Saint Germain
Hierarch of the Aquarian Age


Saint Germain

Saint Germain is a master alchemist and teacher of masters and men.
He is also known in the heaven-world as a diplomat, expressing the godly
qualities of dignity, grace, gentility, poise and true statesmanship. His name
comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply 'Holy Brother.'

In the latter part of the eighteenth century, Saint Germain received from
the lady master Kuan Yin her office as chohan of the seventh ray—the ray
of mercy and forgiveness and of sacred ceremony. As chohan, or lord,
of the seventh ray, the violet ray, Saint Germain initiates our souls
in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame.

He is the seventh angel prophesied in Revelation 10:7 who comes to sponsor
the finishing of the mystery of God "as he hath declared to his servants
the prophets. The heart of every ascended master is a sacred heart, for God
dwells there. The secret chamber of the heart is the sacred space within the heart
where the flame of life burns as a sacred fire, the unfed flame, the flame that burns
but is not consumed. The heart of beloved Saint Germain is a purple fiery heart.

"To obtain dominion over the finite self is an act of utter compassion
for universal Law and for universal Love. When this happens,
and happen it shall as the Law is made known, mankind will realize
that they cannot be masters and still be novices."
—Saint Germain, 'Trilogy on the Threefold Flame'

"Remember how thy servant hath walked before thee; remember
what I have first sought, and what hath been my principal intention . . .
I have sought Thee in Courts, fields and gardens,
but I have found Thee in Thy temples."
—a prayer written by Francis Bacon

"There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures."
Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare
Saint Germain ascended following his embodiment as Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) —after having made, as he once commented, “two million right decisions.”
The Master Alchemist and his beloved twin flame, Portia, were crowned Hierarchs
of the Aquarian Age on May 1, 1954. Together they focus the Christ consciousness
of the Seventh Ray, as Jesus ensouled the Christ consciousness of the Sixth Ray
for the Piscean dispensation.

"They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."—Andy Warhol
"Thaw with her gentle persuasion is more powerful than Thor with his hammer.
The one melts, the other breaks into pieces."—Henry David Thoreau

" . . . Yes, civilization will crumble unless some among mankind respond with the fervor of the devotees of the will of God to hold the balance for America—South and North America—and for all evolutions of this world. Some will make the supreme sacrifice—a sacrifice that is not death but of total living unto God and the God-flame.

"That supreme sacrifice and only that supreme sacrifice by those in embodiment will bring this world into a golden age. I assure you by all that I am that the responsibility is totally upon you who have life in physical embodiment. It is totally upon your freewill what will be the determination of this age.

"Cast your superstition into the flame—of fairy godmothers and the like. There is no way of the 'miracle' that will bring in a golden age. It is the miracle of hard work, of application of the Law and of the science of initiation. That is the great miracle. And when the sons and daughters of God demonstrate that Law and that science the children say, 'A miracle has occurred this day.' It is not so; it is the alchemy of the overcomers—always.

"May I also add that when you work the works of God the ascended masters multiply your effort by the alchemy of the Holy Spirit."

El Morya
April 16, 1976

" . . . Beloved ones, come what may, be pioneers of the Spirit.

" . . . Determine to pass through the eye of the needle . . . and to hold before you the vision of that light at the end of the tunnel.

" . . . My vision of this age is that you will lay a foundation when it is possible to lay that foundation and that you by the gathering of your knowledge and your professional experience from all walks of life will be ready to lay that upon the altar of God and see how the new age may start and have a new chance, no longer infiltrated in every field by the betrayers of the people.

" . . . And my vision for you is that you will find in the ingenuity of your souls the means to . . . raise up the green shoot of new life on Earth.

" . . . You alone must figure out and calculate how you will achieve your victory given the equation of an age."

Saint Germain
May 21, 1987

"Blessed Hearts, the age of Aquarius does set a new standard; and, therefore, as the tides of the sea and the planetary levels of water threaten to rise, so there is the raising of the standard whereby the sons of God are expected to embody a Greater Love whose intensity, whose very sacred fire in your hearts does bind the force of anti-Love."

Maha Chohan
February 21, 1988

"This dazzling golden-violet sphere of light descends into the very heart of America. It descends into this forcefield. And now as it comes closer and closer to the earth by the action of the violet flame angels—the angels of the Golden Age (and there are angels of the Golden Age waiting to precipitate that age!)—there comes into the very heart of America a contactpoint through this heart chakra, at inner levels, to the hearts of the people of light—that awareness of the imminent Golden Age through the God of Gold and through the blessed violet flame."

Lady Master Portia
October 5, 1980

" . . . There are hearts and minds of freedom all over the world today who are so strong and determined in their dedication to freedom that they affect the entire planetary consciousness! And therefore their genius does affect all other genes on earth and there is an elevation and evolution of planetary man. And individuals actually increase their capacity to bear the Christ and give birth to holy children because of the will of a single consciousness of God-mastery held on a point of the law that will not retreat, will not give up, will not stop until the desired end is reached.

"So you begin to understand how the one mind of our beloved Francis Bacon influenced the course of Western civilization and laid the foundation for the New World, the new science, and the golden age. Realize that many who walked the earth in his life took on the very profile of his soul. Think of it, and think of the one who has in his heart the preknowledge of becoming the Hierarch of the Aquarian age.

"Think of your own destiny. Think how Saint Germain therefore did write down all of those molecules of word—coded, ciphered—demonstrating the interactions of light and darkness in the human scene and on the stage of the world.

"Thus the lessons of the parables now become the plays of Shakespeare which you ought to know far better than you do. Let lovers, therefore of Shakespeare teach, demonstrate, act and show the magnificence of the transmission of a teaching of the Christed One of the Aquarian age.

"Realize that in the absence of Francis Bacon this world would be several octaves lower in awareness, in enlightenment and in illumination. This must tell you something about the genius of the mind that has its correlation in the genes of the body—and the genes, focal points of the seed of Christ.

"It ought to tell you about the power of God in you! It ought to tell you about the power of thought and the power of the aura—and the negative power of idle thoughts and indulgences and nasty and subtle feelings that tear from you the momentum of your service and light and ability to change the planet. It ought to tell you something of the meaning of the descent of Saint Germain and the ascended masters into your very presence and how the power of God is just as powerful to work evil as to work good—and it depends upon the genes of the mind at any given moment.

"There is a reason, a very good reason, to be vigilant. And it is love. Not a universal love that is difficult to define (as difficult as catching a mist or a vapor) and therefore a love that fails to specifically 'love one another.' No, there is a love, there is a reason in love. And it is for the very person of Saint Germain himself and for the person of the chela that you guard the heart and let it not be troubled or trembling for fear.

"Peace I place in your heart this day! Two thousand years hence from my promise I bring peace to the hearts of lightbearers who will sustain the vibration of peace and not turn it to anti-peace and the momentum of unreality and illusion concerning the sword that guards the way of Eden. That ought to tell you something about peace.

" . . . This is an age of the misuse of language—and of violation of the Word, if it were possible. And therefore language, instead of cups of consciousness of the angels themselves, has become a device of manipulation and conditioning. There are words in this language whose original meaning has been so lost that I would no longer use those words to convey to you mighty truths, so colored are these and so charged with hostility and 'instant' ideas that are based on fear.

" . . . Blessed hearts, you cannot lead an army with no leader. No leader ever became leader without the full training in discipleship and the hierarchy of the archangels. The dearth of leadership everywhere is the indoctrination and programming of the educational systems—of the soul away from the inner Christ. And the spirit of Luciferian independence has made every man a law unto himself. And therefore where is the Union? Where is the recognition of the lightbearer? We send the lightbearer and he is maligned and condemned, for his brothers are jealous. And therefore, not acknowledging the light in him, the light within themselves is gone out.

"Beloved hearts, it is not too hard a miracle for God to send shepherds and leaders! The problem is that when they are sent they are slain, they are murdered, they are persecuted, they are tormented until their very psychology is altered and in the course of a lifetime—unless mighty strong in the Lord—they lose either the desire, the inclination or the ability for leadership once endowed.

" . . . Why, beloved ones, indoctrination is the name of the game nation by nation—and a people who think they are free yet think only according to what they have been told by those whose thinking is not aligned with God.

" . . . It would be well for you to be deaf or to turn off the sound of your television and to read only the vibration and cease listening to the words and then discover who is who—who is who in America, who is who in Mother Russia.

"Beloved ones, I can tell you the formula. It is absolute good as a pillar of fire where you are as the individual. It is not relative good as a good human being but absolute God-good as Christ incarnate that does not move up and down and wane but is steady—that takes the light and accumulates it and does not squander it. This force in you will swallow up and defeat absolute Darkness incarnate.

" . . . Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation. For the light given unto you must not be turned to darkness by neglect, by a thief in the night, or your own vulnerability due to ignorance and naivete. I do not say that any of you, my beloved, are malicious. But deeds done by ignorance can have malicious effects upon the children of light. And therefore recognize: the most deadly enemy of all is the habit of human ignorance that rests in its own ignorance and does not desire to know and to learn and to study—to keep abreast, to be aware, and to watch and pray.

"We shall have our victory as long as you remain watchmen of the night and watchmen of the day."

Jesus Christ

"You have recognized me in many guises as our paths have crisscrossed lifetime after lifetime. Some of you have found me by 'coincidence' as you pored over ancient texts, not knowing what or whom you were looking for, but knowing you were looking for something—or someone.

"Others know me through the Rosicrucians, the Rosicrosse Literary Society, the Freemasons, Theosophy or the I AM Movement. Some know me through the story of my life as Francis Bacon, which I embedded in cipher in the Shakespearean plays. For I, as Francis Bacon, was the true author of those plays.

"Well, beloved, it really doesn’t matter who I was. What counts is that I AM Saint Germain and I AM here! And in this moment I occupy the flesh and blood body of my Messenger. And, try as you may, you will not experience me, for some time to come, as tangibly as you now do. For such dispensations are rare."

Saint Germain

"Many consider themselves a part of the New Age yet they have not truly accepted Saint Germain and Portia, the twin flames who are hierarchs of this age. And therefore, though they are advanced in their thoughts and their perceptions, they have not advanced themselves in the purification of the auric field.

"We can enter the aura of those [of you] whose auras are purified, and by making ourselves one with you [we] may multiply your works and your activities. You can come into congruency with the aura of an Ascended Master long before you have the full God-mastery of your soul. Thus, beloved, the violet flame is a gift of God for many purposes, and one of these purposes is to establish a point of transition between the place where you are now and the place you desire to be, which is the next level, or gradation, of the vibration of Light."

Lady Master Leto

"Therefore those long fascinated with my person or writings from whatever incarnation or as the Wonderman of Europe, those who know my name and associate with it perhaps the glamour and the glitter of other octaves or of personal flattery, I tell you this, I AM a living pillar of violet flame!

"Wheresoever you shall raise up that violet flame by a concerted action of a decree momentum, there I shall be, as it were, the genie of the lamp, the lamp of knowledge and transmutation, the lamp of transfiguration and the transubstantiation of the body and the blood of thyself, that the Lord Christ might truly enter therein. Wheresoever a pillar of violet flame is raised up, because it is the equivalency of my Presence I shall be there.

"Thus, take, take, then . . . the violet flame decrees and calls to my heart. If you shall use that . . . word, angels of the violet flame, Zadkiel, Amethyst, Elohim of the Seventh Ray, Arcturus and Victoria, the beloved Kuan Yin, the beloved Great Divine Director, the beloved elementals, the Holy Spirit, these shall amplify as we, Portia and I, [Saint Germain] shall amplify my Electronic Presence through it.

"Know then, O beloved, that footprint for footprint if America and the earth shall long desire the Presence of Saint Germain with them, they must forge a fire, truly a violet flame fire where I may place my feet. It is indeed the last time, the last Opportunity, the last Freedom and Justice.
Either these flames be raised up by the Lightbearers of the world or you shall see the Darkness prophesied by young and old alike, those who have seen, those who have known, and those who have read the report of that which the enemy does propose against this nation and against all people of freedom worldwide."

Saint Germain

"'I, Maitreya, command it, unfurling my banner, that this golden age shall be because the Eternal has spoken it, and he shall not fail.' There's the command. Maitreya has unfurled the banner and the Eternal has spoken. He shall not fail. He shall galvanize the age.

"God will not fail to the level of the etheric, and God is really not concerned about a golden age between the etheric and the physical planes. He will not bring in that golden age just for the sake of proving that his Word is right and that his Word does not fail.

"God would rather sink a continent to chastise one chela than create a golden age in objection to the free will of the individual. He wants us to have the ultimate experience and experimentation with our individual free will. He wants us to know what we do to ourselves
when we destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons or with anything else. He wants us to learn everything that there is to learn about being God in this octave.

"God has no attachment to a golden age per se. He is unattached, desireless. He has only one desire, that you become God. But he will not impose that desire upon you, he will give you the opportunity to choose to fulfill his desire.

"That is the explanation for the occurrence of calamity and cataclysm. People cannot understand why God lets suffering happen, yet it is because he values the life of your soul and the integrity of his commitment to you, his covenant of free will, more than he values the end result. In the Buddha's teaching this is called non-attachment to the fruit of action.

"God is more interested in the ritual of life as you live it than in the final outcome. If he were
more interested in the final outcome, he would have created differently. He would have made a perfect physical universe with perfect people in it. But the only way you can get perfect people is by creating robots."

Teachings of the Cosmic Christ

"How long have the ascended hosts waited for a golden age to appear! This century, begun so beautifully, [was] so immediately taken over by those forces of hell that came as the Bolsheviks. These [rebels against the Word], beloved ones, did go forth, and therefore I made my appearance early that something might be done. But the 'powers that be' [the original powers of Death and Hell] worked their schemes and the abdication of the destiny, [the] responsibility of America [to defend world and individual freedom], has been almost complete. Yet in every nation there have been betrayers, and instead of condemning America and Americans, there should have been a forthright challenge made by the leaders of Europe to challenge and decry the betrayal of the freedom fighters [by the archdeceivers] worldwide.

"Billions of souls have been lost to World Communism by the betrayers in the United States government. Look at China herself and the Soviet Union. These could have been turned to [in the direction of] the free enterprise societies. These people who were once industrious and filled with the divine spark of the threefold flame, who had every opportunity and joy and determination to be the builders of the future have now gone down under a system whose very evil, beloved, does cause them to lose hope, to lose faith, to have crushed in them their own charity."

Mother Mary

"I am Saint Germain. I too have spent the decades and centuries in the caves of the Himalayas and in the planes of nirvana. I come from a long preparation to embody the soul, the law, the flame, the ray that is called Aquarius.

"Freedom is my name! And so long as there are free souls upon earth who desire that freedom to ultimately realize the Bodhi in themselves, so I am at hand, as much able to teach you the path of the Eastern adepts as I have chosen to give you instead the formula from God for the Western
disciple. That formula, beloved, is by no means rote but a divine ritual, a 'right-you-all,' for the righting of all conditions in consciousness.

"I can assure you, beloved, as I look upon souls who come to study my teaching, that I must measure the sands in the hourglass of every life. There are those who come who have but months of tenure left on earth, others weeks, days or years. Thus, I have prepared in my lessons and [in] all of my dictations, together with the Ascended Masters who have also given of their teaching, a course of instruction whereby the individual may make the most progress and thereby be ready for any change, major or minor, conditioned by his own karma written in his own astrology.

"Blessed ones, I define progress as the balancing of karma. Karma, then, is the weight whereby many times the soul cannot fly. Therefore, emptying the ship of its cargo or a balloon of its ballast, this is my goalthus my gift of the violet flame multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand by the aura of Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, who would multiply every call of your heart.

"The less karma you have, the greater [your] opportunity day by day. This affects all choices. It affects contracts—business, marriage and otherwise—those who are drawn to your life and those who cannot be, the children you may give birth to. Every day as percentages of karma pass through the sacred fire and that transmutation is ratified by good deeds, words and works of love and service, you are lightening the load and therefore rising and therefore, beloved, coming into new planes of realization, new associations.

"Walk with angels. Enter the rarefied atmosphere. Thus, why position oneself at a level or plane or step of the ladder when [on] the very next one you might find your twin flame or the Guru of thy heart or an initiation failed long ago? Now you are prepared to take it, to win and to fly!

"Aquarius is a mighty air sign. It is the sign of the liberation of the mind and the soul to soar, to sing!

" . . . I therefore commend all who understand that the only true attainment takes place when the fire of the heart must intensify to accomplish a goal of service, when one must pull down the resources of one's causal body, for one knows that one's [lower] self no longer has the capacity for the challenge.

"Blessed hearts, the mediocrity of world socialism is the bane of the Guru-Chela relationship, for it allows for stagnation, noneffort. And while individuals exercise their sinews, they fail to exercise their spiritual reality and to seek that strength for the accomplishment of deeds of honor and heroism.

"I say to you, then, be not content in the posture that is along the lines of day in day out performing the same task. You are not dumb beasts on a treadmill. You are sons of God moving up the mountain of being! Do not shirk a challenge! Welcome it and know that when you desire to serve the world body, you will always have a challenge that exceeds your present ability. If it did not, you could not call us Guru, or the Path one of initiation. Therefore, summoning resources you knew not you had enables you to understand the meaning of self-transcendence and its necessity.

" . . . Thus, beloved, if you have the fearless compassion to save a world, let us begin! Let us begin with you and me and then take on the impossible that will quickly appear as the possible. There is no failure but that which you accept, no victory denied but that which you allow some fallen angel, false-hierarchy impostor of yourself to deny. There is no backward step that can be imposed upon you unless you yourself lose the sense of self-worth in the I AM Presence.

"I am Saint Germain. To reach me you must take a leap forward and beyond, even into the unknown, and you must be either hot or cold but never lukewarm.

"I am in the heart of the violet singing flame. I await thy call."

Saint Germain
April 16, 1988

"The chime of an ancient bell now sounds. One of my angels called by Portia does begin this chiming. It will sound in the ear of every true son and daughter of Liberty as though he or she does hear a liberty bell that long ago rang on other spheres. This chiming, beloved, shall continue as the inner Call. And if it stop its chiming, beloved, Cosmos shall know that I, Saint Germain, have no longer opportunity to rescue the Lightbearer. Therefore, beloved, let the giving of the violet flame on behalf of those who respond and hear be continuous as a vigil unto the seventh age. So long as there are those who respond, even a single heart reciting my violet flame mantra in each twenty-four-hour cycle, Opportunity's door shall remain open and the chime shall be heard."

Saint Germain
May 30, 1987

"Therefore, beloved, set the greatest, most powerful matrix of hope which I give to you, which is also presently possible. And it is the golden-age happening of your aura! Do you understand this, beloved? It is a happening now!

"Imagine, then, with golden robes and golden spheres of light, how hope, then, becomes illumination's flame, which is why the trinity of the threefold flame is called faith, hope, and charity. Illumine the world with golden wisdom's flame of hope, beloved. Understand the white fire core is there.

"You need no longer speculate, 'Will the golden age come to earth?' It is here in me. That I know, O God. It is where I am, and more than this I cannot even desire. For I am with Hope filling Cosmos with my golden age.

"What is the golden age, beloved? Is it age one or ten or twenty-five or fifty or a hundred? The golden age, beloved, is the age when you find consummation in the Mind of Sanat Kumara. He, the Eternal Youth, has inspired upon this earth the eternal hope.

"Blessed hearts, I seal you in this mystery of the world and the universe of your microcosm. And I say by the fiat of Almighty God of the Fourth Ray, I draw a circle of hope around you as the base of your ovoid of light. I seal you in white-fire hope protection. And I impress upon you the unit of golden age that is solely, uniquely your individualization of the God flame."

Archeia Hope
January 2, 1987

"You will soon see how the true initiates of the sacred fire of the Mother will come to the fore. And whereas there is a dearth this day of quality material to occupy public offices in this nation and all nations, so there will come—if you endure, if you keep the flame and hold the balance for world conditions—those souls of light who, having atoned therefore for their absence, now return to truly tend in purity's light the virgin light of the Mother that must nourish the Tree of Life if it is to be a green tree with green shoots and the golden age is to appear again.

"Beloved ones, it is a procession from the far corners of the earth of the coming of these called ones. And they approach the altar. And the representative of the Mother is standing at the central altar, ready to receive the daughters of God and establish the true Sisterhood of Life, of Mother, and the meaning of spouse of the Most High.

"This light and this teaching, beloved ones, is for all to return to the very altar of the Holy Grail
—the sacred chakra of the heart. It is a temple teaching that has and will continue to unfold through the dispensation of these messengers' release of the teaching of archangels, given now twenty-five years and more, according to the Word of Sanat Kumara."

Archangel Gabriel
April 20, 1984

"Therefore, the trends toward misqualification must be challenged at the same time that they are being reckoned with as karmic factors by those who are determined to override man’s density and to bring into manifestation the long-awaited kingdom. Have men failed in the past? Then the record of that failure is a magnet to draw them down, and strong counteracting forces must be kindled. The power of heaven must be reharnessed and men must turn from darkness toward the light.

"There is, then, a purpose for spiritual alchemy. But before I go into it enough to enable you to draw forth greater measures of cosmic energy and to learn how to qualify this energy correctly, I must show the relevance of this study to the present age. The destructive energies which poured through the Beatles and entered the subconscious minds of the youth, popular though they were in the world of form, are gradually working their way to the surface, revealing their true colors and Satanic origins. These unholy emanations have drawn many young souls into the mistaken belief that the taking of drugs, the practice of witchcraft, and illicit sex can give them freedom from all imposed limitations. Instead, these indulgences have held them in bondage to the legions of darkness."

Saint Germain, February 22, 1970 INTERMEDIATE STUDIES

"If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree.
If for a hundred years, teach the people. When you sow a seed once,
you will reap a single harvest. When you teach the people,
you will reap a hundred harvests."—Kuan Chung (taoist, d. 645 B.C.)

"Whoever makes himself willingly obedient unto the Law of Love
has Perfection in his mind and world permanently maintained.
Unto him and him alone does All Authority and Mastery belong.
He only has the right to rule, because he has first learned to obey.

" . . . The number of electrons which combine with each other in a specific
atom is the result of, and determined by, conscious thought.
The rate at which they whirl around the central core
is the result of, and determined by, feeling.
The intensity of the drawing and whirling motion with the central core
is the Breath of God and therefore the most concentrated activity of Divine Love."
—Godfre Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries, chapter 8

"This is a day of great rejoicing in the courts of heaven. It is a time of rejoicing; for angels and Archangels and Cosmic Beings have observed that mankind, and specifically the children of the Light gathered here, have become more alert to the needs of the hour for total preparation —preparation of body, mind, and soul for coming change, whatever that change may be.

" . . . You should know the specifics concerning the takeover of this nation from inside government bureaus, government offices, and from the very center of the Federal Reserve Bank. This information must be in your outer consciousness, and it must be driven home by the fervor of a patriot who understands the love of country, the love of the Christ, and the destiny of this nation.

"Therefore I say, if there should come forth from among you souls who can rally the children of the Light to intense invocations and decrees for the exposure of the lie of the Federal Reserve System, the American people yet have time to rise up and overthrow that system and reclaim the God-given authority that they have vested in the divine document, the United States Constitution, to coin their own money and to print their own certificates and their own bills.

"I say to you, The energies of the Christ Light anchored within your heart constitute the authority, the governing authority within this nation. All that it requires is enough fervor, enough understanding of the situation, enough faith in the Ascended Hosts and the armies of Light for the children of God to band together and to let nothing—and I say NOTHING—stand between them and their daily invocations for assistance to . . . all the hierarchies of Light who love America with a passion that rolls across the Cosmic Consciousness of God and echoes in the very throne of the Great Central Sun.

" . . . So long as there are stalwart souls and patriots who will march for the Light, we will back America."

Saint Germain
July 2, 1973

"Many of you who find yourselves in a precarious situation through your dalliance with the carnal mind may this day shed it in this heart and in my heart."

Saint Germain
July 6, 1984

"Therefore a people of Light worldwide is called to bring in the great golden age of Aquarius. This beloved, can be accomplished in this hour only if millions rally to that living flame, to the pillar of living flame, to the pillar of fire in the midst of Israel, to the Holy City Foursquare established upon this continent. Know, then, that the choice is yet in the realm of the possible for Lightbearers of all nations to raise up the call to Light, to summon Archangel Michael, to enjoin and to be enjoined by hosts of Light that come from cosmic spheres for the delivery of a planet."

Archangel Zadkiel
November 25, 1987

" . . . And to those of you who know you can do more, I say: Do it! For now is the time for sowing and reaping magnificent karma that will thrust you either into your ascension or into rebirth in the New Age, when all types of opportunity will become available to you to make your final contribution to earth.

"Blessed ones, we are counting on this New Age. We are counting on a golden age of peace and enlightenment and absolute God-freedom for the individual. But it begins in the hearts of Keepers of the Flame of eternal life who are here today. It begins in your hearts and the hearts of those who have captured that spark and are fanning it and have become once again enthusiastic for America, for the principles of freedom and for fighting for the rights of all people to have a quality education, a quality diet and a quality life in every aspect of their world.

"Let us, then, get on with our challenging of mediocrity wherever it rears its head. And let us remember that this is the day [the Fourth of July] that the Messenger has consecrated to the freedom of the child. I dedicate this freedom, beloved, to your inner child as well as to all children of the earth, for they are effectively helpless before those who are bigger and louder and more experienced than they are. I say, beloved, the New Age will be peopled with these children and their children's children, and you must endow them with a momentum that you can transfer to them based on your own victory over the forces that assailed the innocence of your soul when you were a little child.

"These are difficult times due to the signs in the heavens and the astrological charts of individuals and nations. But you are above your astrology, and remember that. For if you are superstitious and if you bow before the negative portents of that astrology as though you were helpless before them, then I say, you will become puppets to the Fates instead of masters all."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1994

"My vision of the age of Aquarius is one of endurance, those enduring the soul-testing and the path of initiation, receiving the crown of Life and everlasting Life yet walking the earth as adepts and masters, able to present a path hard-won to all other evolutions who must finish their course on this planetary sphere where they have made their karma.

"My vision of this age is that you will lay a foundation when it is possible to lay that foundation and that you, by the gathering of your knowledge and your professional experience from all walks of life, will be ready to lay that upon the altar of God and see how the New Age may start and have a new chance, no longer infiltrated in every field by the betrayers of the people.

"I envision an age when life in its wholeness can truly be lived, for the practitioners in health may deliver what God designed to be the answer to all physical burdens and problems. This has been blocked for so very long, beloved, by an establishment of materia medica that I tell you, if you were to [be able to] determine the course of life upon earth, you yourself would say that the only way there is to deal with it is to break it and to break its stronghold and break its matrix that does further disease rather than heal it.

"Do you understand, beloved, that this is true in many areas, whether in the economies of nations or in their governments? The stronghold of the [seed of the] Wicked [One] and the stranglehold they have can only be broken by Divine Intercession and the Lord God of hosts [himself].

"Do you understand that it is an act of mercy to allow these things to come to pass so that there can be the purification of an earth body? Do you understand that when things have gone this far in past ages the only solution that the hierarchies of Light could bring to a planetary system was the breaking of the mold? And [that] this has occurred through cataclysm?

" . . . My vision is of you walking in the Light, walking in the full-orbed Presence of your causal body and your Christ Self. As one by one by one those on earth and at inner levels who have taken my course of training [in] the violet flame and of balancing karma will regroup and reembody in one universal path of victory, we can see the seeds of hope that my beloved Guru, the Great Divine Director, might release to this planet the seventh root race and those souls of Light; and that my dispensations for America in founding this government to guarantee the rights of the individual might also bear fruit; and that the mission of America, seemingly lost in this hour, will return; and that you yourselves will have the opportunity to place the capstone on the pyramid that is the sign and the symbol of the raising up first of the 144,000 Lightbearers of the earth who came with Sanat Kumara that they might [then] be the shepherds and the open door to all other lifewaves and evolutions.

"I remind you that you were with me in the golden-age civilization that was where the Sahara Desert now is more than fifty thousand years ago. I remind you that you have known this era of peace and abundance and light. And I remind you that once before you have been in a civilization whereby the entrance of the prince of Darkness has caused the undoing of that civilization and the severing of the tie of the Ascended Masters with those unascended ones.

"I remind you that it is because of the folly of the enjoyment of such golden ages—even as America has had, as it were, a golden age of technology and science and an abundance of material things by my sponsorship[—to the exclusion of the worship of the Lord God and the love of his laws that their downfall and disobedience came about]. It is [at] the point and the moment when a people turn their attention from their I AM Presence because they are beguiled by materialism, which was given to them only that they might be free from drudgery to master their own fate, [that they lose both the Presence and the material benefits of that Presence]."

Saint Germain
May 21, 1989

"I remember the day when the Messenger discovered me in my statue that is above the nation’s Capitol. And I remember her pondering on my heart and her recognition of myself as more than
a mere statue but, indeed, as the cosmic embodiment of Cosmic Freedom to all systems of worlds. And I am grateful that the thoughtform of my Presence did indeed find its way to that Capitol dome.

"Therefore, beloved ones, I have been under the order of the Solar Logoi in higher octaves beyond higher octaves—higher than you might realize. And only from time to time have I been allowed to truly roll up my sleeves and get involved with the sons and daughters of Freedom on planet earth.

"Well, beloved hearts, not only am I called but I am commanded to descend to this level and this octave of earth, which is the level of the Heart of the Inner Retreat and its congruency with the Western Shamballa.

"I have come, therefore, to lend all of my being, all of my Causal Body, all that I AM to Saint Germain and Portia, to the Goddess of Liberty, to all [who are] of the Seventh Ray and especially to you and you and you, whom I love so very much!

" . . . I tell you, one does not become the Goddess of Freedom without doing battle with every force of anti-Freedom at all levels of the Matter cosmos. Yes, beloved, the title “Goddess” signifies that I have met and defeated every tyrant who has ever dared to attack me!

" . . . Do not give up! Do not say die! Push through in that department! Push through in that situation! Push through in that Congress! Push through in the elections! And see to it that at least you invoke the Presence of God over those who have made a mess of this country. See that you bind their dweller-on-the-threshold in the name of God and call for the Cosmic Christs to overshadow them.

"Defend your rights, your property rights, your geothermal-well rights, your right to be the Buddha
in this place, your right to worship, your right to have decent housing for your families, decent schoolhouses for your children, your right to know the abundant life. Beloved ones, assert it! Treasure map for it. Plan it, decree it, do it! You have the land, but you must put on it what you need.

"Let the thousands and the ten thousands now show their faces in support of Saint Germain, the God of Freedom to the earth, and to Portia, the Goddess of Opportunity, and to all the mighty ones who stand and still stand. This is my decree! This is my battle cry! This is my plea to you! We must multiply the numbers.

"Who will come forward with what it takes to put these teachings through satellite to all the stations in the world that broadcast the English language? Who will do that?

"If that person or persons are not here, beloved ones, then let them be invoked! There is a pyramid of individuals who come from all over the world who should be here and must be here. I say, cut them free! Call to their souls! Meet them at the retreats at night. And, above all, do it simply. Put up your posters, invite people over [to your house] or rent a hall for a nominal fee (or get one free) and show those tapes and give that teaching from your heart. Learn to do it better by coming to Summit University. And know that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, [the world and they that dwell therein]. And all the people of Light, they are the owners of the earth. Let us get on with it!

" . . . and when you come to the hour when you can fight no more in the physical octave, [children] will pick up your sword. They will look into [your eyes] with the most loving and shining eyes and say, 'Mother, father, teacher, sponsor, we will carry on! We will fight the fight until we see Saint Germain’s great golden age come.'

" . . . I appeal now to the Holy Christ Self of each one here and all Lightbearers of the world: In the name of God, I call to the Holy Christ Self to descend now into the temple of every Lightbearer upon earth, those aborning in the womb, those waiting in the etheric octave to embody. I call for a special dispensation from the Cosmic Christ, from Lord Krishna that the soul, the four lower bodies, the mind and the heart of every Lightbearer might receive an infusion of that Cosmic Christ consciousness through you, beloved Holy Christ Self."

Goddess of Freedom
July 4, 1992

" . . . This is the meaning of a golden age. This is the meaning of longevity, renewal, life and all the dreams that those caught in the death civilization dream of the sustainment of their lifestreams. It is because the etheric body and the physical mesh, because the physical is allowed to hold enough light to magnetize and begin the figure-eight spiral with it.

" . . . The Permanent Atom of Being is a mighty generator of Life. Let us then pursue the vision and know that the time is come for the fulfillment of the prophecy made by Habakkuk that the vision is sent. And it surely has come.(Hab. 2:3) And it is spoken. And you are hearing it. And therefore you become knowers, intelligent of the Word. And the vision must be first and foremost of your Mighty I AM Presence.

" . . . Therefore when a fellow lightbearer is momentarily submerged in the astral plane by all the momentums in the world today, do not condemn and do not allow that fellow servant to condemn himself, but point out the true reality of being for which the soul in truth has a preference.

" . . . Those who deny the living Word are atheists, by their fruits. Those who move against the body of Light are in the false hierarchy, by their fruits. (Matt. 7:15-20; 12:33) Those who further the cause of world slavery and tyranny by their actions against the God of Freedom, Saint Germain, and his entire movement—they then are aligned ipso facto with World Communism, as every much as its agents as those who are trained in Moscow.

" . . . And they must not be dealt with sympathetically. When you have sympathy for these fallen ones, beloved hearts, you have taken your giant step to the side of darkness. Understand that the whitefire light never gives of itself to heal the deadly wound of the beast, but the dragon that gives it power heals its deadly wound (Rev. 13:2-4) by black magic until the hour of the LORD's appearing.

" . . . Exposure will intensify people's own awareness of their own selfishness and their own pursuit of the pleasure cult.

"Stand guard. Take thy watch! Listen for the inner sound. Look to the hills and the mountains of God for the oncoming vision. Be the instrument of its speaking. Take this information, combine it with the certain Word of prophecy. Preach to the lightbearers! Raise them up! For they are a mighty people who know not their own inner light or inner might. They are sweet people containing the tender mercies of our God, though often misplaced.

" . . . Thus you can see the rationale: 'Inside the Community of the Holy Spirit we will have the pure Teachings of the ascended masters. But these (outside) do not have the pure Teachings of the ascended masters, but these (Teachings) do not work outside of our Community. And therefore we will have to have a little bit of abuse of human life for the betterment of all, a little bit of compromise here, a little bit of dishonor.'

" . . . Dear hearts, you cannot afford to be in that compromise of the Holy Spirit line! You cannot afford to take that stand—that when proposing solutions to the planetary body you leave off from the command of Lord Maitreya. You cannot eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gen. 2:29) and espouse a relative standard for one aspect of your life and an absolute standard for another. It has never worked! And all of these thousands of years should have proven to you who are the seed of Sanat Kumara that the compromise does not work."

Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia
January 3, 1982

Ascended Master Saint Germain by Charles Sindelar

“We are very close—even as close as we are in this room. If you can retain
the image of me being with you, physically present in the image
of my own portrait painted by Charles Sindelar—you will know,
O my beloved, just how closely I can work with you when that image is retained.
“For all is in the image and the imaging. When you hold my image
in the soul as the negative polarity of being, you will attract likewise
the full momentum of my own ascended master Presence.
This is the way the masters step through the veil. And this is the way
we are concurrent flames, one with the other. Retain the image
and I AM with you—not by favoritism but by the fulfilling of the law
of a cosmic alchemy so fundamental and yet it seems a bit too complex
for ordinary mortals.”—Saint Germain, November 14, 1981

"O blessed hearts, do you know one thing that you have absolute and complete
control over? It is this—that the golden age can manifest in this hour where you are!
Where the individualization of the God Flame is in you, the golden age can already
be in session and [in] progress in your aura."—Archeia Hope, January 2, 1987

"God would rather sink a continent to chastise one chela
than create a golden age in objection to the free will of the individual."—Elizabeth C. Prophet

"I place a miniature portrait of myself upon the altar of the secret chamber of your heart. This portrait, beloved, is the true likeness and representation of myself. I ask you to look upon me. And as you look upon me in that framed portrait, so ask me in your heart of hearts (for that is what the secret chamber of your heart is—your heart of hearts) if you might put on some quality of freedom’s flame, some grace, some skill in diplomacy, some rejoicing, some joy. And thus, virtue by virtue and quality by quality, you may also become a part of me as I am a part of you.

"This is the message I bring to you, beloved. I would bond with you as you would bond with me, through the attributes of the mighty Seventh Ray and the dispensation of the age of Aquarius.

Therefore this dispensation requires of you somewhat more than the dispensation of El Morya, for you must go forth and express the virtues that you perceive as part of the dispensation of the Seventh Ray. And you must build upon those virtues, and you must arrive at the place where you can lay upon the altar of my heart, in my heart of hearts, in the secret chamber of my heart, these virtues developed, these deeds accomplished, entrusting to my heart the individuals you have liberated.

"Know, beloved, and remember that the Seventh Ray includes the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek, which is for both sons and daughters of God. Reach, then, as far as the Violet Planet, and remember the mighty attributes of the ascended and unascended lifestreams who valiantly serve the violet flame. Through my heart, and my heart ultimately receiving you, you shall have much to offer, even the moving stream of the ever-flowing violet flame.

"So receive me, beloved. I shall be with you, taking you with me. You shall be with me, taking me with you. Do this, beloved, for we are brothers and sisters on the Path. We are opening the door of the Aquarian age! And we desire to open that door to a golden age!

"Let us accomplish our tasks. Let us slay the dragons! Let us go forth in boldness. If we must give all of our life-essence to champion the cause of freedom of a single person or of the millions, then we are willing to do it. And we will not lay down our lives but we will intensify our daily 'thrust for a purpose.' Yes, we will intensify our service. We will put on the whole armour of God and we will say, 'I will not stand still before this injustice!'

"When you say that, my beloved Portia will come to you and champion you. When as freedom fighters you defy injustice, then I say, you shall know the champion of champions, my beloved twin flame, the Ascended Lady Master Portia. And she does stand to the right of the Messenger in this very moment, beaming to you the God-flame of Justice."

Saint Germain

"But I do say, beloved, that if there is anyone in this cosmos and on this planetary home that can right things for you, for your family, for your children, for everything that is swirling around you, it is I. For I am the one who has come, and I have come this night to tell you that I can accelerate your karma. I can accelerate your karma and bring it to balance in a period that may be longer or shorter, depending on just how much diligence you give to that endeavor.

" . . . Remember, beloved ones, that we do have a wallet-size card—that little card that you may use right out of your wallet. Use it, beloved, for people need to see the violet flame. They need to see it and I am there to show it to them, but not if you do not give me those cards so that it can be a very physical transfer action.

" . . . This, then, is the hour of opportunity, and my beloved Portia stands with me this night. And she rejoices in the manifestation of God-justice and the work she is doing for the children of the world. But more must be done, beloved, if your expectations are to be met. And I desire to see them met.

"Therefore we together, your Father-Mother parents in the coming great age, must have, beloved, the layer upon layer upon layer of divine justice, of the violet flame, of mercy’s flame. Please give it to us, beloved, and you will see how your wings will move, how you will fly and how you will know what it means to enter into the very being of God. May you enter in through the door of the Holy Spirit and know the Trinity and know also that you can have eternal life for the asking."

Saint Germain

"Blessed ones, in the records of akasha there are notations concerning souls who have reembodied again and again and again, and each time their mission has been aborted. You can understand that some would be discouraged, beloved. You can understand what your discouragement would be today if you did not have this Path, this Teaching and the reinforcement of a Community, a Messenger and souls of light throughout the earth who support one another's mission with powerful rhythmic decrees.

"Blessed ones, you are covering the earth with your decrees. But you must have a much greater cosmic conception of what you can accomplish and of how God will empower you to meet the goals that you must meet ere the golden age of Aquarius descends."

Gautama Buddha
May 14, 1995

Bowed Down? Write to Saint Germain, to Portia

"If you are bowed down, blessed ones, write a letter to me, write a letter to my beloved Portia. And you will receive a reply that directly addresses those situations you face in your world. .

" . . . Whatever it takes to remind you to offer a fiat to God once in each sixty minutes, let it be done. If you make but one call an hour, you will be summoning untold legions of Light who will come in formation to respond to your call. Do not forget this. This is a major dispensation from the heart of God through the Holy Kumaras . . .

"I, Saint Germain, am standing with you now. Therefore take the tide at its flood. Take your own empowerment and declare it in the words you frame as you commune with your God and implore your empowerment. You may say: In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, I claim my empowerment by the Holy Spirit. And I shout it to the heavens and I reach the God Star!

"Do it now, Beloved . . .

"The very beginning of empowerment is to understand that empowerment is a bestowal whereby you internalize increments of God's omnipotence. It is not a thing of mortals; it is a thing of God. Yes, beloved, empowerment is of the omnipotence of God. For you to make this power your own you must become humble.

"You must self-monitor, for you do not all have a Guru that is ascended whom you may speak with and talk with.

" . . . Be players, beloved, for as Morya has said, life is not a spectator sport. You are making things happen! You are not spectators . . . "

Saint Germain
July 7, 1994

"I pray you, go forth with the Word and tell them of the heart of Saint Germain! Tell them of my life! Tell them of my soul! Tell them of my heart that beats with their own for freedom, that is determined to get on with the victory of America so that we can transport this democracy experiment to every nation upon earth—before it is too late, before these fallen ones get the full idea that they are no longer wanted in this territory and determine to destroy it rather than to allow anyone else to have it. This is the spirit of the international terrorists! This is the spirit of the insane. They cannot have it and their last stand is to deprive the children of God from it."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1981

"I give the violet ray to those who will use it to further the cause of the age of Aquarius by multiplying it through the Holy Spirit in their violet-flame decrees and by freely dispensing it to all who worship the living God.

"The violet ray reaches all upon earth who, with joy and self-discipline, strive to contribute positively to the world order with a right vibration, a right state of consciousness, right conduct and a tethering of the heart to the hearts of the great avatars Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ and Padma Sambhava. Indeed, it is this lineage which has sponsored the Messenger Mark L. Prophet and his twin flame, who stands before you, the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet."

Saint Germain
March 7, 1996

"Beloved ones of the sacred fire, take, then, my trilogy of the threefold flame of the heart. Internalize it and make it your own. By the true study of this fourfold work on alchemy you can become the alchemist and the adept right where you are. We bridge the gap. Indeed we bring the altar of Israel to your very heart and home."

Saint Germain
November 17, 1985

“If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is, that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that, too.”—Somerset Maugham

Saint Germain
Czohan siodmego
—dary proroctwa,
i czynienia cudow

(Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray
—Gifts of Prophecy and Miracles)
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Saint Germain
i Wiek Wodnika

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Saint Germain
E.C. Prophet, 4 lipca 1976
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Zdyscyplinowana milosc
podstawa Wieku Wodnika
(Disciplined Love
—Foundation of Aquarian Age)

Lady Master Clara Louise
Pierwsza Matka Plomienia
E.C. Prophet, 11 pazdziernika 1991
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"The protagonist of a tragedy must be brought from happiness to misery."Aristotle


"[S]o long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men."—Voltaire

"We have abundant reason to rejoice that in this Land the light of truth and reason has triumphed over the power of bigotry and superstition, and that every person may here worship God according to the dictates of his own heart."—George Washington

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