The Last Plagues

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Visualize the circle and sword of Astrea encircling viruses that cannot be seen
except under a microscope. Visualize billions times billions of the Electronic Presence
of Astrea around them. And use your Astrea decrees henceforth to encircle all kinds
of evil life forms that have been planted in the earth, that have survived
the sinking of continents and cataclysms and yet remain, and others, beloved
—and this is what I wish you to know—that have been deposited in the earth recently
by aliens in UFOs."—Lanello
"Let the nations hear and let them tremble. For the vials of the seven last plagues
of planetary karma have surely been poured out and they are upon the nations.
May the people of Light rise up and hold the balance for those who as yet
have no cups to receive our Word."—Archangel Chamuel, May 23, 1986
"There's more under heaven and earth than is contained in your philosophy."
—wrote Shakespeare

" . . . It is important that you preserve your life, your health, your security in this octave, that you prepare and be mobile for ANY catastrophe whatsoever, and that you realize that spiritual preparedness and fearlessness is, above all, half of the battle won. For when all the world is in fear and chaos, those who survive are those who keep, as you say, a cool head."

Gautama Buddha
April 23, 1978

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"The service of untold numbers of ascended as well as unascended initiates of the First Ray is greatly needed. And there is grave concern among those who meet in Darjeeling today even while you keep your vigil here. For, beloved, this midpoint of the decade marks a major turning of events and a turning of karmic cycles fallen due.

"And whether or not that turning becomes a downward turning and precipitates a fatal event in earth’s history depends on the commitment of Lightbearers who will come together to offer fervent prayers and decrees for the turning back of those things which may come upon the earth. If these things are unleashed—and I shall speak more of them in a moment, beloved—then you will see that it will be difficult to turn around a civilization and the darkness that will ensue.

"I speak, then, of drugs, all types of drugs—heroin, cocaine, marijuana, et cetera. I speak of these drugs invading the minds of people of all ages. I speak of these drugs causing an alteration in the genetic code of individuals and eventually in their offspring. I speak of the use of drugs throughout the world, and I say that their widespread use is preventing the light of God from rising on the spinal altar of all those who partake of them.

"Beloved, the drug czars appointed by Presidents Bush and Clinton to deal with drugs and drug trafficking have betrayed their trust, have betrayed the people, have betrayed the children. Thus, there is a diabolical history of drug use in this land and elsewhere. This will contribute to the fall of civilization. Mark my word, beloved.

"Even more devastating and also of grave concern to the Darjeeling Council is the destructive influence of the laggard evolutions who at one time were invited to come to earth. And they did come, beloved. And some have made progress on the spiritual path and have actually come into an awareness of their own I AM Presence, becoming profoundly spiritual. But the large majority are still seized with the hatred they have held against other laggard races whom they knew long ago when they made war with one another and in that war actually destroyed their own planetary home.

"These individuals do not think as you think. And I speak of the radical branches of these laggard evolutions. They are seized with a madness, seized with demons and controlled by aliens who come in their spacecraft.

"There are benign beings who travel in spacecraft and there are not-so-benign beings who travel in spacecraft. (And any Ascended Master may use a spacecraft at will or not at all.) Some aliens come in spacecraft on the astral plane and go undetected by earth’s people. Such as these are bent on destroying civilization, extracting the genetic code of human life and stealing the genetic material of humanity in order to combine it with the 'less human' genes of the evolutions of their planetary systems. And you have heard countless reports about people who have been abducted.

"Blessed ones, you can call forth the full power of Archangel Michael for your protection.
You have the Great Central Sun Magnet and you must use it. Use it faithfully to demagnetize your brains and your physical bodies of any and all implants, even those of a psychic nature, whether they originate on the astral plane or on the mental plane. For the most part, these are invisible in the physical octave.

"Giving your 'Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree' and your calls to Archangel Michael for absolute protection is essential while you are at the crossroads of intergalactic battles. For you are the ones who are potentially Christs and, in some cases, already Christs, blessed by the Holy Spirit and taking action on behalf of the people of earth.

"I tell you, then, beloved, that that which is plotted by these laggard evolutions is germ warfare in its darkest, most hideous manifestation. Blessed ones, these fanatical ones are determined to destroy the United States. They are determined to destroy nation after nation until they have gained control over what they deem to be their lands, their monies and their strongholds in the earth. Their plots, as you know, are going on right before your very eyes.

"Furthermore, beloved, as you may be aware, there are types of viruses that are being discovered in the earth today that are so lethal that they can destroy the population of an entire city. This, then, is another of my grave concerns. For while we plant the Tree of Life at this Mystery School and on this ranch, while we raise up in you sons and daughters of God ready to stand on the threshold of eternal life and to enter into eternal life at the conclusion of this embodiment, we see that there is such great darkness in the earth as to potentially eclipse the great good that the Great White Brotherhood is able to accomplish through you and all Lightbearers of the world.

"Thus, seek protection early. And know, beloved, that because of the unpredictability of the human consciousness, if the planetary plot of fallen ones in their germ warfare is not exposed and dealt with, no one (including the Ascended Masters) will be able to say just when or where this deadly warfare will be unleashed.

" . . . You must be aware that at the midpoint of this decade things could begin to go downhill and be accelerated by the very momentum of their downward spiral. Or you can turn things around and enter into a fusion of your soul with the living God.

"Some of you, because you are one with God, having achieved that oneness out of the profound love of your hearts and your devotion over many centuries, are not concerned whether you must lay down your lives. But, beloved hearts, God is concerned. For God would have you in embodiment. God would preserve the earth. God does not desire to see cataclysm.

"I tell you, beloved, when we speak of the last plagues in the earth, it is important to remember that these last plagues are not merely the sicknesses unto death that you know about, but they also involve unseen viruses and diseases that you do not know about and for which presently there is no cure.

"And so, beloved, I now turn my attention to the Tibetan monasteries, where the original purity
of Buddhism has been kept alive for centuries by the monks and nuns. I speak to you, then, as monks and nuns of the Pure Land and I say, if you will return to giving your early morning decrees before breakfast and if you will work on these issues with a great fervor of heart, you will be able to deal with the last plagues. For we will send reinforcements by the power of Astrea in answer to your call. [highlighted by ebmaster]

"Following is the thoughtform I would give you for your visualization. Visualize the circle and sword of Astrea encircling viruses that cannot be seen except under a microscope. Visualize billions times billions of the Electronic Presence of Astrea around them. And use your Astrea decrees henceforth to encircle all kinds of evil life forms that have been planted in the earth, that have survived the sinking of continents and cataclysms and yet remain, and others, beloved —and this is what I wish you to know—that have been deposited in the earth recently by aliens in UFOs. [highlighted by webmaster]

"I sound the alarm this day. You ought to be alarmed and you ought to realize that the power of the sacred fire that is in your hand, if you will make use of it daily, can turn around and consume these foul viruses in the earth. But this planetary clearance must be done by those who are initiates. [highlighted by webmaster]

" . . . We, then, have grave concern about many situations and yet we have tremendous and abundant joy. As has been said before, beloved, this earth is in your hands. We are your coaches. We are your teachers. We tell you where the trouble is and what you must do. But it is your hour to achieve the Victory. It is your hour to liberate this planet and her people." [highlighted by webmaster]

Beloved Lanello

From webmaster: I highly recommend 144 Astreas daily.

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"The sun has gone retrograde only twice in the past millennium—in the 1630s and in the early 1800s. According to Shirley, 'both periods were characterized by climatic extremes [severe cold] and by remarkable outbursts of explosive volcanic activity.' The year 1816 was known as 'the year without summer.' The cold weather during this period stopped Napoleon’s advance into Russia. It also triggered widespread famine in Switzerland and the Ukraine.

"J. D. Post noted in the Journal of Interdisciplinary History that the period of unusual cold at the start of the nineteenth century inaugurated a period of social chaos: 'The years 1812-1817 introduced three decades of economic pause punctuated by recurring crisis, distress, social upheaval, international migration, political rebellion and pandemic disease.'

"Because of the upcoming retrogradation of the sun around the barycenter, Shirley says we can expect to encounter 'climatic extremes of drought, flood and other severe and unusual weather along with, possibly, major explosive volcanic eruptions.'"

Elizabeth C. Prophet

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Astronomers are continually discovering new comets. And according to Science News, 'Swarms of tiny comets are hurtling through the solar system and bombarding earth at the incredible rate of 10 million comets per year.'

"If comets are indeed carriers of bacteria and viruses to the earth and have been responsible for outbreaks of disease, then the degradation of the human immune system in the coming years may be more serious than anyone imagines."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Aggressive mental suggestion is the germ warfare of the fallen ones. [highlighted by webmaster] You must hold up the shield of the archangels and wield the sword of the Spirit to deflect the arrows of their outrageous consciousness. And they are raging in the stalls of the astral, like the Devil, that roaring lion, seeking whom they may devour.

"The fallen ones are organized. They have taken the consciousness of love, which is the very order of a cosmos, and perverted it to their own use. They have organized a warfare of the Spirit, projecting their vials of astral microbes, astral viruses, deadly toxins which they would inject into the mental and emotional bodies of mankind through that which we have called aggressive mental suggestion.

"You can identify this energy. You can know it well. For at any moment of the day or night when you feel waves of irritation and mild dislike and a separation from brothers and sisters on the Path through barbs of criticism and waves of anxiety and nervous tension and you feel your energies seized with a certain dislike for this or that individual or an action of intense condemnation or judgment of a co-servant who works side by side with you in the field of the Lord, know that the Devil has sent his angels, even Satan who has deceived the whole world. [highlighted by webmaster]

"And though he be bound for a thousand years by Michael the Archangel of the Lord, who 'cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more,' his angels enter into combat with the sons and daughters of God. This is Armageddon. This is the warfare of the Spirit 'against principalities, against powers, against
the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.' You must be alert; for where there is gossip and where there is the maligning of the image of the Mother or her children, where there is the tearing-down of the activities of those who are serving—no matter how imperfectly—the cause of the Brotherhood, know that there are the fallen ones lurking in your midst to destroy the works of God on earth.

"Hearken not to their counsel! Hearken to the Lord. Do not respond to their turbulence, their riptide of emotional energy which they unleash at the feet of the children of the light! Do you not know, O blessed ones, how they gather the clouds of darkness and the grids and forcefields of mankind’s hatred and concentrate the misqualified energies of an entire city or a nation against one soul who is taking his stand for the light of truth?

" . . . If you would live in the flaming presence of love, be prepared to deal with the fallen ones who have misused this sacred fire to create all manner of ugliness and distortion of the divine arts and of the music of the spheres to turn man and woman upside down and inside out in acts of perverted sex and misuses of the sacred fire. And they have caused the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah to be upon this generation who have replaced reverence for life with the murder of the avatars and of the Divine Mother.

"I am come for the judgment, that the energies of the Holy Spirit might be realigned in man and woman, that the fires of the kundalini might rise on the altar of the spine to illumine, to purify, and to increase the intensity of the sun behind the sun. Let mankind know, then, that their expulsion from Eden came about as the result of their misuse of the sacred fire in oral sex, in cohabitation with animal life, in homosexuality and all manner of experimentation with the seed and the egg, including their creation of human and animal life in the test tubes of the laboratories of the laggard generation.

"These things are the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place of the sacred union where they ought not. Therefore judgment is come, and those that take the sword to kill the holy innocents while they are yet in their mothers’ wombs must also be killed with the sword. For this day they are expelled from the womb of the Divine Mother! And this is the law and the judgment."

Archangel Chamuel
September 28, 1975

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"In this hour of reckoning comes the angel of opportunity sent forth by Portia, the Goddess of Justice. This angel is the mercy of the law and of the karma of the seven last plagues. And opportunity is a scroll declaring the independence of the souls of Terra ratified by the saints above and below. This declaration is the open door for the wisdom teachings.

"Let the holy Kumaras release the light of the seven rays in the minds of mankind. And let the quickening that was begun at Shasta by the Elohim of the Second Ray be intensified even as darkness is intensified before the dawn of the Christ consciousness in mankind. This is that increment of light which is delivered once in ten thousand years by the holy Kumaras. It is a rod implanted in the minds of the children of God by the Solar Logoi for the elevation of mankind’s consciousness and the centering of that consciousness in the crown. So intensify! So magnify! So let the star be brilliant in its appearing and let mankind be polarized to that star of the light of wisdom!

"Let the wise man and woman entering the Aquarian cycle hear the word of wisdom’s ray and increase learning and attain unto the wise counsels of the Four the Twenty Elders. Now let the fear of the Lord come upon mankind—that fear that is the beginning of knowledge. For this is the age of opportunity, the age when the Lord giveth wisdom. And out of the mouth of his messengers cometh knowledge and understanding. This is the Lord who keepeth the paths of judgment and preserveth the way of his saints.

"Let illumination’s fires be invoked for the consuming of all false doctrine and dogma, all misstatements and misunderstandings of the law. Let Wisdom crystallize the image of the Christ within you.

"Yes, I am come with the golden vial of the second of the last plagues. [highlighted by webmaster] But I come also with opportunity at my side. Let the children of the light run into the wave of wisdom’s light. Let them run into the great cosmic wave of illumination that breaks upon the shores of Mater and floods the consciousness with the refreshing waters purified by the Mother of life and love and liberation.

"Run to greet the wave of light and see how the great wave will swallow up the pollutions of the river of life. I am for oneness only if it be the oneness of the Christ mind. And those who defy
that mind in my servants the prophets shall be scattered abroad: for they are the proud, the rebellious, and the unrighteous generation.

"I am at the door. Bidden by the Lord, I enter. And I come to overthrow the moneychangers in the temple of our God. I come to scourge the wicked generation. See then that you, the lightbearers, are allied with the light, lest when the judgment come it scorch the wings of an angel!"

Archangel Jophiel
September 14, 1975

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Hearken ye, O Lightbearers of a nation and many nations. I, Zadkiel, speak to you as I spoke to the children of Light by the mouth of Moses and of the ancient prophets. For we the Seven Archangels did deliver the prophecy of the Lord by the mouth of Isaiah, Jeremiah and those who went before you in those ancient times. Therefore, the Word that is delivered to you in this hour is a prophecy of the Seventh Ray and Age.

"Children of the Light, sons of Light in your midst, hear me! For I cast before you now a vision of violet flame, as over the land a sacred fire does burn: all of America covered by violet flame. This is the vision whereby you see what destiny America can deliver unto the nations. It is a future of hope, prosperity and light and an inner walk with God. This is the vision of Saint Germain. I am able to show it to you because you have invoked a violet flame that does appear this night as though covering the map of fifty states and more.

"Beloved, this is a future that could be. I pray it will not be a future that might have been. This is Option the First whereby you the Lightbearers, by Holy Amethyst’s ray, determine that the all-consuming fire of God shall be for transmutation and transformation in the earth body and element, in the sea and the waters, and in the air.

"Therefore, by violet flame transmute the seven vials of the seven last plagues that we have already poured out in the earth! This is the sign of the coming of the new age, the age of Aquarius and of Saint Germain. It is the sign of Keepers of the Flame who know that in this hour the essential light must come forth through the Seventh Ray and the violet flame of that ray." [highlighted by webmaster]

Archangel Zadkiel
November 25, 1987

"We, the Archangels, do sound our trumpets even as we have poured out the vials of the seven last plagues upon earth. And they have been poured, beloved, and you have heard our dictations concerning these subjects.
[highlighted by webmaster] And therefore you know that these are vials of karma that have increased on the planet, causing a greater density as well as a restraint upon the works of Evil.

"One wonders how much more evil can be done and how that which is happening could be considered to be 'restraint.' Well, I tell you, were it not for the restraint of descending karma binding individuals to their past responsibilities, far greater wars would have already ensued upon this planet!

"There is indeed a mighty intercession by the hosts of the LORD. And those who do not realize [that] this [is going on] wonder what God is doing and why God does leave them to their plight. And you also know the Law and that the law of karma requires individuals to work out their salvation, as the apostle said, 'with fear and with trembling.'

"Therefore I do come to you. And you may hear in me the release now of that sacred fire as I do intensify my delivery unto you!

"Know, therefore, that you ought to count your blessings daily to know what divine intercession has come about upon earth in answer to the prayers of so many people of all faiths. Blessed ones, [without these prayers] things would be far worse than they are today."

Archangel Gabriel
May 3, 1991

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Beloved ones, you have heard of the pouring out of the vials of the seven last plagues by the seven mighty archangels. It is the hour of the pouring out of the ruby ray. And that ruby ray, therefore, does send Light! Light! Light! as the initiation of the third ray and the Holy Spirit unto all people.

"And those who move against the Light of the Holy Spirit are therefore bound by the Light of the ruby ray that is poured out! And it is sent to the four winds and it is sent to the four corners of the earth. It is sent into the air, the fire—it is sent into the water and the earth.

"Blaze the full power of the ruby ray! For truly it is the action of the Lord’s dissolution of unreality. And therefore, let one half of one percent of unreality on planet earth in this hour be dissolved by the full power of the pouring out of the vial of the ruby ray in the earth. Let it be done. So it is done by the power of the sacred fire, by the power of Omri-Tas, by the power of Mighty Victory and Alpha and Omega."

Archangel Chamuel and Charity
October 10, 1985

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Realize, then, though it be a day, a year, a decade, or a century, the hours are shortened as for the elect; and the cycles of Almighty God will determine when the travesty against the very nucleus of Life itself, against Alpha and Omega, must result in the judgment.

"Many things are happening across the face of the earth, and even in this hour the tares are being separated from the wheat. Only in the last two years, a new strain of virus has caused specific and exclusive death to homosexuals. [highlighted by webmaster] This shows the individual action of the sword of the living Word upon the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit. Scientists have yet to discover why only homosexuals are prone to succumb to this virus which may be present in others. Blessed hearts, by the misuse of the sacred fire of the Mother, they have lost their immunity to all forms of disease and viruses which have plagued the earth from the laboratories of the Nephilim. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Realize, then, that the Mother flame is your immunity against all sin. And when it is squandered, there is not the protection which the life-force can afford, including the protection of life itself, longevity, and the rising ascension flame. Realize, then, that the Mother will not extend immunity to anyone upon earth who misuses her light. It is only a question of the fulfillment of the law of cycles.

"Yet, this particular judgment upon this particular group has only come into acceleration in the last two years. I point out to you that it has to do with the judgment call. One is taken and another is left. And the angels of light may come to bind the tares and remove them when you see yourselves as the instrument of the prophecy of Malachi concerning the judgment of the proud and those who do wickedly and of the ungodly and the Watchers.

"Realize, then, that it is God incarnate as the Mother, as the action of the Word within you, that has the power to draw forth the fulfillment of the Word itself. Therefore, you must understand that the action of the judgment that has come can and shall continue."

Kuan Yin

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"The genetic violations of this planet by aliens, sponsored by fallen angels and Nephilim gods and a descending scale of [their creation of] mechanization man, are violations of the five secret rays. An infant humanity undeveloped, therefore, has shown thus far no ability to in any way resist this violation. *

"I, Serapis, predict that when you raise up this God-determined Light of the Mother and see the course that is set before you as paramount, They shall not pass. They shall not prevail. They shall not undo or overtake.

"For they shall be held at bay by the shafts of light of the sons and daughters of God who have made their peace with the Godhead in the form of God the Impersonal Impersonality, God
the Personal Personality, God the Impersonal Personality and the Personal Impersonality.

"O soul most beloved, gaze into the cosmic mirror and know thyself as thou truly art. So truly knowing thy True Self, thou art victor in the threefold flame. I bless thee, one and all."


* The thesis that the AIDS virus was created in the laboratory by genetic manipulation of deadly animal viruses, enabling them to cross the species barrier and attack the human immune system, is examined by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her guests on the Summit University Forum “The AIDS Conspiracy: Establishment Cover-up, Pharmaceutical Scam or Biological Warfare?” on 3 videocassettes, 4-1/2 hr., GP88078; 4 audiocassettes, 4-3/4 hr.

Serapis Bey

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"There is indeed an insanity in the mentality of many on earth. And that insanity comes not only from pride but also from deadly viruses infecting the brains and the minds of the people. Some who control governments and peoples are simply raving maniacs. And therefore there is war and starvation. And there is the exoneration of those who ought to have long ago been put behind bars or put to death—those who have perpetrated or allowed the slaughter of the helpless in Bosnia, in Rwanda, in Chechnya and in the labor camps of China.

"Therefore, the future of the planet is dependent not only upon the weather, the elementals, the violet flame or the action of Astrea, but upon whether or not you can create at least an equilibrium between the forces of Light and Darkness and then gain the upper hand and push through to the victory.

" . . . I tell you, when you give the 'Count-to-Nine Decree' before your Astreas,
you will be able to better deal with what you must wrestle with when you are in the midst of your calls to Astrea. The more Astreas you give, the more we can send down the chute (i.e., spiral, or tunnel) of your Astrea patterns all types of demons, of viruses and other microorganisms that cause disease or plague. We can encircle the mass consciousness of the people and see to it that well-meaning people are stripped of error by the circle and sword of blue flame. We can see to it that life has opportunity again. [highlighted by webmaster]

"I ask you to use your ingenuity. I ask you to look at past Pearls of Wisdom and the annual volumes of dictations that are in print so that you might study and know what we have said and what your opportunities are."

Beloved Cuzco

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Be not lulled that some men who are evil die, for the good also die. But be alert to the dispensation of the Fourth Ray on Friday eve. For this is the time, beloved,
to descend not only with Archangel Michael but also with Astrea for the carving
out of the earth of the diseases of these fallen ones—the viruses and plagues spawned in their laboratories of Atlantis, passed into the waters and the groundwaters in the earth to be released for generations.
[highlighted by webmaster]

"Blessed ones, I did reveal to the Messenger recently that these fallen ones programmed their offspring genetically to have a certain inherent immunity to the very viruses they created. Not until recent years and dispensation from the Lords of Karma, then, has the returning karma for the creation of plague upon mankind seriously affected the generations of the Watchers.

"Blessed hearts, God is not mocked! They are reaping what they have sown. But in the midst of this, the call must go forth for the selective and discriminate judgment of the fallen ones and the protection of the Lightbearers as that judgment does descend.

"So it can be. As you recognize this place as a haven and surely the place of refuge (as even in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, twin cities of the plain, there was the home of Lot where the Ascended Masters might frequent), so we shall come to this Home of Light during the period of darkening woes, which need not affect the Lightbearer if he remain wise, loyal, and constant."

Archangel Uriel, Sanat Kumara, Enoch, and Lanello

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Let us realize, then, that as love wanes in the earth, so crime increases—death becomes more frightening and terrible. Cancer itself is evidence of an absence of focalization upon the divine geometry of the internal crystal of the soul and of every living cell.
When children can pour their light into a cup of beauty and the dimensions of mathematics portrayed, the very dimensions themselves then impressed upon the cells prevent the aberrations, such as a manifestation of cancer or the vulnerability to the attack of the virus. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Geometry is a science explained by Pythagoras and demonstrated by him. It is the science of God and its formulas are illustrative of the fact of the very energy of life that can be focused in the angle, in the pyramid, in the octagon, in the cell structure that is also geometric.

"Form itself designed by God is a protection for the eternal Flame. Even the form you wear has a design of the star-fire body intended to be, geometrically speaking, the ultimate protection for the soul. The geometry of the chakras and the beauty of the unfolding of the flower becomes a model of contemplation that ought to be considered when designing the physical temple."

Paul the Venetian

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Yes, beloved ones, take on the challenge! For whether you see them or not, the hordes of the sinister force hurl their challenge to you: They dare you to make war against them, dare you to call for them to be bound and taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire! Yes, they are daring you. And in a similar manner in a positive way, all of the legions of angels and hosts of the Lord are in position and they are challenging you to come into your Christhood and defeat those hordes who multiply their conglomerate identity by the astral microbes and viruses on which they thrive.

"Yes, you have seen photographs of the drawings of those people, so-called—insectlike creatures that come in spacecraft and have no real resemblance to human life. You have seen how they have degenerated into sublevels of mechanization man, having no divine spark, no spiritual energy or consciousness, but use advanced technologies to steal the genetic codes of the creation of Elohim.

"Yes, beloved, this is what happens to an evolution when there is not a single son of God among them who is willing to be crucified upon the cross, having won his Christhood, having prepared for the victory of this initiation, that he might wear the crown of everlasting life and save that which can be saved from an aberrant lifewave."

Elohim Purity and Astrea

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Blessed ones, this teaching on the second death you have been taught; but have you thought about the reality that some of the terrible diseases from which people pass from the screen of life on earth in this hour are a message to all people that the body may be consumed by a malignancy, by its out-of-alignment state through a virus?

"[Have you thought], beloved, that [perhaps] these conditions show how that which has been sown which is now being reaped can consume the body itself, thus preparing those who look on and preparing those who pass on for the realization that whether in or out of embodiment it is the salvation of the soul, the Divine Wholeness of the soul, the mirror reflection in the soul of the sun center of the I AM Presence that is all important?"

Jesus Christ

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"Therefore, putting first things first, we will see how the nucleus, once established, will therefore establish the surrounding concentric rings—rings upon rings of those who gather and do indeed sit under their own vine and fig tree. Just as the cell of your being cannot survive when the nucleus is attacked by the virus, by the cancer, by the alien energy, so neither can the nucleus of the people of God.

"Therefore, the call goes forth: Let the temple of Solomon be rebuilt! And let the light of far-off worlds be the signal to each and every one that in the face of world turmoil and world chaos, we, the forces of the Great White Brotherhood, present the alternative to anarchy, the alternative to those who have the angry core—angry against God—and like nothing better than to be in the very center of violence and take glee in the spilling of blood and bringing pain to the body of God on earth."

Kuan Yin

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"There are so many nefarious activities being carried out that even the Keepers of the Flame wonder how they could possibly make all the invocations and the calls that would be necessary to bind these situations [in the earth] and prevent them [from being outpictured]. In every direction, helter-skelter across the countries of the world, there is the attack on youth, there is the matter of drugs, there is the matter of diseases and plagues. You look here and you look there and you wonder, 'How shall the daily work proceed and all the calls be made that are necessary?'

"My message to you may sound simple but it is profound and it is the answer: You must believe and know that your Mighty I AM Presence is the manifestation of the Lord Brahman with you and that the Word with God in the Beginning is manifest [in you as] your Holy Christ Self. [It is because you believe and know this that I empower you to command me to take command of any and all affairs in the world.]

"Blessed ones, without ceremony and without missing a beat of your daily responsibilities, you can breathe, [for instance,] the single fiat and the single prayer: 'Sanat Kumara, take command of the youth of the world! Take command of drug, rock music, alcohol, nicotine and sugar addictions. Sanat Kumara, bind the entire sinister force of the attack on the youth of the world!'

"But give this word in the name of Brahman, in the name I AM THAT I AM—but give this word, beloved, and I will give the word and legions of angels, millions of angels will go forth in your command. Simply be specific.

"Call, then, for the putting down of all treachery and intrigue in the field of health, of medicine, of alternative [healing methods], of chiropractic and in the denying of the people the cures that are already in existence that ought to be openly dispensed. Call, then, for the judgment of the heinous crimes of the pharmaceutical companies who sell their wares at prices far beyond what they should be and, in any case, do not [even provide] the natural cures dispensed by the Archangel Raphael, which many of you know about. Blessed ones, this is a tentacle [of a giant octopus] closing in on America with an iron grip.

"[But now I empower you to do something about it in record time:] Simply say, 'Sanat Kumara, go after the entire matter of health care for the people of this nation and every nation and bind all forces opposing their perfect health, including . . . . 'Then name [those forces and conditions blocking the health of nations, and name the individuals,] the departments of the government, the associations, [the corporations].

"Name them, beloved, and call for the [Lord's] judgment of individuals who would block the flow of Light [to the people] in the [application] of certain herbs and cures and remedies that ought to be made available to them.

"Blessed ones, you can always call for the judgment of the dweller-on-the-threshold of any segment of this society or any society; for that which is the dweller-on-the-threshold is the unreal part of the self, [the not-self]. You can always call for the descent of the Christ into that temple
for the binding of the enemy of that soul—which is the dweller-on-the-threshold—for the binding
of the fallen angels whose time is come and [even] for the binding of those whose time has not come, that their activities might be limited in the earth.

"Hear what I am saying to you! A one-sentence call thoughtfully worded and given as a fiat to me by name, Sanat Kumara, will result in an action of the hosts of the Lord and the armies of the Faithful and True. How can you, then, resist making that single call? [highlighted by webmaster]

"I pray that you will not forget so great a salvation that I am offering to you. And therefore, angels of the Seven Holy Kumaras come to guard the mind from despair and depression and distraction and the forgetfulness, the forgetfulness, beloved ones, to simply offer the prayer. Lest you forget, you have many means of reminding yourself, from the string around the finger to the alarm clock, to signs posted in various places, to having the buddy system, to setting a time that you never forget and you never forsake for making those calls.

"Blessed ones, heretofore you have thought that you must pray for hours to get the action. [And
it was so. But now with this unprecedented dispensation of the Holy Kumaras, which I make known to you this day, you have only to empower me by your command to me to enter your world so that I may send my legions to execute your command. This does not in any way eliminate the need for dynamic decree sessions ongoing in support of your commands. But it most certainly does guarantee our response in immediate action.]

"Think of yourselves as commanders of battalions and legions of angels. Think
of yourselves as standing before a hundred thousand angels who await the word of the command. [This is a weighty matter.] Therefore, you must qualify your prayer: 'Let this call be executed by the legions of Light according to the will of God and only the will of God. Sanat Kumara, not my will but thine be done!' [highlighted by webmaster]

"The computer of the Mind of God then works through the minds of the angels who receive the call from you. And your call is adjusted [according to the divine plan for planet earth and her evolutions]; then it is formulated [to correct the human condition as much as the Great Law will allow. When it is complete, the angels] move on [to obey your command according to the Mediatorship of the Cosmic Christ. This entire process may take only seconds as you reckon time].

"I will tell you a secret, beloved. All legions of angels under the Seven Archangels and under other Archangels who have not officially made their presence known (yet they have come from out the great cosmic heights to assist the earth), together with the legions of seraphim and the legions of every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being, if you can imagine such an array, fill the entire earth and more. And they have already drawn up the plans whereby they will go forth [to deliver divine justice] in this or that area [of the planet] and they have already been assigned
[to duty], by the fantastic Presence of the Universal Mind of God, in the areas they are to attend to.

"And so, you see, if you are concerned about the instruction in the schools and about the teaching methods, a [certain] band of angels is ready for the call you will make. Yes, beloved, they are ready, the hosts of the Lord are ready! And all of you who have been upon this planetary body so long, who have made karma, balanced karma, made karma again and balanced it again, who have been here so long, do you not have a stake in the victory, beloved hearts? ['Yes!']

"Well, that, beloved, is the "be-attitude" of the angelic hosts, for they have been here as long as you have been here and longer. And they also have a stake [in the victory]. They have a stake in the sixth and seventh root races and in the fourth and fifth, who have gotten themselves entangled in a heavy karma midst earth's evolutions.

" . . . Oh yes, beloved ones, seek the perfection of the heart and all things will follow. But I say to you, the calls must flash forth and they must begin now!"

Sanat Kumara
with the Seven Holy Kumaras

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

"For, beloved hearts, you must understand that in the hour of their judgment they are in a state of contamination; and therefore they are removed from the Body of God, even from that Mystical Body. For they are contaminators, as Archangel Gabriel has explained to you, of astral viruses that affect the very fabric of consciousness and of the soul.

"Therefore understand that in the hour of the judgment all light is withdrawn from these fallen ones and they are bound, and they must not be allowed to have intercourse with the children of the Light. For that contamination does therefore affect the service and the momentum of light that is being garnered and accelerated within each activity and each forcefield of the Keepers of the Flame throughout the planetary body.

"Therefore understand the Word of the Lord God Almighty unto Enoch. Understand the Word that when the hour of the judgment is come there is no mercy for the Watchers and their godless creation."

Saint Germain

Circle and Sword of Elohim Astrea

" . . . the age is turning and the Solar Logoi are concerned as to how the twentieth and twenty-first centuries may be outplayed.

"Most especially are they concerned about the potential for massive cataclysm or world war, or both. In view of these concerns, they have taken a proactive stance and are awarding grants to worthy souls who will not only apply for them but also make good on them and on their commitments of service to the Great White Brotherhood.

"Therefore this is an optimum time for you to apply for and receive grants of assistance backed by certain Ascended Masters who may have close ties to you personally and who are willing to pledge a certain quotient of light to your cause. You may use this light to mitigate or avert what could be the descent of a harsh karma on a planetary scale.

"Thus I ask that ere you close your eyes this night, you write a letter addressed to the Solar Logoi in care of the Karmic Board, requesting a specific grant of light to alleviate the plight of your nation, your neighborhood, your family. Seal this letter in an envelope and burn it.

"The angels will take your letter to the Royal Teton Retreat, where the Lords of Karma regularly convene to deliberate on the fate of humanity. This is a spiritual retreat in the heaven-world, congruent with the Grand Teton in Wyoming.

'Your letter will be read by the Lords of Karma as soon as it is delivered, and they will evaluate it and make their recommendations according to the merit of your lifestream and the merit of the grant you are requesting. They will then forward your letter to the Solar Logoi, who will make the final decision concerning your application for a grant.

'This is a major dispensation, and I urge you to take advantage of it without delay!"

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Saint Germain
April 28, 1996

Cataclysm by the Ocean Waters and Air
Entities and Riptides Terror of Terrorism

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