The Summit Lighthouse Mission Poland®
Worldwide Ashram

"The day when we bring that exposure to the world, we have to be able
to present a united front. It will be the very presence of the Holy Spirit
in our members that will be for the turning of worlds.

"The Poles, the Hungarians, the Italians, the Yugoslavs, the Africans, South Americans
—each in his own language. The real United Nations is going to be at the Inner Retreat.
That's why we need it."—Elizabeth C. Prophet, March 25, 1982

" . . . I see universities of the Spirit now already in session in the octaves of light
taking form in the world."—Elohim Cyclopea, July 5, 1970
" . . . it is the outreach and the presentation of the Teachings in every form and in the media
and by your heart-to-heart and person-to-person delivery of the Word
that must give the increase, that must bring about the swelling of the ranks,
that must spread abroad the true Christ consciousness
that many may walk in."El Morya, August 11, 1991
"I urge you to use satellite broadcasting and other facets of Saint Germain's technology
to contact souls of light worldwide. For truly the fields are ripe for the harvest."
—Lanello, February 26, 1997

" . . . become a rock of refuge in the earth, caring not for the things of the self
or the accumulation of the things of the self but to perform your duties as best as possible,
making use of the best of modern technologies and all that you require
to have your victory."—Padma Sambhava, April 2, 1994
" . . . listen well . . . beware of deviations whereby the Teaching may be used
to promote other social or materialistic or economic causes, thereby forgetting
that we entice not the people to find the Teachings and follow those of the Ascended Masters
for outer benefit but by the sacred fire for the purging of the soul and for the path of eternal Life."
—Mighty Victory, March 23, 1986

"There is the accelerated and untimely descent of karma. It is all around you!
Some have eyes to see it. Some say it is an act of God or an act of nature
or just a coincidence or something that happens every so many hundreds of years.
But, beloved ones, karma is falling like rain. Karma is descending and many people suffer.
And many who suffer because they have not learned how to follow the rules of God
are now ready for a catharsis. Yes, they are ready for that purgation which karma brings.

"They have knocked on every door. Many have come upon their knees, knocking
upon the doors of etheric retreats, asking to be admitted, for they are ready to learn
and to know the straight gate and the narrow way that leadeth to eternal Life.
We will teach them. We will send them back to you. May your homes and centers be opened!
May your hearts be opened!"—El Morya, The Greater Cause of Divine Love, pp. 9-10

"To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day,
is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can have."
—American journalist and historian Theodore H. White (1915-1986)

"'A patch of earth is needed.' I have designated the Inner Retreat as that patch for the Great White
Brotherhood, and America as that proving ground for the world of lightbearers. Let both be defended as sacred. And let this defense, when the cup is full, be extended as the defense of freedom in every nation."

Saint Germain

" . . . I point to you to the first citadel of righteousness, the first community teaching center: the home of Mary and Martha and Lazarus at Bethany. There the place to receive the Master, there the place to receive the disciples. And all of the functions of the seven rays fulfilled in that home of light can be fulfilled in your own home of light and in your own teaching center—a place for nourishment and rest for the Master and the disciples, for the recharging of the life of Jesus as you live that life.

"Where would the Master have gone had there not been a home consecrated by the flame of consecration, the flame of constancy? It was a place for the dissemination of the teaching, a place for the Holy Spirit and for the family life, the place from which Jesus walked to Bethany’s hill in the hour of his ascension, the place for truth, the place for the discipline of the disciples in the ray of truth and for their commissioning to go forth empowered in the Word in their ministration and service, the place for the ritual of the anointing of the Lord’s body, the place for the contact of the Guru and the chela.

"Yes, the home of light given unto the Lord becomes the flow of all of the sacraments of all of the seven rays and finally for the integration of the eighth ray of the Buddha and the Mother. People do not often understand that a place must be prepared on earth for the masters, for their coming, and for the disciples attending their coming.

"As each home of light resembles more and more the etheric retreats of the Brotherhood, so there is the meeting of heaven and earth and there is the open door to the path of the ascension whereby worlds are transcended and the soul that is born in Matter is born again in Spirit. Thus prepare the place, prepare the manger for the birth of the Christ, prepare the home where the eagles will gather together.

"I come rejoicing with all of the hosts of the Lord. And the seven chohans stand together to salute you in the name of the Christ, to salute you with the new day and the new energy of Omri-Tas and the new wave of violet flame that will precede the coming of the chohans as the gurus serving under the Maha Chohan, under Lord Maitreya and the World Teachers and Gautama the Buddha. The chohans are on the march this year for the conversion of souls to their own Christ Self, to the Lord of lords and King of kings, to Jesus the one, the anointed, the wayshower, and to all who have walked after him.

"So I say, apostles of the Most High God, be on your way! It is the changing of forcefields, the changing of the boots that causes the quaking in the knees. I say, be up and doing! Left, right, left, right, take another step, go forward! You will find out what God would have you do. No need to sit and wonder! There is work—work in the action of the Holy Spirit. There is the joy of the service that is true brotherhood and true community. Find out what God would have you find out about yourself by immersing yourself in the great cosmic flow, the ongoing flow of service. Find out what the teaching is by living the teaching. And find out what we have for you at Crete as our assignment as representatives of truth."

December 29, 1976

" . . . Put the Teachings together in logical order so that many who are hungry will read your menus and say, 'I want this' and 'I want that.'

"Let the people understand what it is that you have to offer: even the teachings of Padma Sambhava made plain for your time through the alchemy of Saint Germain. Let them not have to make the trek here [to Royal Teton Ranch] to discover the intricacies of the Law that you have mastered, some in ten and twenty years of service. But go to them with simple yet profound truths, liberating truths that instantly, by your own empowerment from the Buddhas, cut free those who have been held and bound in the ignorance of a dead doctrine for centuries.

" . . . Compassion is to give enlightenment.

" . . . When you think of all states that you might be burdened by, is not the state of ignorance the most burdensome of all? Think of your plight when you know not the truth of being. Think of your plight when you know not the laws of the state or traffic laws. Think of your plight when you know not the simple rules of how to do this and that.

"Ignorance is surely the bane of all those who aspire to oneness with the Buddhas. And we come quickly to give wise dominion and an injection of Light to impel those who are satiated with their ignorance (and satisfied to be in that state) to suddenly awaken, truly to be the ones who are awake in the footsteps of Lord Gautama.

"Enlightenment is the greatest gift. For when you give enlightenment, you give the potential for total freedom. Therefore follow up on those souls to whom you give the enlightenment of Saint Germain's teaching. Follow up with prayers and calls that they be not led astray in the murky waters of the astral plane."

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
January 1, 1994

" . . . Neglect not, then, this training in law. For by the very law of cosmos, the law of music, the law of geometry, and the law of the Logos defending the right, human and divine, of the individual are all things established. Therefore, define Morya’s three dots as the three manifestations of the law of sound, geometry, and of the very science of jurisprudence whereby life is either on the right or the wrong side of the very line of time and space itself.

"Beloved hearts, you who champion the cause of the people: I tell you in this hour, it is the spoken and the written Word combined with the fohat of the heart that will move the nation as nations have been moved before. Therefore, we vest in those whom we call—we vest the sacred fire and the potential for the development of Truth.

"I place before each and every one of you representing the flame of freedom and God-government to America and the nations the opportunity to now accelerate through the very heart of Pallas Athena, who did begin the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness as an organized movement and delivery of the Truth in every area of life.

" . . . Beloved ones, I, Surya, send the call from the God Star. Understand my plea. For we are determined to save the nations with a handful (relatively speaking) of Truth-bearers, of Christ-bearers juxtaposed against thousands by the ten thousands of the masses of the gray ones who come with their line, with their rationalization."


"The Ashram (of El Morya) is the haven. It is the resting place. It is the special place that, wherever you find it, is the same as every other such place. Surcease from the struggle, entering in for the recharge, brothers and sisters of one mind and heart and purpose meeting here and there along life's way in our secluded outposts—such is the vision of the Ashram that I hold and that does exist."

El Morya
July 8,1990

" . . . And come to the place where you can give to others the understanding of the violet flame, of free will and of the action of tremendous beings of Light. They are ready to walk and talk with you yet they must know that you are in earnest and that you are moving up the spiral stairway of life to realms beyond this planet still having the opportunity to return here again and again.

" . . . So, beloved, because you have the teaching, shout it from the housetops. Tell them of the violet flame. Tell them of the great mastery of Lord Maitreya. Tell them of Mighty Victory and his legions of light. Tell them, beloved, for they do not know the way and they will have to return again and again and again
—some for thousands of years, and many because of their pride."

El Morya
August 9, 1998

"For we consider wisdom and wisdom's flame most important in this hour—wise discrimination, discernment, the ability to see through all maya and illusion even within oneself, the ability to see beyond all things and to judge the righteous judgment of the heart.

"We desire then that the inner attunement be deep within the soul, deep within the buddhic light within, and that you will not go by the outer manifestations of people who seek to convince you that they are of the light, but they are not, who seek to convince you by high-sounding phrases or grandiose designs that they somehow have the handle on the new order of the ages.

"'Blessed hearts, let the Great White Brotherhood lead the way!' Let the ascended masters take you by the hand. And beware of the false prophets of prosperity or of investment or of any other plans that are not in keeping with those which we have set forth. There are always those who profess to be our servants and are not. And often they are found in the very midst of our people. Look to the right not, nor to the left, but up into the very face of your own I AM Presence."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1981

" . . . I desire to make known to you and to develop a certain concept that has been touched upon. And it is this: that in the transferring of the forcefields of the cities and of the nations, you may therefore keep the flame for those areas of your former service and of your present karma here at the Inner Retreat. It is our desire.

" . . . You see, our university of the Spirit has many branches, even as the colleges and universities in the world today. And some have entirely separate campuses for their areas of concentration and development. Therefore, in each of the branches of the pursuit of life and the unfoldment of the seven rays in the consciousness of the new race, we may so dedicate not only the center but its architecture, its discipline, the inclination of its devotees to one of the major points of past and present attainment.

"Therefore, when and if it should become necessary to withdraw other teaching centers of other cities and to reproduce their function and their service and even to call their members to this place, let it be with the full understanding that we expect the focuses of the chakras of the earth, such as that of Washington, D.C., and its mighty citadel of God-government, to be represented here in all levels—in the levels of the mind and in the levels of the soul, in learning, in understanding, and in keeping the flame to which that city or center has long been dedicated by the Great White Brotherhood.

"We envision this place, as Serapis alluded to, as the point to which many devotees bring the flame which they have kept. Inasmuch as each of you is a Keeper of the Flame, you ought to examine that which has been and is of worth in your mastery, service, profession, and sacred labor wherever you are.

"What are your roots? What is the origin of your heritage and culture? What will you bear in your hand as sacred labor, as the carpenter of Nazareth?

"You have yet time to perfect a skill, to assemble the research for your library—to realize that when you come here you cannot simply go down the street to the New York Public Library or the museum of Los Angeles to find some missing piece of information and research or a point of artwork that you may need. And therefore, it is a time to collect things, and it is a time to take other things to those sales where you may unburden yourself of such articles and objects and books that have no intrinsic worth and no need of preservation.

" . . . I was with the messenger as she gave to Summit University some of the old teachings of Nicholas Roerich, who was inspired by me and El Morya to contemplate the museum of art and the Roerich Peace Pact. He worked with us for peace and understanding of the nations and also to preserve the art treasures of ancient Tibet and the works of his own hand inspired by us.

"Thus, as impractical as it may seem, the thought form for a museum of the treasures of the world's great spiritual art, as well as the pragmatic art of Western and Eastern civilization, is already in the ethers.

"Some of the objects that are in the collection of the Vicar of Christ in this organization, such as statues of Buddhas and delicate china of Czechoslovakia and so forth, that have been brought by devotees, are shrines in themselves, fully capable of carrying a flame. They ought not to be anywhere but in this museum of the Spirit where, as you pause before each focus, you contact a spirit of art, the causal body of masters of bygone years. And that meditation, which may become a decree spoken aloud before that particular object and display, serves for the training of the eye of children, for their education, and for their souls' drawing forth of the next step in the creation of art itself or science or whatever subject matter leads the soul to a new definition in the field of knowledge.

"Without the building blocks of past civilizations, how can the new be born? Earth is not a vacuum and we are not in its pristine state. Earth is old by comparison and, beloved hearts, the collective evolution and knowledge, the beauty, the learning ought not to be lost.

"Why, beloved hearts, if it were left to the people of this state alone, very little of the world's heritage would be preserved here, except perhaps in those centers of learning where many have come from other parts. And therefore, you can see that there can develop in a people a certain satisfaction with their environment and a simple daily life devoid of an accelerating momentum.

"Thus, we are lovers of culture. And in all of our ancient monasteries we have sought to preserve that cultivation of light through the seven chakras and the five secret rays. Many souls will be born here who have built a mighty foundation already. They deserve to have access to, even in their younger years, those very things, traditions, and assemblies of knowledge which they themselves have builded. Thus, only if they can contact these things as school-children can they rise in the true genius of inventiveness and carry the age a step forward."

Saint Germain and Hilarion
August 29, 1982

Often called the Happy Buddha, Hotei—a monk of the Tíang Dynasty
guards the entrance to Mission Poland

"He was known for carrying a sack of snacks which he handed out to children
in the street. Many Chinese Buddhists believe he was an incarnation
of the Buddha Maitreya."

"Above all, do not stagnate. Do what you can do within the hour, within the day,
within the year. Plan well. But, for God’s sake, do not do nothing!
For this is not the age of do-nothingness for the chelas of Manjushri
and Maitreya and Gautama. This is the age of accelerated doingness."
—Manjushri, July 3, 1993

"Let us build the platform of the base of the pyramid here, at the Inner Retreat,
at every teaching center and place of gathering of our chelas.
Let the foundation of the pyramid seal, then, as holy ground
—seal, then, the place of worship . . . "—Kuthumi, November 18, 1984

"Be prepared to meet those who need you. Get out of yourself, I say!
Get out of yourself and onto the Path, looking for those of far less comfort and joy,
far less teaching and self-knowledge. Impart, impart, impart again,
directed by the Holy Spirit to speak or not to speak.
Yes, go forth empowered this night."—Archangel Uriel

A Portrait of Maitreya as the Hemp-Bag Bonze

Another portrait of Maitreya, which took shape in China in the tenth century, is that of the plump, jolly, pot-bellied Laughing Buddha who is known as the Hemp-bag Bonze. A “bonze” is a Buddhist monk.

This endearing figure is often depicted sitting and holding a sack, with happy children climbing all over him. Some Buddhists say that the children Maitreya is playing with represent arhats (adepts, perfected saints). Statues of the Laughing Buddha can be found in most temples in Taiwan and have made a comeback in mainland China. He is usually the first image one sees inside Chinese Buddhist temples, his smiling visage greeting all who enter. Tour guides in China explain that Maitreya manifests in this unhandsome form so that people will concentrate on his teaching rather than upon the beauty of his being as portrayed in earlier Buddhist art.

Scholar Kenneth Ch’en says that the Hemp-bag Bonze is mentioned in “a number of works in the Chinese canon, where he is always described as having a wrinkled forehead and a protruding belly left uncovered.” He is said to have been a native of Chekiang province who was well liked because of his jovial nature and uncanny ability to predict the weather. Ch’en writes:

When he was seen wearing wet sandals and scurrying for shelter, rain was expected; but when he slept on the market bridge in a squatting posture, his head resting on his knees, then good weather was expected. One feature of his appearance singled him out—he carried a hemp bag wherever he went. Into this bag was deposited whatever he received, and for this reason the bag became an object of intense curiosity, especially among the children. They would chase him and climb all over him, and force him to open his bag. On such an occasion he would place the bag on the ground, empty the contents one by one, and just as methodically put them back into the bag.

The expressions attributed to him were all enigmatic and exhibit [Zen] characteristics . . . Once a monk asked him about his bag; he replied by placing it on the ground. When asked what this meant, he shouldered the bag and went away. Once he was asked how old the bag was, and he replied that it was as old as space.

This bag demonstrates the mystery of space and the miracle of space under the dominion of the Buddha. Its timelessness shows the Buddha’s mastery of segments of eternity, hence eternity itself, through the flame of Mother.

Ch’en continues:

Because of his popularity the people were only too willing to believe the stories that he never died. All such stories pointed to the prediction that he was the Future Buddha in the flesh. Once people were amazed when they found him lying in the snow, unaffected by it. On another occasion a friend found him bathing in the river, and discovered that he possessed the third or wisdom eye on his back. Surprised by this, the friend exclaimed, “You are a Buddha!” whereupon the Hemp-bag Bonze silenced him and warned, “Do not tell anyone.” . . .

The following couplet, seen . . . in Hopei, is probably the most apt description of him:

“The big belly is capable to contain, it contains all the
things under Heaven which are difficult to contain.
The broad face is inclined to laugh, to laugh at the
laughable men on earth.”

In this potbellied figure one is able to see the representation of a number of Chinese life-ideals. The huge protruding stomach and the hemp bag denote prosperity and a wealth of material goods, for only a rich person would have enough to eat and be fat. The reclining figure is indicative of the spiritual contentment and relaxation of one who is at peace with himself and the world. Finally, the large number of children usually surrounding him are illustrative of another Chinese virtue—a large family consisting of many children. When these features are combined with the genial appearance of the figure, as if he were full of mirth and friendship, then it is easily understood why he has been so enthusias­tically received by the Chinese. When the Chinese look at him, they see not just a Buddhist deity but also a good representation of many of the things after which they aspire.

Author M. Conrad Hyers has some additional insights into the character of what he terms this “incognito appearance of Maitreya.” He writes:

According to legend [he] refused the designation of Zen master, as well as monastic restriction, and instead walked the streets with his sack over his shoulder . . . Some­times, in fact, he is pictured sitting inside his sack (his only home) peering impishly out . . . Like an Oriental Santa Claus, he was the merry sage with a twinkle in his eye who had rediscovered the wisdom and freedom and laughter of little children. Whenever he met a fellow Zen devotee, he is reputed to have extended his hand, saying in childish fashion, “Give me a penny.” Or if anyone would suggest that he return to a temple or monastery, or more formally instruct others in the Zen path, he would again reply, with an air of innocence, “Give me a penny.” [The Laughing Buddha] represents, therefore, the Zen goal of recovering on a higher plane the spontaneity and naturalness and playfulness . . . of the child . . . [He] symbolises the wisdom of children. He is not a little like the commonly ignored image of Jesus who pauses to play with the children, despite his disciples’ dismay, or who sets a little child in the midst of his all-too-earnest followers with the declaration: “Unless you turn and become like children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"One of the wisest masters of old, Sri Magra, once said: 'Affinities are the fine ties that are established in the perfect balance of the heart where the natural affections are enhanced by the feeling of delight in givingness as well as in a gracious state of receptivity.' Let souls be drawn together according to their highest good."

"Understanding Yourself," XII

"Thus, we are in the heart of the Ashram, for is not the Ashram the nucleus of all energy systems? Aye, indeed it is!

" . . . The Ashram is ever present. It is a world order. There are many members outside of this Community who are my chelas. They uphold the Ashramic consciousness; and the antahkarana has been abuilding for thirty, forty years and more. For the understanding of the Ashram as the house of Light, the dwelling place of the Guru and the chela, gives comfort to all. It is the comfort flame midst the storm. It is the light in the cabin window that is seen afar off by the traveler through the night storm.

"The Ashram is the haven. It is the resting place. It is the special place that, wherever you find it, is the same as every other such place. Surcease from the struggle, entering in for the recharge, brothers and sisters of one mind and heart and purpose meeting here and there along life’s way in our secluded outposts—such is the vision of the Ashram that I hold and that does exist.

"Therefore you, too, have been nestled in that place, which many have prepared by the stretching of the antahkarana of a cosmos. Feel now the thread of this antahkarana pass through your heart. It is truly a thread of Light. And therefore, if you will tremble the thread by using at least one of the meditations daily (and there are indeed short ones that no one should find excuse to neglect), then you see, you will always be a part of the antahkarana. You will always be able to hear with the inner ear and hear with the heart what is the situation of all servitors of the will of God of a cosmos.

"You stand to benefit much from this association; for admittedly many are beyond your attainment, some the unascended adepts, others Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings. And therefore, you may deliver to those of lesser attainment their momentum even while you yourselves are strengthened by that impetus from above.

"Indeed the Ashram is an impulse. It is an impulse to love and to fulfill the commands of Christ Jesus. We are worshipers of the universal manifestation of the Christ. Yet we are here to fulfill the words of the Saviour Jesus Christ, who is Lord and must be seen as Lord by those who would enter the heart of God’s will and receive the strength to fulfill it; for without Christ ye cannot.

"Shorn lambs, yes, karma-bearers, yes, and those who have vested no small amount of energy in other causes that are not of God’s will. Therefore, until all of these strands be withdrawn from an investment unwise, you see, you require the intercessor in order to do the will of God. The intercessor is indeed the mantram, is indeed the meditation, is indeed the ritual! For I and my Father are one.

"And, lo, Christ will whisper to you, “I AM the Word and my Word is manifest in you as you allow that Word to resound through you.” And so as you do, beloved, first you become the manifestation of the words of Christ, and then, beloved, millions of words clustered together in a diamond heart become the chalice for the Word itself. And one day you will know:

" . . . Thus, the Ashram is indeed a means to an end, and that end is total identification with the Word of God. It is the strengthening of hearts that we seek, and ritual has evermore been the means to that end. The ritual itself does increase the capacity of the individual to hold mighty currents of energy. As the capacity does increase, you are transformed. Rituals are self-transforming.

" . . . Now understand how the Word of Jesus Christ does live forever beyond heaven and earth. For it is beyond these octaves that the Word goes coursing on its way, nourishing Life and holding the balance of the universal Ashram of the devotees of the will of God.

"Blessed ones, all who have any level of attainment whatsoever must be devotees of the will of God. Thus, you begin to see the magnitude of our Ashram, that the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is a part of the antahkarana that you enter when with regular rhythmic cycle you recite our rituals.

"In the beginning was the Word, indeed. And in the ending is the Word as the Work of the Lord. And in the middle is the Word. And everywhere is the Word!

"Now then, beloved, I assure you that it would please me highly if you should seek out and find those souls of Light of a similar wavelength to your own to bring them the message of the universal Ashram of the Light of God’s holy will, that they might understand that by a little entering in and a little joy in the vibrations that pour through the worded release of our meditations, they might find the true communion of saints and oneness with all who have ever loved the will of God.

" . . . Now in the heart of the Mystery School I AM come. The thread of the antahkarana of the Ashram I have passed through your heart. Now I make this offer to you to establish a focus of the Ashram by giving the rituals and seeking to expand the circle of your meditation, inviting those who will come and those who would enter in.

"If you establish this forcefield, even if you are alone in your home, if you establish a weekly routine of daily meditations and keep it, I, Morya, Lord of the First Ray, will sustain for you the matrix of the Ashram where you are. If possible, consecrate a place where you give your rituals and keep it holy. Even a little corner of a room will do."

El Morya

"Our strategy, then, and the only solution that the Darjeeling Council can offer—which comes from the heart of Mother Mary, with the wisdom of Jesus and Kuthumi, who also serve here in our deliberations —is to recommend that you isolate those issues that are most necessary to the keeping of the peace and the freedoms, issues that concern all the people and the fate of the nations.

" . . . whereupon you should of course decree for the will of God to be upon the hearts of the people concerning these issues; but above all, you should seek to educate the people and to influence public opinion by writing your letters to the editors, to your representatives, and by appearing, if necessary, on television and radio programs.

" . . . and then you must keep on repeating the message as you demonstrate the workability of the God-solution in the equation that you personally believe in and that may not be obvious to the general public."

El Morya

" . . . El Morya and I are concerned with the dates. We have been asked by your messenger to sponsor Glastonbury North and Glastonbury South. We accept the messenger's call, as she has asked El Morya to preside on the side of the north as the one who represents Alpha—the Father, the Guru, the will of God—while I on the south, representing the seventh ray and Omega, therefore will represent the flame of the building, of the science, of the invention.

"This is not to say that one side will have one thing exclusively and the other another. But we as patrons, Thomas More and Francis Bacon, will bring to both as one our dreams of the new order and of the Utopia and of all things that a people working together can do. The first ray is not complete without the seventh, nor the seventh without the first.

"And thus, we have made only one condition to our sponsorship, and that is that, first and foremost, each site shall be dedicated to the Blessed Mother, Mary—to her love, to her cathedral of Glastonbury, to her shrine, and to her keeping the vigil for these little ones. Thus, together we dedicate to the purpose of the Holy Family and the community these places set aside and dedicated, through the heart of Edward to your own heart, selflessly and therefore purely and therefore victoriously.

"May you then know that we do indeed see a future there. And as it has been said to our messenger in these long months of her keeping the flame with the staff of the ranch, we cannot truly move forward in light or vibration in this area until there are set here one thousand chelas of the will of God, both within the staff and in the Glastonbury community. Therefore, look ahead and look to the opportunities even now being prepared in Livingston and Bozeman.

"For, blessed hearts, to maintain a spiritual center such as this, as large and all-comprehensive in time and space, it does require many tall pines. And the adversity itself, whether political or religious or through the media, will be neutralized when one thousand devotees keep daily the watch upon the wall of the Lord. Sometimes our staff have been bowed down here, as fifty and less have attempted to keep the light against the forces of the Amorites and all of those companies who have thought that the land was theirs.

" . . . Indeed there is the need for the Community of Glastonbury, for souls to stand guard to see that no power, political or otherwise, should in any way interfere with the guarding of this magnet. For this forcefield, beloved ones, though it may be a bit hard for you to comprehend, is our designated focal point for the holding of balance of earth changes on the entire planet.

"We have no other place so secluded, so far away from the cities, yet so accessible and usable. We have no other group of devotees of the numbers of this organization so consecrated on the single wavelength of the Mighty I AM Presence, the sacred fire, and the violet flame."

Saint Germain and Hilarion
August 29, 1982

"Blessed ones, we know and we understand. Therefore, we have set forth the plan of the Inner Retreat and the Ranch and Glastonbury not only for your personal protection or mutual reinforcement, but for a way of life, that you might enjoy not having to be a part of the aggressive forces of success that are in the world or a constant financial burden to your households or to the church.

"We desire to see you enjoy a life that is ample yet simple, so that all of your resources, especially those of your time and your breath, might be devoted to the decrees on world conditions as well as the preaching of the Word.

"We are not empire builders; we are the humble of heart whose mansions are in heaven. We desire to see that union and reinforcement there because we know the strength of the united call and the prayer vigil that was once kept in Glastonbury Cathedral in the name of the Mother, which did hold, indeed, the balance of light even as that balance was held in Tibet, in China and in India.

"Beloved ones, we desire to see you secure for yourselves that place in the sun so that the balance of the world forces could be held."

Saint Germain
October 6, 1983

"Therefore, of supreme importance is self-government within the Community, is harmony, is education for the children that they may early take their places of responsibility. And therefore, parents and teachers, listen to your mentors and do not abuse the children entrusted to your care by doing too much for them or too little for them. There is an independent pioneer spirit that must be nurtured, and therefore do not limit their style of creativity. Do not draw circles around them and say, 'You may perform only within this little circle or this little box.'

"Blessed ones, we send Lightbearers and you must beware of those who creep in who are the seed of Darkness and not require so long to perceive that the seed of Darkness will destroy the Lightbearers and cannot remain.

"Therefore I raise the sword of Sanat Kumara and I place that sword before you. This sword, then, becomes a new standard within the Community. And the standard is equal unto all—whatever the source, whatever the seed. Let them meet the standard of obedience to the Lord God and the true love of the desiring of the heart, and let them not be indulged.

" . . . The entire establishment of the Royal Teton Ranch, including Glastonbury, is the manifestation of holy purpose. Every man, woman, and child gathered there must have exacted of them the same standard of individual Christhood. For I tell you, you will face the Philistines, as you already have; you will face the fallen ones. And the unity and the love and the perception of Truth must be upheld. And therefore I command the Messenger and our representative there to see to it that all are brought to the standard of Sanat Kumara."

Saint Germain and Portia
October 13, 1985

"Keep my flame in this community, beloved, for I have given more of myself than you will ever know to the very presence of my Church in this place. And it shall not be bestowed upon me that I may start anew or begin again. With almighty God (and) all saints of heaven who have gone before you, I say: in this community we must not fail.

"Let there be no fragmentation or division, but know that your loyalty is to the flame that burns upon the altar because the LORD God has sent to you a messenger who is able, by his grace, to keep that flame. And as you sustain your devotions the flame is kept in this octave. It is a light unto the world, beloved, and that sacred fire is your salvation in this octave . . . "

"Walking with the Master"
The Zeal of My House chapter 7, page 136

" . . . That bright and noble spirit, Mary Baker Eddy, who did pioneer the science of healing in the latter part of the nineteenth century, is one who also served Jesus together with your Messenger at the home in Bethany. Therefore you are about to hear of lost Teachings and secret Teachings delivered by Jesus our LORD as initiation to Lazarus. And to this I would add, the initiations given at the home of Bethany included those of the healing arts in a most practical application and use, as is recorded of myrrh and aloes, other spices and herbs, as well as the Teachings of the LORD in the high Himalayas brought back by Jesus.

"Beloved ones, you have heard us liken the teaching centers to that home at Bethany, that home of Light where disciples might come—come from their journeying and their pilgrimages, come to be fed and made whole—a hospice of Light, a center of the Great White Brotherhood.

"Devotees of Light are still looking for that cup not only of cold water but of the elixir that will transmit to them the sacred fire for the resurrection and regeneration of their temples, that they might live again another day again to serve again in the mission of the Lord Jesus, the healing mission, and the mission of Saint Germain of alchemy and miracles. For more than heal­ing is required, yet healing must come.

" . . . Blessed hearts, we the archangels have come, then, once again to remind that when the teaching centers of this Church Universal and Triumphant are kept with the flame of Bethany, the Masters do frequent them and their chelas are drawn and impelled by the inner fire."

Note: At the time of Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy was embodied as Mary of Bethany, sister of Lazarus and Martha, a prior incarnation of the Messenger. (See Matt. 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; Luke 10:38-42; John 11:1-45; 12:1-3.) Mary Baker Eddy, author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, founded the Christian Science movement.

Archangel Raphael
October 12, 1985

" . . . Receive my mantle and know that your hour is come when you receive me bodily into your temple. Therefore, beloved hearts, these roles must be fulfilled. As the golden scrolls descend, as rolls of parchment, so read the handwriting of God.

"You are messengers going before the One Sent who is the Word incarnate. You are the disciples who go into every city and town wheresoever the Word should come. You are the Marys and the Marthas who establish the home of Bethany in each teaching center, in every city wheresoever I would go through my messenger and through the Mother whose time is come. Therefore you are the clearing of the way, even as the Mother has cleared the way before you, even as the ascended messenger so cleared the way before her."

Jesus Christ
April 19, 1981

" . . . Mindful of the Holy Spirit’s presence, then, remember and understand that both Messengers served with Jesus. And know that through the presence of Jesus at Bethany there was transmitted to certain disciples, one of whom was your Messenger, the mantle of healing from the Lord. Two, among others I may mention, who received this mantle are Mary Baker Eddy and Aimee Semple McPherson."

Saint Germain
May 1, 1994

"Since I am about to sponsor millions of souls for this activity and this Path, I must be certain that you who are here and who form the foundations of this Community throughout the earth are true to me. You must be true to the souls who are entering in. You must care for them and raise them up."

El Morya
April 16, 1995

Sage Plants
in The Summit Lighthouse Mission Poland's Garden

" . . . This is the community of Bethany. This is the community who went with me
to Kashmir. Ye are come again. Ye are bringing into this Community high souls of Light."
—Jesus Christ, December 25, 1993

"Some do not understand that we work in the physical domain.
We deal with practicalities. We deal with the coin of the realm.
We deal with crises as they come up.

" . . . Let there be a restructuring, let there be a streamlining on this staff
and throughout the field. And let there be those assignments and projects
that concretely lead to the writing and publishing of the Teachings, that which is
most pertinent to the very existence of Community
and the education of children.

"Let us trim the fat and not engage in any projects whatsoever that do not immediately lead
to the practical dissemination of this Teaching or of the profile of this Community.
Let there be a reordering in all departments and let the Community come together.
And let there be one-pointed direction and let the priorities be established.

"For I, Saint Germain, have lined up the advisers at inner levels who will overshadow you.
You have but to organize yourselves according to the superior business methods
being practiced in this decade of the nineties."—Saint Germain, July 4, 1993

Legend of the Sage Plant

King Herod was outraged when he heard that the ancient prophecy of birth of the Messiah and future king of the Jews in his country. Since he didn't know where to find Baby Jesus and kill him, this cruel and heartless dictator ordered his soldiers to find out and kill all the children under the age of two, so that he could be safe from his would-be enemy.

However, angels had already warned Joseph in his dream about the forthcoming disaster and he rushed off with Mary and Baby Jesus from Bethlehem to cross the borders of the kingdom of Judea and escape to Egypt. The distance was long and people were so afraid of the strangers that none came out to help them or offer them shelter or even water.

Yet, Joseph and Mary strived to get away from Judea while hiding from Herod's mercenaries. Once during the journey, Mary couldn't just go on without some water. Their donkey was thirsty as well and baby needed to be nursed. Thus, they halted on the roadside where Mary nursed the Holy Child while Joseph went to the nearest village to get some water for them and a drink for the donkey too.

Suddenly, Mary heard shouts and cries and the approaching noise of the horses' hooves. Her heart trembled with fear. She knew that if Herod's soldiers caught her, they would cut the throat of the baby mercilessly. There was not a cave or a tree nearby, where she could hide. Yet, she was desperate for a refuge.

Seeing a rose bush in bloom nearby, Virgin Mary requested her for a place to hide but Rose, proudly refused to offer her any help, as then it would be in danger of being crushed by the soldiers. Ever since then, rose has thorns on it. Mary rushed to a clove bush nearby for help as it had plenty of flowers to hide her and the infant but she refused too saying she was too busy putting up blooms. Since then, clove has ill-smelling flowers.

The only bush that remained was Sage plant. Sage was kind and charitable and when the Virgin approached her with a request to hide her and the baby, it readily blossomed abundantly and created a canopy for the Mother and the Child. The soldiers passed by them, without suspecting a thing. Since that time, the sage plant is considered sacred and is believed to possess many curative powers.

"In my heart there also burns the desire to see our Teaching Center established in Rome so that upon that European continent there is a point of contact."—Mother Mary, March 8, 1981

"And I choose to dip into this reservoir of light to reinforce the call of Archangel Jophiel for the establishment of our teaching center in Rome. And I call to those ones who are called to go to Paris! And I call to those who are the nonresponsive ones . . . "—Saint Germain, May 3, 1981

"If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for a hundred years, teach the people. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest. When you teach the people, you will reap a hundred harvests." —Kuan Chung [taoist, d. 645 B.C.]

"Working for God on earth doesn't pay much . . . but His retirement plan is out of this world." —Anonymous

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