Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
Perversions of Power, part II

"And this is what the Law will not allow—the unmerciful servant, the unmerciful heart,
the one who says he forgives but never forgets and thus has not transmuted
the wrongs of a true brother of Light."—Saint Germain

"When right, I shall often be thought wrong by those whose positions will not command
a view of the whole ground."—Thomas Jefferson

"Euclid taught me that without assumptions there is no proof. Therefore,
in any argument, examine the assumptions."—E.T. Bell

"Long ago another planet similar to our earth had lifewaves of people where a great portion
of the evolutions achieved self-mastery and made their ascension in the light. On that planet a large number of people, however, as parties of the opposition using their own free will, decided that they preferred to live in the flesh without taking their ascension, that they were having a very good time, in their own vernacular.

"They loved to eat and did not like the idea that in the ascended state they might not be able to taste food. They did not understand that the masters have every taste quality that humans have and many that humans do not have. They did not understand that God was not going to rob them of anything by raising them up into a higher octave. They simply thought and feared that in the losing of human consciousness and the entering into the divine they would be losing themselves. And this they did not want to do. They wanted a life of their own, an exclusive life. And many of them sided together and they became the so-called laggards of that civilization.

"Quite naturally, there was a time when these laggards did express a certain harmony among themselves. It's very difficult, you know, to revel alone. You can't make merry alone; you have to have someone with you. And so the men and women of that time and in that civilization got together and they tooted their trumpets and they unrolled their paper ticker tapes, and so forth. And they drank and they ate and they made merry and they married and buried and they did everything that people do. And they naturally did not ascend with the rest of the people.

Materialism Creates Competition, Envy, Condemnation

"What happened is the inevitable that happens in all materialistic civilizations: through turning away from the opportunities of soul expansion and entering into materialism, they entered into competition. People began to compete with one another to see who could win. Now, this is fine as long as when people win everyone applauds them with this statement: 'This could have been me and therefore I am so happy that they have excelled. I will applaud them. I will clap for them. I rejoice with them.'

"Not so. The feeling of envy came into being in many of the people. And they began to envy the person who had won and to go about discussing this at first only with themselves and then gradually talking to other people and finding flaws with this person who had won some either minor or major victory. And all types of sinister and negative forces were born.

"It started, then, upon this planet where the people would not go on. There was created, then, a momentum of jealously, of condemnation, of hatred, of egoism, of viciousness, of maliciousness, of destruction and of every type of wicked force (which I don't care to name) that is actually inherent within our civilization today.

The Opening of the Mouth of the Demons

"The laggards eventually brought about the total nuclear annihilation of their planetary home. A remnant of souls considered salvageable were allowed by cosmic councils to embody on earth to work out their karma. Now, the cosmic councils hoped that when these laggard souls came to earth, they would learn from the civilizations of earth what they ought to do. But the reverse happened, as most of you know, and mankind opened Pandora's box.

"Pandora is a word that is very, very important because the word pan means 'wide strata' and ora comes from the word orifice, meaning 'opening' or 'mouth.' And therefore Pan-d-orathe d in there is for 'deity' or 'demon,' whichever you choose to assign to itmeans, in this case, 'the opening of the mouth of the demons.' And that is exactly what happened.

"All of the venom of the sinister activities of these laggards became assimilated by the people of earth and they began to mimic and imitate the laggard races rather than influence the laggard races to mimick and imitate them. The result was the Noachian flood, or great deluge, which you're familiar with and read about in your Bible.

"I say all of this for one reason only: to historically relate the creation of all forms of negative energy and to show you that this is a very, very old force that you may not necessarily have created. You may have had no part in it. Some of you may always have been a part of a very benign lifewave. It's possible.

"On the other hand, most of us had some part in perpetuating the negative qualities as well as the good. For let it be known that our civilization is not all negative or all evil. A far cry from it! The benign qualities of our civilization are great. There are many wonderful qualities in the human heart.

"But the fact remains that the negative qualities do exist and you can' t deny this, any of you, for you can read it in your newspapers. It's behind all of the viciousness that happens on the streets of the world. It's behind the wars that we have foughtthree wars in this generation. It's behind all the actions of criticism and things that occur in politics.

Criticism: A Popular Sport That Is Easy to Get Snared Into

"Now, let us look at this thing honestly, because this force is very powerful in the world. It is something that the world does not like but it still practices. People do not like it when it hits
them, but they practice it against others. I'm certain it's done ignorantly many times. I actually
believe and I know it, for I was a part of it, too, very definitely.

"I can recall many years ago (and I'll tell on myself), early in the time when I was trying to get more and more deeply into the spiritual path, I attended conferences in various parts of the nation. And after they would have their meetings, they would usually get together and have coffee and cake. Sometimes this was in a cafeteria in Chicago or other cities and other times it would be in a private home or in a hall.

"Invariably the popular sport that they engaged in after their meeting was to cuss and discuss individual personalities in their very own movement. Now, because I knew some of these people and knew their foibles and weaknesses as well as their strengths, I would sometimes be drawn into it, too. And I found this condition very prevalent.

"As I said before, I was guilty of partaking of it, not, I know, with malice or forethought, because my heart and motives were pure. My hands were clean of any desire to hurt anyone. But I entered this sport because it was very popular. People were doing it. I don't think they were malicious. I don 't honestly think so. It was mere conversation.

"But I understand it because I went through it. I found that it is a very easy thing to get snared
into. And once you get snared into it, things can be said that you never intended to say.

Hurts Deposited in the Memory Body Trigger Unkind Words

"Sometimes a little point of jealousy in your own world that you didn't even know was there will spark you on. It may be a little hurt. You know, when you get a group of people together, it's possible that sometimes someone won't shake hands with the other one or they'll give them a dirty look. It may not even be because they had an ill feeling in their heart toward the other person. It's possible and is many times true that people may have some trouble in their own world or household. And because they have this trouble in their household, they will be thinking along a line a little bit negative and they'll look at somebody else and they'll look at them with a dagger. But it may not be true that they have any ill feeling toward that person at all.

"So this thing gets picked up, this hurt gets deposited in the memory body, the etheric body, and then at the right time it enters the emotional body during a conversation. The person feels just a little bit on edge. They 're sitting there. The vibration is going down as people are being
discussed. It keeps dropping all the time. And pretty soon it gets down into the level where the etheric shoots in this arrow, 'You remember the time you were at this conference and they wouldn't speak to you or they walked away from you?' Right. I do remember it, you say to yourself. Boom. The feelings rise up and something is said about this person that is not kind or complimentary.

Cliques Wrap a 'Barbed Wire Fence' around Themselves

"Now, the whole world lieth in this wickednessall of them. And I can truthfully say that the religious activities of the world, including the large activities and great big churches, are guilty of having cliqueslittle groups that are friends. They get together and one clique is played against another. This has caused disunity and inharmony down through the ages.

"I am convinced that what we call the sinister force, the negative force of the world, the rebellious force, the laggard force, the materialistic force, the communistic forceall of that is linked together in an armored column, as it were. It's a contrast to the golden chain mail that the master talked about to insulate us from the psychic. This is a sort of barbed wire fence that the human race have wrapped around themselves in their little groups so that every time anyone tries to break through from one way or the other they get cut on the barbed wire of human conduct. There is no question that this is not godly, and yet I'm also convinced that the world is caught in this no-man's-land of oppression practiced against peoples.

"We are no exception to this. But I say we can be because the ascended masters, when they began to work with the Theosophical Society (and I'm going back to Madame Blavatsky), found that they had to cope with this problem in the release of spiritual truth to the world. And I'm going to tell you why.

A Smear Campaign Intended to Destroy a Movement

"When the Theosophical Society began to bring forth the tremendous truths that they have, the established religious movements (that is, the orthodox) were naturally very much opposedvery much opposedto the bringing in of these great truths. So they did the same thing that political candidates do. They began a smear campaign against Madame Blavatsky because she was a cigarette smoker, as you probably know, and she had other faults in her work. She was an excellent channel for the masters to use (they could get almost direct image contact from their thought to her thought), but she was not a perfect woman in her outer life. She had many faults.

"Therefore they attacked this woman, hoping to destroy the movement by attacking her personally. Well, they certainly did keep out a lot of people who were interested in it. And they certainly have ever since caused a certain amount of difficulty for the society. But they did not stop the society itself from growing and expanding and being somewhat the forerunner of many of the mystical groups in America. Even the I AM Activity, for example, has sprung from the society.

"Constructive spiritual groups have always had a basic problem to cope with, and that is human nature. Human nature being what it is, is bound at some time or other to engage in some form of discordant manifestation. These things seem to come in waves. They come in periods. They'll stop for a while and then they'll start again. None of us really wants to be a part of it, and yet all of us at times may be brought into it.

"The main thing that we must recognize is that this discord is a destructive force that will never build up any movement so that it can go forward and do God's work and God's will. We must have perfect harmony or as nearly perfect harmony as we possibly can or else we will not succeed in our endeavors for God. Nor will we succeed personally in overcoming our own
mistakes and errors.

"Now, I have often heard repeated the fact that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Certainly we hope that the staff and board of The Summit Lighthouse do not live in glass houses. And certainly this morning we are not throwing any stones at any person. We love
unequivocally and without question every single member of this congregation. And we have a deep devotion to the supreme causes.

"We also believe that you yourself bear us an honest affection. However, every organization, either in its heart center or in those churches and organizations that are close to the heart center, is bound at some time or another to have individuals who might at one point have some personal
feeling about something that is done by the staff or by the board.

"No one can please everyone, no matter how hard he tries. And yet our job and task is not so much to please youthat is, your human--as it is to please your immortal soul. And therefore we have dedicated ourselves to evolving and evoking from within you those responses that will mean in the schoolroom of this earth and in this activity that you will be making soul progress every single day of your life, rather than be moving backward. You don't have to notice it.

"Djwal Kul in his Pearl of this week brings forth some tremendous things. It's short but it's packed with a lot of wonderful information.

" . . . But the Darjeeling Council has a view of constructive criticism and all types of criticism. A long time ago Master Morya, at the close of the alchemy course, wrote a letter on criticism. When Morya wrote that letter, he thought he would end all criticism.

"I want to explain to the staff here and I want to explain to our beloved members here that criticism, constructive or otherwise, if it could be done without involving the sinister force, without being seized by the opposition, might be all right. But it can never be done. And Master Morya
has told me this himself.

"He said you can never bring about criticism against a personand he meant neverwithout involving the sinister force, who sit like vultures on a line, like nine old vulture birds with their beaks sharpened. And they gaze down at the whole human race. And when they see any form of criticism coming, one of those birds flies down and seizes that morsel right there and starts an action. Now, I'm speaking very mystically but also very practically.

El Morya's Letter Is the Darjeeling Council's Policy for The Summit Lighthouse

"Master Morya has explained this and this is what I am doing this morning. I am telling you this before we read the letter so that you will understand this letter. This letter is the Darjeeling Council's future policy for The Summit Lighthouse. I want to see you free from this criticism as I want to see us free from any criticism of you. Not that we have had criticism of youwe have not criticized our members. But we could have, naturally, because no one is perfect. You can always find fault if you want to look for it.

"We would like to see this activity free at the heart center so that every person that comes in here from afar to our conferences will say, 'These people are the most wonderful spiritual people you can find.' But why will they say that? Because when we are completely free of criticism, then the ascended masters' currents can flow unimpeded through our world. We will not have any of the negation that flows in.

"You can't handle negation, dear hearts. There's not a single person that I can see in this room that is the master of all negation. None of you can handle it. I mean none of you if you release it the way Morya talks about it in this letter. Once you've invoked negation, it's bound to act. And that's why you simply don't do it."

Mark L. Prophet
September 13, 1964

"Thus in my final incarnation when I took the dictation from Jesus and Mother Mary and the Ascended Master Hilarion (who had been the apostle Paul) to write down these truths, I so inscribed Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings whereby those souls in transition who could equate both with the unreality of matter and with the necessity for a concrete existence might find the door and the way out.

"I can tell you, beloved, these writings, like many other teachings and expressions of the mysteries of God that have been categorized as metaphysics, have surely opened doors to those of a spiritual consciousness who did have within themselves the gift of Christhood and a threefold flame and who were at that place of longing that precedes the soul's transiting beyond these material spheres.

"But in the hands of those of only a physical awareness, this teaching has become an orthodoxy shrouded in the limitations of their own minds. Therefore it has become a dogma. And it has become a prison house for some. And those without the Holy Spirit have not been able to succeed in applying this truth to the victory of their souls but, in fact, in its misapplication have made serious karma as they have denied medical assistance and care to those in need. Thus the dilemma, beloved, of being a scribe for God and a reformer and of bringing to the forefront truths with which the many are ill-equipped to deal.

"Not so [with] my sister Martha, who stands before you. For she did receive this word even at the same level in which I received it when I wrote it, when she began to read this textbook at the age of nine. And therefore she could be God-taught by Jesus in these mysteries and encompass and understand even the heavenly hosts and reincarnation and karma and what was really [meant] when I wrote, "There is no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter. . .

"And thus, by and by her inner walk with me (as I was then ascended), and with Jesus and Mary and Paul, brought her to the conclusion that those who in this world [and] in this life controlled the spreading abroad of Christian Science, the publication of what I gave forth, did not have a chalice big enough to hold what these truths hold.

"Thus I remained to comfort and to teach her, not without hope that one day she could bring forth the true understanding of these mysteries. For in their true understanding, beloved, they have also given to her strength and vision and the absolute belief in the absolute God. The faith you have seen in this Messenger, then, is based on the knowledge within of the inner geometry of God and the inner science of Being.

" . . . I wrote the question:

"What is the scientific statement of being?

"And the answer:

"There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.

"This is a formula of healing that is complete when understood. But when not understood, it becomes a denial of the very physical existence and the platform of material evolution that is indeed necessary to the soul and is indeed 'real' so long as the soul requires this wavelength, this vibration.

"Thus, [some] Christian Science practitioners have used this almost in a mental malpractice, denying that anything imperfect [has existence at all], denying that matter itself [has existence], with the result that by their will they have prevented karma [i.e., imperfection] from manifesting and unwittingly postponed the day of the soul's dealing with that karma, [that imperfection]; [moreover, they have] denied the necessity of pain [and they have] denied the necessity
of suffering, and therefore [they have] denied pain and suffering itself as a condition of matter.

" . . . There are any number of embodiments that I had between that two thousand years from the time of Mary of Bethany to the time of Mary Baker Eddy. And during these centuries I myself passed through the initiations with the saints in the Church and even in the East and did study under the great Lights [as I] prepared for this mission.

"Therefore, beloved, I studied under those who gave me the teachings of the control of Nature and natural forces. And I was gifted, by the grace of God, whereby through this teaching and writing [of Christian Science] many were healed. But it was truly by the grace of God and my oneness with Christ Jesus, even as the beloved Aimee Semple McPherson was the instrument of Jesus' healing and his Holy Spirit. Though neither one of us had the full outer understanding of what was taking place as he healed through us, yet many were converted to our respective churches and faith and remain there to this day.

"They must be liberated into the higher walk with God. Yet these above all do resist this Path and Truth. May you pray therefore for the binding of all erroneous misinterpretations of Christ's true doctrine. And may you call for the binding of the planetary dweller-on-the-threshold that affects all churches and all churchgoers.

"My presence with you today is that I might transfer to you at the soul level and at the level of your Holy Christ Self this cube of Light that contains the understanding of the science of Truth and
the true Divine Science, which, when you have it at inner levels, becomes a profound strength and foundation for all that you are carrying forward. And the teaching in this activity is, of course,
a science in itself.

"I come with a comforting rod of Wisdom, which I offer to John the Beloved, that Love and Wisdom might assist you as you must come now to the place, each and every one, [of] facing your Atlantean karma and [dealing] with the [karmic] cycles of April 23; [in order to be successful, you must] directly challenge all misuses of Power. With Wisdom and with Love you can do this, beloved.

"May you understand that in the past many have had Power and have abused it and therefore [they] must submit in time and in some sense of the word to those who may yet be abusing Power [in order] to learn the lessons of being on the receiving end [of such abuses] and then to work together [with them] in Love and Mercy and Divine Justice and Wisdom for the true [and righteous] exercise of authority when it is given.

"All organizations and institutions must have individuals with varying levels of authority, beloved. El Morya has stated wisely that there are no perfect leaders. Many may be tyrants. The perfect leader is no longer found in this world, for the perfect leader is truly Christ the Lord. And when the leader becomes that Christ, that leader is not long for this world except by very special dispensation.

"Thus, beloved, whether or not this Church Universal and Triumphant, [including] its branches in Teaching Centers and Study Groups, does continue to thrive and to grow and to expand depends on [an] enlightened leadership that is full of compassion and the Holy Spirit and that is careful before the power and the authority that is given not to abuse it and not to crush new souls on the Path.

"I pray that you pray for the leader within you to rise up and take dominion and that you surrender to that leader and to that law and to the justice, which is absolute and unerring, of your own karmic condition."

July 1, 1990

"As we consider the practical meaning of a purified heart, we must conclude that the universal manifestation of purity of heart would solve most of the problems of the individual and the world collectively. Our gift, then, this year, at this season, when the word 'sweetheart' is on many lips, is allegiance to the power of love as opposed to the opposite pole, that of hatred or mild dislike.

"We cannot doubt that in this world of form, mortal thought and feeling may, from time to time, bear certain justifiable disgust with the trends of the times and with attitudes prevalent to those whose lives are not orientated around divine ideals. However, we must be consistent in our
reverence for energy and its economy and bear in mind that each moment indulged in the subtle or obvious manifestations of criticism is a waste of the economy of life, for out of imperfection one cannot give birth to perfection.

"The understanding of holy wisdom permits men to undertake certain measurements of the fruits of selfhood without portraying sordid images by acting out the part of unwanted conditions. Purification of the basic structure of life is essential. Although perfection and the divine ideal are ever present within man in the flame of Life that beats his heart, the Great Law requires the conscious direction of the will so that subconscious imagings which might otherwise turn consciousness downward are stripped of their sheaths of impurity and transformed into shafts of light to raise the individual, the planetary body, and all life thereon.

"If freedom has meaning, then it must be embodied by all. Justice requires that freedom be honored, but freedom requires a recompense for justice. So frequently, blessed ones, we find that individuals indulge in a criticism of others in order to exonerate themselves from the same or a similar offense. Now, whether we deal with the laity or the spiritual priesthood, it must be with a view to raising the level of Christly manifestation in all.

"Through the centuries the almost anemic manifestation of spiritual ideals by those who again and again have tasted and spurned cosmic opportunity has been contrasted by the ruddy expansion of all that serves the ever-fattening human ego.

"The sharp dangers of the ever-present hour surround mankind today with the fleeting ghosts of their own past errors. If we are ever to transmute these errors and to raise men into the wonders of the golden age, it must be by reason of man's hidden spiritual hungers satisfied. So long as spiritual brothers, so-called, wage war against those supposedly pursuing the same ideal, we cannot expect that the bond of unity which the Brotherhood requires shall fashion for them a vessel for the containment of the one right essence which will effectively communicate to all the perennial need to end spiritual and mortal pride, raising the heart as a beautiful chalice to the great white throne of God, there to partake of his essential humility who, in the manifest Christ, being found in fashion as a man, humbled himself and became obedient, even unto death.

"There are those whom men feel deserve to die, but we would raise all unto life that none of those in whom the Father has vested the mighty threefold flame of life should ever be lost. Take hope, then, for the spiritual forces of the planet are marshaling themselves as never before to rally around our banner of complete freedom from every oppression, self-imposed or projected from the ignorant, who 'know not what they do.' The hour is at hand when the Christ must, as the great Comforter, unite hearts and hands in a thrust to end all thrusts and struggle. 'Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.' Can Babylon be transformed to become the New Jerusalem? Can the sinner become the saint? Can freedom flourish? We shall see as to what response we evoke.

"Lovingly, I AM"

Saint Germain
February 20, 1966

"There is never any need whatsoever for humanity to turn against one another, as did Cain against Abel, in the fear that they have not or will not receive an equal share of the Father's love. All activities of criticism and condemnation are destructive, and they lead inevitably toward a violent climax. The way to real peace in the world for every nation, both at home and abroad, is to amplify the concept of the abundant life.

"Peace is best preserved by adhering to the principles of freedom; for freedom is also
tolerant of the thoughts and ideals of others, even when those thoughts and ideals are based on an incomplete understanding of the laws of God. But the exercise of tolerance does forgo for any man his right to attemptnot by argument, but by an objective presentation of factthe correction of his brother's error.

"The members of the Great White Brotherhood are concerned that the principle of harmony be found in operation upon earth. In order to further that end midst the struggles of the masses for economic equality, we would point out that for generations there have been those who have, in effect, taken the vow of poverty and who have eschewed the accumulation of wealth.

"To them poverty itself has become a virtue; on the other hand, many follow the way of poverty simply because they are unwilling to make the effort to do a great work in the world. They lack either the capacity or the will to create for themselves an abundant life. Both should understand that the laws of love are best practiced and mastered from within."

Lord Maitreya
October 26, 1969

" . . . If the supreme purpose be held by each splintered part of the Divine Identity, does not the whole manifest through that splintered part because it holds the immaculate concept for itself and for all others? And if that individual part of the whole shall sustain within consciousness a distorted picture of another part, does it not 'successfully' screen from the eyes of that individual the wondrous beholding of the immaculate concept of God in all of its many-splendored shinings?"

Elohim Arcturus
May 26, 1963

"In the earthly lives of all mankind countless opportunities are offered to hold, sustain and expand all the God-purity which was a part of the first sacred fire breath initiating and outpouring life in the sphere of individual consciousness. One of the reasons why individuals seldom do take full advantage of these many opportunities is because they do not fully understand the meaning of God-purity.

"So often mankind have misqualified many sacred matters which by all divine intent were created to be holy and wholly God's with some of their own misgivings concerning puritywhich unfortunately is often based on a pseudo-puritanical understandingwithout ever considering or taking time 'to be holy!'

"The apostle Peter once had a vision in which he saw many unclean creeping and crawling things, 'Let down in a sheet' and heard a voice saying, 'Rise Peter, slay and eat!' Peter replied, 'Not so, Lord, for I have never eaten anything common or unclean.' The voice replied, 'That which God has cleansed that call not thou common or unclean!'

"Know therefore that grave danger exists in 'feeding' the condemnatory forces of the world. Self-righteousness is so subtle that it often permits one saint to find fault with another without qualms of conscience. The words concerning blessed Jesus—'The Son came not into the world to condemn the world, but that through him they might find eternal Life,' contain the true eternal purpose so clearly stated yet often forgotten when people begin the impurity of gossip or condemnation concerning some other part of life.

"Be dispensers of life to others by calling for perfection and God-purity wherever you see it is needed. If it is already there, call for its expansion! Now, the best way, blessed eternal hearts, to do this is to do it for all lifestarting with yourself.

Call to the Fire Breath

"I AM I AM I AM the fire breath of God from the heart of beloved Alpha and Omega. This day I AM the immaculate concept in expression everywhere I move! Now I AM full of joy for now I AM the full expression of divine love.

"My beloved I AM Presence seal me now within the very heart of the expanding fire breath of God; let its purity, wholeness and love manifest everywhere I AM today and forever!

"I accept this done right now with full power; I AM this done right now with full power. I AM I AM I AM God-Life expressing perfection all ways at all times! This which I call forth for myself, I call forth for every man, woman and child on this planet! (3x)

"Intolerance of intolerance is but another shadow on the pathway to spiritual harmony. Because these laws are so practical I am pointing out to men and women who desire to know 'little ways' in which you can protect yourself against criticism, condemnation and judgmentwhich are very human qualities. Divine purity and love are not Pollyanna, but they plainly say, 'Neither do I condemn theego and sin no more!'

"The straightened shoulders, the stronger heart, the clearer eye of divine vision ever point the way to bearing one another's burdens by the bond of eternal understanding. This subdivision of the load makes 'my burden 'light!' This is God's way, this is the way of the Brotherhood. All have erred in earth's spheres, yet the Master's admonishment 'Love one another' must be fulfilled. It is the way of forgiveness, the divine catharsis of heaven's light of God-purity and mercy!

"I AM pure in heart and see in you Godalone!"

Goddess of Purity
July 22, 1960

To Our Gracious Readers Dedicated to Love's Service the World Around—

As the sweep of my consciousness moves at times with the rapidity of a swift jet plane and then again in slower motion as the gentle soaring of a white dove over the entire land of America and the inhabited portions of all the world, I cannot but observe the parallel contrasts in climate and consciousness, all the way from a snow-clad purity to faded brown and then again to those brighter verdures of redundant green.

This pattern repeats also in human consciousness from the relatively barren personality of some lifestreams to the magnificent loveliness ensouled in those nearing the perfection we knew just previous to our own ascension. I am ever-so-sure after each such scanning trip, that I can feel more and more the real love and compassion of a Cosmic Mother while still serving as a spiritual sister to all humanity for the express purpose of assisting all who will call for my service with my own dear God-momentum of a very personal impersonal lovewhose reality can easily be proven by calling to me to daily share with you my feeling of universal love which will be invaluable help to free this precious planet and all its people!

The magnificent Darjeeling Council has so graciously honored me by choosing to release through my love on this occasion, the first of a current series of most candid advices which may well be forthcoming through this channel to the students and chelas of the Great White Brotherhood the world around.

Many of the blessed members of that Council have expressed their views that regardless of our ever constant service of releasing great light in the past and clarification for mankind of the laws of life expressed in most diplomatic language, still our message of love may not always cut through the human consciousness of mankind to convey our intended thought because of the molasses-like density of human consciousness which sometimes lacks the finer understanding of the more subtle and delicate spiritual laws expressing as they do in almost featherweight perfect response to balance.

Thus our love which is so forthright in the full richness of its intentto bless you with all of Freedommay fall a little short of the mark in either its aim of deterring you from committing an error or inspiring and comforting you by the vision of that potent truth which alone can make you

So often individuals call for us to step through the veil and O, how we would love to do so (and at present may do so on some occasions) but I must say to those blessed seeking ones: remember you may not know what ye ask. For, in addition to the shock to your vehicles of expressionwhich presently vibrate far below the rate of our vibratory actionwere we to manifest by physically stepping through the veil, to many a deep etheric record would be made and again there may be a somewhat severe penalty attached to those who when they are afforded such a glimpse of immortality as we embody, do not immediately respond by fully dedicating their all to that love which descends to so honor them!

This, dearly beloved, is an impersonal action of the Law, for perfection is called down solely to raise life into its glory, not [to] entertain or mystify the human!

Ascended beings and great Masters abide most often in solitude, after a fashion, (as has been done in the past) or seek the company of their own shining band. Then too, the unpredictable human when face to face with another's living divinity, has often been prone to cry 'why I don't see perfection there.' And gazing thus at a sacred form appearing simply as flesh, they direct criticism at perfection unknowingly and have often found out much later that they had a great deal more to handle than they had bargained for or knew in their outward consciousness. Do you see?

We urge both those tutored and untutored in the Law to be alikeslow to speak of that imperfection they may see or think they see in the life of another even if their senses may declare it! In such matters call the Holy Christ Self into action to exercise love's discrimination which is Ascended-Master God-determination to purify all life they contact by violet fire, removing the cause and core of all human misery and all mankind's can also be your own to also treasure does manifest in your flesh as the highest endowment of Almighty God who ever seeks to bestow the grace of a humble heart whose vows to serve made at inner levels, in some cases between embodiments, go not neglected in the present day but whose feelings of love are never conditioned by human responses but instead take their cue from the Master who gracefully directsusing the baton of Holy Harmony that ever keeps the rhythm in that perfect balance which such embodied love is-ever inviolate before all as Christ's eternal flame of Love Divine!

I AM constantly holding Love's Flame steady for you.

Lady Master Nada
February 5, 1960

"Gossip has been the seed to undo entire households, families, nations, and friends of long-standing. And it is recorded in the annals of the Brotherhood that it has taken place even in the previous incarnations of this community. Let light prevail and not the tail of the dragon that comes in tales many times told that have naught to do with truth or the everlasting proof of our witness and our blessing upon the messengers, and the dispensation, and upon every one of you who are tied to our heart by the chelaship on the Path."

Saint Germain

"The world turmoil is presently very great, but ever so much greater is the reason why men should overcome the sinister thoughts of condemnation and judgment which may be beamed at them. Awaken, Dear Ones, to realize that if you have a mite of error within you, the sinister will try to amplify it by self-condemnation and by the criticism and judgment of others. In this way two or more fall victim at once to the force of malice, the one by judging and the other by accepting the judgment of another. Self-criticism too can be a trap to which the honest heart sometimes falls prey.

"Blessed Ones, God has not designed you in imperfection and it is the Reality of your God Self which has Eternal Life. All which belongs to sin, suffering and death is a part of the Adamic race which, through Divine Law, is transformed by Christ Grace and salvation without end. Truly, they who BELIEVE in the REALITY of GOD, of CHRIST, and of LIGHT, shining through all density, will be saved from 'the arrow that flieth by day' and 'the pestilence that walketh in darkness!'

Jesus Christ
June 7, 1963

"In the holy Christian mysteries, as they stand revealed to modern disciples today, it is well known and understood that the body of misqualified substance, in which men have abode far too long, must be laid aside, together with old encrusted hates, viciousness, criticism, and vanity in self. In their place, the mind of Christ, the new heaven, must hold sway upon a new earth of their being composed of spiritual substance embodying the power to draw together the atoms of a regenerated physical form.

"I earnestly urge all students of the true light of God to consider the far-reaching influence of their own thoughts and feelings. Watch the quality of the 'children of your thoughts,' the subtle influences emanating from your individualized focus of being, bear them high that they may draw to you always the enfolding radiance of the perfume of the pink rose of Christ devotion to the Father on high. Let this spiritual offering, placed on the altar of every cell of your being, invoke the majesty of such love as shall turn aside the odoriferous release of low human thought and feeling vibrations and in their place give forth great assistance to all life.

"Every atom of my son Jesus' being was consecrated to God: he kept a steadfast attunement with love's majesty in the face of the most terrible conditions. What he has done you can do, for the selfsame glory that he manifested is within thee, one and all. This must be invoked sternly
yet without defiance; calmlyyet with determination; ferventlyyet in unutterable sweetness."

Mother Mary
January 3, 1964

The magnificent statement 'Judge not, that ye be not judged,' when applied, becomes a great safety valve of protection to the user.

Countless followers of Christ audibly support his great admonition, but when it comes to daily practice they continue to express criticism, condemnation, and judgment in a most brittle, mechanical manner. They do not take into account the recorded debit to their lifestream for such acts and the resulting energy which can become an oppressive weight when it returns to them for balance.

Efforts made by students of the light to overcome this propensity to be critical of others, when successful, have many rewards. Thus the ascended masters have from time to time discussed this teaching so that the student might gain perspective in the practical application of this great
law. I cannot tell you how much the willful neglect of this law and the consequent wrong use of energy have hindered the seeker on the spiritual path.

Many students know that some individuals, in ignorance, do not hesitate to criticize the Godhead and to impugn the motives of heaven. Be not surprised, then, if some will seem to take pleasure in unjustly criticizing or judging you. Remember that the ascended masters aim for the highest expression of blessing to mankind; therefore, our actions always pivot around light and cannot support the shadowed concepts of the mass mind, no matter how acceptable these concepts may seem to be.

Saint Germain has tried for centuries to make all people aware of true freedom; yet to the present, the recoil of their own error is experienced by those who affirm for themselves the freedom to act while denying the same privilege to others. Mankind's double standard of judgment would be most unwelcome if those who practice it were to become the victims of this duplicity.

Let it be known that wherever we establish a focus of great light, wherever there are true, dedicated chelas whose thoughts and actions are providing avenues of service for the ascended masters, sinister arrows of negation derived from psychic levels are projected against these focuses to hinder the expression of truth and to deny mankind the full benefit of our intent to expand the flame of freedom.

The Tall Master from Venus, in his great service to life, has continually poured out from the energies of his heart the God-victorious flame of freedom. It is unfortunate that many take the energies of heaven and color them with human concepts and shallow attitudes. If the ascended masters were to manifest physically and to appear in human form to mankind, many of the very ones who claim to be our chelas would totally reject us. Such as these admire us from afar as if peering at a distant star through a telescope of their own creation; but, unknown to them, they could not take us in proximity.

I understand this dichotomy, having functioned in your dimension, but I cannot condone any attitude that will not win you your freedom. The Master's statement "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me" ought to be applied by all
separatists who consider themselves our brethren and receive our messages, acknowledging the truth thereof while denying our messengers who offer the physical vehicles through which we function.

Mankind are prone to stereotype one another and sometimes, when students do not personally know our messengers, they place them upon a pedestal of high spiritual attainment. When they later come in contact with these blessed ones and note that outwardly they have an appearance similar to their contemporaries and perhaps no exterior posture which would serve to gild them with the image created, students sometimes devalue our representatives and shatter the towering image which they had held previously.

Remember the Roman legions required Judas' service in order to distinguish Jesus from his disciples in Gethsemane's garden.) Not desiring to accept responsibility for their own fluctuating assessments, people have often transferred their disappointments and disaffections to those whom they once glorified and subsequently cast down as broken idols when their own uses were not served.

Let it be clear that it is not in the outer realm that men and women of goodwill ought to make value judgments concerning their fellowmen. I think that I have no difficulty in distinguishing between the true and the false, hence I can easily perceive the degree of spiritual radiance in all its glory pouring through their flesh forms. I think, however, that even presently I should cringe at the thought of being judged, and yet I am sure you realize this is not fear of man's criticism or opinion but rather solicitude for the individual who is guilty of this error.

You may wonder just how all this fits the mechanical dissertation which I am engaged in. In a very real sense this discourse fits quite nicely. For mankind have developed a deep set of stereotyped and acceptable values which they carefully preserve as in a closet, drawing them forth periodically and inserting these 'hardbacked cards' into a stereopticon for recurrent viewing. Thus criticism has become a parlor game in which men amuse themselves at the expense of others, not realizing that by so doing they widen the moat that separates them from the great divine realities of life. Why review evil when you can amplify the power of good!

Stereotyping has become very mechanical. Civilization finds it only too easy to assassinate the character and service of our best servants. We have noted in cosmic history that wherever we have established focuses for the freedom of man, the powers of intolerance have attempted malicious devaluation before men. This includes the circulation of partial truths, lies, and fabrications. And the struggling few, not always securely rooted in an understanding of the dangers in the battle of life, are sometimes unhorsed.

Now, I could tell you of a number of individuals who have received great healings and blessings to almost defy description through the radiant Word delivered by our messengers. Some of these individuals have been released from what we may term astral states so fearsome as to be more awesome than the descriptions in Dante's Inferno. Yet when some of our most dedicated channels were under vicious attack from the forces of darkness, some of our modern disciples, as did those in the time of Jesus, have in effect denied their Lord by desiring anonymity before men. These would not stand up and be counted on the side of righteousness and truth for fear of earthly censure.

Let me remind you here and now of the Master's statement "Whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father." You do not think, precious ones, that this was a threat made by the Christ. Nay, rather was it a statement of the great law itself. At times the law may seem to be almost mechanically harsh, yet I assure you it is not. For as the sweetest promises of God, the mighty law stands to protect the soul interests of the obedient, who garner from the opportunities daily afforded them a greater measure of service and benign karmic credit because they have determined to retain the immaculate concept of man, sustained in the image of his Creator, in all they do, say, or think.

Now examining the statements of Christ still further, you will note that he also said that those who would confess him before men he would confess before the Father! Confession of Christ, then, is the use of his immaculate eyes in beholding the inherent good in God's children. Mother Mary specifically trained Jesus from childhood on in the sacred visualization of good for every part of life.

The seemingly innocent practice of holding wrong concepts about others, of judging others, of assessing their level of attainment or possibility is all a part of vain competition and results in grave misunderstandings. You see, when the hidden hungers of the soul for advancement remain unsatisfied, they sometimes burst out as unbalanced energy which takes the form of gossip and the downgrading of others as a substitute for inner God-security.

It is most unfortunate that this battle of the human psyche is carried over into the science of religion, for men expect perfection in their religion and its followers. Herein lies the very subtle activities of the brothers of the shadow who seek to impugn the pure in heart by drawing down the pall of ignorance, confusion, and questioning about the person and character of another. Some of this is like taking out old photo albums and prints reflecting earlier immaturities and showing these 'snapshots' or 'snap judgments' to others and saying, 'See how they really are!' While the great divine opportunity called life moves onward, men attempt to methodically yet mechanically thwart the progress of another soul and, by the law of returning karma, do but hinder their own progress.

Let go, precious ones, for all time of this seemingly innocent but deadly game. Those who will may practice it, but they will reap the full results of their acts. Men use a mechanical, stereotyped image for others but not for themselves. I am sure that the wiles and snares of Satan, so-called, will be apparent to those who can attune with our level of thought. We would institute for mankind a new era of freedom from this practice that will encourage the use of the immaculate concept, thus drawing into a state of spiritual elevation many priceless souls who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

Let them be filled, then, with the germinal realities of life that will bear spiritual fruit. Let them draw upon their great spiritual resources and rise into the arms of Divine Hope. Let these captives of human illusion go free and find no further barrier to their attainment. Let the blot upon the honor of spiritual organizations cast by these evil practitioners be heeded no more and let it be replaced with the shield of faith in the integrity of the Creator of all who, beholding his creation, saw that it was very good.

Many of the statements I am making may seem simple, but they hold the sacred keys to your freedom, precious ones. I have in readiness revelations far up the ladder of soul advancement, and I am awaiting the opportune moment to release them. But the great gap in achievement for all organizations seems to be in the clouds that obscure at the personal level the summits of Olympian heights, the great snow-crowned peaks of godly virtue and benevolence which should rightfully be the inheritance of every aspirant.

'With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.' Why will men then presume that the Deity desires to mete out evil to any? Is it not clearly recorded, 'I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked?' Then, height nor depth nor things present, nor things to come, nor any
creature shall be able to separate man from the love of God which is in Christ, the Light of the world.

Precious ones, your ascension is not always achieved in one dramatic moment wherein the form is transfigured and you rise into the arms of God. Attainment is often a matter of the conscious practice of daily entering into the heart of the Father and thinking his thoughts, dreaming his dreams of benevolence, partaking of his life and breaking the bread of his holy covenant with your brethren so that their hearts may also burn within them as the disciples experienced upon the way to Emmaus.

Charity begins at home. And therefore, I say to all, let us by grace develop the acme of cosmic virtue in all as we discard mechanical ignorance.

Lovingly, I AM

Great Divine Director
March 21, 1965

Slayers of the Lamb of God

To Those Waiting upon the Lord Who Cometh with Fan in Hand
to Thoroughly Purge His Floor:

The beauty of the God-design in all creation bears witness to the perfect concept held by God for every man.

As a point of spiritual discernment, the students of Light ought to examine carefully the activities of the spoilers, so-called by reason of their immature conduct and their alliance with the powers of darkness, who utter unfounded statements against the laborers in the Father's vineyard.

He who said, "Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free" also spoke these words: "By their fruits ye shall know them." While we advocate that the student of cosmic law become as harmless as a dove, flooded with the milk of human kindness tethered to divine kindness, we also advocate that he should learn to be wiseeven wiser than a serpentin this era of great social cleavage when the hearts of men are nigh failing them for fear.

Saint Paul referred to those who become hypercritical of individuals and organizations dedicated to the beautiful purposes of God, saying, "There are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake." Let the students of Light understand, then, that unfortunate though it may be, there are those who move among the brethren, professing that they come in the name of God, who participate in evil rituals of gossip and slander and thereby tie themselves at inner levels to forces not of the Light. A word of explanation is due from our level to those sincere students who desire to know the truth about the deceivers.

It was recorded by John in the Book of Revelation, "The accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night." This passage refers to those fallen angels who were cast out of heaven and, for reasons best known to the Lords of Karma, were sent into embodiment to balance their karma among the very ones upon earth they had sought to overcome from their astral vantage. "Clouds they are without water," noted Saint Jude, "wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever." The presence of individuals upon the planetary body who espouse the cause of darkness should therefore come as no surprise to the students of Light. Let them be wary, then, of such as these; and let them see to it that they never underestimate the evil intent of these wolves in sheep's clothing!

Their modus operandi requires an explanation, and I shall give it. First let me say that the reason that the tactic of criticism, condemnation, and judgment is used by the evil powers upon this planet is that it has proved successful in "subverting whole houses" and turning individuals
against the Light of the Christ. The chastisement of the devotees of Truth by those who
brazenly speak out against their Light is a token and a symbol of their un-Christlike state of consciousness. These slayers of the Lamb of God shall certainly give account for what they do; and those who heed them will find themselves caught in a web of darkness spun by those who have misappropriated the divine energy and entered into a negative fiat of their own egocentric creation.

As you know, energy released from God or man is girded into spirals that begin with a circle, or cycle, and then rise in the form of a cone or a cylinder. When misqualified by incorrect thought and feeling processes in man, these spirals, eddying upward, become charged with negative magnetism, which, like a cyclone, carries its own vortex of destructive energy.

When this vortex of charged hatred comes in contact with the aura of either the new student or the old one whose faith has never actually been grounded in the rudiments of Truth, the doubts and questions of an undisciplined mind or an untutored heart may cause him to be receptive to a word of seemingly well-intended caution from another. Quite naturally, we expect that even the highest things of the Spirit will be placed under scrutiny by those who are unfamiliar with the teachings of the Masters, inasmuch as they have not experienced the Truth for themselves and have no a priori evidence to confirm what they hear.

Over the thread of the attention, then, the vortex is transferred from the aura of the speaker to that of the listener; in a flash there is a release of the crimson and black substance of criticism, condemnation, and judgment, which leaps the gap between monads or even between groups and quickly subdues the enthusiasm, the joy, and the great impulses of Love and Truth with which the Masters have imbued the innocent of heart.

I would like to point out that in their appraisal of one another, individuals are capable of seeing in a given moment only a small portion of the total life record. Through the bias of a partial assessment it is easy to overlook the radiant good that has flowed through a lifestream. Nevertheless, when someone raises an eyebrow concerning the integrity of a servant of God, those who are yet unsure of their ability to evaluate the situation may allow their own minds to enter the limited frame of reference of the critical observer. Thus they forget that there is undoubtedly more to the spectrum of the devotee's service than meets the eye; and they even
forget the virtue that they themselves may have witnessed in the life of the one in question.

Absorbing, then, the negative concepts of the condemner, those who lend their ears to ungodly conversation are no longer in a position of judging righteous judgment. Failing to realize that they may lose their faculties of discernment by even listening to gossip, they become the unwitting victims of a hypnotic influence, a magnetic forcefield, that spews from the aura of the betrayer as a smoke screen of deception. And if they are not wary, little by little this forcefield will permeate their entire consciousness until at last they cast all their hopes into a sea of bitterness and discouragement.

These are among the most important and more obvious reasons why Saint Germain has so often admonished the students of the Light to avoid the criticism, condemnation, and judgment of individuals and their activities. There are other reasons involving karma and the second death which I shall not go into at this time: suffice it to say that the return to the sender of such virulent energies directed against the children of God is fraught with grave danger. Knowing this law, the Master said: "Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!"

Then there are those who are overly cautious and carry their reserve to an extreme. Let them not forget that God has given man the faculty of spiritual discernment through the Christ Self and the Threefold Flame within the heart. You therefore have the divine authority to discern the fruit of the Spirit in the lives of others, to apprise yourself of what is right and what is wrong, to shun evil, and to expose its lie wherever manifest. But when you exercise this right, you should do so impersonally and with humility-sitting not in the seat of the scornful, but ever beholding the Reality of the Christ in those who have temporarily come under a sinister influence. Jesus said, "Judge not, that ye be not judged"; therefore, you must beware to judge not the individual, whose heart only the Lord doth know, but his fruits; for by his fruits you shall know what is acting in his world and with what forces he has aligned his consciousness.

It should always be remembered that "the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: [for] against such there is no law." Motives and acts that ignite hatred, strife, sorrow, confusion, agitation, and antagonism among brethren should be recognized for what they are. "Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?" These thorns never emanate from the Christ Consciousness of the Rose of Sharon, but from the consciousness that has aligned itself with the forces of antichrist.

Those who truly love God will make calls to The Karmic Board for the illumination of those whose energies have been darkened by denigratory deeds. However, the fact remains that there are those who in the present and forseeable future cannot be expected to respond to the outpourings of Light which the children of God invoke; for by nature they are concerned only with the personal self and its aggrandizement.

Out of their ignorance of the Great Law and their jealousy of other parts of Life, those whose minds are bent by the perverseness of selfish concern, who will not cease to analyze the faults of their neighbors, cannot hope to understand the meaning of the abundant Life lived in God until they have shed the snakeskin of their personal identity pattern. In the vastness of Cosmos there is room for all to develop the fullness of their soul-potential and, in so doing, to transmute whatever impedes the flow of Light through them as they become one with the God-ideal in the truly abundant Life.

In a spirit of constructivism, born out of the desire to alert and to admonish, we release this report. It would be most beneficial if all men had the awareness of spirit to discern not only the signs of the times and the astrological impact thereof from a cosmic standpoint, but also the sure means of governing the actions of their world; yet although Heaven has decreed perfection for man, man has not yet appropriated all of the joy and wonder God has in store for him.

We advocate a recognition of the fact that whereas we always espouse the positive, the victorious, the perfect and complete kingdom of God, we perceive that habits of negation and energy misqualification formed in childhood and infancy have often served to cover humanity with an opaquing cloud of illusory substance that one day will be no more. The living God is neither despot nor tyrant; His is the highest way. Unfortunately, because of the nature of human habit, patterns entering the mind from the earliest years often seem correct when they are not, simply because of their long acceptance by the mind and feelings.

It is highly improper that students of the Light should be impugned by those who do not understand that the kingdom of God is truly within all who will open the door of their hearts to Love and Light, to peace and joy, to forgiveness and the beautiful thoughts of others, consciously created and upheld.

He who said, "Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you" also promised his flock, "Lo, I AM with you alway, even unto the end of the world." Certainly the fulfillment of his promise is more apparent in those kind moments when the magnet of your love for the ascended Christ, like a fire of living Truth, blazes its noontide glory throughout the worlds of all you meet regardless of their level of understanding.

Let honor and truth live. Let the strength of our Brotherhood expand into a full-blown maturity. Let the students of the Light be aware not only of the subtleties of the dark powers but also of the salvation of our God, by whose grace all who follow in the Master's footsteps shall be raised. There is but one Lord, and He maketh the sun to shine upon the just and the unjust until the day of the harvest when the tares are separated from the wheat.

In deepest devotion, I AM

The Great Divine Director
August 29, 1971

"The cultivating by you of more and more Patience (not only with one's self but with others of evolving life), as well as endeavoring constantly to have an understanding heart and be a comfort to all life, will make you both gracious and graceful in your expressions of daily living. Then will you be most willing consciously to call for the violet fire to transmute the causes and cores of all mistakes of yourself and others. This merciful violet fire sets all free from the pressures of energy qualified with criticism, condemnation and judgment, which energies, otherwise, may continue to build around them until, many times, that pressure alone may compel a repetition of the same mistakes.

"After all, none unascended are yet perfected, and true introspection of self- together with the use of the violet fire-will remove the habit of 'judging according to appearances' from the chela's world. Thus does the seeker gradually become more and more master of life through the anchorage of his greater and greater attunement with his own Holy Christ Self and the Ascended Host."

Djwal Kul
February 6, 1959

"You know, dear hearts, whenever opposition is directed at any person, place, condition or thing because an expression is manifesting which is negative to the light, the energy used by the directing one, even though benign often, in stirring the conscious mind with the best intentions,
almost inevitably raises the human dust of sympathetic attraction for the one opposed. And the director of the opposition, who always intended to be both illuminative and protective, is then face to face with an intensified negative condition. Thus, when we see a need arise to apprise our chelas of a negative situation, both beloved Morya and I hesitate in many cases to do so because of that law.

"However, when we do perceive a heightened need to speak out, it is always done with Ascended Master gentility so as not to harm any part of life in a stringent manner but rather to produce the best opportunity for freedom and good will to all—particularly that magnificent congregation—the majority of our worthy students of the I AM Law of Life! I heartily approve of every act and word which beloved Morya has found necessary, for I feel no need to remind my readers that every ascended being will only perform those acts which are in keeping with the highest principles of divine law and divine love. This has beloved Morya always fulfilled to the letter and without exception!

"May I also remind that to mankind living in the world of form, the law itself, even the cosmic laws of divine justice which are operative on this planet, may seem at times somewhat harsh. Now, actually there is no callousness present in the divine law itself, but an ever-present divine
solicitude, and that which may appear severe is but the returning current of the karmic boomerang of whatever was sent out at some time by the one upon whom the law may be acting.

" . . . Hence the most cultivated and innate personal honesty is needed to stand guard twenty-four hours a day to do battle with self-deceit! The greatest enemy of freedom, you see, often rises in one's own thinking and feeling world because of past negative momentums, past mistakes of thought and feeling, and also sometimes by reason of unrealized aspirations which, because they are not yet externalized, lead to some feelings of futility and at times feelings of helplessness which seem to form a spiritual vacuum during which time the individual tends to be extremely self-critical and may then vacillate from reason and truth to a mood whereby the onus of self-criticism is transferred to another lifestream in the vain human habit of avoiding the admission of personal failure.

"Dear ones, no one seems to enjoy admitting to failure, but such admission can be a catharsis of the highest type, for failure is never permanent if that one will go on toward overcoming. I failed many times in small ways before my ascension and when embodied as recently as Francis Bacon it was reported that I was always just one jump ahead of my creditors!

"This does not mean that I approve of any injustice to any part of life for I do not, nor does any ascended being, but imperfection ought not to judge the lot of any other part of life for the simple reason that it is impossible for any human consciousness while still unascended and itself imperfect to know or cognize with absolute certainty the full cosmic law of another's being without our assistance, do you see? Beloved ones, when Ascended Master Godfre (then known as Daddy Ballard) first went out to do the bidding of the ascended host, he was practically penniless and behind in his rent. But did he let that stop him? No, I think not, for he pressed forward to his own victory! This do and live!

"Hope is one of the greatest blessings of God. Now as we hope only for your highest good, may I say with divine fervor that we long for a celestial spirit of divine unity to sweep across the hearts of the students—setting them aflame with our love, our victory and the power of God-freedom! Today when so much emphasis is necessarily placed on unity by the ascended host, as well as by mankind in the outer world who are tired of wars and dissentions—and understandably so, I hasten to say that unity does not divide but ever raises all life it contacts without ever being unkind or critical in its feelings toward any part of life.

"This requires not only self-control in the accepted sense thereof, but God-Self control with the power of the Presence moving into action in the individual's own world. Those who find necessary the constant tearing down of someone else or something outside of themselves serve not the cause of freedom, for the fires of freedom would burn very low if tended by such as these. Freedom's fires burn only the bands that enslave or bind and then, in the dignity of freedom, lift on high for all to see and behold the exemplary image of a noble man or woman. This lovely transcendent effigy then serves to inspire our dear chelas until, completely free as we are in the glory of victory's ascension, the race is won!"

Saint Germain
January 15, 1960

"Therefore, you have seen the karma they—they as a conspiracy and as a hierarchy of fallen ones—have made by sending their representatives here to cause or attempt to cause all manner of havoc, not only through these lawsuits, beloved, but through the taking of the time and the energy of the Messengers and the chelas in their argumentation, in their human reasoning, in their accusation, in their gossip, in their complaining and in their criticism, condemnation, and judgment of the Lightbearers or those who are in the leadership of the activity.

"Beloved, they have been a burden upon the activity. And Saint Germain himself has groaned for the day when the Lightbearers comprising this organization would raise the sufficient Light that no longer would there be the necessity indeed to receive them and give them any quarter whatsoever. Beloved ones, I tell you for Saint Germain and in his name and in the full power of Mighty Victory, this day is come!

" . . . Understand, beloved, that the authority is unto Sanat Kumara and all Cosmic Beings to guard the passage thereto. But, beloved, you must understand not only the call but your own diligence—diligence not necessarily in assessing the stranger within thy gates but diligence in assessing the carnal mind within the gates of thine own consciousness. For here is the continuing vulnerability of this activityand that is that those within it do not rise in their own Christ Victory to become that Christ and therefore by their own subconscious momentums may attract from without the very same vibration that is within themselves.

"Therefore, hear me. The requirements for going to that Inner Retreat of all who are our co-servants: there must be within you a fire of the Spirit of Victory. And you yourself must call for
that fire and leap for that fire from the Central Sun. You must understand that we observe that
some among you still make that choice for the not-self, still make the choice not to obey the voice of the Holy Christ Self, still make the choice, beloved, to engage in the doubts and fears and human reasoning that is not the Spirit of Cosmic Christ Victory of Maitreya.

" . . . Blessed ones, you cannot weave over the inner darkness and conceal it. Better to be not so concerned with the outer appearance and to let the true self show, as debased as it may be: to wrestle with it, to slay it, and to determine that you will have no longer that psychology of the fallen ones that must be nursed and nursed and nursed by the Messengers and your co-workers as you appeal for sympathy but never say die to the cause thereof—the tie to the sinister force through your own pride or rebellion or ambition or deceptiveness or selfishness or ingratitude.

"And I mention this ingratitude in this hour in the dawning cycle under the hierarchy of Leo. Though these cycles as calculated from the Central Sun are not exact as they are calculated in the earth, beloved, nevertheless they are celebrated according to the dates for some semblance of unity and symmetry.

"Beloved ones, this insensitivity to the inner Christ is a sign of the denial of the Sacred Heart under the hierarchy of Leo. When the ingratitude is not cleared, then, beloved, you see a new kind of densitya coldness that does not open its heart to the living Word and the living Christ in mercy. Ingratitude, then, silences the senses of the soul and makes one nonreceptive to the I AM Presence.

" . . . Therefore, let the discordant ones know that I have seen your discord and I am displeased that in this hour of the great mercy of Godand the tremendous givingness of the Darjeeling Council in the deliverance of this Church through the chelas and through the hosts of heaven you, in gratitude, have not kept the flame and denied that criticism, condemnation, and judgment that has been very apparent at the Royal Teton Ranch in recent months.

"Beloved ones, for that offense, which manifested through that out-of-alignment state of one individual chela, that chela was expelled from the Ranch by beloved El Morya. It is important that you understand that just so long does the Law endure this infamy of infraction of the First Ray. This criticism became a poison that did poison others and new students and those come recently until it became a heavy weight upon those who were the objects of the criticism as well as upon those who harbored it, whether or not it was true.

"I tell you this, beloved, for it is an example of the standard set. And on that occasion the Master chose to dictate through your Messenger a letter to this individual who, upon receiving it and the ray of El Morya, saw his folly. But it was too late. And therefore, he went forth seeing and confessing later to the Messenger those occasions when he had consciously chosen not to follow the will of God or the voice of Christ but continually to indulge his sense of injustice and criticism of individuals within his department.

"Beloved ones, it is this that is the crux of the matter. Students of long standing who have the Light cannot within this activity ignore the Christ Standard, cannot fail to forge a Christ Victory, cannot fail to be working hard at it day by day!

"There is another individual in this activity, beloved, whose aura and presence I did show to the Messengerwho instead of forging a Christ Victory has literally carved out for himself a cave within his own electronic belt and there has found security. But the walls of the cave, beloved, are a thousand feet thick, and that thousand feet has not even been touched. Therefore that individual, though desiring prominence, is rather on a path of scientific humanismthe science of the human accommodating and pretending to be ascending to the throne of grace and all the while functioning at that cleared-out place, a cave in the electronic belt.

" . . . I send you one of my bands because I care for you and your indulgences. I care for your Victory. Those, then, who have no business being in an activity of Light will also know that that angel will bind your contempt and your hatred of the Mother and you will be forced to choose whom you will serve. Do not struggle with this angel, for you will not prevail as Jacob did. Beloved ones, you will be bound-not alone by the angel but by the law of your own karma."

Mighty Victory
July 20, 1986

"It is good to know that all things that come to your doorstep can be dealt with by the living fire and the fount of Love within your heart. [The key is] not to react, not to become negative but rather philosophical, to say to yourself:

" 'Who knocks there? Whose footstep do I hear? Is it that of friend or foe? It matters not, for I give love and have plenty to spare. In this my calling in life, I shall greet all that comes to me with a chuckle, with a point of laughter, with the wisdom of the Mind of God, with my gaze fixed on him and yet kindness always flowing to my neighbor.'

"In this stance, then, be not reactors, beloved, but know that life is full of promises and many packages wrapped, some with love and some with cords of enmity. Receive them all and deal with them justly, honorably and with that deep fire of love that has compassion for evildoers who have lost the key to the heart of God that you yet hold in your treasure chest of Love.

"Oh yes, beloved, do not allow yourself to be moved this way and that because of circumstances. Do not ever discount the moment of karma. For is not every particle of sand that descends in the hourglass the sign of passing karma that can be dealt with, that must be dealt with at the moment when it passes through the nexus?

"This must seem an impossible task-how to be there at the right point in time and space to greet your karma so that when it passes through the nexus it does not create a pile of karma beneath and therefore require you to start all over again.

"Yes, beloved, when you are in the right place in consciousness, you are always at the point of the nexus, the nexus of the mighty figure-eight flow that delivers to you the lightning of the Mind of God through the Sacred Heart of your Holy Christ Self. Being at that point of equanimity, you can be philosophical about tragedy and sudden loss and also hold the reins of the ecstatic [mood] when great good things come your way.

"In the peace-commanding presence of the centeredness of being, know wholeness. My prayer for you this year is that the Christmas wind, which is the wind of the Holy Spirit, shall bring to you peace of mind, wholeness,centeredness and, above all, charity toward yourself, toward all. Charity, belovedfor charity does engulf with flames of Love all pride and ego-centeredness
that beget self-condemnation and the condemnation of others.

"Yes, beloved, I would have you walk the earth as the children of Wisdom and I would have you deal with life and circumstance by the fiat of the spoken Word.

"Yes, beloved, wholeness is the goal. It is achieved through love, yes, and wisdom. But as you have been told, without God's will, without that faith, without that fire of the true-blue chela, you will find it difficult, [yea impossible, as the scriptures say, ] to please God. And, blessed heart, if you are not able to please God, then you will become among all people the most miserable.

" . . . I count many of you bodhisattvas, some with a capital B, some with a lowercased b, but bodhisattvas are ye when walking the path of discipleship is the first order of the business of your life. That is when all other things come into place, all of the blocks in the building of the temple of man. Why, it is as though they would assemble themselves, beloved, drawn by the magnet of your magnanimity!

"Oh, the heart of kindness! Oh, the heart of kindness that is not self-sympathy or sympathy for another but true and noble understanding, judging not another's way, giving freedom to all (for that is Saint Germain' s gift) and therefore moving forward in unfailing love and support for one

" . . . So, beloved, do not be fooled in this month into engaging in that criticism, condemnation and judgment, for it is always and always the product of human pride. Even when you condemn yourself, it is a matter of personal pride that you think you can evaluate yourself and then say, 'I am not good enough for the Lord.'

"Well, beloved, pride is a tricky thing. It is a shadow that hides from us that we cannot see unless we are astute and determined to see it.

"When you cease to have pride in yourself and your accomplishments, you will also cease to have that criticism, condemnation and judgment for yourself and others. And, oh, what a day of freedom it shall be for youfor you, beloved!

"For then, you see, you will not be embarrassed if you make a mistake, you will not be offended if someone attempts to insult you in this way or that, you will not be caught off guard. For you will know that the human self can never be perfected and that the Christ Self in you is already perfect. And as long as you are striving to reach the goal, you are received as acceptable in the sight of God.

"Therefore, beloved, be done with those things that are a trap. They are a mousetrap, I tell you! Truly, do not be caught in a mousetrap, for you have bigger [and better] things before you. You have promises that you have given and that you will keep. You have a life to give to God when you are ready. If you are not ready to give him your whole life, then I ask you to take stock this day."


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part I

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part III

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part IV

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