west.

America is the fulfillment of the flame of the Holy Spirit in the Western Hemisphere. The Northern and Southern Hemispheres must be united and serve together with the understanding of the threefold flame as power, wisdom and love so that the seventh root race might be born, that the archetypes of freedom might be etched in fire for the victory of an agethe Aquarian age of the lightbearers.

We Lead with the Flame of Victory!

I AM Victory! The golden-white light burning as a flame at the point of the third eye upon my forehead is the sign that we lead with victory. We lead with the flame of victory. I place that flame upon your foreheads now and I place upon you the helmet of peace for the protection of your mind from psychic attacks of fallen ones. Even at this very hour they are using mechanical equipment to project rays of disintegration upon the very mind, sensitivity, devotion and dedication of the elect of God. Therefore, the helmet of peace shall be unto the righteous and unto the saints the protection of the sign of Aries that the Mind of Christ might be fulfilled in you, that you might answer the fiat "Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." <9>

Thus the heart must also be sealed in a blue sphere, for your heart must be kept in harmony. I invoke that sphere of blue from the heart of Hercules. I, Victory, in the name of the Christ, do command the legions of Hercules to encircle your heart chakra with a sphere of blue so that the shock tactics of the sinister ones will not shock the hearts of the children of light.

The prophecy has been foretold that in the last days men's hearts should fail them for fear. <10> That is part of the shock waves of darkness that are projected by the forces of the night. Is it any wonder that our Messenger, those close to her and those serving in our light brigade have felt the strain on the heart in recent weeks? The waves of darkness of these malefactors, these laggard generations, have determined to pervert the heart consciousness of the Christ and the Holy Spirit through the perversions of the fires of Aries and Libra.

Understand, precious ones, that you must apply the science you have been taught by Mother Mary through the Mother of the Flame. The practice of that science will be the salvation of the religion of our God. For I tell you truly, unless you watch as watchmen of the Lord upon the wall of the Lord, you will not be able to give the cry, "All is well!" when they say, "Watchman, what of the night?" <11>

You must, then, beware of cycles. Beware of the infliction of darkness upon the centers of light in your being. I call to Cosmos to seal the secret rays in your hands that you might receive the energies of those secret rays and go forth using your hands only for blessing and for service, not for bane or ill-gotten gain. See that you do not participate in the dishonesty of those who practice in the marts of human commerce without the Christ light.

I say, then, be sealed heart, head and hand. "Put on the whole armour of God" <12> of righteousness and truth and go forth to the victory.

I AM Victory! I have come forth to anchor victory in the earth. The victory is unto the faithful who know that they know the Law, who practice the Law, who entertain the sense of victory, who are reborn in the flame of victory.

I thank you and I AM with you until the hour of the victory of Armageddon, when light stands triumphant and all the world bends the knee to confess the Christ as the true life of every man.

I AM in the flame and I AM One!


This previously unpublished dictation by Mighty Victory was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on October 12, 1973, at the Class of the Harvest Sun, held in Santa Barbara, California.

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