The Sphere of Music

Angel of Music by Jan Matejko (1890)
Mother Mary's Cathedral, Cracow, Poland

"Bach gave us God's Word. Mozart gave us God's laughter.
Beethoven gave us God's fire. God gave us Music
that we might pray without words". – quote from outside an old opera house

"Music is a moral law". – Plato

"Music is the geometry of God".

"... Each note has its frequency, its mathematical formula, its color, its healing potential. Thus by the music of the spheres and its release into the hearts of mankind do the Elohim release the sacred energies of the creation, and through the intercession of the Elohim mankind are co-creators with God.

"... all creation that is in truth is wrought by music. There is the music of the workman, . . . the captain of the ships, . . . students in universities. There is music that accompanies the walk of a child

"... O man, let thy senses expand so that thou, too, might hear the grand symphony of the soul".

Cyclopea, Elohim of Music
October 11, 1973

"First of all, let Me present the Great Law concerning the "etheric mesh" of Light Substance which is isolated from the denser levels of the Planetary Body. It is a fact that the entire sphere of the etheric mesh in which the Etheric Retreats are located can and does at times rotate independently of the Earth at a speed far exceeding the Earth's own rotational norm, and thereby there is created a harmonic tone combining the musical keys of the many Ascended Master Retreats. These manifest as a wondrous chord of pure Love-somewhat in the manner of a child's musical top."

El Morya
March 13, 1964

"Try also to hold and to accept the idea that the God Flame of Self-Identity within you has a specific musical tone which the Great Law requires you continuously to release as a contributing factor to the Universal Harmony. Recognize that if all life upon Earth were to emit the Perfection of this tone, the orchestration thereof would be the full permeation of the world with a new sense of rising Freedom, not only from death but even from those lesser shadows which conceal the Face of God.

"... As you go about your daily tasks, feel a melody welling up within your soul. It does not matter whether you manifest a masculine or a feminine form. The inner Harmony of the hidden Man of the Heart can be expanded wherever you go. You may hum a tune of Christ Consciousness as you perform the simplest task, recognizing that the threads of your God Identity, connected with the very periphery of Being everywhere, will tremble the entire Universe with the Virtue which you would expand; for although negation always gravitates to the dense spheres of material substance, spiritual Power always has buoyancy far greater than that of helium and rises to worlds yet unknown, while daily increasing in all the sense of God-awareness that makes Life of blessed worth!"

Mother Mary
March 20, 1964

"I am therefore advising all to eschew the evil and darkness that enter the forcefield of the four lower bodies when the attention is placed on the jangle of modern jazz. I advise all who would truly be alchemists of the Spirit to seek out the classical music of the world's greatest composers—of Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Haydn, Handel, Wagner, Liszt, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Mahler, and many others who have been commissioned by the Brotherhood to bring forth the music of the spheres.

"I advise all to learn to seek in meditation those peaks of cosmic elevation that will enable them to understand and interpret the language of the angels. I advise all to take the time to learn what is real and to develop passions of genuine love toward humanity. But let not these passions take the form of mere devotion to communal efforts or to the raising of one segment of life into a more advanced state of economic development; rather let them take the form of raising men to new levels of spiritual appreciation of their own divine potential as sons of God."

Saint Germain

"I want you to know that each one of the Archangels represents one note in a grand cosmic scale. And when we function by levers of infinite harmony, by harmonic patterns, there is created a music of gratitude back to God's heart, which enables the entire system of worlds in which we function to feel the pressure of our gratitude back to the Godhead. This is an experiment which those of you who have some knowledge of your affinity for certain rays can also use from day to day in your own individual service to life.

"Beloved ones, if you will only understand the infinite laws of harmony and the power of true transmutation, you will draw forth, then, the gratitude flame from the heart of God for every gift that life has given to you. And as you do it, as the power of that action of gratitude cascades in mighty concentric waves of light back to the heart of the Great Central Sun, you will find that the law of supply and demand is once again met. For as you give, so you shall receive.

"And when the heart of God is made aware of your gratitude, at that specific moment the momentum of the Universal is touched; and the response is a chord and a release of a infinite increment of harmony that starts out from the beginning and passes through all life-expressions in time and space down to the present moment right where you are and brings into that moment the celestial realization of the universe's gratitude for your love and gratitude."

Archangel Zadkiel

The Important Keys in Music

"In these hours of the Dark Cycle in Virgo, you must remember the dance of the hours and the ritual of taking up the hours of the day and the flames thereof. You see, it is the ritual and the rhythm of the waltz and the march that enables you to keep the flame constant as the ship of the soul passes through the etheric, mental, emotional and physical quadrants of Matter. Ritual, then, is the movement of music that emanates from your heart and from every chakra.

"Thus the march comes forth from the four petals of the base of the spine, while the waltz comes forth from the heart. You will learn, then, as you study music and the mathematics of the chakras, how each time, or tempo, in music relates to the flow of the chakras. Even the keys in music key into the light of certain chakras.

"This is an important study, which should be taken up by you who are musicians, together with the Mother of the Flame, for there are keys that the great musicians of earth who have transcended these planes and returned to their native home on Venus would convey to you, for by the knowledge of the mathematics that equals the music of these sacred centers, you will have an understanding of healing in the four lower bodies, especially the healing of the mind and the emotions and the integration of these energies."

Lady Master Venus

" . . . And so, the ancient ones knew the science of music and they used music to penetrate the atom with the mind—penetrating the atom (long before its rediscovery in the West in recent history), penetrating the atom of being, penetrating the five secret rays . . .

"If you would know the power of music whereby the soul follows sound to the heart of being, then study this form of music, the Indian raga, which you have just heard. For it does bring you into the encounter with the cosmic teacher. It does bring you into a polarity of the plus and the minus—you, the minus, negative, feminine polarity; the teacher, the plus, positive, masculine polarity. When you are in polarity, beloved, with such music, you enter into a compartment of being that truly is the heart and the goal of meditation.

"Think of yourself, then, as the point of an arrow that follows the sound to its source. You will find yourself going back to the Source of being as you intone the sacred Om. You return to the heart of creation and the Great Central Sun, the Word with Brahman."

July 3, 1993

by Michelangel Merisi da Carravaggio

"In the way of the Dhyani Buddhas, then, we have come, as you might sense, in the minor keys that bring resolution and allow the soul to enter into resolution with the major keys.

"So, beloved, sound as you hear it in the music of the spheres that has penetrated the pores of your mind allows you to gain entry into higher octaves. Thus God has sent certain composers into this world who have heard the inner sound, those who in other lifetimes have been initiates of the Buddha and therefore by sound alone have transmitted to earth the wavelengths of the Buddhic Mind.

"Thus, through the world’s great music, many have experienced the higher wavelengths and been transformed without any knowledge of the teachings of the Buddha, per se.

"Now understand how the fallen ones have attempted to drown out this great sound that you have heard. They have come with their amplifiers and their synthesizers, and they have determined to create sounds that will shatter the matrices of the music of Light.

"This is the scourge of hell that has come upon the generations of the young throughout the earth, as technology has transmitted to every nation with the speed of light the vibrations of satanic rock and diabolical music, such as rap music and other degradations that strip the chakras of young children of their virgin light.

"Recognize, then, that there is no greater power than the power of sound, as you have been told. Sound has been used in the creation of worlds and sound has been used in the sinking of whole continents. That is why we stress your use of the mantra and your recitation of the mantra in the secret chamber of the heart."


"Hear, then, in the keynote Finlandia first the darkness and then the dawn of mankind’s sleepfulness, a period of waiting and then the footsteps, even of Sanat Kumara, create an awakening. And with the coming of the Person of God, as with the LORD God in Eden, there is a chemicalization, there is a breaking of the void. Darkness is dismantled and the descent of light creates a whirlwind action and a flurry as men and nations must align themselves and truly come to grips with that very personal Presence whom all must meet. Even the simplest of Christians know they must prepare to meet this God.

"The concluding bars of Finlandia are the comfort and presence of a new age and a new light when all the earth has once again realigned itself in the presence of the Elohim of Peace. Truly, I come as the Queen of Peace. Elohim of God, present now, occupy a vast space and time from this center and fulcrum."

Mother Mary
May 11, 1987

"Confucius believed we could bring order into our lives by tapping into the divine order of heaven and conveying its love and wisdom through culture and its ritual and music.

"Confucius was often moved by the etheric patterns and the beauty of music. One day when he was traveling, he saw a boy skipping and dancing while carrying a full pitcher. He found out that the boy had been listening to the ancient music of the sages. Impressed, Confucius hurried to hear the rest of the performance and was so moved by it that he went into a trance for three months. The original Chinese text says literally, 'he did not know the taste of meat for three months.' When Confucius finally came out of the trance, he said, 'I never imagined that music could be so sublime!'

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"As we saw the challenge and as we were taught by God Mercury, we knew that unflinching devotion to the will of God, the drawing within of energy to the diamond point of the Self, the wielding of the sword of blue flame, and the mastery of the action of fohatic keys would result in the victory.

"Fohatic keys, blessed ones, are molecular formulae that are used for a particular release of the energies of the chakras. These energies, when coded in certain manifestations, can bring to pass in the Matter plane any form of manifestation, any intensity of the seven rays for a specific action or challenge. You will note that the black magicians have perverted these keys and set their perverted keys to music, played that rhythm and that music, and thereby caused enormous quantities of energy to be drained from the children of God. This you have seen and heard visually, and therefore you understand that of which I speak."

El Morya

"I AM Cuzco, Chela of God Surya. I greet you on behalf of all elemental life . . . The music you have heard as well as other compositions by Mahler have to do with earth changes and the holding at bay of planetary upheaval. You would do well to play tapes of this music continuously on autoreverse tape recorders. Music is what has saved the planet in the past. Yet music must be used judiciously.

”There is deep turmoil in the earth. And elemental life is burdened by the weight of planetary effluvia, as you have been told on many an occasion. We look, then, at your efforts to mitigate world karma. We look at earth’s timetable. We look at the judgments being handed down by Almighty God. And we acknowledge the labors of many in the earth who work night and day to further the upliftment of humanity—whether through saving the children, the youth, the schools, the nations, the world governments and the economies, whether through healing all manner of diseases, whether through working to transmute the karma being delivered by the Four Horsemen in the form of the calamities that have been prophesied and that are coming to pass day by day."

Beloved Cuzco
April 16, 1995

"Blessed ones, the opening of despair is through the drug culture and the rock music. This opening into the youth of the world is followed by all forms of masquerading suicide entities. Do you realize, beloved, that in the moment of the decision to take one's life, the only hope held is of death itself, which is a perverted self and a perverted hope?

"Know this, then, beloved—that the fire of Astrea, that the calls for the continual clearing of the astral plane and the naming of these entities day after day will surely reap the harvest of Lightbearers sought by beloved Saint Germain. Though the human cannot be guaranteed, the Lightbearer who is free from all illusions and entanglements with the fallen ones can almost of a certainty be guaranteed to receive the light."

Archeia Hope
January 2, 1987

" . . . Thus, I, El Morya, with my chelas desire without pushing or pulling, without tugging or forcing, to bring to all whom we meet the Communion cup and morsel by morsel the bread of angels, panis angelicus. It is a piece I love to hear again and again. Whenever you play it, I shall be there; for I love Jesus’ sermon “I AM the bread of Life which came down from heaven.”

El Morya
July 8, 1990

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