"The bread of Life is given to those who have the self-acquired gift of nonattachment.
For if you are attached to the loaf of the Body of your Lord, you will not break that loaf
to divide it and share it with others."—
Nada, April 11, 1993
"Now go be. Go be that God without compromise. Do not be concerned with those who look for flaws, for even the flaws are God's energy. And you may tell those who have perceived
a flaw, 'By and by I will transmute that flaw, and when I do you will not see me any longer!' For you see, the one who sees the flaw will not see the Christ that you become. Tsk, tsk. What a pity, what a pity."
Gautama Buddha

Comments and letters from our visitors,
received with appreciation and thanks:

Thank you very much, we really love your site and congratulate you on the design, composition and overall message being conveyed.

Jadwiga Gewert
Executive Director
Chopin Foundation

Hello, I checked your website and I would like to link to it. My website is KwMap.com and it represents a network of keywords and concepts as they logically relate to each other, on various topics. Under each keyword I list relevant websites and resources —thank you.

Regards, Walter Robert

Dear Eva,

Just found your website while doing a Google search on music and wow, what an impressive collection of Spiritual Jewels & Pearls you have created there! Congratulations!
I will return soon.

Love and blessings,
Marius Michael-George

Excellent !! Begin with first principles.

There is such a cornucopia of teachings . . . that sometimes it is hard to know what applies to your person.—Burt B.

I sincerely appreciate your firm and constant drive to awake the American people.

I scarcely got a taste of communism when I traveled to Poland in 1972 & 1975.

It was enough to see and feel the vile and vicious energy behind a system of government not of this world but of the fallen ones.

—Burt B.

Very helpful on the English Language. The quotes are illuminating! Frances

Thank you so much, and the website is lovely.


For the time being, I am just putting up very employment-specific websites. Thanks again, however, for your thoughts and contributions.


Excellent compilation, thank you!!


Love, M.

Eva, I have reviewed this wonderful site today. What a fantastic job you have done in pulling together all of this information in one place. I have lots of information to study here on the Black Madonna and the Queen of Poland. I will be at Summit University in Lourdes in August and will take this information with me.

Thank you once again for this wonderful resource. I hope that many Polish people avail themselves of this information. Best wishes, Neroli

. . . your site is simply wonderful! I was very impressed with it. It is beautiful and so much information for people, so many inspiring quotes . . . You certainly optimized the message. My, what wonderful work and dedication you put into it.

I want to spend more time there in the future . . . You are so right that it is a dispensation for the World. I have the deepest respect for your service to the Masters through this mighty work on this site. What a mission you have.

Onward Ho dear friend, with love, Judith

Eva, thank you so much! Your prayers are very much appreciated and count for a great deal!

Love, Lois

Dear Eva Victoria Tame

I am very happy for your response to this european letter and for your for making calls on this situation at the High Altar of King Arthur's Court. I and other keepers of the Flame in Europe are working for a greater Union of the Keepers of the Flame and Lightbearers in Europe and for comunication between Keepers from the different European countries

Therefore I write also to you to ask if you are from Poland ? I see the polish webpage in your e-mail. and having looked at the webpage I think it is very interesting and brings a lot of valuable teaching for us here in Europe.

Also thank for your reseach about internet and electronic communication that you sent as a response (9 nov. last year ) to my e-mail called World Summit in Tunis 16-18-Nov on the future of the internet.

Warmest Regards
Pernille Povlsen

Here's an interesting website that talks about Uriel, the apocryphal "angel of music."


I found this part intriguing: "Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth, positioned to its North."

In Leroux's POTO, one of the songs that Christine sings during her debut as Marguerite in Faust (and which makes Raoul extremely jealous) is the "King of Thule" song. The King of Thule was a legendary "King of the North" who suffers unrequited love for a beautiful woman.

Christine herself is referred to as well as a "fairy of the North" or "Scandinavian spirit," depending on your translation. Stefanie

Sending love and wishing you a happy Mother's day as you feed your flock of sheep with the fire of the Divine Mother. Karen

Dear Eva, Thanks very much for bringing this dictation to our attention. I support playing it on the 15th of August, 2004 and entering into a perpetual novena until the elections. God bless, Carla

and http://www.tslpoland.org/—The official site of TSL Poland. Many dictations from Masters can be found in the Great White Brotherhood section. For example, check this link.

Hope these are helpful. Alice

"The soul can split the sky in two,
and let the face of God
shine through."
Edna St. Vincent Millay

May your labor of love on behalf of the sweet souls of Poland bring a smile of joy to the Divine Mother of Poland, even as it brings a flame of hope and the comfort of divine love to her people.

Always Victory, Olivia and Christopher

Dear Eva, Thank you so very much for praying. I will tell him what a wonderful response I am getting. He is willing to risk everything to stand for what is right. He is going against the socialist beast that permeates American colleges. God bless you for your kindness.

Love, Lois Picard in Rhode Island

Hi Eva Victoria

Is that what I shall call you or just Eva ? I am from the Copenhagen Study Group in Denmark. I look forward to visit the website

I have met with other european Keepers of the Flame at Summit University here in Europe over the last four years and I believe there will be more events in the future where we from europe can meet, get to know each other and make closer contact in our work for the Masters.

I have also met keepers of the Flame from Poland there. That was in San Giovanni In italy in 2002. May be you were there?.

Warm Regards
Anne Pernille

Beloved Polish Sister, I am delighted by the progress that you are making with the website. You are amazing. I'll have to visit it more often to benefit from what is there.
Congratulations! I can see clearly how God is guiding you from victory to victory!

Eva Victoria, you have an outstanding insight into the situation in Eastern Europe, both from the perspective of the ascended masters' teachings, as well as from her own experience as a Solidarity freedom fighter under Saint Germain and Lech Walesa. God bless!—A

I have browsed through your web site and I'm very impressed. This has to be a rallying point for the Polish people, and nation. Keep up the good work. We must never see again what happened in 1939 and after. I'm a bit of a history buff, and saw the movie The Piano Player, a graphic portrayal of the horrific events of WW2 in Warsaw. Gerald

You have an amazing amount of material on your website! Craig

Eva! Do you live in Poland now?? I miss your flame, my dear usher buddy!! have looked at your sites . . . because you are one person I do admire . . . Love, Gretchen

Thanks for the suggestion, Eva. We have already planned out the program for the summer SU session and our decree focus is on another topic, but thanks anyway.

God bless, Carla Groenevegen

Hi Eva, What is the date of the Pearl. I might be able to use a quote from it at the St. Germain Service tomorrow night. Thanks, Carla Healy

After the National ID in USA the so-called Soviet “passport system”—the next step is eugenics.—Burt B.

We always appreciate receiving mail from you as it is informative and interesting.

Peace and God Bless You—Ellie and Cliff Smith

Hi, Eva Did I ever give you those James Herriot videos I was so excited about a long time ago? I think I lent them to somebody, and I can't remember who. Your friend, Mary

Thanks Eva, I read this iInfo from Mother and the Masters about gas http://www.tslpl.org/gas.html,

sun spots and solar flares

http://www.tslpl.org/sunspots.html with great interest and will give it to my kids to read.

Love, Joni

Thank you very much for ' Yalta '. These are vital issues that are so very important to my heart—please continue to keep me informed. Sincerely, Burt. B

Dear Eva Victoria, I am looking forward to thoroughly exploring the Polish site. Of course I have Polish roots . . .

The excerpted quotes of Mother Mary throughout the site are fantastic!

I might have an interesting witness and story for you. I caught the earliest CNN news of Russian tanks surrounding the striking Polish workers that began the victory of Solidarity and Poland's new freedoms. I felt the magnitude of events and alerted Mother's office of the immediate need for decrees at the Holy Grail Chapel at Camelot.

When I arrived at Camelot at the earliest I could that evening, an usher led me to the front row in front of Kuthumi's portrait, as the completely full congregation began to finish a decree . . . "and in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest . . . "

Mother walked out onto the altar and within seconds, Saint Germain began a dictation that was as close to physical fire as I had ever experienced, as he addressed the Poland situation and the Victory of Freedom's Flame in Poland.

God Bless your dedication throughout this tribulation that is truly an initiation of great import and magnitude.

Keep the Flame! Raymond Z

Thanks Eva. I'm glad to know you enjoyed the service about Sister Faustyna and thanks for clarification on the 3rd secret. Love, Carla

Thank you Eva!
http://www.tslpl.org/culture/811224.htm—key teaching from Mother Mary on the matrix
for the communist countries

http://www.tslpl.org/solidarity.html—lecture "Poland, the Proletarian Paradise" (audio
only) and all other dictations on this page, in consecutive order

http://www.tslpl.org/Polishdancers.html—key dispensation for the nations of the world

http://www.tslpl.org/communism.html—on Yalta

http://www.tslpl.org/Nada_on_Pope.html—socialist agenda of the Roman Catholic Church



Norman N Millman

Thank you for the page on leadership! Kate Gordon

Dear Eva, People are also aware of Lanello's dictation in which he said that this pope had upon him the face of Christ and was bearing the cross, though he lacked the knowledge that we have. The dictation given 6/21/81 is published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, no. 68. Beloved Lanello and El Morya, June 1981. (The reference must be to Pope John Paul II because Karol Jozef Wojtyla became pope on Oct. 16, 1978, and remained the pope until his passing on April 2, 2005.

May Mother Mary, the Queen of May, guide us. Frances

Dear Eva, Yes, I noticed that a few years had elapsed between Lanello's 1981 dictation vol. 24, no. 68. Beloved Lanello and El Morya, June 1981 and the date of the letter that you privileged me to see. I thought that the letter that I saw was dated in 1985, but apparently I was mistaken. ? You cite below a1983 letter. Yes, circumstances change! Warmest wishes, Frances

Dear Eva,
Thank you so much for your testimonial. My intuition has always been that John Paul II was on the side of Light. He used the office to advance God's Kingdom. Some of his positions I believe were absolutely wrong (e.g., women in the preisthood) but he had enough really strong and absolutely right positions (e.g., right to life, dignity of all life, condemning tyranny) that the ledger is clear.

To be holding that office and be in the midst of the darkness which I also believe lurks in the Vatican would be an enormous challenge, which I believe he carried off. I am concerned that the next pope is going to NOT be of the Light, just a sense I have.

All good wishes, Timothy

I glanced at the websites. I found them very interesting and, at first glance, they seemed in line with some of my thoughts and beliefs but there are some matters there that I had not thought deeply about before. I will have to allocate more time for study of them.

Best Regards, Tom Platt


Dear Eva, Your Manual of Style for Translators of the Ascended Masters' Teachings (I think I would call it that) is a magnificent piece of work!

Thank you for meticulously documenting these concerns and considerations regarding translations of the teachings. I agree wholeheartedly with your suggestions . . .
Sincerely, Olivia

Dear Eva, Thanks so much!!! What a surprise to find all of these recipes! I don't know when I'll have time to make them, but I'm grateful to have them. Thanks again, so much. Love, Jacqueline

God Bless you for the great gifts God has given you in your amazing productivity—may our Lord Jesus Christ receive the glory for all your amazingly accurate, thorough and precise work both on your website and in the replies to our Keepers of the Flame on the discussion forum. I got a great chuckle from your response to the person who wanted to know how to pickle beets.

Thank you again my brave Polish Sister in the Christ, In deepest love for the I AM within you, me, and all—I remain sincerely grateful, B. A. B.

Thank you, dear Eva, for http://tslpl.org/Dorothy.html ! M.

Thank you, Eva. I enjoyed working in the kitchen with my sisters of Light! I appreciate this quote and I will print and study it. Blessings to you!! I think it was Lady Beatitude that we all felt!

Best Regards,
Marcia Beese
Customer Service
The Summit Lighthouse
Tel: 800 245 5445 / 406 848 9500
Fax: 800 221 8307 / 406 848 9555

Dear Eva, . . . I was aware of your aura . . . I thought it was noteworthy that I was able to sense you, . . . I shouldn't have even made a comment because it was not significant except that it kind of tickled me that I knew you were there. Please be at peace. Love, Linda

Hello Victoria, Thank you for this pertinent, important information—gas and sun spots http://www.tslpl.org/gas.html, http://www.tslpl.org/sunspots.html.

Thank you again and GOD bless : all you "feel, think, say and do" PAUL

Thank You for the new web-pages:


I really appreciate being able to communicate with you because you are in the epicenter of the Inner Retreat, and have your finger on the pulse of everything that is going on God-ward and the opposition we face individually and collectively as the Church Universal and Triumphant on earth as it is in heaven. B. B.

I really enjoy reading the information you put on your website, keep up the good work! :) Reneé

Excellent. Thank You Eva.This is the sort of thing my soul craves and requires. God Bless and keep you safe and strong, B.

Dear Eva, Thank you very much for this labor of love (the translator's manual of style) . . . I would also love to see it. Is it possible to e-mail me a copy? Of course, I can also ask Norman or Patricia for a copy, but it may be useful to have my own.

Best wishes, Lois

Thank you, dear Eva, for bringing to mind these wonderful teachings! God is truly blessing us with this wisdom! We are truly in an awesome cycle of choice and I hope and pray all will bend the knee to divine love and cast out all CCJ for good.
Mary Rogers

We ought to draw from our own experience and teach the world the truth, spiritual truth that we have experienced on our own skin. Starting a "memories section" on the website is an excellent idea, it occurred to me too. Sincerely, A.

Thank you, Eva. I will be sharing the translator's manual of style with publishing and foreign rights and very much appreciate your efforts, your support, and your love of Mother, Mark and the masters. God bless you! Lois

I enjoyed page on leadership, Eva, and the hyperlinks that led me to some other pages (especially loved finding the lists of books!). Your website continues to grow. Are people finding it? Love, Joni

May you carry on and win this planet as Freedom's Star !!!—Burt B.

The Summit Lighthouse of Poland: The Great White Brotherhood in the History, Culture, and Spirit of the Polish Nation.

This website was done by a lady who lives in Paradise Valley. She is originally from Poland. She has done a tremendous job on this website, and it contains all kinds of wonderful teachings not just for the people of Poland, but for all people. The site also has excellent graphics.

To appreciate this site, go to the site map, and read all that is there, and you may find a lot that interests you. There are about five major topics on her site, and then at the bottom of the homepage, there is a link to her site map, which is an excellent "Table of Contents" of her site. William

Excellent. http://www.tslpl.org/angels/7801012.htm I can always depend upon you to point the way for a higher standard for me to strive for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Carry on, warrior of Christ !!) !!! B.

. . . I never would have seen your website. But, now I have access to your most beautiful site. It is really lovely, Eva and I'm enjoying it very much!

Katie Twigg
TSL Broadcast Coordinator

Read and apply Dispensation from Lady Master Nada before the Iraq elections and to stop the spread of war—Thank you Eva. Wow!
Love, Joni

God Fortuna in all your work for God's children, dear heart. You sure make beautiful websites! How did you get that violet flame rising out of Poland?
Love, MKH

Poignant and timely from El Morya http://www.tslpl.org/prophecies/861231.htm .

Morya's words are always difficult only to my own human ego because his words expose and slay it.—Burt B

Greetings, Eva,
Thank you so much for this, and including the website. I well remember Mother's teachings on Brother Lawrence. I still have the little book "The Practice of the Presence of God. It is a classic and I love it.
Blessings to you!

Best Regards,
Marcia Beese

I have been thinking of you a lot for I know you had a special connection to this pope. Anna Marie

Very powerful, poignant, timely and profound about Pope John II—especially considering the heavy duty emotional attachment that most Poles feel for John Paul II.

I heard on a BBC broadcast that Benedict XVI's previously owned Volkswagen Golf auto was auctioned off on e-bay for around $225,000 USD.

Once again, it is the church of Rome and not the church of Christ. Burt B.

Your wish to put together all the teachings about this Pope is an important one and it should be done, to be ready in English for the right moment to publish. I am amazed how busy you are. As I said before, your work is fulfilling the messianic role of Poland, without exaggeration. I hope my contribution, when ready, will play a humble role.

In any case, I see Victory on the horizon, as the end times are playing themselves out. What an exciting time to be on earth, to be part of God's work!

May God bless you, AD

Thanks for the 'heads up' of the denial of Lech Walesa—PLEASE tell me the story of how John Paul II betrayed the light within that blessed soul. The fallen media machine has not given me the facts. With all my love for the fiery Christ Flame within your heart,

Burt B.

This information has already helped me to overcome a certain degree of sympathy with the pope and feeling sorry for him having erred. A

Thanks for the history about the Pope


and your important part in it. Love, Sara

Thank you for sharing this. I was raised Catholic and have always felt the holiness of this man become Pope. I am gratful for you that you have had the honour to know these 2 wonderful spiritual leaders.

I feel this Pope left with an uneasy heart and may have been forced out sooner than a more natural time table. But I do believe that he will be welcomed into the comfort of his Mother,.the Blessed Mary

God bless you as you carry this banner into the future . . .

Kathleen of The Four Winds

Dear Eva:
My condolences on the passing of your family friend. I am sure you both benefited from your association, and I am sure he is more grateful for your place in his life now. M

I like the page you are working on. Nada's comments are clear and self-explanatory. Polish chelas may feel a bit disappointed.

This material is a good teaching on the responsibility especially of those who can affect large groups of people, or millions, like the Pope. If he is wrong, the impact of it is multiplied and thus bad karma is much greater.

I know that he has done so in good faith, honestly believing in what he said. At the same time he has done so much good that his Causal Body must have also increased enormously. Your assistance is invaluable, you are so well versed in the teachings. Great work! A

My grandmother Anne was supposed to be Pope John Paul's Mothers sister, so great Aunt I guess, making us 3rd cousins, or something like that. My aunt Victoria was born Krakow in 1904 I believe and they emigrated to Canada shortly afterwards. I used to have the documents but I think my Mother lost them. Other cousins have done all the genealogy. I felt great light at his passing. Renee

Dear Eva,We were in Billings today and thought of you deeply with the news of John Paul's passing. God Bless you and the billion Catholics. Much Love, Paula

I thought about you Eva, as the Pope was fading. It is a chapter that you above all shall never forget. Perhaps we should make the call to claim any mantle that may be invoked by the ones left behind in case he should have earned his ascension.

We must also pray for the next in line. He made an impression on the world and many have voiced an opinion. God Bless his soul. Thanks for your wonderfully researched website and all that one can glean from our precious Teachings. Sending love, Karen

Thanks, Eva. God bless the soul of the Pope. And God bless us all.Love, O.

I fully agree that . . . the Pope couldn't extricate himself. The whole church has been infiltrated with some socialist ideas. I know from other sources—Mother' Mary's messages at Bayside New York, that his successor will be an anti-Christ. After all, the end times are upon us. It is significant also that Sister Lucia of Fatima passed away earlier this uear. God bless!—A

Thank you for all your work. I am grateful! I am sure that your website is having a major impact around the world. It is a unique undertaking. May God bless you in your so dedicated service.—A

Thank you, Eva. I will be sharing this Manual of Style and Usage for Ascended Masters Teachings Translators with publishing and foreign rights and very much appreciate your efforts, your support, and your love of Mother, Mark and the masters. God bless you! Lois

Thank You. God Bless, B.

Dear Eva! Thank you for a very interesting page Zdrowas Maryjo. As I read it, I was again amazed by the amount of work and love you have put into this website. I will continue praying for you and the website, and ask the same from you. May God bless you! A

This is important! Thanks.


I'm sure most would agree that our Messengers' Mission set the example for stumping the nations, as your website testifies, Love, M

Dear Eva, I read both articles. How sad is the betrayal of the light and the lighbearers Poland Betrayed. Thanks for your excellent response. May God judge the fallen angels quickly. Love, Carla

Thanks, Eva. I'm glad you're offering this info from Mother and the Masters about gas, sun spots and solar flares




Thanks! I needed that! . . . my Twin Flame is always in my heart. I'd been doing the
2-week rosary & as I did the surrender rosary one night in the first week, it came to me to put my Twin Flame stuff into my letter . . . I'm writing it today. Love you! Frances

Dear Victoria, Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year. Thank you for the story of Brother Lawrence. It is so inspiring. Hope you are well. God Bless, Bonita Frazier

Your web pages are the most readable pages I have ever seen. That purple background really makes it easy to read. Bye for now, Nancy

It's scary to think things like the abuse of the nun in Martyrdom of an Empress, on whom Elisabeth took compassion were still taking place in the Catholic Church in the 19th century. I know I've still got some medieval Catholic substance in my psychology to transmute so I found that story touching, with the insight it gives also into the gentle heart of the empress. G

Congratulations again! How do you find the time and energy to do all this? You are making great contributions, and this one in particular Manual of Style and Usage for Ascended Masters Teachings Translators is so needed! God Bless! A

Thank you very much for this teaching http://www.tslpl.org/spirit/980706.htm. I do appreciate it. God bless, Norman

Greetings Eva ! . . . congratulations in organising/setting up the Polish web site. I am aware of all your activities & so pleased with your efforts. I still have not yet thoroughly checked/read it all (web site) as I am so busy with worldly affairs . . . will provide feedback re Polish website.

Cheers in the Light, Bill in the Aussie land

Thank-you for Mother Mary's Dictation. I just have a few questions about it. When She refers to the long rosary, does she mean the daily rosaries?

Eva: You are welcome. No, she means "long rosaries."

If so, can a Tuesday Rosary be given on any other day, as I only have 3 Daily Rosaries.

Eva: I am in a similar position with only two long rosaries and I do them every second day, as requested. In between, I do Surrender rosary, also called the fourteenth rosary.

Also, does she mean asking for a favour when she used the words "Special Grace", or does she mean to request a special quality, such as patience, compassion, etc.

Eva: She distinctly offers a PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL grace or boon—therefore sky
is the limit.

Would I be able to ask for our bodies to be cancer free without surgery and medical intervention ( radiation, chemo, etc)?

Eva: As above, if it is for you—cancer treatment developments—then it is personal and individual.

Also, must I use rosary beads when giving the rosaries.

Eva: When Mother first released rosaries, she did not necessarily stress the use of beads. We wear the beautiful rosaries from Fatima or elsewhre (the Ranch) around our necks on occasion, a bit like the Hindus. Otherwise, the Catholic rosary has a different alignment of prayers than our tapes.

I started today and used Tuesday's Rosary on Sunday. If this is not possible I may be able to borrow from Alex, or purchase others from the Teaching Center.

Eva: Of course, one might do daily long rosary, as released, but just like in my case —when i started, and wanted to do it immediately—I only had two. I have no doubt that they are acceptable on Mother's Mary altar and in her heart.

Many thanks once again and I look forward to your insight. Betty—I AM the Miracle
of God

Eva: Thank YOU for the opportunity to share our love and devotion for Mother Mary. Below are a few pages about her—you will like them. Enjoy!


Dear Eva:
Thank you for those precious Christmas gifts! What a great compilation you're assembling; you are really getting into this website development thing, eh? Are you doing all of that, or is a tech friend helping you with the setup/html part?

That html is all Greek to me. I went to the University Book Store in Bellevue a few years ago to buy "HTML for Dummies"—I just looked at the basic lists of code on the inside covers, and decided to save myself $35. M.

Wow, Eva, you have an enormous amount of material of your website! God bless you in all of your work! Craig

Eva, The site is very good. Clare

Hello, I am Natalia who lives in Poland, the city of Szczecin. I know much about your organization from my uncle who lives in Moscow. I have arrived from Tashkent in Poland, under the program of repatriation and I want to get acquainted with members of your organization, who are in Szczecin. I ask you to give me phones or E-mail that I could contact these people.

Yours faithfully, Natalia

Thank you Eva for this great information, God bless you, we'll get this forwarded to any and all whom we meet, and who might bond to it, it is really exciting to know how much the Masters are and have been so physically present with us.
Love, K., Sweden

Thank you, thank you, thank you! for Mother Mary's Ascension Day Address XO Frances

Dear Eva: Thank you. I really appreciate you letting me use your webpage on abortion to send out in the CHOOSE LIFE news. I just looked at it and I pray by the grace of God that the people on my list will send it out to all of their friends. God bless you and may his Angels guide, direct and keep you safe.

ALWAYS VICTORY!!! Love, your sister on the path, Eva

Thank you, Eva, for words of encouragement and for the website page www.tslpl.org/saints1.html for me to click on. The one on St. John of the Cross, the page with the saints listed, especially St. Francis, were especially helpful. I will read them again and again, I'm sure. Love, Joni

It's beautiful web-page Cinematography. Thank you. God bless you. Love, Ellie

Dear Eva, I just read your Poland Betrayed. It was very well written. Thank you for writing especially now, when Saint Germain needs us so much! Always Victory! Charlene

Hello Eva, The images and symmetry of your website are very comforting!

On your page Musical Keynotes of the Great White Brotherhood, I notice you have a question mark by your listing for the Holy Spirit. I've been wanting to look up this piece anyway, so I did some research and it appears that "Homing" and "At Dawning" are actually different pieces, both popular songs from the early 1900s, although similar in quality (I listened to free audio excerpts on Amazon.com). The full details are:

"Homing," words by Arthur L. Salmon and music by Teresa del Riego, published 1917. "At Dawning," words by Nelle Richmond Eberhart and music by Charles Wakefield Cadman, published 1906.

The new Summit book, The Masters and Their Retreats, has partial corroborating information at the end of the listing for The Maha Chohan, which reads, "The radiation of the Maha Chohan is drawn through the musical composition 'Homing,' by Arthur Salmon." However, like you, I also have an old list of keynotes, which has "Homing/At Dawning" for the Holy Spirit, so I guess both compositions may carry the radiation of the Maha Chohan.

Thanks for maintaining your beautiful, inspirational website! Blessings, Gregory

Well said Poland Betrayed. Perfect. You Go Girl !!!Thank You, Burt B.

Dear Eva: Thank you for collecting these invaluable excerpts!



I've only finished about 2/3 of the first one so far, but can already see that the real test is to take each message into one's own heart (as stated in more than one of those messages) rather than work hard to apply them to anyone outside the self. I pray all of us who read your offering will realize that . Love, William

Hi Eva, Poland Betrayed is a great fiery piece you wrote! God bless you for your passionate stand for freedom and for the Polish people. Craig

Hi Eva , during the Easter conference mention was made of a "nun having recorded a conversation with Jesus"—I was told this is not a Pearl and it is from a book . . . Would you per chance have more information on this? It was Sister . . . who?

I am very happy having met with you. Also I am very sorry what the Germans have done to your State/Nation—I am appologizing to all of your people. Thank you, PAUL

I was reviewing a little bit, some information, of your magnificent website on the History of the Polish people and the Great White Brotherhood.

I am humbled and inspired by your example!

So, thank you, for being there and providing me, personally, a younger generation of chelas of Saint Germain (I was a child, and later, a teenager, when the Solidarity movement came about), an invaluable example of faith, courage, and love for freedom.

God bless you, A. H.

God Bless You, and your Excellent site. W

Dear Eva, Thanks for Poland Betrayed and for the inspiring flame of your website!

I like very much the Mother Mary quote you have included on the homepage. I find particularly inspiring the reassurance that our striving as individuals or isolated groups helps others and does impact the world scene by the spiritual force of example.

"But on one man's soul it hath broken,
A light that doth not depart;
And his look, or a word he hath spoken,
Wrought flame in another man's heart."

God bless, Gregory

What a remarkable body of teachings!



Absoultely EXCELLENT WORK on Disney !!! Thank You Very Much for letting me know.

God Bless, Burt B.

Thank you for your 'Style and Usage Manual' . . . http://www.tslpl.org/manual_style.htm It is born out of a labor of love and this love is for the legacy the Masters have entrusted to our safekeeping. I share your concerns and your thoughts as our Messengers would were they still with us today. Thank you!

Implementing and applying this Style Manual both in Spirit and in Intent, I pray, will unite many individuals in the Spirit of the ONE. As I see it, this pioneering effort resulting in the 'Style Manual' is now the foundation upon which we are being called to expand our efforts for the preservation of the Masters words.

GOD's Blessings abound in you and surround you always, Paul

Tom and I always appreciate your inspirational and informative webpages


Your last one came the day we neeeded it when one of our friends asked us about the background of the situation in Ukraine. Your email supplemented our information and was helpful in explaining things from a broader perspective.

Thanks and love to you. Kathleen

Hello Eva, Thank you for this very comprehensive update on the wonderful work being done by Keepers of the Flame in Eastern Europe. Truly the Masters have many dedicated souls in that area.

May God bless you for your constant dedication to bringing the Masters' Teachings to Poland and Eastern Europe.

Love always,

Thanks for your efforts. The lessons of history, and yes the infamies, must not be forgotten http://www.tslpl.org/betrayed.html. G

This is an excellent dictation http://www.tslpl.org/spirit/9210102.htm and I do hope we can fit it in sometime soon. Neroli

Hi Eva! What a delight, a real feast perusing this material http://www.tslpl.org/manual_style.htm.

It confirms the depth of your understanding of both the Teachings as well as of the field of linguistics. This is an area which has always fascinated me, including lexicography. I bow to the Christ within you!

Always Victory! A

Wow Eva, I read these pages

This is great! Love Joni W

WOW !! I read the first


and part of the 2nd


and tired out for this evening , I'm off to bed.

We are not Human beings having a Spiritual experience, but we are Spiritual beings having a Human experience. W

Beloved Eva & Keepers of The Flame of Life Worldwide:

First, let me take a moment to Sincerely Thank and Applaud The Tremendous Time, Energy and Effort that Eva Victoria Tame has Lovingly and Freely invested in maintaining a web-site and translating publications for and on behalf of The Summit Lighthouse !!!

Bravo Dear Sister, Bravo !! !!! Sincerely, Burt B.

". . . grateful that you have been given such a high and holy assignment for the Masters and their chelas, and that you continue to prove yourself worthy of Saint Germain's faith!!!

That's why he chose you; and I hope I can find a similar 'assignment' that takes advantage of all the training they have invested in me.

Love always, Eva, Marshall

I was grateful to see your webpage about music www.tslpl.org/music_spheres.html Fiona

I'm half Polish so it was interesting for me. I can only speak 4 words of the language but I would like to visit the place someday. Andrew

"It's exciting to be Polish!"

(The Messenger, October 21, 1981)

It is well known that freedom is a common theme in the ascended masters' dictations. But did you know that Poland—a country that epitomized the lightbearers' struggle for freedom—has been spoken of numerous times in the masters' discources on the subject?

Eva Butkiewicz-Tame, a dedicated Polish Keeper of the Flame, has created an inspiring new website that gives an ascended master view of her native country and its freedom movement, Solidarity, in the '80s.

The site is rich with dictations and images that speak to the hearts of the freedom fighters everywhere. You can view "The Great White Brotherhood in the History, Culture and Spirit of the Polish Nation" at www.tslpl.org.

Thank you to Eva and the many hearts who made this venture possible! And a special thank you for properly securing copyright permissions for all material used on the site.

Heart to Heart Magazine, June 2003, Volume 6, No. 4

My Polish connection is that one of my paternal ancestors fought under Count Kosciusko. In personal gratitude, I champion the flame of Freedom in Poland.

Always Victory! Olivia

Dear Eva, Hi there! Where is the wonderful quote (or is it the full dictation?) on CCJ by Sanat Kumara, December 1, 1963 published (in English)? I would like to quote it in an e-mail.Thanks Craig

It is here: http://www.tslpl.org/ccj1.html

Thank you for this ever-timely reminder, Eva. mkh

What a joyful discovery to find the two of us on the same 'line' exept you are miles ahead of me. At first glance I had no inkling that you already had a "Glossary"—I mistakenly thought what you had told me you had was actually a Polish Glossary (i.e. I can only read English and "a little German") Yes, yes this is what I had in mind—Now, is this for your own private use or is this Glossary (now) part of the SUMMIT LIGHTHOUSE resource to aid and support [' Other '] translaters.?—[ like your Style Manual] Paul

Eva, As the opportunity arises I will refer them to the website www.tslpl.org
God bless Neroli

God bless you in your service to the Great White Brotherhood and to all contacts in Poland. You are providing a tremendous service to your brothers and sisters. We also truly appreciate your willingness to work with Headquarters and be one who is setting a proper pattern on how things can be accomplished in Victory! Kelda Y

Your website is looking great. And all the music keynote references are amazing . . .

God bless you for your labor of love. Cheryl

Eva, You have no idea of How Grateful I AM for this information !! !!!

First of all, you gave me the web-site I have been looking for a long, long time: www.tslpl.org !!!!

I have living relatives in Poland.

Second, believe it or not, I just had a cousin of mine—also named Eva—move to my area from Detroit, MI in the last week !!

I was wondering if there is a way to send me your e-mail ADDR—so I can communicate to you about contacting some of my relatives about The Teachings?

Are you the webmaster of www.tslpl.org?

If not, what association do you have with the website, or the teaching center(s) located there? . . . Burt

Jay Cooke summoned Booth to Astor House (NY) meeting of financiers and industrialists to plot against Lincoln, as stated by EC Prophet's research:


May God be praised and God be praised in those who, like these Polish people, have had the courage to accept the crucifixion, an integral part of the Ruby Ray Path.

May God help us also to walk this path. Frances

Thanks for your testimony—it seems to have given you some cathartic benefit from your torture experiences during your return to Poland . . . Love, Marshall

Dear Eva: Thank you for those precious Christmas gifts! What a great compilation you're assembling; you are really getting into this website development thing, eh? Are you doing all of that, or is a tech friend helping you with the setup/html part? That html is all Greek to me. I went to the University Book Store in Bellevue a few years ago to buy "HTML for Dummies"—I just looked at the basic lists of code on the inside covers, and decided to save myself $35. Happy 11 o'clock line of 10 o'clock year (in two days)! Love, M

Poland is fortunate to have you pulling for them. Keep on keeping on, as I shall try. W

Hi Eva! I believe the ascended masters got you into the best situation imaginable at this time, promoting the Teachings in Polish. Your work is amazing! The masters do need this kind of selfless service. I am glad you are including Faustyna Kowalska in the website, another Polish saint that my mother and brother have a great devotion to. Praised be the Lord! Always Victory! A

Thank you, Eva, for alerting us to Mother Mary's magnificent dictation, which is to be replayed this weekend, August 15, 2004, God willing. Frances M

Hi Eva! Search Page is great news! I tried it and it works well. The search button could perhaps be made more prominent, but it is in the right location. I am very fond of the violet background on all pages. Will the search page be violet too, or different?
Always Victory!—A

Dearest Ewa,

Thank you, thank you. This is beautiful reading and specially valuable today. A good reminder that God, religion, morality and ethics, were very much on the minds of our Founding Fathers and were embedded into the Constitution.

Now that the U.S. courts—backed by secularists and some special interests like ACLU—order removal of TEN COMMANDMENTS from a Court House, let me add to your beautiful quotations that Madison also stated the that " . . . the future of our Nation is based of the ethics of the Ten Commandments". Sincerely, Ludek.

Hello Eva, As I was looking over your web site www.tslpl.org I didn't see an I AM Presence chart. Did I miss it somewere? William

Hi Eva! I continue feeling amazed by how well this website is organized, and by its content. What a treasure trove for those visiting the site! It's truly great, and I mean it sincerely. Your insight into the teachings is also outstanding. God bless!—A

Thank you Eva for your effort and call to be prepared. I appreciate it very much—As we have been told: It does not matter what comes into our lives—it matters what we do with it—let's find the "Gold"—the opportunity to bring new Light and illumination to our younger brothers and sisters through Teachings of overcoming and VICTORY!! Love to you! Brigitte

Hi Eva! Thank you so much for this! I am taking the liberty of forwarding it to members of our community in Toronto—I hope you don't mind. Aurora's dictation will clarify many of the issues involved in terms of the Teachings. God bless!—A.

Dear Eva,
Thank you! I have just now looked at your site in brief, and it is magnificient! I have forwarded a link to my friend, Akihisa Y in Japan. Thanks. And, I look forward to studying your site more. I will also share what I can with my 13 year old son.

Thank you for your spark of freedom, burning brightly—continuing. Thank you for your clarity, and joy and all good will. Thank you for sharing Mother's teachings, in a well organized and purposeful manner. May you be well and happy.
Most Sincerly, Holly A

Oh my gosh this so wonderful!!! I have for so long wanted to know what books Mother recommended. I 'm so delighted that you did this! How did you find them? OK, now I REALLY have my work cut out for me! ha ha

Thank you Eva! May you continue to be God's Instrument! Love, J

I really like the pages you've put together on the composers, etc. Great idea! God bless.

Kathleen McG

Hi Eva! This is great! It looks like you and your website are the voice of those whom Saint Germain is referring to: " . . . people upon earth, namely the Polish people, who will prove to the world, as Jesus Christ did, that . . . " Was it not Mickiewicz, or perhaps Slowacki, who had spoken of the messianic role of Poland?

It appears to me that you are now perfectly qualified, and prepared by Saint Germain, for the fulfilment of that spokesperson's role. May God bless you without limit! It is such a privilege for me to be associated with it in a modest way. Eva, you made my day! Always Victory! A

Wow Eva , you have made my day and days www.tslpl.org/cinematography.html. Paula

Hail to the Polish swimming gold medallist on Wednesday! Enjoy the Masters' take on the Olympics. MKH

What a beautiful, compassionate example of brotherly love. May we learn our lessons fast! Gratefully, Frances

Dear Eva , I'm wondering if you would be willing to let me quote (in a document for our Brazilian ministerial students) from the TSL—Poland website some of the realistic statements, e.g., about how the Poles, by God's grace, survived decades of Communism and defeated it? Communism is a horrendous challenge there under President Lula.

Thank you for considering this.

In the flame of God-freedom,

Dear Eva,Thank you so much! I did read this months ago and wanted a copy! love, Paula

Dear Eva,

I saw your tribute: American Elections 2004, A Salute from the Polish Chelas to Their Brothers and Sisters Worldwide.

Thank you very much. It was very well done. Will you please add me to your mailing list. Love and Blessings, Kathleen N

Dear Eva, THANK YOU for sending this salute! It's beautiful, astute and inspiring, and "right on". I'll be quoting from it in an upcoming Sun. service I'll be leading. Many blessings to you, Joyce

This website represents thousands of hours of dedicated work and sacrifice. It is a tremendous asset to the Polish community worldwide.

It would be a pity to see it go down for lack of funds. Burt. B.

Thanks, Eva! Good reminders in your salute for these crucial times.

Love, Marshall

Magnificent help http://tslpl.org/dangerous.html. Thank you, Eva.

"Blessed ones, we come, then, with a mighty fervor of our hearts. We come determined to educate you, even as you determine to educate yourselves and to make the very simple invocations with simple inserts. This very invocation on the farmers can be shortened to five lines so that you will give it. There is an avoidance of the giving of long decrees that we have observed, and therefore many issues go unattended. Let us see those who have the power and mind for summary and condensation therefore create these inserts. And let them be given, for all is in the giving and the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

"Beloved ones, it is an hour for action and manifold action, and the sword of the Spirit must come forth not only from the mouth but from all of the chakras, dividing the Real from the unreal in all octaves and planes of consciousness.

"I speak by the Holy Spirit and the rapidity of the Mind of God that you might understand that the intellect itself must be stepped up. Your thinking process, your memory process, your reaction time must be accelerated! If you are to become immortals, you must put on immortality in this hour."

God and Goddess Meru
January 6, 1985

"The need of the hour is for careful spokesmen who may study the issues and study them well, who may also study the art and the craft of setting forth for public consumption those articles, those chapters, those books that may give an understanding of the pros and cons of the issues, of what is burdening the planetary body and what is burdening the bodies of the people.

"Blessed ones, you may know many facts, but if you do not have the ability to deliver a message with the full empowerment of the Holy Spirit whereby people can be galvanized to a cause that is right—and I stress a cause that is right—if you are not able to do this, if you are not able to write and speak convincingly concerning the issues of your time, then you might as well be blind and mute!

"Do you understand, beloved? You must see a vision and you must be able to impart that vision.

" . . . Yes, Mercury's ones come with a flash and fire of the mind of Hermes, they come with the clear understanding of what is the Real and what is the Unreal. They see clearly what is happening. They who are the communicators see that some who mean well across the nations are not tutored, are not educated, are not able to speak before large assemblies or to write so that their writings will be read.

" . . . And therefore what is needed is a spiritual army of Lightbearers who recognize that they must study and burn the midnight oil and know the issues and be able to discuss them intelligently. This spiritual army must be able to break the bread of Life and show that there is really only one solution and that solution is universal cooperation among all people.

"This army must work to eliminate ulterior motives of land use control, resource control and seek legitimate means to preserve the balance of nature so that people can prosper and earth can sustain all souls destined to be born and ascend here. For the sake of her divine plan, the resources of earth must be kept pure, they must be protected. Human life must be protected from the last plagues that are coming upon the body of the earth and the bodies of the people.

"You must therefore see yourselves in areas of specialization. One by one or in committee, you must take up one of the central issues of our time and you must become experts on that issue, even as the speakers who speak to you are experts. And then you must also wield the sword of the Spirit as experts as you give your dynamic decrees and make your calls for the setting free of this organization and the setting free of all people of goodwill to answer the call of elemental life and angels and all who suffer the burden of the karmic weight of the earth body and its pollution.

"Yes, beloved, you must be able to wield that sword of the Spirit and that science of the spoken Word in support of all others who move forward, who give their messages. For again and again the power politics and the politicians destroy the best hopes and the best plans for the rescuing of the earth body.

" . . . It is time, then, that you understood that it will not be enough to discuss the will of God in writing, in books, in talks, in conversations or in promises to do better. The will of God will be satisfactory as a standard and a measure of progress in the earth only if her people embody it, along with the indomitable spirit of victory!

" . . . And let those who are chelas of the will of God come to the fore and know that it is an hour when I call you as I have never called you before, for earth must be turned around and the decade moves on and therefore the time in which to do it is shortening.

" . . . Yes, let Truth go marching on! Let the will of God go marching on! And find in yourselves that ingenuity, that will to present to a world true and viable solutions for the very least to the greatest of public health problems, both on a planetary scale and within the family."

El Morya
June 29, 1993

Amazing Grace

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